The Real Life Dogma

“It is MY house, and I decide who is welcome in MY house and who is not. This is a private sim. Or would you like me to come to your RL house and start to disturb things there as you do in my virtual home?”

Sim owners use this dogma all the time to justify their decision to ban me, on the spot or preventive. But SaveMe Oh is not a real life person, she doesn’t have a real life house where you can pass by to take revenge for what she did to you virtually. SaveMe Oh is a made up character, she is like Barbie, Snow White or Jesus Christ. Invented by people. She doesn’t exist. SaveMe Oh is made up so you can believe in her, like in a story, movie or play.

When you believe in Jesus Christ you can go to church to pay tribute to the idol you have made up, when you believe in SaveMe Oh you can enjoy her virtual performances, her soap opera on her blog or her never ending fights with sim owners. But when you are a non believer you can walk in your mini-skirt through the Vatican, use Barbie as your butt plug or use your derender tools to not see SaveMe Oh or her attachments.

The real life copy and paste argument is as fake as the story provided by the storyteller and is only used by sim owners who want to disguise their powerplay as common sense, who want to have a cheap excuse for patronising arguments based on while male superiority or who want to park their morals for a moment around the corner because it’s temporary convenient.

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