Homework From My Therapist

My new therapist Stem van Helsing send me these questions to establish what kind of artist I am. I hope that he can point out in what group I belong as sometimes I feel as if I am alone on the world.


1. Imagine you are a musician. What you most enjoy about it?

I imagine I play the flute and I realised I hate the sound so much that I first was thinking to stick it in Quan Lavender as she seems to like items with the size of a flute but after I realised that my new therapist might say that would be part of a next hate speech of me so I think I would get a metal saw and divide the flute in little metal rings to make a design floor out of it.

2. If you could choose, which of the following would you prefer to be? A sculptor, a dancer, a poet or a singer?

A dancer of course as that is the only way to make huge attachments move in a virtual space in interaction with other performers from all over the world. A sculptor in SL is a prim gluer of dead things, a poet needs lip-sync and a singing avatar has still to be invented although I have a singing leek in my inventory.

3. Of the different phases of creating something, your favourite is?

Stem van Helsing: Your relationship with the materials you use?

SaveMe Oh: Since when pixels are a material?

Stem van Helsing: Finally showing your work to the world?

SaveMe Oh: Finally? When I was born and shit for the first time I already showed my work to the world!

Stem van Helsing: Discovering what the work you have created can tell you about yourself?

SaveMe Oh: As my fucking new therapist I hope I can expect you answer that bullshit questions yourself!

Stem van Helsing: Making your ideas come to life?

SaveMe Oh: If you keep standing in my way my idea may become your death. Oops, sorry, that is maybe a tiny little death threat. I need more therapy.

4. To be creative, the most important thing is to?

Stem van Helsing: Feel a basic need to be creative?

SaveMe Oh: I feel a basic need to strangle idiots who use the word creative! Josina is creative, Merlina is creative, Betty is creative, I am an artist!

Stem van Helsing: Dare to look inside your own soul?

SaveMe Oh: Phone the devil and ask if you can investigate my soul for scientific purposes.

Stem van Helsing: Love your art?

SaveMe Oh: The ones who think love has to do something with art I would advise a sky dancing therapy with Medora Chevalier, after that you will hate love so much that your mind will be clean.

Stem van Helsing: Want to give pleasure to others?

SaveMe Oh: You don’t give pleasure to others, you force art upon them as long as it takes to make them say: “Thank you SaveMe, it was a pleasure”.

5. Which of the following do you think creativity has most to do with?

Stem van Helsing: Bringing ideas together?

SaveMe Oh: Creative people come with a tsunami of ideas, big shit for the real artist is that they are all so incredible boring, pretentious or so Dada Fluxus that even the teapot has forgotten why the Campbell Tomato soup was flushed away in the Duchamp Urinoir before the hippo could paint her lips with it.

Stem van Helsing: Relationships?

SaveMe Oh: I once had a relationship with Georg Janick, Jayjay Zifanwe, Josina Burgess, Igor Ballyhoo, Flora Nordenskiold, Quan Lavender and Marmaduke Arado but they all turned out to be heavy roadblocks for art.

Stem van Helsing: Intimacy?

SaveMe Oh: Virtual fucking in a virtual world is as dumb as having walls, kitchens, roofs or bedrooms. You ever ordered a virtual pizza, and did it taste good?

Stem van Helsing: Natural instincts?

SaveMe Oh: My natural instinct tells me to be on the right place on the right moment.

6. One of your works has just been presented to the public, but it hasn’t been well-received.

Stem van Helsing: You don’t mind. It doesn’t belong to you anymore?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t mind???? Are you crazy? Of course I mind. I will not rest a second until all the suckers who say they don’t like it invite me to present them the work.

Stem van Helsing: You obviously didn’t communicate what you meant very well.

SaveMe Oh: I will visit them with my baseball bat and do some extra effort in the communication spectrum.

Stem van Helsing: They just don’t understand it.

SaveMe Oh: Of course they don’t understand it. That is the definition of an audience. An audience is stupid. They need time to understand it.

Stem van Helsing: You think it’s a shame they aren’t able to enjoy it the way you did?

SaveMe Oh: It’s a fucking shame that those pretentious snobs as simowners, curators and wannabe artists don’t enjoy it because the liberation of art in virtual worlds could already be years behind us.

7. You think you would enjoy:

Stem van Helsing: Destroying your work by burning it?

SaveMe Oh: I only ritual burn myself every year so the witch hunters don’t have all the trouble.

Stem van Helsing: Talking about your art to others at a conference?

SaveMe Oh: On a conference, on my blog, during boring openings of others, always I will talk about my art until everybody gets the idea.

