Be Part Of The Art

As Kikas Babenco & Marmaduke Arado want us to be part of the art I tried to join them in their event but it turned out they don’t want me to be part of the art. To honour these great artists anyway I send a friend on my behalve to be PART OF THEIR ART.


Glasz DeCuir: “I am forced here by Saveme Oh to see this ridicule show”

Josie Anderton: LOL

Starry Bosch: Just been on the fan

Glasz DeCuir: And i will repeat this: “I am forced here by Saveme Oh to see this ridicule show”

Apmel Meerson: I guess she couldn’t come in person.

Josie Anderton: hehe

Delain Canucci: Oh god

Cicadetta Stillwater Facepalms

Delain Canucci: Sighs. Guess another one on the block list.

Glasz DeCuir: Sorry to particle TOM, whom I dont know by the rest…. fuck off, included my sweet neighbour

Patience Roxley: Save Me timoooooooooooooooo


Cicadetta Stillwater ejected and banned Glasz DeCuir from this land.

Glasz DeCuir: Was a relaxing theraphy :)) And they rejected me twice, now at home. Samantha Chester banned me.


The Tragedy Of King Lea

(free after William Shakespeare)


To celebrate the Swedish release of the IBook with my artwork, written by Glasz DeCuir and translated by Kandinsky Beaumont we set up a party in the gallery of Josef K. who was also responsible for the introduction in the book.

And half an hour before I was starting my performance there was an unexpected guest already hiding in the gallery. What was he up to???? Was it the prince of Denmark or was it King LEA himself?

SaveMe Oh: Solo Mornington is early

Josef K: Hahaha yes I see him too now. I wonder if he will come down even. You think his heart will survive your Je Suis Vierge installation?

SaveMe Oh: I hope he won’t rape me 72 times


Josef K: I am camming him now. He is in the Sina Souza room

SaveMe Oh: Camming from there for sure so he can’t be catched on photo in front of my work

Josef K: Your work is on the floor just above him

SaveMe Oh: He is afraid I would catch him. By far the biggest idiot of SL.

Josef K:  We are celebrating the new book about SaveMe Oh

Solo Mornington: Yay book! Too bad it’s about shitty art.

Larkworthy Antfarm: What’s happening under that pile of books?

SaveMe Oh: I think Solo Mornington has prepared an introduction

Apmel Meerson: Omg  A SPEACH!!

Solo Mornington: By all means continue.

And then to everybody’s surprise Solo Mornington attached a giant object covering the complete platform. Was he finally ready to participate and interact?


SaveMe Oh: Did you glue that yourself Solo?

Solo Mornington: Not sure if you’re aware of this, but sl doesn’t use ‘glue.’

Larkworthy Antfarm: OMG is he planning to burn them?

Apmel Meerson: I didn’t know Solo belonged to the SaveMe church

Solo Mornington: I invented it. SaveMe Oh stole all my ideas.

SaveMe Oh: I am so happy with the intervention of Solo Mornington.

Apmel Meerson: Haha

Solo Mornington: I thought it was appropriate.

SaveMe Oh: Very

Solo Mornington: To show up on and shit on you. Because I support art in sL.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Pretty bland stuff Morny!  You can do better.

SaveMe Oh: Now I can sign the books in peace when you do the visuals. Only one thing…don’t kiss Kandi.

Solo Mornington: Why?

Ori: “Would you sign my ass instead?”

SaveMe Oh: You might turn into a frog

Solo Mornington: ahh.

Ori: quaacks

Apmel Meerson: She only turns Solos to frogs though

Solo Mornington points to SaveMe Oh… Shh don’t say bland. You are blinded by my brilliance.

SaveMe Oh: I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Ampel will have a bad time tagging

Apmel Meerson: I can’t see myself wank

SaveMe Oh: Don’t wank by coincidence in Solo’s face, he might be allergic for dust

Solo Mornington: That’s because you didn’t know you were a fascist.

Josef K: Solo … why are you griefing my event … as far as I know I have never bothered you?

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to derender anyone.. how do I do that btw?

SaveMe Oh: Let him, he doesn’t have anything else to do.

Solo Mornington: Ahh, so it’s less delightful now, and you feel the need to insult me. Imagine that.

Larkworthy Antfarm: We are not dealing with an emotionally healthy person.

Solo Mornington: SMO, correct. Oo.. the silence falls. the laughter stops.

Josef K: I don’t get it Solo … I visit LEA from time to time and don’t destroy it for others … and you come to my gallery and sabotage the release of a book I have been a co-writer on.


Solo Mornington: The joke has ended….

Ori scans foe mentally healthy people

Solo Mornington: Josef…. it’s not personal.

SaveMe Oh: People must be enjoying the show, Solo

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am referring to you Solo.  You do not want to go there.

Zola Zsun: I’m here.. but I am blind helllppp

Solo Mornington: But clearly, in the extensive research for your book… must have encountered the absolute fact that SaveMe Oh has done this to people.

Josef K: Well .. I find it hard to believe that the leader of LEA acts that way .. not very professional

Solo Mornington: Right, SaveMe Oh is allowed, I am not.

Larkworthy Antfarm: You compare this crap you laid to art Save has created?

Solo Mornington: Yes. Absolutely.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Now that is amusing.

Bethany Fire: checks and agrees with herself and I that she’s mentally sane xx

Josef K: SaveMe Oh is invited to perform. You and me can do a performance any other time

Solo Mornington: Indeed she is, and she can.

