How To Hide Your Excitement?

During the Transcultures broadcast of the MINDFUCK performance by SaveMe Oh and A Limb, Ampel was trying to hide his excitement by surrounding himself with a field of dildo’s but he failed big.

The event had a difficult start as Cat’s Circus platform was full of ban-lines which made it impossible to perform there. The request to promise me to never ban me again was refused. Idiots like Ultralight Alter keep the privilege to exclude people from their concerts. That everyone can use the derender tool is forgotten, so it’s seen as no excuse.

So a late escape to a free platform without borders and restrictions was the solution.

But the desire to virtual fuck everyone during covid times became huge. In our RL we can’t meet each ohter, have to practice social distancing and then when you reach out in a virtual party you end up with ban-lines in your face. I wish everybody a great MINDFUCK.

Can Girls Talk Win The Nobel Prize Of Literature?

SaveMe Oh: How’s life?

Cat Shilova: Hot

SaveMe Oh:You naughty bitch

Cat Shilova: I mean, really hot

SaveMe Oh: You naughty naughty bitch

Cat Shilova: … and my little finger told me that a drama took place with Apmel, Glasz and yourself

SaveMe Oh: Did it?

Cat Shilova: It’s probably just a rumor (and curiosity kills the cat, but …)

SaveMe Oh: I wouldn’t be surprised but then without me in it

Cat Shilova: Your sense of drama is fading?

SaveMe Oh: No, but I didn’t hear the rumour nor had the idea I was acting in this one.

Cat Shilova: So my little finger was wrong

SaveMe Oh: Glasz is a drama; Ampel is a drama, so 1 + 1 can be 2. She is completely obsessed with Iono and Tutsy, and Ampel is a desperate attention whore so I wouldn’t be surprised

Cat Shilova: That’s love

SaveMe Oh: Yes, true love

Cat Shilova: *sob*. Can’t prevent crying.

SaveMe Oh: I answered too less to the shown love to be involved! I told both of them they are of zero significance so that cools things quick

Cat Shilova: Ahahahaha. A bucket of icy water

SaveMe Oh: They should be happy with their roles of minions.

Cat Shilova: So true, aren’t we all?

SaveMe Oh: But they always think they can improve their position. But maybe that bounds them now.

Cat Shilova: The only way to improve it is to try to desinstall the dramaqueen from her throne which proves very difficult

SaveMe Oh: You need talent for that

Cat Shilova: Exactly. I have a feeble for gossips. Which is not a talent, by the way.

SaveMe Oh: Glasz too

Cat Shilova: I prefer juicy gossips but this one is finally rather dry. I will torture Ampel.

SaveMe Oh: I create them in front of her nose but then she doesn’t bite.

Cat Shilova: Pity.

SaveMe Oh: They should marry

Cat Shilova: Lord, have mercy on us

SaveMe Oh: Ampel is a good substitute for Iono

Cat Shilova: Don’t expect me to be bridesmaid on this one

SaveMe Oh: (who she really loves)

Cat Shilova: What?

SaveMe Oh: But after he refused to take her to Pere Lachaise they are at war.

SaveMe Oh: Now you have your gossip

Cat Shilova: This I knew, this gossip is rotten. Actually, I was in Paris when this happened.

SaveMe Oh: Ah, that was the reason, now it becomes a juicy gossip

Cat Shilova: Indeed

SaveMe Oh: Perfect

Cat Shilova: Now she will hate me, too?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Cat Shilova: I am terrified

SaveMe Oh: But she can cry on Ampels shoulder now as Ush is there only for his boring side.

Cat Shilova: My shrink will have to cure this in addition to all the rest.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I have to send my bill to your shrink?!

Cat Shilova: I wouldn’t expect him to pay

SaveMe Oh: Or tell him Glasz will be his client too, soon.

Cat Shilova: I think he is already overbooked but it would be cute to sit together in the waiting room

SaveMe Oh: Is he good?

Cat Shilova: I think so as I am still there

SaveMe Oh: And are the 2 of you making progress?

Cat Shilova: It begins to be very interesting but we both have holidays soon though not together.

SaveMe Oh: Is that a plan for the future?

Cat Shilova: Who knows? Marrying your shrink could have some advantages

SaveMe Oh: A lot

Cat Shilova: The future will tell.

