Josina Burgess

Well ist a fact: Save me is VERY Naughty, and sometimes people really dont understand why she is doing like she is doing, an other fact is that we all speak different languages, that can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations

Sole Jie

i just love her.. she is SL for me.. my idea of SL is she.. do whatever you want. dont try to do of SL a real busines, dont try to spent your time, money and efort in to be a fashion great artist in SL. cause someday SL will desapear.. all these platforms doit some day, and you will have spent all your time in nothing.. just HAVE FUN.. ok. i know … Read Moreshe is an ashole. and prolly i knowit better than nobody in SL, but, i care??? nop. i dont care.. i love her the same. she makes me laugh..and she gives me a lot of good times… sorry for those who try to be artistS in sl.. sorry for her behaviour. but she is my idea of SL and i love her for that.. and really believe it or not. (and she will kill me for this). SHE HAVE THE BIGEST HEART I NEVER SAW IN THIS GAME. YESSSS. GAMEEEEEE….JUST THAT… controversial???…. LMAOl she is not controversial. she is a pain in the assss…. OMG..spirit of secondlife???… HAVE FUN OF COURSE. ALWAYS.. SHE LOVES WHEN YOU BANN HER..

Cat Shilova

I was so much surprised to discover that Second Life was as much (even much more) conformist and codified and finally rigid than the real world… SaveMe is disturbing, and that’s perfect

Wiski Oh

I am not at all afraid of Saveme and I dont understand why people feel attacked by herself. I just feel her nice, sweet, gentle, clever and smart !

In fact she is only asking questions publicly. By myself, she is the most sharp and accurate artist online. And not only by playing colors or pixels on a screen or coding some application, but by THINKING AND ASKING about people, religion, behaviour, relationship, etc…

Is THINKING not business friendly, not good for the art marketing in and out world ?

I noticed recently that many “artists” are capitalyzing there art and managing it like some usual business with all the procedure of competition and aggressiveness in purpose of mind and money territory control.

In my opinion, art is not similar to coca-cola, and Saveme Oh is not a competitor of business in the struggle of Second Life and those who dont understand it have just one metaverse in late.

Dekka Raymaker

In second life Saveme’s art is half-arsed, yes she can go to a good artists exhibit held on large well know gallery sites in second life and slag them off, but if she tried it on with a crap artist on a small private parcel she would last 10 seconds before the parcel owner kicked and banned her, so her art would be a fail and she can’t claim it’s a success because she would be kicked and banned because they didn’t get it.

Or maybe that’s a good point, Saveme Oh’s is the best compliment available, because she can only choose to attack artists who work is better than hers?

stupid edit:

It should say ‘Saveme Oh’s art is the best compliment available’

Sowa Mai

I am so confused.

I like SaveMe’s work but I always thought her work was her Second Life and that the videos were just a small part of the art. Like a drip in the corner of the painting.

I need to go to school

Poor SaveMe is so misunderstood. I feel it is my duty to speak up and say what is on my mind but I am a coward. Thank God for SaveMe to speak for me when I am too cowardly or ashamed. Please accept my condolences anyway.

I was shocked and afraid and wanted to hit back but I looked at why I had these feelings and learned about myself and was grateful. I looked further and realized here was a mirror to my self created wall of fear. A valuable reflection or a feared/hated reflection. The choice is mine.

I think I am looking at the content rather than the form.

Banrion Constantine

It is not always easy to say what is unpopular, especially since people will intend to have their revenge in one form or another if they don’t like what you have to say.

If art in intended to engage, to challenge, to give voice to the artist, I would have to say that Saveme’s work qualifies. There is a lot of angry, contemptuous, contentious, powerfully personal and/or political art out there. But I suppose it’s only supposed to be “worthy” if we deem it so. And where do we draw the line at censorship?

Why do people continue to be offended as if they have no control over the situation? We choose how we will react. I am continually floored at how easily people are insulted in Second Life. And I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Dissent is not popular, but it is important. There needs to be balance and Saveme is just as much a part of the artistic landscape as the rest of us. Her voice has just as much weight. Just as much value. It can open a dialog that can truly be inspiring and enlightening to all involved unless like most discussions nowadays, it devolves into name-calling and open hostilities.

