International Women’s Day 2014

Where could a nice woman like me go on a night like this?

Medora Chevalier: Hi SaveMe, could you reduce the prims please, they are bothering some of the people here

Medora Chevalier: Thanks – appreciated 🙂

Medora Chevalier: Sorry, please remove that, its too much for people

Medora Chevalier: Ok, I asked politely, I dont want people not to enjoy their evening. Byebye.


Thrown out of Hippie Heaven I tried a gallery…

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: Hi SaveMe I do appreciate the light show but it is making things very laggy. Could you please turn it off after this song? This is just putting strain onthe graphics in the gallery.

SaveMe Oh: So remember for the next time not to put the place so full of shit

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: What? You could have asked inthe first place.

SaveMe Oh: I think you are in my screen, and you also didnt had to ask

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: Please turn it off.. I dont like to  eject people… I dont want to have to but you are are overstepping. Save me..please

SaveMe Oh: I am busy with saving you. Next time make the space bigger, without walls

ByrneDarkly Cazalet: This is a group art show of paintings… and it is an opening for that art specifically.


Thrown out of the gallery I tried the always openminded gay community…

Bock McMillan: Sorry SaveMe. We already have problems with lag. Could you please stop rezzing stuff

SaveMe Oh: I insist of being banned

Bock McMillan: If you insist my friend you will have it

SaveMe Oh: If there is no other option….

Thrown out out of the house of my lawyer I tried a warmed up gallery which we hoped had been gone forever, but no, they re-opend…


SaveMe Oh: So Feathers Boa. Did you miss me?

Feathers Boa: Yeah i sure did

SaveMe Oh: When you resurrected?

Feathers Boa: A few months ago, sorta

SaveMe Oh: who forced you to?

Feathers Boa: Georg

SaveMe Oh: Omg, still?

Feathers Boa: Yeah he haunts me like a ghost dog

SaveMe Oh: I thought he was dead

Feathers Boa: He did die but came back as a zombie

Scottius Polke: BRAINS!….ON A STICK!!!

SaveMe Oh: Eatable zombie?

Feathers Boa: no he would taste gross

SaveMe Oh: And you are still in the hanging things on virtual walls business?

Feathers Boa: I did this show, but i am not showing anywhere else. I have a job in RL

SaveMe Oh: Finally, we all hoped for that

Feathers Boa: Keeps me busy. Keep me away from here right?

claudia222: Hi save

SaveMe Oh: Dont hi me, Claudia, I know what you try to do with my daddy

claudia222: loll

SaveMe Oh: And you can pretend to be a whole woman now but I know better

Scottius Polke: More than a woman…to me

Feathers Boa: I am only half a woman

SaveMe Oh: No, Claudia is. Now dont take her lines

Feathers Boa: Why not?

SaveMe Oh: Because that confuses me

Feathers Boa: Oh good. I like confusion

Feathers Boa: How are you little otter?

Scottius Polke: Awakening. So far so good

Feathers Boa: Sounds like you’ve been busy in RL too

SaveMe Oh: Yes, he saved so much ducks

Scottius Polke: From the dogs or vice versa. Those geese can be mean.


Orsini Tarantal: Those dolls with mask remind me ETa members so much damage done to us, I do not like

SaveMe Oh: Good finally some art touches somebody

Patrick Cournoyer: International women day : pussy riots and hiqabs : wow !

SaveMe Oh: Ah, somebody know history better than the Spanish. What a relief

Orsini Tarantal: I’m Spanish

Feathers Boa: what about histrionics Save Me Ho?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, thats why you are ETA obsessed

Orsini Tarantal: 800 innocent dead are more than an obsession, you respect that?

SaveMe Oh: I respect nothing, hate that word

Feathers Boa: Now you’ve walked into SaveMeHo’s trap…

SaveMe Oh: Artist who use respect are not artists. They are hippies

Patrick Cournoyer: Your statement is a bit radical, SaveMe

Scottius Polke: What about Aretha Franklin?

