Please Connect With My Agent


Hello SaveMe Oh,

Roxy Gellar: I’ll be hosting Morli and DD on Thursday from 1PM to 3PM at Wizards Retreat. You did an incredible job of working with the space when DD and Echo were last there. The My Lil Ponies were incredible.

You are welcome to bring your insanity to this performance. I would like to let our friends know you plan to perform if the Estate ban has been lifted and you are willing to work within the space provided, Wizards Retreat will remain standing during this particular event.

SaveMe Oh: Please connect with my agent.

Roxy Gellar: I think I just did. Lol: Nina Camplin, I hope you can chat with Fuschia & SaveMe and bring us to a middle ground. smile emoticon Say hello to Fuschia when you next see her and thank her again for all she’s done with the Open Sim Wizards.

SaveMe Oh: Fuschia is my agent, please connect with her and discuss the fees

Roxy Gellar: I’d be happy to speak with her. But given the insults you’ve thrown at me in the past? You can come or not come. I’m not paying you.

Maybe you can negotiate with Soundsmith Kamachi next weekend when DD and Echo play there. Or at Dub’s on Monday when they play at that location, but I would guess you’re still banned.

SaveMe Oh: I dont negotiate, contact my agent.


Roxy Gellar: You’re uninvited. Whoever you really are? It’s clear by your behavior on the internet that in reality you’re a very sick person. I feel sorry for you. Always have.

Wall Me, Rotate Me

War in the LEA SIMS between neighbours?


Fuschia Nightfire: I noticed they put up a HUGE wall to block out my sim next door

Livio Korobase: Yes your turning things make me dizzy Fuschia and you have put just at border…

SaveMe Oh: OMG, call dr. Phil

Fuschia Nightfire: I didn’t put out a wall to block out your animals

Livio Korobase: You can do if you like

Fuschia Nightfire: I choose not to

Fuschia Nightfire: Your animals are welcome

SaveMe Oh: You better clean both out your sims

Livio Korobase: The problem for me are rotating things, they make me really dizzy

SaveMe Oh: Hey Livio, buy a radio

Livio Korobase: I have a radio already

SaveMe Oh: A screenless radio

Fuschia Nightfire: It does not matter to me Livio that you put up the wall, but maybe  people who come here may be more interested in seeing my installation

SaveMe Oh: Tear down the wall, tear down the wall

Livio Korobase: Move the rotating thing and i have no problems on make a hole

Fuschia Nightfire: Omg, the rotating thing IS the installation. Have you no taste?

Livio Korobase: Is not a problem of taste Fuschia, is a problem of vision

Fuschia Nightfire: The whole sim is inspired by SaveMe’s art

Livio Korobase: Ok, good for Save

SaveMe Oh: That rotating thing?????? OMG!

Fuschia Nightfire: She even gave me the title for the sim

Livio Korobase: She is a good girl, is not in discussion 🙂 But i don’t think she gave you the plan of installation.

Fuschia Nightfire: I have to say i don’t know exactly which rotating thing he is referring to. I have so many rotating things. We need the wall removed

Livio Korobase: The wall remain until you respond to questions

Fuschia Nightfire: I always respond

SaveMe Oh: I think he is afraid your sim might get more populair than his

Fuschia Nightfire: I agree SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Well, the most populair place in SL is the place where I am

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this guy a real aritst?

SaveMe Oh: I think he would do better as designer of Guantanamo Bay

Fuschia Nightfire: I think you are right

SaveMe Oh: The wall would be an item there

Livio Korobase: Ok, time lost… i tried

Fuschia Nightfire: Walls are barriers, artists fight to break down barriers

Livio Korobase: Fuschia please, don’t talk with me with slogan…

Fuschia Nightfire: Is not me here who is building barriers

Livio Korobase: You do when you put things that make me dizzy, is a big barrier

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh no, you built the huge elephant first, but i did not complain

Livio Korobase: ok, good night people, was useless but I liked.


When My Friend Became A Slave Of Slade

My friend Fuschia invited me for an event tonight but when I want to inspect the location the dead squad was already on patrol!

Fuschia Nightfire: Hi SaveMe, I got my opening event at this place today at 12noon if you are around.

SaveMe Oh: Hey I’m not banned!!!

Fuschia Nightfire: I should hope not

SaveMe Oh: Well normally this awful guy does

Fuschia Nightfire: Yvan, I don’t know if you have met SaveMe, she usually makes my gallery events more interesting

SaveMe Oh: Of course he has met me.

