Pixelated Hugs, your friend Rage Darkstone!

The person who start ejecting, bomb and disturb me during their CANCER EXPLOITATION EVENT is now using his populist tricks on people he thinks are in bed with SaveMe. (I can understand this makes him green of envy). That the coward has blocked me on Facebook so I cannot read his comments makes him the true knight of freedom. Luckily my comment is not needed anyway as the biggest fools expose themselves, eager as they are for a small spot in my shadow.


Rage Darkstone: Omg, SprayMe Oh was not pissing on anyone. Empty blater SprayMe? You were part of nothing.

Cat C. Boucher: I really don’t know why now an event of mine is part of this whole melodrama ….we all did enjoy it and nothing negative did happen so I don’t understand where the problem is

Rage Darkstone: You will of course try and stay on the side lines. Well you will have to decide. Do you or don’t you support what SaveMe Oh does. If you don’t then ban her from your events. Your pleasure is other’s pain and I think we must, myself included, face up to that. I apologize in advance for putting you in this moral quandary. But, they are not fantasies, even in SL.

Cat C. Boucher: Rage Darkstone. I have to decide and take the responsibility what happens at my place and I think I do …I always try that people feel appreciated and welcome and will not let anyone disturb that special atmosphere..and yes I support SaveMe’s art …. and Rage I did decide long time ago but I won’t do it because someone is forcing me …for this I am the wrong person

Rage Darkstone: I had an opening that I worked long and hard to create, as beautifully as I could, destroyed in a minute by SaveMe Oh.  I am not forcing you to do anything. Just do what your conscience dictates. Good luck.

Cat C. Boucher: Rage Darkstone, I am sorry if SaveMe did destroy your opening

Rage Darkstone: Thank you Cat. You are standing up and being counted and I, for one deeply respect you for that. I owe you an explanation. I guess I believe (maybe naively) that those who aspire to be artists have a very serious responsibility: to act as an inspiration for humanity. It may mean shocking bourgeois morality if it harms others. It certainly does not mean humiliating artists and others who aspire to do well. I can only hope you will see it my way and act upon it freely and accordingly. Sincere hugs, Rage.

Mylene Renoir: Flooding my Facebook with your hate won’t make you feel better, Rage. You should try to deal with it, before it destroys you.

Cat C. Boucher: Rage Darkstone: I stop for animals when I drive, I can handle a motorbike and horses including stallions, I did work for a few years as therapist in a psychiatric hospital and I think I can handle a few aspering artists in SL too without hurting anyone including SaveMe .-)

Clara Mayef: Think about – only 1 minute please …. You lose a lot of time, hating people. Marian Anderson

Rage Darkstone: As I told you off line Clara Mayef, you seem to confuse fighting for justice with hating people. Fighting for justice in SL or RL is the purest form of loving people. Your turn to think about it for the rest of your life. Cat C. Boucher, I will compare my credentials to yours any day and besides, I don’t understand what credentials have to do with this discussion. Your concern for not hurting people is misplaced. SaveMe Oh has hurt people for years. Many people have written me off line how this was the case and the stories are heart breaking. You are hurting people in a very real way by helping people like SaveMe Oh. Your few years as a therapist and psychiatrist should give you an appreciation of how people can be hurt and your responsibility to avoid that hurt.

Mylene Renoir: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The magic formula that proved its effectiveness for ages…

Rage Darkstone: Why don’t you say what you mean instead of hiding behind irony. I would say to you that fighting for justice is the very opposite of hate. It is the purest form of love. I am not flooding your facebook with hate and if you think so then just block me if you have not already done so as a way of ignoring what you should hear, because you are very naive if you think I will stop. Pissing on people with pixel as SaveMe Oh did is a powerful metaphor for disrespect. You said in another post that you thought that Clara Mayef would find it funny to have SaveMe Oh piss on her. Why don’t you give her a chance to express her own opinion?

