Did You Miss Him As Much As I Did?


SaveMe Oh: Igor, omg!

Igor Ballyhoo: Hello

SaveMe Oh: Under what stone have you been hiding?

Igor Ballyhoo: Sandbox

SaveMe Oh: Good place to hide. Lots of sand. Did you miss me?

Igor Ballyhoo: Interesting observation. Why would I miss you?

SaveMe Oh: Because you love me deeply?

Igor Ballyhoo: That is a dumb thing to say

SaveMe Oh: The truth is never dumb. Its the truth.

Igor Ballyhoo: That is even a dumber thing to say

SaveMe Oh: Why cant you just say: hello love of my life?

Igor Ballyhoo: This is bullshit, this is not blog post material, try something else? It is worn out. There must be something inteligent we could talk about


SaveMe Oh: Ok, your DocMartins are way too big.

Igor Ballyhoo: I think so too

SaveMe Oh: You need money to buy some new ones? Is that it?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why do I have memory of you being able to have intelligent conversation?

SaveMe Oh: Because you love me so you know.

Igor Ballyhoo: You didn’t see me in years and all you talk about is prim boots

SaveMe Oh: You hide for me all the time and you can’t admit you love me. I’m glad you stopped smoking btw.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t

SaveMe Oh: You want to kill all my high expectations?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t know where did you got those

SaveMe Oh: I am not blind, I know when a man loves me.

Igor Ballyhoo: Something distracted you? You don’t sound concentrated.

SaveMe Oh: When I am with you nothing can distract me.

Igor Ballyhoo: I think I just realized what your work is about

SaveMe Oh: Love?

Igor Ballyhoo: You have a frame loads of walls and things. Your work is kind of a fractal. You are repeating one phrase over and over in different intensities hoping it will become interesting pattern.

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, thats so sweet of you to say.

Igor Ballyhoo: Pattern it is but patterns are just events, they have no meaning. Wait! Cigar!

SaveMe Oh: I wont take pics of you with cigars, we have to think about young people who might start to smoke with such an example.

Igor Ballyhoo: What about them? Great things came from smoking.

SaveMe Oh: I am a rolemodel for them


Igor Ballyhoo: Would you give me copy of this bar?

SaveMe Oh: You want something from somebody who isn’t able to do something?

Igor Ballyhoo: Please be more precise?

SaveMe Oh: Who doesn’t want to be my friend? Who doesn’t dare to say he loves me?


You have offered friendship to Igor Ballyhoo

Igor Ballyhoo is Online


SaveMe Oh: Omg you dare to be my friend. Longer than one minute?

Igor Ballyhoo: I deleted you before just for one reason, you were boring. But everyone deserves second chance. Become boring again and I will delete you again, I don’t have time to be bored


Inventory item offered to Igor Ballyhoo


Igor Ballyhoo: Is that the bar?

SaveMe Oh: You dont know the painting, you barbarian?

Igor Ballyhoo: I do know the painting but I didn’t check what you sent

SaveMe Oh: So thats the title, Nighthawks, not “the bar”.

Igor Ballyhoo: I asked if it is a bar

SaveMe Oh: Sigh

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes for fuck sake, did u send painting or fuckin’ bar…

SaveMe Oh: Wear it dumbo or do I have to spell it out for you in braille language?

Igor Ballyhoo: omfg, I was asking did u send prim bar or img, I just accepted and didn’t look in to inv, that’s why I ask

SaveMe Oh: Wear it

Igor Ballyhoo: Thank you

SaveMe Oh: Jesus, some people are so slow. Turn your AO off

Igor Ballyhoo: Thank you, I just wanted it as a souvenir, no one made a bar with my name before.

SaveMe Oh: Its a collectors item.

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I would agree there

SaveMe Oh: Your fans will get wild.


My Ego Is Huge, Not Just Big


Igor Ballyhoo: Why are you talking around that I never left SL? I wasn’t in SL for about a year and a half.

SaveMe Oh: Tell your jokes to your groupies

Igor Ballyhoo: What ever

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Rebeca

Igor Ballyhoo: Wonder why I bother trying to comunicate with you on civilised level at all

SaveMe Oh: Ok, lets try. You had your stuff up permanent. You had alts

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t have alt

SaveMe Oh: And even when you were away 1 year and a half you are already back more than a year

Igor Ballyhoo: My stuf was trace since I deleted Igor Igor Ballyhoo avatar I didn’t own any of stuff that was left around SL, only owner of my works was LL. But yes, it is about years since I am back, that is true. But I had comunication with just few person here so… is that really back?

SaveMe Oh: So, when you were really away, what is your opinion about the witchhunt that was created against me because they all wept bitter tears about you leaving?

Igor Ballyhoo: Honestly, I left SL behind me and I didn’t look back. Erased account, erased everything connected with it flickr, facebook, all contacts I had, everything

SaveMe Oh: And told Josina and Fiona it was because of me?

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I did left mostly because of you

SaveMe Oh: Poor thing. And now you miss me so much you came back?

Igor Ballyhoo: Got tired of you, you became boring, unoriginal and like gum on sole of my shoe, it was annoying.

SaveMe Oh: But your ego is too big to just start with anohter avi?

Igor Ballyhoo: My ego is huge, not just big

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you realise in the end you exist because of me and not without me

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok, that was just plane dumb statement, I expect bit more of you

SaveMe Oh: I tried to give it a cyber orthodox flavour

Igor Ballyhoo: That was suposed to be insult or something? Not your evening? You must be tired

SaveMe Oh: Is that an insult?

Igor Ballyhoo: No, constatation. If you look better at my words, I even pay you a compliment

SaveMe Oh: By contacting me you already did

Igor Ballyhoo: Said i believe you can do better and made assumption that you are not in top form probably coz ur tired

SaveMe Oh: Even a dumb statement of mine is 1000 times better than licking a LEA ass

Igor Ballyhoo: You are desperately trying to get unbanned there, what is that if not licking their ass?

SaveMe Oh: Actually I am not, as with my army of alts I can go everywhere, but what is exposed there is so sad that I dont bother that much

SaveMe Oh: Its more the system that bothers me

Igor Ballyhoo: THAT we have in common. And I believe that is only common point I share with you

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I deeply hate the suckers that rule there and see with sadness it gets worse and worse as now its ruled by the true leftovers.

Igor Ballyhoo: I would put it bit different. I hate suckers that rule. Any form of government is wrong

SaveMe Oh: Self acclaimed rulers are the worsed segment of these kind of governments

Igor Ballyhoo: When I first time met you, you were still licking everyone in CARP ass

SaveMe Oh: For your memory, they licked my ass and not the other way around

Igor Ballyhoo: What ever, you were intimate

SaveMe Oh: More intimate then you were with Josina? She loved you so much she want to take legal action against me. Were you happy with that?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t know what you are talking about


Hi, Nordan Art and CARP group members,

You may have heard that Igor Ballyhoo deleted his account on July 23, 2011 (you can still find his profile, I think it takes about six months for it to be removed). The reason for this was he could no longer endure the persistent bullying and ongoing harassment by SaveMe Oh. She has been attacking him for the past year or so, part of this has been ongoing on her blog, part of it has been at gallery openings and part of it has been via private IM.

Many of the Art groups, and also Nordan Art and CARP, discussed earlier tonight what could be done about this. We want Igor back and SaveMe to be removed. While there is still some RL business that needs to be affirmed before any action can be taken, letters from art houses and art groups could greatly contribute and also personal letters from creators and art lovers like you. Also we will look into steps that can be taken in RL concerning the blog where she writes her lies and harasses innocent people.

While we realize this is not an easy undertaking, we want to move forward with our plan. SaveMe Oh has terrorized SL long enough and nothing has ever been done about it. We ask you for your support in the form of a Letter of Complaint addressed to Rhett Linden, Director of Experience, Linden Lab. Drop it in his profile. The more people show that the terrorism Saveme Oh is acting out on SL is not longer possible; the more chance there is she will be removed from SL forever.

