SaveMe Is Creating A Paradise

Cat Boucher: Love that jungle

SaveMe Oh: I have fed my pets, don’t worry

Yadleen: Wow yes wonderful

Mylene Renoir: Where is Kong?

SaveMe Oh: You already want the porn stuff?

Cat Boucher: Omg lol


Scarlet Canare: Awesome…

SaveMe Oh: Hope Rage Darkstone doesn’t turn this into a painting.

Yadleen: lol

Scarlet Canare: hahaha

Cat Boucher: Wow look at these beautiful butterflies. SaveMe is creating a paradise

SaveMe Oh: I am so completely in the love and peace mode. Did you notice

Yadleen: yes wonderful

SaveMe Oh: I feel so ZEN, especially after Kong

Yadleen: We need some zen today

SaveMe Oh: He is a king lover, always know how to calm me down

Glasz DeCuir: You have to let me your toyboy Save! :))

SaveMe Oh: 500 L an hour for Spanish girls

Yadleen: OK MY NEW SONG !!! Will rename it to “No Drama” :))

Glasz DeCuir: No hate No drama :))

SaveMe Oh: Yadleen, lesson: Drama is the highest level of art!

Yadleen: I know SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Without drama we would die of boredom and Kake would be without a face

Mylene Renoir: Attends que les papillons fassent pipi ^_^

Kake Broek: les papillons fassent pipi?

Glasz DeCuir: Golden shower?

Kake Broek: sxuse we talk in French on public chat but so i’m a SUPERSTAR so

SaveMe Oh: Dead languages also need some space

Kake Broek: thx Save for your easy expected comment over ahahah

SaveMe Oh: You can only be a superstar when you are predictable

Kake Broek: Yes SaveMe, I love u too. your my fav old sucker.

SaveMe Oh: People please, I can’t handle love

Deceptions Digital: L

Deceptions Digital: O

Deceptions Digital: V

Deceptions Digital: E

Kake Broek: But the day u gonna die I will not regret about

SaveMe Oh: That’s better

Kake Broek: ahahahah

Mylene Renoir: Lol

SaveMe Oh: All this love shit is worthless for my blog

Deceptions Digital: As a blog is worthless comparing to love

SaveMe Oh: Hippie

Cat Boucher: Feed SaveMe, argue a bit lol, its too harmonic here lol

Tizzy Canucci: Yadleen’s making us to Zen

Yadleen: I’m happy that you all have been here and listen to may music and see the wonderful visuals of SaveMe

Kake Broek: that’s zen machine

Tizzy Canucci: You should just get some nice paintings for the walls next time though 😉

SaveMe Oh: yes, its a little empty

Yadleen: I’m so happy for this wonderful evening :))  Thank you all …. kisses and hugs

SaveMe Oh: And with all this water around, who needs to pee?

Mylene Renoir: Oh, no golden shower today 😦

Pixelated Hugs, your friend Rage Darkstone!

The person who start ejecting, bomb and disturb me during their CANCER EXPLOITATION EVENT is now using his populist tricks on people he thinks are in bed with SaveMe. (I can understand this makes him green of envy). That the coward has blocked me on Facebook so I cannot read his comments makes him the true knight of freedom. Luckily my comment is not needed anyway as the biggest fools expose themselves, eager as they are for a small spot in my shadow.


Rage Darkstone: Omg, SprayMe Oh was not pissing on anyone. Empty blater SprayMe? You were part of nothing.

Cat C. Boucher: I really don’t know why now an event of mine is part of this whole melodrama ….we all did enjoy it and nothing negative did happen so I don’t understand where the problem is

Rage Darkstone: You will of course try and stay on the side lines. Well you will have to decide. Do you or don’t you support what SaveMe Oh does. If you don’t then ban her from your events. Your pleasure is other’s pain and I think we must, myself included, face up to that. I apologize in advance for putting you in this moral quandary. But, they are not fantasies, even in SL.

