I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman


“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

Igor Ballyhoo’s face looked as innocent as one of his mesh baby’s but it couldn’t calm his adoptive mother Constrictor Solo down.

“You think I believe that?” she yelled, “A few days ago I re-opend the UTSA sim and the first thing I read are two blog posts about your contact with that woman.”

“Four years I have hidden you on UTSA grounds when you came as a refugee from Europe, trying to escape that woman and the first thing you do is run back to her for a one night stand”.

Igor didn’t dare to look his adoptive mother in the eyes, nervous he was cutting scissor after scissor out of white paper.

“And stop with cutting those fucking scissors, they are too avant-garde, I don’t want them. You continue to assemblage the Susa mesh heads Rose gave you and glue them together with Bryn’s cogwheels. I want the UTSA sim full with those moving Susa heads as Bryn already dropped the dead rabbits all over the place.”Or you want me to replace you with Mistero Hifeng? You think you are the only one who can glue mesh baby heads together?”

“Daddy liked my scissors” Igor replied with a thin voice.

Constrictor Solo exploded; “Shut the fuck up, you moron.” Daddy Solo Mornington already is busy for years to seal off the northern part of our protectorate. LEA is almost SaveMe free; here in southern UTSA we haven’t seen a glimpse of her anymore because our tactics to disguise you in woman clothes was finally successful. Why couldn’t you just be Rebeca Bashly for a little while longer? But no, you had to blow up your muscles and run back as a beaten doggie to that woman to explore her with your cigar.”

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, Igor’s voice was not more than a sighing whisper.

“At last Solo and I have all so called artists in our pocket, paid Uncle Jayjay off so he would stop with UWA  and then you with your horny actions put everything on quicksand again.” Furiously Constrictor Solo was spitting out the words when she noticed her feet where getting wet, she was standing in a dirty pool of yellow water. “What shit is this?”

Igor pointed up in a tree “gravity is a mistake.” A shiny white urinoir was hanging upside down on a low hanging branch.

“I guess Eupalinos Ugaijn’s morning urine is dripping on you, he didn’t solve all gravity issues yet” Igor said with a cautious smile. But the smile vanished in the blink of an eye when Constrictor Solo smacked him in his face and his cigar flew with a shallow curve right in the face of one of Bryn’s dead rabbits.

My One Night Stand With Igor

Igor Ballyhoo: I like your animated scissors.

SaveMe Oh: Of course, I could perform this inside your forest of scissors, but you let all your bosses ban me.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t, you can go to LEA 7? Rose Borchovski is boss there.

SaveMe Oh: Sigh, you are all so stupid, so easy for the dictatorships. They give you a parcel and you are all happy.

Igor Ballyhoo: I just don’t care enough.

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I have to care.

Igor Ballyhoo: Good for you.

SaveMe Oh: Because idiots like you don’t. You are happy with just a tube of glue. Good for you.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t come here for you to call me names. Do it again and I will mute you again.

SaveMe Oh: You can leave again.

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok

Igor and Me 2_002

SaveMe Oh: Its more easy to obey the dictatorships I assume.

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t obey anything.

SaveMe Oh: No ass-licker will admit it.

Igor Ballyhoo: So you wanted to be muted? Ok, have it your way.

SaveMe Oh: I am banned anywhere where you are a slave, so doesnt matter much. But if I see you online I will TP you to real events.

Will The Earth End If I Am Wrong, Igor Ballyhoo?

Igor Ballyhoo: Are you busy

SaveMe Oh: For you I let everything fall out of my hands and run to you.


Igor Ballyhoo: Good. I was curious about something. What motivates you for troling in SL? How and why a person decide that is what makes them amused? Did you do it elsewhere before SL?

SaveMe Oh: It’s difficult to answer that question as I don’t feel at all I am trolling. So we have already a problem here.

Igor Ballyhoo: You obviously spend enormous amounth of energy on it so there must be some logic in it I guess but ok how would you like to rephrase that term?

