The Crucifixion Of Bryn Oh

Tansee: I would like to do something together,,, but if you are not into it,,, that is fine

SaveMe Oh: No, is fine for me.

Tansee: To collaborate together?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Tansee: I would love to do something spectacular,,,

SaveMe Oh: I do love good drama

Tansee: SL is a good drama 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Terrific soap series, nobody needs Netflix

Tansee: I keep learning more and more about life

SaveMe Oh: Me too, although is not always very beautiful what we got to see.

Tansee: When is the next time you are free ?

SaveMe Oh: I am always free

Tansee: free to perform with me :P, not sexual oc:)

SaveMe Oh: Tell me when and I will tell you if I am there

Tansee: Ok let me think about a scandalous theme,,,will think on it for a few days and let you know,,,

SaveMe Oh: The crucifixion of Bryn Oh?

Tansee: Play nice !

SaveMe Oh: Scandalous theme you said!

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