I Am The Gorilla

Wonder who is the new alpha male on top of the monkey rock? The silverback of SL?

Livio Mondini: I like also if i am not called Livio Mondini Korobase but DJ Gorilla Korobase. I had an update and I am so fertile now that I expect a lot of willing females lining up passionate in front of me for a good love story. Ok, sexual attraction!

This offer is not open to SaveMe Oh for whom I will arrange that she get banned everywhere I play my Spotify list.

I am the fertile DJ Gorilla Korobase now for at least 8 years, maybe the SaveMe’s of this world don’t know but for a long time I runned a club doing sometimes DJ Gorilla Korobase while doing the people around me. And people who might think I ask someone to ban SaveMe Oh for me, DJ Gorilla Korobase or not, I don’t need to ask, I do it direct so I have more time to do Planet Paprika. I love paprika!

Cat C. Boucher: Sweetheart, after you have done me I totaly believe it was me who banned SaveMe Oh out of free will.

SaveMe Oh: Fascists who push free people to exclude others and make them believe they have made a autonomic decission are the most effective in establishing a dictatorship.

A Limb: Can I do an attempt of something off topic? ……forcing visual artists to stop their performance by invading their space with unsolicited visuals is a model of democracy, of course.

9 thoughts on “I Am The Gorilla

  1. Just because so you can’t tell i don’t have informed you, i captured the screenshots of this invented talk and the original ones in the real converstation. You are using my real name with diffamatory intent, this in Italy is a crime punished by laws in very heavy manner. Obvioulsy i sent myself the screenshot with certified email so they have a certified date. You have one day for delete this post, then you get not nice news from my lawyer, that is already laughing. Maybe touching you in wallet makes you think a bit more.

    your Livio

    some infos about your crime: https://www.workengo.it/diffamazione-a-mezzo-internet-come-difendersi/

  2. Just a month ago: Livio Korobase is an old sound addicted country gentleman that loves … events; it is often accompanied by a live visual of SaveMe Oh. Judas!

  3. ah, about your useless comments, i never used your real life name, this is what make the difference and the point. Is strange that someone careful as you don’t see this big error.

    “When a person is offended online, therefore publicly, the offense to honor is suitable for determining the greater diffusivity of the offense that justifies a more severe sanctioning treatment (in this sense, see Criminal Court, January 16, 2015, n. 6785).

    A person who offends a person via the internet is therefore subject to more severe penalties (imprisonment from six months to three years and a fine of not less than 516 euros)”.

    • Who is revealing names here??? Let me quote you: “I like also if i am not called Livio Mondini Korobase but DJ Gorilla Korobase”. If the RL person wants to be called a gorilla, be my guest!

      • anyone know my rl name, i am not used hide ahead hundreds of alt. but if you use for denigrate and defamate, you do a crime. is called aggravated defamation. And you report again a wrong information, this words was told by you, not by me.

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