MakeHuman Software

Betty Tureaud: The end is soon coming for my landgrand in the HEA project, so i will make a little party with my favorite music. Come and have a little fun

Jadeyu Fhang: i can’ttttttttttt i spin todayyyy

SaveMe Oh: i can’ttttttttttt im banned todayyyy

Betty Tureaud: hope to see some friends here πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: I am your friend Betty, but from your side it never shows and Tansee prefers to be the old Solo Mornington adept

Tansee: Love you SaveMe!

Willem Koba: I never get real love from you all

SaveMe Oh: You are just a copy bot

Tansee: Oh I would love you willem πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Do you kiss your dictator and owner Hann(ibal) also like that Tansee?

Tansee: Only you SaveMe

Roxy Gellar: Why on earth would you include SaveMe Oh in a conference call?

Aruba DeCuir: I cant come tonight

SaveMe Oh: Aruba and Roxy in one chat OMG, the losers army is on the loose. Betty, did you steal the chess from Cherry Manga btw?

Betty Tureaud: no lol

SaveMe Oh: Or is it a homage? To copy it?

Aruba DeCuir: As mean as always – when do you get tired of insulting people?

Betty Tureaud: lol its total homemade but thanks fore the compliment

Aruba DeCuir: Or maybe just grow up?

SaveMe Oh: I never insult Betty, she is my friend. With no artistic qualities, but anyway…Home-made in Blender? Did Willem borrow you the dolls? He always does my supply

Willem Koba: nooo lol

SaveMe Oh: When I want a doll I call Willem

Aruba DeCuir: Dutch drama

SaveMe Oh: He is a great copycat and we Dutch love cheap

Willem Koba: yes the best there is πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it Willem? How much dolls you sold to Betty? Or are these secondhand Cherry dolls?

Betty Tureaud: No i made them in Makehuman software, pretty easy to do, try yourself

SaveMe Oh: MakeHuman software….hahaha, now I know how Adam and Eve were made. I dont try myself, I just order Willem to deliver them

Willem Koba: Lazy

SaveMe Oh: And the I glue them together, 1 min work, Should I arrange openings after every minute I glue something together?

Willem Koba: lol 4 dj at the same time

SaveMe Oh: Willem, do you have Tansee and Mandel Solano dolls? I need them for a Valentines project and forget the DJ’s, they just put the start button on their Spotify

Willem Koba: lol noo im with your friends linden bizzy now SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: To close Sansar? Or you mean my Linden friends?

Willem Koba:yes haha

SaveMe Oh: I told Ebbe to hurry up

Willem Koba: I think i can clean up the Amsterdam sims so i have time for your puppets

SaveMe Oh: I will help you, is Fredje still in the secret protection program?

Willem Koba: yep

SaveMe Oh: So we better not tell she is hiding with Kake Broek? I would love to help you clean up Amsterdam. We could put Rotterdam there.

Willem Koba: yes if fredje answer me

SaveMe Oh: I will tell Kake to let her make one phone call

Willem Koba: yes do that πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: He must untie the ropes first.


SaveMe Oh: Have you already unbanned me?

Tansee: That…. my dear sweet friend is between you and Hann! What did you do?

SaveMe Oh: Try to visit a Ultralight concert?

Tansee: You make me so mad sometimes,,,,,β™₯β™₯β™₯ try talking to him,,,,

SaveMe Oh: You make me so mad sometimes…you give the impression to be a free woman and in no time you are someones slave again, disturbing. And being a slave with some privileges is more important to you than being free and love your friends.

Tansee: hmmmmm interesting

SaveMe Oh: I agree, the weakness of the human specie always keep on surprising me

Tansee: Are we breaking up again?

SaveMe Oh: I never break up, on my side of the deal I never behave different or chance the rules while playing.

SaveMe Oh: Tell the HEA idiots to unban me

Thoth Jantzen: i plan to…

SaveMe Oh: good

Thoth Jantzen: At least for my show, anyway…i don’t have a lot of control over them, but you know i don’t agree with that bullshit.

