Fart Es Digital, Digital Es Fart

On the 27th of September 2016 I received this e-mail from my notorious Spanish “curator” Aino Baar, someone who contacted me a few times over the years but never provided anything else than a constant flow of websites, groups and reports about her own greatness.

This time the poor thing was again in great PANIC…..

Hello SaveMe,

Nice to contact you again. As you know from years ago, I am interested in your films and I would like to have exhibit at a museum. Excuse me please for the fast times. We are going to do an exhibition in a very interesting museum and occasion. A special one. The exhibition will start on 29th September 2016. There will be press, of course, and I will post the info at the web, and then the artists can take a look 🙂 Many thanks for your nice willings and nice words.

What she wants? These movies:



As I am an extremely kind person I send her the movies.

Her answer came the next day:

SaveMe, I told you to excuse me for the fast times. I was near a heart attack. The Murphy’s law was active 100%. Again, sorry and thanks a lot for the videos. I have an idea. Due the great success we had yesterday, the museum told me that they are going to try to find the way to extend the exhibition. I think you are a great artist when you do videos or your world-installations-environments. I think you will like to be one of the artists that will do history with the new art: “Arte es Digital. Digital es arte”, the TOTAL ART (holistic, immersive, interactive, smell, senses, etc). If you send us an OAR of of your best installations interactive, etc, (art for all audiences) we will provide you a whole sim and you will be part of this pioneering experience in the museum MVM. Let me know please.

Here it is the information of the museum and event. I am sure you, specially, will love it.


And then we have to read again everything about her…….

To introduce myself in RL: I am the founder and CEO of Open This End [OTE], an international artistic and cultural organization, non-profit, dedicated to research, the development and exhibition of content generated with new technologies. Following objectives of “Open Culture” we open this knowledge to professionals, students and the public in general and, in time, develop research tools that open new fields of interest and innovation in different areas and disciplines.

We are interested in showing the ability and artistic quality of new artists with new media and technologies, such as the interactive art, installations, mappings, virtual world, the metaverse, the animated CGI creation, animation … We work to make visible and respected these art works and to show them at artistic fields such as international museums and art centers. As always in Open Culture to reach the more people, we are working nonprofit, philanthropic. Open This End, works then nonprofit to help artists and new art. We want to be free to show the best art exhibitions at the international museums.

We have been selected for several international events as the World Expo (Award Best Urban Practices) and Biennials.

Now, we are going to show videos (art videos, actions, installations, mappings, etc. CGI and machinimas) and some artists environments (sims) videogames and also Metaverse Art. The 1º exhibition will begin the 29th September 2016. Each day we will have several exhibitions in different hours with different audience and public. Before the exhibition we will have conferences and round tables in the university about the artists of the exhibition.

These exhibitions are a very special and unique occasion: to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the museum we are invited to.


The museum is wonderful one and the event an occasion unique. We are very proud and happy. It’s a legendary one and in its 40º anniversary.

It is called:

MVM (Museum (Wolf) Vostell Malpartida)

The MVM is the KINGDOM and BIRTH of FLUXUS art, but of course the artists that exhibit there are not necessary related with Fluxus, but yes with vanguard.

On Facebook people start to worry as there was promised a lot but delivered nearly nothing.

Pepa Cometa:Tell us a bit more about it 🙂

SaveMe Oh:  I can tell you…she sends you an email one day before the opening and says its urgent.

Erythro Asimov: You made me laugh 🙂

Pepa Cometa:  So you are at the museum! 🙂

SaveMe Oh:  Depends how quick she is. Sometimes organisers focus too much on the bubbles of their champagne instead of communication. So we will wait patiently.

Pepa Cometa: SaveMe Oh . You are. 🙂 Congrats

SaveMe Oh:  Am I?

Pepa Cometa: If she called you the day before , I guess you are

SaveMe Oh:  Maybe she needed to be saved….by SaveMe Oh .

Pepa Cometa: Are you happy? 🙂

SaveMe Oh:  The question is if they are happy.