Cat C. Boucher: Rage Darkstone. I have to decide and take the responsibility what happens at my place and I think I do …I always try that people feel appreciated and welcome and will not let anyone disturb that special atmosphere..and yes I support SaveMe’s art …. and Rage I did decide long time ago but I won’t do it because someone is forcing me …for this I am the wrong person

Rage Darkstone: I had an opening that I worked long and hard to create, as beautifully as I could, destroyed in a minute by SaveMe Oh.  I am not forcing you to do anything. Just do what your conscience dictates. Good luck.

Cat C. Boucher: Rage Darkstone, I am sorry if SaveMe did destroy your opening

Rage Darkstone: Thank you Cat. You are standing up and being counted and I, for one deeply respect you for that. I owe you an explanation. I guess I believe (maybe naively) that those who aspire to be artists have a very serious responsibility: to act as an inspiration for humanity. It may mean shocking bourgeois morality if it harms others. It certainly does not mean humiliating artists and others who aspire to do well. I can only hope you will see it my way and act upon it freely and accordingly. Sincere hugs, Rage.

Mylene Renoir: Flooding my Facebook with your hate won’t make you feel better, Rage. You should try to deal with it, before it destroys you.

Cat C. Boucher: Rage Darkstone: I stop for animals when I drive, I can handle a motorbike and horses including stallions, I did work for a few years as therapist in a psychiatric hospital and I think I can handle a few aspering artists in SL too without hurting anyone including SaveMe .-)

Clara Mayef: Think about – only 1 minute please …. You lose a lot of time, hating people. Marian Anderson

Rage Darkstone: As I told you off line Clara Mayef, you seem to confuse fighting for justice with hating people. Fighting for justice in SL or RL is the purest form of loving people. Your turn to think about it for the rest of your life. Cat C. Boucher, I will compare my credentials to yours any day and besides, I don’t understand what credentials have to do with this discussion. Your concern for not hurting people is misplaced. SaveMe Oh has hurt people for years. Many people have written me off line how this was the case and the stories are heart breaking. You are hurting people in a very real way by helping people like SaveMe Oh. Your few years as a therapist and psychiatrist should give you an appreciation of how people can be hurt and your responsibility to avoid that hurt.

Mylene Renoir: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The magic formula that proved its effectiveness for ages…

Rage Darkstone: Why don’t you say what you mean instead of hiding behind irony. I would say to you that fighting for justice is the very opposite of hate. It is the purest form of love. I am not flooding your facebook with hate and if you think so then just block me if you have not already done so as a way of ignoring what you should hear, because you are very naive if you think I will stop. Pissing on people with pixel as SaveMe Oh did is a powerful metaphor for disrespect. You said in another post that you thought that Clara Mayef would find it funny to have SaveMe Oh piss on her. Why don’t you give her a chance to express her own opinion?

Mylene Renoir: Hmm, let’s take for a while you point of view, Rage. In other words taking everything happening in SL absolutely seriously… You’re lobbying to get rid of SaveMe. The only way to achieve it is to suppress her avi, you know it very well. If we take SL life seriously, it means “killing SaveMe”. Who would ask someone’s death for protesting in a public event, except a dictator? If this is the justice you are fighting for, I’m happy not to be part of it. I won’t block you. Each comment you make shows to everyone your real face, which I still call hate. Now I stop talking with you. I have much more interesting things to do.

Rage Darkstone: Of course you have more interesting things to do. Most people do when they have nothing to say. In response to you statement, I am killing nobody. I am reporting what I see as violations of Second Life Terms of Service (TOS). Let them decide what, if anything should be done. Stop projecting onto me your fears of what you think could happen. By the way I don’t hate you either. I think you have the mental fortitude to discuss fairly a difference of opinion and to remain good friends. If you don’t, then you are not a friend. Friends tell their friends when they think they are wrong, and that is what you are doing, and I respect you for that part of what you are typing.

Pixelated hugs, your friend Rage Darkstone.

How Dare The Simple Minded, Egocentric, Self Centered, Spoiled Brat? This Small, Sad, Human Being? This Pathetic Creature And Frustrated Bitch! This Ill Mannered Child! This Visual Terrorist And Fucking Idiot! A Bitter Little Shrew.