Thank you.

Flora Nordenskiold

Josina Burgess


Igor Ballyhoo: This is first time I hear about this, as I said, I left and didn’t look back

SaveMe Oh: Luckely for my sake these witchhunters left too. Now dont tell me they also want to come back?

Igor Ballyhoo: I wouldn’t know that

SaveMe Oh: Of course not. You know nothing! Shall we take a pic together for my next blogpost before you start you endless “deep” philosopy’s?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why would I do that?

SaveMe Oh: For me?

Igor Ballyhoo: No

SaveMe Oh: Awful man. After all I did for you

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, shame on me

SaveMe Oh: Can I buy your shape somewhere like I could with Solo Mornington?

Igor Ballyhoo: no

SaveMe Oh: That macho of yours is handmade?

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes

SaveMe Oh: Send it to me then!


Broken Hearts Finally Smashed To Pieces

Majorie Fargis: Hi

SaveMe Oh:  Hi Majorie

Majorie Fargis: I have a question. Is Igor Ballyhoo back in SL?

SaveMe Oh:  Yes, he was never away.


Majorie Fargis: Well now I hate him and I can take off his pic from my profile. It is there from 2009. I think it’s time to renew

SaveMe Oh:  Haha, yes

Majorie Fargis: ggggggrrrrrrrrr. Please tell him it is better if he stay very far away from me.

SaveMe Oh:  He is only interested in Igor, don’t worry.

Majorie Fargis: You’re right. I’m too romantic. I believe in friendship. It is a virtual feeling

SaveMe Oh:  I do too, that’s why I expose pompous ego pricks

Majorie Fargis: I wrote a novel about us. No one knows he was that virtual artist

SaveMe Oh:  I hope he did not set you up with a love baby

Majorie Fargis: No but he gave me a virtual brain

SaveMe Oh:  Impossible

Majorie Fargis: I believe he was away and it is very hard to know he was not

SaveMe Oh:  Sorry

Majorie Fargis: Don’t matter. I’m stupid

SaveMe Oh:  Yes, in this you are

Majorie Fargis: I know

SaveMe Oh:  Next time prepare yourself

Majorie Fargis: No, I prefer to be stupid. And believe

SaveMe Oh:  Then suffer great

Majorie Fargis: No life is better than one that can see beauty everywhere

SaveMe Oh:  But you don’t have to be a voluntary addict of pain

Majorie Fargis: Sadness is only a word in that life. Happy to know he is online.

Secondlife Is Dying Just When I Resurrected

SaveMe Oh: Thanks for unbanning me, liar

Igor Ballyhoo: I am not liar, I said I will ask and I did

SaveMe Oh: And what was their answer?

Igor Ballyhoo: That they can’t unban anyone from just one LEA sim, they would have to unban you from all LEA sims and that they refuse to do that

SaveMe Oh: And you believe that lie? A smart guy like you?


Igor Ballyhoo: I am surprised how LEA is set, I didn’t know details when I accepted it since I don’t have full control over sim

Igor Ballyhoo: I wouldn’t accept to build a sim where I am not able even to change texture of the ground

SaveMe Oh: They fool you, they fool me

Igor Ballyhoo: you don’t even care and neither do I

SaveMe Oh: I care. I want to see you

Igor Ballyhoo: Sad thing is that art in SL is brought to a level where no one cares any more

SaveMe Oh: They took in a way care of that

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I do believe that LEA had its huge part in destroying SL art scene but I also believe that you had your huge part in it

SaveMe Oh: No, I kept it alive in small pockets of resistance

Igor Ballyhoo: Good for you

SaveMe Oh: And for you

Igor Ballyhoo: All same to me. To have art alive SL would need fresh blood, but no newbies inworld. Just same old ppl. SL is dying.

SaveMe Oh: Great. Finally.

Now, Gods, Stand Up For Bastards!

Artists always react with a certain surprise when I tell them that the LEA dictatorship, lead by Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe, LaPiscean Liberty and Quan Lavender and licked clean every day by Eupalinos Ugajin, keep me and more or less every alt connected to me banned there. The reaction is always the same; “I don’t see you on the banlist” not knowing that the trick of the dictatorship is to do this in secret with the tool of region ban, visible for no one. Even my own dear wife Rose Borchovski seems not aware what the bastards are doing there and meanwhile telling people about the fate of artists during the Stalin years. And friends like Soror Nishi, even when I asked directly, didn’t do much to get me unbanned in LEA 8 for the Russian Avantgarde expo.

And now that Conchita wins the Eurovision song contest with the song Rise Like A Phoenix that stands for diversity and tolerance, who rises up like a phoenix??? The one and only man who make my Conchita wax drip, Igor Ballyhoo.

conchita wax

I wanted to run directly into his arms at his new exhibit in LEA 6 but sharp banlines kept us separated like if we were still on both sides of the iron curtain.

So I send him with a pounding heart an IM while the Duke of Arado called me on facebook already again a fascist smelling blood…


SaveMe Oh: Igor dear, can you make sure Jayjay unbans me in LEA6 so I can visit your exhibition?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t think you are banned here, I don’t think anyone is. List of banned residents is empty

SaveMe Oh: They banned me on all LEA, and only if an artist requests my presence they change that. Pixels and Mimesis and Mac did so in LEA 10, 25 and 21

Igor Ballyhoo: I will request remove of all bans

SaveMe Oh: Thank you

Igor Ballyhoo: Nothing to thank me for, I requested your ban just in cases when it was amusing me, it is nothing personal

SaveMe Oh: I never assumed it was personal; the idiots around you try to make it personal

Igor Ballyhoo: You had your fun from it; I had mine, so…

SaveMe Oh: that’s the reason for being in SL I hope, to have some fun

Igor Ballyhoo: one of reasons, more of side effect

Igor Ballyhoo: biggest reason for me is because I can build even big and complicated things without money and without thinking where to keep them after I make them

SaveMe Oh: We should have married after all

Igor Ballyhoo: I never understood that joke I must admit

SaveMe Oh: It’s not a joke, it’s a storyline

SaveMe Oh: Nothing personal

Igor Ballyhoo: ok, I never understood that storyline

Igor Ballyhoo: then again, I never understood Shakespeare too, find it complete shit

SaveMe Oh: Now there we have a reason we should never marry

Igor Ballyhoo: like the “titanic” of his time or twilight saga or what ever

SaveMe Oh: Now imagine King Lear making that artist statement of yours on a stage: Pure genius!

King Lear: “In whole university of sensations, thoughts, opinions and other kinds of influences created by human since beginning I am more impressed by the energy they spend to convince others that their way is only right one then by ideas that they try to spread. ORTHOS (“right”, “true”, “straight”) + DOXA (“opinion” or “belief”) is always reminding me of question which clock is most accurate in universe? Closest to answer of that would be “the one that doesn’t work since it shows exact time twice a day” and I doubt even that. Our knowledge about existence is so modest that in the spirit of non working clock most accurate answer to question how did everything start would be “HOW THE FUCK WOULD WE KNOW”. And I am quite comfortable with not knowing, it gives me space to accept any possible scenario, “GOD made us”, “GOD doesn’t exist”, “all started with the big bang”, “who said we are actually existing”, “we do exist and in more dimensions then one”… For me, it is all possible and everything is improbable, since – how the fuck would I know? “

Igor Ballyhoo: I can imagine but Shakespeare was too boring to do it

SaveMe Oh: That’s why we have me now to do it

Igor Ballyhoo: btw I absolutely must thank you

SaveMe Oh: I think so too

Igor Ballyhoo: recently I seen some pic of some build with Igor Ballyhoo on it


Igor Ballyhoo: forgot who showed me pic

SaveMe Oh: Even when you don’t want I make you famous

SaveMe Oh: That’s called love

Igor Ballyhoo: and I must say that you are absolutely biggest fan of Igor Ballyhoo that ever existed, I was sure no one would mention B after few years of silence, yet you and group around you kept name alive

SaveMe Oh: That’s why my name is SaveMe

Igor Ballyhoo: might be most fucked up fan club after Charles Mansons and GG allins but still is very dedicated

SaveMe Oh: Better than nothing

Dear Diary

My friends and I couldn’t believe it when the rezdayparty that was organised for me was cancelled at the last moment in MadPee Land because they thought it was more important to do a charity, to feed some poor kids in Africa a month, instead of celebrating my 7th rezday. The only one who was happy was my daddy, dear diary, because now he didn’t had to organise anything for me and he could waste his time on chasing the half woman Claudia666 Jewel or feed his own smiles with his fat groupies.