Mylene Renoir: Hmm, let’s take for a while you point of view, Rage. In other words taking everything happening in SL absolutely seriously… You’re lobbying to get rid of SaveMe. The only way to achieve it is to suppress her avi, you know it very well. If we take SL life seriously, it means “killing SaveMe”. Who would ask someone’s death for protesting in a public event, except a dictator? If this is the justice you are fighting for, I’m happy not to be part of it. I won’t block you. Each comment you make shows to everyone your real face, which I still call hate. Now I stop talking with you. I have much more interesting things to do.

Rage Darkstone: Of course you have more interesting things to do. Most people do when they have nothing to say. In response to you statement, I am killing nobody. I am reporting what I see as violations of Second Life Terms of Service (TOS). Let them decide what, if anything should be done. Stop projecting onto me your fears of what you think could happen. By the way I don’t hate you either. I think you have the mental fortitude to discuss fairly a difference of opinion and to remain good friends. If you don’t, then you are not a friend. Friends tell their friends when they think they are wrong, and that is what you are doing, and I respect you for that part of what you are typing.

Pixelated hugs, your friend Rage Darkstone.

You Are Breaking Legal SL Terms

After Terra Meryhem and Rage Darkstone attacked me at their Cancer exploitation I decide to pay them a visit at the opening of their artsy soft porn exhibition, their other hobby. But again I was not welcome. Red Bikcin start ejecting me, Roxy Gellar thought orbiting was the better cure, Darkness Paine tried the good old mysti-tools cage and then the Diotima ownership came with THE LAWYER! Omg I was trembling and shaking and fear hit me like a deathblow.

Would she think it was offensive I pee on Terra Meryhem??????????


Meli Treves: Que pretendes?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t speak Turkish

Meli Treves: What are you doing? You are spoiling the act.

SaveMe Oh: I am standing here after being trolled by Roxy Gellar

Meli Treves: Stop doing nasty things

SaveMe Oh: Who are you, Franco’s police?

Meli Treves: Red Bikcin has nothing to do with anything. I am one of Diotima’s owners

SaveMe Oh: Who is talking about Red, not me

Meli Treves: And I am a lawyer too!

SaveMe Oh: Wait, I will call my Spanish lawyer too (Sole Jie, where are you, you lazy canary). I have one since I came in SL

Meli Treves: I can fill an abuse report against you

SaveMe Oh: I can do a claim for your abusive behaviour. You are denying me my freedom. So quite a lousy lawyer you are. Are you sure you are not a mafia lawyer?

Meli Treves: You are breaking legal SL terms. Harassing some residents.

SaveMe Oh: Catch Roxy Gellar, she orbited me. You want the files to prove that?

Meli Treves: I don’t know who Roxy Gellar is

SaveMe Oh: One of your guests downstairs who orbited me here

Meli Treves: Act against him, not Red Bikcin

Then the poor lawyer was also orbited by Roxy Gellar

SaveMe Oh: Now she does it to you too. Enough evidence?


Wan Laryukov: You again on the back door !

SaveMe Oh: I am providing those idiots a new hobby as nobody comes for the ugliness of Terra Meryhem and Rage Darkstone.

Wan Laryukov: Ahahaahhah. How can you do that?

SaveMe Oh: By keeping them all busy instead they have to stand there all as stupid zombies.

Wan Laryukov: This work of Rage is not bad. I see worst.

SaveMe Oh: Come on, it would be banned from even the smallest rural community. There they would prefer to hang cowshit on the wall instead of this.

Wan Laryukov: You think ?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. But……everybody needs a hobby. Maybe he hates knitting  or collecting stamps.

Wan Laryukov: I am not so hard criticizing the others.

SaveMe Oh: You asked my opinion.

Wan Laryukov: But I must confess the art panorama in SL is now a shit. Everybody want to be an artist.

SaveMe Oh: Especially among this group of people. They only want to roleplay artist to tag each other on facebook.

Wan Laryukov: One thing I don’t understand why if u hate this people you came?

SaveMe Oh: I only came to have a good piss on Terra as she griefed me lately. And for the drama.

Wan Laryukov: Aahahahahhah

SaveMe Oh: Drama which I consider as the highest level of art. Right now they are hunting me in all the sim. Darkness Paine try to trap me. The landowner is on alert. Another one told me she is a lawyer who will prosecute me. All your friends. And Roxy orbits me all the time

Wan Laryukov: Nice.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, not a boring opening event as usually.

