Badmouthing Penumbra


Daze Landar: Why does SaveMe Oh have to make everything about her?


Kate Bergdorf: That is who she is.


Daze Landar: It’s so annoying


Kate Bergdorf: Best to ignore if possible.


Daze Landar: At some point I’ll just blacklist her


Kate Bergdorf: Then she starts badmouthing you on her blog, I’ve been through it all with her. Best to ignore Daze 🙂


Daze Landar: Can she tell if I do? I would love to ignore her but she ruins every wonderful exhibit.


SaveMe Oh: What a wonderful advice.


Kate Bergdorf: Well true, no SaveMe 🙂 Nothing you don’t already know.


SaveMe Oh: Don’t you know you can mute or derender me Daze? Feel free to do so.


Joaopedro Oh: Ah Bryn is here :))


SaveMe Oh: That’s why I made a fire. Let’s throw her up.


Bryn Oh: hey Joa 🙂


Joaopedro Oh: The powerfull Oh family :)) jejejejej


SaveMe Oh: Hey sister, your alt Cica Ghost was here, just some minutes ago.


Bryn Oh: Yes I have heard you say Cica is my alt.


SaveMe Oh: I don’t say, I tell.


Joaopedro Oh: I will tell father that you are unpleasant with your sister SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: After all I have done for her I may.


Kake Broek: u’r the random Burning Man entertainer


Joaopedro Oh: Father will lock you at his sim, SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: Daddy said so too.


Kake Broek: Ton papa?


Naxos Loon: Bryn u look so slim, did u do diet?


SaveMe Oh: Rabbits don’t make you fat

The Well Informed Man Aka The Arado Oracle

Every time our world is hit by deadly attacks it is just a matter of time before the “well informed man” shines a light on the situation to comfort us all.

When Capcat post an observation on Facebook it didn’t took long before the “well informed man” came with his nuanced insights.


Capcat: People get killed. We see the news. We see the other news. And the other… People kill and people get killed. Too many people killing, always blaming other people. Definitely too many people getting killed.  Will we transform, will we become monsters, will we become saviors? Will we transform?…

Marmaduke Arado “We see the news. We see the other news. And the other…“ And by doing this we may make informed guesses about what is really going on.

Capcat: I don’t feel informed at all!

Marmaduke Arado:  I however feel very well informed as a consequence of checking all sides to any story.

Capcat:  Because you believe one side over the other. I don’t believe anybody anymore!

SaveMe Oh:  And the well informed man was so proud of all his smart observations. Nobody will fool him. We only have to wait until this well informed man tell us all the final truth

Marmaduke Arado: The final truth about Aleppo is that the jihadi terrorists who held the eastern part of the city hostage for four years have been defeated, were evacuated from the town and now the reconstruction is beginning and people will be coming back. And anyone is welcome to prove me wrong. But maybe you think this is “Putin stuff”?

Capcat:  There is Putin stuff and Obama stuff all over the place…

SaveMe Oh: I only hear what the well informed man tells me about how I have to see things when he shows his great wisdom. Once the well informed man said he was my friend, after he had regrets. Maybe he was not that well informed then.

Capcat: Syria is not about any of you, or your friendship, or the lost of it!

Marmaduke Arado:  I agree Capcat. SaveMe Oh’s arguments are school children ones.

SaveMe Oh:  School children are the future. Unless the well informed man has also the other side of the story about the worth of education for everybody?

Marmaduke Arado:  I don’t understand the previous comment.

SaveMe Oh:  There we see the importance of education

Capcat:  I do believe in children who will change the world. I am naive like that…

SaveMe Oh:  As long it’s not only well informed men teaching them

Capcat:  These children will probably will have teach themselves away from all of us.

Cherry Manga: Hope in future is the only thing you can do to keep yourself alive Capcat, though I don’t have any hope in future or human kind.

SaveMe Oh: Let’s wait until the well informed man tells us if we have a future at all.

Cherry Manga:  I’m interested these days into a way of thinking that says that to end a war, we should do nothing, no reply. It has some sense kinda, if your enemy doesn’t see you react, why would he continues to shoot.

SaveMe Oh: Why we should have enemies?

Cherry Manga:  “we” as nation, state, country, religion, you pick yours, my “we” is hippy 😉

Marmaduke Arado: Aren’t you glad, Capcat, that women can now walk the streets of Aleppo (the part controlled until now by the jihadists) without being forced to wear a burka?

SaveMe Oh:  Ah, the well informed man starts with his insights

Capcat: That’s just a picture, tells me nothing

SaveMe Oh: Wait wait, for sure the well informed man has 100 of more links for you. Don’t be impatient.

Capcat:  The pictures of the Russian Ambassador murder tell me a lot. They tell me the photographer had a lot of free movement to take the perfect pictures. They look like performance documentation…

Marmaduke Arado: But you believed in those videos of the “last messages” coming from Aleppo showing close ups of faces?

Capcat: No, I don’t believe in no one! I believe in death. That is very true. All the spectacle around it, that I don’t believe.