More power to those who give voice to what most of us wouldn’t dare. We’re often too polite; too afraid of being isolated, shunned, condemned or losing support. What is wrong with someone challenging the status quo and calling us all out? We need someone to play the fool to our own self-tyranny.

Efrantirise Morane

Only pseudo artists can be afraid of Save me Oh

Soror Nishi

…and this from SL’s most controversial artist SaveMe Oh, and maybe one of the funniest too…. one of those Public Information adverts…. you add the ending…

I have seldom had as many long comments as I did on my Koinup post about her and her vid Fuck the Swiss… but…well..that’s the joy of SL, it takes all sorts to make a world.

My best friend (RL) is an artist and he has spent a lot of time abroad (i.e. Europe) as he currently lives in Paris. He has always been seriously shocked by how serious Serious Artists have to be on the Continent to be taken seriously…

No wonder SaveMe winds some people up, iconoclasts (why aren’t we all?) have to be disrespectful, it’s their job..

Roxelo Babenco

In Second Life, almost all SaveMe Oh fear, they feel threatened by her and interpret her behavior as inappropriate and lacking education. Many residents consider SaveMe Oh a provocative and disturbing person.

A SaveMe like interact during performances, and often does so with transgressive interventions. It did so even during Arena, but none of us has ever taken the complaints against him, but his performances have always added something extra to the event.

SaveMe I know that may seem disrespectful and wrong, but these are the peculiarities of his character, never assume, deliberately provocative and transgressive, in perpetual struggle against the conformists.

Do not be afraid to SaveMe Oh, only because it avoids the mediocrity and conformist behavior, not ban her if she “disturb” your event. She will be a real performance, without script or cloth, according to the art of improvisation.

She is never trivial, is not kind, says what they think! Sometimes her thoughts may be unpleasant for the recipient, however, should be so great to be recovered and also counter the thoughts that we do not like, because I believe that the comparison is positive and a sign of openness and intelligence.

Soror Nishi

Brookston Holiday: Saveme was banned, so that Rezzed TV Island can continue to grow.

Well, not a new experience for SaveMe, I grant you, but I thought she was kinda cute, sitting there with a SaveMe for President title above her head. It was the “thought police” lollypop tho that sent Brookston (strange name) over the edge.

Wizard Gynoid

I think there is a place for the court jester. historically, they have had a serious role to play. they entertained the court, but they also had the freedom to point out painful truths that otherwise would go unsaid. in other cultures, it’s called the Trickster. once you realize what SaveMe is up to, i think she should be tolerated..

Rose Borchovski

And of course I have SaveMe Oh living on my sim, she squatted a spot in the sky. In a weird way it fits, we are like ying and yang, complete opposites keeping each other in balance. Sometimes I wonder when we will crash, but we seem to manage, never a dull moment with SaveMe.

And NO I’m not also SaveMe Oh, she has a different rl avatar.

Misprint Thursday

You’re some cross between a comedian, an artist and an idiot all the which I enjoy but put them together and off we goooo

Larkworthy Antfarm

As I look at Igor’s raw and self-revealing work and Save Me’s reaction to it, I see a very intense battle being waged of almost theological dimensions. Save Me represents the biological and irrational emotions that Igor Ballyhoo suppresses within the dark unfeeling mechanical world he envisions where the biological has merged with the machine.

In this battle, there can be only one victor. In a sense, Save Me has shown that while the emotions may be more fragile than a rusty gear, they are also very powerful and can break the strongest metal. I think Igor’s retreat from SL proves this to be so.

As an artist I am drawn to his dark vision, but I am ultimately fighting to preserve what makes me human. Igor is also pulled in two directions. I think he believed he had conquered his feelings, but even Igor cannot escape the human element.

I respect all of the artists here. I have been honored to call both Igor and Rose my friends. And I respect Save Me Oh. She reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

Sca Shilova

Senceless Acts of Discipline

Certain people who feel somehow elevated enough in judgement to clamp down on the spirit of SaveMe Oh were attempting to “cleanse” the SL art scene “forever” of THE one person who has the guts to speak her mind freely about artistic content… What’s going on here…? Helloooo!!!

Besides the fact that I resent being swept along into some supposed bundle of like-minded voting fodder, there happen to be many people who really like what SaveMe is doing. I for one can’t imagine SL without her. I love the edge! I love the stylish punk attitude! I love that she is insuppressible because that gives me some hope in a time when people are turning into obedient coded robots (and I am talking REAL life – for me it is all one life).