When I told Cat C. Boucher from Cat’s Circus that her hippie views about removing boundaries, connecting and collaboration only happen on her own terms she didn’t agree. I argued that she gives musicians all freedom to express themselves but that her ugly tent limits visual artists to do their job.


Soon I found out it was not allowed to have a different opinion as the brothers Farell wished me HELL.

Kevin Farrell: Cat supports all artists, she always has. You can create your own freedom SaveMe Oh, and support people who give freedom to any creative art. Your criticism is unwarranted and untrue.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you are being arbitrary and dictatorial.

We all have our preferences, likes and dislikes.

Do you criticise someone for liking oil paint more than watercolour, or do you celebrate the difference and credit both?


Mark Farrell: Cat C. Boucher, your venue and your service to the community, has been nothing short of a blessing. We all know that it is a rare thing a sim ever makes back what it puts in to it and I’m not just talking about money. Blood, sweat, tears by the bushel and hours checking schedules in SL against what you need for yourself in RL.

Far be it from me – or anyone – to criticize your house and then demand to be an honored guest.

How dare the simple minded, egocentric, self centered spoiled brat of this ilk, come pounding at your door, as if to say that their fleeting existence and momentary presence in your home, is somehow not at your leisure.

As a creator and performer, I hang my head in shame for any mistaken or contrived association with this ill mannered child.

SaveMe Oh, a suggestion: A quality act does not descend upon a venue and make unreasonable or unusual demands.

This is Cat’s Circus, not “House of SaveMe Oh”. “HER Venue” (and I emphasize that) is a testament to her creativity, just as much as you perceive that your music/particle/light show is to yours.

FFS, if you don’t believe her place suites your act, buy your own sim, build your own club to your hearts desire, use a Holodeck or a rezzer system to please your wildest dream from moment to moment.

I personally would never come to your sim or your club after this and performances are doubtful. Nor would I change the slightest thing in a venue I owned, for a small, sad, human being such as yourself.

Shame on you!


And Machka P Blaisdale also had an opinion about SaveMe Oh: Visual artist are you?? Rezzing animals and floating porn pics are not my idea of a visual artist. You are just a frustrated bitch with no creativity at all, and if someone does not agree with you, you lash out and even at the people still supporting you call them cunts and telling their venue is a dump. I think you are a very pathetic creature on the grid.

Another rabbit pretending to play guitar had also some kind words:

Stubby Jack:  SaveMe Oh you are a visual terrorist, if someone asks u a question u act like its a personal affront to u, personally i think youre a fucking idiot, but thats just my opinion….. which i know at least some people in here would agree. You are not an artist you are a bitter little shrew who obviously has some mental issue that prevents you from being sociable…

The Annual Art Whores Ball

The Big City Orchestra is one of the participants in this year’s Burn2  in Secondlife. Burn2 is an already years running fake which try to copy the real life Burning man but is in reality a cover up for Christian Fundamentalist Boy scout rangers who are busy with missionary work. But they do it so well that artists who would commit suicide in case Donald Trump would become their president have no problem to play the art whores here for some free prims.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SaveMe Oh:  Burn2 in SL organised by Christian fundamentalist boy scout rangers. Good luck.

Ninah Pixie:  Hm, sounds like someone had a not so wonderful experience… sorry to hear that… we’ve been enjoying ourselves taking part in music & art since 2007 Burning Life…

SaveMe Oh:  Burning Life and Burn2 in SL are 2 completely different things but maybe you would perform too when Donald Trump would ask you.

Ninah Pixie: Have not experienced anything along the lines that you mention since BURN2 took over the ‘fest…. anyway…. maybe you ran across some not so good people, but there are 1000’s of folks involved…. have fun.

SaveMe Oh: You too.

Ninah Pixie: SaveMe, can you kindly remove that comment above mine (related to politics)? We have and wish not to invoke that sort of thing around here.