Cat Shilova: Then, Glasz could have Iono, at least.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, problem solved and we give Jaynine to Ampel

Cat Shilova: I will think about this all very seriously

Cat Shilova: Jay? to Ampel… mmmm…

SaveMe Oh: And Ush to Quan.

Cat Shilova: and what about the horsedick? He would need a mare.

SaveMe Oh: We dance around it for fertility

Cat Shilova: <— is searching her bridesmaid things. I might have some use of them finally. Who could marry Bryn?

SaveMe Oh: Any rabbit as long his cogwheel is working.

Cat Shilova: I find Bryn’s interpretation of Abraham + Isaac story more than suspect

SaveMe Oh: Of course, it was a cover up to be allowed to fuck a flock of sheep

Cat Shilova: With a gun

SaveMe Oh: Maybe the pope will declare her holy soon.

Cat Shilova: And decide that Immersiva is now a sheep sanctuary

SaveMe Oh: Suitable for every religion

Cat Shilova: Indeed…

Cat Shilova: If I would show that talk to the shrink, he would sign a formula for insane asylum at once. Therefore, I won’t show it.

SaveMe Oh: Shall I put it on my blog so he has easy access? We might win the Nobel Prize for literature.


A few moments later:

Glasz DeCuir: I have a date! Let see how many min I scare him :))

SaveMe Oh: With Ampel?

Glasz DeCuir: nop Apmel doesn’t love me!

SaveMe Oh: Yes he does, I just heard a big gossip about you 2

Glasz DeCuir: Let me know that…

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I am working on the juicy details for my blog

Glasz DeCuir: Don’t do that!

SaveMe Oh: Why not, will be lovely drama about you, Ampel, Tusty, Iono etc etc

Glasz DeCuir: You will scare all my lovers chance!

SaveMe Oh: That’s the risk but I found you a nice shrink

Glasz DeCuir: Shrink? What is that? If you publish my name on your blog again, no more books. And that’s my last word. And you are a bastard, 1 date I have and you have to distract me.

SaveMe Oh: Go have the date. Might be your last one. Go fuck him so I can edit my blogpost

Glasz DeCuir: Where is Apmel? I will kill him too!

Deep Throat For A Nibbler

You have devotees you can call minions and you have the slip streamers who spent most of their time following you while at the same time pretending they never have heard of you. Their pretending gets so obvious that they seem to be the only one not noticing that they slowly turn into a cheap shadow of the famous artist SaveMe Oh. When I tell how much people have visited my blog he has to show he has more readers, when I make a movie, he also has to try and the moment SaveMe Oh has alts his family of clones explodes and we see a massive invasion of Ampels.

When I noticed this obsessive behaviour I told Glasz DeCuir, who I have ordered to make another movie about me, to give the poor soul a guest appearance. You never have seen an avatar so exited. Before the shooting would start he was already waiting at the set, fully dressed in his costume, rehearsing hundred times his lines (“ahahahahahahahahaha”) and trying out the best animation to fall on his back after been beaten up by me with my baseball bat. To give himself some ego he could do nothing else than his ever repeating sexist talk he thinks woman must find extremely attractive but we let him had his fun as you never know what they miss in the elderly people’s home.


So after I once let him have the exclusive right to be my nibbler, it was cheaper to let him graze my Brazilian wax in shape then to go to the beauty parlour, I rewarded him yesterday after the shooting with some true appreciation, the hot sex scene he wanted so much.

Ampel puke

Too Blind To See?

When I visit Art Gallery Route 7, which is connected with a visual disability info hall I had a nice chat with ArtWolf Eternal, until I found out she was from FINLAND and she got an advice….

ArtWolf Eternal: Evening

SaveMe Oh: What a collection of rubbish you have. You better make a SaveMe Oh museum

ArtWolf Eternal: Apmel Goosson knows me well. Ask him more.

SaveMe Oh: That should encourage you to listen to my words

ArtWolf Eternal: This art gallery have a lot artist, some are rl disabilitys like me

SaveMe Oh: No, a lot of rubbish, disabled or not

ArtWolf Eternal: I am visual disability person in rl

SaveMe Oh: Then somebody should tell you, you have a lot of rubbish here. Can you see the fish here are swimming backwards?

ArtWolf Eternal: No, where?

SaveMe Oh: Behind you.