Iono Allen: Well, at least, when you push someone at the last moment (the day before the opening), to upload 3 videos for your exhibition, be so kind, polite and respectful to download them… even though you decide afterwards to not use them…

Pepa Cometa: Is there any new public information about the artwork that is exhibiting there and the artists? I’m surprised I can’t find that information even on the website of the museum…. In that case, how could be people attracted to visit the exhibition? . That tells a lot about the museum, it doesn’t look serious at all , neither interested of promoting the artists… I was preparing a trip to visit it but even I couldn’t find the schedule and the contents of the exhibition. I really hope it will be published when finished on the website and media with images and explanations, which would be the normal thing…

Sina Souza: To promote the artists in RL seems to be not very widespread. i speak from personal experience.

Selavy Oh:  And where are the names of the artists?


Aino Baar: The opening was a GREAT SUCCESS



Aino Baar: An OTE member team is going to do you an interview, SaveMe. We want to send to the professionals to the press and public as much and detailed information as possible. Thanks a lot. I will send you today a resume of the opening.  A great success!!! CONGRATULATIONS.

Hugs, Aino Baar

Is this a hug or again the kiss of the spiderwoman?

I have a big deja-vu, read here what happend in 2014!!!!



SaveMe Oh: So the people saw my movies?
Aino Baar: No, sorry. We decided to not show them. Anyway, thanks for the sending. Best
SaveMe Oh: When will be the interview and my entrance in the rangs of most important artists of all time?

Hear, Hear!!!

Sometimes I feel I am the only voice in the wilderness but with christmas getting close my poor heart was warmed with the following comments in a discussion I had inside the OPEN THIS END group on Facebook. It all started when they began to promote the Transcending Borders Challenge from UWA (University of Western Australia) where they, instead of transcending borders, choose to censor a movie of Nicole X which had religious content.


Challenge UWA censor Jayjay Zifanwe to transcend his borders

I wrote: Its shocking to see that even here UWA is promoted. These people are killing art. Keep on sleeping, all you organisers who want to lift on the popularity and the work of artists

Coffee Art:  I think SaveMe Oh is right in one point It’s fine to help artists, yes, but the way it’s done is also very important. We are going to speak frankly. What is improvable? It’s fundamental that Linden, LEA, and UWA change, urgently, some very important things. -For example, the way LEA grants sims, and also the way they select artists for exhibits, their selection of commissioners, the composition of judges, and the most important thing: the people that form the deciding committee, that is, the members of LEA.
– At this time, and for years, the reality is that all this responsibility, that is in part the future of the virtual world, is in the hands of people that know absolutely nothing about art. Or anything about the real and the virtual.
– At this time, and for years, those who have made decisions in the virtual world, the members of LEA, for example, (except two very stand-out exceptions), the rest of the LEA members are amateurs or
fans of the art world, who like art, but they like the protagonism that they have in the virtual world even more. A protagonism that they do not reach, not even close, in the real world. The egos of these ignorant fans of art is what is trending in the virtual world.
-They are just fans, with the least amount of cultural preparation, and no artistic preparation, that are deciding the future of impressive vanguard artists, very serious and committed creators. These
incompetent LEA fans decide, because Linden lets them, as do we with our passivity, what is or isn’t artistic quality, the artists that deserve to be on exhibit or not. They are leading LEA and influencing everyone else. These amateurs decide who will or will not
exhibit in the Linden sims, in LEA. They decide who will do the exhibits and who the best artists are. And since they do not have a cultural or artistic base, the selection criteria is based on their personal preference, which is that of a practically uneducated mediocre fan. They decide, though lacking knowledge and artistic criteria, based on affinity and friendship, generating an unsightly and poisoned dictatorship around them.
– These amateurs are killing the essence of virtual art. These fans that totally lack knowledge about virtual art and art in general are those that lead LEA and those that decide on the lists and the future of the artists. As their criteria is subjective, according to who they like as a person, their power brings them to making a dictatorial third-world policy of favoritism, an oligopoly, with incompetent decisions, and so, they are surrounded by an entourage of lame-asses that try to be the selected.
– This situation is what constitutes Nepotism. If you don’t walk on water for these 4 fans that lead the LEA, and we all know who they are, and that they don’t know the first thing about art, you don’t have the possibility of exhibiting because they are not going to choose you or promote you.
– This is just a shame, something that needs to be changed urgently, out of respect for artists, for those that are actually art professionals, out of respect for virtual art and because it is an invasion of competence and an attack on those that are true professionals and that know art.
-Professional infiltration is a total lack of respect for artists, for commissioners, and for spectators, but, in addition, it is grave law fraud when a person who is not a professional is made to pass as a professional and carry out functions and take on responsibilities and decisions as if he or she was; in fact, in the real world, it is so serious that it constitutes an important crime. In addition, just for effectiveness, it is evident that the results of a bad amateur selection are necessarily poor and affect everyone. For the well-being of art and artists, it is necessary and urgent that we change all of this. This is what we urge LEA, Linden, and UWA, for example, to change; urgent.