All alone, dear diary, I had to spend my rezday and none of my friends came by to bring me a present or make a nice punch for me and I had no other option than cry myself to sleep. Only the fact that last year I got a shipload of Kleenex for my rezday brought me through the darkest night of my young life.


But the next morning, dear diary, I took a firm decision; ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’. I decided to force my rezday upon all those ignorant cold hearted cruel people who don’t know what it means to express some gratitude. And to make them feel ashamed for once and for all, dear diary, I called it a REZ WEEK, instead of rezday. Now that will teach them.




On the first day of my rezweek, dear diary I went to Moya land where some children from other classes had put some drawing s on a wall and called it an exhibition. Of course nobody took any attention on this stuff on the wall as I began immediately to set up my rez day party surroundings and rez day party interiors and in a blink of an eye everybody was happy and dancing. Now was Moya with his silly sheep never a big fan of me as I am, as my dear sister Bryn, also in the sheep business, but he behaved as a gentleman and pretend to be not aware, hiding behind his “I not do speke inglish” masquerade. And as a nice uncle he shot a party movie. The only problem he had was to find the stop button so he filmed a lot of rubbish before he found me. You better start to watch only at 6.08

On the second day of my rezweek, dear diary, I headed to the gallery of Aneli Abeyante where again somebody did something on a wall but nobody was paying any attention as I opened up my party kit. Dear Aneli was in a state where her quantity of alveolar ventilation of carbon dioxide exceeds her body’s production of carbon dioxide but she survived. And it was incredible sweet of her to have two winners of the French Idols Competition singing for me, exclusive for my rez week. Unfortunately, dear diary I forgot their names, but next year we will have new idols so who cares?



On the third day of my rezweek, dear diary, my friends Cat Shilova, Snowbody Cortes, Thirza Ember, Josef K., Fuschia Nightfire, among others were surprised when I took over the Loop Club for some Deep Progressive Wearing and Deep Tech Attaching. They even got more thrilled when my sweet sister SaveMe Olihenge showed up giving Ampel an experience that he didn’t had since 1959.




All night we were also waiting for the participation of my dear friends the Duke of Arado and his dear wife without whom last year’s parties were no parties but they were too much involved with voluntary work in the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, so they couldn’t make it.

Snapshot_176 (2)

On the fourth day of my rezweek, dear diary, I tried to restore the equilibrium of some Italians but they only gave me 5 minutes which is far too less to restore an equilibrium for Italians, so we headed for the space base of Shindra where they also had some problems with their Yin and Yang in cyberspace so we all ended up in the deep sea of some far away planet. Luckily we brought some singing leek from Mother Earth so the party continued in the cosy surroundings of the Nighthawks cafe and things went really wild when Kandinsky Beaumont and Cat Shilova start to make fun of Quan Lavender in a hot choreography of sticks and leek. Some even mentioned they heard the sound of tingling ovaries, but that is very strange, that deep under water.

Snapshot_184 (2)

Snapshot_177 (2)


On the fifth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we fooled the entire crew of MadPee Land by throwing a huge party there without feeding any smile at all, we eat everything ourselves! And we refuse to auction Kiana Writer, Thirza Ember, Fuschia Nightfire or Snowbody Cortes as we are rich enough.

Snapshot_176 (3)

Snapshot_183 (2)


On the sixth day of my rezweek, dear diary, we were waiting for the opening of the Museum of Heroic Woman of which we are sure we will be part off as soon we have grown up. But when I want to contribute to the festivities a strange man IM-ed me:


AlucardMaxwell: Leave the poofs and things off, ty. So tell me why you did what you did

SaveMe Oh: Celebrating my rez week.

AlucardMaxwell: Ok but you don’t have to be rude and have poofs and hit people with a bat.

SaveMe Oh: Your butler was extremely rude to one of my friends

AlucardMaxwell: Yes and I talk to them all.

SaveMe Oh: And we offered you the best party ever but you choose to sit alone in your silly castle.

AlucardMaxwell: So you came here to just disrupt everything? You know it is not nice to come to things like this and do what you did. That is why I did what I did!

SaveMe Oh: You banned heroic woman, shame on you!!!! MAN!


Dear Diary, in a desperate state of shock I did not know what to do anymore to continue with my Rez Week. There was one option but that was so disgusting, so filthy and so bad for my health as I am highly allergic and anti-fur and anti-animal…but I had no other option and went with all my friends to the furry fair to continue the party. I have to say we were well received but nevertheless I took out my largest constructions to make sure the most little and creepy furries were covered completely.




The biggest surprise of whole week I got, dear diary, when a mystery guest appeared. But he doesn’t fool me. There was the huge and gorgeous body of Igor Ballyhoo. He escaped from the Rebeca Bashly Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Facility for avatars, just to bring me a kiss for my rez week. How sweet is that?


On the seventh day of my rezweek, dear diary, I rest and saw it was good.


I try to rest, dear diary but my friends begged and begged and begged. Now tonight I was not in the mood anymore to jump in somewhere so I found me a nice quiet empty piece of land next door to Quan Lavender in Malibu and not soon after my dear friends fall out of the sky to be with me, my dear brother Lemonodo, Cherry Manga, Claudia Jewel, Pixels Sideways, Scottius Polke, Iono Allen and the gang who was with me all week. Of course I also asked dear Quan to come over but she was too busy undressing from her Cat suit she had on earlier that night for the Cat Carnival in LEA 20. Only late at night we made maybe a little bit too much noise, but I really told all my friends: “we have to stop at midnight when my rez week s over”.





Fuschia Nightfire: Quan just posted on FB: “Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist!”

Thirza Ember: This is someone’s house? It looks like a field. Where are the horses

SaveMe Oh: Horses coming

Thirza Ember: She sent to me also

Fuschia Nightfire: Is that supposed to make us go?

Thirza Ember: She is a true journalist. She reaches out to the public. I could learn a lot

SaveMe Oh: I can’t read it, she blocked me on FB

Thirza Ember: Now you know how Marma feels when I say something clever. Except… not really.

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh blimey, I was thinking about going to bed, now I feel I have to stay longer

Cat Shilova: Equestrian art!!


Snow: It’s a snapshot with the list of avatars here, obviously friends in bold

SaveMe Oh: Cat is not her friend? What happened?

Cat Shilova: Just noticed a blank in my friendlist

SaveMe Oh: It happens sometimes

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this actually Quan’s land?

Thirza Ember: No, look at the address

Fuschia Nightfire: That is what I thought

Thirza Ember: This is up for rent

Cat Shilova: So we are listed

Fuschia Nightfire: So she can’t really say we are stalking her at her home

SaveMe Oh: This is free land. One day I was kicked out to here and I loved the grass.

Snow: Yep fuschia, we are stallking and stop

Cat Shilova: Are we doomed?


Homework From My Therapist

My new therapist Stem van Helsing send me these questions to establish what kind of artist I am. I hope that he can point out in what group I belong as sometimes I feel as if I am alone on the world.