Wan Laryukov: What you know about me or how many friends I have where ?

SaveMe Oh: Nothing, but I love to imagine things.

Wan Laryukov: Dont imagine too much.

SaveMe Oh: I am an artist, I can’t do anything else.

Wan Laryukov: Yes you can do your own art

SaveMe Oh: I do that all day long, don’t worry. This is my art.

Wan Laryukov: Not a very peacefull art

SaveMe Oh: Since when art is peaceful, you hippie? Ask Shakespeare for his peaceful art, or Picasso.

Wan Laryukov: Dont come to teach me about art.

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t speak like a dumbo. I hate when people pretend to be more stupid than they are.

Wan Laryukov: ahahahahah


Tansee: I am finished with my show or my play time.

SaveMe Oh: What a boring event is was, wasn’t it?

Tansee: It’s not a show

SaveMe Oh: With maybe the ugliest art ever on the wall. Poor you.

Tansee: Shhhhhhh, ok well I go now ….I always love you.

The Lethal Spanish Art Critics

Red Bikcin: This woman, SaveMe Oh, does not understand anything. I feel sorry for that! It is not about raising money to fight cancer, but about informing about its dangers, potential to fight against this disease and create hope.


Years ago, SaveMe Oh surprised with her creations, and despite her difficult character and her lack of respect for other artists, her contributions to art came to be esteemed. Unfortunately, the sad repetition of her virtual algorithms, her lack of imagination in shaping new ideas and the lack of elements of assembly in the course of her performances, has made that esteem completely gone, and her image as an artist has deteriorated noticeably in recent times. The abuse of aggressive colors, the boring concatenation of similar elements, the absence of spinning between the musical discourses in which it tries to interfere and its visual speeches, causes the public to accept her painful shows with an absolute disinterest in recent times. It is a real shame that what was a promising artistic career has become a sad disappointment. Someone said that it is necessary to renew or to die. The actions of SaveMe Oh have been born lately dead, so we doubt that it is possible that there may be a possible renewal for them. We invite to the one who was a long time ago a promising artist, that is dedicated to other necessities disassociated with the art. She will win, and above all, will win those who, unwittingly, are forced to endure their boring improvisations.

She reminds me of Franco, who forced to see in theaters a newscast with “his vision” of the present. SaveMe Oh does the same. She imposes her “vision” of art in a totalitarian way, despising the will of others. And the worst thing is that, in addition to creating an unbearable lag where it appears, that vision of art, is completely “demodé”,

Amy Rhodes: It’s very sad to see so many people spit in the face of venue and gallery owners by supporting his open disrespect and hatefulness. I refuse to attend an event that I know she will be at. That goes for Morli, DD, and Echo among others.

Ux Hax: Bravo!!

Mona Byte: You express the feelings of many, Red!

SaveMe Oh: Let see how much. Make a list, no….a petition. KILL SaveMe Oh!!!!!

Red Bikcin: No; we don´t want kill SaveMe Oh. We settle with she leave our lives.

Amy Rhodes: I’d settle for her long term commitment to a psychiatric institution rather than death.

So I decide to pay Red Bikcin a visit to see if she already build me a psychiatric institution

Red Bikcin: SaveMe, Sorry for everything. I would like to be your friend

SaveMe Oh: So be my friend You have offered friendship to Red Bikcin

Red Bikcin: But it is dificult for me. You call me an idiot many times

SaveMe Oh: True friends must be allowed to call each other idiots.

Red Bikcin: And when Extropia of Vola And joss was devastated I lose two installations mines

SaveMe Oh: Better back up next time

Red Bikcin: And you said all there is a bullshit

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea what was there. I never looked but for good drama that doesn’t matter.

Red Bikcin: Yes I had two installations in Extropia Yje Golem and Grey Dreams

SaveMe Oh: Never heard of them nor saw them.

Red Bikcin: Everything came to my inventory in little pieces.

SaveMe Oh: So glue them together. Most of the time you have nothing to do here, se repair it and you have a good time.

Red Bikcin: And you are joking about it.