The art groups involved in this are abusing their validity by doing it in our name. When I join an art group it is to stay in tune with what’s happening and not to receive witch hunt propaganda promoting to vote someone out of SL just because they do not fit into certain peoples vision.

SaveMe is playful. SaveMe is sharp. SaveMe is faster than Bruce Lee. SaveMe is sexy and witty and f*cking hilarious. She works hard. She’s wild. And yes she’s provocative! Bringing about much thought and debate. I thank Cheesus for that! She’s a living catalyst. And despite the fact that her role demands her to act like she doesn’t give a damn, it doesn’t take much to see that SaveMe has HEART.

There are only a few people who stick their necks out by clearly and honestly voicing their opinions instead of choosing a comfort zone. These people push the limits. Without them there would be no change, and too often rejected as trouble makers by those who want to maintain established order. I see this voice of change as a voice in the back of everyone’s head. A voice most prefer not to listen to. This voice provides the necessary opposition that needs to be embraced as intrinsic to the whole. Excluding opposition is the same as excluding freedom.

This is a sign of the times. People are abusing terms like “freedom” and “terrorism” while in reality freedom of speech is disappearing everywhere along with tolerance and justice. In times like these interventions are necessary (for those that still dare). During the royal wedding in England there was a full police force out *preventatively* rounding up performers and jesters within a wide zone of the wedding…

I don’t find that healthy or just, because when people can’t laugh at themselves it is mostly because there is something rotten somewhere that needs some air…

I keep hearing the questions, “Is it performance art?” “Is it intervention?” “Is it clowning?”, but to me these questions are irrelevant. There is a whole Information Revolution between the coining of these movements and now. What is relevant and essential is that SaveMe Oh comments on contemporary art in a virtual world.

SaveMe Oh is Hot. SaveMe Oh is a walking manifesto. She’s a liberating concept that is Becoming a movement. SaveMe Oh is an advocate for freedom of speech and an essential player in making sure that virtual art is taken seriously as a cutting edge art form. If we are sincerely more concerned about ART than about our own egos (and alter egos) then we should embrace her challenge as our own.

Larkworthy Antfarm

Derender is a marvelous tool; however you get no drama if used too often, and all I see on SL is drama, hysteria and poutrage over Save Me O’s every action. Why? Does she harm anyone’s computer? Spread a virus or malware? Does she bomb innocent children in the Middle East? Steal old ladies’ retirement pensions? Does she exploit workers? Practice religious bigotry, misogyny, racism, or class warfare? No. She arrives like a breath of pixel life anywhere she is invited. Her very presence creates buzz. The free spirits laugh and doubly enjoy the show while the pretentious artists who take themselves so seriously frown and try to put a damper on the spectacle. It is like a raucous Bruegel painting come to life.

Suggestion: If you want avatar’s to whisper in tones of reverence as if they were walking the galleries of the great masters at the Louvre, or at the very least if you want the avatars to merely yawn politely and pat you on the back for sharing your paint-by-number art that you have uploaded to SL, don’t invite Save Me to your openings. Derender her. Ban her. Run for your very dear pixel lives. But quit acting so damn self-righteous about it. Anyone knows that having Save Me come to your show brings publicity, notoriety and increased attention, so stop pretending you are so harmed by the experience. At the very least you get to play the wounded victim in your own little drama as all your friends and contacts help you lick your wounds.

You artists who work so hard to control the audience experience of your art, creating straitjackets for us, tight enclosed spaces to contain our experience need to realize that how the art is received is always going to be beyond your control. I film other people’s art in SL all the time. I am 100% certain, my vision is NEVER how the original artist saw their work. I can only filter their art through my experience of and reaction to the art.

For me, the art in SL is best experienced alone with no other avatars to detract from my interaction with the art. Or live. When the spontaneity of events, the activity is all that matters. The art becomes texture, wallpaper. Having a sim full of avatars TP into your sim, turn on their dance HUDS and go vacuum the rug in RL is not a successful event. Having drama, poutrage, laughter, silliness reminds me why we go to SL. To interact with other pixels. We need more Save Me Oh’s, not less. When my avatar in a tutu jumps up on a stage and dances as an SL musician plays, why must a sim owner threaten to eject me? When Save Me Oh shows up, smile that you get a free art spectacle. Life is short. The SL art world is small. After the party, we all clean up and do it again. Your way.

