Am I White? Yes! Do I Love Our Nation, Yes!

We might get rid of one dictator in the USA but his virtual clones still abuse their power in virtual worlds. In the hippie kingdom in disguise Inspire Space Park DJ Grafx still try to find excuses to exclude people.

SaveMe Oh: I was just preparing….

DJ Grafx: for what?

SaveMe Oh: Now I forgot as you banned me again

DJ Grafx: you where very rude i thought that what you expected

SaveMe Oh: Rude, me? Banning is rude. Its what a dictator does who doesn’t respect freedom of speech and expression

SaveMe Oh: Are you a Trump voter?

DJ Grafx: not thats its your business but i didn’t vote this year

SaveMe Oh: You must be a Trump voter as you behave like one

DJ Grafx: am i white yes, do i love our nation yes

SaveMe Oh: yes, its obvious you are not a lover of freedom

DJ Grafx: i am very much for freedom and life

SaveMe Oh: It doesn’t show in a person who restricts others

DJ Grafx: ahh you call me a dictator but there is hardly anyone on our ban list

SaveMe Oh: Only one is one too much

DJ Grafx: i am different now you just are not around to see I’ve changed

SaveMe Oh: I only see you ban me at random and use your dictatorial powers. So not much change

DJ Grafx: not true

SaveMe Oh: Trump will be happy with people like you. Let me know when you really change and stop banning people. Until then don’t try to sell me your cheap stories

DJ Grafx: why are you so nasty still is what i wonder

SaveMe Oh: I am not nasty, I just don’t understand why people would like to restrict others. Why you want to boss around?

DJ Grafx: If you ask most people they will tell you i am a very nice person. I don’t, I hang out with my wife and son at home most times or go to shows

SaveMe Oh: I am not most people, I am a victim of your power play

DJ Grafx: DJ at the park i am not a control freak

SaveMe Oh: when you ban me all the time you are a control freak

DJ Grafx: why can’t you be pleasant you came in yesterday and the first words where so rude

SaveMe Oh: And why cant you accept people good and bad, nice and rude? Why are you the boss who decide what’s ok or not

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you look like Trump, you want everything your way

DJ Grafx: because its our land and when people hurt others or threaten them i have to take some action. Some one was at the park threatening to hunt someone down and kill them

SaveMe Oh: threaten? how? to fart a particle in their face?

DJ Grafx: said they would find them in rl and kill them

SaveMe Oh: Call the police. But you are not the police. The only thing you have to do is tell your guest they can de-render someone if they don’t want to see or hear them

DJ Grafx: no certainly

SaveMe Oh: that’s all you have to do, and when someone commits a crime you report that

DJ Grafx: but i shape the environment i call my place and the peoples place

SaveMe Oh: You have no right to ban me

DJ Grafx: its only a logical dictation as it where

SaveMe Oh: its your choice to be a dictator, that’s why you are a Trump clone

DJ Grafx: well no one has ever said that just you

SaveMe Oh: as I am your victim

DJ Grafx: your a victim of your self

SaveMe Oh: you keep on doing me wrong

DJ Grafx: no you do you known u do u wrong

SaveMe Oh: Did I kill someone? Did I hunt someone down? No, I am just an artist restricted by you

DJ Grafx: your hands are the ones who bind

SaveMe Oh: Dictators always like to hear themselves talk and believe the bullshit they spread

DJ Grafx: if i remember correctly you write blogs and brag about getting banned do you still do that

SaveMe Oh: I write blogs but never brag about banning, but I do write about virtual dictatorships, wannabe bosses and people without a rl who want to power play in virtual worlds

DJ Grafx: I’m off to Studies. Prayers are with you

SaveMe Oh: God doesn’t exist so that’s not much use

3 thoughts on “Am I White? Yes! Do I Love Our Nation, Yes!

  1. “DJ Grafx: I’m off to Studies. Prayers are with you
    SaveMe Oh: God doesn’t exist so that’s not much use”

    The rest was boring but this was beautiful!

  2. Saveme, you are an idiot, plain and simple. All you ever do is grief people and cause trouble. I’m not surprised you’re not wanted at Inspire. Nobody wants rude people like you around. It’s THEIR call if they want to ban you. Suck it up princess!

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