Roxy Finally Saved By SaveMe Oh

My longest therapy session with an avi in despair was with Roxy Gellar, countless were my attempts to Save her, mainly from herself. But finally all the hard work paid off. Such a pity Cat Boucher is not with us anymore to enjoy this remarkable salvation.

Roxy found the courage to accept the hand I always reached out to her.

On her RL Facebook account she send me a message.

Gods help me, I made a friend request to SaveMe Oh and she accepted.

RL Roxy: You’re so desperately in need of material, how could I rob you of my inspirations? RL Roxy aka Roxy Gellar

SaveMe Oh: Happy 2023

RL Roxy: And every happiness to you in this new year!

SaveMe Oh: New alt?

RL Roxy: No, same old Roxy. And my RL name. Oddly xxxxx is similar to John Doe or John Smith as a very used name. Do a web search and it’s amazing how many xxxxx and xxxxx come up. I guess you could say we are all too common.

SaveMe Oh: If you want desperate to be found just add additional info.

RL Roxy: lol, there’s enough in my posts. Not offered as a challenge but Ive had stalkers before.

SaveMe Oh: What if I find out you are a nice person after all????

RL Roxy: lol Not the first time a stalker, if you become one, has suggested they were a nicer person. FYI I am only a civilian, not a host or a promoter in SL.

SaveMe Oh: I am not a stalker, nor a griefer, just an artist in SL

RL Roxy: Great!

SaveMe Oh: As if you didn’t know…

RL Roxy: Of course I knew that. Wasn’t I a part of your piss performance so long ago?

SaveMe Oh: That was your glorious moment

RL Roxy: No one else like you in SL, no one of your um caliber.

SaveMe Oh: btw, Cat has died

RL Roxy: I know, odd coincidence. Posted in Facebook the other day.

The Elephant in the Room – Death & Loss in SL

What an odd coincidence. Maybe not so odd given the recent plague of “Died Suddenly.” But on facebook I can not go into my observations further than that. Honesty on the topic is expressed on Minds and (now) Twitter. But that’s almost besides the point.

Yesterday, several days after I logged into SL again for the first time in 2 years, I saw in posts that a good number of mutual friends and acquaintances suffered a real life death of one of their friends.

It is no secret that she and I were not friends. I tried several times to bury the hatchet. The last time was at the urging of one particular SL personality who will go unnamed. Each time I was refused. Be that as it may be, I am sorry that you are now once again facing this loss and inevitable part of life.

Whether I was a part of that circle or not, I do appreciate that many of you are grieving. And it is a process we all face. It takes time. It is not easy. Those with positive memories will find comfort in them. Those, at least as has been the case for me, will often find that resentments fade and may be forgotten.

Now we can only hope a major mental health relapse will not occur.

2 thoughts on “Roxy Finally Saved By SaveMe Oh

    • I probably don’t care for you either, Anonymous. This is all the attention I have for you. Scoot now! Scoot! Go play in traffic.

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