As Nobody Is There It Can Be Everywhere

You know these nobodies who like to shine with the work of others? Art Blue is the perfect example. Already for years he tries to become famous with the work of virtual artists.

This time he tried to promote himself in screenleap and asked artists to show up to be used as figuration. Luckily SaveMe Oh refused to be there as a set prop and made a little performance, which was quickly derendered by Art Blue when people couldn’t see his avi any more.


SaveMe Oh: Is this about virtual art or about Art Blue?

Juliette Surrealdreaming: It’s his Art Talk loooool and this wonderful new technology! so exciting.

SaveMe Oh: Zelfbevlekking, how you say that in English? Dido? help me!

Dido Haas: Automanipulation would do Save!

FreeWee Ling: I see something I made 🙂

Juliette Surrealdreaming: : :))) nice… were you part of the volcano FreeWee?

FreeWee Ling: Yes

SaveMe Oh: OMG FreeWee, finally noticed

Betty Tureaud: I am a poor artist i don’t have a smartphone

SaveMe Oh: Better you don’t get smart things Betty, could be dangerous in your hands

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Rest in peace Fiona

FreeWee Ling: Is Fiona gone in rl?

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Yes this is a tribute to her and all of you who participated in the vulcano

FreeWee Ling: O my.. I hadn’t heard. She was a resident on my sim for a couple of years.

SaveMe Oh: Did she fall into the vulcano???? OMG

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Be respectful SaveMe. it’s poor form to make fun of the RL dead

SaveMe Oh: falling in a vulcano is respectfull. Dido teaches us life and death is part of a virtual life.

Dido Haas: shhht Save. That’s true. Cold Frog does and I show.

SaveMe Oh: There you go.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: That’s opinion… lol… those who pass deserve respect

Dido Haas: True I agree with Juliette on this one

SaveMe Oh: Hitler also passed

FreeWee Ling: I’m world famous….

SaveMe Oh: Finally, Jayjay must weep bitter tears of joy

Art Blue: The browser is still online and showing

SaveMe Oh: Pity it just stop to show everything. Can there be an art talk about censorship?

Art Blue: I should have pre-rezzed the Volcano in my viewer, sorry for such a fault of a noob

SaveMe Oh: Amateur

Art Blue: But you saw it live!!!

Betty Tureaud: To be honest i think it was an overkill way to show some old prims.

SaveMe Oh: It was his intention to show himself

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Well maybe if your Art was there Betty you wouldn’t have felt that way

SaveMe Oh: iIs called an exhibitionist!

Art Blue: What art you mean?

Betty Tureaud: Omg Juliette

Art Blue: Betty’s I can zoom down

SaveMe Oh: Betty can never be there because she doesn’t produce art.

Betty Tureaud: i ditte sort you ever would have say that

SaveMe Oh: Betty is more a box of color pencils thrown over everything

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I love her colors lol

SaveMe Oh: Its not HER colors, its color pencil colors

FreeWee Ling: So where will 1Biennale be located?

SaveMe Oh: In Art Blue’s garden of course

Art Blue: Not directly in SL as …. opensim can do more as SL

FreeWee Ling: I’m just wondering where in OpenSim the installation will be.

SaveMe Oh: As nobody is there it can be everywhere.

When Malevich Had A TV

We hoped UWA would be dead forever as they have been terrorizing the art world long enough, but now Jayjay Zifanwe spent all his time in promoting his son as the new Ang Lee he has found a new slave to continue the rubbish for UWA. Now it’s FreeWee Ling who has the arrogance to dictate us about what art we should produce so it can be hung on their virtual walls. This time it should be IMMATERIAL.

Well, bunch of outback snobs, hang this on your virtual walls!

Title: When Malevich had a TV
Sound: John Cage 4.33
Co-Production: Directed by SaveMe Oh
Filmed and edited by Glasz DeCuir

The supremacy of pure artistic feeling” rather than on visual depiction of objects..a blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity drew us forth into a “desert”, where nothing is real except feeling.. Since in it we intend to reduce everything to OH, we have decided to call it OH. Afterward we ourselves will go beyond OH.

P.S.: Jayjay Zifanwe still has time to perma-ban me on LEA so they can play there undisturbed the Harry Potter movies of my sister Bryn.