ArtWolf Eternal: Thats very avantgarde

SaveMe Oh: Yes. When I had done it it could be conceptual but from that idiot it must be incompetence

ArtWolf Eternal: I self have alot near sight and glaucoma and alot other visual problems but I can make art lol

SaveMe Oh: And you can walk without a dog down the stairs

ArtWolf Eternal: Yes in sl and rl ,but rl I need heavy glasses or contac lenses

SaveMe Oh: People always say that when I perform they get eye cancer so it would be great to perform for the blind

ArtWolf Eternal: So have you any disability youself?

SaveMe Oh: No, I am the most famous artist of the grid but I work daily with mental disabled people

ArtWolf Eternal: Really?

SaveMe Oh: ask Ampel

ArtWolf Eternal: He have never told about you. I lived in the same sim in solace island

SaveMe Oh: Impossible. His blog is full with items about me. Half his pictures are with me, he made movies about me. The man adores me.

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you must be something special to him then if he adores you. Have you married him?

SaveMe Oh: He would wish but he is too old

ArtWolf Eternal: Age is nothing in sl

SaveMe Oh: No, but he is very, very old

ArtWolf Eternal: No he is very young lol in his mind

SaveMe Oh: he does his best

ArtWolf Eternal: So that make way between age and mind

SaveMe Oh: Here his quote about me: “Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”

ArtWolf Eternal: Intresting,same criteria I have here too:)

Then I started to perform for her:

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me what you see

ArtWolf Eternal: White lines what I see also in rl with my glaucoma

SaveMe Oh: And now?

ArtWolf Eternal: I see such white lines in reality also those colour things very familiar with autumn season on street. You could make career to make worlds of visual disabilitys , to real life organisations

SaveMe Oh: Arrange me a performance for the blind on your roof with music for the deaf

ArtWolf Eternal: I have here deafs too and mute ones too:)

SaveMe Oh: You see? What a great idea.

ArtWolf Eternal: So what is purpose about this show?

SaveMe Oh: To make the deaf see and the blind hear?

ArtWolf Eternal: You know such peoples who hear colours and see sounds and taste light?

SaveMe Oh: I am a walking example off all that

ArtWolf Eternal: So you suffer that ?

SaveMe Oh: Suffering is for the weak of heart

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you should fall in love with Apmel if you have weak heart.

SaveMe Oh: He falls in love with me, dear, not the other way around. OMG I think you are in love with Ampel. You cant stop talking about him.

ArtWolf Eternal: hah ,I not intresting about swedish

SaveMe Oh: Are you also almost a hundred years old?

ArtWolf Eternal: Between

SaveMe Oh: His sheets????? Omg. Where are you from?

ArtWolf Eternal: Finland

SaveMe Oh: Omg, all the Fins want to kill me recently

ArtWolf Eternal: Really why?

SaveMe Oh: Stem van Helsinki, Tuulia Jinx, Leena Hirvi . They are all killing eachother and blame me for it

ArtWolf Eternal: lol I been out of that , not knowing. Blind deaf and mouth close

SaveMe Oh: I can give you the link of my blog if you like a soapstory

ArtWolf Eternal: I not have much time looking blogs not even time self write my blog. So what kicks you get off this?

SaveMe Oh: What kicks you get from art?

ArtWolf Eternal: Are you playing Hannibal Lecter? Question from question

SaveMe Oh: I make art, not explaining it. Thats the job of an audience

But then at once:

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.


SaveMe Oh: Why?

ArtWolf Eternal: Peoples told me to do so, sorry. I asked from virtual ability help they told at   ban  you out my land for disability stalking

SaveMe Oh: What a pity you dont trust your own judgement

ArtWolf Eternal: Ask Apmel

SaveMe Oh: Ampel would never advise you to do this

When I was behind banlines Leena Hirvi arrived, for sure the one who advised to ban me.

ArtWolf Eternal: SaveMe Oh is there

Leena Hirvi: Oh ,I can see that.

SaveMe Oh: Has the firing squad arrived? I guess we are only waiting for Stem van Helsinki to bring the riffles?


But then the Dutch sim owner arrived, for sure to arrange a region ban on request of the Finnish, but she showed some of the good old Dutch spirit and refused, and even advised ArtWolf to unban me. May Cheesus be blessed.

SaveMe Oh Is A Piece Of Art

When Ampel Goosson feels forced to publish a statement about SaveMe Oh out of free will without a knife on his throat there must be a serious reason.