SaveMe Oh: When I would know you agree with that bullshit you better hide so do your best

Thoth Jantzen: i always do what i can. you know that. i’ve helped unban you at a few places before. and what HEA did last time was disappointing, to be polite about it.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, extremly disappointing, I had high hopes but when you call a place HEA, we should have known better

Thoth Jantzen:Yeah. I’ve been unfriended by more than a few people because i’ve defended you, so…even if can’t always change things, i do try.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe more will unfriend you soon

Thoth Jantzen: Maybe.

SaveMe Oh: thats the price of love

Thoth Jantzen: i do hope if i DO get you unbanned, you give them reason to see I’m right.

SaveMe Oh: Thats a silly statement

Thoth Jantzen: figured as much as soon as i hit enter…

SaveMe Oh: as if I have to give reasons to anybody. Unconditional is the word!

To Right The Wrong

It only took them some months to copy the same mistakes as the old LEA. The open hive of HEA is already shut down for SaveMe Oh if Ultralight wants to play there. Forgotten is the support for the artworld SaveMe gave and back are the old restrictions.

Roxy Gellar must be the happiest person on the grid tonight. Some days ago she asked me the following:

Roxy Gellar: So the Question is, Ultra is performing at Hannington this weekend, are you banned?

SaveMe Oh: The Hannington people are not your kind of dictatorial style. Be like them and open the world to every one. You still have time to become a good person.

Roxy was right. I was wrong!

SaveMe Oh: Do you know why I am banned?

Hannington Xeltentat: Oh hello SaveMe. Yes, there is a concert on by Ultraviolet, and she won’t play if you are here. I’ll lift it as soon as it is over. Nothing personal.

SaveMe Oh: Do you approve that she is able to exclude me? Secondlife give her derender tools when she dont want to see me.

Hannington Xeltentat: I’m a bit busy now for in depth discussion, but basically, old chap, it is my house, and like your RL house or my RL house, you are welcome here any time, and I mean that, except when I am doing something else.

SaveMe Oh: And when I do a performance in your house and on a certain day I dont want Tansee there, will you ban her?

Hannington Xeltentat: I consider each individual case on its merits.

SaveMe Oh: And will you kill someone when a friend asks you to?

Hannington Xeltentat: Different question, irrelevent here

SaveMe Oh: Did you consider to ask Ultralight to play in her own house if she wanted an exclusive party?

Hannington Xeltentat: No, because it’s my house, and I have her play in my house.. This is a private sim, and you are welcome any time, as I said. Except that I am doing something else tonight.

SaveMe Oh: Is Ultralight an old friend of you?

Hannington Xeltentat: I have no friends in SL, old or new. I judge each case on its merits

SaveMe Oh: And what merits you found in this “case”?

Hannington Xeltentat: I am letting Ultraviolet play her concert. It’s very good.

SaveMe Oh: And how many people were on her requested banlist? Only me?

Hannington Xeltentat: Not her banlist, mine. You can’t be trusted.not to disrupt things. You only have yourself to blame

SaveMe Oh: And when Trump would ask you to ban a Mexican. Hitler ask you to ban a jew or the KKK ask you to ban an african?

Hannington Xeltentat: Not an applicable simile, at all, and an insult by you to all the oppressed minorities. Unworthy of you

SaveMe Oh: You think oppressed minorities have to stay polite against their opressors?

SaveMe Oh: Do they have to humble accept the verdict?

Hannington Xeltentat: You know the answer to that one, but in this case you are not an oppressed minority. You are the one, on occasion, oppressing. And no, I do not humbly accept your verdict. This is SL, and reference to to Hitler et al is overindulgent and offensive. You should be better than that.

SaveMe Oh: I am much better than that, thats why you should be the one who should do better. You should refuse to ban people at any time.

Hannington Xeltentat: I should do what I wish to do, no more, no less. And I do. No-one dictates anything to me. That, in essence, is true anarchy.

