Mistaken French For Swedish Might Get You Killed

Gypsy Jam: lovely accent ㋡

SaveMe Oh: I dont understand a word. Is it Swedish?

Jaime Poutine: French

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Who is the dictator of duty here that banned me?

JfR Beaumont ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned

Iono Allen: Already! OMG

SaveMe Oh: Who is the dictator here?

Iono Allen: I don’t remember, first time I come since ages. Hmm I don’t know, people I know in this group are offline…sigh… seems that nobody did it… ha!!

SaveMe Oh: Can you ask if it was maybe Duna Gant? Ask in chat please.

Iono Allen: She doesn’t have any right here.

SaveMe Oh: Somebody has.

Iono Allen: Of course.

Iono Allen: Jfr Beaumont said he was sorry, he didn’t know. We asked in chat who did that. Of course nobody answered

SaveMe Oh: They learned that from the Germans. Ich habe es nicht gewust.


In chat Iono asked:

Iono Allen: Why has SaveMeOh been banned from here just now?

Bergfrau  Apfelbaum: I dont know?

Jaynine Scarborough: Why did they ban save me oh???

Rage Darkstone: oops

Iono Allen: she has been ejected… somebody did it…

TheDove Rhode: humans


SaveMe Oh: They always know how to ban but seem completely stupid if they have to unban.


Jaynine Scarborough demand the return of SaveMe Oh

Duna Gant: C’est moi qui a bannie à Saveme. Pas JfR Beaumont. Pour quoi? Je vais te montrer!

Duna Gant: SaveMe Oh: The stupid bitch Duna Gant

Duna Gant: C’est ça qu’elle dit de moi et la seule chose que je fais sur SL est travailler. La seule condition que je demande pour travailler est ne permetre pas une personne que TOUJOURS m’insulte et encore je ne sais pas le pourquoi parce que je n’ai jamais parlé avec elle. Merci beaucoup pour me lire


Igor Ballyhoo and Patrick Moya: “I know nothing, I’m from Barcelona”


JfR Beaumont: Ok i cut down the broadcast on web sorry I am not enough in virtual to admit this sort of terrorism

Rad Hand: Fascinating, can we have a concert now?


Betty Tureaud looks the other way

JfR Beaumont: Ok you want the war you have it.

SaveMe Oh: What is your problem? Dont you know art is about freedom?

JfR Beaumont: You are like terrorist in Paris You win an enemy. And not a small believe me. You are a fucking terrorist. You have win a big enemy you don’t know who I am but be sure I purchase you in the hell. I dont’ share anything with terrorist, i am french some of my friend have been killed by people with your spirit. I am your worst cauchemard. I bring you to the hell with me.

The “Art” World Enjoying A Playback Show

You always think it can’t get any worse. People are already complaining about “artists” who sing along with karaoke tapes but wait till you hear this.

In the Eye Art Gallery from Wan Laryukov they close an exhibition by playing a CD of Portuguese fado singer Mariza and then have 5 dolls online on poseballs pretending they perform live.

Now imagine wannabe artists like my sister Bryn Oh, her alt Cica Ghost, Igor Ballyhoo, Duna Gant, Giovanna Cerise, Mona Byte and the Portugese watercolour hippie community  sitting at tables watching a playback show. But also my musical friends DD and Yadleen had obviously no problem with roleplaying audience in front of a non existing performance. Don’t they have spotify to listen to Mariza?


SaveMe Oh: Now we are looking at a doll pretending to be Mariza, while they play a tape????

Pseudo Mariza: Negro, bairro negro, bairro negro. Onde não há pão, não há sossego

SaveMe Oh: My god, this got every minute more ridiculous

Cladestino Milena: There she is again……

SaveMe Oh: Will Elvis return from dead after this also?

Cladestino Milena: If you dont like it, leave.

Pseudo Mariza: Olha o sol que vai nascendo. Anda ver o mar.

