A Relearning Experience

Once he wrote:

“In second life Saveme’s art is half-arsed, yes she can go to a good artists exhibit held on large well know gallery sites in second life and slag them off, but if she tried it on with a crap artist on a small private parcel she would last 10 seconds before the parcel owner kicked and banned her, so her art would be a fail and she can’t claim it’s a success because she would be kicked and banned because they didn’t get it.

Or maybe that’s a good point, Saveme Oh’s is the best compliment available, because she can only choose to attack artists who work is better than hers?

stupid edit:

It should say ‘Saveme Oh’s art is the best compliment available’”

According to Dekka Raymaker.

But after this short dispute we became good friends, and I took care to save him permanently by sending my dear friend Penumbra Carter over to England to make him a better person. She had to marry him for that and everything looked fine….until he teamed up with notorious immaculate conceptor Eupalinos Ugajin in a LEA sim. Back to zero!

Save LEA_003

SaveMe Oh: Great you invite me to places I am banned. Makes the prisons you build feel very alive.

Dekka Raymaker: Sorry SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: You should be. I guess everybody needs to team up with idiots sometimes. Eupalinos Ugajin + friends, what a joke

Dekka Raymaker: Well it’s all about capitalism SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: More about capital punishment I would say. And the ones who collaborate with it.

Dekka Raymaker: A relearning experience.

Blue Orange Fart Corner

And again a dictatorship tries to beg the dumb crowds inside for multiply facebook tagging reasons.


Me and Eif In Blue Orange in happier times

SaveMe Oh: Can you unban me?

Ini Inaka: And where is ”Hello”? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I don’t think last time they said “Hello we are going to ban you” so I thought I adapt to your way of socialising

Ini Inaka: I like deals SaveMe Oh, I like when people talk to me, I never knew you will do show at my place, even I loved it, it was amazing, but this time these people want show without such cool effects. Please join us with alt if you want. I really like what you do and on some events it is amazing stuff, but first let’s make deal

SaveMe Oh: You make deals with artists? Funny! Did you ask Picasso to paint in aquarelle?

Ini Inaka: actually yes, it is called sharing somehow. Heyyyy calm down for you till Picasso far away

SaveMe Oh: Sharing is the word, I always share generously

Ini Inaka: Ok, listen I will unban you after this event, now accept differences.

SaveMe Oh: Pity you feel the need for power play

Then I went in with an alt and saw the DADADROPPINGS of Eupalinos Ugajin.

Ellen Cordeaux: sighs.

SaveMe OHare: Omg, what is Eupalinos trying to tell us today?????????? Paper, cow, moooh, exiting.

Saveria Rossini: SaveMe, save us please

SaveMe OHare: I love a good discussion about art.  Or are you all here to use dance balls for your pics on facebook?


Ini Inaka: To talk about art is same like look for brains in the bum dear, calm down

SaveMe OHare: Don’t forget to like pics with Ini, she is a little desperate about it

Gitu Aura: Haha sure SAVE, also with me :). We having some relax time, you do not want to have it?

Thea Dreem: Looks forward to SaveMe’s pictures on Facebook later.


Khaz Rotaru ejected you from this land.

Ini Inaka: Ok, now you lost chance for deals, I am sorry, but I will keep going like that, even enjoy it, so try me

SaveMe Oh: I never deal with dictators

Ini Inaka: know me then find out

SaveMe Oh: I start to know you and found out you are one of the most trigger-happy dictators since long

Ini Inaka: I thought you will want make other show with Doob, sadly you just too much in yourself. Sure I am, my ego grows up now and I am kinda drama queen so it works with me

SaveMe Oh: DOOB will find me as he doesn’t belong to your fascist network

Ini Inaka: You know, I will give to you advice. You want accept or want ignore it but that’s honest shit from my side

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need your advice; please improve yourself into a free person. When you continue to be a dictator I have to keep on trying to save you. Everybody deserves that.

Ini Inaka: You have some charm and energy and you have what to say, your brave ideas and etc, and SL as virtual space gives power to you, as to all us, oh we all here are cool. Sooo what I was telling ???? oh, yes, you do good things and provoke people – that’s good and I like it

SaveMe Oh: Ty, next time be brave enough to unban me, people are free to mute me themselves, they don’t need your fascist police force to do so.