SaveMe Oh: The well informed man can even make death people walk again

Death threat

Marmaduke Arado:  So, Capcat, you don’t believe in, say, LBGT people when they say they are being persecuted?

Capcat: Don’t be demagogic please.

Marmaduke Arado So you believe in some people after all.

SaveMe Oh: After all, the well informed man is so kind

Marmaduke Arado:  Ok, I will go back to informing myself about Syria and leave you alone.

SaveMe Oh: There is a bright hope for our future


Keeping my dignity

Capcat: I believe in many people! How could I survive not believing in anyone at all. We are talking about a very specific thing – war. And at this point, about this subject, I don’t believe in the news. By the way, do believe in Pussy Riot (let me be a demagogue too).

SaveMe Oh: Capcat, dont tell him that……….

Capcat:  Pussy Riot is tabu?

SaveMe Oh: Don’t wake him up sssssssssss

Capcat:  I love all my friends, even when I disagree with. I do that a lot, because I’m frontal. I still like Marmaduke Arado very much, even if we don’t agree on this.

SaveMe Oh: Marry him and try to distract him

Capcat:  He is married to a very very wonderful lady!

SaveMe Oh: In Syria they also can have more than one wife

Capcat: I don’t think so… You are confusing with Saudi Arabia.

SaveMe Oh: The well informed man will find you a Wikipedia link on this.

Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?

SheldonBR and Angelika Corral pretend to offer an exhibition about surrealism in their Daphne Arts Gallery but what they offer is role-playing the most conservative museum you can imagine. When Donald Trump would have to do something with art, he would adopt this.


SheldonBR: Hello, SaveMe Oh. Welcome 🙂

Sina Souza: Hello saveme

Angelika Corral: Hello SaveMe

Ferdynand Straaf): Hello SaveMe 🙂

Sheldon (sheldonbr): Nice to see you

CapCat Ragu: Hi Save Me


SaveMe Oh: what a pity they build such an ugly building around surrealism.

CapCat Ragu: Your feet are killing you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure this is not the Leni Riefenstahl exhibition?

CapCat Ragu: Naked man and police, must be a party in Brazil.

SaveMe Oh: How are your roots Cap?

CapCat Ragu: Aereal

SaveMe Oh: Now dont stand here all, go to see the shit glued on virtual walls and dont forget to blog about it as if you saw something new.

CapCat Ragu: I like naked man

Eupalinos Ugajin: クゥー

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos / surrealism, of course! How is he dressed today? as an urinoir?


JoaoPedro Oh: Hi everyone :))

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me everyone brother!!!!

JoaoPedro Oh: Mmmmmm my sister is here. Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: If people can find us in this megalomaniac building

Josef K: Hello SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Ux Hax: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me all, I am SaveMe Oh

Cica Ghost: Hi

SaveMe Oh: Cica. my biggest fan, drawn some new rabbits lately?

Dominic Dogg: are we being griefed by MacDonald and Shell?

SaveMe Oh: No, they are the new sponsors of surrealism!


Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: tp please

Josef K is offering a TP

Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: And continue tp me until they ban me please

Josef K is offering a TP

SaveMe Oh: Angelika, that was a surreal ejection!

Angelika Corral ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned!

Josef K: I wonder why 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It couldnt be my surreal contribution, so I have really no idea.

Josef K: Haha … well, you managed to make a statement.

SaveMe Oh: And I saw you slime saying this was the best you saw.Better dont tell that to Elton John.

Josef K: Hahaha …. I expect getting some art cheap by saying so!



SaveMe Oh: Why you ban the only real surrealist?

Angelika Corral: Please SaveMe this is causing lag. Don’t do this. I am asking you not to cause lag.

SaveMe Oh: Your ridiculous building is causing lag and all those people dressed as teapots cause lag. You blame the wrong person

Angelika Corral: No need to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: You offend me, by banning the greatest artist of secondlife.

Angelika Corral: If you need us to invite you for a show you could have asked us but let these nice people enjoy this as much as you think it is awful.

SaveMe Oh: Surrealsim is not catched in shows or after appointments. When you would really love surrealism you would accept everything could happen

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right.

SaveMe Oh: I am

Angelika Corral: But there is no point to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me and leave me in peace. I have a job to do.

Angelika Corral: Would you leave us in peace? Stop offending us? Saying our building is awful. We are not rich, this is all we could do for the love of art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: I will perform as I like it, without any conditions on forehand. When you dont like it you can derender me. Just like everybody.

Angelika Corral: You are a wonderful performer. I even admired your machinimas.

SaveMe Oh: So hurry up.

Angelika Corral: But let us do our own thing.

SaveMe Oh: DJ Ferdy needs me. People have a right on not to be bored in virtual world.

Angelika Corral: We are crashing here.

SaveMe Oh: So derender the building. I only use eco stuff.

Angelika Corral: We have been working in our lousy building for so long to do this.

SaveMe Oh: Thinking you need a building was the first misconception. Ask a surrealist first next time.

