Rest In Pieces

I don’t know if it was in the last will of the diseased or that it is simple a landlord cleaning up the parcel but it’s a glorious moment, the most ugly venue of SL, Cat’s Circus will disappear this week forever. I hope the events that were organised there will go on but hopefully never again in such an ugly place.

For a visual performer it was the most horrible place to work in. Every creation was blurred by the always present ugliness of the tent, the clowns, the red en yellow color and all the other rubbish Cat rezzed there. As a musician needs an audience that wants to listen a visual performer needs a clean canvas to create. It is an advise for every event organiser to come up with clean spaces, as the artists are quite capable to create the space themselves. They don’t need a backdrop, a background image or forefront distractions.

As it is already ridiculous that a virtual musician stand behind a keyboard or a DJ booth pretending to play live music it’s even more ridiculous to facilitate a virtual performer with walls, roofs, images at the wall or stages. Stages make the work only more complicated as it places avatars on different heights what makes it more complex to cover the space virtually well.

So musicians, play your buttons at home so we can hear it inworld and leave the visuals to the professional performance artists.

And dumbo’s, if at a certain moment a circus tent is needed…I wear one sometimes for breakfast!

See what happens at 1.28

Roxy Finally Saved By SaveMe Oh

My longest therapy session with an avi in despair was with Roxy Gellar, countless were my attempts to Save her, mainly from herself. But finally all the hard work paid off. Such a pity Cat Boucher is not with us anymore to enjoy this remarkable salvation.

Roxy found the courage to accept the hand I always reached out to her.

On her RL Facebook account she send me a message.

Gods help me, I made a friend request to SaveMe Oh and she accepted.

RL Roxy: You’re so desperately in need of material, how could I rob you of my inspirations? RL Roxy aka Roxy Gellar

SaveMe Oh: Happy 2023

RL Roxy: And every happiness to you in this new year!

SaveMe Oh: New alt?

RL Roxy: No, same old Roxy. And my RL name. Oddly xxxxx is similar to John Doe or John Smith as a very used name. Do a web search and it’s amazing how many xxxxx and xxxxx come up. I guess you could say we are all too common.

SaveMe Oh: If you want desperate to be found just add additional info.

RL Roxy: lol, there’s enough in my posts. Not offered as a challenge but Ive had stalkers before.

SaveMe Oh: What if I find out you are a nice person after all????

RL Roxy: lol Not the first time a stalker, if you become one, has suggested they were a nicer person. FYI I am only a civilian, not a host or a promoter in SL.

SaveMe Oh: I am not a stalker, nor a griefer, just an artist in SL

RL Roxy: Great!

SaveMe Oh: As if you didn’t know…

RL Roxy: Of course I knew that. Wasn’t I a part of your piss performance so long ago?

SaveMe Oh: That was your glorious moment

RL Roxy: No one else like you in SL, no one of your um caliber.

SaveMe Oh: btw, Cat has died

RL Roxy: I know, odd coincidence. Posted in Facebook the other day.

The Elephant in the Room – Death & Loss in SL

What an odd coincidence. Maybe not so odd given the recent plague of “Died Suddenly.” But on facebook I can not go into my observations further than that. Honesty on the topic is expressed on Minds and (now) Twitter. But that’s almost besides the point.

Yesterday, several days after I logged into SL again for the first time in 2 years, I saw in posts that a good number of mutual friends and acquaintances suffered a real life death of one of their friends.

It is no secret that she and I were not friends. I tried several times to bury the hatchet. The last time was at the urging of one particular SL personality who will go unnamed. Each time I was refused. Be that as it may be, I am sorry that you are now once again facing this loss and inevitable part of life.

Whether I was a part of that circle or not, I do appreciate that many of you are grieving. And it is a process we all face. It takes time. It is not easy. Those with positive memories will find comfort in them. Those, at least as has been the case for me, will often find that resentments fade and may be forgotten.

Now we can only hope a major mental health relapse will not occur.

I Am The Gorilla

Wonder who is the new alpha male on top of the monkey rock? The silverback of SL?

Livio Mondini: I like also if i am not called Livio Mondini Korobase but DJ Gorilla Korobase. I had an update and I am so fertile now that I expect a lot of willing females lining up passionate in front of me for a good love story. Ok, sexual attraction!

This offer is not open to SaveMe Oh for whom I will arrange that she get banned everywhere I play my Spotify list.

I am the fertile DJ Gorilla Korobase now for at least 8 years, maybe the SaveMe’s of this world don’t know but for a long time I runned a club doing sometimes DJ Gorilla Korobase while doing the people around me. And people who might think I ask someone to ban SaveMe Oh for me, DJ Gorilla Korobase or not, I don’t need to ask, I do it direct so I have more time to do Planet Paprika. I love paprika!