SaveMe Oh: I spend an enormous amounth of energy in creating and saving secondlife and that amuses me enormous. When it wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t be in SL. It hurt my feelings and makes me sad people call it trolling as I consider myself the only real artwork inside Secondlife. You glue some babyheads together and are done for months, I have to be creative every day. Don’t see whats trolling about that.

Igor Ballyhoo: Well when I say trolling, I mean insulting everyone and everything, hijacking their projects and u know what I mean actually, you know well deffinition of trolling but that is not what I wanted to discuss, I was curious about why such nihilistic approach? Is there nothing that you find interesting in sl to support? I guess what I am trying to say is, way to shape some group or opinion is stick and carot, just stick or just carrot porved ineffective, don;t u think?

SaveMe Oh: Virtual reality was not invented to be a copy of real life, with the same rules, ego-driven caracters or ownership based events. I want to take the freedom to do whatever I like in my screen, knowing that everybody is able to derender me in their screen when they dont like it. By doing so I show which mechanism are still holding back complete freedom. I dont understand for example why you participate in events you know I am banned, like the UTSA. I hate you for being a collaborator of dictatorships. Why can’t you just derender me if you dont like to see me?

Igor Ballyhoo: I mostly agree that there is no need that VR become copy of reality, it has much more potential but don’t you think that people need some transition time to get used to new dimension of thinking, after all, you do have human form here?

SaveMe Oh: I gave the people already 9 years of transition time, on a certain moment that must be enough. So I am afraid I become more radical every day concerning this. I have no more patience with idiots.

Igor Ballyhoo: I organise and participate in events and spaces like UTSA and other galleries because it is what can inspire people to work further and creation (even way of thinking about creation ) is process not final state. Idiots can grow.

SaveMe Oh: I do exactly the same, only I dont create borders around it. I am not afraid for any kind of contribution or disturbance, actually I hope for it as in my believe thats the true future of virtual worlds. Not your primglueing on a forbidden sim.

Igor Ballyhoo: OK, lets say you do the same thing, why not making more independent projects then, it seams to me that all your works are depending on others that you despise so much?

SaveMe Oh: My main work is performing wherever I can, primglueing I left behind me long ago.

Igor Ballyhoo: What is difference between using prims or using users?

SaveMe Oh: I shape an experience, you and your kind create dead stuff. And the dead stuff is so much better in RL.

Igor Ballyhoo: World is constantly changing, virtual reality together with it and noone knows where it will end and in what form. You did get my curiosity.

SaveMe Oh: My work all the time generates curiosity, I think thats why it is called art.

Igor Ballyhoo: I am curious what is that attitude you are driven by

SaveMe Oh: The attitude is freedom to create and fight the ones who want to prevent that.

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you feel SL would be better without places like UTSA, Berg and other sims?

SaveMe Oh: The places should be there without the idiots who rule them.

Igor Ballyhoo: Don’t you think that just becomes giant sandboxes then, something like LEA

SaveMe Oh: Sandboxes are so much better than LEA or UTSA as you see the process and interaction. Only I am banned there so I dont have recent experience.

Igor Ballyhoo: But in sandboxes you get everything unfiltered, doesnt that make cacophony?

SaveMe Oh: The real art-IKEA’s are UTSA and LEA, or UWA. The most horrible places. People should be free to discover what they want. Virtual worlds shouldn’t be musea.

Igor Ballyhoo: What do you get when you mix all color paints in to one.

SaveMe Oh: I dont need you or the idiot curators to tell me what colors I should mix

Igor Ballyhoo: No, of course not.

SaveMe Oh: All those idiots you are working for have hidden agenda’s. They dont want your art, they want to show off their sim for their own benefit

Igor Ballyhoo: But don’t you think people should mix colors as they want and in the end you can like it or spit on it but at least they had chance to show their way of showing their thoughts?