Ori: SaveMe Oh is here?

Solo Mornington: No, this is just the moment for me to perform.

SaveMe Oh: I’m hiding downstairs

Solo Mornington: Find out if I am disturbing the performance from the artist.

Apmel Meerson: I’m trying to find her so I can at least tag the artist

Larkworthy Antfarm: Aren’t you afraid your dazzling artwork will set off one of your seizures, Solo?

Solo Mornington: It will be a glorious 10 minutes of bliss.

Josef K: Still Solo .. you are here as a guest in my gallery … SaveMe Oh is here as the performer

Solo Mornington: Indeed I am a guest, and I appreciate it. I really do.

Josef K: I suddenly lost all my respect for LEA

Apmel Meerson: Let them fight it out Josef..I think SaveMe will win

SaveMe Oh: I told you….

Ori: What is LEA?

SaveMe Oh: Licking Every Ass

Solo Mornington: I’m not here on behalf of LEA.

Larkworthy Antfarm: White bread white bread

Josef K: It’s the art sims run by Second Life and Solo is the boss

Bethany Fire: Linden endowment for the arts xxx

SaveMe Oh: And the ass to be licked hangs on the bottom of Solo Mornington.

Or: Hahahhaha

Zola Zsun: lol

Solo Mornington: I’m here on behalf of the people SaveMe Oh has driven from SL through years-long campaigns of harassment.


SaveMe Oh: When you lick well you get a free sim

Ori: Indeed, lick

Zola Zsun: What about hallucinations?

SaveMe Oh: When you lick better you are allowed to stay forever there free. Bryn Licks very well.

Apmel Meerson: I never got one..I must have licked the wrong ass

Josef K: But he isn’t acting much like a responsible leader at the moment

Solo Mornington: It’s true, I’m not. but then some folks think I’m not a very good leader anyway. But you know, SaveMe Oh herself said she was delighted I was here. So until she asks nicely, this will continue.

Josef K: From a PR point of view this is good for my gallery … tomorrow lots of blogs will write about this .. good for me .. bad for LEA

Solo Mornington: Great.Good for you.

Zola Zsun: Nice tutu, Save 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Couldn’t be better.

Solo Mornington: PR for your misguided book about a serial harasser.

Larkworthy Antfarm: It calls into question the professionalism of LEA and the Lindens.

Josef K: Haha and you will get a lot of credit too SaveMe 🙂

Cat Shilova: I used derender …. Strangely this fog is gone.

SaveMe Oh whispers: Solo, you already downloaded the book?

Zola Zhun: Me too, Cat .. Hi Cat 🙂

Solo Mornington: Just derender and pretend. Pretend in a pretend world. Delude yourself in a world of delusion.

Larkworthy Antfarm: To think that Lindens allow individuals with known issues to run their artist sims.

Zola Zsun: Which is the pretend world? Here or out there? 🙂

Solo Mornington: Known issues like what? Thinking you’re full of shit? Or is being full of shit your act?

Larkworthy Antfarm: You cannot hide the truth from everyone Solo.

Cat Shilova: Ah, next step is MUTING.

Solo Mornington: Is me being angry an act?

Josef K: Do derender the leader of LEA in order to enjoy the magic of SaveMe Oh …

SaveMe Oh: Reflect Solo, is healthy for you

Solo Mornington: Ask nicely and I’ll leave.

SaveMe Oh: You waited long enough for this

Solo Mornington: Can’t do it though, because ‘nice’ isn’t part of the deal. The persona doesn’t allow it. How constricting.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Mental issues.  Known mental issues.

Solo Mornington: Such as what?

SaveMe Oh: I have something for you Solo

Solo Mornington: Abuse. In the name of art is not art.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Ask your fellow LEA members.  I have.

Glasz DeCuir: Looks great the fog, more mystery to the intense chat text 🙂

SaveMe Oh: There are no other LEA members, he is the only one.

Solo Mornington: You’ll note that I bring all the interest here.

Glasz DeCuir: Solo read the eBook and we speak on a public debate about that concept

Zola Zsun: Oh I am enjoying the melodrama entertainment myself. 🙂

Josef K: shouts: Dear visitors … if all you see is a white fog it’s due to the griefing of Solo Mornington, the headmaster of LEA – Second Life’s official art sims. Do derender him in order to enjoy the performance by SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: He finally found his true identity and dares to show it.

Zola Zsun: Oh I got rid of the fog soon as I got here 🙂

Solo Mornington: Yah, so whatever SaveMe Oh is doing, just ignore it. The fog is better. Just ask Glasz. No, my true identity is complex and varied, just like everyone. SaveMe Oh is as much a lie as this outburst.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Put on your shrinking caps folks.  Diagnose LEAs idea of a responsible art committee member. Shake some screws loose.

SaveMe Oh: I have something else for you Solo.

Solo Mornington: Lark, consider that SaveMe Oh says she’s delighted by this intervention. I am supporting art in SL.

Glasz DeCuir: Solo wants to be an artist 🙂

Josef K: This is an epic event … Officials from Second Life management is trying to sabotage it .. that has never happened before 🙂

Solo Mornington: I’m not from SL management.

SaveMe Oh: Licking management he is.

Zola Zsun shouts: How Exciting!

Solo Mornington: Just get that straight.

Josef K: We are making history

Solo Mornington: See how exciting I make your event, SaveMe Oh? By ruining it?

Apmel Meerson: Is someone filming?