SaveMe Oh: Or no, after we will have the “live”performance of Johan Sebastian Bach, live on his organ

Cladestino Milena: you can play my organ anytime

Pseudo  Mariza: Trago um fado no meu canto, canto a noite, até ser dia

SaveMe Oh: I saw Mariza live, btw and she has much better dance moves. Who has animated her? She looks more like Pinocchio

Pseudo Mariza: Tenho saudades de mim, do meu amor, mais amado. Eu canto um país sem fim, o mar, a terra, o meu fado, meu fado, meu fado, meu fado.

Cladestino Milena: You look ridiculous….. everyday….. and nobody says a thing

SaveMe Oh: And were are the violin players, or were those dolls too expensive?

Pseudo  Mariza: De mim só me falto eu, senhora, da minha vida. Do sonho, digo que é meu, e dou por mim já nascida.

Cladestino Milena: How really stupid you are?

SaveMe Oh: And do we have to tip those animated dolls? For what?

Cladestino Milena: Leave…let others enjoy. Nobody enjoy you huh? Get a third life then.

SaveMe Oh: Can I have a baba de camelo please so I can spit a little bit?

Joaopedro Oh: Dido princess 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Who is the puppeteer? Cavaco Silva?

Wan Laryukov: No comments please. One more comment on the chat and I will ban you.

And here ends another night where the freedom of speech was happily celebrated.

Wan Laryukov ejected and banned you from this land.


My sister Bryn Oh with her own alt Cica Ghost enjoying animated dolls playbacking Portuguese singer Mariza


What is that bitch Dido Haas doing there with my Igor?

Cladestino Milena: realmente deves mesmo andar com falta de caralho pelo cu acima… mas pronto… o sl é pequeno e quando mesnos esperares, la vou estar eu a pagar-te da mesma moeda. Nasceste estupido e com a idade estas pior. Deixa estar, vais morrer cedo. Ja te suicidaste ou ainda ai estas? Um gajo como tu a fazer de mulher? Tem juizo parolo, compra um vibrador e enfia-a pelo cu adentro… isto antes de te suicidares… sempre morres feliz.

SaveMe Oh: Are you the playback doll?
Cladestino Milena: ainda nao te mataste? fonix……

SaveMe Oh: Mariza would be very happy  with such an idiot as her Pinocchio doll
Cladestino Milena: Nao entendo o que dizes? Deves estar com o dildo pelo cu acima ainda. Quando estiveres satisfeito diz.
SaveMe Oh: Instead of playing with dolls maybe you could consider to go to school?
Cladestino Milena: Doi-te o que ? Opa, mete vaselina, isso deve ajudar-te.

Cladestino’s group can do the following exiting events for you:


. CME stands for Concerts & Music & Entertainment. We are a Second Life entertainment company, founded in July 17, 2008.

. The main act is a Tribute Band that performs the theatrical and musical acts of diferent Artists.

. The avatars look, make-up, dress up, and act like the original ones. Original music from the Artists with a live feel attitude.

. We aim to bring the audience an experience similar to a real live concert, delivering a professional entertainment service.

The Visual Dominatrix

My policy for years is that I attend an event and start creating because that’s how I want to live my virtual life on my screen. When it results in a symbiosis between me and musical or other virtual performers I regard this as the summum of interactive online art. That simowners or artists with openings not always love this way of working doesn’t concern me much as everybody is by Linden Lab provided with mute or derender buttons, so when you are not a lazy couch potato everybody is able to set their own preferences.

Besides the visual aspects I consider DRAMA as top level art as it triggers the human mind 1000 times more than for example dead mesh sculptures (Mistero Hifeng, Bryn Oh, Romy Nagar, Ux Hax)  who depend to be in the category of “When you have seen one, you have seen them all”.