Cat C. Boucher: Sweetheart, after you have done me I totaly believe it was me who banned SaveMe Oh out of free will.

SaveMe Oh: Fascists who push free people to exclude others and make them believe they have made a autonomic decission are the most effective in establishing a dictatorship.

A Limb: Can I do an attempt of something off topic? ……forcing visual artists to stop their performance by invading their space with unsolicited visuals is a model of democracy, of course.

A Transonic Venus Fuck

After successful events where I provided great visuals and Glasz did her best to film it the Belgian Transonic fuckers decided this time we were not welcome any more and organised a German/Belgium apartheid bunker with huge banlines. And in good old German fashion they blamed someone else to be able to be dancing liars!

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me in? I seem to be banned

Planet Paprika: Hi SaveMe, I am sorry but I was asked to ban you because last time you were unfair to Venus Adored. I can’t TP you.

SaveMe Oh: She is not even online

Planet Paprika: No Kalyca is doing visuals

SaveMe Oh: So you are lying? To find some silly excuse?

Planet Paprika: I am not lying. People just want to perform in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You use Venus Adored as excuse, very sad

Planet Paprika: I do not but because of Venus I was asked to ban you … it shouldn’t happen again. That you push someone away.

SaveMe Oh: Venus would never ask for my ban, how cowardly to use her.

Planet Paprika: Maybe not but the others did!

SaveMe Oh: wir haben es micht gewust. Good German habits

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

SaveMe Oh: I hope Venus will be very offended by this

Planet Paprika: I try to explain it again SaveMe …. the artists that do the event shall perform as they want and in peace and I support that

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t tell that, you try to mislead me with a made up story to wash your hands like Pilatus.

Planet Paprika: No. I told you how it is.

SaveMe Oh: An honest person would tell which person don’t want me there, and not use Venus Adored as an escape goat.

Planet Paprika: The people from Transonic asked!

SaveMe Oh: It took you more than 15 minutes to tell the truth.

Oh, btw, they use my visuals to promote the event where they ban me. Should I send them a bill?

How To Hide Your Excitement?

During the Transcultures broadcast of the MINDFUCK performance by SaveMe Oh and A Limb, Ampel was trying to hide his excitement by surrounding himself with a field of dildo’s but he failed big.

The event had a difficult start as Cat’s Circus platform was full of ban-lines which made it impossible to perform there. The request to promise me to never ban me again was refused. Idiots like Ultralight Alter keep the privilege to exclude people from their concerts. That everyone can use the derender tool is forgotten, so it’s seen as no excuse.

So a late escape to a free platform without borders and restrictions was the solution.

But the desire to virtual fuck everyone during covid times became huge. In our RL we can’t meet each ohter, have to practice social distancing and then when you reach out in a virtual party you end up with ban-lines in your face. I wish everybody a great MINDFUCK.

The Warm Ban-lines Welcome

When you arrive on your job for a live broadcast on the internet and you are welcomed with ban-lines on a venue you already have performed a 1000 times. In the year everybody is hit by the COVID virus there are still people who think it is necessary to exclude people.

Planet Paprika: Do you need your alts for your performance?

SaveMe Oh: I need freedom, that’s all

Planet Paprika: You have freedom as SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: I need freedom for all

SaveMe Oh: Clean your ban-lists. Don’t be a dictator. War is over.

Planet Paprika: I have unbanned them

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, and try 2021 without excluding people, you don’t need that.

Planet Paprika: We can talk about it in 2021 if we are still alive

SaveMe Oh: Better be nice for people before they are maybe dead.

Planet Paprika: Good point … likewise

Second Life: Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Planet Paprika: Hmmm

Planet Paprika: Now I unbanned Cupido and Greta, how many alts do you have ??

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure you are not me?

Planet Paprika: SaveMe Oh IS NOT ON THE BAN LIST

SaveMe Oh: There is a huge ban-line on the middle of the platform

Planet Paprika: 5 minutes ago I was sure I am not you

SaveMe Oh: One part I am banned, the other part not

Planet Paprika: ohh

SaveMe Oh: When you want to kill people better learn how to do it.

Planet Paprika: True but doesn’t that mean there are two different sims ?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, maybe, so you must do the job in both sims. But anyway its a disgrace you still cooperate with these things.

SaveMe Oh: Promise you will never ban me again

Planet Paprika: I can’t SaveMe … but I can promise I will only ban you temporary, when Ultra is playing and is asking for it!