First Ampel’s statement about SaveMe Oh on facebook:

“Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”


Ampel eating a piece of art

So I asked him an explanation:”

SaveMe Oh: Owing to certain circumstances???

Ampel Goosson: Stem van Helsinki told me to tell you to stop what you are doing. Idiot. We had a brawl

SaveMe Oh: Jaynine Scarborough also sends me an IM asking about Stem van Helsinki so I don’t know what he did.

Ampel Goosson: He seems to have sent messages to many. Kandinsky Beaumont also got it

SaveMe Oh: Could you send it to me or publish it?

Ampel Goosson: Hahaha. NO! It is not worth it.

SaveMe Oh: Good drama needs good storylines

Ampel Goosson: Sure, but I told him to tell you and that you can defend yourself.

SaveMe Oh: Of course you did but I would like to have the conversation

Ampel Goosson: No Save you will only publish it and that wouldn’t feel right

SaveMe Oh: Of course I would publish it

Ampel Goosson: I know

SaveMe Oh: Ok, so in that case I have to accept elderly man discussing about me without me present, sigh

Ampel Goosson: I didn’t discuss you Save..I mostly told him off for insulting my intelligence

Also Jaynine got a private message:

Jaynine Scarborough: Who is Stem van Helsinki? He wrote me an IM. He is actually on my friendslist, but I don t know if I ever talked to him

SaveMe Oh: He is a new galleryowner in SL since a year or so and the kind of man who thinks to know what is best for young girls like me. What IM he send?

Jaynine Scarborough: Dear friend!

Could you please write to SaveMe Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings?  It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly.

I hope you my friend do not support this kind of harassing art. It is the same if you support torturing other people.

Thank you, Stem van Helsinki

Jaynine Scarborough: So here you go: SaveMe!! Stop harassing STEM…

Some other comments:

Larkworthy Antfarm: For the sin of associating with SaveMe Oh, I have been told I am BAD seed and should read a book about the women who killed for Hitler, so I can learn more about my BAD self. WTF? What a bizarre and rather insulting idea! Condescending. Beneath contempt. Anyone who believes they have been harmed by a cartoon puncturing their uber inflated egos has bigger problems than I am able to fix, that’s for sure! And to express pride in having turned informant on another! And disappointment at not having the power to utterly erase her from SL. To play the goddamn self righteous control freak card and expect to be praised like a good dog. OMG. Who is the Nazi and who is the victim here? If you have a beef with SaveMe Oh, take it up with her — not me. Because now I am pissed too.

Iono Allen: It seems that being friend with SaveMe is such a sin that we have to be punished!

Kandinsky Beaumont: I got it too. I did not answer, I am tired to death of all these stupidos. And this one seems to have megalomania and is on a crusade to educate everybody else.

After reading this memories came back from the dark ages when Flora Nordenskjold and Josina Burgess tried to do the same.


And in this post from May this year Igor tells us he was not even aware of the witch-hunt going on. So funny what massacres can be created on behalf of unaware victims.

When you also received a message from Stem van Helsinki or had a chat with him about me, please send it to me so I can publish it to show the world how paternalism turns into absolutism and despotism.

The Arrogance Of An Owner Who Once Bought A Barbie Doll

Only today I found some fanmail on my twitter account on IF YOU GET ACROSS BEFORE I DO.  This movie was part of my recent trilogy were (until now) only the last one, DISAPPEAR FOR A WHILE was a problem. (for AviewTV because they think they have discovered a certain ressemblance between an existing avatar and her avatar horse who is specialised in stomach perforations)

Anti Solo Mornington March

Question now is, who do we see here in this movie besides SaveMe Oh, as it is known that this avatar was used by her father Cupido Oh but also by Luce Laval, Kikas Babenco, Ampel Goosson and Edward Folger. So who is the legitimate owner of this shape that is still for sale in second life? Does the creator of this shape know that a certain Mr. Mornington behaves as if he own the exclusive rights on a certain type of glasses and a white moustache. Or that at least he identifies strongly with the character.

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 29 @savemeoh

You realize I’m a person, right?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Also that sexual harassment is a crime?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

That sexual brutalism is a tactic of police states?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Do you realize that banning you from LEA is supported by a number of people, based on the reality of your toxicity?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Clearly you’d realize that this toxicity is on display in that video and the previous ‘blog.

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

I wonder if people who enjoy what you’re doing realize that they’re cheering for the bully.