Ini Inaka: People asked me to do that and I decided to listen

SaveMe Oh: Never listen to what they ask you, make them responsible for their own deeds

Ini Inaka: Because not all are brave to handle your energy r not strong enough

SaveMe Oh: You are not the social health worker

Ini Inaka: We never know what people feel in RL or how they react and how sensitive they can be and it can ruin all wish to do that later

SaveMe Oh: You mind your own business, not mine

Ini Inaka: You have no idea what kind of worker I am. Same like me. I have no idea who are you.

SaveMe Oh: All weak and vulnerable can mute me as much as they want, they don’t need your Mother Teresa attitude

Ini Inaka: Sooo if someday you will find out that deals are not bad thing and respect also is not such ugly thing – let’s make deal and will be happy to share space with you. By the way I pay bills. Wanna help? No? So shhh

SaveMe Oh: You choose an attitude of superiority to decide what is good for everybody. Stop with that and let art has its way.

Ini Inaka: Sure because I am rude and arrogant and I love it

SaveMe Oh: No, you are afraid and unsure, a coward

Ini Inaka: Just in bed, shy

SaveMe Oh: You don’t dare to let things happen

Ini Inaka: Nope, because I am Ruin- me – oh. I know you don’t believe, but I like you

SaveMe Oh: I believe you, because I should be liked. I can’t see a reason not to like me

Ini Inaka: Sometimes after shitty day in RL job wish to come in SL and talk with you, you feed me as well, give me reason to explode

SaveMe Oh: You are more than welcome to do so. I am SaveMe

Continuing in Group Chat:

Isa Messioptra: Still have a party going?

Khaz Rotaru: you bet!

SaveMe Oh: No, SaveMe Oh was forced to leave and now it’s boring like hell

Eifachfilm Vacirca: And you told me you love that sim

SaveMe Oh: I do but the people who run it are the usual idiots

Ini Inaka: provoke me, I like it as I am rude and arrogant will not give hug to you next time

SaveMe Oh: We must be like Yin and Yang then as I am sweet and thoughtful

Eifachfilm Vacirca: More like Bonnie and Clyde

SaveMe Oh: Ini is the best shooter

Isa Messioptra: Is there a dress code?

Ini Inaka: Time will show, if SaveMe Oh will come back with some projects here.

SaveMe Oh: Stand in line please as all SL wants me

Ini Inaka: Isa, how I could ask for Eupalinos for dress code??? Sure no, come as you are.

SaveMe Oh: For the moment you better improvise with that B-artist Eupalinos Ugajin. Did he rez a cow again? Exiting.

Yoko Imari: Are you an artist ?

SaveMe Oh: No I am an urinoir.

Yoko Imari: Yes I know. You are a big urinoir

I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman


“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

Igor Ballyhoo’s face looked as innocent as one of his mesh baby’s but it couldn’t calm his adoptive mother Constrictor Solo down.

“You think I believe that?” she yelled, “A few days ago I re-opend the UTSA sim and the first thing I read are two blog posts about your contact with that woman.”

“Four years I have hidden you on UTSA grounds when you came as a refugee from Europe, trying to escape that woman and the first thing you do is run back to her for a one night stand”.

Igor didn’t dare to look his adoptive mother in the eyes, nervous he was cutting scissor after scissor out of white paper.

“And stop with cutting those fucking scissors, they are too avant-garde, I don’t want them. You continue to assemblage the Susa mesh heads Rose gave you and glue them together with Bryn’s cogwheels. I want the UTSA sim full with those moving Susa heads as Bryn already dropped the dead rabbits all over the place.”Or you want me to replace you with Mistero Hifeng? You think you are the only one who can glue mesh baby heads together?”

“Daddy liked my scissors” Igor replied with a thin voice.

Constrictor Solo exploded; “Shut the fuck up, you moron.” Daddy Solo Mornington already is busy for years to seal off the northern part of our protectorate. LEA is almost SaveMe free; here in southern UTSA we haven’t seen a glimpse of her anymore because our tactics to disguise you in woman clothes was finally successful. Why couldn’t you just be Rebeca Bashly for a little while longer? But no, you had to blow up your muscles and run back as a beaten doggie to that woman to explore her with your cigar.”

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, Igor’s voice was not more than a sighing whisper.