But sad people with a hidden dream of world domination like Solo Mornington, Roxy Gellar, Duna Gant or “Evil”Genius Belkin can’t stop making a big deal out of it and smash the ban button in wild rage wishing me straight to hell. I can only say to them, heaven or hell; I love them both so much better than your mediocre middle of the road!


Deceptions Digital and SaveMe Oh performing

Roxy Gellar:  I appreciated your efforts at DD’s performance. You are welcome to join Echo on Friday. Monday do not perform at The Limelight. I would love to have you at other times. You have attacked me twice at Something Estates, this following being banned at Lionheart. I do not want to see you banned from my venues again. Let’s avoid it if we can?

SaveMe Oh: I am an artist, for deals go speak with a bank or your local supermarket.

Roxy Gellar:  I am asking you to allow me to support you and for you to respect my wishes as we have mutual friends. If you can’t do that? You are not wanted at all.

SaveMe Oh: Always sanctions and threads, When my friends play I might appear and interact with them regardless in with shithole they play.

Roxy Gellar:  Always insults and disregard. You are not always welcome to add your visuals at my venues.

Just because we have mutual friends doesn’t give you the right to piss on me figuratively and virtually.

There are other people who enjoy adding their particle effects , etc. they are in fact more welcome than you are in several cases.

I’m not sure why I’m allowing this to stand. In the past I have supported SaveMe Oh but the insults got out of hand. I can look beyond that. And as demonstrated by Telchar, you can mute SaveMe and enjoy the space and performance that way. There are future events coming soon that I don’t want to have the addition of SaveMe’s visual dominance. That’s not something I should have to feel bad about or boundaries I should have to enforce while being treated like an asshole for being forgiving and tolerant.

For example I don’t see SaveMe’s work to date as being conducive to aTHeNa BLue or Born Again Pagans. One of whom has mentioned a preference to be LEFT ALONE. Read that: Saveme – You are not required or requested to perform at these particular shows.

Did Eupalinos Look Like Eupalinos?

At the reopening of the Museo the Metaverso in CRAFT opensim it was a happy reincarnation party at the graveyard. No less than 68 corpses took the opportunity to reinvent themselves and participate in the big contest of the night; do I look like my former self? Who succeeded and who failed to copy himself? Because to be tagged on facebook it was from extreme importance you would look a bit like yourself otherwise everybody could claim to be someone else or worse…be SaveMe Oh.

In great expectation everyone was waiting of course for the appearance of Eupalinos Ugajin. Would he look like the Dadasticks or toiletFLUXers as we know him so well or would he have failed to copy everything in time from secondlife to open sim?


Can you spot Eupalinos?

But his glorious entrance made a sigh from relief going through the crowds who were glued to their seats as in good old CARP or PIRATS times. He looked exactly as we had known him so well before he passed away. Also Kikas & Marma’s warmed up bodies were hanging, as if NOTHING had happened, again in a funny frame telling us they love art.


Even Patrick Moya succeed to fix himself a sheep pyjamas in time and for Roxelo Babenco it was easy, whatever is under it, with a top hat for sure it must be Roxelo.

DanCoyote Antonelli was still looking like the coyotedog (the collector’s item! IM me for a free copy) I inspired him with once and Josina Burgess…omg, where was Josina? Did here tombstone move or did it stay closed?

In the mean time I was in SL first at the house of Kikas & Marma to keep an eye on it during their absence in open sim and I took some nice pics from the set up they build there for me.


I almost got a heart attack when Marma appeared to check his anti-fascist security orb but I assured him everything was looking good.



After that I sit in a protest at some silly opening organised by Duna Gant. I showed her that I also could play a bored visitor doing no harm by lying there on a couch under plywood paintings.


Luckily DD called me for a life performance in her sim where we performed 2 hours together in an interaction of music and visuals but I better don’t show pics from that or they will accuse me again of only promoting myself which of course I don’t want. VIVA Eupalinos, ah no, he was dead…in a bits & sticks sort of way.