Stem van Helsing: Spending months rehearsing?

SaveMe Oh: When art is your natural way of being you don’t have to rehearse because everything you do is automatically art.

Stem van Helsing: Writing your autobiography.

SaveMe Oh: All kind of art historians are busy with that; we only have to wait who is the quickest. So there is absolutely no need I do it myself.

8. Which quotes about art you like best?

‘The great advantage about quoting myself is that I never have to listen to the shit of others.’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘The party is where I am’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘To be able to think outside the box it doesn’t hurt to lock yourself up inside a box once in a while’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘Plagiarism is necessary, progress implies it. Copy it, but correct it. Ideas can improve. Erase the false idea within the work, and insert the correction.’ (SaveMe Oh)

I hope this is enough for my therapist to get the full picture!

Side Effects Of Banning SaveMe Oh To Watch For

Banning is strong medicine. As with any strong medicine, potentially harmful side effects may occur. SaveMe Oh is more susceptible than others to side effects.

Some side effects to watch for:

Lying, sneaking, deceit, blaming others. SaveMe Oh might eventually learn to avoid getting caught.

Lack of responsibility. Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess sometimes try to teach SaveMe Oh to be responsible for her behavior by serving the ban. Being responsible for your behavior means making things right, not serving a ban.

Don’t trust sim and gallery owners. When SaveMe Oh is not sure she did the right thing, she will normally come to sim and gallery owners for advice, unless she fear she will be banned.

See authority figures as adversaries. Banning tends to make adversaries of authority figures. SaveMe does not readily learn healthy values from adversaries.

Lack of empathy, remorse, or guilt. Banning does not teach SaveMe Oh empathy, which is necessary for remorse and guilt. Moreover, it tends to relieve guilt.

Resentment and anger. SaveMe Oh often feel hurt and misunderstood when she has been banned and become resentful and angry.

Retaliation and aggression. SaveMe Oh learns by watching us. When we ban, she sometimes learn to hurt others when she feels hurt in some way.

Rebellion. Traditional banning involves power and control. SaveMe Oh tends to rebel against power and attempts to control her.

Emotional problems. When SaveMe Oh gets angry and misbehaves, she sometimes believes that she is being banned for being angry rather than for misbehaving. When SaveMe Oh believes that being angry is wrong, she feels that she deserves to be banned. Then her misbehavior does not feel wrong.

Poor self-image. SaveMe Oh tend to see herself through the eyes of others.  Knowing that Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess think she deserves to be banned can be very damaging.

Loss of confidence and motivation. SaveMe Oh who is banned sometimes feels she can’t do anything right and don’t try.

Impulsive behavior.

When sim and gallery owners teach SaveMe Oh to behave to avoid banning, SaveMe Oh sometimes believes that the only reason to behave is to avoid banning. SaveMe loses sight of other reasons to behave well, such as the approval of her future wife Rose Borchovski, having minions and acolytes who like and trust her, being safe and healthy, or getting an education. In situations where SaveMe Oh cannot get caught or banned, she has only her impulses to guide her.

These are the very behaviors presented by SaveMe Oh. Why would we resort to a strategy that may make her behavior worse? It is not necessary to ban her for every time she misbehaves, and it is rarely necessary to ban her at all. It is often necessary to teach SaveMe Oh. Better use strategies to teach SaveMe Oh about feelings, values, and responsibility.

Red Tomato Has Bald Ass

As I am still banned at the Caerleon Sims (cowards disguised as artists) I had to send my sister SaveMe Ohare in to meet once more with the politburo leader Georg Janick, today dressed up as an tomato.


SaveMe OHare: he georg, when are you going to unban me here?

Georg Janick: you are unbanned – how else would you be here?

SaveMe OHare: im with my alt, clever guy

SaveMe OHare: I always have to change avi because you are so lazy

Georg Janick: so how you been SM?

SaveMe OHare: I survived

Georg Janick: I heard you were being banned

SaveMe OHare: my sister was

SaveMe OHare: not me

Georg Janick: oh I see

Georg Janick: I mean ejected from sl

SaveMe OHare: no, that was a rumour my sister spread herself

SaveMe OHare: you know her, always searching for attention

Georg Janick: I want you to know that I was approached to help with that

Georg Janick: But I refused

Georg Janick: so I want a reward

SaveMe OHare: will a kiss do?

Georg Janick: for a start

SaveMe OHare: did you shave?

Georg Janick: where?

SaveMe OHare: where you want the kiss?