“At last Solo and I have all so called artists in our pocket, paid Uncle Jayjay off so he would stop with UWA  and then you with your horny actions put everything on quicksand again.” Furiously Constrictor Solo was spitting out the words when she noticed her feet where getting wet, she was standing in a dirty pool of yellow water. “What shit is this?”

Igor pointed up in a tree “gravity is a mistake.” A shiny white urinoir was hanging upside down on a low hanging branch.

“I guess Eupalinos Ugaijn’s morning urine is dripping on you, he didn’t solve all gravity issues yet” Igor said with a cautious smile. But the smile vanished in the blink of an eye when Constrictor Solo smacked him in his face and his cigar flew with a shallow curve right in the face of one of Bryn’s dead rabbits.

Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?

SheldonBR and Angelika Corral pretend to offer an exhibition about surrealism in their Daphne Arts Gallery but what they offer is role-playing the most conservative museum you can imagine. When Donald Trump would have to do something with art, he would adopt this.


SheldonBR: Hello, SaveMe Oh. Welcome 🙂

Sina Souza: Hello saveme

Angelika Corral: Hello SaveMe

Ferdynand Straaf): Hello SaveMe 🙂

Sheldon (sheldonbr): Nice to see you

CapCat Ragu: Hi Save Me


SaveMe Oh: what a pity they build such an ugly building around surrealism.

CapCat Ragu: Your feet are killing you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure this is not the Leni Riefenstahl exhibition?

CapCat Ragu: Naked man and police, must be a party in Brazil.

SaveMe Oh: How are your roots Cap?

CapCat Ragu: Aereal

SaveMe Oh: Now dont stand here all, go to see the shit glued on virtual walls and dont forget to blog about it as if you saw something new.

CapCat Ragu: I like naked man

Eupalinos Ugajin: クゥー

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos / surrealism, of course! How is he dressed today? as an urinoir?


JoaoPedro Oh: Hi everyone :))

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me everyone brother!!!!

JoaoPedro Oh: Mmmmmm my sister is here. Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: If people can find us in this megalomaniac building

Josef K: Hello SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Ux Hax: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me all, I am SaveMe Oh

Cica Ghost: Hi

SaveMe Oh: Cica. my biggest fan, drawn some new rabbits lately?

Dominic Dogg: are we being griefed by MacDonald and Shell?

SaveMe Oh: No, they are the new sponsors of surrealism!


Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: tp please

Josef K is offering a TP

Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: And continue tp me until they ban me please

Josef K is offering a TP

SaveMe Oh: Angelika, that was a surreal ejection!

Angelika Corral ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned!

Josef K: I wonder why 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It couldnt be my surreal contribution, so I have really no idea.

Josef K: Haha … well, you managed to make a statement.

SaveMe Oh: And I saw you slime saying this was the best you saw.Better dont tell that to Elton John.

Josef K: Hahaha …. I expect getting some art cheap by saying so!



SaveMe Oh: Why you ban the only real surrealist?

Angelika Corral: Please SaveMe this is causing lag. Don’t do this. I am asking you not to cause lag.

SaveMe Oh: Your ridiculous building is causing lag and all those people dressed as teapots cause lag. You blame the wrong person

Angelika Corral: No need to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: You offend me, by banning the greatest artist of secondlife.

Angelika Corral: If you need us to invite you for a show you could have asked us but let these nice people enjoy this as much as you think it is awful.

SaveMe Oh: Surrealsim is not catched in shows or after appointments. When you would really love surrealism you would accept everything could happen

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right.

SaveMe Oh: I am

Angelika Corral: But there is no point to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me and leave me in peace. I have a job to do.

Angelika Corral: Would you leave us in peace? Stop offending us? Saying our building is awful. We are not rich, this is all we could do for the love of art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: I will perform as I like it, without any conditions on forehand. When you dont like it you can derender me. Just like everybody.

Angelika Corral: You are a wonderful performer. I even admired your machinimas.

SaveMe Oh: So hurry up.

Angelika Corral: But let us do our own thing.

SaveMe Oh: DJ Ferdy needs me. People have a right on not to be bored in virtual world.

Angelika Corral: We are crashing here.

SaveMe Oh: So derender the building. I only use eco stuff.