Aino Baar: Coffee Art, (which is the alt of Aino Baar) Dear colleague, you always send high passion in your words but I totally agree you in the background. All of you know that I agree with the idea to change the composition of LEA, also the juries of the challenges, etc. The members who decide they have to be, “must be”, excellent art professionals. If we think, as we believe, that Virtual Worlds and the creators are great, serious and they are changing the world of art, we all need to present great professionals in front of all that. We don’t need the opposite, people-fans, aficionados, playing to be important in virtual worlds with no idea of art. This is not a joke, nor a play. This is something real important: the new art of the century and these excellent artists are the protagonists of the change. They deserve highest quality, hard work and seriousness.

Arte Art: LEA (Linden Endowment of Arts) was created by Linden Labs to promote and develop the virtual art and to serve for the best to artists. At the begining, and as an abstract idea, LEA is an initiative of Linden which is brilliant, philanthropic, generous, respectful, and a fantastic future art project. It would change the art of this century. And will do it soon when changes LEA’s actual members committee.

And you, LEA’s committee members, what have you done with that magnificent goal and responsibility that Linden gave to you, that Linden did with their best intentions, and put the responsibility to develop it on your hands?
It has been alleged that some of you have prostituted this amazing and noble spirit putting people as member, to decide, that have no cultural base, nor artistic. Their specialization in RL is, for example, to be professional cabinet divination. You know the people, you know the names we are talking about. Btw, are committing fraud.

Some of you have sunk, so unethically, using LEA for your own interests.
Some of you have become LEA a platform for your personal power, with direct or indirect benefits.

Some of you have used the blackmail, threats, pressure, extortion, to achieve your purposes and personal benefits.

Some of you you knew it, but you preferred to look to the other way; it was easier and more comfortable to not get into troubles.

Some of you knew that they were committing injustices, you have letters denouncing all that, knowing that this cronyism and abuse of power was the day by day, and you, LEA, did nothing. It was easier to think all that wasn’t true.

LEA, you have betrayed the spirit of high-mindedness and generosity of Linden Labs and the confidence of all artists and art lovers. Linden created a wonder thing in the beginning, but you LEA have become it into banana trash project, bad taste and no quality.

Now, LEA is a land without law, or the unique used is something similar to mafia’s law. If you friend or if you give something interesting… you’d have opportunities at this land. A total disgrace.

You LEA have squandered so many great opportunities … You are like Atila’s horse, where it spend, no longer growing creative grass. What a shame!

For everyone’s sake, for the sake of SL, for the sake of Linden, they absolutely don’t deserve all this. For the sake of artists and for the sake of art, they also don’t deserve all this garbage, we ask Gift Christmas:

This Is Confidential Said The NSA (OTE)

First I was asked in confidence a year ago by OPEN THIS END to be a curator in a RL museum exhibition:

Aino Baar: Would you like to be one of the curators for the museum exhibition?

SaveMe Oh: Explain more please

Aino Baar: I think you represent a different point of view and your art and the artists you like to select could be very interesting way of digital art.

But soon it turned out that my “different point of view” was more a trick to get in contact with a certain acquaintance of me who makes movies once in a while. This became even more evident when a concept I send was reworked in something completely different.

Second I was last week confidential asked by OPEN THIS END if I would like to exhibit in the same RL museum:

Aino Baar: Do you want to be exhibit at the museum?

SaveMe Oh: yes, of course

And in confidence I also heard that they tried to get a LEA sim but were turned down.