UB RADIO SALON: We removed it for you

SaveMe Oh: I don’t even have to prove censorship, it’s done while you watch.

UB RADIO SALON: SaveMe Oh keep it up and watch us exercise our freedom too.

SaveMe Oh: Knowing the ways of the Christian fundamentalist rangers I will not be surprised.


Monique Muir: This stage is organized by me, not Christian fundamentalists. and from the burn2 orga no one tried to missionare me so far.

SaveMe Oh: Then try to invite SaveMe Oh and see what happens. I predict an apocalyptic shitstorm.

Monique Muir: lol I wouldn’t invite Save Me Oh even if it was my own sim.

Cat C. Boucher: SaveMe, you want to be there to save them all?

Monique Muir: It’s easy. They banned SaveMe Oh so they are fundamentalist dictators. Same as LEA and so much other art places in SL and even LL itself. Anyhow, I´m atheist and still running the stage there.

Cat C. Boucher: SaveMe, this is SL how can you take that so serious?

SaveMe Oh:  I am so serious because I see what a shithead as Trump does in RL and I can’t believe we let those shitheads in SL get away with the same.

When I get tired of it all I can always start a circus and hire a good clown.

Instructions For Idiots

Do you also receive frequently bullshit comments like this?

Roxy Gellar:

Ya, where was SaveMe Oh so she can destroy all the ambiance and design elements of a well crafted venue? While insulting the venue owner who granted his or her permission for her to grief the stage and obliterate the people who attend.

It was SO much better without you there.

 I’m grateful that I was able to help prevent SaveMe from ruining the experience of people gathered for DD’s presentation at Innsmouth. There were griefers during Echo Starship, I know for a fact one of them is a ardent SaveMe supporter though I didn’t say anything.

DD, I will prevent SaveMe from similar events if I can, though I feel this was an isolated opportunity. I expect for venue owners to have to play out the drama SaveMe enjoys at each performance in the process of banning SaveMe during the event. A process that is more than a little Sadistic to play a part in don’t you think?


Cat Boucher:

 I am the host here SaveMe and the musicians are the regular act so I have to fulfil their wishes and you know that.

Are you also so fed up with wannabe event and venue organisers or pseudo artists who want to dictate what you should see or not, what you should hear or not, what you are allowed to say or not; then here some simple instructions to be completely free to see what you want to see, hear or see in your own screen.

  1. You hate SaveMe Oh and her never ending performances. Derender or mute her and you won’t see a glimpse of her anymore. But don’t complain after you missed the most important artist of virtual worlds from this century.Snapshot_377
  2. You hate the music that is played but adore SaveMe Oh, switch of media and play at home your own music or, for the diehard fans, use SaveMe Oh’s Vimeo Video Stream as background music.Snapshot_391
  3. You hate SaveMe Oh AND the musicians she teams up with, search shelter in the LEA dictator ship were Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Mandel Solano and Eupalinos Ugajin will hire the best snipers, water boarders, Guantanamo Bay guards and IS beheaders to prepare you a elite snob paradise were Donald Trump only can dream of.Snapshot_431
  4. You love SaveMe Oh’s performance but hate the ugly tents, Dracula castles or Hippie Woodstock paradises she has to do her job in. Derender the buildings or mute the owners with their ugly shit.Snapshot_432
  5. You love SaveMe Oh, but are fed up she alone get all the attention. Glue also some prims and stuff together and interact with her, or as a musician, keep your eyes on the screen too and interact with what you see and search for shared magic.Snapshot_409
  6. You hate that everything you say appears on the blog of SaveMe Oh. Shut up and SaveMe Oh has nothing to publish or be extremely nice to her. As SaveMe Oh only loves good drama she will almost never publish story’s about love, cats, dogs or tomato juice.lazy_001

Or to make a long story short: Feel free to do whatever you like.


SaveMe Oh Fulfills Your Wishes (Even When You Think You Don’t Want It)

Cat Boucher: SaveMe please don’t perform when Option Y are playing, they dont want that.

SaveMe Oh: Not true, some weeks ago thay asked me to  work together.

