I Am The Gorilla

Wonder who is the new alpha male on top of the monkey rock? The silverback of SL?

Livio Mondini: I like also if i am not called Livio Mondini Korobase but DJ Gorilla Korobase. I had an update and I am so fertile now that I expect a lot of willing females lining up passionate in front of me for a good love story. Ok, sexual attraction!

This offer is not open to SaveMe Oh for whom I will arrange that she get banned everywhere I play my Spotify list.

I am the fertile DJ Gorilla Korobase now for at least 8 years, maybe the SaveMe’s of this world don’t know but for a long time I runned a club doing sometimes DJ Gorilla Korobase while doing the people around me. And people who might think I ask someone to ban SaveMe Oh for me, DJ Gorilla Korobase or not, I don’t need to ask, I do it direct so I have more time to do Planet Paprika. I love paprika!

Cat C. Boucher: Sweetheart, after you have done me I totaly believe it was me who banned SaveMe Oh out of free will.

SaveMe Oh: Fascists who push free people to exclude others and make them believe they have made a autonomic decission are the most effective in establishing a dictatorship.

A Limb: Can I do an attempt of something off topic? ……forcing visual artists to stop their performance by invading their space with unsolicited visuals is a model of democracy, of course.

A Transonic Venus Fuck

After successful events where I provided great visuals and Glasz did her best to film it the Belgian Transonic fuckers decided this time we were not welcome any more and organised a German/Belgium apartheid bunker with huge banlines. And in good old German fashion they blamed someone else to be able to be dancing liars!

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me in? I seem to be banned

Planet Paprika: Hi SaveMe, I am sorry but I was asked to ban you because last time you were unfair to Venus Adored. I can’t TP you.

SaveMe Oh: She is not even online

Planet Paprika: No Kalyca is doing visuals

SaveMe Oh: So you are lying? To find some silly excuse?

Planet Paprika: I am not lying. People just want to perform in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You use Venus Adored as excuse, very sad

Planet Paprika: I do not but because of Venus I was asked to ban you … it shouldn’t happen again. That you push someone away.

SaveMe Oh: Venus would never ask for my ban, how cowardly to use her.

Planet Paprika: Maybe not but the others did!

SaveMe Oh: wir haben es micht gewust. Good German habits

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

SaveMe Oh: I hope Venus will be very offended by this

Planet Paprika: I try to explain it again SaveMe …. the artists that do the event shall perform as they want and in peace and I support that

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t tell that, you try to mislead me with a made up story to wash your hands like Pilatus.

Planet Paprika: No. I told you how it is.

SaveMe Oh: An honest person would tell which person don’t want me there, and not use Venus Adored as an escape goat.

Planet Paprika: The people from Transonic asked!

SaveMe Oh: It took you more than 15 minutes to tell the truth.

Oh, btw, they use my visuals to promote the event where they ban me. Should I send them a bill?

How To Hide Your Excitement?

During the Transcultures broadcast of the MINDFUCK performance by SaveMe Oh and A Limb, Ampel was trying to hide his excitement by surrounding himself with a field of dildo’s but he failed big.

The event had a difficult start as Cat’s Circus platform was full of ban-lines which made it impossible to perform there. The request to promise me to never ban me again was refused. Idiots like Ultralight Alter keep the privilege to exclude people from their concerts. That everyone can use the derender tool is forgotten, so it’s seen as no excuse.

So a late escape to a free platform without borders and restrictions was the solution.

But the desire to virtual fuck everyone during covid times became huge. In our RL we can’t meet each ohter, have to practice social distancing and then when you reach out in a virtual party you end up with ban-lines in your face. I wish everybody a great MINDFUCK.

The Warm Ban-lines Welcome

When you arrive on your job for a live broadcast on the internet and you are welcomed with ban-lines on a venue you already have performed a 1000 times. In the year everybody is hit by the COVID virus there are still people who think it is necessary to exclude people.

Planet Paprika: Do you need your alts for your performance?

SaveMe Oh: I need freedom, that’s all

Planet Paprika: You have freedom as SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: I need freedom for all

SaveMe Oh: Clean your ban-lists. Don’t be a dictator. War is over.

Planet Paprika: I have unbanned them

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, and try 2021 without excluding people, you don’t need that.

Planet Paprika: We can talk about it in 2021 if we are still alive

SaveMe Oh: Better be nice for people before they are maybe dead.

Planet Paprika: Good point … likewise

Second Life: Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Planet Paprika: Hmmm

Planet Paprika: Now I unbanned Cupido and Greta, how many alts do you have ??

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure you are not me?

Planet Paprika: SaveMe Oh IS NOT ON THE BAN LIST

SaveMe Oh: There is a huge ban-line on the middle of the platform

Planet Paprika: 5 minutes ago I was sure I am not you

SaveMe Oh: One part I am banned, the other part not

Planet Paprika: ohh

SaveMe Oh: When you want to kill people better learn how to do it.

