As Cheap As Possible

Roxy needs the attention so today it’s named MinkaPurple!

MinkaPurple: Save Me oH you’re not rYa’ll standin around waiting for Saveme Oh to become relevent lol

SaveMe Oh: Learn to write first

MinkaPurple: I’m drunk on your great art! i can’t see straight.

SaveMe Oh: That’s good, getting drunk is the only escape

MinkaPurple: Your art is a cheap temporary non high

SaveMe Oh: As cheap as possible, it leaves no footprints when its cheap

MinkaPurple: well free, I didn’t pay to come here, but you’re wasting time, so I guess that’s payment

SaveMe Oh: I love wasting time

9Volt Borkotron: I’ve heard that time is money

SaveMe Oh: My favourite business, wasting time

9Volt Borkotron: i think that it more like time is myocardium

Serra Qendra: Let us all Be what we need to be

SaveMe Oh: and in such good company is a win win

MinkaPurple: Old your lemmings are wasting their time here waiting for you to do something, but nothing is happening.

SaveMe Oh: I need to be your saviour

MinkaPurple: LOOl From what?

SaveMe Oh: That doesn’t matter

MinkaPurple: mediocrity, you’re not mediocre

MinkaPurple: 9Volt needs his head drilled cause he thinks you’re controversial. Maybe that could be your next ‘art’ thing. Call it ‘Drilling Heads’.

SaveMe Oh: Which of his heads we are speaking of?

MinkaPurple: I don’t speak your language

9Volt Borkotron: i am merely a witness to controversy

MinkaPurple: controversy?? hahahaha Saveme Oh is just an old dude on welfare.

Serra Qendra: hit the derender button if you don’t wanna look at something Minka

Morlĭ: Peace please

MinkaPurple: Ya’ll think you’re ‘artists’. You’re so desperate for entertainment that you bring out ole man Save Me Oh.. LOL

Daddio Dow: shut up, Minka

Serra Qendra: chill babeeeeee

SaveMe Oh: OMG, i am so offended now

Daddio Dow: I mean Traci. oops

MinkaPurple: aaww, I’m sorry old man

SaveMe Oh: don’t ruin my wheelchair

Serra Qendra: do you know how to derender?

MinkaPurple: Your fat disabled ass ruined it, don’t blame me

serra Qendra: fix the problem don’t moan

MinkaPurple: Takes a baseball bat to fat ole man Save Me Oh’s knees. SaveMe Oh’s fallen out of his wheelchair.. no one to help him, cause he lives alone in one room. He’ll die and no one will know or care, or notice cause the ‘art’ never was.

SaveMe Oh: so?

Daddio Dow: How’s that ban list coming, Traci?

MinkaPurple: Oh! There he is!!! yaaa, he made it back to the chair! Yay! Save me Oh LIVES!!

Morlĭ: Enough guys. Let’s enjoy the music

MinkaPurple: am I gonna make it to your blog? oh no… that’s right I won’t cause this ain’t STOLEN CONTENT. Whirli Placebo ain’t lying. lol

MinkaPurple: Save me oh is thief troll. But just a troll to people who are easily trolled. 9Volt thinks you’re controversial. he gets a hard on when he sees your trannie ass

Serra Qendra: who’s the troll now?

MinkaPurple: you should partner and build stupid cows standing in a field together

SaveMe Oh: There is a lot of anger, you want to talk about it?

MinkaPurple: is that all you got? LOLOL you suck at taking the dick trannie. But you’re on a platform for other disabled trannies who are easily impressed.

Morlĭ: Seriously stop both

MinkaPurple: where’s the challenge? you pseudo piss christ

Morlĭ: Jade is playing

MinkaPurple: Jade ain’t fucking ‘playing’??? an instrument?? No… the trannie is just pushing buttons.. or clicking on a box. I see your heads coming out of all your asses… nice view

Morlĭ: enough

SaveMe Oh: The alt of Roxy is not longer hiding, didnt know she was still around

Morlĭ: Now let’s just enjoy

SaveMe Oh: Who wasn’t enjoying????

Happy To Cheer You Up

Tyrehl Byk: Still tugging people’s tails?

SaveMe Oh: Still saving the world

Tyrehl Byk: Imagine my surprise.

Tyrehl Byk: What is new for you?

SaveMe Oh: There is no more new, the new has ended, its finished.

Tyrehl Byk: That must be pretty boring for someone like you.

SaveMe Oh: Yes it is

Tyrehl Byk: So you have nothing new to offer to combat that fatigue?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, death! Covid and war are on our side.

Tyrehl Byk: Yeah, well, good luck with that.

SaveMe Oh: Has nothing to do with luck, we all will be winners

Tyrehl Byk: What are you pointing at?

