When a dramaqueen decides to call herself SaveMe Oh on the day of her virtual birth she knows trouble is on the way. She should have known she implanted a magnet of trouble on the spot where everybody else has a heart. But if there might be a slight trace of selfpity we might expect she will hides it in the most grotesk way she can, that’s the job of a true dramaqueen.

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi SaveMe –

    I’m really interested in what you are doing with Second Life. I’m also a big Beckett fan adn would love to come to your next performance of Eh Oh. Is there any chance I can ask you some quesitons about about your experience of directing Beckett in Second Life?

    Thanks! Mummer Oh

  2. Jumpy, are you falling in love with me? Never recieved so much mail in one week from a man before.

  3. So you wanna dance with me jumpman – you wanna play – you wanna duet with me – you wanna get close, do you, love me Jumpman
    – with so much anger and venum in your voice towards me tells me that you, jumpman, have one huge crush on coco – let the melody of your song splash out to the universe and the heavens open it with love – translate it to the stars and let it shower you and make you a better man. Then with my blessing and love, find sombody eles to dance with. for I obviously to not deserve your love and effections. Bye for now my dear jumpan this will be the last you will hear from me 😉

  4. I ‘d LOVE 2 put my shoe in ya ass! And keep bailin! Coco u pill-whore! I know u sniffin tabs!

  5. Jump. i hate when you talk like that.. arghhhh… what can i do to recover my sweet jumpman lane ?? can you tell me ??

  6. Saveme wordpress sux! I am the anonymous in some posts! I trust the re tards 2 know who i am! Post something new and you should get a forum! TURD!

  7. hi SaveMe!

    I’m writing about Eh Oh again – I’m intersested in Beckett and technology and I want to let the world know about your great Second Life performance. Can you point me to any web footage of the performance? And are there any images that I can use in my article. It’s due really soon so I’d be grateful if you could let me know!

    Mummer Oh

  8. Hi SaveMe,
    What an interesting afternoon this was. In my worse English I explain something and said I did not know you to well..and guess..we speak the same lanquage. Really adore your website and fasinated indeed in the great pleasures of SL and limitations. But that goes for the whole internet.
    Great thks for the views and yeh you are right..lets drama!! Hope we can talk more. Only this time we take another object or subject then the one we had. Banned or unbanned but more worthwhile. Shocking!
    Goodluck with your exhibition.

  9. Voi hyvänen aika sentää. Et oo tosissas 😀 Tuulia vs Athos ikuisesti. Helvetti jäätyy ennen kuin sopu tulee 😀

  10. hoi hoi goededag:)

    Love je blog.
    Weet jij misschien het adres van Willem in Amsterdam?
    Je kunt me in sl,bereiken onder Dubbeltje.

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