SaveMe Oh: Everybody can show what they want, and every spectator can choose what she want to see.

Igor Ballyhoo: What would be a benefit in your opinion?

SaveMe Oh: A benefit would be that the toilet cleaner of UWA becomes an art curator because he was the first to install SL on his computer.

Igor Ballyhoo: Are you trying to say that I am being used?

SaveMe Oh: Of course you are.

Igor Ballyhoo: For what purpose?

SaveMe Oh: For their own benefit

Igor Ballyhoo: And becoming “art curator” is in your opinion a benefit? Just to be clear again?

SaveMe Oh: When you improve your position in RL by it, yes. When at once you are the expert on VR, yes.

Igor Ballyhoo: I am aware that most gallery owners in SL couldn’t tell Man Ray from Picasso, not that I have much high opinion of them but still I am curious why do you feel so strong about them? Why do you even care?

SaveMe Oh: As those toilet boys and girls decide that I am not welcome.

Igor Ballyhoo: I am sure that is what you are aiming for, why making question out of it, what are you trying to proove?

SaveMe Oh: So nice targets for me. I love to fight them as they are the examples of stupidity who make our world such a disaster.

Igor Ballyhoo: But that is such easy thing to do, where is chalenge there?

SaveMe Oh: I try to proove that the world is run by idiots.

Igor Ballyhoo: lol

SaveMe Oh: Do you agree?

Igor Ballyhoo: Proving well known fact is meaningless? It is like proving that earth is round

SaveMe Oh: Glueing mesh babyheads together is meaningless too, Everybody has a right on their own nothing.

Igor Ballyhoo: What I am trying to say is do you think that would make them change?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Igor Ballyhoo: I agree, I agree that everyone has their own nothing.

SaveMe Oh: The change is that the idiots are locked up together now in small regions

Igor Ballyhoo: Or left sl

SaveMe Oh: Where they can hit eachother in the shoulder how good they are.

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you think that SL is better without Pirates Gallery?

SaveMe Oh: Galleries are ok, Idiots like Newbab or Merlina we can do better without.

Igor Ballyhoo: That was not an answer, fact is that they were that gallery.

SaveMe Oh: I dont mind spaces where people build, I love to interact there.

Igor Ballyhoo: If all the “idiots” leave SL, what do you expect would remain here?

SaveMe Oh: Free space?

Igor Ballyhoo: What’s use of free space if there is noone to see what you do? You can do it then just localy on your HDD.

SaveMe Oh: Thats for the losers in open sim. Here we still can generate large crowds.

Igor Ballyhoo: With aim to chase them off?

SaveMe Oh: I dont chase them off. I save them

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you really believe that?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Igor Ballyhoo: What if you are wrong?

SaveMe Oh: The earth will end?

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok, I was away from SL for 2.5 years for example, do you think SL profited from that

SaveMe Oh: So you see, its still there, I didnt kill it in the mean time.

Igor Ballyhoo: Since I know you concider my works for nothing

SaveMe Oh: Sorry if I have to puke if I see another mesh head with cogwheels moving towards a dead rabbit.

LEA’s Microwave

If you also have some leftover’s that are almost growing funghi, send it over to LEA as they are pleased to warm up your dead, long forgotten stuff. At least my darling Rose is admitting her two fish are dead now.


So if you want to do the same documentary again about Igor Ballyhoo scissors, the nipples of Rose Borchovski’s Susas, the cactus of Maya Paris or be present at the return of the dearly missed Cherry Manga or Aristide Depression, grab your camera and produce the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction. And it will not take long before Eupalinos Ugajin, Jo Ellsmere, Alpha Auer, Mikati Slade and Bryn Oh will also discover some old shit in their fridge that exceeded its expiration date but they love to warm up for you again.


Hurry up before it is too late……..


Mistaken French For Swedish Might Get You Killed

Gypsy Jam: lovely accent ㋡

SaveMe Oh: I dont understand a word. Is it Swedish?