SaveMe Oh: Artist statements have to be radical otherwise its not art

claudia222: But whats drama then

Patrick Cournoyer: What’s radical at one point becomes deja vu sometimes later

claudia222: I believed thats radical

Feathers Boa: SaveMeHo is the expert on what is and isn’t art

Orsini Tarantal: I’m not an artist I need to prove anything

Patrick Cournoyer: it has become like fashion

Feathers Boa: What do they call people who like to draw attention to themselves everywhere they go?

SaveMe Oh: Attention whores?

Feathers Boa: Attention SaveMeHos

SaveMe Oh: But at least I dont warm up old stuff

Feathers Boa: I do that’s what microwaves are for

SaveMe Oh: But Feathers, I am so happy you are back

Feathers Boa: You remind me what I left behind and I missed it

Orsini Tarantal: Here are several authors, losprotagonistas is they, not you 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Dont let me hold you back to go look at the great art hanging here on virtual walls. Pretend I am not here

Feathers Boa: Or you can stare at the wheelchairs and taliban ladies.The “real” art here

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and who wants to do that? Not me.

Fabilene Cortes: Save, you were invited for an exhibition made by 5 people, I don’t remember inviting you for showing anything ? or am I mistaken ?

SaveMe Oh: Fabilene, maybe you should make the hallways a little bigger

Fabilene Cortes: Save, I wrote to you an IM, can’t you read ?

SaveMe Oh: I never read IM dear when I am working.

And just when I want to throw a nice herring at Scottius to celebrate the smell of International Woman’s day 2014 Fabilene throw me out.

An Old Persons Guide For Taming A Troll

If you start trying to be an artist on a certain age, not in the real world anymore, but for example in a virtual world like Secondlife it is valuable to have the tool to keep all those young trolls from your back who seem to have a great pleasure in disturbing all your openings, exhibitions and events.


What can you do to minimise the damage they undoubtedly will try to do? Here is the trick: create them a playground, make them a little kindergarten.


Betty Omo finally found out how, after years and years of producing the same project! She dropped moving objects in her environment and at once she had no problem with the troll anymore. To her delight she could see the troll didn’t waste a second and jumped on the moving object and didn’t stop playing with her enormous box of attachments until the event had finished. Important is that the moving object in not completely isolated from the audience as the troll won’t take the bite without the illusion of being seen by the audience once in a while. The advice is to let the troll come close 10 seconds from every minute that will satisfy the troll.

As Betty finally let me interact it was sleeping at the job

All the elderly people who had in real life not seen a dance floor for more than 50 years could undisturbed pretend to be dancing with their avatar. Ultralight, the frozen artist pretending to make music could stand undisturbed frozen on a stage and the troll, she made circle after circle in her moving cage without noticing she was fooled.


Ofcourse this tactics also have some disadvantages. The risk is always present that watching the playing troll turns out to be much more interesting than watching the frozen artist as for example Ultralight. And it is also not very nice for the creator of the environment that after the event only the pics from the playing troll turn out to be nice were the pics from the parked avatars in front of the frozen artist are boring and dull as ever. And the biggest risk of all is that during the event nobody is actually listening anymore to the concert from for example an Ultralight, who gave in this example maybe her most bad concert ever. One troll overheard another troll say this about the concert: “when I put my keyboard on autopilot it is more exiting”.


Hiding At My Lawyers

Bock McMillan: I have a friend coming to live here

SaveMe Oh: Do I know the friend? Don’t tell me it’s Betty or I get a heart attack

Bock McMillan: No not Betty

SaveMe Oh: what a relief

Bock McMillan: Haha I heard you had a great party yesterday

SaveMe Oh: Yes, it was very nice but I was not prepared for not being banned. Normally Ultralight puts that in her contract.

Bock McMillan: I am so sorry I forgot to stay here to do that

SaveMe Oh: Why you should? Don’t you have any compassion with me?

Bock McMillan: Yes I have

SaveMe Oh: Yesterday they banned me in all sims of LEA so please have some compassion otherwise I have no other option than to hang me in one of your trees

Bock McMillan: Oh no

SaveMe Oh: (before you clean out your sim)

Bock McMillan: Please commit suicide somewhere else. I do not want your blood on my hands.