1. Imagine you are a musician. What you most enjoy about it?

I imagine I play the flute and I realised I hate the sound so much that I first was thinking to stick it in Quan Lavender as she seems to like items with the size of a flute but after I realised that my new therapist might say that would be part of a next hate speech of me so I think I would get a metal saw and divide the flute in little metal rings to make a design floor out of it.

2. If you could choose, which of the following would you prefer to be? A sculptor, a dancer, a poet or a singer?

A dancer of course as that is the only way to make huge attachments move in a virtual space in interaction with other performers from all over the world. A sculptor in SL is a prim gluer of dead things, a poet needs lip-sync and a singing avatar has still to be invented although I have a singing leek in my inventory.

3. Of the different phases of creating something, your favourite is?

Stem van Helsing: Your relationship with the materials you use?

SaveMe Oh: Since when pixels are a material?

Stem van Helsing: Finally showing your work to the world?

SaveMe Oh: Finally? When I was born and shit for the first time I already showed my work to the world!

Stem van Helsing: Discovering what the work you have created can tell you about yourself?

SaveMe Oh: As my fucking new therapist I hope I can expect you answer that bullshit questions yourself!

Stem van Helsing: Making your ideas come to life?

SaveMe Oh: If you keep standing in my way my idea may become your death. Oops, sorry, that is maybe a tiny little death threat. I need more therapy.

4. To be creative, the most important thing is to?

Stem van Helsing: Feel a basic need to be creative?

SaveMe Oh: I feel a basic need to strangle idiots who use the word creative! Josina is creative, Merlina is creative, Betty is creative, I am an artist!

Stem van Helsing: Dare to look inside your own soul?

SaveMe Oh: Phone the devil and ask if you can investigate my soul for scientific purposes.

Stem van Helsing: Love your art?

SaveMe Oh: The ones who think love has to do something with art I would advise a sky dancing therapy with Medora Chevalier, after that you will hate love so much that your mind will be clean.

Stem van Helsing: Want to give pleasure to others?

SaveMe Oh: You don’t give pleasure to others, you force art upon them as long as it takes to make them say: “Thank you SaveMe, it was a pleasure”.

5. Which of the following do you think creativity has most to do with?

Stem van Helsing: Bringing ideas together?

SaveMe Oh: Creative people come with a tsunami of ideas, big shit for the real artist is that they are all so incredible boring, pretentious or so Dada Fluxus that even the teapot has forgotten why the Campbell Tomato soup was flushed away in the Duchamp Urinoir before the hippo could paint her lips with it.

Stem van Helsing: Relationships?

SaveMe Oh: I once had a relationship with Georg Janick, Jayjay Zifanwe, Josina Burgess, Igor Ballyhoo, Flora Nordenskiold, Quan Lavender and Marmaduke Arado but they all turned out to be heavy roadblocks for art.

Stem van Helsing: Intimacy?

SaveMe Oh: Virtual fucking in a virtual world is as dumb as having walls, kitchens, roofs or bedrooms. You ever ordered a virtual pizza, and did it taste good?

Stem van Helsing: Natural instincts?

SaveMe Oh: My natural instinct tells me to be on the right place on the right moment.

6. One of your works has just been presented to the public, but it hasn’t been well-received.

Stem van Helsing: You don’t mind. It doesn’t belong to you anymore?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t mind???? Are you crazy? Of course I mind. I will not rest a second until all the suckers who say they don’t like it invite me to present them the work.

Stem van Helsing: You obviously didn’t communicate what you meant very well.

SaveMe Oh: I will visit them with my baseball bat and do some extra effort in the communication spectrum.

Stem van Helsing: They just don’t understand it.

SaveMe Oh: Of course they don’t understand it. That is the definition of an audience. An audience is stupid. They need time to understand it.

Stem van Helsing: You think it’s a shame they aren’t able to enjoy it the way you did?

SaveMe Oh: It’s a fucking shame that those pretentious snobs as simowners, curators and wannabe artists don’t enjoy it because the liberation of art in virtual worlds could already be years behind us.

7. You think you would enjoy:

Stem van Helsing: Destroying your work by burning it?

SaveMe Oh: I only ritual burn myself every year so the witch hunters don’t have all the trouble.

Stem van Helsing: Talking about your art to others at a conference?

SaveMe Oh: On a conference, on my blog, during boring openings of others, always I will talk about my art until everybody gets the idea.

Stem van Helsing: Spending months rehearsing?

SaveMe Oh: When art is your natural way of being you don’t have to rehearse because everything you do is automatically art.

Stem van Helsing: Writing your autobiography.

SaveMe Oh: All kind of art historians are busy with that; we only have to wait who is the quickest. So there is absolutely no need I do it myself.

8. Which quotes about art you like best?

‘The great advantage about quoting myself is that I never have to listen to the shit of others.’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘The party is where I am’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘To be able to think outside the box it doesn’t hurt to lock yourself up inside a box once in a while’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘Plagiarism is necessary, progress implies it. Copy it, but correct it. Ideas can improve. Erase the false idea within the work, and insert the correction.’ (SaveMe Oh)

I hope this is enough for my therapist to get the full picture!

How Licking Every Ass Give A Smelly Tongue But A Fat Belly

Also always wondered how Jayjay Zifanwe found funds of millions of Linden to support his Art IKEA in UWA or how Quan Lavender get all those free sims to do her charity work for her own blogs (give me a freebie and I write about you)? Here is how it works. It’s called the Licking Every Ass (LEA) doctrine.

For the record they set up a grant system for the LEA sims. Poor silly artists do their best to write an ambitious plan in the hope to get for some time a LEA sim, but in reality Solo Mornington, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Quan Lavender and Jayjay Zifanwe sell the sims to the highest bidder so they have funds to play the art mecenasses. And that’s why we see now a marine base full of submarines in LEA 28, The Portuguese tourist board in LEA 19 or exclusive yachts and bungalows with sexrugs in LEA 25

891573_679607138716020_711234993_oKikas as a volunteer art guide in LEA

SaveMe Oh: Get lost, doggie of Solo Mornington

PatriciaAnne Daviau: LOL

SaveMe Oh: Do you also get part of the bribe money to let these kind of things be build on an artsim?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: What kind of things?

SaveMe Oh: Things bought on marketplace, submarines, ships, homes, Jacuzzi, sexrugs, beach homes, transport parking lots.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I am checking on all of it now

SaveMe Oh: Check what? If they have paid you enough for it?

SaveMe Oh: Are you going to delete the sim?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: The owner of that sim is JayJay Zifanwe and I have pinged him about it

SaveMe Oh: Omg the corruption is really deep spread



Bringing art to a Marine Base before being kicked out in LEA 28

How funny that a day after my visit LEA 25 and LEA 28 are closed.

Other tricks that can be used are the following:

If you don’t want to be discovered as a LEA member but do want a sim, take an alt with another name: Bryn Oh changed in the past in Cica Ghost, Oberon Onmura has now his alt Takni to continue. And Igor Ballyhoo is also a welcome guest as long he appears as Rebeca Bashly.

SaveMe And The Pigs – Part One


You arrive to SaveMe and the Pigs amongst glued prims and waving fields of flexi’s.  After passing the skeleton of Solo Mornington you come across the remains of what appears to be a Linden Endowment of the Arts sim.  The sign above it gives a clue; it says “NOTHING – Cheesus saves…”


In this society they had discovered how to steal the work of artists and record it onto computers and databases in a digital format.  Artists would even pay to have their work preserved for a future when technology would allow these stored works of art to be shown to extraterrestrial life forms.  The artist quest for immortality almost achieved.  But looking around one can see that this artist society has met with a catastrophe.  It is unnamed, perhaps betrayal or power play, but whatever the cause it happened a long time ago.  Just inside the sim are rows upon rows of stored artworks on computers that have all ceased to function.  Sand, rust and time have conspired to corrode the machines causing them to fail.  There is, however, one working screen whose attached prims still have continued to rotate.  Looking behind its dusty glass will reveal the name of the person whose life is recorded digitally onto this still functioning computer.  That name is SaveMe Oh.