Jaime Poutine: French

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Who is the dictator of duty here that banned me?

JfR Beaumont ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned

Iono Allen: Already! OMG

SaveMe Oh: Who is the dictator here?

Iono Allen: I don’t remember, first time I come since ages. Hmm I don’t know, people I know in this group are offline…sigh… seems that nobody did it… ha!!

SaveMe Oh: Can you ask if it was maybe Duna Gant? Ask in chat please.

Iono Allen: She doesn’t have any right here.

SaveMe Oh: Somebody has.

Iono Allen: Of course.

Iono Allen: Jfr Beaumont said he was sorry, he didn’t know. We asked in chat who did that. Of course nobody answered

SaveMe Oh: They learned that from the Germans. Ich habe es nicht gewust.


In chat Iono asked:

Iono Allen: Why has SaveMeOh been banned from here just now?

Bergfrau  Apfelbaum: I dont know?

Jaynine Scarborough: Why did they ban save me oh???

Rage Darkstone: oops

Iono Allen: she has been ejected… somebody did it…

TheDove Rhode: humans


SaveMe Oh: They always know how to ban but seem completely stupid if they have to unban.


Jaynine Scarborough demand the return of SaveMe Oh

Duna Gant: C’est moi qui a bannie à Saveme. Pas JfR Beaumont. Pour quoi? Je vais te montrer!

Duna Gant: SaveMe Oh: The stupid bitch Duna Gant

Duna Gant: C’est ça qu’elle dit de moi et la seule chose que je fais sur SL est travailler. La seule condition que je demande pour travailler est ne permetre pas une personne que TOUJOURS m’insulte et encore je ne sais pas le pourquoi parce que je n’ai jamais parlé avec elle. Merci beaucoup pour me lire


Igor Ballyhoo and Patrick Moya: “I know nothing, I’m from Barcelona”


JfR Beaumont: Ok i cut down the broadcast on web sorry I am not enough in virtual to admit this sort of terrorism

Rad Hand: Fascinating, can we have a concert now?


Betty Tureaud looks the other way

JfR Beaumont: Ok you want the war you have it.

SaveMe Oh: What is your problem? Dont you know art is about freedom?

JfR Beaumont: You are like terrorist in Paris You win an enemy. And not a small believe me. You are a fucking terrorist. You have win a big enemy you don’t know who I am but be sure I purchase you in the hell. I dont’ share anything with terrorist, i am french some of my friend have been killed by people with your spirit. I am your worst cauchemard. I bring you to the hell with me.

The “Art” World Enjoying A Playback Show

You always think it can’t get any worse. People are already complaining about “artists” who sing along with karaoke tapes but wait till you hear this.

In the Eye Art Gallery from Wan Laryukov they close an exhibition by playing a CD of Portuguese fado singer Mariza and then have 5 dolls online on poseballs pretending they perform live.

Now imagine wannabe artists like my sister Bryn Oh, her alt Cica Ghost, Igor Ballyhoo, Duna Gant, Giovanna Cerise, Mona Byte and the Portugese watercolour hippie community  sitting at tables watching a playback show. But also my musical friends DD and Yadleen had obviously no problem with roleplaying audience in front of a non existing performance. Don’t they have spotify to listen to Mariza?


SaveMe Oh: Now we are looking at a doll pretending to be Mariza, while they play a tape????

Pseudo Mariza: Negro, bairro negro, bairro negro. Onde não há pão, não há sossego

SaveMe Oh: My god, this got every minute more ridiculous

Cladestino Milena: There she is again……

SaveMe Oh: Will Elvis return from dead after this also?

Cladestino Milena: If you dont like it, leave.

Pseudo Mariza: Olha o sol que vai nascendo. Anda ver o mar.

