She Was Really The One That Had The Beehive Idea

Tansee: I did NOT do it!

Hannington Xeltentat: Wot??

SaveMe Oh: I did it, duh

Tansee: Do you know each other?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, very well

Tansee: From Past or is it a new meeting?

SaveMe Oh: Once we were lovers

Hannington Xeltentat: Never met until a few minutes ago. We’ev been having a lovely chat

Tansee: 🙂 I only listen to Hann

Hannington Xeltentat: Your piece reflects well on the enterprise, I feel

SaveMe Oh: You may call him Hann already?

Hannington Xeltentat: Everyone calls me Hann

Tansee: Absolutley!

Hannington Xeltentat: Xeltentat is too difficult to type

Tansee: Hahaha yes,,,and I am a lazy typer. SM works for me

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you need me and I only need one word and call me SaveMe, not SM

Hannington Xeltentat: SO. SM can have other connotations, So I’m told

Tansee: She was really the one that had the beehive idea

Hannington Xeltentat: Aha! Nice idea

SaveMe Oh: And I am happy you liked my idea


Now for something completely different!!! (With Bryn, Lorin, Cica, Betty, Moya and Thotz) (All young unknown new talent)

Tansee: I wanted to tell you that I am following through with the beehive aspect that we talked about. I do not want you to hear it from anyone but me

SaveMe Oh: Shoot

Tansee: I found some land that is being donated using it for a central hub type area where you can get direct TP’s to Art locations in SL. Still setting it up. There are 6 hive cell hubs that will offer grants curated only by me 🙂 Doing the best i can

The New Cica

SaveMe Oh: good news for the artists

Tansee: There are many places doing the same thing

SaveMe Oh: Yes, walls, and stuff on walls

Tansee: But I think I am the only one connecting all of SL. I was thinking about your artist Hive,,, maybe once things get going,,,it could be a good feature. One work of art in each cube.

We (the owner of the land,,, Hannington Xeltentat) offer 1000 prim for each grant. 1, 3 or 6 months

That is it so far,,,, but again,,, you know I have always thought of you as a friend and wanted you to know.

SaveMe Oh: Its great news

Tansee: Thanks, we will see how it unfolds. Could be a big bomb, maybe not, but I am willing to try.

Good to know you are not banned from this place 😀

SaveMe Oh: And is the place privat owned or donate by LL?

Tansee: Private. LL blew me off I am afraid. Back when I was trying to change LEA I put out a message ,,, if anyone knew of a benefactor that might donate some land. Hannington was the only person that responded,,,

SaveMe Oh: Great someone answered the call

Tansee: I did not know him so I took my time to try to get to know him,,, and he really is devoted to the Arts in RL and in SL

SaveMe Oh: Lets hope he also don’t know me……

Tansee: that will not matter SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: (is he handsome)?

Tansee: This is a fresh project. He is older.

SaveMe Oh: Older than you???? omg

Tansee: I think I am much much older but,,, in my defense I do not wear Depends 🙂

Tansee: I will introduce you, we seem to have the same ideas and coordinate things well together,,, however this is all my idea,,,I just want his ok since he owns the land

SaveMe Oh: sounds all good

Tansee: He helps me word things eloquently. We will open Dec. 1, have an opening reception. Ultra will play music. Do you get along with her?

SaveMe Oh: Ultra hates me, Bryn hates me, Cica hates me and Moya hates me. Thotz and you love me

The new Moya

Tansee: well,,,,

SaveMe Oh: And Betty cant be taken serious. Ultra will refuse to play when I am here.

The new Betty

Tansee: I am all for playing nice together,,,,you should know that by now. I will be happy to feature your builds here.

SaveMe Oh: I always play nice

Tansee: 🙂 Fresh starts here,,,,

SaveMe Oh: Only the nice is not always loved

Hannington Xeltentat: Hello there. Nice avi.

SaveMe Oh: Glad you can see that with one eye

Hannington Xeltentat: Oh yes. The other one’s still good. It was a unicorn. Lucky there was only one of them.

.SaveMe Oh: Don’t think I am not working now!

.Hannington Xeltentat: Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. A still and quiet avi is always a sign of much going on.