Aino Baar: We have to do different programs to capture public if we finally can get some sims, because we have no one

SaveMe Oh: Steal some LEA ones, they have sims enough

Aino Baar: We did it but you have seen the result, no one for our project

SaveMe Oh: Hope you didn’t mention me, then you have no chance at all

Aino Baar: They said some artists won the sims. We presented the project and a list of our selected artists and yes, you were there in the list.

SaveMe Oh: OMG!!!! How dumb can you be? They hate me.

SaveMe Oh: Because they are the representatives of the old system they have no clue about the virtual world. They think they have to hire RL painters and sculptures who can glue some prims together. Sad but true.

Aino Baar: But I will never give up and I continue asking them for sims. We really need them for the performances and live events.

SaveMe Oh: Wrong, you don’t need them at all for performances. SL gives us the ability to WEAR. I can perform wherever I want. Even you don’t understand this. How loud I scream, nobody seems to get it and stays staring at SIMS

Aino Baar: Because the prims needed

SaveMe Oh: You wear the prims dear, sigh. I can WEAR a sim. When you see Fuschias movie…I wear everything. I can do that at your home too or in your toilet or kitchen. Virtual, I mean.

Aino Baar: Yes yes I guess 🙂 Well I will give them a chance to think right

SaveMe Oh: I will kill them in the mean time

Aino Baar: I am sure they don’t understand a word about what means and the consequences to exhibit at a real life museum (maybe more than one) for months and with an online exhibition too

SaveMe Oh: Not at all

Aino Baar: jajajajaa noo pls I need them to give us the sims

SaveMe Oh: They are wannabe curators, wannabe artists and wannabe art critics. It’s truly a disgrace.

Aino Baar: Yes and I am trying to explain all the benefits for SL, for artists, and even for LEA

SaveMe Oh: That’s the work of visionaries, the work lying ahead of us

Aino Baar: I thought it were evident…

SaveMe Oh: They don’t know what future they are holding in their hands and they might kill it before it got alive

Aino Baar: I couldn’t believe when they said us a no. No to do a real life exhibition with SL artists? At a museum? For months? With an online exhibition on parallel?

SaveMe Oh: The narrow-minded are ruling there. I fight them already all my SL. They are more interested in the status of their avatar than in art

Aino Baar: Because the answer is nonsense I am sure they will change their opinion with patience and emails and explanations and more patience and more. They said no and they didn’t give us no one sim of the 20 they had.

SaveMe Oh: Any explanation?

Aino Baar: only :no

SaveMe Oh: They are really the dictators of SL

Aino Baar: But I am trying to convince them with many explanations

SaveMe Oh: Did you also request directly to the LINDEN?

Aino Baar: Not yet. I am waiting for LEA answer. I will tell you the news as soon as possible

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and now go quick add one of my movies to your page, you may choose

Aino Baar: But please all that chat and info as you can easily understand is totally confidential.

SaveMe Oh: Of course, you know I am almost mother Teresa

Aino Baar: you know we work for free only to help artists and art. We are art professionals and we are working here without gaining a single euro

SaveMe Oh: And you know I fight those bastards who are in our way already 7 years for free

Third I was asked a few days later in confidence by OPEN THIS END some information:

Hello SaveMe,

Just one short and absolutely confidential question please: We would like to know all the information you can give us about Quan Lavender in SL and RL.

We think she is really very toxic for SL and for artists and art.

But we need information.

Thanks and hugs!


This was for me the limit. I like to be part of virtual art but not in this way. I have my issues with Quan Lavender and her monstrous horsedicks, I hate it when somebody like her with no quality at all is a LEA member and misuses her power to ban people and obstruct art, and I do know who she is in RL but I will never share that with others as that is up to her if she wants to share that to the world.

If you need a spy, go find somebody else or ask one of my alts.

Is Ricky Or Aino Tutsy’s Narcissus? Vote Now!

After I saw that Tutsy Navarathna movie Narcissus won a prize on some machinima festival I did my best to watch it. Something I normally don’t do as I only watch my own stuff. But as he is a friend I decide to be a good girl. But it was so bad I even cannot put a link here as it would interfere with the good taste of my blog. Of course I congratulate my good friend Tutsy with his prize money for such a bullshit but his groupies didn’t like my opinions that much.

