Long Time Never See

Aruba DeCuir: I see you have photographed here – it is not allowed and it is stated in About Land.
SaveMe Oh: I cannot read what is allowed on land that I am banned.

You might think it’s Glasz DeCuir her sweet sister, but in fact it’s Aruba ABUSE REPORT DeCuir. I always react on her calls because she needs salvation bad, but…

SaveMe Oh: It was lovely as always, but when you ban me I can’t buy your glued hobby works.
Aruba DeCuir: you should not be able to come here
SaveMe Oh: you send an invitation
Aruba DeCuir: you are banned here
SaveMe Oh: Why, I am your long and only friend
Aruba DeCuir: and if you go on I will AR you for the 10th time
SaveMe Oh: AR?
SaveMe Oh: They might punish you for cruelty, inviting people and then ban them. Thats sadistic behavior
Aruba DeCuir: muted

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