Mother’s Day Hostilities

Hermes Kondor: Hello Zhu… how are you ? Could please block this avatar? SaveMe Oh. Urgently.
SaveMe Oh: Use your glasses.

Tansee: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Endowment for The Arts’ by Tansee.

SaveMe Oh: You think it was necessary?

Second Life: You have offered friendship to Tansee

Aruba DeCuir: I see you have photographed here – it is not allowed and it is stated in About Land.
SaveMe Oh: I cannot read what is allowed on land that I am banned.

Long Time Never See

Aruba DeCuir: I see you have photographed here – it is not allowed and it is stated in About Land.
SaveMe Oh: I cannot read what is allowed on land that I am banned.

You might think it’s Glasz DeCuir her sweet sister, but in fact it’s Aruba ABUSE REPORT DeCuir. I always react on her calls because she needs salvation bad, but…

SaveMe Oh: It was lovely as always, but when you ban me I can’t buy your glued hobby works.
Aruba DeCuir: you should not be able to come here
SaveMe Oh: you send an invitation
Aruba DeCuir: you are banned here
SaveMe Oh: Why, I am your long and only friend
Aruba DeCuir: and if you go on I will AR you for the 10th time
SaveMe Oh: AR?
SaveMe Oh: They might punish you for cruelty, inviting people and then ban them. Thats sadistic behavior
Aruba DeCuir: muted

MakeHuman Software

Betty Tureaud: The end is soon coming for my landgrand in the HEA project, so i will make a little party with my favorite music. Come and have a little fun

Jadeyu Fhang: i can’ttttttttttt i spin todayyyy

SaveMe Oh: i can’ttttttttttt im banned todayyyy

Betty Tureaud: hope to see some friends here 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am your friend Betty, but from your side it never shows and Tansee prefers to be the old Solo Mornington adept

Tansee: Love you SaveMe!

Willem Koba: I never get real love from you all

SaveMe Oh: You are just a copy bot

Tansee: Oh I would love you willem 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Do you kiss your dictator and owner Hann(ibal) also like that Tansee?

Tansee: Only you SaveMe

Roxy Gellar: Why on earth would you include SaveMe Oh in a conference call?

Aruba DeCuir: I cant come tonight

SaveMe Oh: Aruba and Roxy in one chat OMG, the losers army is on the loose. Betty, did you steal the chess from Cherry Manga btw?

Betty Tureaud: no lol

SaveMe Oh: Or is it a homage? To copy it?

Aruba DeCuir: As mean as always – when do you get tired of insulting people?

Betty Tureaud: lol its total homemade but thanks fore the compliment

Aruba DeCuir: Or maybe just grow up?

SaveMe Oh: I never insult Betty, she is my friend. With no artistic qualities, but anyway…Home-made in Blender? Did Willem borrow you the dolls? He always does my supply

Willem Koba: nooo lol

SaveMe Oh: When I want a doll I call Willem

Aruba DeCuir: Dutch drama

SaveMe Oh: He is a great copycat and we Dutch love cheap

Willem Koba: yes the best there is 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it Willem? How much dolls you sold to Betty? Or are these secondhand Cherry dolls?

Betty Tureaud: No i made them in Makehuman software, pretty easy to do, try yourself

SaveMe Oh: MakeHuman software….hahaha, now I know how Adam and Eve were made. I dont try myself, I just order Willem to deliver them

Willem Koba: Lazy

SaveMe Oh: And the I glue them together, 1 min work, Should I arrange openings after every minute I glue something together?

Willem Koba: lol 4 dj at the same time

SaveMe Oh: Willem, do you have Tansee and Mandel Solano dolls? I need them for a Valentines project and forget the DJ’s, they just put the start button on their Spotify

Willem Koba: lol noo im with your friends linden bizzy now SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: To close Sansar? Or you mean my Linden friends?

Willem Koba:yes haha

SaveMe Oh: I told Ebbe to hurry up

Willem Koba: I think i can clean up the Amsterdam sims so i have time for your puppets

SaveMe Oh: I will help you, is Fredje still in the secret protection program?

Willem Koba: yep

SaveMe Oh: So we better not tell she is hiding with Kake Broek? I would love to help you clean up Amsterdam. We could put Rotterdam there.

Willem Koba: yes if fredje answer me

SaveMe Oh: I will tell Kake to let her make one phone call

Willem Koba: yes do that 🙂

SaveMe Oh: He must untie the ropes first.

The Black AR Queen

Aruba DeCuir: What the fuck do you do here? I am surprised you are alive!

SaveMe Oh: You send me an invitation but it turned out you are still the dictator as you ever were, as the banlines are still your hobby.

Aruba DeCuir: Don’t get near me – I did not send you any invitation and I will now make one more AR on you for harassment!

SaveMe Oh: You send invitations in a group that I belong so don’t use groups to sell your cheap stuff

Aruba DeCuir: Then leave the group?