Cat Boucher: Yes but after they played at Vincents Barry doesnt want it anymore

SaveMe Oh: They even asked for my friendship, as I didnt know them at all

Cat Boucher: I am sorry SaveMe, the same is with Paris Obscur

SaveMe Oh: Paris is another thing. With him I never spoke.

Cat Boucher: Yes but for me the fact is that you shall not perform.

SaveMe Oh: That is not for you to decide, that’s my own decision. I am a free person, not your clown.

Cat Boucher: I am the host here SaveMe and the musicians are the regular act so I have to fullfil their wishes and you know that.

SaveMe Oh: Tell everybody how they can derender me, you know that very well too, so stop your silly arguments

Cat Boucher: I am not arguuing Saveme I try to explain

Silas Scarborough: Must be visuals by Saveme – looking exceptional with the jams

SaveMe Oh: Please tell Cat as she is nagging me in IM

Silas Scarborough: Damn, she never nags me (sob)

SaveMe Oh: I wish she did so I could work in peace


Alazarin Mobius: This light show is crazy !

Silas Scarborough: Wildness all around!

Silas Scarborough: SaveMe drives the lights

Cat Boucher: Yes Saveme is very cool. Her art I mean

SaveMe Oh: Where is my kleenex? I become quite emotional now.

Silas Scarborough: Oh god, so do I (sob)

SaveMe Oh: It’s that I already cried so many rivers otherwise I would start one now

Silas Scarborough: Oh yes, the torment!

Cat Boucher: First she wants to burn the tent and now she wants to cry it away lol

Silas Scarborough: tragic it is!

SaveMe Oh: Whatever natural disaster it takes

Cat Boucher: SaveMes visuals are the cream on the ice

SaveMe Oh: I thought you already had derender me Cat, you sneaky German.

Sorry, The Tip Jar Is Hidden


SaveMe Oh: Avatars with a manager, how ridiculous

Cat Boucher: SaveMe pls dont be boring and stop that

SaveMe Oh: Does she also iron your pants? Iron mesh pants is not that easy.

Paris Obscur: Please give me a couple of minutes, sorry for being late

SaveMe Oh: No, you had to iron your pants yourself?

Cat Boucher: It wasnt me lol

DD: Great visuals

SaveMe Oh: Give me some minutes to cover this dump up good.

DD: Be kind SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Why should I be kind with so much polution?

DD: SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Only tip me when you can spent more than 1000 linden, pocketmoney I already get from Glasz.

Sweetpea Shilova: Sorry the tipjar of Paris Obscur is hide now, please tip him directly

Cat Boucher: SaveMe, you are hiding his tip jar. We cant see the tip jar but the visuals are amazing still.

Glasz DeCuir: Dont tip saveme (she’s a shopalcoholic) only tip Paris!

SaveMe Oh: Whats this, a concert or a sales event?

Cat Boucher: The tent is too small for SaveMe’s performance I know.

Sweetpea Shilova: Please we need to see all the stage and the stars for the song.

Cat Boucher: SaveMe can you pls move your visuals

Sweetpea Shilova: SAVEME PLEASE

Cat Boucher: Ok we cannot more than ask

Zeddash Stygian: Save Me, the great SL attention whore. She likes to make everything about herself, always. She loves and thrives on this kind of attention.

SaveMe Oh: Tell the people they can derender me (or the sales booth)


Cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land


Reinhold Apfelbaum: The video show was very cool. Why you go away?

SaveMe Oh: They banned me

Reinhold Apfelbaum: What a shit

SaveMe Oh: So you can buy his CD

Reinhold Apfelbaum: Was very nice in connection with the live singer

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but the simowners and artist prefer to see their own shit. Next time another chance.

Reinhold Apfelbaum::(


SaveMe Oh: Mission accomplished

DD: Lol yes but the result is we cant enjoy your great visuals. Ireally liked that

SaveMe Oh: But you have a fine clear view on all the stars of his songs. Dont forget to buy some.

DD: Now its boring here the music is good but the visuals are missing.

