You Suck Hun!

SaveMe Oh: Ah Roxy is also there.

Iono Allen: Yes I am thrown in the sky.  I made a flight in the air, thx to Roxy I suppose…
This avatar is hell, and absolutly not polite. She thinks she is a god.



SaveMe Oh: Hey darling, are you orbitting people again?

Roxy Gellar: When I sit on this you cant do shit

SaveMe Oh: You are a sitting shit already so no need

Roxy Gellar: I love when you’re a frustrated baby but then that’s what you are 24/7

Apmel Goosson: Wow..this a difficult place to land in. Somebody keeps ejecting fun. The only good thing about being ejectred is that when I manage to come back all girls are naked.

Red Bikcin: Yo estoy completamente segura de que quien me ejectó desde un sim vecino junto a Namarya Xue y Patrick Moya fue Save Me, no Roxy. Hablé con mucha gente tambien ejectada y el 100% opinaba lo mismo

Pale Illusion: You pushed me off the concert?

SaveMe Oh: Roxy did. She always do.

Pale Illusion: Its annoying big times.. just saying! You are not any better SaveMe!

SaveMe Oh: Does she hate you?

Pale Illusion: I don’t know Roxy.. but i know you!

SaveMe Oh: Should I know you too????? Don’t tell me you are not a fan of me?

Pale Illusion: Hope not.. beside the crash we had at Inspire. You suck hun 😉 Have agood one.


Glasz DeCuir: Who banned me?

SaveMe Oh: One of your dictator friends I assume


SaveMe Oh: Don’t step on me please

Roxy Gellar: Yep. You’re as ugly as ever through and through


Iono Allen: Morli was quite good again

SaveMe Oh: Bryn just told me that for her it seem Morli lost it

Iono Allen: Lost what?

SaveMe Oh: The magic

Iono Allen: YOU are talking to Bryn?!!!

SaveMe Oh: Of course, she is my oldest sister

Iono Allen: Bryn is wrong: I guess Morli is very sensitive and puts a lot of herself in her music

SaveMe Oh: Bryn was missing a personal touch, said it was quite mechanical.

Iono Allen: that’s her opinion, not mine

SaveMe Oh: Almost like a doll on autopilot

Iono Allen: Bryn told you all that!! What did you do to her?


SaveMe Oh: Pity you always perform in dictatorships

Morlita Quan: Then time for another event together. Today people was starting to ask if you was the one ejecting but I said: I am 500% sure it was Roxy. I have Roxy and all his alts blocked. so anoying
SaveMe Oh: She was the only one who amused me tonight while all you were enjoying yourself in the dictatorship
Morlita Quan: Ya I know. She was attaking so hard Echo DD and me by the simply fact to like you. I totally ignored her but I know Echo had rl problems due to Roxy.
SaveMe Oh: Yes, Roxy wants blood
Morlita Quan: Well…. I am a quiet and peaceful person who keeps a viking sword behind my patience. She can do all she wants. I never banned you and I never will
SaveMe Oh: Use the viking sword on Mona, Wan, Duna, Medora or Bryn, they are exactlly the same as Roxy, only more sneaky. I prefer Roxy as she doesnt wear a mask.
Morlita Quan: I do myself stupid 90% times SaveMe…But I am not.
SaveMe Oh: Well than we agree 100%.

Bryn’s Birthday (Please Add Pants On Trump!!!)

Isadora Alaya: Donald Trump, hi! Welcome to Peace!

The Dove Rhode: Welcome Donald

Apmel Goosson: Donald!!! Looking good as always 🙂

The Dove Rhode: Get pants on Trump, please


Grabbing some pussy!

Maya: Donald!!! Love you avi

Apmel Goosson: Donald’¨s is so small that it doesn’t really matter

Donald Trump: Before I looked like Solo Mornington but he is finished

The Dove Rhode: Please, we honor Bryn..

Donald Trump: So I choose an alternative. Bryn is my daughter.

