LEA’s Microwave

If you also have some leftover’s that are almost growing funghi, send it over to LEA as they are pleased to warm up your dead, long forgotten stuff. At least my darling Rose is admitting her two fish are dead now.


So if you want to do the same documentary again about Igor Ballyhoo scissors, the nipples of Rose Borchovski’s Susas, the cactus of Maya Paris or be present at the return of the dearly missed Cherry Manga or Aristide Depression, grab your camera and produce the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction. And it will not take long before Eupalinos Ugajin, Jo Ellsmere, Alpha Auer, Mikati Slade and Bryn Oh will also discover some old shit in their fridge that exceeded its expiration date but they love to warm up for you again.


Hurry up before it is too late……..


There Is No Opening Here!


Somebody licks LEA’s ass, gets a sim, dumps a bridge there and asks 4 wannabe artists (my dear friends Simontron Aquila, Maya Paris, Mikati Slate, Alpha Auer and my sister Bibbe Oh) to open up their inventories for some old shit to give it an air of uniqueness. Time to give the sim back to the people for some decent party time.

SaveMe Oh: Well experts, when I have to open this dump?

Simotron Aquila: I dont know. No info for now

SaveMe Oh: Pity Misprint Thursday dont put a stream here otherwise I could open the place tonight.

Mikati Slade: I think here have some radio songs

SaveMe Oh: Let me check… ah yes. I can open the sim

Mikati Slade: Maybe she loves such style of songs

Simotron Aquila: :))

SaveMe Oh: What time shall we do it? In an hour?

Mikati Slade: I am chatting with Misprint.

Simotron Aquila: Hey! I’m busy in RL this evening! I cant login tonight!

SaveMe Oh: So when you want the opening SImo?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati we dont have to ask as she doesnt do anything else than SL

Simotron Aquila: Well… maybe next week?

SaveMe Oh: Noooo. This weekend

Mikati Slade: There is no opening here!

SaveMe Oh: Says who?

Mikati Slade: Misprint Thursday said it!

SaveMe Oh: When I say there is an opening there is an opening

Mikati Slade: I mean party.

SaveMe Oh: Who cares what Misprint says or is she the boss?

Mikati Slade: She is the SIM holder

SaveMe Oh: And? Does that give special rights?

Simotron Aquila: Oh, well… is her project…

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: Is that in the LEA handbook?

Simotron Aquila: But I’d like to have your party! 😉

SaveMe Oh: What project? Ask a few people to shit some prims here? And then those people search in their inventory for some old stuff?

Simotron Aquila: Hey!!! it’s almost 9 pm!!!! I have an appointment! I must go.

SaveMe Oh: Haha Simo. Run!!!!! Escape just in time.

Brooklyn Bike

Brooklyn Bike – testride

So dear friends, tell me when you want the opening here and consider it done.

In the mean time we listen to a cute Misprint song.

The Complete Pretentious Failure

When Kazimir Malevich painted in 1915 his black square he was ready, he made his final point of complete nothing. How pretentious it is for SL artists, who are normally known for glueing prims together and create sheep and dragonflies that move with virtual cogwheels in Harry Potter landscapes and Game of Thrones adventures, to think they have the capacity and skills to add something to Malevich black square. How snob it is to think they can lighten up Malevich and friends a little to make it more digestible for the masses `Oh, when we paint the black square white we have even a movie screen…what a great surprise.’

In LEA 8 they created in the good old awful tradition of Pirats those endless walkways to NOTHING. And if it was only towards NOTHING Malevich was maybe honoured a little bit, but no, the paths lead you to platforms with “art” that must taste a little Russian Avantgarde but are without any relevance, significance or danger.

Jo Ellsmere took the dolls she already set up for years in her boxes, (see THE MASK)  to the Salvation Army and bought them some new vintage clothes with some avant-garde looking patterns on the chest, job done.


An alt had to be used to see Jo Ellsmere’s Teletubbies

Soror Nishi never was so uninspired as here, but hey, what you expect from a lady who is specialised in trees and now at once has to be abstract. So she farted some coloured stick and stones and job done.