I first fell in love with Save Me Oh at the art show for Mark Linden, the former CEO of Lindenlabs. Save Me showed up in an outlandish costume and clung to Mr. Linden like a slug. He virtually ran hither and thither attempting to escape her mere presence — the most powerful man in SL able to have a real emotional response not controlled by himself. How could you not love that? For me that was the most memorable part of the show. It made him human to me. Not just an avatar. And in some ways, it was the most interesting part of the show.

Scarp Godenot

Every once in a while, there is a true original. SaveMe Oh is one of those. Nobody could duplicate her relentless assault on all things SL art. She makes you think, takes nothing for granted, and rewrites all the rules.

Ya gotta love her just for that.

Thirza Ember

Which brings us to this: When it comes to art and blogs, one stands alone. Inseparable from the inworld antics it chronicles, SaveMe Oh’s transgressive, provocative blog is revolting to and against respectability. Now into its seventh year, it is probably the longest continuous performance in a virtual world, a portrait of the artist, the Rembrandt of Second Life blogs.

Mimesis Monday

Saveme Oh is an well known performance artist in SL. Through her presence we are emperors without clothes. Her witty sharpness transforms simple “IM’s” into dramatic texts published on her blog. In this way, she makes sure that the virtual art continues to evolve.

Thirza Ember

SaveMe Oh, you make the most amazing beautiful art – you make the others look like mere amateurs… thank you so much for the show!

Vaneeesa Blaylock

Few in virtual space have had the accidental vision or unintended clarity about 21st century new media that SaveMe Oh regularly stumbles upon. With her echolalic mantra “ME ME ME” as deafening as it is repetitive and one-note, she provokes, indeed demands, a consideration of coping mechanisms in the century of new media pollution. If not its Banksy, then she surely is the virtual world’s Chauncey Gardiner.

Gloria Jeanne Wyatt

For my non- art and art education friends and non virtual world friends let me introduce you to one of the most controversial and edgy virtual world artists. I won’t try and explain her work , let it speak to you as it will. You may agree or disagree with her themes yet she is a true artist one in both Real world and the virtual world. I believe she is from Europe and has had gallery shows of her work. she is an outspoken critic of any type censorship in the art arena. Anyone interested in edgy tell it like she sees it, very well crafted machinima and visual arts spectrum might be interested in her work. You can check her out on Flickr and her blog. Disclaimer for some of my more conservative friends, she does aim her art at the adult audience. Though I do not understand all of her work I commend her for being a true artist in a mostly conservative world.

Larkworthy Antfarm

This woman is an artist. Her persona is unique. Her talents unquestionable. She understands that SL art requires artists to let go of the old RL notions of docilely viewing and interacting with art.

Ampel Goosson

Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.

Jj Coronet

Since i tried to get SaveMe Oh unbanned from the Lea i have had loads of people telling me how bad she is a no talent loosser everyone hates her. I disagree she has brought a spark of light into second life its so needs the creativity she brings may not be to everyone taste but i really like what she has done good and bad its been fun to watch so keep it up and burn bright

Linda Laura Lindsey

She does not piss everyone off. I do admire miss Oh’s skill at manipulating those who are pissed off into saying such entertainingly dumb things.

And as for SaveMe… 🙂
She is the pea under the pile of mattresses that keeps everyone uncomfortable enough to look at and think about things we might not otherwise examine. I love this.

Conflict conflict conflict.. this is the essence of any good story!

Besides, I have found that a reasonable rational request often has a much greater effect on her displays than one might think.

Preben Wolff

Second Life would be boring mainstream without SaveMe Oh.

Josef K

The party is over, but what a party is was. SaveMe Oh’s 8th rez day party was like a master class in the art of performance. Not to forget Morlita’s music. It was the most impressive performance I have attended in Second Life so far. It was fantastic ….

Elena Degni

Da tempo il “Ohh!” del meraviglioso non mi scappava all’improvviso come mi è successo ieri sera, immersa nel mare di emozioni che ci ha portato SaveMe Oh e la musica di Morlita Quan riportando in pieno il senso che in SL sembra andare scomparendo. SaveMe Oh, In una piattaforma 64.64 a 1000 metri in cielo, 42 Avatar, è riuscita a immergerci in un mondo, un tempo, uno stato d’animo colorato , forte, raccontandoci gioie e angoscia, pazzia fanciullesca e infine restituito a Sl, il rispetto che merita per le possibilità che ci regala di realizzare quello che altrove non si potrebbe. Voglio dirlo; grazie SaveMe Oh.