In My OHpinion

After getting several invitations to see the box of Duna Gant I went on my way to see this great event, but she didn’t want to show me her box after all.

Kiosk.Net Greeter: Welcome SaveMe Oh! Enjoy your visit.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

And once again I was forced to show my presence from the neighbours parcel to make clear to the few visitors that their adorable box builder was the most of the time a simple dictator.


Wan Laryukov:  Ahahah Save Me show time

Telchar: Wonderful tool…. derender

Wan Laryukov:  It’s really disgusting the show of Save Me

Fabilene Cortes: Wan, an easy way not to be disturb is to click on the name of her avatar, and choose “derender & blacklist

Telchar: yep

Fabilene Cortes: you won’t see anything. Karelia choose the option Derender and blacklist

Telchar: If rezz things with transparences, choose highlight  transparences and derender

Karelia Kondor: I’ll come back with another viewer.. Apparently the official one does not allow derendering ..

Rubin Mayo: SaveMe, you are a poor out of mind person… I pity you. Are not you sick to get banned out wherever you go?

Morlĭta Quan: No needed insults

SaveMe Oh: I got 4 invitations and got banned on arrival. You think that’s normal? I don’t accept that.

Karelia Kondor: And now I know what to do .. I have so often had to leave events when SaveMe has been here .. but now I know the trick! Thanks!

SaveMe Oh: It’s so easy. Derender me. And you will only have to see the boring works here.

Fabilene Cortes: You only need to it once, she will be derendered until you decide to change his

SaveMe Oh: It’s a choice for everybody

Fabilene Cortes: it’s a wonderful option 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Especially great for elderly catladies with a hobby.

MonaByte: Hola Save!!!

SaveMe Oh: hola

MonaByte: porque molestas si eres tan buena artista?

SaveMe Oh: The stupid bitch Duna Gant bans me everywhere

MonaByte: he ido a tus perfomance

SaveMe Oh: and I am fed up

MonaByte: y son geniales!!! Gracias. por favor invítame a tu próximo show

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: Stop disturbing the Duna’s exhibition, please do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: She is banning me everywhere but sends me lots of invitations. I don’t accept that anymore.

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: lol ok, but this is not a good reason to broke the ball to us!!

SaveMe Oh: Sorry for that but sometimes things have to be made clear

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: We’re not interesting to your problem with her let’s see the exhibition, please

SaveMe Oh: And I am not interested in your opinion

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: You are a very bad person I think, this is clear. Stop it

SaveMe Oh: Tomorrow you can see it in all peace and quiet. didn’t they told you you can derender me? you don’t have to watch it

JC Underwood: Awesome avatar xd. Sorry I though the boxy thing where you..

SaveMe Oh: It is me

JC Underwood: Your avatar made this exhibition awesome

Kontroverse: Epileptic attack! hahahaha

SaveMe Oh: That will teach the bastards

Kontroverse: Shock therapy, I see

SaveMe Oh: Those Italian idiots are the worse

Kontroverse: I will not discuss that

SaveMe Oh: It was not the start of a discussion. it was a fact

Kontroverse: No no, I mean that the rudeness is never justifiable, and not from your part in this case.

Wan Laryukov:  when u finish your stupid show tell me to applaud

SaveMe Oh: You can applaud already. What a pity you have derendered me. It’s so great.

Wan Laryukov:  me ??

SaveMe Oh: Or are you watching in secret? haha

Wan Laryukov:  Watching what your ass hole

SaveMe Oh: Watch you language dear

Wan Laryukov:  Watch what u do. Nobody cares anymore about your stupid shows

SaveMe Oh: The nobodies you belong to don’t care, you are right about that

Wan Laryukov:  u are very well near the donkies

SaveMe Oh: How you like looking in the mirror?

Wan Laryukov:  have a nice nite

SaveMe Oh: You recognise your family, didn’t you?