SaveMe Oh: Joking is the most healthy therapy

Red Bikcin: Not that day for me. I like joking also

SaveMe Oh: Don’t be pathetic, you didn’t lose the Mona Lisa. Just some prims.

Red Bikcin: I am a very good friend of Morlita and I know you and her are also friends

SaveMe Oh: Then listen to her. We love working together.

Red Bikcin: But I repeat you make it very difficult

SaveMe Oh: I like to make things difficult, easy things bore me.

Red Bikcin: Yes I know it is your kind of life, but not mine. I like make happy to the people I love. Not call them idiots every day.

SaveMe Oh: If you believe it or not but yesterday I came to contribute, until Rage start grieving. But most of you refuse to see that. It’s ok, its more easy to have me as an enemy. I dont mind. I can handle that.

Red Bikcin: It was not my sim I was only invited there

SaveMe Oh: Me too.

Red Bikcin: Promise me a thing SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I don’t promise things. I trust people.

Red Bikcin: Well as you want

SaveMe Oh: Ok one promise. I will stay who I am, always. So take it or leave it.

Red Bikcin: But I will stay also as I am

SaveMe Oh: Of course. Nobody is forcing you to change.

SaveMe Oh: You can’t!

Red Bikcin: Yes don´t want to change you either. I only ask for respect.

SaveMe Oh: Respect is one of the words I hate most. Respect for what?

Red Bikcin: I can be very cruel when people hurt me, You know

SaveMe Oh: Cruel, you?

Red Bikcin: If you want war you will have war

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t hurt me. You said stupid things but that’s ok

Red Bikcin: You are here asking for friendship. You came peacefully

SaveMe Oh: But you did not hurt me for one second. I am peaceful. I am not a warrior.

Red Bikcin: Because you know I can hurt you also.

SaveMe Oh: No you can’t

Red Bikcin: You are here searching me, that demonstrates it. with a smile in your face.

SaveMe Oh: Has nothing to do with hurting. I am curious with people who say stupid things.

Red Bikcin: Stop making theatre please. You are a bad actress.

SaveMe Oh: Being an good actress is my biggest achievement

Red Bikcin: Nobody is with you, you know? Nobody loves you. That is very sad.

SaveMe Oh: I guess my friendslist is longer than yours.

And a second later Red Bikcin accepted my friends request. Let’s see if our renewed friendship can survive this post.

The Secondlife Charity Industry – Griefing For Cancer


After the exclusive rights to earn on behalf of ALS were gone to Sniper Siemens (see post under this one), other good secondlife Samaritans thought it would be good to have a big party abusing cancer as teaser for it. Rage Darkstone and Terra Merhyem demand to be tonight the center point of attention and thought cancer would do the trick. And indeed the well dressed avatars appeared in expensive clothing and new mesh avatars, money they didn’t spent on the fight against cancer, to shake their butts in the hope they would be tagged in their facebook pics.

When I tried to add some beauty to the good cause it was not appreciated by Rage Darkstone and Terra Merhyem. Didn’t they bought the exclusive right on cancer tonight? Didn’t they spent money on being the good Samaritans tonight? So it didn’t took them long to bump into me and send shockwaves and bombs to try to eliminate me.

Rage Darkstone: Like the explosions 🙂 Do you like the multicolored mushroom 🙂 Dear all, don’t forget this is a fund raiser for a very important cause — the fight against cancer. Finally something beautiful 🙂

Mona Byte: Rage Darkstone, you are pushing me

Bellavista Eisman: You do me a favor by bombing me. I love the action SaveMe Pufff

Rage Darkstone: Hahaha, griefing the griefer.

SaveMe Oh: You think so? You dont grief me. You only show to the world the ugly things you build. Now everybody knows you can throw bombs, hurray!

Bellavista Eisman: It’s the same as what you offer, a firecracker, do it

SaveMe Oh: Very exiting, those bombs, you learn to do that in hippy class?

Tubal Amiot: Exciting no but funny

Rage Darkstone: I missed something. I thought this was an event for Cancer not for Shave Me Oh

SaveMe Oh: Then why are you disturbing it with you bombs? Or is that chemo therapy?

Rage Darkstone: Its about CANCER, not about the type of light shows you would see in a shitty night club.