This story takes place inside the digital recording of that woman’s life.  Beside this centuries old relic stands an antique entertainment bot from this society.  It is a replica of Igor Ballyhoo, SaveMe’s toyboy, and this machines role was to look tough, male and fertile and to protect SaveMe for the commuters and tourists. After the societies collapse he continues to seek out an audience to bully, as that was his function, yet everyone is gone so he intimidates to the last remaining fragment of humanity which takes the form of a spinning TOS sign that have translated love, happiness and loss into zeroes and ones.


Not far from here lies a partially submerged TV chair and a Philips TV set that, with a little prodding, can be coaxed back to life and even play sallow you to fly around the desolate landscape while watching on the Philips TV set the Dutch entry for the Eurovision song contest of the year 2012. It seems some kind of clue while seeking the entrance to SaveMe Oh’s memories, which begin at the first plywood prim cube in the sky.  There are other ways to reach the start such as detonating a suicide bomber belt which will particlelise you up the walkway as well as a spiritual staircase rising above the sheep and pig stables. It is a difficult and slippery path and symbolizes an anthropologists quest to uncover and piece together a long dead virtual civilization.  An architectural dig not into random connected and glued rotating and pulsating prims and sculpties but rather hacking into a scripting code found inside some still functioning technological salvage.  This is the prelude to SaveMe’s story and the next post will be the first steps into her recorded memories.


I Am A Nice Girl!

[14:10] Iono Allen: hey Coucou Save !

[14:10] Nino Vichan: bellissimo da vero

[14:10] ѕtarlaѕh: konnichiwa save

[14:10] Quan Lavender: Hi Save

[14:10] Iono Allen: :))

[14:10] Scottius: i’m not antarctican

[14:10] nessuno Myoo: 🙂

[14:10] Jayjay Zifanwe: temi genki?

[14:10] Cayenne Avon: 🙂 a joy for the eyes to be here

[14:10] SaveMe Oh: Drop dead IOno

[14:10] Kicca Igaly: ma ciao Sol :))

[14:10] Haveit Neox: Hi Quan 🙂

[14:10] Iono Allen: lol

[14:10] SaveMe Oh: Fuck you Jayjay

[14:10] Solkide Auer: hello to all:))(

[14:10] Scottius: happy rez day solkide!

[14:10] nessuno Myoo: ciao sol benvenuto

[14:11] nessuno Myoo: 🙂

[14:11] Cat Shilova: hello Solkiode

[14:11] Solkide Auer: thank you Scottie:)

[14:11] Daniele DACO Costantin: lieta sera ))

[14:11] Daco Monday: happy evening))

[14:11] Cat Shilova: Solkide, even

[14:11Bellavista Eisman (8m)

[14:11] ѕtarlaѕh: oh very cute quan

[14:11] Quan Lavender: Oh hello Solkide, happy birthday again

[14:11] Solkide Auer: thank you:)

[14:11] nessuno Myoo: sorry save if but i prefer that :°)

[14:12] Solkide Auer: .

[14:12] Scottius: ok I go climb

[14:12] Quan Lavender: hey Bellavista

[14:12] Kicca Igaly shouts: attento Scotty 🙂

[14:13] LaPiscean Liberty: Quite a gathering for opening 🙂

[14:13] SaveMe Oh: I have no other option

[14:13] SaveMe Oh: as they banned me in the other parts of LEA

[14:13] Cayenne Avon: what a big playground you got here Kicca & Ness;)

[14:13] Kicca Igaly: ciao ciao Daco!!!

[14:14] Kicca Igaly: sì Cayenne 😉

[14:14] Daniele DACO Costantin: ciao kicca…perso nella cam ))

[14:14] Daco Monday: Hello Kicca … lost in the cam))

[14:14] Cayenne Avon: you still had many prims to use!*lol*

[14:14] nessuno Myoo: hi Cayenne 🙂

[14:14] nessuno Myoo: ehehee

[14:14] Cayenne Avon: hello to everyone thats wants a hello

[14:14] nessuno Myoo: ciaoo Daco

[14:14] Scottius: ow me bum!

[14:14] Kicca Igaly: sì, ancora molti davvero, è stato bellissimo avere tanto a disposizione

[14:15] Daniele DACO Costantin: ness ))

[14:15] Betty Tureaud: hi iono

[14:15] Iono Allen: hey Betty 🙂

[14:15] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[14:15] Kicca Igaly: Claudia 🙂 benvenuta!

[14:15] Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator it->en): Claudia 🙂 welcome!

[14:15] SaveMe Oh: Hi Clauida

[14:15] claudia222 Jewell: hello all

[14:15] SaveMe Oh: I mean hi Claudia

[14:15] Quan Lavender: Hi Claudia

[14:15] claudia222 Jewell: congrats for the opening

[14:15] nessuno Myoo: hello Claudia :°)

[14:15] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[14:16] SaveMe Oh: Hi WuWai

[14:16] ѕtarlaѕh: don’t say hi save .. she’s not french either :p

[14:16] Scottius: CLAUDIA

[14:16] SaveMe Oh: Hi starlash

[14:16] Kicca Igaly: grazie Claudia, felic che ci sia anche tu 🙂

[14:16] SaveMe Oh: hi scottius

[14:16] claudia222 Jewell: hi star quan kicca save cat and all i still cant see now

[14:16] Scottius: hi save!

[14:16] Kicca Igaly: felice*

[14:16] SaveMe Oh: hi scottius

[14:16] Cat Shilova: Hello Claudia

[14:16] claudia222 Jewell: hi scottius cant see anyone lol

[14:16] SaveMe Oh: hi claudia

[14:16] claudia222 Jewell: but obvious your all here

[14:16] SaveMe Oh: Hi claudia

[14:16] ScottiusScottius kissy save and claudia

[14:16] Betty Tureaud: hi claudia

[14:17] claudia222 Jewell: hi patricia

[14:17] ѕtarlaѕh: make your mary claw .. i’ll brb .. mesh relog

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: kisses scottius

[14:17] LaPiscean Liberty: Hi Claudia

[14:17] Scottius: hi scottius

[14:17] WuWai Chun: Hello

[14:17] claudia222 Jewell: hi holala

[14:17] Haveit Neox (9m)

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: hi patricia

[14:17] claudia222 Jewell: hi haviet

[14:17] PatriciaAnne Daviau: hello SaveMe

[14:17] Kicca Igaly: WuWai 🙂

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: hello Anne

[14:17] claudia222 Jewell: hi nessuno

[14:17] Jayjay Zifanwe (11m)

[14:17] Daco Monday (10m)

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: or should I say Patricia?

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: hi Nessuno

[14:17] nessuno Myoo: hi 🙂

[14:17] Kicca Igaly: ma ciao Daco! 🙂

[14:17] Kicca Igaly Daco but hello! 🙂

[14:17] Jayjay Zifanwe (11m)

[14:17] PatriciaAnne Daviau: either is fine ツ

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: Hi Daviau

[14:17] Scottius: “No basement at the Alamo!”

[14:17] PatriciaAnne Daviau: lol or that

[14:17] SaveMe Oh: Hi Daco

[14:18] Banrion Constantine: Hello, everyone.

[14:18] Banrion Constantine (11m)

[14:18] SaveMe Oh: HI BANrion

[14:18] Kicca Igaly: hi Barion

[14:18] Kicca Igaly hi barium

[14:18] SaveMe Oh: hi Barium

[14:18] claudia222 Jewell: hi banrion

[14:18] Bellavista Eisman (12m)

[14:18] SaveMe Oh: Hi Caludia

[14:18] Banrion Constantine: Hello, Saveme.