Lee1 Olsen: Cool!

Donald Trump: May I decide myself how I honor her?

The Dove Rhode: Please add pants Trump!

Maya: Bryn is such a blessing to us all!

Donald Trump: Have you behaved nicely, Bryn, or did you spent all family money again?


The Dove Rhode: ejected and banned you from this land. (BUT I AM THE DONALD!!!!)

Maya: So Bryn, did you ever think you would be in this for 10 years?

Donald Trump: She is so old she might have passed away standing here.

Bryn Oh: Noo doesn’t really feel like ten years, ah its SaveMe

Donald Trump: Omg it talks!!!!

The Dove Rhode: With SPECIAL thanks to Bryn Oh and all she shares and brings to Second Life. I honor and thank you Bryn!

Donald Trump: Hope you don’t spent all the money I gave you on this party

Bryn Oh: It’s a bit ironic you are dressed as Donald Trump

Donald Trump: It’s a bit ironic you became known with rabbits.

Maya: I honestly feel Trump will be the last American president!

Donald Trump: But shall we dance? If only SaveMe Oh could be here to upgrade this boring avatar parking


TheDove Rhode ejected and banned you from this land. (BUT I AM THE DONALD!!!!)

The Dove Rhode: So all know..this is a no HASSLE ZONE clearly stated. Hassle not Allowed.

Donald Trump: You mean a dictatorship

The Dove Rhode: It’s a thank you to Bryn have respect!

Donald Trump: A dictatorship where you decide what is allowed. Its popular nowadays. My friend Erdogan, Putin, myself, the Dove Rhode….. all the same kind of people

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.


Beyond Anything I Have Ever Seen In Second Life


Kandinsky Beaumont: For ten years she has spoken her artistic language in Second Life and never given up up her standpoint. Loved and followed but also banned and hated. The only artist in Second Life that for real have challenged the forces that will put rules and limits to art.
Thanks to SaveMe Oh, and the musicians everybody who took part in arranging the feast.


Josef K: SaveMe Oh celebrated her 10th rezday with a performance beyond anything I have ever seen in Second Life. And EchoStarship, Deceptions Digital, Yadleen and A Limb (Mylene Renoir) provided the soundtrack with original music created especially for the occasion. It was an out of this world experience.


Josef K: In only 3 hours all the SaveMe Ohs present made the traffic counter go to blasting 3644



Dirty Diapers In An Abandoned Kindergarten

To capture the virtual richness of the online images SaveMe Oh offers her audiences is a big task. While these events are spectacular for the online viewer, often they look pale in the pics of wannabe virtual society reporters as Ampel Goosson, who don’t reach further then to take snapshots of present avatars against a colourful background with the only objective to be able to tag the correct person to the picture on facebook.

To see how it should be done right it’s better to take a look at this movie made by Glasz DeCuir who fully captures the potential of the images combined with the music of DD and Echo Starship. The viewer can sense that here is a representation of a true online event where 3 artists combine their talents in an unique improvisation that nowhere else on the internet takes place.

In an exciting way this movie show the mesmerising talent of SaveMe Oh to turn every virtual place in a modern art environment which makes all efforts of other so-called artists look like dirty diapers in an abandoned kindergarten. All those pathetic prim-gluers in their sad little sims where their boring stuff lies virtual rotting for month after month, hardly witnessed by any visitor, should consider direct retirement after watching this superb movie.

We Don’t Need A SaveMe Oh

Cherry Manga: We don’t need a SaveMe Oh, we have our Day Care Services for Older People on OpenGrid with wearable tech diapers.

Isolde Caron: yes we dooo

Kikas Babenco: hahaha!

Cherry Manga: Would SaveMe Oh provide stimulating activities, entertainment and companionship to people who are may otherwise be house-bound or socially isolated?

Ampel Goosson: Why you mention SaveMe Oh all the time?

Isolde Caron: Would SaveMe Oh teach members new skills and provide new experiences?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Obviously SaveMe Oh is needed. When she is not present in person people have to talk about her.

