When I Killed LEA And Rezzed SLEA

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Hi there, I just have a couple of quick questions: firstly, this is a private group but Linden Endowment for the Arts Info is a LL group. That second group of which I am also a member has more members – but no current notices at all right now. Is it ever active, is it worth staying in, or has it more or less died?

SaveMe Oh: I killed it, you can leave that group

Gemma: thinks that is the old, yes. Well SaveMe not sure now lololol

Sayumi Tsunenaga giggles… So funny SaveMe! But yeah, this sure seems to be the active group, and you can’t even chat in the other

SaveMe Oh: After I killed LEA I gave Tansee the idea for SLEA, we will see how it works out. So far, so good.

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Very cool of you SaveMe, hee hee… how long has this group been going?

SaveMe Oh: Since I open SLEA, some weeks ago.

Can You Use Mondriaan To Promote Yourself?

120 x 120 walls glued with Mondriaan by Yann Gyro for an expo in UASL. Should I give him a great start with my additional Mondriaan performance? Why not, also Yan Gyro has a right on salvation.

Yann GYRO: she is a griefer?

Riannah Baron: Could be considered that

SaveMe Oh: No, I am the most famous artist of SL

Riannah Baron: Yeah but I thought you like your own productions. Not using others to promote yourself.

SaveMe Oh: He is using Mondriaan to promote himself, whats the difference?

ḈħξĻỢ Baron: Is his work

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and this is my work.

ḈħξĻỢ Baron: In his exhibit

SaveMe Oh: Where he uses Mondriaan?

Riannah Baron: Yup

SaveMe Oh: So he is the only one allowed to steal?

Riannah Baron: You’ll need to remove your objects and be civil or you can leave, Just that.

SaveMe Oh: Are you afraid I might attract more attention?

Riannah Baron: Nope, Not afraid at all. Alright then have it your way.

SaveMe Oh: I always have it my way.

Riannah Avora ejected and banned you from this land.

The Blank Canvas

After several blank attempts to open the new artist reservation SLEA, which resulted in the useable tsunami of mesh Barbie images on Facebook and Flickr I took the bold step to do it once again myself, provide them uninvited with a real Big Bang opening.

First I made sure I had them all vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccin and then I showed the audience how real live art in a virtual world must look, in a perfect symbiosis with the DJ Verdant Homewood.

I showed them you don’t need numerous sims with prim and mesh glued repetitions of the same over and over again, I showed them you don’t need an auditorium with 1000 seats were nobody ever will sit, I showed them you don’t need a machinima screen were nobody will ever watch a movie, I showed them why nobody needs signs and teleporters all over, I just showed them a real artist need a blank canvas so the creation can begin and the audience can dream away and wonder.

How To Hide Your Excitement?

During the Transcultures broadcast of the MINDFUCK performance by SaveMe Oh and A Limb, Ampel was trying to hide his excitement by surrounding himself with a field of dildo’s but he failed big.

The event had a difficult start as Cat’s Circus platform was full of ban-lines which made it impossible to perform there. The request to promise me to never ban me again was refused. Idiots like Ultralight Alter keep the privilege to exclude people from their concerts. That everyone can use the derender tool is forgotten, so it’s seen as no excuse.

So a late escape to a free platform without borders and restrictions was the solution.

But the desire to virtual fuck everyone during covid times became huge. In our RL we can’t meet each ohter, have to practice social distancing and then when you reach out in a virtual party you end up with ban-lines in your face. I wish everybody a great MINDFUCK.

The Warm Ban-lines Welcome

When you arrive on your job for a live broadcast on the internet and you are welcomed with ban-lines on a venue you already have performed a 1000 times. In the year everybody is hit by the COVID virus there are still people who think it is necessary to exclude people.

Planet Paprika: Do you need your alts for your performance?

SaveMe Oh: I need freedom, that’s all

Planet Paprika: You have freedom as SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: I need freedom for all

SaveMe Oh: Clean your ban-lists. Don’t be a dictator. War is over.

Planet Paprika: I have unbanned them

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, and try 2021 without excluding people, you don’t need that.

Planet Paprika: We can talk about it in 2021 if we are still alive

SaveMe Oh: Better be nice for people before they are maybe dead.

Planet Paprika: Good point … likewise

Second Life: Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Planet Paprika: Hmmm

Planet Paprika: Now I unbanned Cupido and Greta, how many alts do you have ??

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure you are not me?

Planet Paprika: SaveMe Oh IS NOT ON THE BAN LIST

SaveMe Oh: There is a huge ban-line on the middle of the platform

Planet Paprika: 5 minutes ago I was sure I am not you

SaveMe Oh: One part I am banned, the other part not

Planet Paprika: ohh

SaveMe Oh: When you want to kill people better learn how to do it.

Planet Paprika: True but doesn’t that mean there are two different sims ?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, maybe, so you must do the job in both sims. But anyway its a disgrace you still cooperate with these things.

SaveMe Oh: Promise you will never ban me again

Planet Paprika: I can’t SaveMe … but I can promise I will only ban you temporary, when Ultra is playing and is asking for it!

If I Loved Old Shit, SaveMe, I’d Be Your Number One Fan

Jaelle Faerye: Hi SaveMe, what do you think? Shall we begin?