SaveMe Oh: Depends of your behaviour

Hug & Kiss 2.0 Deluxe: Bock McMillan invited you to a couple animation, choose ‘yes’ to accept

SaveMe Oh: a kiss of death?

Bock McMillan: You will see

SaveMe Oh: I have not kissed for ages. I am afraid.

Bock McMillan: Pfft no kiss

SaveMe Oh: Omg, what else you have in mind?

Bock McMillan: Be brave

SaveMe Oh: Ok I try

Bock McMillan: Accept it

SaveMe Oh: But I don’t want your tongue in my mouth. Promise?

Bock McMillan: I only stick my tongue into my husband’s mouth

SaveMe Oh: That makes it even filthier, what he had for diner?

Bock McMillan: I thought you were a courageous woman

SaveMe Oh: Ok ok

Bock McMillan: It seems you are a coward

Hug & Kiss 2.0 Deluxe: say /50stop to stop the animation prematurely


Bock McMillan: Yaaaaaay! Thank you, my dear 😉 So did that kill you?

SaveMe Oh: I am still trembling

Bock McMillan: Are you trying to pinch my ass? Brb going for a smoke.

SaveMe Oh: You smoke???? OMG I kissed an ashtray.

Bock McMillan: Do you want me to eject you?

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be a witness of your ejections

No Need For United Nations When We Can Unite Ourselves

SaveMe’s holidays part 5

When wannabe artists of Secondlife can’t resist any longer and decide it is time to take the step from virtual life into real life it is disturbing to see how little remains from their once ambitious plans. Where they polluted in Secondlife complete sims with their creative prim glue-ing, in their real life you can find them exhibiting some small watercolours which should show some cat resembling life forms or a Picasso’s Guernica replica made out of ice-cream sticks. All exhibited in the garage of their aunt who decided to start an art gallery after her kids all left home.

For me it is the opposite, I am always glad I can close the door of my real life quick as it is far too exiting. Certainly not healthy for longer than a few weeks. A year ago for example they kept me in a German mental hospital for months only because I was upgrading their sad daily lives by bringing some colour and unity, long before Betty Omo started to copy me in secondlife.

Brandenburger tor

Here is the article from the Berliner Morgenpost about that holiday that turned out real bad until my lawyer Bock McMillan helped me escape by dressing me up like a Swedish moose, telling the German guards that what they think they were seeing couldn’t be. The German guards looked at eachother and agreed it couldn’t be and let us go before they could have second thoughts (if Germans already ever have second thoughts).

After paint in all colours of the rainbow was found on the Brandenburger Tor, The Gedächtniskirche, and at Checkpoint Charlie: Berlin police announced the arrest of a young woman Monday afternoon in a pouring of paint on the German Reichstag, according a police spokeswoman. Paint was also found splashed on a Karl Marx statue, and on Friday, on the Holocaust Memorial.


The woman arrested in connection with spattering city landmarks with paint last month has been moved from police headquarters to a psychiatric ward, her attorney said Thursday during a hearing in a Berlin Court.

Judge Andrea Baader Jr. ordered another hearing Sept. 18, for 28-year-old SaveMe Oh, who is charged with one count of defacing property. She was earlier arrested December 29 at the Atatürk mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey, shortly after authorities discovered paint on the minarets of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul too.


German and Turkish authorities have said Oh, who they believe is homeless as the address Two Fish she gave as her home address couldn’t be found, is a suspect in the worldwide vandalism in which paint was used to mark numerous world heritage sites. A judge earlier this month ordered SaveMe Oh freed from custody and into the psychiatric ward. At Thursday’s status hearing, SaveMe’s attorney, Bock McMillan from the Public Defender Service, told that doctors who had evaluated her client on Wednesday grew concerned about her mental state.

SaveMe Oh was moved to the psychiatric ward at Mengele Krankenhaus, McMillan said. SaveMe, who appeared in a previous court appearance with a Mandarin interpreter, was not in court Thursday.