Angelika Corral: We have been working in our lousy building for so long to do this.

SaveMe Oh: Thinking you need a building was the first misconception. Ask a surrealist first next time.

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right, we are still learning.

SaveMe Oh: Of course I am right, no offense.

Angelika Corral: We will learn after we have been so long like you in these things but leave us for now.

SaveMe Oh: My friends are inside, I cant leave. They are expecting me to upgrade this boring event. You should be pleased with my help. Now people already leave because its so boring, when I perform they stay for hours

LEA’s Microwave

If you also have some leftover’s that are almost growing funghi, send it over to LEA as they are pleased to warm up your dead, long forgotten stuff. At least my darling Rose is admitting her two fish are dead now.


So if you want to do the same documentary again about Igor Ballyhoo scissors, the nipples of Rose Borchovski’s Susas, the cactus of Maya Paris or be present at the return of the dearly missed Cherry Manga or Aristide Depression, grab your camera and produce the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction. And it will not take long before Eupalinos Ugajin, Jo Ellsmere, Alpha Auer, Mikati Slade and Bryn Oh will also discover some old shit in their fridge that exceeded its expiration date but they love to warm up for you again.


Hurry up before it is too late……..


Instructions For Idiots

Do you also receive frequently bullshit comments like this?

Roxy Gellar:

Ya, where was SaveMe Oh so she can destroy all the ambiance and design elements of a well crafted venue? While insulting the venue owner who granted his or her permission for her to grief the stage and obliterate the people who attend.

It was SO much better without you there.

 I’m grateful that I was able to help prevent SaveMe from ruining the experience of people gathered for DD’s presentation at Innsmouth. There were griefers during Echo Starship, I know for a fact one of them is a ardent SaveMe supporter though I didn’t say anything.

DD, I will prevent SaveMe from similar events if I can, though I feel this was an isolated opportunity. I expect for venue owners to have to play out the drama SaveMe enjoys at each performance in the process of banning SaveMe during the event. A process that is more than a little Sadistic to play a part in don’t you think?


Cat Boucher:

 I am the host here SaveMe and the musicians are the regular act so I have to fulfil their wishes and you know that.

Are you also so fed up with wannabe event and venue organisers or pseudo artists who want to dictate what you should see or not, what you should hear or not, what you are allowed to say or not; then here some simple instructions to be completely free to see what you want to see, hear or see in your own screen.

  1. You hate SaveMe Oh and her never ending performances. Derender or mute her and you won’t see a glimpse of her anymore. But don’t complain after you missed the most important artist of virtual worlds from this century.Snapshot_377
  2. You hate the music that is played but adore SaveMe Oh, switch of media and play at home your own music or, for the diehard fans, use SaveMe Oh’s Vimeo Video Stream as background music.Snapshot_391
  3. You hate SaveMe Oh AND the musicians she teams up with, search shelter in the LEA dictator ship were Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Mandel Solano and Eupalinos Ugajin will hire the best snipers, water boarders, Guantanamo Bay guards and IS beheaders to prepare you a elite snob paradise were Donald Trump only can dream of.Snapshot_431
  4. You love SaveMe Oh’s performance but hate the ugly tents, Dracula castles or Hippie Woodstock paradises she has to do her job in. Derender the buildings or mute the owners with their ugly shit.Snapshot_432
  5. You love SaveMe Oh, but are fed up she alone get all the attention. Glue also some prims and stuff together and interact with her, or as a musician, keep your eyes on the screen too and interact with what you see and search for shared magic.Snapshot_409
  6. You hate that everything you say appears on the blog of SaveMe Oh. Shut up and SaveMe Oh has nothing to publish or be extremely nice to her. As SaveMe Oh only loves good drama she will almost never publish story’s about love, cats, dogs or tomato juice.lazy_001

Or to make a long story short: Feel free to do whatever you like.


Hi, I Am A Dictator But Want To Look Like A Hippie

Tonight I received an invitation for a LEA party. We almost forgot they do events in LEA but here appears to be one. Here is the invitation:

Hey friends! Artistik Oluja and Livio Korobase team up again to bring you Hot Tubes & Psychedelic Grooves!

This time we’re tapping into our Hippie vibes and taking the music under the trees at ::Metamorfaces:: with Livio Korobase at the DJ table burning up the tubes with awesome psychedelic grooviness that’ll get your flower power on in no time. So throw on some colour and get into those bellbottoms we’re ready to party!