Complete ridiculous are the contributions of Dadadaddy Eupalinos Ugajin, who they must have forbidden to add a cow or a speaking typewriter, so he dug up his boring French fries bag and his toilet paper producer, hoping nobody would pay to much attention. Oh, and he has again those marvellous leaves that nobody has an idea what they symbolise, but to understand the deeper grounds of his mind you better first read this, it’s only 195 pages: http://leecworkshops.wikispaces.com/file/view/yevgeny-zamyatin-we.pdf

So you understand all. Viewing art is a hell of a job.

My poor sister Bryn was so desperate to cooperate in this project she agreed to REZ SOME PRIMS. Omg, poor thing.

So no wonder every visitor hurry to the museum shop to buy some dolls on strings from Nessuno Myoo or Alpha Auer to hang on the wall to prove they visited the exhibition. And it must been said, Alpha is the only one who found a way to add something to the Russian Avantgarde with her smart choice of El Lizzitsky for her avatars, as they already had the 3D component in them.

Whole LEA 8 is an example of sad re-creation in the vain assumption of people who think they can add something that is great already. When you really want to add something first thing you should do is show NO RESPECT and use and fuck up whatever you like, in that case maybe something new might come out but watching the people here I can only say that the people of Saudi Arabia came a lot closer to Malevich with their Black Box in Mecca.

So is there nothing more to do to save this event? Yes there is, my dear wife Rose Borchovski and my dear friends Soror Nishi, Alpha Auer, Jo Ellsmere, Nessuno Myoo and my sister Bryn Oh can all demand the need of my presence in LEA 8 so the dictators of LEA can, just as in the time of the dictators Lenin and Stalin, lift my ban and I promise I will do what I can to fuck things up a little so this big joke will not go like this to the history books. And talking about history books, when you want to teach and preach, buy a school or a church.

Killed By Friendly Fire

Now Christmas is approaching several former friends are reconsider to pardon me and forgive me as they are never quite sure if by accident heaven might exist and they might be held responsible for hostile behaviour against innocent souls like SaveMe Oh.

Quan Lavender is still trying to keep her back straight by banning me as quick as possible when she sees me, Alpha Auer never recovered after her awful behaviour towards me and Eupalinos Ugajin is not a shadow from himself anymore after he made the choice that licking the ass of Cica Ghost / Bryn Oh was more important than being my friend.

And sweet friends do their best to run between us as postiljon d’amour as they realise that all the events I cannot attend anymore are no events when I am not there. They are standing sad watching the poor music of Ultralight Alter in the Omo Globes of Betty Omo, dreaming of the good old times when I was bringing some excitement to those events or are begging Eupalinos to please unban me for a scheduled show as a Kikas & Marma show without SaveMe in the audience is like a Quan Lavender without a monstrous horse dick.

And now this dictator with the friendly face Eupalinos Ugajin is in doubt? Shall he unban me or not. It’s almost Christmas, his land-grant is almost finished…would it hurt to let SaveMe in for some hours to proof he has a heart? And when he keeps his finger on the red button, what could go wrong?

How hard it is to be a good dictator, your good intentions for humanity are never rewarded.

My Spinach Tea Smells Strange

As the artwork SaveMe Oh I feel offended by my dear neighbour ( I wouldn’t dare to call her a friend) Ush Underwood. In recent years we helped each other out when one of us had a shortage of sugar for the tea or when her bio-spinach was doing better than mine. But now she send a note around in which she seems to spoil my joy in violating, fighting, unfriending, blaming and ignoring and want to replace this with peace, comfort, respect and tolerance. Did I become an artwork for that?

She does this whole appeal based on her view of virtual friendship. Now what does this friendship mean? When this group of friends try to work organised together it ends in a big mess as seen before in the Pink Tutu project and the Alpha Auer Alpha Tribe Commercials and when one “friend” offers another “friend” a nice love raft this “friend” turns out to be not a friend as he has first to ask the whole world permission for accepting the gift.

When another former friend does her best to trademark herself as an organiser of welfare and supporter of the arts but freaks out when another supporter of the arts, SaveMe Oh, turns her naked escapades on a giant horsedick into art, at once we have to keep in mind there is a person behind an avatar. But on the other hand this person has no problems in a whole night role playing in 1920 Berlin and organising the banning of my poor daddy Cupido Oh, who was also in the mood for role-playing. And this all for being my daddy.

So we are allowed to role-play one moment, but have to stop immediately the next moment when a virtual friendship is in danger?