Yvan  Slade: I don’t think so.

SaveMe Oh: He is one off those idiots that always bans me

Fuschia Nightfire: Well you aren’t banned now. I hope you can make it to the opening today

SaveMe Oh: He also shouldn’t try to ban me or he will have a problem. Did I make myself clear? Slade? Good!

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.


Fuschia Nightfire: Did he just ban you?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Fuschia Nightfire: Fuck

SaveMe Oh: Enjoy your collaboration with that idiot.

Fuschia Nightfire: Cheesus, I don’t believe this, you didn’t even do anything.

SaveMe Oh: When I was you I was now taking everything away. Just a suggestion.

Fuschia Nightfire: Trying another tactic first, to see if I can get you unbanned. Did he unban you?

SaveMe Oh: He didn’t unban me on all parcels, what a wimp.

Joapedro Oh: You should stop it, is not funny anymore PPPP

SaveMe Oh: Drop dead daddy. Who he think he is to come in-between me and my friend Fuschia?

Joapedro Oh: I am not your daddy honey, your father is very unhappy with your behaviour.

SaveMe Oh: You better take care of that idiot there instead of annoying your dear sis.

Joapedro Oh: Who?

SaveMe Oh: Slade

Joapedro Oh: Yvan?

Oh: The idiot. Yes.

Joapedro Oh: Why?

SaveMe Oh: He banned me when I arrive because he is an idiot.

Joapedro Oh: Well, he should do it!

SaveMe Oh: Hey, Fuschia and me are the artist here and we are not the slaves of idiot simowners

SaveMe Oh: Now he banned me from the whole sim.

Fuschia Nightfire: I will speak to the sim owner when she comes online.

comes online.

The Night SaveMe Oh Was Killed Again

Shot from behind

Always ready to help out a friend this night I decided to upgrade a show from DD. But some people in the audience were inspired by IS and smelled blood.

dj12 Magic: SL has been alerted! And they will be here soon to fix this. As soon as they can was what I was told.

Fuschia Nightfire: What problem?

Kontroverse: I don’t see any problem.

Fuschia Nightfire: Nor me.

Josef K: Everything works fine here .. no problem

Roxy Gellar: It’s not for everyone. But if you mute the person you’d rather not see or hear? Problem solved

Fuschia Nightfire: If SaveMe Oh goes, I go too

Kontroverse: SaveMe Oh has good effects, I don’t see the prob anywhere.

dj12 Magic: We are here for a different reason

Fuschia Nightfire: Ii agree Kontro

Josef K : Conformity is a problem

Kontroverse: In fact I’m enjoying a lot with DD’s music and SaveMe’s effects

Lita Loire: Has she not been invited to do these light shows?

SaveMe Oh: Invited???? As if I need an invitation

Josef K: Art is the solution

dj12 Magic: The show would be fine if it were not interfering with the intended purpose of this exhibition.

Fuschia Nightfire: I agree with that too Josef

Isadora Alaya: This stuff is garbage, it’s neither well programmed nor original

Lita Loire: It is extremely annoying and off putting

Isadora Alaya: It’s just basically a distraction, I don’t feel anything coming out of this at all

Roxy Gellar: Seems that the mute option isn’t as attractive as being angry?

Kontroverse: Garbage?

dj12 Magic: There ia a significant difference of opinion here.

Isadora Alaya: You should consider going back to the lab and rethink your methods

Lita Loire: hahaha

Isadora Alaya: Yeah, it’s total crap

Josef K: Some people like cute puppy pics and some like performance art

Kontroverse: Ah ok, then you never had been in a disco. The lasers and the ilumination don’t make feel anything

Isadora Alaya: I’m sorry, but this 3D mattress is just a joke

Kontroverse: No? What a mistake think that way. In my opinion, of course.

Isadora Alaya: There’s no mistake in the way I feel about this sorry display of ego

SaveMe Oh: Omg am I insulted by a pink elephant?

Isadora Alaya: It’s just childish

Roxy Gellar:.•*★¨`•  Aρρlɑuѕɛ  •¨`★*•.

Morlita Quan: Applause!!

Josef K: I have two of my favorite artists in action .. DD delivers the music and SaveMe Oh creates the fireworks .. it couldn’t be any better

Kontroverse: I just say that illuminate a scene, a video or photo, also part of the art

Isadora Alaya: Take your childish prank and go back to your studio and rethink your concepts.

