Pigeon Box Of Standards

Edconnect Gufler: Could you do me a favor please Saveme Oh… please take me off your Blog.

SaveMe Oh: I am sorry, the fight against these morons is bigger than our chat

Edconnect Gufler: Well I would appreciate if it were removed..  they working on getting me banned at other SL events. I know all this chat will be posted to your blog.. so I guess I will have to remain silent. Have a nice SL Saveme .. try to make the best of it.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t be such a coward, fight the bastards. And being banned at a bullshit is not that bad. In fact its a relief.

Edconnect Gufler: Well I have my ethics I try to abide by.

SaveMe Oh: Cristian findametalists dont deserve ethics.

Edconnect Gufler: I go to church each Sunday.. it helps me.. it is a good church

SaveMe Oh: I never go to church and think god is made up by Disney, but if it helps you its fine with me.

Edconnect Gufler: I just believe and always have believed . we are all equal in SL  and no one is better than anyone else

SaveMe Oh: free people are better off than unfree people.

Edconnect Gufler: I do hope you find happiness in here  and in RL..   that you have happy days in both worlds. I think it is wrong for them to judge you the way they do.  But they make up their own rules as they go along..  They want to fit you into their Pigeon Box of standards.

SaveMe Oh: It makes me very happy to tear that box apart.



Edconnect Gufler: I go to church each Sunday.. it helps me.. it is a good church… That is RL thing and shouldn’t be in there.

SaveMe Oh: It’s essential for the drama.

Burning Man vs The Spotlight Magnet

Edconnect Gufler: Hi there Saveme Oh.. I love your blog 🙂

SaveMe Oh: ty


Edconnect Gufler: They banned me from the whole SecondLife birthday event. they banned me from the whole Region

SaveMe Oh: My daily routine

Edconnect Gufler: they all snakes in the grass

SaveMe Oh: Religious fanatics

Edconnect Gufler: Yes I see, it is alot of big heads the run the events. They get their kicks from banning people when the truth is revealed

SaveMe Oh: I would call them losers who think they rule the world from behind a screen

Edconnect Gufler: And all I was doing was doing my Job as a greeter for them  and they didn’t like that cause I did my job so well. If the staff and admins over there don’t have the spotlight on them  they get all upset

SaveMe Oh: thats why they hate me, I am a spotlight magnet

Edconnect Gufler: You are exactly right.. that is what they want to do Rule the whole thing. They don’t like you and never will . cause you are popular. They see you are popular  and they can’t have that

SaveMe Oh: I perform, they sit on their asses, they arent even a match for me.

Edconnect Gufler: I see and read your Blog. I was a Burning Life Ranger.. but I did the job soo well and greeted people nicely.   they couldn’t have that .. so they even banned me as being a Ranger

SaveMe Oh: Slowly they will fade away and otherwise I will give them a hand

Edconnect Gufler: Yes. The Burning man this time will be a flop.. cause they ran everyone away. They destroyed what Burning man was, they have no conception what art is

SaveMe Oh: I hardly hear anybody about it, its just big in the minds of those few losers running it.

Edconnect Gufler: They think  their pitiful DJs spinning music  is a event

SaveMe Oh: They only want to tag eachother all day on facebook

Edconnect Gufler: Years ago the Burning man in here was nice  and alot of people brought good Art.. now they ran all them people off   and they think Burning Man now is just a pitiful DJ music event. They won’t let me be a ranger anymore.  but I think that is funny.

SaveMe Oh: Feel liberated not having to be a cristian boyscout anymore.

She Should Also Think About The Ones That Don’t Like It

Surprisingly I could enter BURN2 today where my friend Echo Starship was playing, alhought the fun didn’t last long as the Swedish SS soon detected me.

Bergfrau Apfelbaum: Good to see you and your show.
SaveMe Oh: Im holding my breath
Bergfrau Apfelbaum: Not to long please
SaveMe Oh: Until the Mandels of this world have mobilised the boyscouts.

Mandel Solano shouts: The idiot SaveMe Oh is here, I did have her blocked and now I understand why it’s needed. (Then how did he see me?????)

Obi1KNoobie: Mandel , would be kind of you to let people made their own choice to derender or not….

SaveMe Oh: Mandel is never very sweet

Tracer Graves: We are working on this everyone.

Dream Wrexan: I just derendered it

SaveMe Oh: They are working on it…my o my

Mr Bojangles: I thought it was in the show.