So to all these vulnerable people behind avatars in RL I would like to say, don’t use your avatar for your shit but solve your own problems. And when you really want to become so desperately friends in RL, make an appointment, you fools. And to prevent disappointments, I don’t drink tea and I hate dogs and little children. I have nothing with plants or people who are religious. I never saw a spirit, nor found my chakra and I do find the painting of aquarelles a crime against humanity.

So, my dear neighbour Ush Underwood, tea tomorrow?

Kikas & Marma Are Furious

But as they are my friends I won’t tell you why. Instead of that I just share a little conversation I had with Alpha Auer about cats. The talk was about elderly catlady’s who post all the time funny catpics and I respond to that with my movie FIRESTARTER OR CATLADY (see post under this one).

Alpha Auer: OK SaveMe, Gloves off: This is not only predictable, but also BORING! You know why? Because it is always always always always the same thing! Before you even open your mouth we all know precisely what will come out… Who has ever heard of an “agent provocateur” who is boring? How effective can you think that this could possibly be, for God’s sakes? Surprise us all – if you can! Think of something NEWWWWWWW for a change!

SaveMe Oh: OK Alpha, Gloves off: This is not only predictable, but also BORING! You know why? Because it is always always always always the same thing! Before you even upload a cat pic we all know precisely what will come out… Who has ever heard of a teacher who is boring? How effective can you think that this could possibly be, for God’s sakes? Surprise us all – if you can! Think of something NEWWWWWWW for a change!

Da Doo Dada Of The Flying Teapot

It was not possible to remove Alpha Auer’s garden a little to the back to create a space for a nice performance that would have made a perfect connection with the textures she had already used. She thought it was more important for the visitor to see her garden and to find an easy way to all the gifts of Alphatribe as if everybody is dying to have one of these gifts.

After I did not found a way to agree with my friends Kikas & Marma how to tackle this behaviour of the simowner, as Kikas & Marma could live with an evening with “just having fun”, I decided not to perform at all. And it was a good decision as what I already feared happened in an instance. All avatars who think they are hip and very DADA to be dress up like a lamppost, flying teapot or rabbit with a portable kindergarten attached landed in the middle of a disco where the cheerleader of duty showed them the shortest way to the danceball. In this pseudo art sim where celebrating carnival together instead of being witness of a performance nobody was paying any attention to the desperate attempts of Kikas & Marma to wear some sense, or it must be the Pic-reporters who think it is their duty to fill up facebook with 50 photographs after every event. You better don’t ask those people of the content of the pics they made, they would have no idea, but they are masters of tagging, nobody tags better than them.

In the end it was a gathering of old cat ladies who found some time between two feeding sessions of their cats to wear something weird; “Oh honey, look at me, I am flushing my neon skeleton in Duchamps urinoir”.

It is sad to see that an event that should be mind-popping major craziness was just a cheap market place with attached disco were the performers were reduced to clowns who had to do their best to keep the visitors as long as possible in the shop and make sure nobody would leave without some items.

A music stream was not possible so what did the hippo with the birds face and the space shuttle with the pearl earring? They danced until their pic was taken for facebook.

How else it went on Odyssey at the same time. A few pioneers tried out a hud that opens up your webcam which makes it possible that you move directly your avatar in distorted movements and interact with others in a real mind-popping major craziness. The streams crashed, the hud’s were not perfect yet, but boy, what a new possibilities. One warning, this is not for the elderly cat ladies, as they have to feed their cats, post their pics on facebook and let their avatar fly around as a teapot, all at the same time.


Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Should I participate in the promotion campaign for Alpha Tribe, where I thought earlier to be part of an art performance?


Kikas Babenco: We are wondering what part of the show you showed us yesterday was going to be performed today, because it seemed to us that you wanted to perform an aggression to Alpha Auer, by covering her garden and even the disco part. We don’t want to be part of that.

SaveMe Oh: So what are you suggesting? Yesterday night you were still calling it a great rehearsal?

Kikas Babenco: We suggest that you make a show, like many you already made, where we all are having fun. The last part where you were almost inside the disco covered everything, even ourselves. We are not in a mood of “sharp knives”

SaveMe Oh: For me the fun in this one has gone because of the position Alpha takes in this so it has become a basic freedom thing. I will do exactly as I feel like. The only other option I see is we won’t perform at all.

