Badmouthing Penumbra


Daze Landar: Why does SaveMe Oh have to make everything about her?


Kate Bergdorf: That is who she is.


Daze Landar: It’s so annoying


Kate Bergdorf: Best to ignore if possible.


Daze Landar: At some point I’ll just blacklist her


Kate Bergdorf: Then she starts badmouthing you on her blog, I’ve been through it all with her. Best to ignore Daze 🙂


Daze Landar: Can she tell if I do? I would love to ignore her but she ruins every wonderful exhibit.


SaveMe Oh: What a wonderful advice.


Kate Bergdorf: Well true, no SaveMe 🙂 Nothing you don’t already know.


SaveMe Oh: Don’t you know you can mute or derender me Daze? Feel free to do so.


Joaopedro Oh: Ah Bryn is here :))


SaveMe Oh: That’s why I made a fire. Let’s throw her up.


Bryn Oh: hey Joa 🙂


Joaopedro Oh: The powerfull Oh family :)) jejejejej


SaveMe Oh: Hey sister, your alt Cica Ghost was here, just some minutes ago.


Bryn Oh: Yes I have heard you say Cica is my alt.


SaveMe Oh: I don’t say, I tell.


Joaopedro Oh: I will tell father that you are unpleasant with your sister SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: After all I have done for her I may.


Kake Broek: u’r the random Burning Man entertainer


Joaopedro Oh: Father will lock you at his sim, SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: Daddy said so too.


Kake Broek: Ton papa?


Naxos Loon: Bryn u look so slim, did u do diet?


SaveMe Oh: Rabbits don’t make you fat

Cica Ghost In Birkenau

Professor DS Burner: Hello Ms. Oh.  I followed an old link to get here. It was ‘Dreamers by Cica Ghost.’

SaveMe Oh: Old links lead you to the new, congratulations but please don’t swear in front of me! If you want to see Cica Ghost bullshit please go to a Harry Potter movie.


Professor DS Burner: I teach a class on surrealism.  We do a field trip every November.  This Thursday is the next one.

SaveMe Oh: Cica Ghost and surrealism? I would change teachers on the spot! But if you tell you students to sit in the cabin in Birkenau, I guarantee surrealism.

Professor DS Burner: I take them to Two Fish as well as other spots.

SaveMe Oh: Two Fish has nothing to do with surrealism. It’s a war story. Couldn’t be more realistic.

Professor DS Burner: Anything new you recommend?

SaveMe Oh: Sit inside this cabin. Isn’t it relaxing?

Professor DS Burner: Yes. The river is nice.

SaveMe Oh: Well there are more spots like this here, just follow the NOWHERE signs!

Professor DS Burner: The class is about many things, dada, virtual reality.

SaveMe Oh: I am the only one in SL you need to talk to, all the others are frauds.

Professor DS Burner: laughs

SaveMe Oh: Fakes, pretentious snobs, using surrealism because a lack of ideas. It’s a cover up for amateurism. Any questions?

Professor DS Burner: I give the students a wide ranging tour.

SaveMe Oh: Waste of time

Professor DS Burner: I get paid one way or the other.

SaveMe Oh: I already feared so

Professor DS Burner: Nice to meet you.  I’ve been taking my class to see your work for a number of years. I’ll leave you to it. Bye.

SaveMe Oh: That’s hardly possible as I am a performance artist.

You Did Not Request To Do So

Nox Aeterna: Hiya Save, welcome!

SaveMe Oh: Welcome is a word you better use if I am still here after some minutes, because most of the times I am not welcome at all.

Rox the Fox : Aww you are welcome here

SaveMe Oh: Especially when my sister Bryn Oh or her alt Cica Ghost are in the audience.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Hope you are not banned in MetalES

SaveMe Oh: I am banned on MetalES for ages as they were educated by generalisimo Franco, I think.


SaveMe Oh: You all remember they said WELCOME, some seconds ago???? Then read this:

Radical Razor: Please take that off 🙂

SaveMe Oh: The securitate already wakes up. The prison camps are prepared. are made ready

Rox the Fox: That floor change, lol

SaveMe Oh: Execution is near. SaveMe will be killed in a second.

Radical Razor: Could you please remove your visuals. You did not request to do so.

Katharinas Nostram: Hi SaveMe! Welcome to our 1st year Anniversary. We are delighted you came but we wont be needing your light show performance. If you wish to stay and enjoy the music you are more then welcomed to. Thank you, Dark Hive Management.

