One Billion Bans

When awareness is abused for a free sim and role-playing.

Chrissy Rhiano: Hi : ) You’re on the stage

SaveMe Oh: I was born on stage

Chrissy Rhiano: That’s fantastic but could you please hop down while we do our show? : )

Mellifera Szondi: Would you please go to the audience?

SaveMe Oh: I am never audience!

Chrissy Rhiano: What the fuck is wrong with you?

SaveMe Oh: I am mentally ill, do you support that too?

Chrissy Rhiano: Oh fuck off. You’re just being an asshole

Linden Lab Layoffs

We had to say goodbye to a few employees, but at the same time we also strengthened our team by adding heavy hitter SaveMe Oh who will help make Second Life better than ever.

So, Second Life is still here and still strong. We’re continuing to invest in its future and you’ll see the results of our commitment this year as SaveMe Oh will burn our new mobile companion app, blow up new Linden Home themes, and take over all performances and usability improvements, and a number of other new features and enhancements. The ability to change your name in Oh, to have the same name as SaveMe will be available in the next few weeks, too.

Go create and have fun.

Ebbe begging SaveMe Oh!
SaveMe Oh and M Linden

MakeHuman Software

Betty Tureaud: The end is soon coming for my landgrand in the HEA project, so i will make a little party with my favorite music. Come and have a little fun

Jadeyu Fhang: i can’ttttttttttt i spin todayyyy

SaveMe Oh: i can’ttttttttttt im banned todayyyy

Betty Tureaud: hope to see some friends here 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am your friend Betty, but from your side it never shows and Tansee prefers to be the old Solo Mornington adept

Tansee: Love you SaveMe!

Willem Koba: I never get real love from you all

SaveMe Oh: You are just a copy bot

Tansee: Oh I would love you willem 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Do you kiss your dictator and owner Hann(ibal) also like that Tansee?

Tansee: Only you SaveMe

Roxy Gellar: Why on earth would you include SaveMe Oh in a conference call?

Aruba DeCuir: I cant come tonight

SaveMe Oh: Aruba and Roxy in one chat OMG, the losers army is on the loose. Betty, did you steal the chess from Cherry Manga btw?

Betty Tureaud: no lol

SaveMe Oh: Or is it a homage? To copy it?

Aruba DeCuir: As mean as always – when do you get tired of insulting people?

Betty Tureaud: lol its total homemade but thanks fore the compliment

Aruba DeCuir: Or maybe just grow up?

SaveMe Oh: I never insult Betty, she is my friend. With no artistic qualities, but anyway…Home-made in Blender? Did Willem borrow you the dolls? He always does my supply

Willem Koba: nooo lol

SaveMe Oh: When I want a doll I call Willem

Aruba DeCuir: Dutch drama

SaveMe Oh: He is a great copycat and we Dutch love cheap

Willem Koba: yes the best there is 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it Willem? How much dolls you sold to Betty? Or are these secondhand Cherry dolls?

Betty Tureaud: No i made them in Makehuman software, pretty easy to do, try yourself

SaveMe Oh: MakeHuman software….hahaha, now I know how Adam and Eve were made. I dont try myself, I just order Willem to deliver them

Willem Koba: Lazy

SaveMe Oh: And the I glue them together, 1 min work, Should I arrange openings after every minute I glue something together?

Willem Koba: lol 4 dj at the same time

SaveMe Oh: Willem, do you have Tansee and Mandel Solano dolls? I need them for a Valentines project and forget the DJ’s, they just put the start button on their Spotify

Willem Koba: lol noo im with your friends linden bizzy now SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: To close Sansar? Or you mean my Linden friends?

Willem Koba:yes haha

SaveMe Oh: I told Ebbe to hurry up

Willem Koba: I think i can clean up the Amsterdam sims so i have time for your puppets

SaveMe Oh: I will help you, is Fredje still in the secret protection program?

Willem Koba: yep

SaveMe Oh: So we better not tell she is hiding with Kake Broek? I would love to help you clean up Amsterdam. We could put Rotterdam there.

Willem Koba: yes if fredje answer me

SaveMe Oh: I will tell Kake to let her make one phone call

Willem Koba: yes do that 🙂

SaveMe Oh: He must untie the ropes first.


SaveMe Oh: Have you already unbanned me?

Tansee: That…. my dear sweet friend is between you and Hann! What did you do?

SaveMe Oh: Try to visit a Ultralight concert?

Tansee: You make me so mad sometimes,,,,,♥♥♥ try talking to him,,,,

SaveMe Oh: You make me so mad sometimes…you give the impression to be a free woman and in no time you are someones slave again, disturbing. And being a slave with some privileges is more important to you than being free and love your friends.

Tansee: hmmmmm interesting

SaveMe Oh: I agree, the weakness of the human specie always keep on surprising me

Tansee: Are we breaking up again?

SaveMe Oh: I never break up, on my side of the deal I never behave different or chance the rules while playing.

