Coming Home For Christmas

Regi Yifu: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Endowment for The Arts’ by Regi Yifu.

SaveMe Oh: Why? “To be #1 you have to be odd! Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”(from his profile).

Regi Yifu: The same reason you are banned from the estate

SaveMe Oh: And that reason is?

Regi Yifu: You know why

SaveMe Oh: Actually not, nobody told me. It just happened.

Regi Yifu: it happened years ago lol. Tansee banned you

SaveMe Oh: She also never told me why

Regi Yifu: She said you always make trouble

SaveMe Oh: That I take as a compliment. Trouble and art belong to each other.

Regi Yifu: Bravo then!

SaveMe Oh: Not really, being banned is not a reward

Regi Yifu: lol. well I tell ya what I will unban you if you can behave. its not good to disrupt things. We are working hard to make this a nice place to be creative. I love being creative and I know you do also

SaveMe Oh: Let me be free to be creative and kick me out when you are fed up. But don’t ban people for live, that has nothing to do with art

Regi Yifu: But I really don’t have time to deal with crap so please at lease behave lol. Come be creative, inspire

SaveMe Oh: Asking an artist to behave is a bit counter-productive, don’t you think?

Regi Yifu: I really don’t like banning people

SaveMe Oh: Ask an artist to be creative is good

Regi Yifu: If your actions effect the other artist then yes, and you know what I mean

SaveMe Oh: I know what you mean but still you make a mistake in your thinking in my opinion

Regi Yifu: Its just a lot for me to have to deal with and I don’t want to ban you. I am super busy in SL being creative everywhere and I don’t have the time to deal with all this drama

SaveMe Oh: Yes, that’s the burden of the police, artists have that problem less as they make art instead of control people. As a theatre maker in RL I cant deny my drama background

Regi Yifu: I don’t mean to control you but we are a society of artist and we should all have respect

SaveMe Oh: tell Shakespeare not to make drama. And respect never brought art anywhere

Regi Yifu: I am just meaning when you piss off other people and I have to deal with it

SaveMe Oh: Disrespect delivered the greatest art

Regi Yifu: Or talking shit about. I am trying my best to make it a new better place

SaveMe Oh: Yes, i know, I don’t dispute you attempts

Regi Yifu: And I want everyone involved in good ways so you are welcome to come be creative

SaveMe Oh: That’s a great Christmas present.

3 thoughts on “Coming Home For Christmas

  1. Ask Dido about dropping me on facebook. Not very much of a Xmas gift but maybe more of a stocking stuffer. I’ve moved on to other social media but it was a hoot none the less.

    As always, looking forward to the day you leave the planet.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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