SaveMe Oh: You see the firestorm has started?

Radical Razor ejected and banned you from this land.

Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?

SheldonBR and Angelika Corral pretend to offer an exhibition about surrealism in their Daphne Arts Gallery but what they offer is role-playing the most conservative museum you can imagine. When Donald Trump would have to do something with art, he would adopt this.


SheldonBR: Hello, SaveMe Oh. Welcome 🙂

Sina Souza: Hello saveme

Angelika Corral: Hello SaveMe

Ferdynand Straaf): Hello SaveMe 🙂

Sheldon (sheldonbr): Nice to see you

CapCat Ragu: Hi Save Me


SaveMe Oh: what a pity they build such an ugly building around surrealism.

CapCat Ragu: Your feet are killing you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure this is not the Leni Riefenstahl exhibition?

CapCat Ragu: Naked man and police, must be a party in Brazil.

SaveMe Oh: How are your roots Cap?

CapCat Ragu: Aereal

SaveMe Oh: Now dont stand here all, go to see the shit glued on virtual walls and dont forget to blog about it as if you saw something new.

CapCat Ragu: I like naked man

Eupalinos Ugajin: クゥー

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos / surrealism, of course! How is he dressed today? as an urinoir?


JoaoPedro Oh: Hi everyone :))

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me everyone brother!!!!

JoaoPedro Oh: Mmmmmm my sister is here. Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: If people can find us in this megalomaniac building

Josef K: Hello SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Ux Hax: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me all, I am SaveMe Oh

Cica Ghost: Hi

SaveMe Oh: Cica. my biggest fan, drawn some new rabbits lately?

Dominic Dogg: are we being griefed by MacDonald and Shell?

SaveMe Oh: No, they are the new sponsors of surrealism!


Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: tp please

Josef K is offering a TP

Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: And continue tp me until they ban me please

Josef K is offering a TP

SaveMe Oh: Angelika, that was a surreal ejection!

Angelika Corral ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned!

Josef K: I wonder why 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It couldnt be my surreal contribution, so I have really no idea.

Josef K: Haha … well, you managed to make a statement.

SaveMe Oh: And I saw you slime saying this was the best you saw.Better dont tell that to Elton John.

Josef K: Hahaha …. I expect getting some art cheap by saying so!



SaveMe Oh: Why you ban the only real surrealist?

Angelika Corral: Please SaveMe this is causing lag. Don’t do this. I am asking you not to cause lag.

SaveMe Oh: Your ridiculous building is causing lag and all those people dressed as teapots cause lag. You blame the wrong person

Angelika Corral: No need to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: You offend me, by banning the greatest artist of secondlife.

Angelika Corral: If you need us to invite you for a show you could have asked us but let these nice people enjoy this as much as you think it is awful.

SaveMe Oh: Surrealsim is not catched in shows or after appointments. When you would really love surrealism you would accept everything could happen

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right.

SaveMe Oh: I am

Angelika Corral: But there is no point to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me and leave me in peace. I have a job to do.

Angelika Corral: Would you leave us in peace? Stop offending us? Saying our building is awful. We are not rich, this is all we could do for the love of art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: I will perform as I like it, without any conditions on forehand. When you dont like it you can derender me. Just like everybody.

Angelika Corral: You are a wonderful performer. I even admired your machinimas.

SaveMe Oh: So hurry up.

Angelika Corral: But let us do our own thing.

SaveMe Oh: DJ Ferdy needs me. People have a right on not to be bored in virtual world.

Angelika Corral: We are crashing here.

SaveMe Oh: So derender the building. I only use eco stuff.

Angelika Corral: We have been working in our lousy building for so long to do this.

SaveMe Oh: Thinking you need a building was the first misconception. Ask a surrealist first next time.

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right, we are still learning.

SaveMe Oh: Of course I am right, no offense.

Angelika Corral: We will learn after we have been so long like you in these things but leave us for now.

SaveMe Oh: My friends are inside, I cant leave. They are expecting me to upgrade this boring event. You should be pleased with my help. Now people already leave because its so boring, when I perform they stay for hours

Yes I Do & The BLPS

Yesterday I saw Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost and other wannabe’s from the virtual “art” world watching a playback show, Now I see Dividni Shostakovich, owner of an art sim, roleplaying at a wedding. Whats going on in the virtual world?