SaveMe Oh: I was thinking as my next project to hang virtual paintings on virtual walls, what you think?

Lita Loire: Just right click, derender and blacklist 🙂 Right click on the annoying light show. Stop wrecking this event. That is really unfair and very self centered as well as immature and giving art a bad name… which this is clearly not. No one would put those damn colours together. Get a fucking grip. Sometimes, getting attention this way is not the right kind of attention you need

SaveMe Oh: Yawn

Lita Loire: Oh go back to school you baby. Go away you horrendous little shit. You poor neglected sad little soul

Josef K: Looks like SaveMe Oh got banned from the sim

Isadora Alaya: Karamaneh )))

Governance5 Linden was flying by and killed the most famous artist of Secondlife that night.

Minutes later I recieved this:

Dear SaveMe Oh,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account, SaveMe Oh, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards.

Violation: Community Standards: Disturbing the Peace

Every Resident has a right to live their Second Life. Disrupting public welcome areas or scheduled events, the use of repetitive sounds or gestures, deliberate and obstructive prim littering, or intentionally slowing server performance using resource intensive scripts or lights are examples of Disturbing the Peace.


Linden Lab

Don’t You Dare To Claim My Stalkers Are Your Stalkers

Why should a Fluxus Dadaist like Eupalinos Ugajin not make us all dress up like kittens when he heard SaveMe Oh hates animals? (And it was carnival, wasn’t it) and why should he not ask Noizz Papp to redo all his desert music into cat sounds? As it’s just one touch on a synthesizer keyboard to make it Meooowww. And why should he not have a private party for all his mutual cat lovers from facebook and SL to exchange some deep insights on the modern art world?

Iono Allen: hello everybody

Haveit Neox: hi Iono

CapCat Ragu: Hi Iono

Laurence Burnstein: hello iono

Popcorn Erebus (procyon7): hi

Ziki Questi: hi Iono

Eupalinos Ugajin: some anims in the microphone if you wish to pratice some gym

Misprint (misprint.thursday): hi all:)

Quan Lavender: Hi Misprint

Laurence Burnstein: hi misprint

Haveit Neox: hi :))

Sina Souza (sinalein): sport is murderous

Scottius (scottius.polke): misprint hallloo

Bryn Oh: hi iono and misprint

Scottius (scottius.polke): and iono!

Misprint (misprint.thursday) pokes iono

Haveit Neox: Hi Bryn :))

Scottius (scottius.polke) pokes everybody

Haveit Neox: hey Scottius

Bryn Oh: hey haveit

Iono Allen: hehe Mis

Scottius (scottius.polke): haveit!

Rad Hand: Whale calls

Simotron Aquila: hello Iono

Iono Allen: hello Simo !

Kikas Babenco: hi Iono

Simotron Aquila:

Haveit Neox: Nice to see you

Iono Allen: Hey Kikas!

Ziki Questi: hi livio

Simotron Aquila: hi Livio

Piedra Lubitsch: hellooo

Eupalinos Ugajin: hello Piedra

Iono Allen: hi Piedra

Iono Allen: Lunata!

Simotron Aquila: hi Piedra :))

Lunata Lunasea: Iono, bon soir AGAIN….

Motita (moti.moody): Hi Piedra `-´

Piedra Lubitsch: :))

Iono Allen: ah !  I didn’t see…

Thirza Ember:  hello all

Eupalinos Ugajin: More food for the cat!

Eupalinos Ugajin: hello

Iono Allen: hey Thirza!

Simotron Aquila: hellooo

Kikas Babenco: hello Thirza

Thirza Ember: hey you guys!!!

And just when Quan Lavender was running back to her house to change her cat outfit for something more sexy I was throwing the 7th day of my rez week party on an empty piece of land, next door to her house when she start screaming on her facebook page!


Behind the mountains in the back is the land of Quan 

Quan Lavender: Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist! (With Thirza Ember, Scottius Polke, Fuschia Nightfire, Snowbody Cortes, and others)

Fuschia Nightfire: We were stalking SaveMe Oh

Snowbody Cortes:  It’s a “Land for sale” , at least that my viewer say !

Cat Shilova: It was NOT at your home, Quan. Btw, I did not even know it was NEAR your place…

Thirza Ember: Removing the photo that clearly shows we were not stalking you… classy.

