The Tansee Terminator

10 years ago in 2012 he told me this:

Regi Yifu: No women allowed. You need to leave. Sorry, lame cunt.

SaveMe Oh: you also want me to put that on Facebook?

Regi Yifu: Griefer, get lost. I really don’t care. You’re a fucking bitch. Go spread your trouble else where. Have a nice day! lol

SaveMe Oh: lul

Regi Yifu: I reported you to LL so have a great day

SaveMe Oh: To file an abuse report simply go to the help menu and click on ‘Report Abuse’

Regi Yifu: like you can teach me something.

Now he is my friend, SLEA boss and the Tansee Terminator

You have offered friendship to Regi Yifu

Regi Yifu accepted your friendship offer.

Regi Yifu: Tansee is gone by the way

SaveMe Oh: What happened?

Regi Yifu: I have changed everything, she was not happy with my changes

SaveMe Oh: She was never happy

Regi Yifu: Yes I know, she was very hard to work with

SaveMe Oh: Things like this online are very difficult

Regi Yifu: I agree, I was very frustrated by her

SaveMe Oh: Everyone has a vision, but how to bring it together in a community?

Regi Yifu: She did not do this, she only say what she wanted, micromanaged, ran people away. And many have returned now that she is gone

SaveMe Oh: I had lots of talks with her for SLEA, and after she run it her way

Regi Yifu: I just didn’t care for her ideas or how she ran SLEA. Her files are a mess

SaveMe Oh: I can imagine, must be a hippie dream disaster

Regi Yifu: all these multiple notecards, I moved everything to Google drive so we have one copy and all of the social media people can access it from this and we do this weekly.

Each grant artist is provided a SLEA Liaison

SaveMe Oh: As I was banned so long I didn’t follow it, but a task like this can only work with a clear basic structure

Regi Yifu: yes this is what I have created, the team of liaisons love it, much more organized

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