Banning Bots

The latest fashion in SL artworld is bot dropping. You programate your avatar in a looping sequence, dump the junk in a sim and let the poor avatar move like a bunny on batteries. While the poor avatar is forced in labour, the RL counterparts of these avi’s can go to a garden to greet the sun in their yoga practices. But their state of Zen explode in a second when they find out that during their absence real artists took the opportunity to upgrade the screensaver art by real interaction with the poor bots. Creating a new ever changing environment which makes the bot setup vivid, funny and playful.

Jo Ellsmere's boring bots upgraded by some SaveMe's from flesh and blood!

An audience builds up in a second when people notice that there is something real happening but then the RL counterparts of the bots crawl back in their dummies in a hasty search for the ban button. And that the ban button is the first thing installed when you think of a sim which is a collaboration of notorious ban lovers like FreeWee Ling, Artistic Depression and Oberon Onmura will wonder nobody. That these ego trippers are now joined by Odyssey freedom fighters Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko is the latest sad development. In their goal to become famous before they die they must have felt the urge to grab some power in an attempt to get there without disturbance. You don’t need enemies anymore with such friends.


Jayjay Zifanwe Aka The Blank Entry

Almost no living soul is visiting anymore the complete idiot Art Ikea from UWA.  A sim only rezzed to promote another desolate and deserted University were no one wants to be found dead, the University of Western Australia, you know, the one with the erected dick as landmark.

Just like the sad people of Pirats they invented once a concept, around the year zero, and continue with it as if they invented Columbus egg. In UWA this means an Art Ikea with in every corner a sad space for some forgotten SL artist who is rewarded with an all exclusive own name tag, hooray!


Now my darling and almost wife Rose Borchovski is the mother of a lot of Susa’s and as she becomes extremely sentimental after a bottle of cheap Chianti wine she always want to rez the little pervert bastards again for every opportunity she gets and when FreeWee Ling begged her to rez the little bastards in a corner of the Art Ikea she couldn’t resist.

As I follow my almost wife blind in whatever she does I finished also a bottle of Chianti to visit her work in the Art Ikea and found myself behind banlines and it was only then that I discovered one of the biggest scams in SL. The slaves of the UWA toilet lady Jayjay Zifanwe, FreeWee Ling or Quadrapop Lane found a way to ban me without their upper-idiot knowing it. What they did is asking several B artists in a secret form if they would wish to have SaveMe Oh banned from their little shitty piece of space for their attempts of art. And for the ones who wish they created a private SaveMe Oh banspace around the attempt of art. How they did it? By enter my name on every little spot on a banlist and after remove the trace of my name by changing it for EMPTY SPACE.

Jayjay Zifanwe: I don’t see your name on the banned list.

SaveMe Oh: I am here in a square locked up

Jayjay Zifanwe: Your name is not on the region or land ban list. I’m not sure what to do

Jayjay Zifanwe: Your name seemed to be white listed. There was an ’empty’ entry on the banned list which I removed.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Weird

SaveMe Oh: So that’s how your friends trick you. You are even too stupid to control them.

SaveMe Oh: And now here he same, banlines!

SaveMe Oh: Are you awake?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Where?

SaveMe Oh: In front of me, banlines

Jayjay Zifanwe: Again… I can’t see your name.. but a blank entry

SaveMe Oh: That’s how your friends fool you. Maybe you should consider retire? as you are getting to old to keep up with new developments

SaveMe Oh: Read this; Banned residents: SaveMe OHare, SaveMe Ohmai, Savememan. Allowed resident : FreeWee Ling

SaveMe Oh: Curious

Jayjay Zifanwe: Yes but no SaveMe Oh, only a blank entry

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know if the bitch banned me in every corner

SaveMe Oh: Ok, also here

SaveMe Oh: Maybe she asked the artists if they want me banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ok I’ll have to talk to her then

SaveMe Oh: Talk with her???? Send the bitch away I would say

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have to check with people who help me, anyway, that’s easier than me going to every work and doing extra work. Maybe she knows how to undo everything at once

SaveMe Oh: I always helped you and this is how I am rewarded

SaveMe Oh: Very curious, Glyph Graves wants me banned  and  Thoth Jantzen too.

SaveMe Oh: She must have had a meeting with them to have me banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: I’m not sure.  I’ll check

SaveMe Oh: I’m sure now

SaveMe Oh: As those names are not random. I am not banned at the work of newbies or fools but at the works of the B artists in secondlife everybody knows as major assholes. For sure afraid I would pee on their sad attempts of art.