SaveMe Oh: Did you buy an exclusive right on cancer, Rage?

Rage Darkstone: If I did I would put it in your brain

SaveMe Oh: And does your ugliness has to raise awareness?

Rage Darkstone: Your head is so far up your ass I can see it come out of your mouth Shave Me

SaveMe Oh: The cancer fund will be very happy with your contributions, such a sympatric guy.

Rage Darkstone: Yes this event was to raise money for Cancer Save Me, you have ruined it.

SaveMe Oh: So why are you griefing it Rage?

Rage Darkstone: Two members of my family died of cancer, you fight fire with fire. Your not even a very good griefer. Keep it up and I will grill your video card.

SaveMe Oh: I am not a griefer and never was, but if you like to be one feel free

Rage Darkstone: You are not a griefer, you are a bad griefer and your art suck

Terra Merhyem: you have the reputation to be a griefer, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Everybody got a clear view tonight what kind of person you are

Rage Darkstone: Yes someone who cares about CANCER. You are so selfish you can’t even see that.

Terra Merhyem: Oh, SaveMe, so far I could see : you are not so much liked in SL

SaveMe Oh: I have the reputation of an artist dear, griefing is throwing bombs like your sweet Rage. But he is free to do so.

Step Portilo: I can solve this problem guys just with click

Rage Darkstone: The exhibits here Save Me are not for you, they are for helping cure CANCER

SaveMe Oh: I won’t forbid somebody acting like a fool. It’s his free choice to be an idiot

Rage Darkstone: Yes so then stop yourself. You demonstrate that with your live

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Another blog on tonights events:

FFL event went from awesome to just another event.

The Secondlife Charity Industry

Secondlife is full of good Samaritans. Picture people 24/7 online on their couch saving the world from out of their living room. They feel extremely blessed, exited, touched when they can raise 200 dollar for a campaign of their choice. That they can save that money in one month by not buying a Secondlife sim or simply cut their internet connection for a few months and send the money directly to the charity doesn’t cross their highly emphatic minds. But anyway, when every little contribution helps, let it be.

The difference occurs when those charity managers turn it into e welfare industry in which it seem more important they expose themselves instead of their cause. To protect this exposure they feel the need to arrange security around their events and put police dolls everywhere to send the message; obey or be banned.

When I attend the Italian ALS charity to participate together with my dear friend Morlita Quan I was banned in 5 minutes by the Italian Mob.

After on facebook the hate of these people continues as they are the holy chosen ones for the good cause and I am the evil intruder.

From the translator machine:

Rubin Mayo: As I told you more than once, SaveMe Oh do not know what is respect: it showed many, many times. Almost always her behavior is “griefing” pure, is pure violence, acts only her going when appropriate, in order not to antagonize those few who still give it straight.

A person so nothing worth, and if it is excluded from the 90% of Second Life, not only by the Italians, is only her fault, if it is tried with her deliquenziale and violent behavior.

If I’ll find myself in front of some event and will hold her usual behavior I’ll start an abuse report for griefing.

And you are a megalomaniac and violent…

You kill the liberty of everyone to live SL in their own way, your behavior is violent and disrespectful, you’re worse than a griefers. Is 80% of people in SL banned you it is only your fault. You are a true dictator: you pretend to impose your unsolicited things to others with violence and oppression.

You are like all ignorant people, when you have no more arguments you are only able to appeal to stereotypes and insults…

You get ban because your behaviour, your violence and your total lack of respect for others.


Mona Byte: This person always disrespects everyone, is violent and malicious … Do not waste your precious time …

Sniper Siemens (what’s in a name?): To me if SaveMe Oh hates Italians I do not give anything … hatred is mutual. You can do whatever you want but do not come to our event and then vilifying on SL and on FB saying we collect money for our own pocket. Last year she came and mocked the people who had lost relatives because of ALS. This it seems a nice person? This is a poor, unlucky that the only way to get noticed is to provoke and shoot on people without even knowing them. The problem are the people who still call it “artist” and also give account. One way would be sent to fuck right away and go.