Duna Gant: O:O ….

Of course his Royal highness the Duke of Arado had to give his reaction immediately now he has chosen the side of the oppressed dictatorships:

The Duke of Arado: So now you are leading a pack of stalkers? It’s getting nicer all the time… I’ll just make a suggestion: you and your accomplices should consult a criminal lawyer in RL and be informed about the possible consequences of your behavior. Just saying. “Cyberstalking and cyberharassment are lumped together along with any way adults use digital technology to torment, harass, intentionally annoy or set their victims up for attacks by unwitting third parties (like hate groups and violent individuals).”

Now these are all heavy accusations and allegations so before the lawyers march in here some other options:

Quan could keep her Cat suit on and jumped in the party and said: Happy Rez day SaveMe Oh. And danced the night away as so much other friends of her were there and did the same.

Quan could have invited the Duke of Arado too as he has lately a big interest in Germany and because he is known as a great contribution to every party. As he really can do more than gets himself in a cat suit and say meoww.

Quan could have run to the home of SaveMe Oh in Two Fish and throw there a contra party at the same time.

Quan even could have unbanned SaveMe and invited her and all her other friends at her home to continue the party there.

And if you all hate SaveMe Oh still so much, why you don’t make her upcoming performance in LEA completely impossible? That will teach her!

Some ideas: Exploding Adolf Hitler particles with loud meowing cat rezzers, An army of marching giant horsedicks or sim covering sign saying REPULGANT COWARD. Just an idea. Of course there is also the other option of participation. It’s all a matter of choice.

Dear Diary

My friends and I couldn’t believe it when the rezdayparty that was organised for me was cancelled at the last moment in MadPee Land because they thought it was more important to do a charity, to feed some poor kids in Africa a month, instead of celebrating my 7th rezday. The only one who was happy was my daddy, dear diary, because now he didn’t had to organise anything for me and he could waste his time on chasing the half woman Claudia666 Jewel or feed his own smiles with his fat groupies.


All alone, dear diary, I had to spend my rezday and none of my friends came by to bring me a present or make a nice punch for me and I had no other option than cry myself to sleep. Only the fact that last year I got a shipload of Kleenex for my rezday brought me through the darkest night of my young life.


But the next morning, dear diary, I took a firm decision; ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’. I decided to force my rezday upon all those ignorant cold hearted cruel people who don’t know what it means to express some gratitude. And to make them feel ashamed for once and for all, dear diary, I called it a REZ WEEK, instead of rezday. Now that will teach them.




On the first day of my rezweek, dear diary I went to Moya land where some children from other classes had put some drawing s on a wall and called it an exhibition. Of course nobody took any attention on this stuff on the wall as I began immediately to set up my rez day party surroundings and rez day party interiors and in a blink of an eye everybody was happy and dancing. Now was Moya with his silly sheep never a big fan of me as I am, as my dear sister Bryn, also in the sheep business, but he behaved as a gentleman and pretend to be not aware, hiding behind his “I not do speke inglish” masquerade. And as a nice uncle he shot a party movie. The only problem he had was to find the stop button so he filmed a lot of rubbish before he found me. You better start to watch only at 6.08

On the second day of my rezweek, dear diary, I headed to the gallery of Aneli Abeyante where again somebody did something on a wall but nobody was paying any attention as I opened up my party kit. Dear Aneli was in a state where her quantity of alveolar ventilation of carbon dioxide exceeds her body’s production of carbon dioxide but she survived. And it was incredible sweet of her to have two winners of the French Idols Competition singing for me, exclusive for my rez week. Unfortunately, dear diary I forgot their names, but next year we will have new idols so who cares?



On the third day of my rezweek, dear diary, my friends Cat Shilova, Snowbody Cortes, Thirza Ember, Josef K., Fuschia Nightfire, among others were surprised when I took over the Loop Club for some Deep Progressive Wearing and Deep Tech Attaching. They even got more thrilled when my sweet sister SaveMe Olihenge showed up giving Ampel an experience that he didn’t had since 1959.




All night we were also waiting for the participation of my dear friends the Duke of Arado and his dear wife without whom last year’s parties were no parties but they were too much involved with voluntary work in the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, so they couldn’t make it.