SaveMe Oh: No, as the most famous artist of SL my fans love to be informed.

Aruba DeCuir: My art is not cheap – but fair priced

SaveMe Oh: Price I don’t care, the design is cheap. It’s not artbut hobbyist sadness

Aruba DeCuir: Lol you are an hopeless idiot. Oh and how can you say so?

SaveMe Oh: I am the most famous artist of SL but you may always say you know me.

Aruba DeCuir: Who never made a piece of art

SaveMe Oh: Shall I show you?

Aruba DeCuir: So now you own the group SL art?

SaveMe Oh: No, but when you send invites allow me to accept them.

Aruba DeCuir: Why do you harass me? Are you bored?

SaveMe Oh: You invite people, I come

Aruba DeCuir: You hate me because I am black. You are NOT invited! you are not welcome here – you try anyway that is harassment!

SaveMe Oh: No, I have 2 black alts myself

Aruba DeCuir: Alts?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, maybe you already had an affair with them.

Aruba DeCuir: Is it all a play to you? Are you crazy?

SaveMe Oh: Drama is the best art and I hope I am crazy, otherwise you cant be the best artist in SL.

Aruba DeCuir: Then leave me alone

SaveMe Oh: Then dont invite me

Aruba DeCuir: That would be wise – I find theater old fashioned and lame and theatre is what you do.

SaveMe Oh: I work in the theatre, you are always welcome

Aruba DeCuir: Ok LL has now got yet another AR on you, zufrieden?

SaveMe Oh: I guess they will give me flowers for being so nice to you

Aruba DeCuir: They should kick you out

SaveMe Oh: Are you talking German now?

Aruba DeCuir: I am sorry but I do not speak your Dutch but I am sure you get the meaning?

SaveMe Oh: I understand German but don’t know why you start using German?

SaveMe Oh: Should I talk Turkish?

Aruba DeCuir: I just told you, imbecile!

SaveMe Oh: Thats french

Aruba DeCuir: Now that is French and now get out of my way!

SaveMe Oh: I thought you want to see my art

Aruba DeCuir: That is not possible as you do not make art

Second Life: Teleport offer sent to Aruba DeCuir

Aruba DeCuir: You wish

SaveMe Oh: I thought you would like real art

Aruba DeCuir: cretin!

You Came As 3 People

Aruba DeCuir: OMG

SaveMe Oh: Still in the flat things on virtual walls business?

Aruba DeCuir: You are still in the being rude busíness?

SaveMe Oh: You improved on the frames

Aruba DeCuir: Unfortunately the owner is not here to ban you

SaveMe Oh: You might be lucky, the owner is close by

Aruba DeCuir: Why do you ruin all for everyone? Why?

SaveMe Oh: Now what did I ruin?

Aruba DeCuir: My show, my pleasure

SaveMe Oh: You start with talking about ban etc.

Aruba DeCuir: What group did ýou see this in?

SaveMe Oh: LEA

Aruba DeCuir: You very well know you are not welcome to or at anything I do

Aruba DeCuir: I am in no LEA group!

SaveMe Oh: And you very well know I don’t care if I am welcome or not and I am not in a LEA group either, was a joke

Aruba DeCuir: AR has been sent to LL – for harassment

SaveMe Oh: You harassing me or the other way around?

Aruba DeCuir: Make a guess

SaveMe Oh: You harassing me

Aruba DeCuir: Just do not show up at things I do! I did NOT invite you.

SaveMe Oh: I decide as a free woman were I go and you invited me, you invite me in a group

Aruba DeCuir: And I ask what group?

SaveMe Oh: You send a group invitation and I came, as the only person. You better be grateful

Aruba DeCuir: Because you look for a place you can make trouble, no – I am not happy, you have pestered my SL for years!

SaveMe Oh: Now what trouble I am making? I can’t help I have a strong bullshit sensor

Aruba DeCuir: You came as 3 people. Next you degrade my work.

SaveMe Oh: Be glad, looks like your place is crowded with 3 people.

Aruba DeCuir: you are NOT welcome


The Who Call Who Adolf Game

I did not call Aruba Decuir Hitler.

I did not call Merlina Rokocoko Hitler.

I did not call Newbab Zsigmond Hitler.

I did not call Solo Mornington Hitler.

That all these people try to play Godwin’s law on me because they can’t win the discussion as they are run out of arguments isn’t my mistake.

When you rule a sim as a dictator, when you have art police walking around in black suits with a bandage around their arms with a Pirats sign in red and white or when you play the Hitler card yourself, don’t blame me for it. A better way to deal with these things would be to say: “Hey, SaveMe, maybe you are right about some things!”

Am I now going to complain about the people who compared me with Hitler like Elodie Footman? No, it’s her freedom of expression.

Do I like it? No, as what I hate the most in the world are fascists.


Read more about it in the movie The banning of SaveMe Oh from Larkworthy Antfarm, in the comment section on YouTube