JayJay Zifanwe: Be a good girl SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: A good girl tells honest her opinion. I like some of his movies, this one I can’t watch. The awful reflections, the silly camera moves through vegetation and the pretentious links with mythology which should give it a “deeper” meaning are pure kitsch. You would also laugh when I was saying Donald Duck was one of the survivors of Noah’s Ark. And you would laugh even louder when I would have told you that ark once stranded on the roof of the UWA dick tower. Actually this all is too sad for words. It’s a disgrace.

Aino Baar: Tell me please SaveMe in clear what is the pretentious kitsch? And what is the disgrace? Maybe I can explain you better

Ricky Grove: Thank you, Aino. Tutsy is one of my favourite filmmakers. Anything he does is of interest to me.

Aino Baar: I agree with you Ricky Grove. I think Tutsy Navarathna has a knack for filming, a creative flair and an aesthetics linking the western and eastern philosophy in complete harmony developed with his great personality. He has created the “Tutsy” style and, as always happens, someone may be passionate about his films and others may be not. Because it will depend on personal feelings and tastes and criteria of each one, but all those who think one way and those who think another, must acknowledge Tutsi’s capacity generating his own artistic language made with art, intelligence, structured, with detail, coherent, with quality, recognizable and with a touch of mystery and an atmosphere of solitude. And all that in the world of art defines an excellent artist. By the way he is also an excellent person and a very good friend.

SaveMe Oh:  It’s a disgrace for machinima this wins an award.  But Ricky Grove says I shouldn’t discuss it.

Cat Shilova: I like Tutsy, too, but this machinima is far to be my favourite among his work. But I will tell him personally why, if he wants to, of course. *Winks to Tutsy*

SaveMe Oh: And to review it better I even tried to watch it a second time, something I almost never do with work that is not mine.

Aino Baar: SaveMe, I think that to win an award with a machinima in a machinima contest cannot be a disgrace, because is the normal thing that could happen. Referring to the mythological world, taking it as a narrative excuse in this case, it is not at all a banal and pretentious fact. In my opinion, what Tutsy qualifies very well is his intention to contextualize and update the classic model, transcending it.

SaveMe Oh: Taking a mythological world as inspiration for the narrative is not the crime, but to work it out in such an awful way is. I think his only intention was to show some tits without anybody calling it porn. When he wants to show again some tits in his movies he better ask me as mine have not those mythological and pretentious proportions.

Aino Baar: I think that only those who are extremely innocent or the opposite: those who are extremely evil can become aware of the nakedness of an avatar in this machinima. The physical attractiveness is not the subject but the issues affecting the “ME” and the problem of transmitting feelings of loneliness and desolation. The paradox of complying with the model. I think the problem is not to show a nude in a film or machinima, but anyone thinking that this is something important. A Tutsy machinima with SaveMe Oh drops-suggestions? That would be worth seeing, definitely!

SaveMe Oh: After this machinima I definitely think I have to save him because more of this shit I can’t stand. He was so talented once.

Aino Baar: He was, he IS and he will be an extremely talented filmmaker, forever. Maybe with your suggestions he can do even more wonderful things, or to be more inspired, or to be himself definitely mad, who knows? )

SaveMe Oh: When people like you would not like every fart from people you think are good for business we could have a decent conversation about art.

Some seconds later I was kicked out of the machinima group on FB. Ricky Grove and Jayjay Zifanwe are not the type of people who like opinions.


Ricky Grove:  Ah, no, I removed SaveMe Oh from the group because her comments are inappropriate and unreasonable. We welcome constructive criticism, but calling an award winner a “disgrace” is not helpful or informative in our machinima group. SaveMe Oh has a reputation for public threats and hostile remarks. She is certainly free to express her opinion on her own blog or website. But this kind of attention-getting behavior will not be tolerated either at the Expo or on the Machinima Expo group. Public threats are not tolerated End of story

Kandinsky Beaumont: All these persons, generally men, always saying “End of Story” after they decided something stupid. Don´t they know that the story will go on? And that they will be left behind in their little attitude-End of Story-capsule?