Georg Janick: haha

Georg Janick: I will think about that one

SaveMe OHare: dont say your ass please

Georg Janick: never

Georg Janick: besides my ass is bald

Sabrinaa Nightfire: interesting conversation

Georg Janick: haha

Georg Janick: very intelligent interchange

SaveMe OHare: maybe you can make a colourful artwork about it.


Preventive Censorship (SL Guantanamo opens soon)

Bryn Oh: SaveMe please dont interrupt my talk this time

You: my lips are sealed

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani: I was just thinking that

Georg Janick: Saveme you are still muted for me

Georg Janick: so I won’t be interacting

Bryn Oh: Blah, blah, blah

Sabrinaa Nightfire: Blah, blah, blah

Davidm Haefeli: Blah, blah, blah

JuanManuel Maximus: Blah, blah, blah

Gary Kohime: Blah, blah, blah

Glyph Graves: Blah, blah, blah

Misprint Thursday: Blah, blah, blah

Oberon Onmura: Blah, blah, blah

Nonnatus Korhonen: Blah, blah, blah

Pixels Sideways: Blah, blah, blah

SaveMe Oh: wat een onzin

Feathers Boa: you all sound super intellectual

Alizarin Goldflake: Blah, blah, blah

Fran Benoir: Blah, blah, blah

SaveMe Oh: they block me out too, how you call that?

Feathers Boa: put me in a tank of water and immerse me

SaveMe Oh: let the sunshine, let the sunshine, the sunshine in

solar Cale: yeah

solar’s translator: yeah

Xlator: yeah

Xlator: yeah

SaveMe Oh: hare krishnam krishna krishna hare rama hare hare

Jackson Drechsler: Blah, blah, blah

Artistide Despres: Blah, blah, blah

Feathers Boa looks at saveme’s hover title

SaveMe Oh: do it Feathers

Four Yip: Blah, blah, blah

Gina Glimmer: Blah, blah

Oberon Onmura: thanks Bryn – good discussion!

Fran Benoir: yrs thank you

Alizarin Goldflake: excellent, Bryn

Gary Kohime: thanks.. Bryn…as always..you rock the world.. :)….

Feathers Boa: yeah i totally worship you bryn

Feathers Boa: saveme oh is griefing us

Bryn Oh: yes she is annoying

Alizarin Goldflake: oh bother

Glyph Graves: yep thats exactly what it is

Bryn Oh: always does that

Feathers Boa: its “art” when she does lame ass shit

Alizarin Goldflake: i guess it is time to save her

Georg Janick: she is a child

Solkide Auer: save me stop please

Bryn Oh: lol

Georg Janick: a spoiled brat

Alizarin Goldflake: save her back to inventory bryn 🙂

Georg Janick: wanting attention

Bryn Oh: was to be expected

Bryn Oh: lol

Feathers Boa: gross

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani: She’s dull

Feathers Boa: she is such a total ass

Gluis Clawtooth: wth

Georg Janick: ohh

Georg Janick: she is so advanced

Georg Janick: so avant garde

Bryn Oh: just a sec

Georg Janick: I’m so impressed

Glyph Graves: hehe

Alizarin Goldflake: ignore her folks

Feathers Boa: how nice piles of doo-doo

Alizarin Goldflake: or ban her

Feathers Boa: classy

Georg Janick: dump her Bryn

Glyph Graves: is get worried about my avatar

Georg Janick: ban her ass

Bryn Oh: i did

Feathers Boa: please stop her

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani: Glyph: hah

Feathers Boa: its gross

Bryn Oh: i guess she is outside doing something

Feathers Boa: yuck!

Gluis Clawtooth: can u return the grief thing

Georg Janick: such a moron

Bryn Oh: i dont see an object on the land

Sabrinaa Nightfire: look over the water

Georg Janick: this time we complain to LL, she should have at least that avatar banned from SL

Feathers Boa: i hate this BS

Feathers Boa: why does she feel the need to be like this?

Georg Janick: It’s juvenile

Feathers Boa: attention geek

Bryn Oh: ah yes i did that juan

Georg Janick: psychologically about 3 years old

Bryn Oh: its not an object on my land

Bryn Oh: she is outside the boundary i think

Gluis Clawtooth: it appears to be offland

Georg Janick: Ohhh

Fran Benoir: is it just outside?