SaveMe Oh: Tell Cat, I try to save her but she is stuborn as one of her horses.

DD: Oh you know me, I never take party….mmmh i did one time

SaveMe Oh: You a great to win the war with.

DD: Dubhna told me she never book me because you are a friend of me.

SaveMe Oh: Great, that gives us some rest

DD: Lol, it gives me the thinking that there are people who dont know that art is totally freedom.

SaveMe Oh: They prefer to roleplay audience.

Invasion Of The Body Snatcher

As concert dictator Roxy Gellar bans me from her events I followed my incredible brain wave which enables me to still hear the concert of my dear friend Deceptions Digital. I invaded DD’s house and snatch her body and replaced it by mine. As the same stream was playing there nobody noticed the difference and I start to perform. Through DD’s groupchat I TP-ed all fans to me.


Here the drama in DD’s groupchat:

SaveMe Oh: Now you can of course go to listen to the concert of DD in the land of her dictator Roxy Gellar, but you can also listen to DD’s music performed by SaveMe Oh.

Zola Zsun: 🙂 We get only visuals??

SaveMe Oh: No, the music too

Zola Zsun: 🙂

Glasz DeCuir: You stole the streaming?

Glasz DeCuir: Shave your pubis and let me quiet

SaveMe Oh: From now on I will provide a shadow concert every time Roxy bans me from a concert of my friend DD.

Cat Boucher: Aww Saveme why are you doing that? You cant be serious to pull ppl away from DDs concert just to slap Roxy.

SaveMe Oh: Its at her place blonde!

Cat Boucher: Ok lol but still DD is perfoming at Roxys place right ?

SaveMe Oh: I guess so, I am banned so I cant see. This is much more easy.

Cat Boucher: Than just let her do her concert and go with Roxy in a boxing ring.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, at her home it sounds much better, Zola, dont you agree?

Zola Zsun: Well i do like the visuals.. and music is fabulous as always :))

SaveMe Oh: DD is sending them by wire and I must say, I do a good DD imitation

Zola Zsun: lol


SaveMe Oh: I fit behind her keyboard very well, and no lag here. Incredibble. Let me speed it up a bit. Wow, this is absolutely amazing

Zola Zsun: That is because of my interpretive dance, Save

SaveMe Oh: Dont deny the dance moves of my brother Lemonodo

Cat Boucher: Why are you chatting here? I thought you are together at DDs place ?

SaveMe Oh: No, DD is on enemy grounds, I am in DD’s home.

Cat Boucher: Yes and Zola is there too so why chatting in this group? Everytime I get a beep and the window pops up … to read what ?

SaveMe Oh: This is DD’s group, I do this in her honor, as the poor soul has to perform for evil Roxy.

Cat Boucher: And DD gets it too? Let DD perform maybe ??!

SaveMe Oh: When she performs I hope she dont read chat or she might miss a key.

Cat Boucher: Very funny since she doesnt play an instrument but still its distrurbing.

SaveMe Oh: Her music sounds sooooooo great here, at her home, she should be here herself

Zola Zsun: Who is Cat Boucher i dont think iknow her. She is disciplinarian? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: She is the circus tent lady. German, so no sense of humor!

Zola Zsun: lol

Lemonodo Oh: She’s famous for something

SaveMe Oh: Yes, a tent

Zola Zsun: Well not so famous i know her altho she may be on my FB list i dont know

SaveMe Oh: DD is marching a lot tonight, eins zwei drei vier. I pretend I am DD so please dont look too close to my fingers


vola (3elena): hi Save:)

Zola Zsun: Hi vola

Willem Koba: Hi vola 🙂

Lemonodo Oh: Hi vola

SaveMe Oh: DD, you forgot your tipjar here, now what do I do?

Cat Boucher: You can gossip about me also in chat since Saveme is sharing it anyway lol

SaveMe Oh: I must say, I play quite well

Lemonodo Oh: Practice makes perfect

Zola Zsun: I am most impressed

SaveMe Oh: I am a one woman kraftwerk

Zoz Quandry: WoooooOOOhHoooo .Very high 🙂

Zola Zsun: i think Cat doesnt like me 😦 she IMd me

SaveMe Oh: What she said?