Planet Paprika: True but doesn’t that mean there are two different sims ?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, maybe, so you must do the job in both sims. But anyway its a disgrace you still cooperate with these things.

SaveMe Oh: Promise you will never ban me again

Planet Paprika: I can’t SaveMe … but I can promise I will only ban you temporary, when Ultra is playing and is asking for it!

Corona Saved My Life

Lenni Foxtrot: I want to hug you, but we cant possibly do that in front of other people… have you ever hugged anyone?

SaveMe Oh: I have a griefer

Lenni Foxtrot: Don’t we like those? Have any of you ever hugged Save Me Oh? Like a close.. cuddly hug?

Cat Boucher: Not really Lenni but I would if I want her to leave!

SaveMe Oh: OMG stereohug danger! 1,5 m ladies!

Cat Boucher: I don’t want you to leave SaveMe, No hugs needed lol.

SaveMe Oh: Stay away from me.

Lenni Foxtrot: I have always thought SaveMe was awesome… and have tried for years to get her to hug me. No wonder avies get depressed in this world.

Cat Boucher: Why should she hug you Lenni? Cos you are awesome too?

Lenni Foxtrot: Well cuz.. I dunno.. I like SaveMe.. we have been through a lot… I vent to her 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Corona saved my life

Lenni Foxtrot: She is a good friend to me.. she doesn’t bullshit me.. all other friends do

Cat Boucher: SaveMe isn’t unfair, well mostly not.

SaveMe Oh: That took a lot of strength to write that down.

Cat Boucher: Was almost unable to move my fingers lol.

SaveMe Oh: I noticed

Lenni Foxtrot: She is mean.. I think.. but sometimes….our SaveMe.. is also passionate… no artist in not passionate

Lenni Foxtrot: I admit, my hope tonight, was to get a hug from SaveMe… here in RL we can’t, I thought for once.. Save might give in and hug me. I stand close enough so it is easy :))

Cat Boucher: Are you obsessed Lenni? lol

Lenni Foxtrot: Yup! Who isn’t in love with SaveMe??!

SaveMe Oh: I better go in god mode.

An Astonishing Spectacle

It was an intense moment full of emotion and amazement. The music of A Limb bewitched us, enveloped us, took us out of our torpor and the incredible show of SaveMe Oh plunged us into incredible universes, mixing doubt in us, amazement, disarray, enchantment.

We were witnessing a testimony of the past, present and future. It was an astonishing spectacle that we were confronted with, we were actors and spectators. The music seemed so perfectly synchronized to these multiple scenes, to these worlds that SaveMe Oh created and that A Limb illustrated musically so perfectly with its fragrant and also multiple music.
A total immersion, in a vision of SaveMe but also in our own consciousness and unconsciousness. Colours and lights intermingled. Fictional characters from comics and films appeared and imposed themselves on us in attitudes wrapped in humor (humour of SaveMe that I consider very fine), revisited and which for some who were destined to save the world find themselves asking to be saved by SaveMe :).
Each of these “heroes” presented, perhaps, but I’m not sure, an animal of low court as an offering. A pig, a lamb, a chicken, to gods of ancient or future mythologies who were given huge statues with an effigy or a pig’s head.
From a technical and scenographic point of view, the show was mastered from beginning to end, no lag for my part, a rare fluidity.
Sculptures, objects were modeled with surprising details, high quality textures appeared and disappeared or moved with great fluidity.
Meanwhile, we were dancing, joking, commenting.

Magic of creators and artists ! We were part of the show.

Thank you very much for this magnificent show worthy of the greatest musical and “cinematographic” achievements.
Some will say that I am exaggerating, but I think that I am still well below a literary description that can perfectly recreate this atmosphere. Words are no longer enough, you have to see it (and hear it) to realize it.

Thanks also to Cat C. Boucher for hosting and presenting these magnificent works and events and especially for allowing us to discover these wonderful artists.

Nabrej Aabye

Ultralight’s Rider

When Ultralight plays a concert she has one demand. The concert has to be SaveMe Oh free and every ass licking (the so cold LEAS) organiser start to pretend her shit taste good.

Cat Boucher is one of these servants who bows immediately when the soft muzak producer shakes with her contract.

Cat Boucher: SaveMe please do not do your visuals.

SaveMe Oh: I love you too

An hour later, when DD started playing…..

SaveMe Oh: Unban me quick and send a tp!

Cat Boucher: I can’t SaveMe … my landlord has to do it

SaveMe Oh: Jeeezzz, are you stupid or what? A dictator with a landlord?