When I entered the sim I was very happy to see Eupalinos Ugaijin alive and well and he even managed to be the new bf of Artistik Oluja, getting in that way a secret backdoor to once more another LEA sim. They stole the little dead dolls of Scottius Polke to make some kind of hippie looking dance with them but of course we all know dictators can’t dance.

I tried not to disturb their kindergarten too much to bring in what they asked: throw on some colour, psychedelic grooviness and flower power.

But then misses Dictator started to complain:

SaveMe Oh: Hey Eupalinos, what a surprise.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello

SaveMe Oh: I hardly recognise you

SaveMe Oh: Did I scare poor Eupa off or did he simply disintegrate?

Artistik Oluja: Eupa took me on a quick tour of space hehe

SaveMe Oh: He knows where space is?

Artistik Oluja: SaveMe, you know that place behind your eyes? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I have that?

Fanny Vermont:  Such a cool light


Kandinsky Beaumont: How can you be in LEA SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: I forced Eupa to let me in.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Nobody banning you tonight?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Aha nice Eupa, I see all the little Scottius guys, the dead children

Artistik Oluja: If you can stop with the colour rezzing SaveMe you’ll last longer, I can’t handle this much colour. It’s not something everyone’s nervous systems can tolerate.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same with everything Eupalinos does but I try to be brave.

John Howard Cassio: It tends to make you dizzy

Artistik Oluja: I’m asking you to stop it because it’s hurting me 🙂

Fanny Vermont: Isn’t it what we try to get? Dizzy, I mean?

SaveMe Oh: Psychedelic intends to do that, you aging hippies

Fanny Vermont laughs.

SaveMe Oh: If you can’t stand that consider gardening as a hobby.

Artistik Oluja: It’s your attitude that is ageing 🙂 I think you have had enough attention for your little thingy now

Artistik Oluja ejected and banned you from this land.

Livio Korobase, who is role-playing a DJ tonight didn’t open his mouth, were on Facebook they have to cut a forest to deliver enough paper for his writings….

SaveMe Oh: Now we know you belong to the LEA dictatorship. Good to know.

Livio Korobase: For me was nice, but ok I am only a worker.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, dictatorships run by their workers.

Bullshitting About Collaborative Virtual Environments

You can bullshit a lot on paper when you over and over describe the works of zero significance of the usual suspects as Bryn Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Rose Borchovski and Alpha Auer. But it would be fairer to say just in the open: I want to promote my own work, which is, although rather hippie, not bad at all.

Delicate Death 4

And what can promote your work better than name a few times the name of the only existing artist in the virtual world; SaveMe Oh.

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka as Capcat Ragu did another attempt to promote her work by several “SaveMe Oh” namedropping in her latest scientific paper but did it need to be in such a lousy way? The times Capcat Ragu really visited a performance of SaveMe Oh one can count on the fingers of one hand. And so we get some bullshitting about what she assumes could be right.

So I better pretend I am Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and produce some decent work.

In Collaborative Virtual Environments, pseudo artistic activities are carried out by avatars that fall into the “I Want To Be A Performance Artist” subgroup. They steal from conventional art forms such as theatre, opera, dance, circus and musical performance and label it as new types of enactions, tailored to an audience with a severe death wish.

Death threat

The duo of Portuguese wannabe artists Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado takes advantage of their rich Wikipedia knowledge ability combined with their dexterity to attach marketplace artefacts to their avatars, in order to satisfy an audience who loved to play with dolls at a younger age.

Coward SaveMe Oh
How different this is in the approach used by the only artist in Secondlife; SaveMe Oh, who displays full installations in the world, which in reality are not part of the environment, but are ‘worn’ by her avatar. SaveMe Oh use this strategy in her performances to create a strong visual impact, usually with satirical intent towards the world of art and the social codes of the metaverse. These events are usually improvised and participatory, as SaveMe Oh often offer her artefacts to the public and invite them to join in the performance.