Kikas Babenco: Would SaveMe Oh aim to improve the overall independence and wellbeing of members?

Cherry Manga: Would SaveMe Oh provide a therapeutic environment in which to recuperate and recover?


SaveMe Oh, nossa senhora de copulação

Dear Friends,

When you choose to lock yourself up in your OpenGrid Day Care Service for Older People to work on easy crafts for seniors that allow you with limited dexterity, low vision and other physical or mental limitations to enjoy the creativity and feeling of accomplishment that crafting provides, don’t let me hold you back.

I might know better than anyone else that the importance of arts and crafts activities for senior citizens extends far beyond the creation of a glued together prim object.

For seniors living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or who are members of senior citizen centers, glueing prims brings people together. It helps them to have a sense of belonging and develop friendships.

Many seniors that live alone find making rotating pulsating prims an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Prim glueing helps to keep the mind sharp and stimulated.

Working with computers and keyboards involve using the hands, it helps to exercise the senior’s fingers and hands and knowing your genuine state of minds I am sure it reduces your depressions

On the other hand if you still feel the urge to cross the bridge to art I am afraid you do need SaveMe Oh, for the simple reason someone has to add content, reason and genius to you primglued works. I might not have to tell you that without my added drama all your crafted works end up on an endless pile of shit that only will be useful to terraform into new empty sims for the ones in need or to bury the dead ones.

So continue mentioning me so I know you all are doing well. The moment you stop mentioning me you will be dead or in need of me. In that case I will come to save you. Until then I will allow you to copy me as much as you want as I am busy in the real world.

When Doves Cry

Chloe Seljan: We are proud to invite you to an amazing artistic and musical performance this April 21. The artist Save Me Oh will fill the space with her artworks, full of colors, movements, lights. Her performance will be accompanied by two amazing dj: Morlita Quan and DeceptionsDigital so… Don’t miss this amazing artistic moment!


Roxy Gellar: Crap is too kind a word

Paris Cloyd: SaveMeVideoCard Oh

Roxy Gellar: Derender that shit

SaveMe Oh: My beloved Roxy

Roxy Gellar: Prince is dead yet SaveMe is alive. No Justice

Apmelina Slingshot: Is Roxy here?

SaveMe Oh: She is stalking me

Paris Cloyd: Where is Foxy Roxy? Dont see her.

Petitefleur: Prince has gone when the doves cry.. :(((

Roxy Gellar: I am cloaked in protest

Paris Cloyd: Save protests sometimes too, except she is not cloaked when she does it.

SaveMe Oh: Smoked in proces?

Roxy Gellar: SaveMe please die. The world would be a better place

Chloe Seljan shouts: No, i need SaveMe to be saved!!!!

Paris Cloyd: When you die in SL you just get sent home then she can just tp back lol

Apmelina Slingshot: Sometimes?..SaveMe is an ongoing protest against..well good taste?

Roxy Gellar: Chloe, as much as an adict needs an overdose

SaveMe Oh: Roxy smile!

Roxy Gellar: So sorry I suggested DD give her a chance

Chloe Seljan: some adictions are useful 🙂

Roxy Gellar: The worse mistake Ive ever made in SL

Paris Cloyd: Loving to hate Save is part of SL

Roxy Gellar: Ears very pleased, derendering makes my eyes very happy

Apmelina Slingshot: Then you haven’t nibbled her Paris

Paris Cloyd: dry humped, yes, nibbled, no XD

SaveMe Oh: He tried

Roxy Gellar: You just made me throw up a little

SaveMe Oh: But nibbled at the wrong spot

Paris Cloyd: lol

SaveMe Oh: Do you derender everything manual Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe

Paris Cloyd: Save is more like a virus that just spreads. does not die

Roxy Gellar: A girl can dream. Paris

Chloe Seljan: Wow amazing!

Feenix Lexenstar: Surreal if you pan out ……..