I never do any selection. always help all those who want to be with me is tranquil..non judge us and I’m not doing bickering sports bar with anyone. But some people with me there sta..ed is lucky that still holds his ancestors …. for now ….

SaveMe Oh, you can write whatever you want but you can not defame people. You do not know me and you can not talk about me with these terms. If you hate Italians I do not care really nothing. You are in SL just to disturb the people. This is not art or protest. You are just a poor girl. The worst are the people who still listen to you. You keep talking without saying anything .. are nothing ….. I’m sorry for you …… maybe.

You’re lucky you still have your avatar ..te and who comes back. But I not too would challenge fate.

And then the lady with the tail joined the discussion.

Nerorhea Supermarine: Try freedom for a change???


SaveMe Oh: Unfortunately Nerorhea Supermarine has been banned from Dress code SaveMe Oh for not obeying the dress code. She choose to add a tail to her outfit and this is not permitted as SaveMe Oh would never wear a tail or rabbit ears. For Harry Potter activities, please call my sister Bryn Oh.

This is why I will end with this offer:

Ignazio Longo or Elena Elena Degni, will you organise the FREE Nerorhea Supermarine event for me to honour this poor creature who got by coincidence the lead in my 10th rezday party. She will be the guest of honour, the VIIP (Very Important Italian Person) and fully rehabilitated, even when she chooses to wear a dumb tail, but that’s her own choice. I was thinking about a 2 or 3 hour event in which every Italian is welcome, even the SNIPER or Rubin Mayonnaise.

Yo Mama Is A Big Fuck

The polite answer of a LEA member on the legitimate question by Josef K., questions on which he never got an answer since 2015

LaPiscean Liberty: Christ, girlfriend, that was June of last yr. Can we get by this.

SaveMe Oh: I am not your girlfriend, christ doesn’t exist, but we can’t be sure anymore that you are not Steve Bannon or Donald Trump

LaPiscean Liberty: If your not my girlfriend. please stay the fuck off my wall then 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Answer the questions you big fuck!

LaPiscean Liberty: Yo mama is a big fuck 🙂


SaveMe Oh: Pity you are so busy blaming Trump and behave yourself as his twin brother.

LaPiscean Liberty: Go lay down somewhere Save, I dont have the time for banter
SaveMe Oh: Pull yourself out of LEA, you liar dictator, after we can talk about laying down.
LaPiscean Liberty: Initiate a full Senate Investigation if you looking for answers, I am really someone else.  Just like you.
SaveMe Oh: My someone else is not a hypocrite like yours.
Below one more time the questions  LaPiscean and others find so hard to answer:

Today I have posted some questions to The LEA Committee using their contact form on the Linden Endowment for the Arts website:


Jay Jay Jegatheva Jegathesan, Joanna Balogh, Fred LaPiscean Walton, Oberon Onmura, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Secret Rage and Solo Mornington

In October 2015 Ziki Questi had a question for Secret Rage in the Second Life “LEA Art Sandbox” group:

Ziki Questi: Secret, where are the beginning dates of terms of committee members posted? I see there is a 2 year term, with a maximum of two terms to be served contiguously.

However, Secret Rage didn’t get a chance to put an answer to that question as Solo Mornington stepped in:

Solo Mornington: Ziki: I’m pretty sure we don’t have that posted anywhere. We really should.

With reference to the exchange of words I have some follow-up questions:

1) How come that information is still not available for the public?

2) A couple of days ago I raised the question in LEA’s ‘LEA Linden Endowment for the Arts’ group on Facebook. How come you chose to eject me from the group instead of answering my question?

3) Despite the maximum 2-term service as described in the LEA Bylaws Jay Jay Jegatheva Jegathesan has so far been a LEA Committee member for 3 terms. What are the arguments for keeping Jay Jay as a committee member overruling the LEA Bylaws?

In June 2015 member of the LEA Committee, Solo Mornington, attacked and griefed an event in my gallery. In November 2015 the LEA Committee held a meeting where Solo’s action was discussed.

1) Which members of the LEA Committee attended that meeting?

2) With reference to the LEA Bylaws section 7.2 what was the arguments for acknowledging Solo Mornington’s attack and griefing as an ethical acceptable act in accordance with the bylaws reflecting the LEA mission?