Snapshot_176 (2)

On the fourth day of my rezweek, dear diary, I tried to restore the equilibrium of some Italians but they only gave me 5 minutes which is far too less to restore an equilibrium for Italians, so we headed for the space base of Shindra where they also had some problems with their Yin and Yang in cyberspace so we all ended up in the deep sea of some far away planet. Luckily we brought some singing leek from Mother Earth so the party continued in the cosy surroundings of the Nighthawks cafe and things went really wild when Kandinsky Beaumont and Cat Shilova start to make fun of Quan Lavender in a hot choreography of sticks and leek. Some even mentioned they heard the sound of tingling ovaries, but that is very strange, that deep under water.

Snapshot_184 (2)

Snapshot_177 (2)


On the fifth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we fooled the entire crew of MadPee Land by throwing a huge party there without feeding any smile at all, we eat everything ourselves! And we refuse to auction Kiana Writer, Thirza Ember, Fuschia Nightfire or Snowbody Cortes as we are rich enough.

Snapshot_176 (3)

Snapshot_183 (2)


On the sixth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we were waiting for the opening of the Museum of Heroic Woman of which we are sure we will be part off as soon we have grown up. But when I want to contribute to the festivities a strange man IM-ed me:


AlucardMaxwell: Leave the poofs and things off, ty. So tell me why you did what you did

SaveMe Oh: Celebrating my rez week.

AlucardMaxwell: Ok but you don’t have to be rude and have poofs and hit people with a bat.

SaveMe Oh: Your butler was extremely rude to one of my friends

AlucardMaxwell: Yes and I talk to them all.

SaveMe Oh: And we offered you the best party ever but you choose to sit alone in your silly castle.

AlucardMaxwell: So you came here to just disrupt everything? You know it is not nice to come to things like this and do what you did. That is why I did what I did!

SaveMe Oh: You banned heroic woman, shame on you!!!! MAN!


Dear Diary, in a desperate state of shock I did not know what to do anymore to continue with my Rez Week. There was one option but that was so disgusting, so filthy and so bad for my health as I am highly allergic and anti-fur and anti-animal…but I had no other option and went with all my friends to the furry fair to continue the party. I have to say we were well received but nevertheless I took out my largest constructions to make sure the most little and creepy furries were covered completely.




The biggest surprise of whole week I got, dear diary, when a mystery guest appeared. But he doesn’t fool me. There was the huge and gorgeous body of Igor Ballyhoo. He escaped from the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, just to bring me a kiss for my rez week. How sweet is that?


On the seventh day of my rezweek, dear diary, I rest and saw it was good.


I try to rest, dear diary but my friends begged and begged and begged. Now tonight I was not in the mood anymore to jump in somewhere so I found me a nice quiet empty piece of land next door to Quan Lavender in Malibu and not soon after my dear friends fall out of the sky to be with me, my dear brother Lemonodo, Cherry Manga, Claudia Jewel, Pixels Sideways, Scottius Polke, Iono Allen and the gang who was with me all week. Of course I also asked dear Quan to come over but she was too busy undressing from her Cat suit she had on earlier that night for the Cat Carnival in LEA 20. Only late at night we made maybe a little bit too much noise, but I really told all my friends: “we have to stop at midnight when my rez week s over”.





Fuschia Nightfire: Quan just posted on FB: “Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist!”

Thirza Ember: This is someone’s house? It looks like a field. Where are the horses

SaveMe Oh: Horses coming

Thirza Ember: She sent to me also

Fuschia Nightfire: Is that supposed to make us go?

Thirza Ember: She is a true journalist. She reaches out to the public. I could learn a lot

SaveMe Oh: I can’t read it, she blocked me on FB

Thirza Ember: Now you know how Marma feels when I say something clever. Except… not really.

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh blimey, I was thinking about going to bed, now I feel I have to stay longer

Cat Shilova: Equestrian art!!


Snow: It’s a snapshot with the list of avatars here, obviously friends in bold

SaveMe Oh: Cat is not her friend? What happened?

Cat Shilova: Just noticed a blank in my friendlist

SaveMe Oh: It happens sometimes

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this actually Quan’s land?

Thirza Ember: No, look at the address

Fuschia Nightfire: That is what I thought

Thirza Ember: This is up for rent

Cat Shilova: So we are listed

Fuschia Nightfire: So she can’t really say we are stalking her at her home

SaveMe Oh: This is free land. One day I was kicked out to here and I loved the grass.