Cat Shilova: this sounds to me just like another God’s behavior…. To Mr Ricky Grove. : I rather have the feeling that SaveMe Oh simply expressed an opinion which was not yours. And therefore was banned for being not politically correct. To have a personal opinion is not hostile and not a threat. It’s just to have an opinion, and if this opinion happens to slip out of the consensus, it is still worth to be heard and respected. I like much of Tutsy’s machinimas, but I am not going to like a machinima just because it was made by – in this case Tutsy – or any other famous machinima makers. I confess and admit that I dont like this machinima either and it’s my right as well as SaveMe’s or anybody else. This is called freedom of opinion…. If there is something which I generally detest in sl as in rl is “awwww… if this famous guy made it, then it has to be excellent, whatever it is…”.

Rose Borchovski: Mr Ricky Grove childish behaviour sounds like the machinima police: using words like: ‘not tolerated’. Not tolerated by whom, if I may ask? A reputation is never a good enough reason to bann. It probably means that mr Grove is very scared off anyone who does not agree with him! And I’m pretty sure that Tutsy Navarathna does not need mr Ricky Grove policing. Tutsy’s love for and talent to create machinimas and his capability of seeing matters in perspective are never hurt or in danger by any criticism.

Bob Black: omg…i just sat through the entire 9 minutes Narcisse….ummmmm, that’s machinima making at its most challenging?…seriously??……i hope it gets more interesting that all that faux-mythological rot and the dude need’s an editor for his voice-over text….dude, should study or at least take a look at derek jarman, who did a lot more about sexuality and transformation and mythology and had a sense of humor…..my vote goes with saverina on this one….much more interesting contemporary take on Tiresias, in Modern England, without the pitiful ‘perfect’ looking avatars.

BTW: This picture of me Tutsy has on his wall in Poncycherry, that must say enough!

Dog in the bedroom

Mama, Mama, They Deleted My Facebook Account

In the light of recent events (see my posts about monstrous dicks and corrupted LEA sims) I could notice a higher level of attacks to prevent me from using my freedom of speech. Warnings, threats, secret service activities and pressure on my friends to dump me or change my mind give a perfect picture how the narrow-minded rulers inside SL think they have to imitated the Vladimir Putin’s and Barack Obama’s of this world. I already made an escape plan to the Embassy of Ecuador, just in case. (Although I hate that I have to eat fried squirrels).

After some warnings from facebook today I found for the third time in some years an account deleted. What a relief. I hate so much to have to do the cleaning of my friends list every year, and this does it with one click from some idiot somewhere.

Unfortunately the spy activity led to more victims. Something I have nothing to do with but I will never be believed as they prefer to shuffle all the guilt to SaveMe Oh than look themselves in a mirror.

Apmel Meerson: Quan.. are you banned from Facebook? I noticed I couldn´t reach SaveMe Oh’s notices..and when I search you..not you either

Quan Lavender: Yes, obviously another game of this asshole

Apmel Meerson: Omg, I was hoping it was a mistake

Quan Lavender: I don’t think so. The account is deleted. I had to confirm with passport. But of course I can’t

Quan Lavender: I have a RL account too and when I see all the HUGE ASSHOLES in SL I am more that glad that nobody knows who I am.

Quan Lavender: Btw, thank you that you encouraged Save to blog this

Apmel Meerson: hehe

Quan Lavender: I hope she will do that to you too

Apmel Meerson: nobody can touch me..not even SaveMe

Quan Lavender: A good position to hurt others, concrats

Just wait...

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello, I just had an offline message from Rose and sent her this: Hello Rose, I have nothing to do with SaveMe’s FB account, in fact I did not know she had such a problem until you told me. Once again my intention is not to start a campaign against her (like the person from Nordan in the past). (Flora Nordenskiold and Josina Burgess)

SaveMe Oh: Not a campaign? By banning half secondlife from LEA 20 in an attempt to keep me away, or to ask Quan Lavender to ban me from the region? Looks to me like an organised systematic campaign.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Well think what you want, I did ban you from lea 20 and told Quan you were standing with big attachements in the next sim. I don’t want to do more and will not.