Mandel Solano shouts: she always try to express herself with ugly objects.

SaveMe Oh: The ones who like it, enjoy

CeasonlySu Starflare: The pink and yellow thingie is not posta be here?

Dream Wrexan: It’s nice, but does detract from what is here already 🙂

CeasonlySu Starflare: Hehe silly me i was all zooming out on it hehe

SaveMe Oh: What “supose to be” is a very subjective thing

CeasonlySu Starflare: nods, I like the box lines behind the dj and ya cant see  them  as well, o now i can hehe

Mr Bojangles: Blocked, and she should also think about the ones that don’t like it.

CeasonlySu Starflare: I agree , I apoligise I just thought it was part

SaveMe Oh: It is part. Echo an me are one.

CeasonlySu Starflare: congrats, is this part?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, he begged me

Aemeth Lysette: Just turn your complexity down and you won’t see anything. Attachments drive that sort of thing up. As right now–she’s attached something, and is now a gummy person to me

Uleria Caramel: Or you can just block the person 🙂

Vivi Neko: Brilliant colors


Aemeth Lysette: That too. but i find this amusing. much like that girl releasing crickets on the subway.

SaveMe Oh: Boyscouts mostly are allergic to crickets

Uleria Caramel: If I go to see someones art installation, I want to see it, if someone comes between me and the thing I want to see, I remove the obstacle. Simple.

Isadora Alaya: Some of you guys are reacting too strongly, i personally think these light show don’t hurt so much

Vivi Neko: Rainbow colors ? looks like large candy canes lol

And then the boyscouts of BURN2 banned me again as they do every year.

The Annual Art Whores Ball

The Big City Orchestra is one of the participants in this year’s Burn2  in Secondlife. Burn2 is an already years running fake which try to copy the real life Burning man but is in reality a cover up for Christian Fundamentalist Boy scout rangers who are busy with missionary work. But they do it so well that artists who would commit suicide in case Donald Trump would become their president have no problem to play the art whores here for some free prims.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SaveMe Oh:  Burn2 in SL organised by Christian fundamentalist boy scout rangers. Good luck.

Ninah Pixie:  Hm, sounds like someone had a not so wonderful experience… sorry to hear that… we’ve been enjoying ourselves taking part in music & art since 2007 Burning Life…

SaveMe Oh:  Burning Life and Burn2 in SL are 2 completely different things but maybe you would perform too when Donald Trump would ask you.

Ninah Pixie: Have not experienced anything along the lines that you mention since BURN2 took over the ‘fest…. anyway…. maybe you ran across some not so good people, but there are 1000’s of folks involved…. have fun.

SaveMe Oh: You too.

Ninah Pixie: SaveMe, can you kindly remove that comment above mine (related to politics)? We have and wish not to invoke that sort of thing around here.

UB RADIO SALON: We removed it for you

SaveMe Oh: I don’t even have to prove censorship, it’s done while you watch.

UB RADIO SALON: SaveMe Oh keep it up and watch us exercise our freedom too.

SaveMe Oh: Knowing the ways of the Christian fundamentalist rangers I will not be surprised.


Monique Muir: This stage is organized by me, not Christian fundamentalists. and from the burn2 orga no one tried to missionare me so far.

SaveMe Oh: Then try to invite SaveMe Oh and see what happens. I predict an apocalyptic shitstorm.

Monique Muir: lol I wouldn’t invite Save Me Oh even if it was my own sim.

Cat C. Boucher: SaveMe, you want to be there to save them all?

Monique Muir: It’s easy. They banned SaveMe Oh so they are fundamentalist dictators. Same as LEA and so much other art places in SL and even LL itself. Anyhow, I´m atheist and still running the stage there.

Cat C. Boucher: SaveMe, this is SL how can you take that so serious?

SaveMe Oh:  I am so serious because I see what a shithead as Trump does in RL and I can’t believe we let those shitheads in SL get away with the same.

When I get tired of it all I can always start a circus and hire a good clown.

Don’t You Have To Brush Your Ponies?

Discord (temba): hello can you please remove that

SaveMe Oh: I am a member of the performance team. please behave.

Discord (temba): Wheres your tag?

SaveMe Oh: Dont it read PRESIDENT OF FISH???