For everyone besides Solo Mornington who also wants to be the “OLD MAN’  here is the LM where you can buy this shape: BAKUMATSU/149/105/23

Obey Your Leader

Thirza Ember: Hello my leader!

Solo Mornington: Hope you are not thinking you are an artist now?


Thirza Ember: Me? I made nothing of this, I swear! All my things are well hidden from your eyes on my own grid. You look like Stelarc, if you allow me to say

Solo Mornington: Stelarc would wish he looked like me

Thirza Ember: He has 3 ears

Solo Mornington: My ears are situated much better

Thirza Ember: I think that hippo is horny, hihi.

Solo Mornington: I prefer you won’t make suggestions in a sexual context

Thirza Ember: Let me delete the hippos if they annoy you


Solo Mornington: I prefer not to add any prims here in this non-LEA land

Thirza Ember: Me neither, really!


Solo Mornington giving directions to Junivers Stockholm and Ampel Goosson

Ampel Goosson: Interesting artist statement, mister Mornington!

Solo Mornington: If I may say so myself, a giant step for the international art world. Why you don’t apply for a LEA sim to do something serious?

Ampel Goosson: May I offer you my sweet smelling purse instead?

Thirza Ember: I have no money so I would be happy to accept some LEA charity.


Cat Shilova: OH NO, Mister Solo Morninton

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hi!

Cat Shilova: If I had known this was the dressing code I would have come naked of course?

Solo Mornington: Ladies, I came here to offer my LEA experience

Thirza Ember: How can we accept such a great offer?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Only in my wildest dreams I could think Solo Mornington would visit my small little sim.

Cat Shilova: It’s really a big honour Kandi!


Solo Mornington: I want to lead this all in a structured and decent way

Cat Shilova: Decent?

Solo Mornington: I know this is a difficult word for you, Cat, but yes. Decent.

Cat Shilova: My question was not a protest; I was overwhelmed by a feeling of great hope for the near future.

Best Performance Ever In A Virtual World?

The SaveMe Rez Week 2014 produced a superb advert for the WEAR TO MOVE performance SaveMe Oh  gave 9 March in the LEA 10 sim ”Your breath was shed” from Mimesis Monday/Heidi Dahlsveen. But was WEAR TO MOVE the best performance ever in a virtual world?  We asked fans and critics for their reviews of WEAR TO MOVE.

Focusing before the performance

“I really love her art. But I love even more the fact that she’s using the entire virtual world as her canvas,” says Ampel Goosson. He’s one of dozens of people with virtual cameras who’ve crowded in front of a dressing room where they patiently line up to get their turn to get naked and receive from Mimesis Monday one of the eight special made outfits from SaveMe Oh for the WEAR TO MOVE performance that is part of the opening night of this LEA sim. They’re here for the honour to be part of a SaveMe Oh performance, willingly to take the risk of being expelled from the snobbish art mafia that already keeps a grim grip on virtual worlds for almost a decade.

Lining up 2

Some of SaveMe’s earlier works were destroyed almost as quickly as they appeared, banned, muted, ejected or derendered by local wannabe artists, sim owners or curators who seem to resent SaveMe Oh’s intrusion on their turf. And they’re not the only ones who wish she’d go back to hell.

Lightflower 3

“SaveMe Oh is a great promo girl; SaveMe Oh is not an artist; SaveMe Oh is an act,” says Tyrehl Byk, the upper P from the PPP (Particle Pee Party). Byk gives SaveMe credit for making images that stand out from the average because they’re well-promoted. But he says the artist isn’t as deep as her fans like to think. “Does she really think making avatars waiting in line and promises them some peeping opportunities arouse the art world?” “She’s completely conventional, anarchy lite,” says Byk. “Her images are especially uninteresting. I mean an artist peeing on a work of Cherry Manga? Meh. A horsedick in Quan Lavender? Meh. I mean, it’s pretty pointed political messages, but all so obvious. So obvious.”

Still, SaveMe’s defenders say her words and images are only part of the point. They say the context matters, too.

Rotata (2)

“She brings art to the sims in a way that very few artists do,” says Ziki Questi, the author of a book about SaveMe Oh called Oh, Save Me!  “People stop who don’t go into galleries, who don’t go into museums, and they look at SaveMe Oh.” Questi says the artist’s omnipotent presence shows that her range has grown to include video and fashion-based pieces in her performances. Her favourite was the “Kratje” dress were Questi says see felt the splinters really getting in her virtual ass. The experience was totally real. ” And virtually no one could find the splinter in my ass” Questi says, even with the most modern zooming techniques.