3) Would the LEA Committee kindly send me a summary of the meeting?

Yours sincerely
– Josef K



What’s going on in the LEA Committee?

Is the LEA Bylaws just words without content?

In the LEA Bylaws it says:

“4.1.1 There will be a maximum of eleven (11) and a minimum of seven (7) Committee Members once the number goes below seven (7) elections will take place.”

– For quite some time there has been less than 7 members in the LEA Committee and yet no election has taken place. Are the LEA Committee members not committed to follow their own bylaws?

In the LEA Bylaws it also says:

“5.1.5 Term for Committee Members shall be 2 years (commencing with the ratification of these bylaws).

5.1.6 Committee Members may serve up to 2 terms.

5.1.7 After 2 terms, Committee Members may be moved to Ex Officio status.”

– So far 3 members of the LEA Committee have exceeded those terms as PatriciaAnne Daviau has been a member of the LEA Committee since at least January 2013 and Jayjay Zifanwe (Jay Jay Jegatheva Jegathesan) and LaPiscean Liberty since at least April 2012. How come they are still a part of the LEA Committee?

– And how come nobody seems to care about LEA Committee members violating the LEA Bylaws?

– And how come Draxtor Despres doesn’t do some critical journalism about the way LEA is run instead of spending time doing “don’t worry, be happy” journalism?

And by the way: Did the LEA Committee remove the LEA Bylaws from their website to cover up what’s going on?

Beyond Anything I Have Ever Seen In Second Life


Kandinsky Beaumont: For ten years she has spoken her artistic language in Second Life and never given up up her standpoint. Loved and followed but also banned and hated. The only artist in Second Life that for real have challenged the forces that will put rules and limits to art.
Thanks to SaveMe Oh, and the musicians everybody who took part in arranging the feast.


Josef K: SaveMe Oh celebrated her 10th rezday with a performance beyond anything I have ever seen in Second Life. And EchoStarship, Deceptions Digital, Yadleen and A Limb (Mylene Renoir) provided the soundtrack with original music created especially for the occasion. It was an out of this world experience.


Josef K: In only 3 hours all the SaveMe Ohs present made the traffic counter go to blasting 3644



When SaveMe Pissed On My Avatar That Was The End

What happens after SaveMe Oh is banned???


Dawn Brunswick: Anyone else want to get banned then i suggest you take your toys somewhere else

Deceptions Digital: Here is Trump land

Josef K: So sad you banned SaveMe … We actually came to see the performance by Echo and SaveMe

Glasz DeCuir: Such a pity 😦 SaveMe banned

Yar Man: We couldnt see anythin with all her poofers that shits for sandboxes

Roxy Gellar: No loss whatsoever. This is a beautiful venue.

Dawn Brunswick: Well i’m sorry but if they want to act like 3yr olds, they’re not allowed here

Obi1KNoobie: Yes DD your right, Trump land sadly.

Roxy Gellar: SaveMe is a griefer

Josef K: It was actually a great visual performance that worked well with Echo’s music …. just as always when they perform together

Roxy Gellar: She’s just a griefer

Echo Starship: Geeze i play ambient and everyone is fighting.

Roxy Gellar: She griefs at shows and some people support her griefing

Obi1KNoobie: we don’t need a police

Roxy Gellar: Then run your own venues. You can rent space for SaveMe

Dawn Brunswick: That isn’t art, filling a sim with bullshit

Obi1KNoobie: Would be nice to ask people here for a vote. You killed champagne to give us soda?

Josef K: well, come Thursday and SaveMe will celebrate her 10th rezday at my place with DD, Yadleen and other musicians … and visuals beyond your imagination … you are all welcome to be there

Roxy Gellar: Ya… I think I’m busy that day, root canal or something enjoyable in comparison

Obi1KNoobie: An ejection that become a performance itself ^^

Josef K: Some people here don’t like avantgardistic art

Roxy Gellar: Some people don’t like SaveMe trashing a venue

Glasz DeCuir: You came like Trump to put borders

Kandinsky Beaumont: Haha Glasz

Roxy Gellar: Glasz, go cry on Josef’s shoulder all you like

Glasz DeCuir: With pleasure, has a nice shoulder 😉

Kandinsky Beaumont: Noone of us who like Save is crying

Roxy Gellar: Groovy, then maybe you’ll shut the fuck up

Kandinsky Beaumont: On the contrary

Roxy Gellar: I wasn’t the one who asked the venue owner to ban SaveMe Griefer

Yar Man: Roxy didnt start it. we asked SaveMe to politely stop the visuals.

