Duce Si Diventa

A dictator is not born as such but is raised.

When a frustrated Italian boy, let’s call him Livio, doesn’t get the wanted attention as an artist after years of glueing stuff together he desperate tries alternative directions.

Wear a gorilla suit and pose as a musician, lick the ass of some other musicians in an attempt to be added to a collective and pose on social media as a moral compass.

When that all leads to nothing the only option is to stand out by putting other people down. Volunteer as a caretaker, make sure you get the banning rights and slowly start to eliminate the free spirits who make you look like a pain in the ass. The more free spirits you succeed to eliminate, the bigger the space for your own megalomaniac buildings and slowly you can start to decide what is right and what is wrong. Now you only have to wait till the old queen dies so you can take over all. And when that takes too long there are always options with a little help from your friends!

16 thoughts on “Duce Si Diventa

  1. Sounds just like a bunch of assholes in the Second Life music community (not even sure I should call it by that name anymore….maybe: Second Life poignant music community)

  2. Anonymous…..I live in downtown St. Louis, Missouri (23rd and Olive)…..please stop by when you wish to get a good ass beating.

    • You don ‘t remember the photos you posted on facebook after the last time you had your ass handed to you? I do. Got copies of them. so sad, little man. So sad. And you proved my point, a sad little alcoholic living in one of the murder capitols of the U.S. Not any better than the family double wide, worse really.

      • fuck you…..you wouldn’t dare have the fucking balls to say something to me in person……no…. you talk shit simply because your a fucking coward.

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