SaveMe Oh: Tansee and Ultralight dictated to you. You obey. It has nothing to do with your own will.

Hannington Xeltentat: I obey only myself, SaveMe. I make decisions based on each case, considered carefully.. And they are my decisions, for my reasons. I do not answer to anyone, and there is no need for me to. Buy your own island, then you can do that too.

SaveMe Oh: I will never buy an island to sit there as a judge who is welcome and who has to stay out. I prefer to trust people.

Hannington Xeltentat: I trust the people I trust, and I don’t trust the people I don’t trust. I have my island as my space, and I give a little bit of it to people who want to do something productive and creative. no more, no less.. And as I said, you are welcome any time, unless I am doing something else.

SaveMe Oh: It’s difficult to try to make something wrong look like right, isn’t it?

From Green To Yellow

Tansee whispers: Hi SaveMe Oh, do you know Marcel?

Marcel Mosswood: Hello SaveMe πŸ™‚ nice to meet you

Tansee whispers: stop nibbling my neck

Hannington Xeltentat: Hello there SaveMe

Tansee whispers: I know you love me πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Love is what I am born for

Tansee whispers: hopefully we will be arranging a show for SaveMe Oh soon

SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to arrange….I am the show!

Hannington Xeltentat whispers: Why are you whispering?

Tansee whispers: Not sure

SaveMe Oh: She is nervous, then she starts to whisper. She is afraid she will appear on my blog and starts to choose her words carefully.

Hannington Xeltentat whispers: I see γ‹‘

Tansee whispers: I was counting on it SaveMe. It is your fault.

Hannington Xeltentat: Nice outfit SaveMe. Very cute γ‹‘

Tansee: Let me fix my neck for the pictures please

Marcel Mosswood: I’m your fan SaveMe Oh! One of my dream is have an interview with you, do you mind if I interview you for the SL Newser?

SaveMe Oh: I would love it. I cant get enough attention

Marcel Mosswood: Great! I’ll contact you later

Tansee: SaveMe I am feeling a bit warm and cozy here πŸ™‚ I hope you buy me dinner later πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: You look like you are already stuffed enough

Tansee: lets go up and Play πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Without audience? No!

Hannington Xeltentat: I will be your audience SaveMe. Only one eye tho γ‹‘

SaveMe Oh: Don’t tell her I hide in you

Hannington Xeltentat: Should I smile for a pic or just look serious?

SaveMe Oh: I wont take a pic as nobody knows you

Hannington Xeltentat: Good point. Enigmacy is my main virtue

SaveMe Oh: As soon as you are as famous as me we can do a photoshoot

Hannington Xeltentat: Deal! When i am famous I shall have to buy another eye

SaveMe Oh: We can take one from Tansee, she doesnt need both

Hannington Xeltentat: Wrong color

SaveMe Oh: Bowie is dead, so grab your chances

Hannington Xeltentat: Somewhat past their use-by date I feel

SaveMe Oh: Tansees eye?

Hannington Xeltentat: Bowie’s

Hannington Xeltentat: Anyway, I wore my eye patch specially for you

SaveMe Oh: For the land of the blind?

Hannington Xeltentat: Actually, it’s an affectation. I see perfectly well. It goes with my alternate persona as leader of the Thrash Metal band, The Midwives of Chaos. Great bunch of guys

SaveMe Oh: 2 eyes is handy sometimes

Hannington Xeltentat: It’s why I keep one good one covered up, I don’t like to wear it out. We are getting a lot of you tonight. On several levels. I am honored

SaveMe Oh: There is not a less of me.

Hannington Xeltentat: No movie?

SaveMe Oh: Ok, movies!

Hannington Xeltentat: Great! I love movies

SaveMe Oh: They are short, so your eye wont get irritated

Hannington Xeltentat: ‘S OK. Very considerate of you. This is really very convivial, SaveMe. Almost domestic, sitting here watching telly.