Corona Saved My Life

Lenni Foxtrot: I want to hug you, but we cant possibly do that in front of other people… have you ever hugged anyone?

SaveMe Oh: I have a griefer

Lenni Foxtrot: Don’t we like those? Have any of you ever hugged Save Me Oh? Like a close.. cuddly hug?

Cat Boucher: Not really Lenni but I would if I want her to leave!

SaveMe Oh: OMG stereohug danger! 1,5 m ladies!

Cat Boucher: I don’t want you to leave SaveMe, No hugs needed lol.

SaveMe Oh: Stay away from me.

Lenni Foxtrot: I have always thought SaveMe was awesome… and have tried for years to get her to hug me. No wonder avies get depressed in this world.

Cat Boucher: Why should she hug you Lenni? Cos you are awesome too?

Lenni Foxtrot: Well cuz.. I dunno.. I like SaveMe.. we have been through a lot… I vent to her 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Corona saved my life

Lenni Foxtrot: She is a good friend to me.. she doesn’t bullshit me.. all other friends do

Cat Boucher: SaveMe isn’t unfair, well mostly not.

SaveMe Oh: That took a lot of strength to write that down.

Cat Boucher: Was almost unable to move my fingers lol.

SaveMe Oh: I noticed

Lenni Foxtrot: She is mean.. I think.. but sometimes….our SaveMe.. is also passionate… no artist in not passionate

Lenni Foxtrot: I admit, my hope tonight, was to get a hug from SaveMe… here in RL we can’t, I thought for once.. Save might give in and hug me. I stand close enough so it is easy :))

Cat Boucher: Are you obsessed Lenni? lol

Lenni Foxtrot: Yup! Who isn’t in love with SaveMe??!

SaveMe Oh: I better go in god mode.

An Astonishing Spectacle

It was an intense moment full of emotion and amazement. The music of A Limb bewitched us, enveloped us, took us out of our torpor and the incredible show of SaveMe Oh plunged us into incredible universes, mixing doubt in us, amazement, disarray, enchantment.

We were witnessing a testimony of the past, present and future. It was an astonishing spectacle that we were confronted with, we were actors and spectators. The music seemed so perfectly synchronized to these multiple scenes, to these worlds that SaveMe Oh created and that A Limb illustrated musically so perfectly with its fragrant and also multiple music.
A total immersion, in a vision of SaveMe but also in our own consciousness and unconsciousness. Colours and lights intermingled. Fictional characters from comics and films appeared and imposed themselves on us in attitudes wrapped in humor (humour of SaveMe that I consider very fine), revisited and which for some who were destined to save the world find themselves asking to be saved by SaveMe :).
Each of these “heroes” presented, perhaps, but I’m not sure, an animal of low court as an offering. A pig, a lamb, a chicken, to gods of ancient or future mythologies who were given huge statues with an effigy or a pig’s head.
From a technical and scenographic point of view, the show was mastered from beginning to end, no lag for my part, a rare fluidity.
Sculptures, objects were modeled with surprising details, high quality textures appeared and disappeared or moved with great fluidity.
Meanwhile, we were dancing, joking, commenting.

Magic of creators and artists ! We were part of the show.

Thank you very much for this magnificent show worthy of the greatest musical and “cinematographic” achievements.
Some will say that I am exaggerating, but I think that I am still well below a literary description that can perfectly recreate this atmosphere. Words are no longer enough, you have to see it (and hear it) to realize it.

Thanks also to Cat C. Boucher for hosting and presenting these magnificent works and events and especially for allowing us to discover these wonderful artists.

Nabrej Aabye

Ultralight’s Rider

When Ultralight plays a concert she has one demand. The concert has to be SaveMe Oh free and every ass licking (the so cold LEAS) organiser start to pretend her shit taste good.

Cat Boucher is one of these servants who bows immediately when the soft muzak producer shakes with her contract.

Cat Boucher: SaveMe please do not do your visuals.

SaveMe Oh: I love you too

An hour later, when DD started playing…..

SaveMe Oh: Unban me quick and send a tp!

Cat Boucher: I can’t SaveMe … my landlord has to do it

SaveMe Oh: Jeeezzz, are you stupid or what? A dictator with a landlord?

Cat Boucher: Well it seems I am a dictator without rights lol, but I asked you to stop so a bann would not be needed

SaveMe Oh: In the good old times dictators were the boss, nowadays silly consumers volunteer for free to be a dictator. With idiots like that we don’t need enemies

Cat Boucher: We don’t need enemies anyway

SaveMe Oh: Then why you abuse people? For fun?