Lennart Nilsson13

Not a lot of people answer to this invitation as the aura of SaveMe Oh is so strong and heavily focused on her artistic persona – whose avatar, more than an author, embodies the work itself, that it scares of potential participators who are better labelled as blind admirers. SaveMe referred to herself (an avatar) as an artwork and not as an author, in the talk promoted by Transdisciplinares Artes Lisboa (2014), in the activities related to the event and exhibition entitled Virtual Interactive Participatory Arts. SaveMe presents herself as an agent provocateur in the art world, often invading artistic events with her performances, which can cover a whole SIM.

It should be noted that, while it can be argued that this somewhat ironical questioning of authorship and identity may have roots in previous ‘real world’ works, the spatial, environmental and behavioural properties of SaveMe Oh’s performances are unique to the affordances of a CVE and could hardly take place in our world..”



Did Eupalinos Look Like Eupalinos?

At the reopening of the Museo the Metaverso in CRAFT opensim it was a happy reincarnation party at the graveyard. No less than 68 corpses took the opportunity to reinvent themselves and participate in the big contest of the night; do I look like my former self? Who succeeded and who failed to copy himself? Because to be tagged on facebook it was from extreme importance you would look a bit like yourself otherwise everybody could claim to be someone else or worse…be SaveMe Oh.

In great expectation everyone was waiting of course for the appearance of Eupalinos Ugajin. Would he look like the Dadasticks or toiletFLUXers as we know him so well or would he have failed to copy everything in time from secondlife to open sim?


Can you spot Eupalinos?

But his glorious entrance made a sigh from relief going through the crowds who were glued to their seats as in good old CARP or PIRATS times. He looked exactly as we had known him so well before he passed away. Also Kikas & Marma’s warmed up bodies were hanging, as if NOTHING had happened, again in a funny frame telling us they love art.


Even Patrick Moya succeed to fix himself a sheep pyjamas in time and for Roxelo Babenco it was easy, whatever is under it, with a top hat for sure it must be Roxelo.

DanCoyote Antonelli was still looking like the coyotedog (the collector’s item! IM me for a free copy) I inspired him with once and Josina Burgess…omg, where was Josina? Did here tombstone move or did it stay closed?

In the mean time I was in SL first at the house of Kikas & Marma to keep an eye on it during their absence in open sim and I took some nice pics from the set up they build there for me.


I almost got a heart attack when Marma appeared to check his anti-fascist security orb but I assured him everything was looking good.



After that I sit in a protest at some silly opening organised by Duna Gant. I showed her that I also could play a bored visitor doing no harm by lying there on a couch under plywood paintings.


Luckily DD called me for a life performance in her sim where we performed 2 hours together in an interaction of music and visuals but I better don’t show pics from that or they will accuse me again of only promoting myself which of course I don’t want. VIVA Eupalinos, ah no, he was dead…in a bits & sticks sort of way.

The Graveyard Is Open Again

In the rich history of virtual reality we had all kind of wannabe artists and event organisers passing by in a quick search for recognition without too much effort. After doing one or two tricks on the virtual canvas, mainly glueing some prims together or fart a texture on a virtual wall they disappeared as quick as they came as it became clear then, that when psychopath pic-shitters like Ampel Gooson and others publish every day a diarrhoea of images the interested viewer will run screaming towards the nearest mental institution. But now the dead raise from the grave as one of the event organisers, Roxelo Babenco raise from her tomb to see if she could repeat the old trick one more time, using the most boring concept from virtual world and …..copy it once more. How this works? Ask a builder for a megalomaniac environment that can host all zombie artists to warm up their old stuff. And there we see again the CARP or Pirats concept with rooms no artist would ask for, even with a knife on her throat, as if we would die for exposing our work in an egg with stripes surrounded by 40 other eggs with stripes. When these megalomaniac buildings in secondlife were constructed the chance you would meet another avatar once where reasonable possible but now in open sim, where the dead artists are kept warm in their virtual fridges, you can be sure that you have the whole space for yourself after the opening. On the other hand, to see dead avatars in their noob version from 2006 or 2007 once more can be for historians a once in a lifetime event. Will Josina Burgess have blonde flexi hair today, will Roxelo Babenco succeed to once more create her top hat she is soooooo famous for and will Eupalinos Ugajin be able to flux his toilet without dada Marmaduke Arado on his head? Or will they send the otter in for some serious plumbing? And will SaveMe Oh….no?…..really?…..OMG! Snapshot_231


Roxelo did the TOPHAT