SaveMe Oh: Nino Vichan

SaveMe Oh: also banned there

SaveMe Oh: Yepar…banned

SaveMe Oh: Eifachfilm Vacirca…banned

SaveMe Oh: Cherry Manga…wow…not banned

SaveMe Oh: Nexuno Thespian…banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have no idea SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I have

SaveMe Oh: That bitch FreeWee asked every artist personal If they would like to have me banned

SaveMe Oh: and then add that blank entry in the banlist with my name under it so you could not detect it

Jayjay Zifanwe: If she was doing that surely some would have come spoken to you… no?

SaveMe Oh: no, never

SaveMe Oh: it was a secret action

SaveMe Oh: Barry Richez…banned

SaveMe Oh: Anley Piers, also a friend…not banned

SaveMe Oh: and for sure she didn’t ask Rose if she would like to have me banned

SaveMe Oh: Really disgusting

[15:53] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:54] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:57] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:58] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:02] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:02] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:03] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Enjoy your friendships. Bye


More Jury Members Than Contestants

Now we all know that there are beside me only a handful of virtual movie makers that really are worth to have a look at. On Iceland there is a movement that might become interesting and my darling Rose also made some great movies until she became so busy with cleaning the toilet that she had to hire the David Hamilton of SL, Mr. Soft Focus, Slow Pan Iono Allen to make wallpaper that moves. Most of the other moviemakers are nothing more than tourists who bring back home their holiday movies from places they have visited.

And now the people who want you to visit their shit in secondlife found a new trick, all tourists can send in a movie of the ugly buildings and we call it a movie contest and to judge all the bullshit they install a jury of which the list of members is larger than the tourists who participates with their funny home video’s

This is the Short jury list in UWA’s Machinima Contest 2013


Professor Ted Snell (RL)

Jon Stubbs (RL)

Dr Sally Quin

Lyn DiCiero

Madeleine King

Virginia Rowland (RL)

Merle Hearns (RL) / Briarmelle Quintessa (SL)

C.Steele (RL) / Rasaec (SL)

Debora Kaz

FreeWee Ling (SL)

LaPiscean Liberty (SL)

Apmel Goosson

Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) –

Mal Burns (SL)

Chestnut Rau (SL) –

Quan Lavender –

Tom Papas –

Honour McMillan

Taralyn Gravois –

Dousa Dragonash (SL)

Sasun Steinbeck

Persia Bravin (SL)

Jay Jay Jegathesan (RL) / Jayjay Zifanwe (SL)

The only one who should be in this jury is Quan Lavender as she writes a tourist guide every day telling how great every bullshit place is to push tourists towards sims for which she is been rewarded with a place in a jury or government (talking about being independant).

Ampel Goosson also pretends to be a tourist guide writer but he is so obsessed with his own dick that the only reason he is a member of the jury is the fact that the bell tower of UWA must remind him of his own once glorious dick or the dick he pretends to be.

Sasun Steinbeck we all still know as the great dictator of LEA, the one that kills first and never gives an explanation. Famous is her quote “Why explain things to people I have just killed?”

FreeWee Ling is everywhere where she gets free building space in return and Jayjay Zifanwe, once the computer nerd of UWA who had to take care all the computers on the campus grounds got enough electricity is now playing the grand Maecenas of SL art who provides everybody with a box in which they can glue prims to be able to organise yet another contest every week in celebration of his own glory.

Honour McMillan we got to knew recently as organiser of the One Billion Rising event on which she found it necessary to ban me a day before the opening and after also all other Save Me’s or everybody with a slight Asian look but screaming loud and clear she is against violence against woman and girls.

Persia Bravin?? Judge for yourself!

Kirky Kiergarten: the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore and in SL mute:)

White Lebed: I had to ban SaveMe Oh – I am sure you will hear about it

Chantal Harvey: hehe

FreeWee Ling: heehee

Rose Borchovski: why did you ban her?

Persia Bravin: I think most people would thank you for that White


Taralyn Gravois?? Judge for yourself!

Taralyn Gravois: Everyone give SaveMe attention. She has entered the room and wants to make everyone’s life miserable till they notice her

FreeWee Ling: Always the drama queen


Chestnut Rau, Mal Burns, LaPiscean Liberty?? Let them first get their own stuff working well before they pretend to be capable of judging other peoples funny home movies.