Snow: Yep fuschia, we are stallking and stop

Cat Shilova: Are we doomed?


The Same As Ever With Every Second A Surprise

Just one week before it was too late (the closing of her LEA sim) I could drag my dear friend (friend: a person who never ever ban you or active collaborate with the enemy) Fuschia Nightfire out of her pool of uninspired lethargy in which she could come up with nothing else than what before her Eupalinos Ugajin and Gracie Kendal already did too; cleaning out their inventories. Before it was too late I donate her quick some work out of my inventory to make it some kind of coherent exhibition and after I said immediately yes when she asked me if I could not clean out my inventory on her rezday in a somewhat more exiting fashion.

But first I took care of Fuschia herself and turned her into me to get her in the right feel.

Fuschia is Saved by SaveMe Oh Fuschia Nightfire transformed in SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: gorgeous, what a natural beauty

Fuschia Nightfire: I know! Now I just need to learn how to be a proper artist

SaveMe Oh: Start with saying exactly what you think. And you are done. Easy, isn’t it?

Fuschia Nightfire: It’s really that easy?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. Trust me. After it’s only some skills to wrap the message.


With a new energy you would not believe if you had not witnessed it Fuschia began arranging, preparing and organising the party and after she found a great party stream the event could start.

Snapshot_180 And after I called up all the visitors to wish her a happy rezday after been reborn I started cleaning out my inventory for almost five hours in a mind dazzling spacetrip to enlightenment. And after that Fuschia and I could say to each other: We saved LEA again without them realising.


So to all losers who will start in February again with their sad prim glueing activities, SaveMe Oh and SaveMe Oh will come to upgrade you too.











I Demand The Presence Of SaveMe Oh

Last week I met poor Fuschia Nightfire in a state of deep despair. Just as Gracie Kendal and Eupalinos Ugajin she was struggling with a heavy primblock. You make on paper a great plan, you are granted a LEA sim but after you have not a clue what to do with all those prims.

Luckily Fuschia is not the kind of ego-maniac like Gracie or Eupalinos so she has not any problem at all to accept some help from old friends.


I helped her out with some nice SaveMe Oh collector’s items and you saw the girl on the spot turning from pale to Fuschia. But the joy only lasted some hours, in no time I had all my stuff returned and found myself banned from every LEA sim. Fuschia couldn’t believe what was happening; she looked the LEA contract up and couldn’t find what problem had occurred.

These were the rules they had given her:

LEA rules state:

The full sim will start January 1… 15000 prim…the sim will be “sold” to you for one month free…  you may buy it under a group so you can have collaborators if you choose… the works you put on the sim do not have to be new… they can be old favourites, new builds you didn’t have a place to show… huge pieces~ the choice is yours. The biggest thing is~ USE it. No pressure…just have fun with it. Just a few things to mention~ can’t sell art from the sim may have lm/notecard givers to your business where you do sell art may have music events there if you like

4.tip jars are ok

5.the sim must remain open to the public

6.sims are moderate

So apparently she and I had not broken any rule. Owner of this sim was Jayjay Zifanwe so Fuschia asked him what the problem was.


Please could you give clarification as to why SaveMe Oh got banned from my sim and her work was returned to her. I was under the impression that I was allowed to do anything I wanted to within this sim during the month that I had it and I was working on collaboration with this artist. I understand that she had been banned from many of the other LEA sims, but the work we were doing in my sim did not go against any of the LEA rules as far as I can tell and we are now unable to continue with our work together as she cannot enter the sim. I only have the sim for another few days, until the end of the month and would please like to have SaveMe allowed to enter for the remaining duration.


As always Jayjay Zifanwe played again the saint who has no clue;

Jayjay Zifanwe: I don’t know why you were banned but I think Fuschia wants you there. I’ll unban you.

SaveMe Oh: Thanks a lot, somebody banned me from the region and all the stuff Fuschia asked me to rez was send back

But then the real shocking question I had to ask him, which led to a great silence at his side:

SaveMe Oh: Now Fuschia told me that your committee in its endless wisdom decided to ban me always on LEA sims unless an artist demand my presence. Is this true? Since when? And decided by whom? And can I receive a written confirmation of that if that is the truth?


So before it is too late, better see the exclusive work of SaveMe Oh Fuschia Nightfire has collected and celebrate her rezday on 31 January at 1 PM SLT in her LEA 22 sim.