Bryn Oh: and using a megaprim

Georg Janick: look art my pooh

JuanManuel Maximus: oh …

Alizarin Goldflake: i found an angel in a cave looking for it :))

Georg Janick: I’m a smart girl

Bryn Oh: she is so edgy

Glyph Graves: yep never mind athe discusion what about me

Georg Janick: I am so clever

JuanManuel Maximus: well, we are all kind of immerse o a pile of poo ^^

Feathers Boa: well sorry bryn

Bryn Oh: lol

Georg Janick: what an annoying idiot

Georg Janick: Bryn

Feathers Boa: i have to go this is making me sick

Georg Janick: that was an amazing talk

Feathers Boa: bleh

Sarah Braess: Try muteing it.

Georg Janick: just amazing

Georg Janick: and the discussion

Solkide Auer: finished??

Gluis Clawtooth: cant mute things u cant click


Why not call in the help of the Linden? Teagan Linden is TP-ed over.


Tezcatlipoca Bisiani: Hey Teagan

Georg Janick: thanks so much for this

Bryn Oh: ah a Linden, ah pixels can you tell teagan that

SaveMe Oh is Offline

Bryn Oh: and i think that will start at then end of feb

Gluis Clawtooth: ou can open the local chat through your communicate window so u can see what has been said

Bryn Oh: Is that her? God how rewarding can it possibly be to bother people? Anyway sorry about saveme

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani: At least if it were interesting…. but it’s not…. I mean… zombies or something

Bryn Oh: but was a good example of how we can be distracted 🙂

Bryn Oh: to break immersion

Feathers Boa: i was not distracted i have razor sharp focus

Gluis Clawtooth: lol

Bryn Oh: lol

Fran Benoir: moi aussi

Bryn Oh: so did the linden catch her tez?

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani: That was the idea

Alizarin Goldflake: the most disappointing thing is to be ignored

Feathers Boa: Teagan Linden was here, I saw her

marnie Reinard: Thank you Bryn

Feathers Boa: Then saveme was gone

Lephty Lewsey: I was more distracted by the compaints

Tezcatlipoca Bisiani shouts: UKY: Please come to the not so secret preview event tonight, or the official opening tmro night, both 6pSLT. I want to crash the sim with Bryn admirers. But not SaveMe, because she’s annoying.

Georg Janick: spanking feathers Bad girl

Feathers Boa: lol

Save Me Gary Zabel!

Human rights in SecondLife, but some are still banned and denied a voice. Will Georg Janick save me and give me access to Caerleon for the Human Rights festival? I guess not. He just removed me from his facebook, after I reviewed him, just as he had asked. Sometimes I don’t know what I have to do. They ask me something and after don’t want an answer. Strange world.

Daddy’s Cueing Up

Older men always try to make me grown up in SL. They allow me to play around a little, smile when I behave like a fool, applaud when I do a crazy performance, but after some weeks there comes the correcting finger. My father Cupido Oh could’n t stop trying to talk me out of my nude pictures. Would be daddy Dagger1 Dagger loved me in his bed, but with his guests in his poledance brothel I should behave and don’t open my mouth. And Henry125 Petrov tried to turn me into a model citizen in a place where the purpose was to experiment. And now the great self acclaimed Deity of artists island Caerleon, Georg Janick. Who allows me to build what I want, who understands that the greatest horror for the avant garde is to be loved by the elite (btw, im not avant garde at all, but mainstream like everybody in SL), now suddenly tries to correct my language in an effort to be my newest daddy.

Here is the conversation we had:


Georg Janick: You have to be nicer to me

Georg Janick: I’ve given you space, 400 prims, a venue for your performance art

Georg Janick: and I don’t appreciate being called a “slime”

SaveMe Oh: and you think im not nice to you?

Georg Janick: You are incredibly rude

Georg Janick: and not just to me

Georg Janick: there is a difference between being avant garde

Georg Janick: and being an asshole

SaveMe Oh: did you get touched by something?

Georg Janick: Just by your treatment

SaveMe Oh: and when was that?

Georg Janick: When you were with Feathers

SaveMe Oh: because i change between my nice and bad moods

Georg Janick: She is a friend of mine yu know

SaveMe Oh: that rude girl you send to me?