SaveMe Oh: Ruining???? I love contributions.

Solo Mornington: According to Josef I’m a griefer right now.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Hands up don’t shoot!!  Artists lives matter!

Tizzy Canucci: Not filming, but I’ve got a hard drive nearly full of shots…

Josef K: shouts: Soon I will be as famous as SaveMe Oh because Solo Mornington is attacking my event 😀

Zola Zsun: Solo, It is a pleasure to meet you, I have heard many things about you

Solo Mornington: All good I hope, Zola. well met. I mean, for real, not this bullshit griefer mode thing.

Zola Zsun: Oh is there a bullshit griefer here?

Solo Mornington: Yah me. 🙂 But it’s ART. And stuff.

Solo Mornington:

Glasz DeCuir: Feel free to express yourself Solo!

Zola Zsun: Which is yours Solo and which is Save’s?

Solo Mornington: Yah it’s hard to tell isn’t it?

Josef K shouts: the ugly ones is Solo’s

Zola Zsun: So we can make an informed choice in our derendering

Solo Mornington: And that’s the beauty of it.

Apmel Meerson: This certainly is freeing me from tagging photos.

Solo Mornington: SaveMe Oh harasses me for years. I show up and it’s the end of the world.

Zola Zsun: The fog? I see no fog I have derendered it

Solo Mornington: Ahh then you’ve figured out which is mine.

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to learn how to derender

Zola Zsun: Why Solo I am glad you are here… I am finding it a delight to be witness to real drama :))

Cat Shilova: You don’t have to learn, you just have to click

Tizzy Canucci: Work with it… more of a challenge… always

Solo Mornington: Yah as opposed to SaveMe Oh’s fake drama.

Cat Shilova: Solo, our new drama queen.

SaveMe Oh: I loved how he was waiting half an hour before the show to appear.

Zola Zsun: lol. Amateur

Larkworthy Antfarm: I derendered Solo’s asshole.  Now for the smell.

Solo Mornington: Hehe

Zola Zsun: hahahahah

Solo Mornington: You know, you get victimized and they cheer on the bully. You bully and they call you an asshole. Some people.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Don’t taz me bro!

Zola Zsun: Who is the bully … is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Solo Mornington: Art is supposed to be about the condition of being human. Attempting to destroy people without their consent is bad art.

SaveMe Oh: And LEA is now all unprotected???? OMG

Zola Zsun: OMG

Solo Mornington: No, who is the bully isn’t that hard to understand. If you have compassion. Or any basic humanity.

Ori: Where can you buy that?

Solo Mornington: That’s the unfortunate part.

Ori: Crap

Zola Zsun: No matter what.. our feelings come only from our own minds

Solo Mornington: You have to, like, make an effort and shit.

Ori: Can’t buy that huh?

Solo Mornington: No, our feelings come from a truth. people without feeling have no truth.

Apmel Meerson: “you have to, like, make an effort and shit.” wow..a classic to remember!

Ori: Writes it down

Zola Zsun: If one believes in an objective truth which is usually found only in mathematics

Ori: Yes, math is the only logical truth!!

Josef K: Shouldn’t we write a book about Solo … we could print in on toilet paper … and let the readers decide what to do with it

Zola Zsun: Oh noo.. Ebook is the way to go

Josef K: It’s hard to clean your ass with an eBook

Solo Mornington: No, there’s a truth to someone being cruel. You don’t have to accept or reject the hurt feelings of the victim to see the cruel intention.

Cat Shilova: How do you say shit in Swedish??

Apmel Meerson: Wow..I get sooo much good material to quote on my blog tomorrow!

Annie: hahahahaha

Zola Zsun: Solo, you seem to be upset.. it’s ok.. everything will be ok

Larkworthy Antfarm: It is all about Solo.  All of LEA is about Solo.  All of Second Life.  He thrives on his love/hate relationship with Save.

Josef K: Shit in Swedish is ‘skit’

Apmel Meerson: Haha Josef..true

Glasz DeCuir: A love story …

Cat Shilova: Ah thanks Josef!

Solo Mornington: Hehe skit based comedy.

Zola Zsun: Skit in English is a short play 🙂

Larkworthy Antfarm: Scat

Zola Zsun: lol

Josef K: In Danish we just call it ‘lort’

Zola Zsun: I like that one.. lort.. good word

Solo Mornington: I’m here as an intervention for all you fine folks who think it’s clever to glue some prims together and wear them.

Apmel Meerson: Lort is the nice way of saying shit in Swedish

Larkworthy Antfarm: Solo sniffs Save’s scat like a lovesick dog.

Zola Zsun:Well.. I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am so glad you now help me out Solo. After all the years I had to do everything alone.

Simotron Aquila: hello :))

Solo Mornington: Like I said: I’m here to support art in SL.

Apmel Meerson: Hello Simo..nice timing..right in the skitprat

Simotron Aquila: 🙂

Zola Zsun: A noble cause.. in theory

Solo Mornington: Unfortunately the art I’m supporting is based on harassment and bullying.

Apmel Meerson: This event is getting closer and closer to my liking

Solo Mornington: Glad I could pull it out of the fire for you, apmel.

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it lovely? Who could imagine he was still alive?