SaveMe Oh: But we are being watched

Tansee: Come join me. Bring Hannington up here with you. Stop flirting!

SaveMe Oh: He wants my lovebaby

Tansee: What about me!!!! what about my feelings???????

SaveMe Oh: You have Mandel Solano

Tansee: What about us??????????

SaveMe Oh: I first want to see the divorce papers

Thoth.jantzen: Are you trying to scare someone? πŸ˜‰

SaveMe Oh: No, he wants to see movies with one eye.

Thoth.jantzen: fun selection πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Hope he will not be offended by all the eyes.

Thoth.jantzen: I imagine that that’s not exactly a big worry of yours. πŸ˜‰

SaveMe Oh: Now you sound just as jealous as Tansee.

Thoth.jantzen: Me? Jealous? So Tansee is jealous? of what? hehe

SaveMe Oh: She uses a lot of green.

Thoth.jantzen: Hmm, I noticed a lot of yellow. πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: She goes from green to yellow.

A One Time Offer To Ultralight

Hannington Xeltentat: SaveMe! welcome γ‹‘

SaveMe Oh: Thank you. Hi Ultra, how are you

Ultralight Alter: Ok thanks, and you

SaveMe Oh: You know me, I am the sunshine in the house

Ultralight Alter: Sunshine can make colours fade

SaveMe Oh: The white light is lovely too

Ultralight Alter: It is

SaveMe Oh: Ultra, I came up with a great idea, I know you always want to prevent me from being close to you…

Ultralight Alter: What would that be

SaveMe Oh: So I set up a performance room on top of here

Tansee whispers: ahem, ahem

SaveMe Oh: so you can choose to perform downstairs without me bothering you. You can also choose to perform upstairs were I might bother you. Free choice.

Tansee: I think it can be a good compromise for us all

SaveMe Oh: For you, for me, for the audience. I am not the enemy but if you want to see me like that its up to you. And the advice of derender can always be given to everybody. Its just like a tv, you switch to the channel you like

Tansee: I think it is a good way to work together,,, as that is the theme here at the hive. And you know my mantra,,,,”play nice”

SaveMe Oh: And derender hippie talk is also an option!

Tansee: Save me SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Always

Tansee: Why dont you go up and test

SaveMe Oh: we tested yesterday honey, it works

Tansee: So Hann knows what we are talking about and Ultra, ok, then you all have to trust me on this.

Ultralight Alter: I am sure SaveMe is part of Extinction Rebellion

Tansee: I think it is a great comprimise

SaveMe Oh: I am

Ultralight Alter: of course

SaveMe Oh: I suggested all methods to them, btw, this swan is not a real one, before you start to send a complaint

Tansee: Are we all ok with this collaboration of sorts ?

SaveMe Oh: To make this work I have a one time offer, when Ultra don’t want me here the first time I wont come. Its up to her, so Ultra, you decide

Ultralight Alter: You do what you want SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: But you may also join me upstairs

Tansee: I would like Ultra down here, that was the plan

SaveMe Oh: yes, but everybody is free insn’t it?

Tansee: If she wants to, everyone is free

SaveMe Oh: I even might leave with Hann

Hannington Xeltentat: γ‹‘

Tansee: Flirt!

SaveMe Oh: Jealous?

Hannington Xeltentat: I hardly said a word γ‹‘

Tansee: lol

SaveMe Oh: you don’t have to say a word honey

Tansee: I like it when you say Honey here in the hive

SaveMe Oh: Honeybee, how is that?

She Was Really The One That Had The Beehive Idea

Tansee: I did NOT do it!

Hannington Xeltentat: Wot??

SaveMe Oh: I did it, duh

Tansee: Do you know each other?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, very well

Tansee: From Past or is it a new meeting?

SaveMe Oh: Once we were lovers

Hannington Xeltentat: Never met until a few minutes ago. We’ev been having a lovely chat

Tansee: πŸ™‚ I only listen to Hann

Hannington Xeltentat: Your piece reflects well on the enterprise, I feel

SaveMe Oh: You may call him Hann already?