SaveMe Oh: Please dont tell Eupalinos

ArrowAndBow: Hello saveme! Thank you for the teleport

SaveMe Oh: Better dont say I TP you because Roxy may come to hunt you down.

Apmelina Slingshot: To be TPed by SaveMe is the kiss of death

ArrowAndBow: Its such an honour, I only said it to show off

Paris Cloyd: If SaveMe tps me anywhere, I hope its an adult sim XD

Roxy Gellar: Talk about a sick Pedophile relationship Arrow and Whirli Placebo

ArrowAndBow: oh hello roxy

SaveMe Oh: Roxy is a bit confussed tonight

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe

ArrowAndBow: Omg i love it. Drama

Roxy Gellar: You gonna blow Whirli here now or on Skype?

SaveMe Oh: Whirly, you just missed Roxy’s compliments

ArrowAndBow: Im laughing

Whirli Placebo: Yay..the pedophile says hi to the borderline personality disorder also known as Roxy.


Chloe Seljan shouts: After the amazing Morlita Quan, DD will walk with SaveMe to help us to be saved!


SaveMe Oh: Good music, good visuals and the best drama,where are we?

Whirli Placebo: in heaven 🙂

Roxy Gellar: Morli was brilliant in spite of SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Roxy, you write all your text yourself?

Roxy Gellar: Derender makes it perfect. Die SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: As a writer I advise you not to use the word DIE too much

Roxy Gellar: Please stop breathing

SaveMe Oh: Thats a nice variation

Systi Cisse: amazing work !!

Paris Cloyd: Like the ending to an epic movie Morli

Apmelina Slingshot: wow

Whirli Placebo: fantastic visuals. Encore!

Ahnue Heartlight: applauds!

Roxy Gellar: Encore says the moron who arrived with ten minutes left

Paris Cloyd: Time to get lost in DD land

Apmelina Slingshot: I feel a bit sorry for Yadleen that is playing in Amsterdam now when everyone is here 🙂

Paris Cloyd: Me too Apmel, cant really miss this

Roxy Gellar: Derender and now blocking that old fool so I don’t have to listen to him now either.

SaveMe Oh: Omg PIRATS in the house

Mathieu Bravin: Pirats never dead save me :p

Chloe Seljan: loool

Apmelina Slingshot: Pirates?!! do i need my gun?

SaveMe Oh: Omg it speaks, where is my lawyer? Before they sue me again

Paris Cloyd: SueMe Oh

Apmelina Slingshot: Haha SueMe Oh was  a new one.. an old girlfriend used to call her SpareMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: You dont have old girlfriends, new ones neither

Paris Cloyd: Oooo smackdown!!! Grabs popcorn to watch the SL Drama cinema

Whirli Placebo: Welcome…..I hope you know all these wonderful people….and um also Roxy.

Roxy Gellar: Whirli you sad old pedophile

ArrowAndBow: But u do know that im an adult Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: Mentally, not so much. Still robbing the cradle

SaveMe Oh: When you prefer Bambi, let me know Arrow

Roxy Gellar: Bambi? Clearly Arrow like Sponge Bob OLD pants

Apmelina Slingshot: Wow DD ..this is new..and so is SaveMe’s show  just now

ArrowAndBow: How would you know Roxy, You dont know me so go find new insults please

Roxy Gellar: Not too swift on the uptake is she?

ArrowAndBow: I never done anything to you. Im not fighting the mentally ill so have fun in your dream world.

Roxy Gellar: I don’t imagine you do fight the old pedo too often.

Deceptions digital: I made it for people to enjoy but when i read that chat it makes me sad so please stop that talking.

Littleone Aries: Should I take some drugs and say  “far out, you’re a genius, SaveMe?

Whirli Placebo: yes!

SaveMe Oh: pssst, dont say that, some might find it offensive

Littleone Aries: Yes, I know.

Apmelina Slingshot: SaveMe is a genius steeling textures

SaveMe Oh: What should I do else with all my Linden? Buy a virtual kitchen?