Zola Zsun: Delightfully lovely, Save

Apmel Meerson: Never knew you were a gifted comedian Solo

Cat Shilova: Your love only keeps him alive

Zola Zsun: All you need is love 🙂

SaveMe Oh: That’s why I am SaveMe. Empathy for all

Josef K shouts: For any newcomers: Just derender the leader of the Second Life LEA sim: Solo Mornington … then you can enjoy SaveMe Oh without his griefing

Solo Mornington shouts: Because, as you know, it’s important to ALWAYS DERENDER ART.

Zola Zsun: Actually I think derendering might bring more peace in the sl art world.. a world I usually stay away from 🙂 Perhaps I would visit it more often

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to derender..but maybe whoever film this might be helped by it

Solo Mornington: If they’re filming what’s happening here and they derender me, then they’re liars.

SaveMe Oh: Depends what you want to film. If you want to film an endless ass licking fart you shouldn’t derender

Zola Zsun: Right, Save, we all make our own choices

Larkworthy Antfarm: It is like watching a turd floating in a glass of milk.

Solo Mornington: Mmm… turdmilk.

Mandel Solano shouts: Hi you having fun here???

SaveMe Oh: Is that a question?

Solo Mornington shouts: yah, I’m participating in the performance.

Apmel Meerson: It is a Solo performance

Cat Shilova: We LOVE drama!

Mandel Solano: oh hehe

Simotron Aquila: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Drama is highest level of art

Zola Zsun: Indeed

Solo Mornington: Nope. Disagree.

Zola Zsun: and life would be so boring without it

Larkworthy Antfarm: Like a bad John Waters’ movie!

Glasz DeCuir: This is another Masterpiece :))

Zola Zsun: Which are the BEST

Solo Mornington: Yes, mine. I claim it.

SaveMe Oh: The claim is yours, Solo! You deserve it 100%

Solo Mornington: All of SaveMe Oh’s work, I claim as my masterpiece, because it’s impossible for her work to exist without victims.

SaveMe Oh: You have a tipjar?

Apmel Meerson: Hahahahahahahaaa

Glasz DeCuir: :)))

Zola Zsun: lol

Larkworthy Antfarm: Oh snap!

Solo Mornington: I have a large surface area. Surely you can find a place to right-click. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Your surface area we know. It’s at the bottom of your back

Solo Mornington: Josef, is it still objectionable? 🙂 Does your fear of my anger still prevent you from enjoying this? I ask because it’s your place.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Did he really talk to us in comic book villain dialect??

Marie: Don’t fight too much folks, events are for having fun, make love not war

Larkworthy Antfarm: Betty, even through the fog, you shine pink!  LOL.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe Betty uses her Solo Teflon pack?

Solo Mornington: For a bunch of people who love drama, you sure do get quiet. I stop, the party stops.

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise the blogpost gets too long

Zola Zsun: People are tired of entertaining you, Solo.. that is all.. now we have fun.. you try to do the same 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Hope he will also invite me to LEA now

Solo Mornington: I sold you a sim. You had no idea how to respond.

SaveMe Oh: Tell them Solo, we can’t wait for your stories

Dido Haas: Yes tell us Solo, all ears.

Solo Mornington: See? 10x more interesting.

Solo Mornington: And then somehow, SaveMe Oh ended up making a video where her avatar rapes my avatar.

SaveMe Oh: You have the link?

Josef K: Sure that wasn’t a wet dream, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Those were the days, when grudges were forged.

SaveMe Oh: Solo could you make an advertisement for my book?

Solo Mornington: Yes: here’s your blurb: “SaveMe Oh delights in harassing people, and asks us to explore this harassment as if it were somehow positive.” …another paragraph or two…..

“…to mask her own psychopathic tendencies.” —Solo Mornington

Josef K: Kind of funny … I have been in sl for 4 years by now … the first griefer I see is the headmaster of LEA

Marie: don’t fight so much, guys !!!

Solo Mornington: Why not Marie? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Josef K: Drama is the blood of second life

Marie: because it is boring for me, .)) I prefer having fun in other way

Solo Mornington: Josef, if you’ve spent any time with SaveMe Oh, you know that’s not true.

Marie: I hate drama .)

Solo Mornington: I happen to have an actual beef here. Rather than just drama.

Solo Mornington:

Zola Zsun: drama is what makes us human

Cat Shilova: Who fights??

Dido Haas: Not me Cat

Marie: But life has enough drama for itself, so silly to want a bit more.))

Josef K: Solo … I have actually had a lot of respect for the LEA sims. Tonight you made me loose that respect all together

Solo Mornington: Josef, if you asked nicely at any time, I would have quit.

Dido Haas: hard words Josef

Solo Mornington: If you or SaveMe Oh ask me to stop, I will.

Zola Zsun: Is it time for the next act of the drama? This one is getting long

Glasz DeCuir: NO,please, go on! 🙂

Solo Mornington: Zola, try years of harassment from SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh: Stop???? Finally somebody joining in?

Dido Haas: Agrees

Josef K: Solo … I don’t believe in censorship or banning … I judge by behaviour.

Solo Mornington: Then how can you lose respect for artists at LEA?

Zola Zsun: Oh SaveMe has been harassing me for years and years…

Larkworthy Antfarm: This man is out of control.

Josef K: Oh I still respect the artists … but now I despite the concept

Larkworthy Antfarm: LEA members have said so publically.

Zola Zsun: Will you stop please, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Josef, should I honor the request from Zola?

Zola Zsun LEA Seemed to rather homogenize.. the art stuff in here anyway

Cat Shilova: Who is Solo??

Josef K: Solo you are a grown man, you make your own decisions

Solo Mornington: Ok, then I will.