[14:18] claudia222 Jewell: hi oskar and jerome

[14:18] Oskar Leonard (11m)

[14:18] SaveMe Oh: hI jEROME AND oSKAR

[14:18] claudia222 Jewell: hi wuwai and temi

[14:18] Jazz62 Masala (12m)

[14:18] Scottius: hi saveme222

[14:18] SaveMe Oh: Hi Temi

[14:19] SaveMe Oh: hi scottius 666

[14:19] Banrion Constantine: Hi, Kikas. Hi, Claudia

[14:19] jajajajajaja: Hello claudia

[14:19] claudia222 Jewell: hi bellavista and jazz62

[14:19] SaveMe Oh: Hi kikas

[14:19] claudia222 Jewell: hello jayjay

[14:19] nessuno Myoo shouts: fly up for see all the works :°)

[14:19] SaveMe Oh: Well hello Jayjay

[14:19] claudia222 Jewell: :))

[14:19] SaveMe Oh: hi holalalalalhihiho

[14:19] Quan Lavender: Hi Claudia 🙂

[14:19] Cat Shilova: lol, Hello Save

[14:19] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[14:19] SaveMe Oh: Hi cat

[14:19] claudia222 Jewell: hello lapscean

[14:19] Betty Tureaud: hi SaveMe Oh

[14:19] claudia222 Jewell: and nish

[14:20] claudia222 Jewell: hi betty

[14:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty Omo

[14:20] HOLALA Alter: Hi Save

[14:20] SaveMe Oh: hows your wash

[14:20] PatriciaAnne Daviau (13m)

[14:20] pallina60 Loon (9m)

[14:20] Betty Tureaud: kiss claudia

[14:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi holalalalalaloh

[14:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: yeah some great stuff

[14:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Jayjay

[14:20] Sowa Mai (11m)

[14:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: hi claudia … good to see you

[14:20] Quan Lavender: Hi Pallina

[14:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Sowa

[14:20] Kicca Igaly: Scottyus, avuto fortuna con le scale?

[14:20] Kicca Igaly Scottyus, had good luck with the stairs?

[14:20] claudia222 Jewell: hi pallina60

[14:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Palindrome

[14:20] Jazz62 Masala (12m)

[14:20] jajajajajaja: how many hellos, tonight we beat record 😀

[14:20] nessuno Myoo shouts: and move the avatar near the sculptures for activate all the points of light

[14:20] Kicca Igaly: oh, Pallina! ciao 🙂

[14:20] Kicca Igaly Oh, ball! hello 🙂

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi LaPis

[14:21] pallina60 Loon: ㋡ ciao

[14:21] PatriciaAnne Daviau (13m)

[14:21] Banrion Constantine: I was wondering, jajaja.

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi Banrion

[14:21] nessuno Myoo: oi pallina ciauu benvenuta 🙂

[14:21] Banrion Constantine: 🙂

[14:21] claudia222 Jewell: tyrehl °͜°

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: and Hi Constatine

[14:21] Scottius: :P~~~~

[14:21] Sowa Mai (1m)

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi scottius

[14:21] claudia222 Jewell: scotti °͜°

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: hi Sowa

[14:21] Maya Paris (7m)

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi Maya

[14:21] Sowa Mai: Hello

[14:21] Scottius: saveme hi! what’s new?

[14:21] Banrion Constantine: 🙂 Hi Sowa.

[14:21] jajajajajaja: Hello Maya !!!!

[14:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi scottius

[14:22] Maya Paris: evening all;)

[14:22] Kicca Igaly: hi Maya 🙂

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: Maya is new

[14:22] Sowa Mai: Hello SaveMe

[14:22] Scottius: MAYA

[14:22] claudia222 Jewell: maya

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: Hi sowa

[14:22] claudia222 Jewell: °͜°

[14:22] Tyrehl Byk (13m)

[14:22] Quan Lavender: Hi Maya

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: meet scottius

[14:22] Scottius: :P~~~~

[14:22] Haveit Neox (9m)

[14:22] Duna Gant (9m)

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: scottius meet Duna

[14:22] bonafidenutts Aries (7m)

[14:22] Sowa Mai: Hello Scottius

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: hi duna

[14:22] Betty Tureaud: hi Hav

[14:22] Scottius: hiya sowa

[14:22] Duna Gant: hi :))

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: Hi Hav

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: meet betty

[14:22] Sowa Mai: Hello Franklin

[14:22] Scottius: wait! I’m betty!

[14:22] Sowa Mai: Hi debrabee

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: Hello Franklin

[14:22] claudia222 Jewell: feels like a cominity

[14:22] nessuno Myoo: hi Duna welcome :ç)))

[14:22] Duna Gant: bonjour

[14:22] Duna Gant: “hello”,[[“”,”Hello”],[“interjection”,”hello”,”good morning”,”hi”,”good afternoon”,”welcome”,”hullo”,”hallo”,”how do you do”]]

[14:22] claudia222 Jewell: so many and all know each other

[14:22] SaveMe Oh: Hi Fidel

[14:23] Sowa Mai: Hi Hi

[14:23] LaPiscean Liberty: SHIT

[14:23] Kicca Igaly: Duna! felice di vederti :))

[14:23] Kicca Igaly Dune! happy to see you :))

[14:23] Scottius: I heart claudia ㋡

[14:23] Bonafide Aries: Hi Saveme.. Hey Jajajaajajaja

[14:23] SaveMe Oh: Hi shit

[14:23] HOLALA Alter: hola, Duna

[14:23] LaPiscean Liberty (12m)

[14:23] Duna Gant: enchanté de vous revoir, comme toujours

[14:23] Bonafide Aries: Holola. how are you

[14:23] Duna Gant: delighted to see you again, as always

[14:23] Jazz62 Masala (12m)

[14:23] claudia222 Jewell: ^^

[14:23] Duna Gant: hola !!!

[14:23] Duna Gant: hola!

[14:23] claudia222 Jewell (11m)

[14:23] nessuno Myoo: welcome Bona 🙂

[14:23] Scottius: 😀

[14:23] Sowa Mai: this building is rusty allready

[14:23] SaveMe Oh: Hi Bona

[14:23] SaveMe Oh: Hi Sowa

[14:23] Jayjay Zifanwe: hi bona

[14:23] Solkide Auer (5m)

[14:23] claudia222 Jewell: hi bonafide

[14:23] SaveMe Oh: Hi Solkide

[14:23] Quan Lavender: hello Bona

[14:23] jajajajajaja: Hellooooo to EVERYBODY, I love you !!!

[14:23] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[14:23] Banrion Constantine: I love your dress, Maya. Very fashionable.

[14:23] Banrion Constantine Adoro il tuo vestito, Maya. Molto alla moda.

[14:23] jajajajajaja: Xd

[14:23] Bonafide Aries: Nessuno.. how are you . i’m looking for wasd to this

[14:23] Kicca Igaly: ciao Bona, ben arrivato :))

[14:23] Kicca Igaly Hello Bona, well come :))

[14:23] Bonafide Aries: Hey Quan

[14:23] Betty Tureaud: hi hi giggles

[14:24] Solkide Auer: hello save

[14:24] SaveMe Oh: Oh hi Kicca, you here?

[14:24] Starlash Sweetwater (7m)

[14:24] Bonafide Aries: Hi Kicca

[14:24] Sowa Mai: Hello Banrion

[14:24] Maya Paris: ty Banrion

[14:24] Bonafide Aries: How are yo ubetty

[14:24] SaveMe Oh: Hi Banrion

[14:24] SaveMe Oh: Betty, are you Omo?