Ipnotica. Surreale. Psichedelica. Immersiva e altra.

Sì Signori, questa è una festa SL.

Thank you, SaveMe Oh.

Elena Degni

Molti trovano le tue parole sgradevole, la mia opinione é che sono nate da una intelligente visione delle cose del mondo sono sempre gradite e dolci come acqua di torrente . Desidero ancora una volta dire a SaveMe Oh,Saverina Borchovski, che la Sua piattaforma nel mio cielo e tutto quanto sono e faccio in Sl, aspettano, se utili, per ripetere e diventare ecco di quelle sue parole dette come solo chi è un vero artista sa fare. E’ “mia” opinione che nel Olimpo virtuale, SaveMe Oh, siederà alla destra…

Jedda Nova

I admire SaveMe Oh and her anarchistic spirit, she has a creative fire unmatched by many.

Larkworthy Antfarm

SL and the LEA like comfortable art. Paint-by-numbers, prims in boxes. Art must be compliant, submissive and static. It must follow rules set out by a committee of individuals who between them could not even generate a thimbleful of knowledge on the subject. The true artists in SL are not poet tasting avatars. Their work challenges us, assaults us, immerses us, shakes us up, and pokes us all in the ass with umbrellas. In reaction, some dance to the tune of St. Vitus. Others to the Tarantella. But everyone dances to Save Me Oh’s tune when she is in the house. Oh how she ruins flat boring art with her presence. Like inviting crazy ants to a picnic. I am neither a fascist nor a bully for loving to be a part of such performances.

Lennart Nilsson

SaveMe gets better at it every time!! This last performance was a wonder of skill!

Kandinsky Beaumont

Is Save also my favourites Chauncey Gardiner and Banksy? Very possible now it´s mentioned. They all hit so irritating with their constant wake up stings.

Sca Scilova

By being highy interactive and “forcing” people to engage Saveme ensures that the people around are no longer passive audience but engaged in interactive art, whether positively, agressively or however. The reality is so engaging that people can’t mute Saveme without amputating such a huge chunk of reality that it all makes no sense anymore. So there lays the difference. For that reason muting Saveme doesn’t work. With the master of ceremony muted, phrases would become increasingly disconnected. She is like a politician and we are all part of the experiment which, thanks to her relentlessly accurate role, should stand the test of time.

Ziki Questi

SaveMe Oh’s contribution was for me the high point. On March 9, she presented Wear to Move. In a series of vignettes or movements, the attendees (the audience) were asked to strip their usual clothes (changing rooms were available) and wear attachments (the artwork) and animations. Around this entire group of performers/audience, now essentially wearing the artwork (or, more to the point, they were the artwork) and moving in common gesture, was rezzed an environment. Experientially, SaveMe eliminated the distinction between performer, audience and artwork: they become all one and the same, and the event was insightful, playful and skillfully executed.

Josef K

SaveMe Oh is probably the most important artist in Second Life and she is banned from the LEA sims. It’s like reading a modern version of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ where the LEA Comittee is the Emperor.

Ed Vespucciano

I am glad to discover that Linden has a ‘Director of Experience’ Now I know who to complain to when I go to yet another boring shit gallery that wastes my time and bandwidth and SaveMe is not allowed there to cheer me up!