Cat Shilova: Not sure for “grown”

Solo Mornington: Now any griefy objects you see are your own.

Solo Mornington: 🙂

Apmel Meerson: Wow now I see art

Solo Mornington: Ossum. Too bad it’s about SaveMe Oh. Seriously, good luck with the book and the event.

SaveMe Oh: Seriously I don’t like you

Zola Zsun: hahahaha

Solo Mornington: Fucking hell. Some HONESTY. Finally! Go with that. Your art will improve.

Zola Zsun: Oh wow.. spinning Lenins. Fabulous. Hilarious

Josef K: That’s the difference between Solo and SaveMe … SaveMe is always improving

Solo Mornington: nice. 🙂

ush Underwood: Fog

SaveMe Oh: Don’t be hard on him, he just started today as a performer

Zola Zsun: Well it really comes down to Save’s brilliant ability to provoke emotion

ush Underwood: ok

Zola Zsun: Is that good art? Yes!

Solo Mornington: Terrorists provoke emotion. That’s why they’re called ‘terrorists.’ Griefers provoke emotion. that’s why they’re called ‘griefers.’

Solo Mornington: And now… you’re rid of me. 🙂

Josef K: Griefing is a concept by which we measure creativity

SaveMe0h: Where is Solo tipjar?

Zola Zsun: Poor Solo, he seems so unhappy.

Apmel Meerson: I have zero lindens on this alt..pity I cannot tip Solo

SaveMe Oh: Stay some more Solo

Larkworthy Antfarm: where is his tip jar? His coin slot?

Deep Throat For A Nibbler

You have devotees you can call minions and you have the slip streamers who spent most of their time following you while at the same time pretending they never have heard of you. Their pretending gets so obvious that they seem to be the only one not noticing that they slowly turn into a cheap shadow of the famous artist SaveMe Oh. When I tell how much people have visited my blog he has to show he has more readers, when I make a movie, he also has to try and the moment SaveMe Oh has alts his family of clones explodes and we see a massive invasion of Ampels.

When I noticed this obsessive behaviour I told Glasz DeCuir, who I have ordered to make another movie about me, to give the poor soul a guest appearance. You never have seen an avatar so exited. Before the shooting would start he was already waiting at the set, fully dressed in his costume, rehearsing hundred times his lines (“ahahahahahahahahaha”) and trying out the best animation to fall on his back after been beaten up by me with my baseball bat. To give himself some ego he could do nothing else than his ever repeating sexist talk he thinks woman must find extremely attractive but we let him had his fun as you never know what they miss in the elderly people’s home.


So after I once let him have the exclusive right to be my nibbler, it was cheaper to let him graze my Brazilian wax in shape then to go to the beauty parlour, I rewarded him yesterday after the shooting with some true appreciation, the hot sex scene he wanted so much.

Ampel puke

Dear Diary

My friends and I couldn’t believe it when the rezdayparty that was organised for me was cancelled at the last moment in MadPee Land because they thought it was more important to do a charity, to feed some poor kids in Africa a month, instead of celebrating my 7th rezday. The only one who was happy was my daddy, dear diary, because now he didn’t had to organise anything for me and he could waste his time on chasing the half woman Claudia666 Jewel or feed his own smiles with his fat groupies.


All alone, dear diary, I had to spend my rezday and none of my friends came by to bring me a present or make a nice punch for me and I had no other option than cry myself to sleep. Only the fact that last year I got a shipload of Kleenex for my rezday brought me through the darkest night of my young life.


But the next morning, dear diary, I took a firm decision; ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’. I decided to force my rezday upon all those ignorant cold hearted cruel people who don’t know what it means to express some gratitude. And to make them feel ashamed for once and for all, dear diary, I called it a REZ WEEK, instead of rezday. Now that will teach them.




On the first day of my rezweek, dear diary I went to Moya land where some children from other classes had put some drawing s on a wall and called it an exhibition. Of course nobody took any attention on this stuff on the wall as I began immediately to set up my rez day party surroundings and rez day party interiors and in a blink of an eye everybody was happy and dancing. Now was Moya with his silly sheep never a big fan of me as I am, as my dear sister Bryn, also in the sheep business, but he behaved as a gentleman and pretend to be not aware, hiding behind his “I not do speke inglish” masquerade. And as a nice uncle he shot a party movie. The only problem he had was to find the stop button so he filmed a lot of rubbish before he found me. You better start to watch only at 6.08

On the second day of my rezweek, dear diary, I headed to the gallery of Aneli Abeyante where again somebody did something on a wall but nobody was paying any attention as I opened up my party kit. Dear Aneli was in a state where her quantity of alveolar ventilation of carbon dioxide exceeds her body’s production of carbon dioxide but she survived. And it was incredible sweet of her to have two winners of the French Idols Competition singing for me, exclusive for my rez week. Unfortunately, dear diary I forgot their names, but next year we will have new idols so who cares?



On the third day of my rezweek, dear diary, my friends Cat Shilova, Snowbody Cortes, Thirza Ember, Josef K., Fuschia Nightfire, among others were surprised when I took over the Loop Club for some Deep Progressive Wearing and Deep Tech Attaching. They even got more thrilled when my sweet sister SaveMe Olihenge showed up giving Ampel an experience that he didn’t had since 1959.




All night we were also waiting for the participation of my dear friends the Duke of Arado and his dear wife without whom last year’s parties were no parties but they were too much involved with voluntary work in the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, so they couldn’t make it.