Purify By Burning

After chopping wood in the forests of the north and hunting some buffalo the rangers of BURN return to duty in an effort to lock everybody out in a more effective way than last year

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Shall we start the meeting with unban all the people who were victim of the dictators disguised as rangers? So they can also come to participate? Or is this for the happy few only?

Namor Xue: yes SaveMe Oh in disguise

SaveMe Oh in disguise: could they be unbanned now?

EmCee Widget: Greetings and Welcome Home! Its wonderful to see everyone here in Center Camp on our little slice of the virtual Playa! Deep Hole has been our home for many years now, and you are all our family! Let’s all say Welcome home now to a few people. Just type into chat a few of the people that are standing near you or far away and say “Welcome Home!”

Ro Carver shouts: welcome home!

FreeWee Ling: Welcome Home

Zorch Voom: YAY! Welcome home everyone

Leondra Larsson: welcome home!

Buttermilk Panacek: welcomd home FreeWee Ling

Corn Oil: Welcome Home duders

Liz Gealach: welcome home molly 😉

Anne Von Linz: ºWelcome home!

EmCee Widget: Welcome Home Corn!

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Mia

Belldandy Watanabe: Welcome home friends

Namor Xue: Welcome Home ❤

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Barbs

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Ro

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Widget, can you unban a lot of people who became victim of the banning habits of your church?

EmCee Widget: My name is EmCee Widget. Everyone calls me EmCee or MC. I am one of three Burning Man Regional Representatives to Second Life. Dusty and Danger Ranger are the other two. I am also a volunteer with Burning Man and a Black Rock Ranger at that little event they have out in the Nevada desert.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: For those people you cannot say this is home for them as they were banned by the rules of your church

EmCee Widget: If you have been coming to Burns in Second Life you may remember Dusty (formerly Linden) Udal, who helped lead the BURN for many years. You may also recognize Danger Ranger as one of the founders of Burning Man, the Rangers, the first Art Car creator, the first Black Rock Newspaper Editor/printer, Robotic computer assembler and I believe he invented Whiskey, however that may be a rumor….

SaveMe Oh in disguise: So EmCee, can you unban the victims of your policy instead of telling us how good your church is? We are talking about maybe 20 to 40 peoplewho were the victim of your church.

Buttermilk Panacek: SaveMe Oh in disguise, the open forum is in just a little bit. Thanks for your patience.

Ro Carver: SaveMe Oh in disguise, we’ll be happy to sit down with you after the Town Hall

Barbs Kurka: your acting like a 4 year old, its not a threat, nobody else is acting like you

SaveMe Oh in disguise: All the Rangers with the happy triggerfingers are present again. They could also say: ok we unban everybody and we start clean, but no, you will be removed

Huntress Catteneo: just mute the interuptive one if they are bothering you folks

SaveMe Oh in disguise: church of the muted people?

SaveMe Oh in disguise: I want to be a volunteer that will unban all poor avatars that are banned without reason

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Question: Why Burning Man needs banning as a way to enforce certain rules? And why some people have more rights than others and on what base?

Buttermilk Panacek: SaveMe Oh in disguise, would you like to meet with me one on one at our comfortable headquarters office to discuss your concerns?

SaveMe Oh in disguise:: No, I prefer discussions in the open as everyone can give an opinion in that way. As a lot of people are banned by you and cant participate

SaveMe Oh in disguise: When you dont ban so much people you can do with less vonunteers

AgentMike Homewood: Last year there was a mass banning of innocent people who still cannot participate. Most still don’t know why they were banned.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: you dont need police, security and hitsquads so those volunteers can be something else

Ro Carver: This is your sim to use! You can use it many ways. Casually by using these spaces, or more formally scheduling a meeting or lecture or even…scheduling an event!

SaveMe Oh in disguise: our sim??????? to use??????  Everybody who try’s is getting banned

AgentMike Homewood: 40 artists were mass banned in one day for playing on the playa.

AgentMike Homewood: Who makes those rules?

SaveMe Oh in disguise: We see a group of people trying to stay in power dressed up in ranger clothes

Ro Carver: Have questions? Just ask in the BurningMan 2.0 group, and a volunteer staff member online may be able to help you, or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

AgentMike Homewood: You sent a message to some of SLs top artists that they are not welcome here.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: I suggest all rangers will step back and there will be free elections for a new team

Admiral Radioactive: I suggest SaveMe Oh in disguise: to SHUT UP

AgentMike Homewood: Banning artists is a bad way to promote this event.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: this new team will try to organise a BURN were everybody is welcome, military clothes will be forbidden and we will not accept funding from the national rifle association as in a virtual world we dont have to kill!!!