Hannington Xeltentat: Everyone calls me Hann

Tansee: Absolutley!

Hannington Xeltentat: Xeltentat is too difficult to type

Tansee: Hahaha yes,,,and I am a lazy typer. SM works for me

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you need me and I only need one word and call me SaveMe, not SM

Hannington Xeltentat: SO. SM can have other connotations, So I’m told

Tansee: She was really the one that had the beehive idea

Hannington Xeltentat: Aha! Nice idea

SaveMe Oh: And I am happy you liked my idea


Now for something completely different!!! (With Bryn, Lorin, Cica, Betty, Moya and Thotz) (All young unknown new talent)

Tansee: I wanted to tell you that I am following through with the beehive aspect that we talked about. I do not want you to hear it from anyone but me

SaveMe Oh: Shoot

Tansee: I found some land that is being donated using it for a central hub type area where you can get direct TP’s to Art locations in SL. Still setting it up. There are 6 hive cell hubs that will offer grants curated only by me πŸ™‚ Doing the best i can

The New Cica

SaveMe Oh: good news for the artists

Tansee: There are many places doing the same thing

SaveMe Oh: Yes, walls, and stuff on walls

Tansee: But I think I am the only one connecting all of SL. I was thinking about your artist Hive,,, maybe once things get going,,,it could be a good feature. One work of art in each cube.

We (the owner of the land,,, Hannington Xeltentat) offer 1000 prim for each grant. 1, 3 or 6 months

That is it so far,,,, but again,,, you know I have always thought of you as a friend and wanted you to know.

SaveMe Oh: Its great news

Tansee: Thanks, we will see how it unfolds. Could be a big bomb, maybe not, but I am willing to try.

Good to know you are not banned from this place πŸ˜€

SaveMe Oh: And is the place privat owned or donate by LL?

Tansee: Private. LL blew me off I am afraid. Back when I was trying to change LEA I put out a message ,,, if anyone knew of a benefactor that might donate some land. Hannington was the only person that responded,,,

SaveMe Oh: Great someone answered the call

Tansee: I did not know him so I took my time to try to get to know him,,, and he really is devoted to the Arts in RL and in SL

SaveMe Oh: Lets hope he also don’t know me……

Tansee: that will not matter SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: (is he handsome)?

Tansee: This is a fresh project. He is older.

SaveMe Oh: Older than you???? omg

Tansee: I think I am much much older but,,, in my defense I do not wear Depends πŸ™‚

Tansee: I will introduce you, we seem to have the same ideas and coordinate things well together,,, however this is all my idea,,,I just want his ok since he owns the land

SaveMe Oh: sounds all good

Tansee: He helps me word things eloquently. We will open Dec. 1, have an opening reception. Ultra will play music. Do you get along with her?

SaveMe Oh: Ultra hates me, Bryn hates me, Cica hates me and Moya hates me. Thotz and you love me

The new Moya

Tansee: well,,,,

SaveMe Oh: And Betty cant be taken serious. Ultra will refuse to play when I am here.

The new Betty

Tansee: I am all for playing nice together,,,,you should know that by now. I will be happy to feature your builds here.

SaveMe Oh: I always play nice

Tansee: πŸ™‚ Fresh starts here,,,,

SaveMe Oh: Only the nice is not always loved

Hannington Xeltentat: Hello there. Nice avi.

SaveMe Oh: Glad you can see that with one eye

Hannington Xeltentat: Oh yes. The other one’s still good. It was a unicorn. Lucky there was only one of them.

.SaveMe Oh: Don’t think I am not working now!

.Hannington Xeltentat: Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. A still and quiet avi is always a sign of much going on.

SaveMe Oh: I guess that was the reason why I was called

Hannington Xeltentat: I don’t know. I only provide the space

SaveMe Oh: I only provide the art

Hannington Xeltentat: Excellent