Cat Boucher: Well it seems I am a dictator without rights lol, but I asked you to stop so a bann would not be needed

SaveMe Oh: In the good old times dictators were the boss, nowadays silly consumers volunteer for free to be a dictator. With idiots like that we don’t need enemies

Cat Boucher: We don’t need enemies anyway

SaveMe Oh: Then why you abuse people? For fun?

The Music Mother Teresa’s

Do you know those desperate creatures in their little attic rooms glueing tracks and beats together hoping to reach the millions before they are dead and forgotten? Secondlife is a shelter for them and the mother Teresa’s organise them concerts so they can earn some tipmoney to buy another sample shaker or squeekmachine with buttons.

German Mother Teresa Cat Boucher organise weekly Second Life Got Talent events for them, giving them a stage and stream.

But for the visual artists there is no such thing as a workspace. They are forced to do their job under awful conditions. They are forced year in year out to perform in her ugly tent full of distracting garbage.

Where the musicians get the freedom to do whatever they want, the visual artists are forced to accept the ugly environments she chooses. Resulting in ugly movies and pics that are useless as they are always polluted with her primglueing.

After years of fighting for a clean canvas for visual artists she got me yesterday a clean platform and the result was an epic performance with the music of ALimb and Yadleen, but when Echo Starship played the next day and I start to TP people to my new platform to have the event there Mother Teresa made clear who is the boss.

Planet Paprika (cat.boucher): SaveMe I didn’t make the platform that you can do an extra event when someone is playing here. Echo needs his guests and tips.

SaveMe Oh: Bring him up!

Planet Paprika (cat.boucher): You are not a team player at all

SaveMe Oh: No, I am an artist, not the salvation army

Planet Paprika (cat.boucher): no you are an idiot

Josef K: Thanks for the TP

SaveMe Oh: Enjoy for as long it lasts

Venus Adored: Are you fighting again?

Second Life: cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land.

Mit Ein Wenig Hilfe Von Meinen Freunden

For the second time some German friends licked their way into LEA and just like the last time when they licked themselves in for a free sim they put their hippy morals about freedom and a world for all aside and obey the dictatorial LEA regime by agreeing on the ban rules, meaning SaveMe Oh is not welcome while they celebrate their exclusive gift for their obedience and submission to the LEA dictatorship, shaking their new mesh bodies for the benefit of corrupt multinationals.


Yadleen: sorry – I don’t have tipjar today – you may tip ME – if you like ::

Glasz DeCuir: So discrete, we havent percived SaveMe was here!

Mylene Renoir: I smelled her

SaveMe Orfan: Sorry I am banned, all my money goes to the lawyers

Jo Williams: hahaha

Mylene Renoir: Fish

Nero Supermarine: LOL

Jo Williams: lol subtle oh. . . 😉

SaveMe Orfan: Surrounded by idiots subtlety doesn’t work

Jo Williams: i know it lol

Cat Boucher: If you don’t want the SaveMe poster just derender SaveMe and they are gone. She is not very creative today.

SaveMe Orfan: Germans always like to collaborate with dictatorial regimes so you can’t be too subtle. They don’t mind if friends are banned or not

Cat Boucher: I do not collaborate with a regime but with art in another country

SaveMe Orfan: They have no problems with staging parties while others are excluded.

They are quite happy to dance while others cant contribute. The world can fall apart and they still dance.

Second Life: cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land.

OH What A Night, OMG The Schedule

Having a LEA sim AND want to invite the most famous artist and performer of Secondlife SaveMe Oh gives the wannabe primgluers some headache as SaveMe Oh has regionbans in all LEA due to the repressive dictatorial system thats in place there.

But Daddio Dow who is licking every rabbit ass (LERA) licked Bryn a bit and received a button in which he can grant SaveMe Oh entrance during events chosen by him.

As this Daddio Dow is a wannabe musician who glues together tunes like numerous others he wanted SaveMe Oh desperately at his performance in LEA 1. So 5 minutes before the start I received a TP. I was again not banned at LEA 1 to 8 (the region) for some hours.

But I decided Daddio Dow didnt deserve my art yet as he only allows me in for his own profit. So I used the opportunity to pay Mandel Solano a visit who has LEA 8 as sim for his glue practices. And when I arrived there Mandel and Tansee where hugging eachother to make pics for above their bed. It was a bit as when I found some years ago Quan Lavender in an erotic rendezvous with a guy with a horsedick.


Tansee: Welcome, good to see you 🙂 We are just having a chat about stuff,,,,

SaveMe Oh: Reproduction stuff?

Tansee: I am too old for that

SaveMe Oh: Why are you hugging that creep that always ban me?

Tansee: Shhhhhhhhh

SaveMe Oh: Hey Mandel, are you awake or has that arm through you killed you?

Tansee: Time for us to leave now unless you will be hugging 🙂

Second Life: You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Did you eject me? Why?