Corie and Phizz, you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and promises you have just made. You have kissed a thousand times, maybe more. But today the feeling is new. No longer simply partners and best friends, you have become husband and wife and can now seal the agreement with a kiss.

Luckely I brought my Bad Language Protection System!

Bad Language Protection System: DON’T SAY: No longer simply partners and best friends, you have become husband and wife and can now seal the agreement with a kiss.

Bad Language Protection System: WATCH YOUR MOUTH.  I AM THE BAD LANGUAGE PROTECTION SYSTEM AND I WILL BAN AND EJECT YOU FOR SAYING: No longer simply partners and best friends, you have become husband and wife and can now seal the agreement with a kiss.

Corie Quan: spammers

Lenni Foxtrot: This bad language thing needs to go.

Anu Papp: Join me in congratulating Mr and Mrs Quan.

Bubble Roffo: Totall agree Lenni

Dividni Shostakovich: Applause!! Applause!!

Bad Language Protection System: DON’T SAY: this bad language thing needs to go


Dividni Shostakovich: Hi SaveMe, why are you doing this?

SaveMe Oh: For artsake

Dividni Shostakovich: You think what you’re doing is art? Why here?

SaveMe Oh: I thought this was roleplaying a wedding soap, not?

Dividni Shostakovich: Nope, just people who like each other.

SaveMe Oh: Then they are lucky I am here to spice up their wedding

Dividni Shostakovich: You’re a puzzling person, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: And now they banned me from the region. guess they want a boring life

Dividni Shostakovich: Well, I guess everyone has that option 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I suppose so, but at least we tried

The “Art” World Enjoying A Playback Show

You always think it can’t get any worse. People are already complaining about “artists” who sing along with karaoke tapes but wait till you hear this.

In the Eye Art Gallery from Wan Laryukov they close an exhibition by playing a CD of Portuguese fado singer Mariza and then have 5 dolls online on poseballs pretending they perform live.

Now imagine wannabe artists like my sister Bryn Oh, her alt Cica Ghost, Igor Ballyhoo, Duna Gant, Giovanna Cerise, Mona Byte and the Portugese watercolour hippie community  sitting at tables watching a playback show. But also my musical friends DD and Yadleen had obviously no problem with roleplaying audience in front of a non existing performance. Don’t they have spotify to listen to Mariza?


SaveMe Oh: Now we are looking at a doll pretending to be Mariza, while they play a tape????

Pseudo Mariza: Negro, bairro negro, bairro negro. Onde não há pão, não há sossego

SaveMe Oh: My god, this got every minute more ridiculous

Cladestino Milena: There she is again……

SaveMe Oh: Will Elvis return from dead after this also?

Cladestino Milena: If you dont like it, leave.

Pseudo Mariza: Olha o sol que vai nascendo. Anda ver o mar.

SaveMe Oh: Or no, after we will have the “live”performance of Johan Sebastian Bach, live on his organ

Cladestino Milena: you can play my organ anytime

Pseudo  Mariza: Trago um fado no meu canto, canto a noite, até ser dia

SaveMe Oh: I saw Mariza live, btw and she has much better dance moves. Who has animated her? She looks more like Pinocchio

Pseudo Mariza: Tenho saudades de mim, do meu amor, mais amado. Eu canto um país sem fim, o mar, a terra, o meu fado, meu fado, meu fado, meu fado.

Cladestino Milena: You look ridiculous….. everyday….. and nobody says a thing

SaveMe Oh: And were are the violin players, or were those dolls too expensive?

Pseudo  Mariza: De mim só me falto eu, senhora, da minha vida. Do sonho, digo que é meu, e dou por mim já nascida.

Cladestino Milena: How really stupid you are?

SaveMe Oh: And do we have to tip those animated dolls? For what?

Cladestino Milena: Leave…let others enjoy. Nobody enjoy you huh? Get a third life then.

SaveMe Oh: Can I have a baba de camelo please so I can spit a little bit?

Joaopedro Oh: Dido princess 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Who is the puppeteer? Cavaco Silva?

Wan Laryukov: No comments please. One more comment on the chat and I will ban you.

And here ends another night where the freedom of speech was happily celebrated.

Wan Laryukov ejected and banned you from this land.


My sister Bryn Oh with her own alt Cica Ghost enjoying animated dolls playbacking Portuguese singer Mariza


What is that bitch Dido Haas doing there with my Igor?