SaveMe Oh: Did you tell everyone the most famous artist of SL is here?

Bunny Nova: Vincent Van Gopher is here?

Jaelle Faerye: Fame is an interesting topic too

SaveMe Oh: Are you delighted to have me?

Bunny Nova: Of course, we are!

SaveMe Oh: You are welcome

Jaelle Faerye: I am sure your contribution to the chat will be interesting

SaveMe Oh: I am sure too

Jaelle Faerye: I am Jaelle Faerye, and I am your host for this event. In a few words, I am an artist in residence here at Carmel, I sketch and paint in RL and decided to show my work in SL.

SaveMe Oh: Lovely is not really the right word, in fact its rather ugly

Jaelle Faerye: Sigh. We have talked about inspiration before, and we also evoked how seeing other artists’s art is a source of inspiration.

We all have those artists we admire as references, for the way they paint or photograph, but how do we integrate their art into our art process, as artists?

SaveMe Oh: Now there are huge crowds who adore me but don’t dare to admit. So I better say it myself. I am an huge inspiration for all and they try to copy me. Do I mind???? No, its a compliment. So they are welcome to copy me as no artist is original. Everything has been done before. Its more how good you can steal or copy and are you able to present it on the right moment in time and in space. The designers of this ugly sim are too late so it has no relevance.

Jaelle Faerye: Thank you for your insight

SaveMe Oh: They better had make a copy of my work here

Riff Gaffer: for the record I like what I’ve seen of the sim

SaveMe Oh: when you are a lover of old shit I can understand that

Jaelle Faerye: yes, it has been said that nothing new can be invented in art, and it’s an interesting idea

Riff Gaffer: If I loved old shit, SaveMe, I’d be your number one fan

SaveMe Oh: Ah you know me….thats a confession

Jaelle Faerye: So let me get back to the topic please

SaveMe Oh: Now we are getting somewhere. Topics in art talks are always questionable

Jaelle Faerye: It’s a chat 🙂 People are free to give their opinions, chat with each other, and maybe spend a nice time and it’s interesting to have an exchange of opinions, I think

SaveMe Oh: Is NICE a good quality in art chats?

Jaelle Faerye: Well, probably not for you

Riff Gaffer: I don’t know, why don’t you try it and enlighten yourself?

SaveMe Oh: What is preferable in NICE in connection to art? Should art be NICE?

Jaelle Faerye: The topic is inspiration vs plagiarism

Jaelle Faerye: Nice SaveMe, you brought your own design

SaveMe Oh: Inspiration or plagiarism?

Bunny Nova: Is this an art installation?

Jaelle Faerye: Yup. She is wearing it

SaveMe Oh: The Bunnies are a funny coincidence

Jaelle Faerye: haa, yes!

Bunny Nova: it would have been artistic if you managed some irony, but you missed it

SaveMe Oh: Whats the irony of bunnies?

Jaelle Faerye: actually it’s a pity it’s not Easter, that would have been funnier

Bunny Nova: Exactly

SaveMe Oh: You prefer pinguins for winter?

Bunny Nova: that would be trite

Riff Gaffer: perhaps that’s why we see so many dimwitted trolls who think they display great originality, but fail miserably at every stage

Jaelle Faerye: aaah SaveMe Oh meets Mondrian

SaveMe Oh: Inspiration or plagiarism?

Jaelle Faerye: well I think the intention makes a difference. What was your intention, on that one, SaveMe? (I like that the texture on the animesh is animated too, btw)

SaveMe Oh: Inspiration is Mondriaan, artistic aproach is how to give it a new dimension in virtual worlds with using that tools, as for example animensh. This cant be done in RL

Jaelle Faerye: what, hmm are you sure?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Jaelle Faerye: Could be fun to see you do gymnastics in a window

Bunny Nova: So was your use of animesh plagiarism? The makers of animesh are the true artists here

SaveMe Oh: Are the creators of the tools the true artists then? The inventor of the brush?

Jaelle Faerye: ah this is interesting too, because if so, then the whole SL art is to be redefined

SaveMe Oh: Or the creator of paint?

Riff Gaffer: Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Somebody invents a brush, somebody else learns to paint with it

SaveMe Oh: Bob Ross learned to paint with it, is he an artist?

Jaelle Faerye: I have to say I see what SaveMe is saying, this is a piece of art inspired by Mondrian, a homage, somehow, adpated to a virtual world

SaveMe Oh: Does that fire place belong in this painting?

Jaelle Faerye: it takes time to load, SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Is Venice in Las Vegas Venice?

Jaelle Faerye: haaa, yes, there’s that idea too, or SL Venice. Are people making sims that resemble RL places plagiarizing? Then the people taking SL pics in those sims, are they plagiarizing the sim builders or the RL location?

SaveMe Oh: The Linden say they own everything here, so can you be an artist here? All your stuff is owned by them

Jaelle Faerye: yes/no, they have to legally own the textures to be able to display them on all computers so it’s a legal twist, but they won’t SELL your art

SaveMe Oh: not yet

Jaelle Faerye: haa, yes

SaveMe Oh: wait until I am famous outside SL

Jaelle Faerye: I can’t wait 🙂

SaveMe Oh: (actually I am already, but please dont tell the Linden, they might want their share)