Apmelina Slingshot: Give them to me..I need another dildo

SaveMe Oh: Use roxy!

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe. Awesome tunes, DD! Can’t wait until you play a venue again. Off to watch Concert Window. Hate to leave. But I gotta

SaveMe Oh: Sy soon dear and keep up the good spirit

Paris Cloyd: Gonna lay down and get lost in DD land which is priceless. for everything else theres master card. and Save will handle the bill.

Apmelina Slingshot: Let SaveMe pay for everything

SaveMe Oh: I already do

Apmelina Slingshot: I never got paid for my nibbling your..whatever..

SaveMe Oh: You know what Roxy’s institution costs?

Roxy Gellar: It makes me sad, the circle jerk of fawning scene-sters who worship at the feet of Saveme. I thought better of you. But as I have mentioned the nail in that coffin was the last time DD and Morli played The Underground. The lack of consideration demonstrated while I provided the space, rent, hosting, and advertising for that event. I knew I was closing the doors on the Sun & Moon Group eventually. And that day was a very clarifying moment. Time for me to be a freeloader and as rude and crass, giving as good as I get.

Lick Me Before I Count To 3

Roxy Gellar:  Hello SaveMe

Apmelina Slingshot: Stream is hacking for me 😦

Roxy Gellar:  Same here

Apmelina Slingshot: must be SaveMe’s fault 🙂

Roxy Gellar:  It might be more stable in a bit

SaveMe Oh: If only they would keep these sims empty instead of stuff it up with owners farts

Roxy Gellar:  That’s 1

SaveMe Oh: Give me some time for 2

Roxy Gellar:  You are relatively safe

Pax Voix:  Eats some Garlic and Onions to be safe

Apmelina Slingshot: Nobody is safe for Apmelina

SaveMe Oh: Where you bought this shit Roxy? Why you don’t give me your money when you have no clue what to do with it? I happily turn it into art for you.

Roxy Gellar:  That’s 2

SaveMe Oh: let me give you 3. FUCK YOU!


SaveMe Oh, Your Postillon D’Amour

Tonight I invited two dear friends to make peace!


Cat C. Boucher: Dear Roxy, come to the Circus to see today the acts which will appear in the future at your fucking Roxy Gellar’s place lol. Someone who say to supports music should do it because of the music and the talents that stands behind it …. But you, disgusting creature send boycott lists about musicians around … Torben was in, Lisa Brune and more. Some musicians dont forget that some mabye have to make the experience .-)

Roxy Gellar: In all honesty that lousy venue of you never enters into my thinking when it comes to approaching artists. In fact it’s more of a negative than a positive in my reasoning. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. When I go questing for artists I may not have heard I look to blind luck some times. But more often I look to Apmel, Telchar, Josef, With Actors and others who share my tastes.

To rule out artists I don’t want to bother with? I just look to see if Robert69 has posted them on YouTube. Odds are if Robert69 recorded them I won’t like what I’m about to hear. This is true 80-90% of the time.

So there you have it. My process in seeking artists for the Sun & Moon.

Cat C. Boucher: Roxy, you always sneaked in at the circus looking for artists and booking them and I was glad cos I thought you were supporting music and the artists. But after you told musicians if they play at my place you wont work with them anymore. Some left and some you kicked … and some are working with you again ….. but I believe what you said about Robert … that sounds pretty much like you lol .-)

Roxy Gellar: Sounds like you know Cat that you are caught sounding foolish. And reaching for a way to get out of it.

Anyone paying attention knows that I booked both DeceptionsDigital and Echo Starship long before you booked them. You only booked them after they proved themselves at my venues and several others. Dear Cat, you hardly OWN  them or any of the other artists we both have booked at various times.

I tolerate artists that I book playing at your kitsch stage, they have every right to play where ever they want to play. I don’t need to know about it, no reason for it to come up beyond what we have discussed. I do not support the practice of playing at a venue hosted by you, Cat.