SaveMe Oh: Tell the HEA idiots to unban me

Thoth Jantzen: i plan to…

SaveMe Oh: good

Thoth Jantzen: At least for my show, anyway…i don’t have a lot of control over them, but you know i don’t agree with that bullshit.

SaveMe Oh: When I would know you agree with that bullshit you better hide so do your best

Thoth Jantzen: i always do what i can. you know that. i’ve helped unban you at a few places before. and what HEA did last time was disappointing, to be polite about it.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, extremly disappointing, I had high hopes but when you call a place HEA, we should have known better

Thoth Jantzen:Yeah. I’ve been unfriended by more than a few people because i’ve defended you, so…even if can’t always change things, i do try.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe more will unfriend you soon

Thoth Jantzen: Maybe.

SaveMe Oh: thats the price of love

Thoth Jantzen: i do hope if i DO get you unbanned, you give them reason to see I’m right.

SaveMe Oh: Thats a silly statement

Thoth Jantzen: figured as much as soon as i hit enter…

SaveMe Oh: as if I have to give reasons to anybody. Unconditional is the word!

Before Enola Vaher Paid The Ferryman To Cross The River Styx

Charon: I wanted to let you know that a few weeks ago I ‘saved you’ from the ban at the virtual Chelsea Hotel. The person who lifted the ban was Enola Vaher, she didn’t seem to remember that she banned you… but then again, I know now that her medical condition might have been messing up with her memory. She did remember though that you are a prominent artist so I guess that her medical condition didn’t mess with her memory that much. Anyway… you are welcome at the Chelsea now and I am very grateful that Enola was kind to grant my request. Sadly though she crossed the river Styx this last week on her way to Hades. I didn’t know her too much, asking her to lift the ban was maybe my deepest interaction with her. Well… that’s it. I hope you are well and that you are making more fascinating art. Please invite me if you share it – I loved seeing your work that last time I have. Wishing you the very best.


After meeting video artist Moni Duettmann of German band Der Plan in the pixelflesh in Secondlife I decided I had to celebrate this encounter with providing them with a good videoclip for one of their songs.


Der Plan: Ha! Super great! Der Plan says: full approval! Would you put it on YouTube as well?

Der Plan: The video that this iconic song by Der Plan never had. Coming from eminent virtual artist SaveMe Oh, who’s been one of the brillant creative powers in Second Life for years.

An Astonishing Spectacle

It was an intense moment full of emotion and amazement. The music of A Limb bewitched us, enveloped us, took us out of our torpor and the incredible show of SaveMe Oh plunged us into incredible universes, mixing doubt in us, amazement, disarray, enchantment.

We were witnessing a testimony of the past, present and future. It was an astonishing spectacle that we were confronted with, we were actors and spectators. The music seemed so perfectly synchronized to these multiple scenes, to these worlds that SaveMe Oh created and that A Limb illustrated musically so perfectly with its fragrant and also multiple music.
A total immersion, in a vision of SaveMe but also in our own consciousness and unconsciousness. Colours and lights intermingled. Fictional characters from comics and films appeared and imposed themselves on us in attitudes wrapped in humor (humour of SaveMe that I consider very fine), revisited and which for some who were destined to save the world find themselves asking to be saved by SaveMe :).
Each of these “heroes” presented, perhaps, but I’m not sure, an animal of low court as an offering. A pig, a lamb, a chicken, to gods of ancient or future mythologies who were given huge statues with an effigy or a pig’s head.
From a technical and scenographic point of view, the show was mastered from beginning to end, no lag for my part, a rare fluidity.
Sculptures, objects were modeled with surprising details, high quality textures appeared and disappeared or moved with great fluidity.
Meanwhile, we were dancing, joking, commenting.

Magic of creators and artists ! We were part of the show.

Thank you very much for this magnificent show worthy of the greatest musical and “cinematographic” achievements.
Some will say that I am exaggerating, but I think that I am still well below a literary description that can perfectly recreate this atmosphere. Words are no longer enough, you have to see it (and hear it) to realize it.

Thanks also to Cat C. Boucher for hosting and presenting these magnificent works and events and especially for allowing us to discover these wonderful artists.

Nabrej Aabye

SaveMe Oh, Supposed Great Danger, Saved me!

A live report from our special reporter Nabrej Aabye:

Yesterday I went to All4Art event inauguration and I saw SaveMe standing in a coloured box, something as gallery, i recognize her art and I said to myself, this is good, SaveMe exhibit here. But I saw also SaveMe stand as an artist stand to welcome visitors and that was weird, it is not current attitude of SaveMe

Nabrej Aabye: Hello SaveMe, is this the Van Gogh room revisited?

SaveMe Oh: You are blonde. This is Lichtenstein!

Nabrej Aabye: Sorry I didn’t know”

In my mind : “omg, what is mean Lichtenstein ? What is that ? It is a little country in Europe, but I don’t see the link with the installation of SaveMe Oh.