SaveMe Oh: The future

Tyrehl Byk: Yup, you’re as boring and obtuse as I remember. Enjoy.

SaveMe Oh: Happy to be able to cheer you up!

I Can’t Breathe In Oddysey

Fau Ferdinand: Guess it is all my fault

SaveMe Oh: I really have no clue. Its already a year or so like this

Fau Ferdinand: Wow yes, but she has been away

SaveMe Oh: As she has unfriended me I cant see if she is in or out and as I am not a troll or stalker I did not bother. I only don’t know what is the problem. And she doesn’t want to tell me what is the problem.

Fau Ferdinand: There was a movie

SaveMe Oh: From her or from me?

Fau Ferdinand: From you, nothing I can do about it

SaveMe Oh: That makes everything clear…there was a movie

Fau Ferdinand: The I can’t breathe one

SaveMe Oh: I cant remember ever making a movie about I can’t breathe. You have a title?

Fau Ferdinand: No, she watched and freaked out.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t think I ever did a movie about that subject so I am very curious which one upset her so much.

Fau Ferdinand: You area white, right?

SaveMe Oh: As white as you girls

Fau Ferdinand: I’m not that white dear, I’m a filthy jew

SaveMe Oh: White anyway

Fau Ferdinand: Ok

SaveMe Oh: And what has colour to do with her freaking out?

Fau Ferdinand: A white man can’t breathe that she watched right when there was the policemen killing a black guy who couldn’t breathe

SaveMe Oh: I know what happened, but what has that to do with me?

Fau Ferdinand: don’t know

SaveMe Oh: Me neither, thats the point

Fau Ferdinand: She watched that movie where you said you can’t breathe, right then

SaveMe Oh: I did not made a movie were I say I cant breathe

Fau Ferdinand: That’s all I know SaveMe. Please, you can break her and mine friendship. I ask you not to do that

SaveMe Oh: I made movies against Trump, Hitler, Erdogan, religion, Mussolini, fascist, the refugee crisis, but not about the I cant breathe subject. False allegations are hard to deal with.

Fau Ferdinand: I’m not normal, I accept it, she accepts me

SaveMe Oh: Until you are banned everywhere and banned by friends is difficult to accept

Fau Ferdinand: Please don’t break liz

SaveMe Oh: And did you ask her not to break me? So its not this movie I assume:

Fau Ferdinand: I didn’t know this one, does she know it?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. I asked her permission for using the music. You all don’t know a thing, just that somebody with a banbutton gets upset, and that’s ok. No questions asked.

Fau Ferdinand: You can’t talk to Liz when she is upset and she gets upset whenever you are mentioned

SaveMe Oh: She is upset for more then a year without giving me a clue what is the problem, and you all accept it because she is upset

Fau Ferdinand: I was upset with you too

SaveMe Oh: So?

Fau Ferdinand: For international woman day event we made

SaveMe Oh: Lets all make art that doesn’t upset?

Fau Ferdinand: I felt bad today because none of Penumbra’s friends were there. Only a few rl ones.

SaveMe Oh: I feel bad that a place were I thought I would never be banned did.

Fau Ferdinand: Odyssey

SaveMe Oh: Yes, which I supported always. And without knowing why, (and I still have no clue). Ah yes, I am white!

Fau Ferdinand: hehe. All I can suggest is what’s the word for it, hail her, flatter her.

SaveMe Oh: How, she has erased me”?

Fau Ferdinand: Blog how you feel

SaveMe Oh: I will. First part is on

Fau Ferdinand: Your wonderful jibbersh character

Something You Did Was Racist

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the slightest idea why I am banned here?

Liz Solo didn’t answer, she only start banning and ejecting me from Odyssey, the sim I worked on and supported for so long.

I decided to ask Penumbra Carter, who was there too

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the slightest idea why I am banned here?

Penumbra Carter: I do not, when I started to build here , you were not banned, then, I said to them, why not have Save do a performance, and that is when they said , she is banned now…. I have no idea why

SaveMe Oh: They? Who?

Penumbra Carter: you should talk to the people here and ask them, I have no idea why

SaveMe Oh: I do. Its Liz Solo, but I really have no clue why

Penumbra Carter: I did not ask , I thought it fruitless, but I did say I did not like it

SaveMe Oh: I guess I have to think really really hard what I did wrong

Penumbra Carter: I have absolulty no idea, you should talk to them, I was very surprised when they told me that, it happened after I started building here

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea either but she is banning and ejecting me, she must be pissed

Penumbra Carter: I am new to these people , so I have no idea what they think and do here, if that makes sense. Somehow, you should be able to speak to them. I can ask her to speak to you? she is right here. But I really do not know her.. I am all for communication

SaveMe Oh: I send her a IM too, but she doesn’t answer, only you and Fau answer.