SaveMe Oh: I guess that was the reason why I was called

Hannington Xeltentat: I don’t know. I only provide the space

SaveMe Oh: I only provide the art

Hannington Xeltentat: Excellent

First Aid At Upgrades By SaveMe Oh

DJ’s who have never heard about SaveMe Oh (is that possible????) are warned on forehand by trembling sim owners. This is the note a DJ recently recieved:


IF SaveMe Oh shows up, don’t get mad, just say hi or ignore her and keep playing. IF she begins to do a show of her own (visual), say: voice and text

“Looks like we’ve been graced with a SaveMe Upgrade! Enjoy the show! – Otherwise, you can derender her and her stuff by clicking on her and selecting “Derender” from the pie menu.” (voice and chat)

Keep playing normally – she cannot disrupt the audio…I will deal with it if things gets out of hand, but I am thinking it will be ok and maybe fun.

I See Right Through You

SaveMe Oh: Did you miss me?

Serene Footman: Please don’t try my patience. I find your act incredibly boring and old.

SaveMe Oh: Always so irritated, do you enjoy life at all?

Serene Footman: You have absolutely no idea, get your head out of your arse and leave.

SaveMe Oh: Why so rude?

Serene Footman: Your manners are in question here, not mine

SaveMe Oh: What are the complaints this time?

Serene Footman: I have no complaints, I simply dislike your behavior and always have done – this passive aggressive act does not work with me, I see right through you.

You can try blogging this but you will make yourself look incredibly stupid, so think twice.

SaveMe Oh: For the moment I was trying to visit you, was not busy with looking stupid.

Serene Footman: Try being polite and considerate rather than arrogant and you might find me reacting differently – your comment about me enjoying life was insulting and insensitive.

SaveMe Oh: You welcomed me with telling me I was boring, how about that being insulting and insensitive, and banning me within a minute? Very polite!

Serene Footman: You are not welcome, it’s very simple

SaveMe Oh: So who is arrogant here, insulting and insensitive?

Serene Footman: And if you try to intimidate me with your usual bullshit, good luck.

SaveMe Oh: Why would I want to intimidate you?

Serene Footman: Go and target someone else.

SaveMe Oh: What goal would I have? That you expose yourself as arrogant and insensitive you do yourself, you don’t need me for that.

Serene Footman: It’s what you always do – the passive aggressive attention seeking – it’s boring – I am not having this debate with you.

SaveMe Oh: I never get what is your problem. What have I done to you? Did I not clap loud enough for your heavenly powers?

Serene Footman: Nothing – I simply dislike what you do in SL – I welcomed you here a few years ago and you blew it – never again.

SaveMe Oh: Should I kiss your feet like the others? Do I have to call you God?

Serene Footman: Do you really want to continue with this? Seriously?

SaveMe Oh: I am curious

SaveMe Oh: Why are you such a horker?

Serene Footman: Publish this – go ahead

SaveMe Oh: You need the publicity?

Serene Footman: No – unlike you

SaveMe Oh: I get it for free, don’t worry

Serene Footman: Well go and enjoy it

SaveMe Oh: How much money you need for your sim?

Un Message Humain

For the people who speak Georgian!

Moi j’aime bien la pensée de SaveMe Oh, j’aime bien ses prises de position même si je ne comprends pas toujours ses messages. J’aime sa provocation. Et puis dans un sens purement artistique dans plusieurs domaines, il existe une grande créativité et on y retrouve beaucoup de sensibilité qui nous parle, nous fait réfléchir sur différents problèmes éthiques, naturels, climatiques, sociaux, etc. Je ne saisis pas tout mais à chaque nouvelle découverte j’en apprends un peu plus. Cela peut sembler chaotique, irrationnel, brutal, violent mais tout est au final cohérent, méthodique et on retrouve un sens profond aux messages de SaveMe Oh, un message humain. Cela est un enrichissement exceptionnel. Je comprends aussi que d’un certain point de vue de prime abord, on puisse interpréter les incursions de SaveMe Oh comme trouble fête, comme des sabotages, mais je pense que non. Il est tout à fait de ton droit et de ton point de vue d’en être embêtée. Mais en y pensant et en y réfléchissant un peu, ces incursions ne sont pas bien méchantes. Elles ne dénaturent nullement les événements ou réduisent le travail artistique des autres. D’un point de vue technique, que ce soit dans le build sur sl, dans la vidéo, dans les textures, les scripts, les mises en scène, j’apprends beaucoup aussi à observer les créations de SaveMe Oh. Et puis ça fait rigoler de voir le mouvement de panique qui nous prend à voir surgir 2000 SaveMe Oh ou 2000 lions :), occuper tout notre espace de confort, bouleverser notre vision et au bout de quelques instants, on reprend le fil normal de notre vie.