All this I have posted publicly so nothing I’m afraid of.

And I won’t even get into your homophobic and transphobic rants!

You might get a kick out of this. Kinda sad. I can not confirm it in the open but consider this as a pretty clear threat of homicide over a parcel in SL soon….

I fear I have to schedule a second appointment. In the next session I want to confront them with this inside information I got from Kevin Farrell

Kevin Farrell: SaveMe, I was around when this homophbic nonsense began. A comment Cat made was taken out of context and instead of understanding that, a volley of abuse was wrongly thrown at Cat and others for weeks. It was awful for everyone involved.

And wrong. So very wrong.

Cat is not homophobic or transphobic or any orientationphobic. That I know as a fact.

Roxy knows it too if she would only swallow her pride.

It is telling that of all the people who know or have known Cat, only one accuses.

As they say, go figure.

I will say no more on this, I have no bones to chew, no agenda, I have no wish to argue or fall out with anyone.

The truth is what it is. Cat is NOT homophobic nor transphobic, and will agree with me that anyone who is in any way homophobic or transphobic is plain ignorant and nasty.

Just so the records straight. ;))

The Graveyard Is Open Again

In the rich history of virtual reality we had all kind of wannabe artists and event organisers passing by in a quick search for recognition without too much effort. After doing one or two tricks on the virtual canvas, mainly glueing some prims together or fart a texture on a virtual wall they disappeared as quick as they came as it became clear then, that when psychopath pic-shitters like Ampel Gooson and others publish every day a diarrhoea of images the interested viewer will run screaming towards the nearest mental institution. But now the dead raise from the grave as one of the event organisers, Roxelo Babenco raise from her tomb to see if she could repeat the old trick one more time, using the most boring concept from virtual world and …..copy it once more. How this works? Ask a builder for a megalomaniac environment that can host all zombie artists to warm up their old stuff. And there we see again the CARP or Pirats concept with rooms no artist would ask for, even with a knife on her throat, as if we would die for exposing our work in an egg with stripes surrounded by 40 other eggs with stripes. When these megalomaniac buildings in secondlife were constructed the chance you would meet another avatar once where reasonable possible but now in open sim, where the dead artists are kept warm in their virtual fridges, you can be sure that you have the whole space for yourself after the opening. On the other hand, to see dead avatars in their noob version from 2006 or 2007 once more can be for historians a once in a lifetime event. Will Josina Burgess have blonde flexi hair today, will Roxelo Babenco succeed to once more create her top hat she is soooooo famous for and will Eupalinos Ugajin be able to flux his toilet without dada Marmaduke Arado on his head? Or will they send the otter in for some serious plumbing? And will SaveMe Oh….no?…..really?…..OMG! Snapshot_231


Roxelo did the TOPHAT


Too Blind To See?

When I visit Art Gallery Route 7, which is connected with a visual disability info hall I had a nice chat with ArtWolf Eternal, until I found out she was from FINLAND and she got an advice….

ArtWolf Eternal: Evening

SaveMe Oh: What a collection of rubbish you have. You better make a SaveMe Oh museum

ArtWolf Eternal: Apmel Goosson knows me well. Ask him more.

SaveMe Oh: That should encourage you to listen to my words

ArtWolf Eternal: This art gallery have a lot artist, some are rl disabilitys like me

SaveMe Oh: No, a lot of rubbish, disabled or not

ArtWolf Eternal: I am visual disability person in rl

SaveMe Oh: Then somebody should tell you, you have a lot of rubbish here. Can you see the fish here are swimming backwards?

ArtWolf Eternal: No, where?

SaveMe Oh: Behind you.

ArtWolf Eternal: Thats very avantgarde

SaveMe Oh: Yes. When I had done it it could be conceptual but from that idiot it must be incompetence

ArtWolf Eternal: I self have alot near sight and glaucoma and alot other visual problems but I can make art lol

SaveMe Oh: And you can walk without a dog down the stairs

ArtWolf Eternal: Yes in sl and rl ,but rl I need heavy glasses or contac lenses

SaveMe Oh: People always say that when I perform they get eye cancer so it would be great to perform for the blind

ArtWolf Eternal: So have you any disability youself?