Snapshot_176 (2)

On the fourth day of my rezweek, dear diary, I tried to restore the equilibrium of some Italians but they only gave me 5 minutes which is far too less to restore an equilibrium for Italians, so we headed for the space base of Shindra where they also had some problems with their Yin and Yang in cyberspace so we all ended up in the deep sea of some far away planet. Luckily we brought some singing leek from Mother Earth so the party continued in the cosy surroundings of the Nighthawks cafe and things went really wild when Kandinsky Beaumont and Cat Shilova start to make fun of Quan Lavender in a hot choreography of sticks and leek. Some even mentioned they heard the sound of tingling ovaries, but that is very strange, that deep under water.

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On the fifth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we fooled the entire crew of MadPee Land by throwing a huge party there without feeding any smile at all, we eat everything ourselves! And we refuse to auction Kiana Writer, Thirza Ember, Fuschia Nightfire or Snowbody Cortes as we are rich enough.

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On the sixth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we were waiting for the opening of the Museum of Heroic Woman of which we are sure we will be part off as soon we have grown up. But when I want to contribute to the festivities a strange man IM-ed me:


AlucardMaxwell: Leave the poofs and things off, ty. So tell me why you did what you did

SaveMe Oh: Celebrating my rez week.

AlucardMaxwell: Ok but you don’t have to be rude and have poofs and hit people with a bat.

SaveMe Oh: Your butler was extremely rude to one of my friends

AlucardMaxwell: Yes and I talk to them all.

SaveMe Oh: And we offered you the best party ever but you choose to sit alone in your silly castle.

AlucardMaxwell: So you came here to just disrupt everything? You know it is not nice to come to things like this and do what you did. That is why I did what I did!

SaveMe Oh: You banned heroic woman, shame on you!!!! MAN!


Dear Diary, in a desperate state of shock I did not know what to do anymore to continue with my Rez Week. There was one option but that was so disgusting, so filthy and so bad for my health as I am highly allergic and anti-fur and anti-animal…but I had no other option and went with all my friends to the furry fair to continue the party. I have to say we were well received but nevertheless I took out my largest constructions to make sure the most little and creepy furries were covered completely.




The biggest surprise of whole week I got, dear diary, when a mystery guest appeared. But he doesn’t fool me. There was the huge and gorgeous body of Igor Ballyhoo. He escaped from the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, just to bring me a kiss for my rez week. How sweet is that?


On the seventh day of my rezweek, dear diary, I rest and saw it was good.


I try to rest, dear diary but my friends begged and begged and begged. Now tonight I was not in the mood anymore to jump in somewhere so I found me a nice quiet empty piece of land next door to Quan Lavender in Malibu and not soon after my dear friends fall out of the sky to be with me, my dear brother Lemonodo, Cherry Manga, Claudia Jewel, Pixels Sideways, Scottius Polke, Iono Allen and the gang who was with me all week. Of course I also asked dear Quan to come over but she was too busy undressing from her Cat suit she had on earlier that night for the Cat Carnival in LEA 20. Only late at night we made maybe a little bit too much noise, but I really told all my friends: “we have to stop at midnight when my rez week s over”.





Fuschia Nightfire: Quan just posted on FB: “Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist!”

Thirza Ember: This is someone’s house? It looks like a field. Where are the horses

SaveMe Oh: Horses coming

Thirza Ember: She sent to me also

Fuschia Nightfire: Is that supposed to make us go?

Thirza Ember: She is a true journalist. She reaches out to the public. I could learn a lot

SaveMe Oh: I can’t read it, she blocked me on FB

Thirza Ember: Now you know how Marma feels when I say something clever. Except… not really.

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh blimey, I was thinking about going to bed, now I feel I have to stay longer

Cat Shilova: Equestrian art!!


Snow: It’s a snapshot with the list of avatars here, obviously friends in bold

SaveMe Oh: Cat is not her friend? What happened?

Cat Shilova: Just noticed a blank in my friendlist

SaveMe Oh: It happens sometimes

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this actually Quan’s land?

Thirza Ember: No, look at the address

Fuschia Nightfire: That is what I thought

Thirza Ember: This is up for rent

Cat Shilova: So we are listed

Fuschia Nightfire: So she can’t really say we are stalking her at her home

SaveMe Oh: This is free land. One day I was kicked out to here and I loved the grass.

Snow: Yep fuschia, we are stallking and stop

Cat Shilova: Are we doomed?


Mama, Mama, They Deleted My Facebook Account

In the light of recent events (see my posts about monstrous dicks and corrupted LEA sims) I could notice a higher level of attacks to prevent me from using my freedom of speech. Warnings, threats, secret service activities and pressure on my friends to dump me or change my mind give a perfect picture how the narrow-minded rulers inside SL think they have to imitated the Vladimir Putin’s and Barack Obama’s of this world. I already made an escape plan to the Embassy of Ecuador, just in case. (Although I hate that I have to eat fried squirrels).

After some warnings from facebook today I found for the third time in some years an account deleted. What a relief. I hate so much to have to do the cleaning of my friends list every year, and this does it with one click from some idiot somewhere.

Unfortunately the spy activity led to more victims. Something I have nothing to do with but I will never be believed as they prefer to shuffle all the guilt to SaveMe Oh than look themselves in a mirror.