Cladestino Milena: realmente deves mesmo andar com falta de caralho pelo cu acima… mas pronto… o sl é pequeno e quando mesnos esperares, la vou estar eu a pagar-te da mesma moeda. Nasceste estupido e com a idade estas pior. Deixa estar, vais morrer cedo. Ja te suicidaste ou ainda ai estas? Um gajo como tu a fazer de mulher? Tem juizo parolo, compra um vibrador e enfia-a pelo cu adentro… isto antes de te suicidares… sempre morres feliz.

SaveMe Oh: Are you the playback doll?
Cladestino Milena: ainda nao te mataste? fonix……

SaveMe Oh: Mariza would be very happy  with such an idiot as her Pinocchio doll
Cladestino Milena: Nao entendo o que dizes? Deves estar com o dildo pelo cu acima ainda. Quando estiveres satisfeito diz.
SaveMe Oh: Instead of playing with dolls maybe you could consider to go to school?
Cladestino Milena: Doi-te o que ? Opa, mete vaselina, isso deve ajudar-te.

Cladestino’s group can do the following exiting events for you:


. CME stands for Concerts & Music & Entertainment. We are a Second Life entertainment company, founded in July 17, 2008.

. The main act is a Tribute Band that performs the theatrical and musical acts of diferent Artists.

. The avatars look, make-up, dress up, and act like the original ones. Original music from the Artists with a live feel attitude.

. We aim to bring the audience an experience similar to a real live concert, delivering a professional entertainment service.

Call In The Cavalry

When my dear sister Bryn invited me to see the shit of her alt Cica Ghost I didn’t hesitate and TP-ed over to crash my face against banlines. But as I am an empathic person I cheerded the audience up with something really worth seeing, my yellow submarine.


Until they called in the cavalry, this foot soldiers name was Simon Linden and Bryn her arm was still brown and smelly!


Radioactive Thinking By Mikati Slade

Dear SaveMe,

I remember you sometimes when I am buying sushi at a supermarket and in a funny way in a connection with Solo Mornington. I have talked with Solo a few times. He is not a bad person and he said you have talent. I think you love Solo Mornington and I know you love Newbab Zsigmond too, admit that you have an interest for him. That picture you have making a “V” sign in front of a Pirats sign says all.

I was amazed with the picture when I saw it because I made almost a same composition picture without knowing it on facebook. We must be one mind.

Breaking News 2

A lot of people said your name until now. Where are you playing usually in SL? I guess you play with Ush and Marmeduke and Apmel. You are happy because you have many good friends.

I have another secret to share. I saw facebook and you were talking about Returned. I think Returned = SaveMe. Anyway I am a fan of both. So you both are great friends.

You create a lot of dramas in SL. People add their emotions to your created dramas every time. You lead them to do that on purpose? And do the touched emotions creates stories? I know that drama and stories are your speciality, your field. Do you think it is possible to exist in stories nowadays? Even in a post modern age? After modern it says history lost stories. Stories lost the power.

Everyone wish to see your art but they don’t see it when they stand in the middle of it, that’s ironical.

Now Eupalinos Ugajin is a good person. He is worried if you were punishing me. I told him you were not punishing me at all. And does Cica Ghost dislikes you? Because you always say she is Bryn Oh?

Psychedelic and Alzheimer is similar. Are you not bored with SL? You and I have the same account age. Or do you create some good drama when you get bored? You do this very well. You love SL, so you do perfect. Only your performance made me excited in SL art. Your existence is an art as I said, this is more correct maybe.

But you seem to have made a lot of people angry. So I am afraid to admire you in a public place. It is very hard to reach to your mind for regular people. Actually you have many big fans. So you succeeded. Maybe a lot of people think the same like you but cannot do anything. So they are excited to see your art.

Art is thing of the west. Japan is separated with that even though there are many artists in Japan. So I had a dream to see western art people in SL but I didn’t see it. Only you.

So I guess I would be happier if I would like art like house decoration.

Will you do something at burn2 festival, SaveMe? I am not a spy of Burn btw. I think they are hippies. California new-age spiritualism.

Hey SaveMe, where are you going?

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected and banned by Eupalinos Ugajin.