Wan Laryukov:  may be yours

Teebee Paris: How childish….  please grow up

SaveMe Oh: Banning me on arrival, that’s what I call childish

Teebee Paris: Could be interesting to elaborate on this topic

SaveMe Oh: I received maybe 3 or 4 invitations for this so when she can bother me with this she should be happy I arrive

Teebee Paris: are you an artist?

SaveMe Oh: The opinion about that differs a lot. Among most idiots here I am not. : Amongst art connoisseurs I am the most important artist of SL

Teebee Paris: is griefing an expression of art? or do you have better artworks somewhere in sl?

SaveMe Oh: Yes right here

Teebee Paris: These griefing tools?

SaveMe Oh: No, art works

Teebee Paris: so it is expression of art….

SaveMe Oh: Whatever you want to call it. I don’t have to explain my art

Teebee Paris: No artist should explain… but artworks can/should generate interesting talks

SaveMe Oh: When you guys wouldn’t ban me I could participate in those talks. Would be better

Teebee Paris: sure…  talks would be better

SaveMe Oh: At least people are talking now instead of coucou each other every second

Teebee Paris: not wrong but currently are you sure you are doing more than demonstrating than those banning you are right to do it?

SaveMe Oh: I am in my own screen, so I wouldn’t know

Teebee Paris: obviously you are on your own screen…  is that a good thing?

SaveMe Oh: Well you have every choice you want

Teebee Paris: I’m sure you have. That’s why it is intriguing you make the choice to spend time and effort in this form of expression

SaveMe Oh: Hey, I am SaveMe

Teebee Paris: what that means?

SaveMe Oh: That I save you or you me

SaveMe Oh: Duna Gant, It was great. Thanks for the invitation sy next time

Banned Me? Oh!

Banned Me? Oh!
Offer your big sim to Morlita Quan and SaveMe Oh when you want a real event. What you have to do: Throw away all the garbage you have on your sim, make an empty platform and invite known dictators as Maria Duna Gant, Dido Haas, Bryn Oh, Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Moya Patrick, Secret Rage, Stem van Helsinki and Eupalinos Ugajin on the VIP guestlist and then hand over the stream to Morlita and the platform to SaveMe and off you go.


From Bladder Problems To Ban

As I myself refuse to go to hippie colonies anymore after being traumatised long ago by skydancing hippies as Medora Chevalier en Josina Burgess I decided to send my daddy to Artemis. He just recovered from a bladder operation as he was holding too much water in his body. (That’s why he looks like a hot air balloon).But just being an OH gets him banned very quickly. He didn’t even get a chance to fuck a mermaid (his biggest hobby after fishing). Although for the stitches in his wound it’s a blessing.



Cupido Oh: Please don’t talk about water, I have bladder problems

Danger: haha Cupido

Noke Yuitza: dance, float, dream…. let the rhythm go into you

Luz azul Tir prueba 1: We are water, we are soul, we are sound… Welcome to Niska’s World, a musical art performance by Morlita Quan & Noke Yuitza

Cupido Oh: My daughter told me this is a Spanish hippie colony

Cupido Oh: but it’s more a torture centre for people with bladder problems

Cupido Oh: Is there a toilet available?

Cupido Oh: I hate to pee in the water

Kikas Babenco: I never went to a Spanish hippie colony!

Cupido Oh: You are in one now, my dear girl

Marmaduke Arado: better than Portuguese hippie colonies I’m sure

Cupido Oh: The landlady is warning me: [14:36] Duna Gant: or change the discourse

or go

Glasz DeCuir: the rotten rat has arrived…

Duna Gant: yes Cupido

Cupido Oh: She already banned half our family

Cupido Oh: I don’t know why

Cupido Oh: Now people with bladder problems are a problem too?

Cupido Oh: Wait till you all get older yourself and start to have problems keeping up your pee

Noke Yuitza: EVOL.UTION

Cupido Oh: especially in water environments

Glasz DeCuir: :))))

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.