SaveMe Oh: Or no, after we will have the “live”performance of Johan Sebastian Bach, live on his organ

Cladestino Milena: you can play my organ anytime

Pseudo  Mariza: Trago um fado no meu canto, canto a noite, até ser dia

SaveMe Oh: I saw Mariza live, btw and she has much better dance moves. Who has animated her? She looks more like Pinocchio

Pseudo Mariza: Tenho saudades de mim, do meu amor, mais amado. Eu canto um país sem fim, o mar, a terra, o meu fado, meu fado, meu fado, meu fado.

Cladestino Milena: You look ridiculous….. everyday….. and nobody says a thing

SaveMe Oh: And were are the violin players, or were those dolls too expensive?

Pseudo  Mariza: De mim só me falto eu, senhora, da minha vida. Do sonho, digo que é meu, e dou por mim já nascida.

Cladestino Milena: How really stupid you are?

SaveMe Oh: And do we have to tip those animated dolls? For what?

Cladestino Milena: Leave…let others enjoy. Nobody enjoy you huh? Get a third life then.

SaveMe Oh: Can I have a baba de camelo please so I can spit a little bit?

Joaopedro Oh: Dido princess 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Who is the puppeteer? Cavaco Silva?

Wan Laryukov: No comments please. One more comment on the chat and I will ban you.

And here ends another night where the freedom of speech was happily celebrated.

Wan Laryukov ejected and banned you from this land.


My sister Bryn Oh with her own alt Cica Ghost enjoying animated dolls playbacking Portuguese singer Mariza


What is that bitch Dido Haas doing there with my Igor?

Cladestino Milena: realmente deves mesmo andar com falta de caralho pelo cu acima… mas pronto… o sl é pequeno e quando mesnos esperares, la vou estar eu a pagar-te da mesma moeda. Nasceste estupido e com a idade estas pior. Deixa estar, vais morrer cedo. Ja te suicidaste ou ainda ai estas? Um gajo como tu a fazer de mulher? Tem juizo parolo, compra um vibrador e enfia-a pelo cu adentro… isto antes de te suicidares… sempre morres feliz.

SaveMe Oh: Are you the playback doll?
Cladestino Milena: ainda nao te mataste? fonix……

SaveMe Oh: Mariza would be very happy  with such an idiot as her Pinocchio doll
Cladestino Milena: Nao entendo o que dizes? Deves estar com o dildo pelo cu acima ainda. Quando estiveres satisfeito diz.
SaveMe Oh: Instead of playing with dolls maybe you could consider to go to school?
Cladestino Milena: Doi-te o que ? Opa, mete vaselina, isso deve ajudar-te.

Cladestino’s group can do the following exiting events for you:


. CME stands for Concerts & Music & Entertainment. We are a Second Life entertainment company, founded in July 17, 2008.

. The main act is a Tribute Band that performs the theatrical and musical acts of diferent Artists.

. The avatars look, make-up, dress up, and act like the original ones. Original music from the Artists with a live feel attitude.

. We aim to bring the audience an experience similar to a real live concert, delivering a professional entertainment service.

The Vanity Of Sim Owners

They think you, as a poor artist, are all day lying in an abandoned sandbox next to a telephone booth that you have prim glued together from your last Lindens in the hope a merciful simwoner will phone you to drag you out of your misery. That trendsetting sim owner who finally will recognize your talent and will give you a platform and an opportunity


Ring ring, omg, my phone rings; Kate Bergdorf, the alt of Flora Nordenskiold who runs the silly Nordan Art Gallery.

Kate Bergdorf: SaveMe, first let me tell you that I think Serene Footman did well by kicking you out of Furillen. It sounds liked he handled that very well.

I applaud that Serene Footman gave you a platform and an opportunity to show your great immersive art, that is more than any other sim-owner would ever have done. But then he also recognized eventually that the art itself has very little to do with your provocative and destructive behaviour. As I predicted his banning you from Furillen would fuel your quite theatrical thinking process and there would be for sure more drama to come. Reason enough to stay away from you but…………how shall I start………I am desperate. The latest prim glue from Igor Ballyhoo hardly attracted any visitor, and I had to sit with that hairy guy all the time in my sim, knowing he belongs to you but…..please forgive me, how can I start? Eh….I am looking for someone…..