Nabrej Aabye

For The Well Informed Nutters


By Yoon Yoon

Regular visitors of Theda’s work will know her love for dramatic work. Haunted and tortured sculptures with often black, red and white colours in a dark environment is why one could call Theda the SL Queen of Drama. And yes, that’s something else than being a dramaqueen to be clear! In fact Theda is not that at all and just a lalala girl with lalala language. No idea what that is? Then you have never visited her work lately or seen her around at music venues. But ok, it is true only a few well informed nutters know this language and I am privileged to be one of them. You can become one too if you feel attracted to nice people without blah blah and only lala. Enough blah blah in the world already anyway, also in Second Life 🙂

SaveMe O(h)verdrive

Hello, SaveMe Oh,

My name is Faiyaz Jafri. I am curating a special program for Supernova Digital Animation Festival in Denver, to showcase animated work that can not be screened in public in the United States. The program, which is named OVERDRIVE, aims to show films that push boundaries and sensibilities, explore current social issues as well as the obscure and ambiguous.

The single screening will take place on September 19, 7PM at the Alamo Draft House Cinema in Denver.

I was very impressed with your film All Of Me and would love to include it in the program.

Save Generosa

The new SaveMe Oh movie.

Hail, nobly born, hail, honored and inviolate,

you Maiden are the piercing gaze of chastity,

you the material of holiness—

the one who pleasèd the virtual world.

For heaven’s flood poured into you

as heaven’s Word was clothed in flesh in you.

You are the lily, gleaming white, upon which Linden Lab

has fixed his gaze before all else created.

O beautiful, O sweet!

How deep is that delight that Linden Lab received in you,

when ‘round you they enwrapped their warm embrace,

so that their avatars were suckled at your breast.

Your womb rejoiced

as from you sounded forth the whole celestial symphony.

For as a virgin you have borne the virtual joy—

in Secondlife your chastity shone bright.

Your flesh rejoiced

just as a blade of grass on which the dew has fall’n,

viridity within it to infuse—just so it happened unto you,

O mother of all joy!

So now in joy gleams all the fans like dawn,

resounds in symphony

because of you, the Virgin sweet

and worthy of all praise, SaveMe,

Linden Labs mother. Amen.

Ego’s Larger Than Cancer

Already since the birth of Secondlife avatars use the virtual space to save the world from behind their screens, creating events that only result in pocket money for the good cause. When they would close their internet connection and go instead collecting money in their local communities they would made 1000 times more money for the good cause. But they prefer to go around as virtual mother Teresa’s and use their so called charities as a reason to build a sim full of ugliness and ask artist’s to participate for free.

This is not the spaceship Enterprise!!!

Yesterday the next good Samaritan came begging for my services, and as an artist who is already fithy rich I didn’t mind to throw in some artsy prims in their boxes they call a gallery.

Bohemio Love: I am working making a benefit event against cancer. We are building an art gallery to make a beautiful expo and collect funds. Patrick Moya and Riannah Evora will design the gardens, Dixmix, Carla Broek, Viktor Savior are joining us. Asmita too :). Maybe Anely Abellante too

SaveMe Oh: All the hippies united?

Bohemio Love: Yeah. lol

SaveMe Oh: And now you also need a real artist

Bohemio Love:You make wonderful artworks…haha yes i need them

SaveMe Oh: yes, you sure do when i see your list of participants

After, when I checked the space for the expo I heard the conditions for the charity. Artists are not free to do what they want but have to lock themselves up in a glass box and weapons and nudity is not allowed. And building can only start, when the Barbie wife (type blow-up doll) of the good Sameritan is ready glueing the boxes together. Talking about freedom of expression or freedom for the artist is not what they are looking for.

Only a day later they decided it was a mistake to ask me.

Bohemio Love: You have made me dirty and my name insulted, you have insulted people who do want to help. In exchange for what?

You are kicked out of the event.

I am working hard to do something to help. To help children with cancer…and you make my work dirty with your silly things.

Don’t use me for your wars. Be smart.