Namor Xue: @Radioactive :I could not think same of you..but I’m ready to offer my life to make you say your opinion

Namor Xue: this is the first rule

SaveMe Oh in disguise: And why there is a strange church behind BURN????

Barbs Kurka: you are acting like a rude jackass and then you ask why people ban you? lol

AgentMike Homewood: 40 artists were banned in one day last year. Many lon time contributers to Burn.

AgentMike Homewood: Shouldn’t they be unbanned?

EmCee Widget: Some people loved the guidelines and some hated them

AgentMike Homewood: There were too many rules last year. And they were arbitraryily applied.

AgentMike Homewood: It is fair to ask these questions at an event that celebrates diversity and inclusion

Ⓒⓞղղιɛ: the rules drive people away

Huntress Catteneo: some people indicate from their own websites, that they will come just to disrupt, so not wise to open the doors for them to harass others

AgentMike Homewood: One artist who had filmed every Burn event in SL was banned last year 5 minutes after TPing in

Ro Carver: Bryn Oh sponsored using a very specific prim type and color, making people be creative

SaveMe Oh in disguise: The concept of Rangers versus Artist is so increddible stupid

Pre Teens Are Your Nurses In The Near Future

At UWA a few sad artists were again together to give eachother some awards, as they do every month. When you don’t have a huge collection of UWA awards yet you are a reallllllllllll loser!


Corcosman Voom: Yay, Save me, SaveMe : ))

Air: The pres is here

Sir Real: Oh wow, that’s awesome SaveMe!

Air: that sure is

nexuno Thespian: ahhahaha where is a party is saveme ahhahahahaha

Taralyn Gravois: everyone give SaveMe attention she has entered the room and wants to make everyone’s life miserable till they notice her

Air: Wow

FreeWee Ling: Always the drama queen. heehee

Corcosman Voom: Aww….you can always give someone a temp Block/Mute

Air: Who ever says they don’t like drama..

SaveMe Oh: Shut up you old fashioned idiots

Air: lies a little

SaveMe Oh: with your silly awardshows

Secret Rage: yupssss WAS fun…see yall

nexuno Thespian: i ve always a pics of saveme in underwear closed into a big duck ahhahahahaahaha

SaveMe Oh: did you all give eachtother a prize again today?

Taralyn Gravois: too bad you don’t enter legitimately the contests saveme..your work is good when you aren’t trying to be the center of attention

SaveMe Oh: shut up fool

Taralyn Gravois: and not ackowledging other should really support other artists

SaveMe Oh: I dont enter IKEA art awardshows

Taralyn Gravois: why don’t you support other artists

Air: I’m loving this wall of wonder wandering .

Air: a mobile dance floor

Taralyn Gravois: yes she has many of them Air

SaveMe Oh: these awardshows only exist to make the organisers feeling important

Air: LOL SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: like the Taralyns and FreeWees

Taralyn Gravois: and is gives you something to plan to interupt

SaveMe Oh: those people who think what is good for art

Taralyn Gravois: don’t forget that…you get better and better at it

SaveMe Oh: I dont plan

SaveMe Oh: I just go

SaveMe Oh: I am an artist

SaveMe Oh: I dont have to plan

Taralyn Gravois: all the people here are artists….well except me

Taralyn Gravois: i just admire it

SaveMe Oh: you all need months to think out these silly awardshows

SaveMe Oh: real artists only have to appear to make it happen

Mrs. Mia Wallace: nicer that we ignore this chat

SaveMe Oh: So what awardshow we have next week?

SaveMe Oh: and what is the prizemoney this time?

Air: I want to know how these walls work

SaveMe Oh: all artworks glued in the silly UWA boxes agian?

SaveMe Oh: that no one ever watches?

Air: The living Award must have fallen over

Mrs. Mia Wallace: you know what i was trained about bullys?

Mrs. Mia Wallace: they are bullyed themselves…so they bully feel strong

SaveMe Oh: When I need desperately an award I build one myself

Mrs. Mia Wallace: its sad, let hug save me oh

SaveMe Oh: ah, the local srink is also here?

Sir Real: Think I’ve had it with the pre-teen

SaveMe Oh: pre teens are your nurses in the near future