Happy To Cheer You Up

Tyrehl Byk: Still tugging people’s tails?

SaveMe Oh: Still saving the world

Tyrehl Byk: Imagine my surprise.

Tyrehl Byk: What is new for you?

SaveMe Oh: There is no more new, the new has ended, its finished.

Tyrehl Byk: That must be pretty boring for someone like you.

SaveMe Oh: Yes it is

Tyrehl Byk: So you have nothing new to offer to combat that fatigue?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, death! Covid and war are on our side.

Tyrehl Byk: Yeah, well, good luck with that.

SaveMe Oh: Has nothing to do with luck, we all will be winners

Tyrehl Byk: What are you pointing at?

SaveMe Oh: The future

Tyrehl Byk: Yup, you’re as boring and obtuse as I remember. Enjoy.

SaveMe Oh: Happy to be able to cheer you up!

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