SaveMe Oh: You will delete all the bans and will not censor my freedom of expression as an artist, that is what you will do or all your words are fake

SaveMe Oh: I will check in one hour……ok two hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: Just the freedom to annoy people, I will not unban you from the sim. We simply could not work with you around.

SaveMe Oh: Then your words are fake. Thank you for clearing that out. I already had that impression

SaveMe Oh: Now please dont contact me anymore unless its to tell me you respect every artist right to express herself. You can also kick somebody out for one day

Eupalinos Ugajin: I don’t care about your “impression” in fact, this im has only one purpose: I have nothing to do with this FB removal and no intention of starting a “campaign” against you.

SaveMe Oh: No but who knows your boss does. Stay close to yourself. Unban me. The work you had to do is done now so that can not be the problem.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I like the way you play with prims in SL not the way you insult people.

SaveMe Oh: I dont care what you like or not

Eupalinos Ugajin: No this project is ongoing with more builds and changes

SaveMe Oh: I want my freedom

Eupalinos Ugajin: You are not in jail

SaveMe Oh: Thats for me to judge, you have no idea what your kind of people create. The day you can do without ban and banlines we talk again. Now you are just a policeman with a mask.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Same for you I would say, you have no idea how your are agressive towards people thinking you are more wise or something.

SaveMe Oh: I am who I am

Eupalinos Ugajin: haha

Eupalinos Ugajin: I guess everyone is

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not everybody is a camp commander disguised as artist

Eupalinos Ugajin: I will not “react” to camp commander, police, “artist” or other very subtle arguments you will use. A few line above are the reasons I banned you: simple

SaveMe Oh: How long is your banlist is LEA 20 in an attempt to hit me?

SaveMe Oh: 20, 30 avatars?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Have a good evening and I a sorry for your problem with FB

SaveMe Oh: Stand for what you do.I will check in 2 hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: I answered to this hmm… ultimatum above already

Eupalinos Ugajin: See you later

SaveMe Oh: Then go back to guard your borders

Secret wedding preparations 1

Aino Baar: Hello Saverina, Are you already married? I thought we will celebrate the wedding in the museum!

SaveMe Oh: my FB account was deleted due to actions of my enemies so I had to take this step

Aino Baar: Congrats by the way. They deleted your account in FB?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, for the 3th time

Aino Baar: Is that possible?

SaveMe Oh: Happens all the time

Aino Baar: Have you tell FB that? They have to protect you

SaveMe Oh: I dont talk with idiots

Aino Baar: then you have hackers as enemies

SaveMe Oh: A corrupt system has to protect me? Dont be naive. When I tell FB Aino Baar is a fake account, watch what happens.

Aino Baar: Hope you dont do that

SaveMe Oh: Never, I am an artist, not a KGB agent

Aino Baar: Because i am not fake, i am a real avatar

SaveMe Oh: But some people would love I would not exist

Aino Baar: Yes i know perfectly: I recieved some messages saying that if I dont delete you from the group they will leave it and it’s not only one. I told them that I am so sorry for them but I will never delete no one, nor SaveMe! And they left the group. Its ok. I am not going to accept pressures or blackmails from anyone. For me you are an artist and an excellent one btw.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same attitude. In SL people also threat simowners to leave when they work with me. And a lot have no backbone.

Aino Baar: It is a no sense. SaveMe,it is clear that you awake all type of passions, you do not leave anyone indifferent. Well, let me know if I can do something for you, if I can help you somehow.

SaveMe Oh: I trigger emotion, what else a dramaqueen can ask for?

Aino Baar: lol lol yes! You are right. When people said me that you are a terrorist and the things you do are not art, so, I had to delete you from the group. I said that they maybe dont know the Viennese Actionism. I think some people hates you because they dont know art history

SaveMe Oh: They are not into art but into conquering land and ego

Aino Baar: I think most of the people get scared to what they do not know and do not understand, and react against what hating unknown. So, I think that those who hate you is because they don’t know anything about contemporary art history. They think are personal things no art actions.

After completing this post I checked if Eupa already lift the ban but this pseudo artist prefer to continue as undercover camp commander.