Lemonodo Oh: Maybe she dislikes many

Zola Zsun: not sure and if i say something interesting you will put it in their group chat

SaveMe Oh: Of course

Zola Zsun: So i think before i speak 🙂 which is unusal for me

SaveMe Oh: Are you a drama lover or a Roxy zombie?

Cat Boucher: Zola lol dont you have betetr to do ? .-) Saveme you make me laugh again ty darling.

Roxy Gellar: In case you can’t make it to this place

SaveMe Oh: Hey Roxy, blonde, we are at DD’s place so we already have the stream.


SaveMe Oh, Your Postillon D’Amour

Tonight I invited two dear friends to make peace!


Cat C. Boucher: Dear Roxy, come to the Circus to see today the acts which will appear in the future at your fucking Roxy Gellar’s place lol. Someone who say to supports music should do it because of the music and the talents that stands behind it …. But you, disgusting creature send boycott lists about musicians around … Torben was in, Lisa Brune and more. Some musicians dont forget that some mabye have to make the experience .-)

Roxy Gellar: In all honesty that lousy venue of you never enters into my thinking when it comes to approaching artists. In fact it’s more of a negative than a positive in my reasoning. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. When I go questing for artists I may not have heard I look to blind luck some times. But more often I look to Apmel, Telchar, Josef, With Actors and others who share my tastes.

To rule out artists I don’t want to bother with? I just look to see if Robert69 has posted them on YouTube. Odds are if Robert69 recorded them I won’t like what I’m about to hear. This is true 80-90% of the time.

So there you have it. My process in seeking artists for the Sun & Moon.

Cat C. Boucher: Roxy, you always sneaked in at the circus looking for artists and booking them and I was glad cos I thought you were supporting music and the artists. But after you told musicians if they play at my place you wont work with them anymore. Some left and some you kicked … and some are working with you again ….. but I believe what you said about Robert … that sounds pretty much like you lol .-)

Roxy Gellar: Sounds like you know Cat that you are caught sounding foolish. And reaching for a way to get out of it.

Anyone paying attention knows that I booked both DeceptionsDigital and Echo Starship long before you booked them. You only booked them after they proved themselves at my venues and several others. Dear Cat, you hardly OWN  them or any of the other artists we both have booked at various times.

I tolerate artists that I book playing at your kitsch stage, they have every right to play where ever they want to play. I don’t need to know about it, no reason for it to come up beyond what we have discussed. I do not support the practice of playing at a venue hosted by you, Cat.

All this I have posted publicly so nothing I’m afraid of.

And I won’t even get into your homophobic and transphobic rants!

You might get a kick out of this. Kinda sad. I can not confirm it in the open but consider this as a pretty clear threat of homicide over a parcel in SL soon….

I fear I have to schedule a second appointment. In the next session I want to confront them with this inside information I got from Kevin Farrell

Kevin Farrell: SaveMe, I was around when this homophbic nonsense began. A comment Cat made was taken out of context and instead of understanding that, a volley of abuse was wrongly thrown at Cat and others for weeks. It was awful for everyone involved.

And wrong. So very wrong.

Cat is not homophobic or transphobic or any orientationphobic. That I know as a fact.

Roxy knows it too if she would only swallow her pride.

It is telling that of all the people who know or have known Cat, only one accuses.

As they say, go figure.

I will say no more on this, I have no bones to chew, no agenda, I have no wish to argue or fall out with anyone.

The truth is what it is. Cat is NOT homophobic nor transphobic, and will agree with me that anyone who is in any way homophobic or transphobic is plain ignorant and nasty.

Just so the records straight. ;))

Roxy’s Rules For Self-Respect

In the continues joined efforts of rich owners to keep me away from my friends the well fed ladies tried to explain it all to me again and again and again.


SaveMe Oh: You already unbanned me?

Roxy Gellar: I’m sorry SaveMe, the Estate banned you months ago.