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right, we are still learning.

SaveMe Oh: Of course I am right, no offense.

Angelika Corral: We will learn after we have been so long like you in these things but leave us for now.

SaveMe Oh: My friends are inside, I cant leave. They are expecting me to upgrade this boring event. You should be pleased with my help. Now people already leave because its so boring, when I perform they stay for hours

Bullshitting About Collaborative Virtual Environments

You can bullshit a lot on paper when you over and over describe the works of zero significance of the usual suspects as Bryn Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Rose Borchovski and Alpha Auer. But it would be fairer to say just in the open: I want to promote my own work, which is, although rather hippie, not bad at all.

Delicate Death 4

And what can promote your work better than name a few times the name of the only existing artist in the virtual world; SaveMe Oh.

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka as Capcat Ragu did another attempt to promote her work by several “SaveMe Oh” namedropping in her latest scientific paper but did it need to be in such a lousy way? The times Capcat Ragu really visited a performance of SaveMe Oh one can count on the fingers of one hand. And so we get some bullshitting about what she assumes could be right.

So I better pretend I am Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and produce some decent work.

In Collaborative Virtual Environments, pseudo artistic activities are carried out by avatars that fall into the “I Want To Be A Performance Artist” subgroup. They steal from conventional art forms such as theatre, opera, dance, circus and musical performance and label it as new types of enactions, tailored to an audience with a severe death wish.

Death threat

The duo of Portuguese wannabe artists Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado takes advantage of their rich Wikipedia knowledge ability combined with their dexterity to attach marketplace artefacts to their avatars, in order to satisfy an audience who loved to play with dolls at a younger age.

Coward SaveMe Oh
How different this is in the approach used by the only artist in Secondlife; SaveMe Oh, who displays full installations in the world, which in reality are not part of the environment, but are ‘worn’ by her avatar. SaveMe Oh use this strategy in her performances to create a strong visual impact, usually with satirical intent towards the world of art and the social codes of the metaverse. These events are usually improvised and participatory, as SaveMe Oh often offer her artefacts to the public and invite them to join in the performance.

Lennart Nilsson13

Not a lot of people answer to this invitation as the aura of SaveMe Oh is so strong and heavily focused on her artistic persona – whose avatar, more than an author, embodies the work itself, that it scares of potential participators who are better labelled as blind admirers. SaveMe referred to herself (an avatar) as an artwork and not as an author, in the talk promoted by Transdisciplinares Artes Lisboa (2014), in the activities related to the event and exhibition entitled Virtual Interactive Participatory Arts. SaveMe presents herself as an agent provocateur in the art world, often invading artistic events with her performances, which can cover a whole SIM.

It should be noted that, while it can be argued that this somewhat ironical questioning of authorship and identity may have roots in previous ‘real world’ works, the spatial, environmental and behavioural properties of SaveMe Oh’s performances are unique to the affordances of a CVE and could hardly take place in our world..”


Stay Frozen When You Can’t Stand The Heat

They invite you for the event Liquid Song from my friends Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, they confront you with a situation, frozen, ice, cold and you participate by bringing some warmth and colorfull spring, the people who created it like the interaction and the simowners……they ban you.

SaveMe Oh: I am freezing

Liquid Song: Please enable Sound Effects in your Preferences, for best results use headphones.

CapCat Ragu: Hi save

simba Schumann: Hi saveme

SaveMe Oh: hi, do I have to warm you up dear?

CapCat Ragu: if you want

CapCat Ragu: I think I need to!

SaveMe Oh: there you go girl

CapCat Ragu: I’ll go back to my liquid form

SaveMe Oh: i sacrifice myself to keep you warm

CapCat Ragu: Thank you! 🙂

Wizardoz Chrome: Ty Save 🙂

CapCat Ragu: meilo will melt too

SaveMe Oh: and dont we need some flowers? to trigger spring?

Quan Lavender: awwwh, nice warm! Burn the witch, that is good 🙂

SaveMe Oh: its not so freezing anymore

CapCat Ragu: now it’s warm

SaveMe Oh: and cosy and the lag warms everybody

CapCat Ragu: Yes, lol


simba Schumann: SaveMe sorry

simba Schumann: but we have great lag problems in sim

simba Schumann: so I ask you to leave your outfit please

simba Schumann: save me

simba Schumann: please

simba Schumann: I don’t want to have to bann you

ChrisTower Dae: saveme please……:)

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you wanted to ban me!

SaveMe Oh: you just did


CapCat Ragu: that’s funny

SaveMe Oh: They banned me

CapCat Ragu: they’ll unban you


simba Schumann: sorry save

simba Schumann: you can return

simba Schumann: but please

simba Schumann: don’t wear too much weight outfit

SaveMe Oh: dont be silly

SaveMe Oh: You want to organise events but get scared when it becomes an event!

simba Schumann: I love you saveme, you know it

SaveMe Oh: love will not do

simba Schumann: but we have lag problems

SaveMe Oh: Then dont organise events

SaveMe Oh: or invite only 10 people