Is SaveMe Oh Entitled To Privacy?

The lawyer of SaveMe Oh, Bock McMillan filed a lawsuit in the Danish courts on Friday against Betty Tureaud for publishing RL photos of SaveMe OH; this is the first time legal action has ever been implemented against the international parasites who try to become famous in the slipstream of the most popular personality of Secondlife.


Recently we have seen a bombardment of images where people spot SaveMe Oh in her RL.  Paparazzi that are utilizing their telephoto lenses from a distance of a half-mile while try to capture her on vacation or at the private home of a family member in southern Japan.


Frequently SaveMe Oh is the prey of a ruthless paparazzi hoard. She has camera flashes in her eyes as she tries to walk or drive and during the day she feels threatened if she is being closely followed by a photographer desperate to catch an exclusive shot that could end up being worth thousands.

428160_559245140770212_190164904_n (1)

There’s a debate within the virtual world since SaveMe was born on whether SaveMe Oh is entitled to her private life as she disturbs the private life of others and has that worldwide reputation of pissing people off so doesn’t she relinquish all rights in exchange for her fame?


“Although many aspects of the private life of SaveMe Oh will inevitably enter the public domain, in my judgement it does not follow that even with self publicists every aspect and detail of her private life is legitimate quarry for the journalist. She is entitled to some space of privacy,” Mr Bock McMillan said today.


He based his ruling on the principle of privacy enshrined in article 8 of the European Human Rights Act, which was incorporated into Danish law in October 2001.

mask geisha

“In my judgement the media to conform with article 8 should respect information about aspects or details of the private life of SaveMe Oh which she legitimately choose to keep private, certainly “sensitive personal data” unless there is an overriding public interest duty to publish consistent with article 10.”

SaveMe photo by Jimmy Edgar

“You have to remember SaveMe Oh was abandoned by her adoptive mother Josina Burgess 3 years ago, partly because of the actions of the paparazzi. I hope the lawsuit against Betty Tureaud will have a positive result for SaveMe Oh. It is the only way to stop Betty and others to publish the private pictures of SaveMe Oh. If snappers are going to end up out of pocket, rather than make huge sums, they will think twice about pulling off this sort of thing in future. SaveMe Oh had every right to believe she could sunbathe nude where she was, without being the victim of prying eyes.”

Pillow book

Preaching For Do It Yourself Salad Bars

As the aging hippies of CARP already keep me banned for years I could not go in person to their new remake of the Holy Bible, THE CHANGE. But my lawyer Bock McMillan was so kind to make a secret videotape of the show so I could see the doom loaded apocalyptic finger pointing angry at me.

Where most religions take centuries to develop CARP only had this new path of enlightment in concept for 4 years and where Jesus had to rehearse 33 years before salvation, the CARPIES rehearsed 2 years very active and almost saved the planet.

Now what we get? Pollution, doom and filthy gutters in which the angels Medora and TheDove Rhode will let us know there is no future.

On endless Pink Floyd imitations of Junivers Stockholm we have to learn how bad humanity is and that we should stop consuming, polluting and disturbing mother earth.

Junivers and Josina ask us:

How could it go so wrong?

When will we wake up, when will we change it?

Why do we choose to be so selfish?

We went to church every week, what can we do?

The earth is doomed, now it’s too late to change society

We might as well give up

Democracy for all, nobody has to fall (while they keep me banned for more than 2 years)


TheDove Rhode: Think Before you speak for all men or women!!


TheDove Rhode: Peace IS A Choice

Bock McMillan shouts: Don´t pee on the grain!

TheDove Rhode: Tact and Truth make for Calm!

junivers Stockholm shouts: STOP THE BANKS

junivers Stockholm shouts: CHANGE LEADERS

TheDove Rhode: Take power from Hate..Off respect!!!

TheDove Rhode: Universe is not a myth

But Cheesus says: It’s not too late

Never saw such a pathetic bullshit in all my secondlife, all done in a large sphere where they serve us with a slideshow. This is not a rock opera but a meeting of the scientology church preaching for do it yourself salad bars.