Apmel Meerson: Quan.. are you banned from Facebook? I noticed I couldn´t reach SaveMe Oh’s notices..and when I search you..not you either

Quan Lavender: Yes, obviously another game of this asshole

Apmel Meerson: Omg, I was hoping it was a mistake

Quan Lavender: I don’t think so. The account is deleted. I had to confirm with passport. But of course I can’t

Quan Lavender: I have a RL account too and when I see all the HUGE ASSHOLES in SL I am more that glad that nobody knows who I am.

Quan Lavender: Btw, thank you that you encouraged Save to blog this

Apmel Meerson: hehe

Quan Lavender: I hope she will do that to you too

Apmel Meerson: nobody can touch me..not even SaveMe

Quan Lavender: A good position to hurt others, concrats

Just wait...

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello, I just had an offline message from Rose and sent her this: Hello Rose, I have nothing to do with SaveMe’s FB account, in fact I did not know she had such a problem until you told me. Once again my intention is not to start a campaign against her (like the person from Nordan in the past). (Flora Nordenskiold and Josina Burgess)

SaveMe Oh: Not a campaign? By banning half secondlife from LEA 20 in an attempt to keep me away, or to ask Quan Lavender to ban me from the region? Looks to me like an organised systematic campaign.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Well think what you want, I did ban you from lea 20 and told Quan you were standing with big attachements in the next sim. I don’t want to do more and will not.

SaveMe Oh: You will delete all the bans and will not censor my freedom of expression as an artist, that is what you will do or all your words are fake

SaveMe Oh: I will check in one hour……ok two hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: Just the freedom to annoy people, I will not unban you from the sim. We simply could not work with you around.

SaveMe Oh: Then your words are fake. Thank you for clearing that out. I already had that impression

SaveMe Oh: Now please dont contact me anymore unless its to tell me you respect every artist right to express herself. You can also kick somebody out for one day

Eupalinos Ugajin: I don’t care about your “impression” in fact, this im has only one purpose: I have nothing to do with this FB removal and no intention of starting a “campaign” against you.

SaveMe Oh: No but who knows your boss does. Stay close to yourself. Unban me. The work you had to do is done now so that can not be the problem.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I like the way you play with prims in SL not the way you insult people.

SaveMe Oh: I dont care what you like or not

Eupalinos Ugajin: No this project is ongoing with more builds and changes

SaveMe Oh: I want my freedom

Eupalinos Ugajin: You are not in jail

SaveMe Oh: Thats for me to judge, you have no idea what your kind of people create. The day you can do without ban and banlines we talk again. Now you are just a policeman with a mask.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Same for you I would say, you have no idea how your are agressive towards people thinking you are more wise or something.

SaveMe Oh: I am who I am

Eupalinos Ugajin: haha

Eupalinos Ugajin: I guess everyone is

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not everybody is a camp commander disguised as artist

Eupalinos Ugajin: I will not “react” to camp commander, police, “artist” or other very subtle arguments you will use. A few line above are the reasons I banned you: simple

SaveMe Oh: How long is your banlist is LEA 20 in an attempt to hit me?

SaveMe Oh: 20, 30 avatars?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Have a good evening and I a sorry for your problem with FB

SaveMe Oh: Stand for what you do.I will check in 2 hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: I answered to this hmm… ultimatum above already

Eupalinos Ugajin: See you later

SaveMe Oh: Then go back to guard your borders

Secret wedding preparations 1

Aino Baar: Hello Saverina, Are you already married? I thought we will celebrate the wedding in the museum!

SaveMe Oh: my FB account was deleted due to actions of my enemies so I had to take this step

Aino Baar: Congrats by the way. They deleted your account in FB?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, for the 3th time

Aino Baar: Is that possible?

SaveMe Oh: Happens all the time

Aino Baar: Have you tell FB that? They have to protect you

SaveMe Oh: I dont talk with idiots

Aino Baar: then you have hackers as enemies

SaveMe Oh: A corrupt system has to protect me? Dont be naive. When I tell FB Aino Baar is a fake account, watch what happens.

Aino Baar: Hope you dont do that

SaveMe Oh: Never, I am an artist, not a KGB agent

Aino Baar: Because i am not fake, i am a real avatar

SaveMe Oh: But some people would love I would not exist

Aino Baar: Yes i know perfectly: I recieved some messages saying that if I dont delete you from the group they will leave it and it’s not only one. I told them that I am so sorry for them but I will never delete no one, nor SaveMe! And they left the group. Its ok. I am not going to accept pressures or blackmails from anyone. For me you are an artist and an excellent one btw.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same attitude. In SL people also threat simowners to leave when they work with me. And a lot have no backbone.

Aino Baar: It is a no sense. SaveMe,it is clear that you awake all type of passions, you do not leave anyone indifferent. Well, let me know if I can do something for you, if I can help you somehow.

SaveMe Oh: I trigger emotion, what else a dramaqueen can ask for?

Aino Baar: lol lol yes! You are right. When people said me that you are a terrorist and the things you do are not art, so, I had to delete you from the group. I said that they maybe dont know the Viennese Actionism. I think some people hates you because they dont know art history

SaveMe Oh: They are not into art but into conquering land and ego

Aino Baar: I think most of the people get scared to what they do not know and do not understand, and react against what hating unknown. So, I think that those who hate you is because they don’t know anything about contemporary art history. They think are personal things no art actions.

After completing this post I checked if Eupa already lift the ban but this pseudo artist prefer to continue as undercover camp commander.