Cica Ghost Has An Allergy

Eupalinos Ugaijin is having a project with rafts in the water in LEA 20. Trying not always to be an awful person I put on my sweetest smile and said to him that I might have something nice to add to his project as also other artists had already their rafts floating in his pool


SaveMe Oh: Can I put here a Rose Boat in the water?

Eupalinos Ugajin: ok could I have a copy please ?

SaveMe Oh: Its a no tranfer, thats why I ask if I can put one here.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Rose made it ?

SaveMe Oh: No I made it but it has no trans roses in it.

SaveMe Oh: Now dont worry , I will not build your whole sim full

Eupalinos Ugajin: Not the problem. The problem would be Cica Ghost leaving the project, I have to see first sorry

Eupalinos Ugajin: She seems allergic to you

SaveMe Oh: I always call her Bryn Oh

Eupalinos Ugajin: Anyway I prefer not to see her leave, so will talk to her and contact you.

Eupalinos Ugajin: She made some raft also

SaveMe Oh: I would personally say she could drop dead forever but its your party

Eupalinos Ugajin: I contact you soon

SaveMe Oh: Actually don’t bother

SaveMe Oh: The fact you discuss with her if I could contribute something is disgusting

Eupalinos Ugajin: She just told she would not leave so I am fine with you rezzing your raft

SaveMe Oh: You have more things you have to ask her permission before you do something?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Not permission, but what if I invited you and she left, what would be the purpose?

SaveMe Oh: You did not invited me, I invited myself, and the fact you checked that with her is sick.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I just invited her a while ago and she made something for the project, so it is natural to me to ask her. So I invite you or not ?

SaveMe Oh: No thanks

Eupalinos Ugajin: ok tell me if you change you mind

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be in the way of your precious relationships with people

Eupalinos Ugajin: you mix things here and you know it.

SaveMe Oh: I know you checked with her things you shouldn’t.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Just a project and people making something for it

SaveMe Oh: Exactlly, but they way you work it out is a different one

Eupalinos Ugajin: Ah now I should not do something ? “you shouldnt” well…

SaveMe Oh: And you did not even ask Artistic Depression, she will be against it too. Better check that too

Eupalinos Ugajin: Well he has you on ignore I don’t think he would mind

SaveMe Oh: And Maya also has her bad days

SaveMe Oh: Next time I ask you something please say yes or no.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I am fine with rezzing a build of course, but yes if this implies 2/3 people leaving I must of course take this in consideration

SaveMe Oh: This bullshit I cant handle. Yes, take good care of the majority.

How Licking Every Ass Give A Smelly Tongue But A Fat Belly

Also always wondered how Jayjay Zifanwe found funds of millions of Linden to support his Art IKEA in UWA or how Quan Lavender get all those free sims to do her charity work for her own blogs (give me a freebie and I write about you)? Here is how it works. It’s called the Licking Every Ass (LEA) doctrine.

For the record they set up a grant system for the LEA sims. Poor silly artists do their best to write an ambitious plan in the hope to get for some time a LEA sim, but in reality Solo Mornington, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Quan Lavender and Jayjay Zifanwe sell the sims to the highest bidder so they have funds to play the art mecenasses. And that’s why we see now a marine base full of submarines in LEA 28, The Portuguese tourist board in LEA 19 or exclusive yachts and bungalows with sexrugs in LEA 25

891573_679607138716020_711234993_oKikas as a volunteer art guide in LEA

SaveMe Oh: Get lost, doggie of Solo Mornington

PatriciaAnne Daviau: LOL

SaveMe Oh: Do you also get part of the bribe money to let these kind of things be build on an artsim?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: What kind of things?

SaveMe Oh: Things bought on marketplace, submarines, ships, homes, Jacuzzi, sexrugs, beach homes, transport parking lots.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I am checking on all of it now

SaveMe Oh: Check what? If they have paid you enough for it?

SaveMe Oh: Are you going to delete the sim?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: The owner of that sim is JayJay Zifanwe and I have pinged him about it

SaveMe Oh: Omg the corruption is really deep spread



Bringing art to a Marine Base before being kicked out in LEA 28

How funny that a day after my visit LEA 25 and LEA 28 are closed.

Other tricks that can be used are the following:

If you don’t want to be discovered as a LEA member but do want a sim, take an alt with another name: Bryn Oh changed in the past in Cica Ghost, Oberon Onmura has now his alt Takni to continue. And Igor Ballyhoo is also a welcome guest as long he appears as Rebeca Bashly.