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you never again call me someone….

Kate Bergdorf: Sorry SaveMe, I am looking for you, SaveMe, to show an installation at Berg by Nordan Art for July, August and September 2016, 2000 prims…..no sorry 20.000 prims…..200.000? All the prims you want.

SaveMe Oh: Only a lousy 3 months during summer? When everybody is in holidays?

Kate Bergdorf: A permanent exhibition, SaveMe, forever, till the end of Secondlife? Please?

SaveMe Oh: Do I look like an artwhore like my sister Bryn to you?

Kate Bergdorf: Please SaveMe, I beg you.

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the number of Betty Tureaud? I am sure she will be delighted to fart your sim in all colours of the rainbow.

The Arousing State Of Denial


Igor Ballyhoo: I just spoke to Rebeca, she told me that u seen her few days ago and called her Igor again.

SaveMe Oh: You will know better than me.

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you really think we are one person?

SaveMe Oh: It doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what I decide. And I have decided you two are the same. Dont ask me for proof. I don’t have it.

Igor Ballyhoo: I understand that but I see one problem that is very low. That is denying someones existence.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe it triggers someones existence

Igor Ballyhoo: I think basic right of every person is to be acknowledged as entity

SaveMe Oh: You acknowledge her, so she can already be happy. Or is she longing very much for my recognition?

Igor Ballyhoo: It is not about being happy, we all live in hope we will leave some kind of trace of our existence.

SaveMe Oh: Or should I say your recognition?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t think she gives a fuck.

SaveMe Oh: Than whats your problem when you don’t give a fuck. Sorry, she…

Igor Ballyhoo: But it really seams to me as something beyond wrong.

SaveMe Oh: Igor, when you need an alt in SL, it’s prefectly fine with me. I myself am acused of having hundreds. Now you hear me screaming?

Igor Ballyhoo: I have alt but Rebeca is a person. Beside I would never make a female alt, is not in my nature.

SaveMe Oh: When Rebeca loves to have a Igor Ballyhoo avi or vice versa is fine with me and of course you would never have a female alt, thats why I love you, that strong muscles, your masculin head, I just love it. Shall we date or do you have to play Rebeca tonight?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why did I had any thought that you could understand or care? I admit, I am stupid.

SaveMe Oh: Hey, dont know why you let Rebeca use you as your mailman, when you two are the same it would be more easy she would contact me. So yes you are right and are stupid. But your body is gorgeous.

I recommend a good guide for Rebeca Bashly's work

Did You Miss Him As Much As I Did?


SaveMe Oh: Igor, omg!

Igor Ballyhoo: Hello

SaveMe Oh: Under what stone have you been hiding?

Igor Ballyhoo: Sandbox

SaveMe Oh: Good place to hide. Lots of sand. Did you miss me?

Igor Ballyhoo: Interesting observation. Why would I miss you?

SaveMe Oh: Because you love me deeply?

Igor Ballyhoo: That is a dumb thing to say

SaveMe Oh: The truth is never dumb. Its the truth.

Igor Ballyhoo: That is even a dumber thing to say

SaveMe Oh: Why cant you just say: hello love of my life?

Igor Ballyhoo: This is bullshit, this is not blog post material, try something else? It is worn out. There must be something inteligent we could talk about


SaveMe Oh: Ok, your DocMartins are way too big.

Igor Ballyhoo: I think so too

SaveMe Oh: You need money to buy some new ones? Is that it?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why do I have memory of you being able to have intelligent conversation?

SaveMe Oh: Because you love me so you know.