Marmaduke Arado: so you’re really into making it a miserable evening for the host?

and for us too? It’s also a basic freedom for us to decide if we perform or not irrespective of whether you say “we”.

SaveMe Oh: No, we worked together very well on a concept, but the host turns out to be a merchant who uses us as commercial signs. She even uses my title THIRD LIFE. That should give us some rights on a proper performing ground. If she wants to stick us between her garden and her disco as some kind of window-dressing we will provide some proper window-dressing.

Marmaduke Arado: The host doesn’t turn out to be a merchant, the host was always a merchant and it’s not your title, it’s the title of a project Philip Linden is working on.

SaveMe Oh: It is the title I gave Alpha this week in FB as I have all the stuff in my inventory for this performance under that name and I told her how funny that was. As the rl person is controlling a SL avatar who is controlling a third creature.

Kikas Babenco:  I loved the first part, but then you began sort of suffocating everything, we even didn’t have space to perform

SaveMe Oh: Merchants need a good suffocation, but when I use the big boxes you will be visible very well.

Kikas Babenco: Yes and the big boxes let everyone see themselves and participate too, instead of just being parked.

Marmaduke Arado: Tell that to your grocer next time that he needs suffocating

SaveMe Oh: My grocer never organises my performances. But I am almost sure even that he would do better.

Marmaduke Arado: And he should be punished if he did?

SaveMe Oh: No, if he was so kind I would help him out with good advices and would hope he would listen to advice of a professional as I would listen to his advice on grocery items. Although I would not listen when my grocer would tell me I had to use sky settings AnaLu Outdoor City!

Kikas Babenco: We want to involve not punish

SaveMe Oh: To involve things have to be clear, here we have an obstruction that has to be cleared. Lucky for us is that the goal of the evening is a Mind-popping major craziness, so I would not be that concerned

Kikas Babenco: The sky settings are a detail and when I go to a place I like to know the sky settings suggested although I choose the ones I prefer. What is the obstruction?

SaveMe Oh: Space.

Almost Trapped In A Garden Show

My dear friends Kikas & Marmaduke invited me to participate on a performance on Alpha Tribe. And yesterday night we came to a great concept for the performance coming Sunday. To make this work the sim owner had only to make some adjustments…..

Alpha Auer: what do u want different?

SaveMe Oh: Ok, here we go, the stage will be in 3 parts. First part is the avatar parking

Alpha Auer: which avatars?

SaveMe Oh: the visitors

Alpha Auer: no, this is way too close to the sim border, in fact this is the sim border. They will have to land further inside otherwise it would be too dangerous, they would crash

SaveMe Oh: You can move the whole platform as you wish. What is important is the following…

SaveMe Oh: Now you have your “garden “in the middle of the platform

SaveMe Oh: We want it on one side as a backdrop

Alpha Auer: Ok you want me to move the garden? That is easy, tell me where?

SaveMe Oh: All on one border side of the platform

Alpha Auer: Further back? Like this?

SaveMe Oh: As far as possible so we have the middle part for performing

Alpha Auer: this is as far back as it will go. It is leaning right up against the back edge now. Is this good?

SaveMe Oh: We will be with 3 dolls the size like this!

Alpha Auer: I would do this inside the garden, not outside of it. It would be far more effective. My humble opinion of course.

SaveMe Oh: No it is not

SaveMe Oh: When we go inside there is too much fuzz.

Alpha Auer: Also – and this is important for me – I would like people to see the garden. Not have it be obliterated which right now it is

SaveMe Oh: We are not your garden guides

Alpha Auer: Ok, I will speak to Marma

SaveMe Oh: We do a performance, people can see before or after the garden

SaveMe Oh: We are not dolls in a garden

Alpha Auer: I can leave the garden in the back but I see no point in it. The point, as far as I was given to understand by Kikas and Marma was that the performance would be created around alpha.tribe

SaveMe Oh: All is with your textures

Alpha Auer: They came up with this idea themselves, and the whole idea was to focus on alpha.tribe

SaveMe Oh: Ok, then they have something else in mind as which we agree on yesterday

Alpha Auer: So what I think would be better is to not to shove the garden in the background but instead to cover it. To perform “inside” it so that the garden and the performance become one thing, a whole. The textures alone don’t do it. It becomes a completely separate thing

SaveMe Oh: Ok, count me out! Bye.

Alpha Auer: And the garden might as well not be there at all.