Tansee: I told you I would not eject you

SaveMe Oh: So why you allow Mandel to do so?


So I walked back to LEA1 were Daddio Dow was still busy and I decide to set up a visual protest against the ugliness around and Daddio’s selective use of the banbutton/

Cat Boucher: SaveMe, if you want to support Daddio do it. If you just want to do a one woman show again pls leave. Yes and I mean it SaveMe!!


SaveMe Oh: I was invited, so mind your own business or are you his mother too?

Cat Boucher: I am the big mama SaveMe

Daddio Dow: Grabs his big bucket of water

SaveMe Oh: Yes I saw in the note Bavid send

SaveMe Oh: (Bavid Bailey’s note) Elf, I am writing this on behalf of Cat and she approves the contents. You will either move your concert for the rezz day party so that it doesn’t conflict with the scheduled concerts at the sim, this time and in the future, or you can pack up the parcel immediately. You’re welcome to the parcel if you don’t make trouble for Cat and the team, but you must give precedence to Cats schedule for the sim. Let me know as soon as possible. If I don’t hear from you I will disable music on your parcel until Cats concerts are finished.

SaveMe Oh: But luckily I was invited by Daddio

Cat Boucher: So?

SaveMe Oh: So mind your own business

Cat Boucher: I think it is 🙂

SaveMe Oh: We will soon know

Daddio Dow: Throws the bucket of water at the bickering ladies but nothing but confetti comes out

Cat Boucher: There is just one lady Daddio and thats me.


Daddio Dow: welcome Bryn Oh 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Hi sis, where is your clone? Is Cica coming too?

Daddio Dow: Here’s is a song for Bryn

SaveMe Oh: Is it a song about rabbits? Bryn loves that the most

Daddio Dow: She did a machinima to this song

SaveMe Oh: And no rabbits in the machinima?

SaveMe Oh: Bryn shall we dance, darling?

Tizzy Canucci: I need to get the camera rolling… hang on

Cat Boucher: Now if thats not romantic I dont know

Tizzy Canucci: I’ll do a nice vignette effect round it

Bryn Oh: Who will hold my bunnies if we dance SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: Cica

Bryn Oh: Also i have to control cica

SaveMe Oh: What else

Bryn Oh: I type for both remember

SaveMe Oh: she is good for the bunnies


Betty Tureaud: nini and thanks fore the music

SaveMe Oh: Dont forget to watch the pics Betty


When Daddio Dow was finished Michi Renoir climbed the stage and he of course deserved a full power performance as he is not from the banbutton mob!

Poor Eifachfilm Vacira who was not allowed to give a rezday party for his girlie by Cat Boucher, Bavid and others and had to leave LEA 1 was throwing his party in another sim so after Michi I also visited them and who was there in secret??????? Daddio Dow, playing again his set. And Tansee and Mandel still exploring eachothers virtual mouth.

SaveMe Oh: Sorry I was on duty in LEA

Kalyca Vacirca: Haha

Daddio Dow: They let you in there?

Any1 Gynoid: No shit.. is SAVE ME lol, love u babe

SaveMe Oh: I had a undercover contact in LEA, but he wasn’t good enough yet to deserve a performance

Daddio Dow: Loser

SaveMe Oh: I will see if I can go there tomorrow to see if he deserves more. But I almost kissed Bryn.

Daddio Dow: Pics???

SaveMe Oh: Of course, be patient. Btw I also have pics Tansee kissing Mandel

Daddio Dow: I like to see you making out with bryn

Tansee: Everyone does 🙂

SaveMe Oh: So Eif, this is the girl who’s rezday party was sunk by Cat?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Yes

SaveMe Oh: Is she in a trauma?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: We were condemmed to do it on a insignificant place

SaveMe Oh: Without telling the LEA officials???

Mandel Solano: Good night it was a nice party. Bye bye folks

SaveMe Oh: Ah Mandel, we didn’t kiss yet

Tansee: Goodnight everyone Thank You

Any1 Gynoid: SAVEME! UR MY HEROINES!!!! ))

SaveMe Oh: Mandel Solano is always ejecting me or running away

Any1 Gynoid: Because u rock silly

Senka Beck: Maybe they just didn’t like dadio’s tunes 🙂


Any1 Gynoid: ur awesome SaveMe. let anarchy rein

SaveMe Oh: It already does, they are completely helpless against it

Any1 Gynoid: u make me cry..I love u

SaveMe Oh: Are you playing the same tape as earlier tonight?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: No he can play as long as he want, much more

Daddio Dow: Some different ones, some the same

SaveMe Oh: omg, you mean he has more music than just one hour?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: So far yes!

Daddio Dow: I figure 8 hrs

SaveMe Oh: Omg, the schedule