Syden Udein: This place has a right

Roxy Gellar: Just ask around SaveMe is banned from many regions and venues. She makes a blog about it and laughs about hurting people

Josef K: Drama keeps Second Life alive

Roxy Gellar: She targeted me for a long time and still does. I was going to close my stages anyway but when SaveMe pissed on my avatar that was the end

Miko Mim: If you keep contributing to paying attention to something you don’t like…it remains visible yeah? So why not drop the talk about her and just enjoy Echo Starship?

Bejiita Imako: I like the light effects she does anyway at least the ones i ve seen at the sets before

Roxy Gellar: And that’s why I closed my venue. People who dont tip who didnt respect my costs. And they would have been welcome regardless except if they support SaveMe’s insults

You Came As 3 People

Aruba DeCuir: OMG

SaveMe Oh: Still in the flat things on virtual walls business?

Aruba DeCuir: You are still in the being rude busíness?

SaveMe Oh: You improved on the frames

Aruba DeCuir: Unfortunately the owner is not here to ban you

SaveMe Oh: You might be lucky, the owner is close by

Aruba DeCuir: Why do you ruin all for everyone? Why?

SaveMe Oh: Now what did I ruin?

Aruba DeCuir: My show, my pleasure

SaveMe Oh: You start with talking about ban etc.

Aruba DeCuir: What group did ýou see this in?

SaveMe Oh: LEA

Aruba DeCuir: You very well know you are not welcome to or at anything I do

Aruba DeCuir: I am in no LEA group!

SaveMe Oh: And you very well know I don’t care if I am welcome or not and I am not in a LEA group either, was a joke

Aruba DeCuir: AR has been sent to LL – for harassment

SaveMe Oh: You harassing me or the other way around?

Aruba DeCuir: Make a guess

SaveMe Oh: You harassing me

Aruba DeCuir: Just do not show up at things I do! I did NOT invite you.

SaveMe Oh: I decide as a free woman were I go and you invited me, you invite me in a group

Aruba DeCuir: And I ask what group?

SaveMe Oh: You send a group invitation and I came, as the only person. You better be grateful

Aruba DeCuir: Because you look for a place you can make trouble, no – I am not happy, you have pestered my SL for years!

SaveMe Oh: Now what trouble I am making? I can’t help I have a strong bullshit sensor

Aruba DeCuir: You came as 3 people. Next you degrade my work.

SaveMe Oh: Be glad, looks like your place is crowded with 3 people.

Aruba DeCuir: you are NOT welcome


When She Appear Like Me She Is Still Welcome

Roxy Gellar doesn’t seem to love my idea for my 10th rezday. Only avatars looking like me, SaveMe Oh are welcome on the 23rd.

Roxy Gellar: Really!?! Really? The cunt that made a career out of demanding that her griefing be considered art and that anyone who banned her was beneath contempt is banning people.

I was closing my series of venues regardless. But the level of insult and disruption she was presenting while I tried to find middle ground with it was way beyond anything I should have had to put up with.

More so it was the indifference of “friends” both in the audience and on stage that was the final straw. I should pay $30.00 and more a month for rent, plus building expenses, plus donations to performers, plus time spent advertising so that they can support, in their silence, this thing. When SaveMe insulted me while they benefited from my efforts and expense up to and including pissing on me? I don’t think so. I haven’t felt the same toward MorlitaM and DeceptionDigital (and several in the clique) since that event.

Their indifference frankly made me regret every (undeserved) penny they received from me and the time I dedicated toward providing them a variety of stages. I’ll never bother again. Let someone else carry the expense.

I know this commentary will only be further comedic material for some of the most cruel people I have ever tolerated in my life. So be it.