Igor Ballyhoo: You didn’t see me in years and all you talk about is prim boots

SaveMe Oh: You hide for me all the time and you can’t admit you love me. I’m glad you stopped smoking btw.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t

SaveMe Oh: You want to kill all my high expectations?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t know where did you got those

SaveMe Oh: I am not blind, I know when a man loves me.

Igor Ballyhoo: Something distracted you? You don’t sound concentrated.

SaveMe Oh: When I am with you nothing can distract me.

Igor Ballyhoo: I think I just realized what your work is about

SaveMe Oh: Love?

Igor Ballyhoo: You have a frame loads of walls and things. Your work is kind of a fractal. You are repeating one phrase over and over in different intensities hoping it will become interesting pattern.

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, thats so sweet of you to say.

Igor Ballyhoo: Pattern it is but patterns are just events, they have no meaning. Wait! Cigar!

SaveMe Oh: I wont take pics of you with cigars, we have to think about young people who might start to smoke with such an example.

Igor Ballyhoo: What about them? Great things came from smoking.

SaveMe Oh: I am a rolemodel for them


Igor Ballyhoo: Would you give me copy of this bar?

SaveMe Oh: You want something from somebody who isn’t able to do something?

Igor Ballyhoo: Please be more precise?

SaveMe Oh: Who doesn’t want to be my friend? Who doesn’t dare to say he loves me?


You have offered friendship to Igor Ballyhoo

Igor Ballyhoo is Online


SaveMe Oh: Omg you dare to be my friend. Longer than one minute?

Igor Ballyhoo: I deleted you before just for one reason, you were boring. But everyone deserves second chance. Become boring again and I will delete you again, I don’t have time to be bored


Inventory item offered to Igor Ballyhoo


Igor Ballyhoo: Is that the bar?

SaveMe Oh: You dont know the painting, you barbarian?

Igor Ballyhoo: I do know the painting but I didn’t check what you sent

SaveMe Oh: So thats the title, Nighthawks, not “the bar”.

Igor Ballyhoo: I asked if it is a bar

SaveMe Oh: Sigh

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes for fuck sake, did u send painting or fuckin’ bar…

SaveMe Oh: Wear it dumbo or do I have to spell it out for you in braille language?

Igor Ballyhoo: omfg, I was asking did u send prim bar or img, I just accepted and didn’t look in to inv, that’s why I ask

SaveMe Oh: Wear it

Igor Ballyhoo: Thank you

SaveMe Oh: Jesus, some people are so slow. Turn your AO off

Igor Ballyhoo: Thank you, I just wanted it as a souvenir, no one made a bar with my name before.

SaveMe Oh: Its a collectors item.

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I would agree there

SaveMe Oh: Your fans will get wild.


My Ego Is Huge, Not Just Big


Igor Ballyhoo: Why are you talking around that I never left SL? I wasn’t in SL for about a year and a half.

SaveMe Oh: Tell your jokes to your groupies

Igor Ballyhoo: What ever

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Rebeca

Igor Ballyhoo: Wonder why I bother trying to comunicate with you on civilised level at all

SaveMe Oh: Ok, lets try. You had your stuff up permanent. You had alts

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t have alt

SaveMe Oh: And even when you were away 1 year and a half you are already back more than a year

Igor Ballyhoo: My stuf was trace since I deleted Igor Igor Ballyhoo avatar I didn’t own any of stuff that was left around SL, only owner of my works was LL. But yes, it is about years since I am back, that is true. But I had comunication with just few person here so… is that really back?

SaveMe Oh: So, when you were really away, what is your opinion about the witchhunt that was created against me because they all wept bitter tears about you leaving?

Igor Ballyhoo: Honestly, I left SL behind me and I didn’t look back. Erased account, erased everything connected with it flickr, facebook, all contacts I had, everything

SaveMe Oh: And told Josina and Fiona it was because of me?

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I did left mostly because of you

SaveMe Oh: Poor thing. And now you miss me so much you came back?