Kratje 1 (1)

Simotron Aquila, who was only able to see a part of the performance stated; “Like many people, I just find the performances of SaveMe Oh incredibly compelling. In my head this most elusive of her dancing looks like Margot Fonteyn driving a bicycle with square wheels or something like that. This performance letting SaveMe’s political statements, hastily and secretly presented inside non existing virtual walls, speak for themselves. If SaveMe was just an anarchist or griefer, rustling with discontent, her art would be unimpressive. But SaveMe’s art speaks with an edgy, wry, stylish accent. Her creations are no defacement. Instead, they’re the graphic, unheard voices of those shouting “something is wrong here!”

stripes (3)

Eupalinos Ugajin couldn’t disagree more when he refused to stand for a second in line and TP-ed out of the sim as quickly as possible when SaveMe’s performance was announced. “This bitch is the attention whore of the art universe, she enjoys her time smuggling pieces of her attachment “art” into museums and art sim, installing her trademark name into random buildings such as my rafts or fluctuating Dada’s. This cunt pastes her name onto property, photographs it, puts it in the social media, and then calls it art. If you are the type of person that likes to point and laugh at the unusual places she puts her name on then this is the person you should follow blind.”

But SaveMe’s fans who lined up in front of her dressing room seem willing to forgive her every fart. And they’ll follow her to wherever she appears.

Dear Diary

My friends and I couldn’t believe it when the rezdayparty that was organised for me was cancelled at the last moment in MadPee Land because they thought it was more important to do a charity, to feed some poor kids in Africa a month, instead of celebrating my 7th rezday. The only one who was happy was my daddy, dear diary, because now he didn’t had to organise anything for me and he could waste his time on chasing the half woman Claudia666 Jewel or feed his own smiles with his fat groupies.


All alone, dear diary, I had to spend my rezday and none of my friends came by to bring me a present or make a nice punch for me and I had no other option than cry myself to sleep. Only the fact that last year I got a shipload of Kleenex for my rezday brought me through the darkest night of my young life.


But the next morning, dear diary, I took a firm decision; ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’. I decided to force my rezday upon all those ignorant cold hearted cruel people who don’t know what it means to express some gratitude. And to make them feel ashamed for once and for all, dear diary, I called it a REZ WEEK, instead of rezday. Now that will teach them.




On the first day of my rezweek, dear diary I went to Moya land where some children from other classes had put some drawing s on a wall and called it an exhibition. Of course nobody took any attention on this stuff on the wall as I began immediately to set up my rez day party surroundings and rez day party interiors and in a blink of an eye everybody was happy and dancing. Now was Moya with his silly sheep never a big fan of me as I am, as my dear sister Bryn, also in the sheep business, but he behaved as a gentleman and pretend to be not aware, hiding behind his “I not do speke inglish” masquerade. And as a nice uncle he shot a party movie. The only problem he had was to find the stop button so he filmed a lot of rubbish before he found me. You better start to watch only at 6.08

On the second day of my rezweek, dear diary, I headed to the gallery of Aneli Abeyante where again somebody did something on a wall but nobody was paying any attention as I opened up my party kit. Dear Aneli was in a state where her quantity of alveolar ventilation of carbon dioxide exceeds her body’s production of carbon dioxide but she survived. And it was incredible sweet of her to have two winners of the French Idols Competition singing for me, exclusive for my rez week. Unfortunately, dear diary I forgot their names, but next year we will have new idols so who cares?



On the third day of my rezweek, dear diary, my friends Cat Shilova, Snowbody Cortes, Thirza Ember, Josef K., Fuschia Nightfire, among others were surprised when I took over the Loop Club for some Deep Progressive Wearing and Deep Tech Attaching. They even got more thrilled when my sweet sister SaveMe Olihenge showed up giving Ampel an experience that he didn’t had since 1959.




All night we were also waiting for the participation of my dear friends the Duke of Arado and his dear wife without whom last year’s parties were no parties but they were too much involved with voluntary work in the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, so they couldn’t make it.