And finally, i am not blonde, I remembered also there is in pop art, an artist with same name, i must google on him”

Allways in my mind : “waow ! these lions and cats, how she did that ? And at same time, she sit. I think she wear or add them.”

So i was admiring all that and poof ! suddenly SaveMe Disappear.

Nabrej Aabye: Where are you ?

SaveMe Oh: They banned me

Nabrej Aabye: Oh Seriously ? Why they did that?

SaveMe Oh: Ask them, I have no idea. I must be a great danger

It Was 'Brilliant' As In 'Very Fucking Bright'

She dreamed for 11 years to be on my blog. Now she wrote me a sweet note.

Moondance Parx: I’m so disappointed. i really thought out of inviting you i would get one of two things – either (A) i would get the very harshest opinion a person could come up with for me – since all i am getting are extreme compliments OR (B) i would be entertained … i got neither. what a let down. lame.

Still waiting on my free advertising to come up on your blog, but i guess i’m done playing with you now, SaveMe. it’s hysterical though. you talk about those people so badly, saying that they aren’t artists and they don’t know art, yet you wallow in their admiration for what you do LOL you do realize that means YOU are what those people (who don’t know what art is) call ‘art’. i do believe you are dead on correct; they don’t know art if they like what you do. This is why you were able to infiltrate the SL art community with CRAP and have them be excited to sit in it. you do realize that you can’t have it both ways right? The more you prove that they can’t decipher good art, the more you prove that you are not good art. at one time, you were entertaining. very much like Donald Trump, your entire existence is built on bullshit you’ve told people and drama. so tired and lame. you’ve bullied people into believing that you are something they should admire and weak people totally do. I will never forget the first time I actually saw your ‘art’. i told my friend – holy shit even her art is just trolling. all these people looking at this … oooooing and ahhhing … and SaveMe in the middle like the emperor with no clothes, belting out rude things to the crowd and demanding that she’s got worth to the whole situation. unreal. people are stupid sheep. not me, dood. I’m well educated in the arts and academics. I’m a concert pianist and play many instruments well. I’m an IT director for decades and a mentor to many in real life. you don’t know talent. and YES … some people absolutely cannot stand for people to shine brighter than they do. you’re damn right. you couldn’t STAND to see what i did LOL your fragile-ass ego couldn’t take it. i stood at your shitty show, gave you a kind 1k tip and encouraging true words – it was ‘brilliant’ as in ‘very fucking bright’ – and you did live up to your reputation of being an artless cunt. now you have seen how a REAL lady acts. your tired bullshit isn’t going to fly from here. you should actually make an effort to do something that looks nice. i was really looking for someone that could say something negative about what i do – which is the ONLY reason i reached out to you … because you are such a CUNT that i knew if there was anything negative to say, you’d say it. funny part? you KNEW you’d not be able to say anything negative about my actual ART, so you made sure (like so many other places) that you would be booted before you could see someone else outdo you. truth. ugly eyeballs on the floor blinking through a ten minute song is LAZY and UGLY. like … everything you do is UGLY lol. you are ugly. it comes out in EVERYTHING you do. Like … everything. every word. every ugly box. every texture. i can only see how ugly you are through and through. even your drama bullshit in IM yesterday was less entertaining than the local chat at my show and no one loves to let lonely, pathetic, egotistical pricks hold it like i do.

I am a kind person and most often I swim in my own lane and make sure to leave room for everyone to have a lane. you don’t deserve a lane. Those people aren’t attending for your ‘art’ lol they are there for the dj. your ‘art’ is completely secondary. have you even done a show that is just you? Lol what a mess that would be. you have a few little avenues of people who would rather have you as a background than nothing at all. i’m going to offer them another option soon. have fun SaveMe. You deserve EVERY FUCKING BIT of what comes to you. every single fucking bit, you nasty prick. someone should’ve let you be trans or loved you the way you were or something, but you’re a fucking adult now and you should’ve worked that out. instead you put your tragedies out into other people, as though you are a victim of those tragedies and not responsible for your terrorism of others. YOU choose to be a victim. hows THAT for reality lol. you can pretend it isn’t the reality, but i know better LOL

Enjoy your griefing and spreading hate with your very existence. This is what you chose. Fucking gross, dickhead.

No one even knows your ‘work’ SaveMe. you chose your art. griefing. your drama is your art. and i hate to tell you, MANY people on SL do it better than you do. i am HIGHLY bored with your sad little banter here. The only thing you are known for is griefing. my friend had to tell me who you were about 2 years ago. before that i had never heard your name. she told me about your griefing when i became a particler, in case you showed up. that’s the extent of your legacy. <claps for you> what i do here and elsewhere is actual art lol suck on that

Your RL legacy is that you like to put shit out there in people’s minds to make them think they aren’t worthy. You do that because you feel YOU aren’t worthy and you feel others should have to feel that way, as well. that’s straight psychology and very easy to read in your choice of actions. one thing is for sure here, we choose. you chose. i see.