How Mother Earth Kills

Italian hippies and their groupies have landed in LEA 13 to warn us against the big danger the earth is facing. But as always they forget to look in the mirror refusing to see they are the biggest threat themselves. In their relentless way to save the earth they don’t mind killing everything what stands in their way.

When they were still constructing their prim waste I paid them a visit and made a prediction one week before the opening of the sim.

SaveMe Oh: Are you extinct or still alive?

Nino Vichan: Depends

SaveMe Oh: Of what?

Nino Vichan: Perspective

SaveMe Oh: And is extinction in your perpective?

Nino Vichan: I supposes some aspects but its a good question for which I must wait and see

SaveMe Oh: You wait if you are extinct?

Nino Vichan: I will probably be that last one to know

SaveMe Oh: And what you do during waiting for your extinction? Hiding in your SL?

Nino Vichan: I would like to think that I am creating as an expression of my existence

SaveMe Oh: So I am banned for the opening?

Nino Vichan: The opening is next tuesday

SaveMe Oh: Yes?

Nino Vichan: Do you want me to do that?

SaveMe Oh: No but they always do

Nino Vichan: Why do they always do that

SaveMe Oh: You should ask yourself

Nino Vichan: That would not answer the question

SaveMe Oh: Why would you ban me?

Nino Vichan: I have no reason to at the moment

SaveMe Oh: And when your collegues in this project demand it from you, would you ban me?

Nino Vichan: I do not actually have that ability but you seem to be interested in the topic of baning

SaveMe Oh: I am not, but I can predict things

Nino Vichan: You predict based on past experience?

SaveMe Oh: Of course

Nino Vichan: And in this experience are there any common denominators

SaveMe Oh: and I am always curious if people who are not aware of that will bend for that, like you.

Nino Vichan: Are there any common denominators

SaveMe Oh: If people stick to themself or become collaborators

SaveMe Oh: I will know soon the outcome

Nino Vichan: You dont see any common denominators in your past experiences

SaveMe Oh: I see an artist exposed for the opening and I predict my banning. Soon I will know if you agree

Nino Vichan: So you dont see a cause and effect relationship in your past experience

SaveMe Oh: Not at all

Nino Vichan: ok

To be in time for the opening of LEA 13 a week later I was the first to enter the concerthall and waited patiently for the start of the event with Ultralight Alter. Soon I got company from two security watchdogs Aloisio Congrejo and Comet Morigi who didn’t open their mouth until Ampel came in unzipping his pants.

Apmel Meerson: hi Alo and hello SaveMe!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Ampel

Alo: hi apmel

Apmel Meerson: you aren¨t banned Save? Isn´t Ultra playing tonight?

SaveMe Oh: I prefer not to say a word as I already have tight security

Apmel Meerson: hehe

Kanashimi Mac: hi Apmel

Apmel Meerson: hello Kana

Kanashimi Mac: hi SaveMe

Apmel Meerson: hello Ultra

Dido Haas: hahah

Dido Haas: hi Aneli

Kanashimi Mac: hi Ultralight

Apmel Meerson: hi Dido and Aneli

Dido Haas: hello Ultra

SaveMe Oh: hey Ultralight

Dido Haas: hey Apmel

SaveMe Oh: how are you

Ultralight: hi everyone 🙂

SaveMe Oh: dressed I hope

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Liar!

Nino Vichan: Actually what you do not know is that my opinion was to just leave you alone

SaveMe Oh: Thank you for that. Pity

Nino Vichan: Its just the way I see things

SaveMe Oh: Well, your opinion doesnt seem to matter much, but that can happen. Thank you anyway for trying.

A day after the concert:

SaveMe Oh: May I ask why I am still banned. What did I do to you?

Nino Vichan: I actually have no idea. I will speak with Aloisio Congrejo when I see him come in.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me please. Why you have to speak with Aloisio? Is he your boss?

Nino Vichan: Let me see if I have the ability to do that

SaveMe Oh: You come up as the landowner, so I guess so. So dont hide behind Aloisio

Nino Vichan: I would also prefer to not be spoken to in a demeaning manner

SaveMe Oh: I would also prefer not to be banned based on nothing by you.So we all have our little wishes.

Nino Vichan: Yes but you just do not seem to understand that I do not own this parcel and therefore have no rights to change the access permissions, and since I would if I could

SaveMe Oh: You come up as owner of this land when I check the land

Nino Vichan: It would be nice to be civil

SaveMe Oh: So you have that ability

Nino Vichan: No, I am an estate manager

Nino Vichan: but I only own five small parcels

SaveMe Oh: And on those five small parcels I am unbanned now?

Nino Vichan: You never were.

He TP me and he had indeed a parcel of the size of a poststamp with banlines for me all around.

SaveMe Oh: So this is the place for me to breath in this prison?

Nino Vichan: Now you understand?

SaveMe Oh: And here is the wall with the banlines

Nino Vichan: You have been speaking to me in a manner that was a bit rude. I have only the ability to do certain things and I have not done anything against you, so…

SaveMe Oh: I would like to see how you were speaking when you where kicked out all the time

Nino Vichan: I hope you have a nice day

SaveMe Oh: I hope you too and sorry for thinking that you have something in common with your friends. Now who is the big prison ward here I have to go with my complaints when its not you?

Nino Vichan: Im sure you know how to figure out who owns what parcels

SaveMe Oh: Thats rather diificult when you are banned there

Nino Vichan: Click the ground

SaveMe Oh: So as mother earth person you advise me to find out everything myself? Ok, ty. I will.