Igor Ballyhoo: Got tired of you, you became boring, unoriginal and like gum on sole of my shoe, it was annoying.

SaveMe Oh: But your ego is too big to just start with anohter avi?

Igor Ballyhoo: My ego is huge, not just big

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you realise in the end you exist because of me and not without me

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok, that was just plane dumb statement, I expect bit more of you

SaveMe Oh: I tried to give it a cyber orthodox flavour

Igor Ballyhoo: That was suposed to be insult or something? Not your evening? You must be tired

SaveMe Oh: Is that an insult?

Igor Ballyhoo: No, constatation. If you look better at my words, I even pay you a compliment

SaveMe Oh: By contacting me you already did

Igor Ballyhoo: Said i believe you can do better and made assumption that you are not in top form probably coz ur tired

SaveMe Oh: Even a dumb statement of mine is 1000 times better than licking a LEA ass

Igor Ballyhoo: You are desperately trying to get unbanned there, what is that if not licking their ass?

SaveMe Oh: Actually I am not, as with my army of alts I can go everywhere, but what is exposed there is so sad that I dont bother that much

SaveMe Oh: Its more the system that bothers me

Igor Ballyhoo: THAT we have in common. And I believe that is only common point I share with you

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I deeply hate the suckers that rule there and see with sadness it gets worse and worse as now its ruled by the true leftovers.

Igor Ballyhoo: I would put it bit different. I hate suckers that rule. Any form of government is wrong

SaveMe Oh: Self acclaimed rulers are the worsed segment of these kind of governments

Igor Ballyhoo: When I first time met you, you were still licking everyone in CARP ass

SaveMe Oh: For your memory, they licked my ass and not the other way around

Igor Ballyhoo: What ever, you were intimate

SaveMe Oh: More intimate then you were with Josina? She loved you so much she want to take legal action against me. Were you happy with that?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t know what you are talking about


Hi, Nordan Art and CARP group members,

You may have heard that Igor Ballyhoo deleted his account on July 23, 2011 (you can still find his profile, I think it takes about six months for it to be removed). The reason for this was he could no longer endure the persistent bullying and ongoing harassment by SaveMe Oh. She has been attacking him for the past year or so, part of this has been ongoing on her blog, part of it has been at gallery openings and part of it has been via private IM.

Many of the Art groups, and also Nordan Art and CARP, discussed earlier tonight what could be done about this. We want Igor back and SaveMe to be removed. While there is still some RL business that needs to be affirmed before any action can be taken, letters from art houses and art groups could greatly contribute and also personal letters from creators and art lovers like you. Also we will look into steps that can be taken in RL concerning the blog where she writes her lies and harasses innocent people.

While we realize this is not an easy undertaking, we want to move forward with our plan. SaveMe Oh has terrorized SL long enough and nothing has ever been done about it. We ask you for your support in the form of a Letter of Complaint addressed to Rhett Linden, Director of Experience, Linden Lab. Drop it in his profile. The more people show that the terrorism Saveme Oh is acting out on SL is not longer possible; the more chance there is she will be removed from SL forever.

Thank you.

Flora Nordenskiold

Josina Burgess


Igor Ballyhoo: This is first time I hear about this, as I said, I left and didn’t look back

SaveMe Oh: Luckely for my sake these witchhunters left too. Now dont tell me they also want to come back?

Igor Ballyhoo: I wouldn’t know that

SaveMe Oh: Of course not. You know nothing! Shall we take a pic together for my next blogpost before you start you endless “deep” philosopy’s?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why would I do that?

SaveMe Oh: For me?

Igor Ballyhoo: No

SaveMe Oh: Awful man. After all I did for you

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, shame on me

SaveMe Oh: Can I buy your shape somewhere like I could with Solo Mornington?

Igor Ballyhoo: no

SaveMe Oh: That macho of yours is handmade?

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes

SaveMe Oh: Send it to me then!