[14:24] claudia222 Jewell (11m)

[14:24] Andyboy Twine (9m)

[14:24] Bonafide Aries: Claudia good seeing you

[14:24] Jayjay Zifanwe: nice preview by quan on this exhibit http://quanlavender.blogspot.com/2012/03/sneak-preview-labyrinth-of-absurdity.html

[14:24] SaveMe Oh: hi claudia

[14:24] RAG Randt (11m)

[14:24] Sowa Mai: Hi Andyboy

[14:24] Bonafide Aries: Hey Jazz

[14:24] SaveMe Oh: Hi Sowa, im not anybody

[14:24] Sowa Mai: Hello JayJay

[14:24] SaveMe Oh: Hi Jayjay

[14:25] Sowa Mai: Hello nobody

[14:25] ChrisTower Dae (7m)

[14:25] RAG: bella :0

[14:25] Duna Gant: Hi Betty

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi RAG

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty

[14:25] jajajajajaja: Hello RAg !!!

[14:25] Betty Tureaud: hi Bona

[14:25] RAG: hiya saveme

[14:25] Bonafide Aries: wow let me get out the way

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty

[14:25] RAG: hiya all

[14:25] claudia222 Jewell: hi solkide

[14:25] Bonafide Aries: Good seeing you Betty

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi Solkide

[14:25] nessuno Myoo (11m)

[14:25] Sowa Mai: Hello Sowa

[14:25] claudia222 Jewell (11m)

[14:25] Christower Dae: kicca ciaooo

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi Sowa

[14:25] Banrion Constantine: Hey, Solkide. 🙂

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi christower

[14:25] Solkide Auer: hello Banrion:))

[14:25] Christower Dae: hi savemeOH

[14:25] Sowa Mai: Hello Solidke

[14:25] SaveMe Oh: Ho Dae

[14:25] Kicca Igaly: chrisss che bello vederti :))

[14:25] Kicca Igaly chrisss nice to see you :))

[14:25] Solkide Auer: ciao claudia:)

[14:25] Bonafide Aries: Nessuno .. do we climb ?

[14:26] SaveMe Oh: Hello Solkide

[14:26] Betty Tureaud: do you record all HI SaveMe?

[14:26] Quan Lavender: Hi RAG 🙂

[14:26] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty

[14:26] Sowa Mai: If you climb make sure you choose the riht steps

[14:26] Kicca Igaly: puoi volare bona 🙂

[14:26] Kicca Igaly You can fly bona 🙂

[14:26] Christower Dae: solk ciao

[14:26] Solkide Auer: eee ciao chris:)

[14:26] Sowa Mai: Hello ChrisTower

[14:26] jajajajajaja: how are we going to climb, all together will be impossible

[14:26] SaveMe Oh: ciao sowa

[14:26] jajajajajaja: xDDDDDDDDD

[14:26] Bonafide Aries: coool thank ou Kicca..

[14:26] jajajajajaja: 🙂

[14:26] Christower Dae: hi sowa:)

[14:26] Jazz62 Masala (11m)

[14:26] Jayjay Zifanwe: go on up bella

[14:26] SaveMe Oh: Hi christower

[14:26] Banrion Constantine: All together would be crowded. 🙂

[14:26] Banrion Constantine Tutti insieme sarebbe stato affollato. 🙂

[14:26] Jayjay Zifanwe: its great’

[14:26] Betty Tureaud: I think SaveMe are making a HI reopport

[14:27] claudia222 Jewell: hi rag °͜°

[14:27] jajajajajaja: Thanks Jay !!!

[14:27] Christower Dae: hi saveme Oh eheheh

[14:27] Betty Tureaud: lol

[14:27] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty

[14:27] RAG: hiya 222222.22

[14:27] Sowa Mai: Hello Betty

[14:27] jajajajajaja: 😉

[14:27] claudia222 Jewell: hahaha

[14:27] SaveMe Oh: Lol hi Betty

[14:27] claudia222 Jewell: dont make me older then 222

[14:27] claudia222 Jewell: silly haha

[14:27] SaveMe Oh: Hahahi Claudia

[14:27] Solkide Auer: wonderful work Kicca and Ness:)

[14:27] Jayjay Zifanwe: yes she is in charge of the welcoming

[14:27] Sowa Mai: Hello Ness

[14:27] jajajajajaja: 🙂

[14:27] RAG: sorry .o22

[14:27] Christower Dae: Hi nessuno

[14:27] jajajajajaja: nice to see you claudia

[14:27] Kicca Igaly: grazie Sol :))

[14:27] Kicca Igaly Thanks Sol :))

[14:27] SaveMe Oh: Hi Ness and Sowa

[14:27] nessuno Myoo: Hi Sowa 🙂

[14:27] claudia222 Jewell: 222 is olde enough to break a record haha

[14:27] nessuno Myoo: ciao Chris

[14:27] Betty Tureaud: hi Holala

[14:27] Quan Lavender: hey Tyrehl :))

[14:27] Sowa Mai: Hello Sowa

[14:27] SaveMe Oh: Hi Jewell

[14:27] nessuno Myoo: assie sol 🙂

[14:27] HOLALA Alter: Hello Solkide

[14:27] claudia222 Jewell: °͜°

[14:28] Solkide Auer: holalahelloholala

[14:28] Christower Dae: è la sagra del saluto?

[14:28] SaveMe Oh: Hi Tyrehl, how is your mother today?

[14:28] RAG: scottiusmanotter

[14:28] Solkide Auer: abbiamo finito la porchetta

[14:28] Betty Tureaud: hi Solkide

[14:28] Solkide Auer: Betty:)

[14:28] Christower Dae: porca paletta……io avevo portato il pane…:):)

[14:28] Scottius Polke (12m)

[14:28] Kicca Igaly: sol :))

[14:28] Kicca Igaly (sun :))

[14:28] nessuno Myoo: se non riuscite a fare le scale, sono fatte apposta per essere tostine da salire ^^, potete volare fin su in alto in modo da vedere tutte le sculture

[14:28] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty, allready done the washing today?

[14:28] Aneli Abeyante (9m)

[14:28] Sowa Mai: there is one artowrk who allready shot himself

[14:28] RAG: nice day for a climb

[14:28] Sowa Mai: be carefull if you go up there

[14:28] Betty Tureaud: hi Duna

[14:28] SaveMe Oh: Hi Sowa, how is the dog?

[14:28] Wizardoz Chrome (9m)

[14:28] HOLALA Alter: Hello Aneli

[14:28] Sowa Mai: Hi dog

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: still with that leg?

[14:29] Aneli Abeyante: hello ciao tutti

[14:29] Christower Dae: la mappa dove la prendo? ehehe

[14:29] Bellavista Eisman (10m)

[14:29] nessuno Myoo: ciao Wizardoz benvenuta 🙂

[14:29] Kicca Igaly: Sowa :))

[14:29] jajajajajaja: Rag

[14:29] Sowa Mai: How is Save me

[14:29] Quan Lavender: hello Aneli

[14:29] RAG: up?

[14:29] Wizardoz Chrome: buonasera a tutti!!

[14:29] Betty Tureaud: yeep you are clean in the ass now

[14:29] jajajajajaja: I can not to go up

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: How is your dog Sowa

[14:29] Aneli Abeyante: 🙂

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: ?

[14:29] Kicca Igaly: meglio volare Chris 🙂

[14:29] Kicca Igaly better to fly Chris 🙂

[14:29] jajajajajaja: xd

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: heared about the leg?

[14:29] Sowa Mai: thats not my dog

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: ho leg it is then?

[14:29] Starlash Sweetwater (10m)

[14:29] Jayjay Zifanwe (11m)

[14:29] Christower Dae: e volerò……volerò….

[14:29] Solkide Auer: aneliiii

[14:29] Jayjay Zifanwe: ok all i have to run. cya

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: when its not of your dog?

[14:29] Scottius: sowa does your dog bite?