Discord (temba): Please except my apoligies. I didn’t realise what you were doing and sorry for being all business like. If all of this is a big misunderstanding then i am very sorry


Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): hi Save-Me-Oh

SaveMe Oh: Do not worry, most people dont realise when they run into real art

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): Too late for this year’s BURN2. I hoped that you were here last week

Zaikameriu Ichtama: Wow that looks cool

SaveMe Oh: Nobody goes to Burn anymore, so we even didnt know it still existed. And we prefer the afterparty anyway.

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): great… then the more than 100 Burners we had here last week-end were phantoms

SaveMe Oh: Yes all bots, zombies, consumers. Now its time for real art.

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): You could have bought one plot for your art

SaveMe Oh: The peole here invite me always

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): But you haven’t given the honor of your presence. Now it’s too late, but there will be more BURN2

SaveMe Oh: You could have been smart and had invited me as well

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): you knew the dates…

SaveMe Oh: Actually not

Slatan Dryke: Hello SaveMe. Still around ?

SaveMe Oh: Has the complete police force a day off?

Slatan Dryke: Dont see police around, just someone annoying the folks here

SaveMe Oh: Dont you have to brush your ponies?

Slatan Dryke: As you are used to do so please remove it

Discord (temba): These are fantastic graphics

SaveMe Oh: Go dance a little baby and relax

Slatan Dryke: I am gently asking to remove it

SaveMe Oh: You already listening to the stream? Instead of playing FBI?

Nutski Newman: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Nutski, tell them please

Nutski Newman: Tell m what

SaveMe Oh: About the performance part etc.

Nutski Newman: you ARE the performance, as usual


Slatan Dryke ejected and banned you from this land.

Slatan Dryke ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Josef K: Burn2 is over .. why does he worry

Jce Emoto: Just when I wanted to say. let her have a go. A pity I came too late Let her do her show please!

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): there are no more shows, here. The BURN2 has ended

Jce Emoto: At moment she doesnt disturb any other:)

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): If you are the owners of plots, you still can use your parcels

Jce Emoto: Yes she could have asked

Josef K: SaveMe Oh is the most important artist in Second Life

Slatan Dryke: No just an important griefer

Jce Emoto: I’m very familiar with her standup art

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): It’s your opinion, Josef

Slatan Dryke: Not an artist

Jce Emoto: Its both:) Griefer art, art griefer.

Glasz Decuir: Who is this Chuck Norris? Have they eject you?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Glasz Decuir: What shit

Slatan Dryke: Folks the show is over, nothing to see here, so ignore her and keep doing your stuff please.

Zaikameriu Ichtama: Lol she keeps bouncing around

Slatan Dryke: Ok my time to share with her its over, so have fun and please ignore her

Temba Resident: so if burners complain we are not doing enough to protect them and the sims?

Slatan Dryke: Temba she wants your attention, she needs the audience so lets move away. If none look at her she will go. Bye have fun SaveMe.


But the complete army of Rangers were not able to freeze, eject, ban or remove me and so I thank Linden Lab for the opportunity they gave me to expose my art for more than an hour in these for artist hostile environment.

Visit Of The Pharisees

When Returned in his innocence stand in BURN2 wearing the SaveMe Louvre Statues all the Pharisees and rangers pass by. Poor Returned.

Ronon Carver: Hi, Returned. Could you please reduce the size of your banners?

Ronon Carver: I think they’re pretty cool

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver waves

Ronon Carver: hi, SaveMe 🙂

Ronon Carver: how long will you be here?

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver grins

Ronon Carver: in English, please

Ronon Carver: I know you speak it well

Ronon Carver: we’re having a conversation here to determine if we shoudl ban you from the sim

Ronon Carver: but honestly, I like your display

Ronon Carver: and you havn’t been disruptive

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver: what language is that?

Ronon Carver: I’m not sure

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver: ok, let me look it up

Ronon Carver: Icelandic! Nice!

Ronon Carver: are you here just to display your photos?

Returned: ?

Ronon Carver: your photos. We had hoped Kandinsky would reduce the size of her test signs so they could remain

Ronon Carver: we like them

Ronon Carver: they’re kind of artsy

Returned: Kandinsky?

Ronon Carver: yes

Ronon Carver: lol

Returned: Kandinsky, Þetta ótrúlega falleg stelpa frá Svíþjóð?

Ronon Carver: I can’t get a good translation from the language you’re speaking

Ronon Carver: I know you speak English

Ronon Carver: we’ve talked many times before

Returned: Því miður, ég skil að það er engin hneta!