Nabrej Aabye

Moi j’aime bien la pensée de SaveMe Oh, j’aime bien ses prises de position même si je ne comprends pas toujours ses messages. J’aime sa provocation. Et puis dans un sens purement artistique dans plusieurs domaines, il existe une grande créativité et on y retrouve beaucoup de sensibilité qui nous parle, nous fait réfléchir sur différents problèmes éthiques, naturels, climatiques, sociaux, etc. Je ne saisis pas tout mais à chaque nouvelle découverte j’en apprends un peu plus. Cela peut sembler chaotique, irrationnel, brutal, violent mais tout est au final cohérent, méthodique et on retrouve un sens profond aux messages de SaveMe Oh, un message humain. Cela est un enrichissement exceptionnel. Je comprends aussi que d’un certain point de vue de prime abord, on puisse interpréter les incursions de SaveMe Oh comme trouble fête, comme des sabotages, mais je pense que non. Il est tout à fait de ton droit et de ton point de vue d’en être embêtée. Mais en y pensant et en y réfléchissant un peu, ces incursions ne sont pas bien méchantes. Elles ne dénaturent nullement les événements ou réduisent le travail artistique des autres. D’un point de vue technique, que ce soit dans le build sur sl, dans la vidéo, dans les textures, les scripts, les mises en scène, j’apprends beaucoup aussi à observer les créations de SaveMe Oh. Et puis ça fait rigoler de voir le mouvement de panique qui nous prend à voir surgir 2000 SaveMe Oh ou 2000 lions :), occuper tout notre espace de confort, bouleverser notre vision et au bout de quelques instants, on reprend le fil normal de notre vie.

Whirli Placebo

It breaks my heart that your artistic vision was routinely ridiculed, even villified, in an environment i can now only contemputuously think of as “that place.” I know for you personally that part of the joy was standing up to the thin-skinned mindlessly reactive cretins…which fueled more creative projects…..but, for me, in thinking back on it all, it is such a melancholic sensation. Your work, for me, stands the test of time….

Still the only artistically interesting personality going on in the virtual world of SecondLife

Chris Clancy

She is the best artist on the internet comrades.

A Limb

The visuals she does are so much in resonance with the music, it’s because SaveMe Oh is always listening to what’s going on. The slightest of my comments, or my changes in musical expression, has an impact on the visuals. It’s magical. I’m always very proud to be able to play with her.

Cat C. Boucher

I am not as good with words in english but the magic SaveMe creates together with some musicians is unique and precious ..ppl can think what they like but if you have experienced SaveMe when she is really into it ..there cannot be any doubt if she is an artist ..what we were part of yesterday reminds me on the performance from Dali with Manitas del Plata ….art in sound and vision !

Kandinsky Beaumont

This artist and the art is one unit, SaveMeOh is an act herself. That is one thing that defines her art. Other things are that she very often, in her performances, turns her view not only to sl but also out into the real world and comments it. And often with humour, wit, a sharp tongue and provocative visuals. In her performances she works in cooperation with some of our most appreciated musicians. She is one of the most important artists in Second Life.

Dekka Raymaker

It was I who spoke out in her defence, not that she needed me to do so, and I unbanned her at least twice, maybe 3 times. I think SaveMe Oh is an amazing artist, she understands what the mechanics of art should be in a virtual space, the only problem is that at this time, her art is extreme for the Second Life virtual environment. SaveMe Oh will just have to except that she is before her time, and that if she accepts her own greatness, she has to accept that being banned comes with it.

Serene Foorman

I had not heard of SaveMe Oh before she came to Furillen.

SaveMe Oh at Furillen

By the time she left, after three and a half hours of the most immersive and engaging art I have ever seen in Second Life, I was in awe. And I felt privileged. It was that good.

I tell this story partly against myself; it speaks of my ignorance, and possibly – as SaveMe Oh, might argue – of my arrogance, too. I’ll take both criticisms. But the main reason I am telling the story in this way – and my reason for quoting the dialogue above – is because, as a subsequent review of the history of this artist’s work has shown me, the context in which her art is performed matters a great deal to what she does.

It was not a good start. Engrossed in solving the latest issues with video on the sim, I saw what looked like a griefer kicking off. I ejected her twice. She called me a dictator. With a fat wallet. So I asked a friend whether she had heard of an avatar by the name of SaveMe Oh. Two minutes later, I asked the artist to come back and perform. With immense grace and wit – as the dialogue cited above demonstrates – she did so.

What followed was an astonishingly vivid performance, almost visceral at times, which seemed uncannily well suited to Furillen. The sim’s music stream played a full part in the spectacle, as SaveMe Oh acknowledged. Indeed, she seemed to be responding to the music in the way her performance ebbed and flowed.

There were moments of sheer spectacle …incredible colour …unceasing movement …great humour …and – to my eyes, at least – intense melancholy.

I should have known who SaveMe Oh was. But I am pleased that I did not.

I don’t see myself as a dictator …but this was art in situ – on someone else’s terms.

And that – in Second Life, as in first life – is important. It was an experience I will never forget.