SaveMe Oh: Because you asked them to do so, so you had time enough to undo that

Roxy Gellar: Have a nice day SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Its only cowards who hide behind others.

Roxy Gellar: My hands are tied

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Pilatus

Roxy Gellar: You have no one to blame but yourself. Look up the word boundaries.

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Judas (Sorry Marmaduke, you have lost the exclusive right on this name)

Roxy Gellar: You were asked to not perform at ONE show. You refused. You were asked not to return for the summer. You refused. I LOVE your work. But you only have yourself to blame

Cat Boucher: Is there any chance you 2 can continue your conversation in IM or in your blog SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: You are responsible for the fact I can’t join my friends Morli and DD. Maybe you can join Cat Boucher. You 2 are perfect for each other

Roxy Gellar: I guess. You have a nice day

SaveMe Oh: I can search for a LM where you can buy electric fence and barbed wire? Or you prefer to shoot people on the spot? Would you allow me in when I would wear a yellow star?

Roxy Gellar: Careful with what you say next

SaveMe Oh: Would it be ok if I would arrive in a rubber boat? Or would you like to water board me first Roxy? You have the Guantanamo bay dance animation for me Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: As I said I hope to rent a parcel for you some time this fall.

SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to rent anything for me, I prefer when you would take freedom of people more serious

Roxy Gellar: And I appreciate it when my boundaries are respected.

SaveMe Oh: Is that a Stalin quote you stole?

Roxy Gellar: It’s a simple Principle of Self Respect.

SaveMe Oh: Ban people for your self-respect? What about that Dr. Freud?

Roxy Gellar: Learn to respect your friends boundaries, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Roxy rule for self-respect: ban SaveMe Oh so she can’t attend concerts from her friends DD and Morli. Very logic.

Roxy Gellar: You made your bed and now you lie in it

SaveMe Oh: I don’t make beds, not even your coffin, I simply upgrade your life. Completely for free. Out of my good heart.

Roxy Gellar: And I hope to host you again one day

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need hosts. I need freedom. When DD plays I want to be free to go there. When Morli plays I want to be free to go there.

Roxy Gellar: You didn’t respect boundaries and we all miss out

SaveMe Oh: Freedom doesn’t ask for respect. Ask for respect is a dictator’s tool.

Pizza7: What you call freedom, SaveMe, is huge huge ego

Isobel Undercroft: If you want total freedom in SL buy your own land and do how you please.

Pizza7: Exactly Isobel

SaveMe Oh: Freedom is getting loose from commercialism. Buying is for capitalists

Isobel Undercroft: If you are on others land which they paid for, follow their rules. Simple.

SaveMe Oh: People who buy land to be able to rule are pathetic.

Isobel Undercroft: And if you want to listen to DD. Ask DD for her stream info and listen via an external program. Easy.

SaveMe Oh: I want to see DD, you already saw what a natural beauty she is?

Isobel Undercroft: If none paid for anything in SL there be no SL. is that simple.

SaveMe Oh: Ah, money buys you the right to dictate? And without money you have to shut up? Great society.

Pizza7: Asserting your freedom is dictatorship too.

SaveMe Oh: No, because when I live in my freedom you have all the tools to ignore me completely. That’s your freedom. You don’t have to talk to me, you don’t have to see me.

Roxy Gellar: Goodbye SaveMe

Isobel Undercroft: Yeah it’s the freedom of them who paid for the land to set their rules to have their lives as them likes.

SaveMe Oh: Roxy doesn’t like these simple things because she know they are true

Pizza7: Any discussion about freedom not in real life is totally useless

SaveMe Oh: So when I buy a land and decide everybody with glasses is not welcome it’s ok?

Isobel Undercroft: That is totally ok SaveMe. You can buy a land and deny everybody if you want. You paid for it in SL its yours to do with as you please.

SaveMe Oh: With what song DD started? Something from a Leni Riefenstahl movie? Or We Are The World? Reach out and touch? Let the sunshine in? Or good old Wagner?