When I was Greenpeace I would sink all my ships now.

And the famous CARP chairs, you ask me??? Still the same. Glued to the ground so you can’t run away while they pour their texture diarrhoea above you.

Burn Baby Burn

Kandinsky Beaumont won a plot on the Burn2 sim, but when she wanted to add me to her building team there was a little problem…

Is this a case for my lawyer Bock McMillan?

Ladyslipper Constantine: Kandi, this might take awhile.  Saveme oh was banned from Burn2 sims last yar and while I was told I was estate owner here, I’ve not been added to that function yet so I can’t see if she’s still on the list.  Do you badly need her to help with your build?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes

Kandinsky Beaumont: can Gemma decide this?

Kandinsky Beaumont: this is not last year anymore : ))

Kandinsky Beaumont: Is she banned forever?

Ladyslipper Constantine: that is what I’m checking and no Gemma can’t decide this, which is why she asked me.

Kandinsky Beaumont: who can decide?

Ladyslipper Constantine: I just sent an email to one who knows and she will get back to me asap.

Ladyslipper Constantine: unless her boss is in her office and she has to pretend to work. 🙂

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hmmm. Can you give me a name?

Ladyslipper Constantine: both the two who have estate powers right now, are offline at work

Kandinsky Beaumont: Maybe I have an answer at the latest the next 8 hours? That is tomorrow for me.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m sorry, but you probably know SaveMe doesn’t have the best reputation, so I have to be sure before I can add her.

Ladyslipper Constantine: oh yes, definitely. In fact I should know for sure with in the next 3 hrs

Kandinsky Beaumont: She has a very good reputation in a wide circle of artists. Probably the best visual artists in SL. That´s why I want her on. ok I will be asleep by then but I open up tomorrow and hope I have a positive answer. It is another year , as I said.

Ladyslipper Constantine: Yes it is another year.  and I know SaveMe is an excellet visual artist, it’s her behavior at some events that gets her into trouble and Burn2 is very lenient and rarely bans folks

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hey is it possible that the ppl that can decide are not with their names on the site?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I find no names

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m definitely willing to add SaveMe, but I do have to check first

Ladyslipper Constantine: no, I know both the ones who can decide in RL too, and both are at work as they are both on SLT in RL too

Kandinsky Beaumont: It is very disturbing to be in a group like this and having anonymous avas deciding about how you shall work… it maybe the american way but it is very uncomfortable.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m sorry Kandi, but once I get permission, I will send her an invite so tell her to watch for it just in case

Kandinsky Beaumont: and I’ll drop you an IM on the decision

Kandinsky Beaumont: Ok.

Kandinsky Beaumont: I hope it will work.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I do too

Gemma Cleanslate: hope this gets straightenend out

Gemma Cleanslate: sorry about this

Gemma Cleanslate: i know you are good friends

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes I am too.

Gemma Cleanslate: fingers crossed

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes but that is not really the point.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Thanks anyway.

Gemma Cleanslate: i dont think they carry bans over from year to year but i dont know

Gemma Cleanslate: those in charge know

Gemma Cleanslate: we really should know tho

Gemma Cleanslate: i am going to recommend that for sure

Gemma Cleanslate: if only SaveMe could moderate :_)

Gemma Cleanslate: so much talent

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes. But I get very disappointed that the ppl in charge seems to be anonymous. I know we are not in a democratic organization. But in a creative situation you must have the possibilities to discuss with those who decide… in other situations too of course

Gemma Cleanslate: right, they are not anonymous just not on line yet!!!

Gemma Cleanslate: and e-mail is on the way from lady

Gemma Cleanslate: emcee widget is top dog

Gemma Cleanslate: ronon carver is head of rangers

Kandinsky Beaumont: Ok but Ladyslipper did not give me their names, I asked several times. And as far as I can see there are no names on the homepage

Gemma Cleanslate: ah

Kandinsky Beaumont: OK thank youvery much.

Gemma Cleanslate: yw

Kandinsky Beaumont: That is better then.

Gemma Cleanslate: mc he goes by

Kandinsky Beaumont: we will see then.