Penumbra Carter: Fau was surprised too, I believe

SaveMe Oh: Yes, think so too

Penumbra Carter: well I am off, I do hope this can be resolved , take care SaveMe

I decided to ask Fau Ferdinand, who was there too

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the slightest idea why I am banned here?

Fau Ferdinand: Not me. Glad you are here.

SaveMe Oh: Liz is doing it but I really have no clue

Fau Ferdinand: But you are here

SaveMe Oh: Yes, behind banlines, as usual

Fau Ferdinand: You rejoined? There was a quiet party, very nice, but…

SaveMe Oh: There is always a but….

Fau Ferdinand: I know Penumbra and Dekka wanted you here…that’s the but

SaveMe Oh: Fun thing is I have no clue what bothers Liz but it seems I deserve long time punishment

Fau Ferdinand: She thought something you did was racist

SaveMe Oh: And now I have to guess what?

Fau Ferdinand: I don’t argue with her, I love her

SaveMe Oh: Thats already better than what she does with me, she doesn’t answer

Fau Ferdinand: Ok, not much I can do about it

SaveMe Oh: You can love her

Fau Ferdinand: Yes, all I can do. And I love Penumbra as well

SaveMe Oh: We all seem to love each other except Liz doesn’t love me any more. She is very busy banning and ejecting me.

Fau Ferdinand: Now?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, since the moment I arrived here. I am flying around in the corner of the sim

Fau Ferdinand: 😦

SaveMe Oh: and Penumbra has no clue either. Liz has unfriend me, here and on the socials. I really have no clue why but I must be very guilty. The guys in Guantanamo Bay must understand the feeling. Guilty without knowing why

Fau Ferdinand: Tried, nothing I can do. She says mute

SaveMe Oh: At least she talks to you

Fau Ferdinand: yes, a little

Excitement Or Respect?

After another unfriending and regionban….

Tansee: how long this time ?

Tansee accepted your friendship offer.

SaveMe Oh: Friendship is everlasting, in good and in bad times

Tansee: True, it is not so difficult

SaveMe Oh: And I don’t have to unfriend people as I don’t have to punish people

Tansee: its not about punishing, its about respect, boundaries, art

SaveMe Oh: Just respect my honesty then.

Tansee: I always do but it is something that should be directed to the person you intend

SaveMe Oh: Sanction things is something else than respect

Tansee: Not through embarrassment, private comments. You are not singled out on this, it applies to anyone.

SaveMe Oh: Not at all, that’s why I wish this freedom for everybody

Tansee: Everyone has the freedom, but there is discretion, that is where the respect comes in.

SaveMe Oh: Discretion is a choice, not a part of freedom

Tansee: I respect everything about you until it hurts others publicly. I will never try to change you. I will always be your friend

SaveMe Oh: Ban people is a way to change people, as is to lock up people without a trial

Tansee: In the future, if you want to do a show with Glasz, Echo or any of the others, please let me know. Its simple

SaveMe Oh: For knowing me so long you should know I don’t DO shows, I am an artwork, always. Simple indeed.

Tansee: 🙂 you know exactly what I am saying, then do your thing with people you do your thing with. Just give me a heads up.

Also I consider what you do a show. It is a positive word

SaveMe Oh: They try to put me in schedules, events, calenders, make a separation between audience and performer. But when you are the artwork yourself its just a case of being there. And some let me

Tansee: This is the perfect place to express yourself

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Tansee: And I would love for that to happen

SaveMe Oh: You don’t hear me complaining

Tansee: Just cut me some slack. I am not different than you or anyone

SaveMe Oh: I hope so

Tansee: Just trying to help others expose the art

SaveMe Oh: I know. I dont question that

Tansee: Help me then

SaveMe Oh: I help you

Tansee: You know I love you

SaveMe Oh: Always. Making noise is also promoting the arts, hippies forget that always

Tansee: Making noise respectfully. I totally agree with you on that

SaveMe Oh: Art should never be respectful, then you have missed the meaning big

Tansee: It can be all of the above. Being respectful to the people around you in different situations is important.

SaveMe Oh: It should be bold, cruel, shocking, disturbing, questioning etc, next to being a bridge, emotional, tender and mind blowing.

Tansee: there are tons of regions you can go to and convey that message and it would be welcome, right> and I agree with you

SaveMe Oh: Luckily regions are everywhere. You don’t hear me complaining

Tansee: So we can keep trying to work this out somehow

SaveMe Oh: Try to focus on excitement instead of respect, you are not a church.

The Art Of The Minimal

Centred on the artist as avatar, she builds, breaks down, gestures, cries, dissolves. Colour passes over her monochromatic existence. At all times somebody and nobody. An exercise in the minimal.

Filmed at a performance by SaveMe Oh in Second Life, 7 January 2022.