SaveMe Oh: No, I am the most famous artist of the grid but I work daily with mental disabled people

ArtWolf Eternal: Really?

SaveMe Oh: ask Ampel

ArtWolf Eternal: He have never told about you. I lived in the same sim in solace island

SaveMe Oh: Impossible. His blog is full with items about me. Half his pictures are with me, he made movies about me. The man adores me.

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you must be something special to him then if he adores you. Have you married him?

SaveMe Oh: He would wish but he is too old

ArtWolf Eternal: Age is nothing in sl

SaveMe Oh: No, but he is very, very old

ArtWolf Eternal: No he is very young lol in his mind

SaveMe Oh: he does his best

ArtWolf Eternal: So that make way between age and mind

SaveMe Oh: Here his quote about me: “Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”

ArtWolf Eternal: Intresting,same criteria I have here too:)

Then I started to perform for her:

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me what you see

ArtWolf Eternal: White lines what I see also in rl with my glaucoma

SaveMe Oh: And now?

ArtWolf Eternal: I see such white lines in reality also those colour things very familiar with autumn season on street. You could make career to make worlds of visual disabilitys , to real life organisations

SaveMe Oh: Arrange me a performance for the blind on your roof with music for the deaf

ArtWolf Eternal: I have here deafs too and mute ones too:)

SaveMe Oh: You see? What a great idea.

ArtWolf Eternal: So what is purpose about this show?

SaveMe Oh: To make the deaf see and the blind hear?

ArtWolf Eternal: You know such peoples who hear colours and see sounds and taste light?

SaveMe Oh: I am a walking example off all that

ArtWolf Eternal: So you suffer that ?

SaveMe Oh: Suffering is for the weak of heart

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you should fall in love with Apmel if you have weak heart.

SaveMe Oh: He falls in love with me, dear, not the other way around. OMG I think you are in love with Ampel. You cant stop talking about him.

ArtWolf Eternal: hah ,I not intresting about swedish

SaveMe Oh: Are you also almost a hundred years old?

ArtWolf Eternal: Between

SaveMe Oh: His sheets????? Omg. Where are you from?

ArtWolf Eternal: Finland

SaveMe Oh: Omg, all the Fins want to kill me recently

ArtWolf Eternal: Really why?

SaveMe Oh: Stem van Helsinki, Tuulia Jinx, Leena Hirvi . They are all killing eachother and blame me for it

ArtWolf Eternal: lol I been out of that , not knowing. Blind deaf and mouth close

SaveMe Oh: I can give you the link of my blog if you like a soapstory

ArtWolf Eternal: I not have much time looking blogs not even time self write my blog. So what kicks you get off this?

SaveMe Oh: What kicks you get from art?

ArtWolf Eternal: Are you playing Hannibal Lecter? Question from question

SaveMe Oh: I make art, not explaining it. Thats the job of an audience

But then at once:

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.


SaveMe Oh: Why?

ArtWolf Eternal: Peoples told me to do so, sorry. I asked from virtual ability help they told at   ban  you out my land for disability stalking

SaveMe Oh: What a pity you dont trust your own judgement

ArtWolf Eternal: Ask Apmel

SaveMe Oh: Ampel would never advise you to do this

When I was behind banlines Leena Hirvi arrived, for sure the one who advised to ban me.

ArtWolf Eternal: SaveMe Oh is there

Leena Hirvi: Oh ,I can see that.

SaveMe Oh: Has the firing squad arrived? I guess we are only waiting for Stem van Helsinki to bring the riffles?


But then the Dutch sim owner arrived, for sure to arrange a region ban on request of the Finnish, but she showed some of the good old Dutch spirit and refused, and even advised ArtWolf to unban me. May Cheesus be blessed.