Georg Janick: but I guess you wouldn’t know

SaveMe Oh: i only try to keep up with her

Georg Janick: Look

Georg Janick: you are welcome on the island

Georg Janick: and you are welcome to do Beckett

Georg Janick: But I just want you to know that people have feelings

SaveMe Oh: then dont send me a girl like her who tries to be rougher then me, and appareantly after goes crying out on your shoulder

Georg Janick: More rudeness

SaveMe Oh: i only adapted to her

SaveMe Oh: was a pleasure

SaveMe Oh: a training in rudeness

Georg Janick: You’re a big girl

Georg Janick: You have your own style

Georg Janick: and I’ve seen it more than once

SaveMe Oh: so accept that style

Georg Janick: No

Georg Janick: I don’t

SaveMe Oh: seems i find another american daddy

Georg Janick: That’s up to you

SaveMe Oh: i am what i am , i say what i want to say, i accept that also from others, and i never forget this is a game

Georg Janick: These are people

Georg Janick: not a game

Georg Janick: people

SaveMe Oh: people make and say things to get a reaction

SaveMe Oh: with that reaction we go further

Georg Janick: Not if they are genuine

Georg Janick: That’s what little kids do

SaveMe Oh: i always am put away in that corner when it gets difficult

SaveMe Oh: and its funny it always comes from americans

Georg Janick: maybe people are trying to tell you something

Georg Janick: and by the way

Georg Janick: It’s coming from Marnie too

Georg Janick: also Dutch

SaveMe Oh: she reacted stupid, thats something different

SaveMe Oh: but that you couldn’t read

SaveMe Oh: because she did it in dutch

Georg Janick: yes everyone is stupid butt you

SaveMe Oh: me too, im not god

SaveMe Oh: never pretend to be

Georg Janick: You don’t have to be god to be civil

Georg Janick: You just have ti be a decent person

SaveMe Oh: sometimes we speak serious, sometimes we joke, try to see the difference

SaveMe Oh: and try to feel there is never a meaning to hurt, just teasing to tickle

Georg Janick: Well you do not come across that way

SaveMe Oh: worsed thing in SL that can happen to you is falling asleep from boredom

Georg Janick: You haven’t been around then

SaveMe Oh: and you also gave this speech to Feathers?

SaveMe Oh: because in my view we spoke the same

Georg Janick: I read the transcript

Georg Janick: and I didn’t see that

Georg Janick: But as I say

Georg Janick: You are still welcome

Georg Janick: What you do

Georg Janick: is totally up to you

SaveMe Oh: i hope so

SaveMe Oh: when its not up to me it starts to be spooky

SaveMe Oh: i only hope you kick me out when i’m a conservative, a racist or a fundamentalist, for the rest it should be ok

Georg Janick: No one is kicking you out

SaveMe Oh: i know

SaveMe Oh: and i will not run, am just a little surprised by your words

SaveMe Oh: didnt expected it from you

Georg Janick: Well you don’t know me very well

Georg Janick: We will get to know one another

SaveMe Oh: my concept of SaveMe is a dramaqueen, and as i am in the theatrebusiness i will always take care of enough storylines with good drama

SaveMe Oh: the part of today is very good

Georg Janick: that will keep you from any genuine human contact

Georg Janick: If that’s what you want fine

Georg Janick: But don’t expect others to want the same

SaveMe Oh: its not what i want, but you have to see the difference between a serious convesation and a big gossip joke, and it looks you dont see it. DO you laugh enough?

Georg Janick: Well I’ve said what I wanted to

Georg Janick: Take it easy now

SaveMe Oh: you too

SaveMe Oh: dont get an heartattack, would be a big waste

Georg Janick: My heart is very strong

SaveMe Oh: im happy

SaveMe Oh: you have stil a lot for us to do

Georg Janick: haha

Georg Janick: I’m laughing again

SaveMe Oh: and i will beat Feathers up for you

Georg Janick: Leave her

Georg Janick: she is a sweetheart

Georg Janick: and she will be very nice to you

SaveMe Oh: next time i will tell you what she says about you

SaveMe Oh: haha

SaveMe Oh: can i put this conversation in my weblog, btw?

Georg Janick: sure

SaveMe Oh: normally i dont ask, but i try to be nicer then i really am

Georg Janick: keep doing that

SaveMe Oh: yes daddy

Georg Janick: somebody needs to parent you

SaveMe Oh: join the club of fathers, you all should make a group

SaveMe Oh: i have some names for you

Georg Janick: Oh you’ve made your own

SaveMe Oh: thats for my sisters and brothers

Georg Janick: But he doesn’t challenge you

Georg Janick: so there are no arguments

SaveMe Oh: my father is a lazy guy

Georg Janick: I know

SaveMe Oh: so better you make a group of fathers who still see a bright future for me

Georg Janick: Well that is still undecided

SaveMe Oh: who think there is still something to do about

SaveMe Oh: and who knows, maybe i will be married soon and have a nice kid, and some responsebilty

SaveMe Oh: things can always change

Georg Janick: Stay single and childless

Georg Janick: Just don’t be an asshole

SaveMe Oh: Georg, dont use that rude word please