Snapshot_176 (2)

On the fourth day of my rezweek, dear diary, I tried to restore the equilibrium of some Italians but they only gave me 5 minutes which is far too less to restore an equilibrium for Italians, so we headed for the space base of Shindra where they also had some problems with their Yin and Yang in cyberspace so we all ended up in the deep sea of some far away planet. Luckily we brought some singing leek from Mother Earth so the party continued in the cosy surroundings of the Nighthawks cafe and things went really wild when Kandinsky Beaumont and Cat Shilova start to make fun of Quan Lavender in a hot choreography of sticks and leek. Some even mentioned they heard the sound of tingling ovaries, but that is very strange, that deep under water.

Snapshot_184 (2)

Snapshot_177 (2)


On the fifth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we fooled the entire crew of MadPee Land by throwing a huge party there without feeding any smile at all, we eat everything ourselves! And we refuse to auction Kiana Writer, Thirza Ember, Fuschia Nightfire or Snowbody Cortes as we are rich enough.

Snapshot_176 (3)

Snapshot_183 (2)


On the sixth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we were waiting for the opening of the Museum of Heroic Woman of which we are sure we will be part off as soon we have grown up. But when I want to contribute to the festivities a strange man IM-ed me:


AlucardMaxwell: Leave the poofs and things off, ty. So tell me why you did what you did

SaveMe Oh: Celebrating my rez week.

AlucardMaxwell: Ok but you don’t have to be rude and have poofs and hit people with a bat.

SaveMe Oh: Your butler was extremely rude to one of my friends

AlucardMaxwell: Yes and I talk to them all.

SaveMe Oh: And we offered you the best party ever but you choose to sit alone in your silly castle.

AlucardMaxwell: So you came here to just disrupt everything? You know it is not nice to come to things like this and do what you did. That is why I did what I did!

SaveMe Oh: You banned heroic woman, shame on you!!!! MAN!


Dear Diary, in a desperate state of shock I did not know what to do anymore to continue with my Rez Week. There was one option but that was so disgusting, so filthy and so bad for my health as I am highly allergic and anti-fur and anti-animal…but I had no other option and went with all my friends to the furry fair to continue the party. I have to say we were well received but nevertheless I took out my largest constructions to make sure the most little and creepy furries were covered completely.




The biggest surprise of whole week I got, dear diary, when a mystery guest appeared. But he doesn’t fool me. There was the huge and gorgeous body of Igor Ballyhoo. He escaped from the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, just to bring me a kiss for my rez week. How sweet is that?


On the seventh day of my rezweek, dear diary, I rest and saw it was good.


I try to rest, dear diary but my friends begged and begged and begged. Now tonight I was not in the mood anymore to jump in somewhere so I found me a nice quiet empty piece of land next door to Quan Lavender in Malibu and not soon after my dear friends fall out of the sky to be with me, my dear brother Lemonodo, Cherry Manga, Claudia Jewel, Pixels Sideways, Scottius Polke, Iono Allen and the gang who was with me all week. Of course I also asked dear Quan to come over but she was too busy undressing from her Cat suit she had on earlier that night for the Cat Carnival in LEA 20. Only late at night we made maybe a little bit too much noise, but I really told all my friends: “we have to stop at midnight when my rez week s over”.





Fuschia Nightfire: Quan just posted on FB: “Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist!”

Thirza Ember: This is someone’s house? It looks like a field. Where are the horses

SaveMe Oh: Horses coming

Thirza Ember: She sent to me also

Fuschia Nightfire: Is that supposed to make us go?

Thirza Ember: She is a true journalist. She reaches out to the public. I could learn a lot

SaveMe Oh: I can’t read it, she blocked me on FB

Thirza Ember: Now you know how Marma feels when I say something clever. Except… not really.

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh blimey, I was thinking about going to bed, now I feel I have to stay longer

Cat Shilova: Equestrian art!!


Snow: It’s a snapshot with the list of avatars here, obviously friends in bold

SaveMe Oh: Cat is not her friend? What happened?

Cat Shilova: Just noticed a blank in my friendlist

SaveMe Oh: It happens sometimes

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this actually Quan’s land?

Thirza Ember: No, look at the address

Fuschia Nightfire: That is what I thought

Thirza Ember: This is up for rent

Cat Shilova: So we are listed

Fuschia Nightfire: So she can’t really say we are stalking her at her home

SaveMe Oh: This is free land. One day I was kicked out to here and I loved the grass.

Snow: Yep fuschia, we are stallking and stop

Cat Shilova: Are we doomed?