[14:29] Jayjay Zifanwe: be a good girl ya

[14:29] SaveMe Oh: Hi scottius

[14:30] SaveMe Oh: you miss a leg?

[14:30] Scottius: YESH

[14:30] Sowa Mai: My dog does more than bite

[14:30] Scottius: hi saveme

[14:30] Kicca Igaly: ciao aneliii :)))

[14:30] Scottius Polke (12m)

[14:30] Kicca Igaly aneliii hello :)))

[14:30] Tyrehl Byk (13m)

[14:30] Sowa Mai: my leg is fine

[14:30] SaveMe Oh: I thought it was sowas dogs leg

[14:30] Sowa Mai: my dog is fine

[14:30] Sowa Mai: my dog says hello

[14:30] SaveMe Oh: but maybe it was a beaver leg

[14:30] jajajajajaja: xd

[14:30] claudia222 Jewell: haha

[14:30] claudia222 Jewell: °͜°

[14:30] SaveMe Oh: hi jajajajajajajajaja

[14:30] jajajajajaja: waitt

[14:30] jajajajajaja: jajajajajaja

[14:30] claudia222 Jewell: i fallen

[14:30] RAG: ok who made these steps!

[14:30] claudia222 Jewell: had to fly up °͜°

[14:30] SaveMe Oh: Hi claudia

[14:31] claudia222 Jewell: saveme oh °͜°

[14:31] SaveMe Oh: did you hurt your leg?

[14:31] RAG Randt (11m)

[14:31] SaveMe Oh: Hi Aneli

[14:31] Sowa Mai: steps are slippery

[14:31] PatriciaAnne Daviau (13m)

[14:31] Sowa Mai: be carefull

[14:31] SaveMe Oh: DId you buy that new car Aneli?

[14:31] Aneli Abeyante: hahaha

[14:31] RAG Randt (13m)

[14:31] SaveMe Oh: or are you still with the old fiat?

[14:31] Sowa Mai: how is your gout?

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: goat?

[14:32] Sowa Mai: still on the pills?

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: dead

[14:32] Banrion Constantine: Too many pills?

[14:32] Banrion Constantine Troppe pillole?

[14:32] Sowa Mai: loosen the bandage

[14:32] RAG: have a nice fall scottius?

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: its in the back of Aneli’s old fiat

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: the dead goat

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: Hi Patricia

[14:32] SaveMe Oh: how is Sasun?

[14:33] SaveMe Oh: and Solo?

[14:33] Sowa Mai: Sasun is in the Fiat

[14:33] SaveMe Oh: and Dekka

[14:33] Christower Dae: ok io vado per le scale…..se non dovessi tornare lascio le mie cose ai posteri…ehehe

[14:33] SaveMe Oh: are they fine?

[14:33] SaveMe Oh: hi Betty

[14:33] nessuno Myoo: cgris una sola delle due scale porta a una piattaforma se sei fortunato ^^

[14:33] Sowa Mai: Dekka is in the dog

[14:33] Kicca Igaly: ciao Wizardoz, benvenuta! 🙂

[14:33] Kicca Igaly Wizardoz hello, welcome! 🙂

[14:33] nessuno Myoo: chris*

[14:33] SaveMe Oh: Hi wizardoh

[14:33] PatriciaAnne Daviau: they are all fine I am sure Save

[14:33] Solkide Auer: ciao wizzy

[14:33] Wizardoz Chrome: :))))))

[14:33] SaveMe Oh: hi Anne

[14:34] Scottius Polke (18m)

[14:34] Sowa Mai: Hi Dekka

[14:34] SaveMe Oh: hi scottius

[14:34] LeMelonRouge Onyett (6m), Lagu Indigo (19m)

[14:34] Suta Northman (18m)

[14:34] Scottius: saveme! long time no see!

[14:34] SaveMe Oh: HI Igor

[14:34] SaveMe Oh: Oh Hi scottius

[14:34] Quan Lavender: hello Lemelon

[14:34] LeMelonRouge: hola, hi all!

[14:34] SaveMe Oh: Hi Flora Nodenskiold

[14:35] Kicca Igaly: ciao Le, benvenuto :))

[14:35] Kicca Igaly The hello, welcome :))

[14:35] LeMelonRouge: hola Quan 😉

[14:35] SaveMe Oh: Hi Josina

[14:35] LeMelonRouge: hola Kicca! ;))

[14:35] Quan Lavender: 🙂

[14:35] SaveMe Oh: Hi Igor

[14:35] nessuno Myoo: hi LeMelon welcome 🙂

[14:35] Scottius: lemelon!

[14:35] SaveMe Oh: Hi Philip

[14:35] SaveMe Oh: Hi M

[14:35] LeMelonRouge: hola nessuno, scotty!

[14:35] Solkide Auer: prepara il cannone ness

[14:35] Marmaduke Arado (9m)

[14:35] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[14:36] Marmaduke Arado: hello!

[14:36] Kikas Babenco (10m)

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: Hi solkide, dont shoot your cannon

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: it might implode

[14:36] Marmaduke Arado: hello everyone!

[14:36] Solkide Auer: te piacerebbe:)

[14:36] LeMelonRouge: hola Duna!

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[14:36] nessuno Myoo: ahahahahah sol

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: hi starlash

[14:36] Scottius: marmaduke!

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: is your water still sweet?

[14:36] SaveMe Oh: Hi Scottius

[14:36] Marmaduke Arado: hey Scottius! 😀

[14:37] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[14:37] Scottius: saveme

[14:37] Scottius: HoLa!

[14:37] Kikas Babenco: hello everyone?

[14:37] Solkide Auer: heu marmaduke

[14:37] SaveMe Oh: Hi Scottius

[14:37] Quan Lavender: hello Marma and Kikas

[14:37] PatriciaAnne Daviau (13m)

[14:37] ѕtarlaѕh: try it and see for yourself

[14:37] Scottius: penelope hi!

[14:37] Kikas Babenco: save me? 🙂

[14:37] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penelope

[14:37] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[14:37] Quan Lavender: hello Pen

[14:37] SaveMe Oh: Hello Quan

[14:37] abdab Kira (17m)

[14:37] Mathylda Valeska (6m)

[14:38] nessuno Myoo: welcome Mathylda :°)

[14:38] SaveMe Oh: Hi Tyrehl, how are the particles doing

[14:38] SaveMe Oh: Hi Mathylda

[14:38] Daniele DACO Costantin: hoppla ))

[14:38] SaveMe Oh: hi abdab

[14:38] M.V Mlle: hi

[14:38] Kicca Igaly: ciao Mathylda

[14:38] SaveMe Oh: Hi Daniele

[14:38] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[14:38] SaveMe Oh: and ofcourse Lemelonrouge

[14:39] SaveMe Oh: hi hi

[14:39] LeMelonRouge: hehe, hola Save

[14:39] SaveMe Oh: Hi Duna

[14:39] Marmaduke Arado: hey SaveMe! glad you noticed me!

[14:39] SaveMe Oh: or you dont say hi anymore?

[14:39] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke, did I already said hello?

[14:39] Marmaduke Arado: i did, my first hi was for you

[14:39] Daco Monday (16m)

[14:39] SaveMe Oh: Oh hi Arado

[14:40] Marmaduke Arado: i’m trying to remember if you did

[14:40] Kikas Babenco: save me hi again!

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: let me check chatlog

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: oh hi kikas

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: i was just checking

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: now I have todo again

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: better be sure

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: hi Marma

[14:40] abdab Kira (13m)

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: hi kikas

[14:40] Marmaduke Arado: hey Save!

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: Marma, you here?

[14:40] Aneli Abeyante (9m)

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: what a surprise

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: how is the camel

[14:40] SaveMe Oh: ?

[14:41] Daniele DACO Costantin: scappo super complimenti ))

[14:41] Daco Monday: I run super compliment))

[14:41] SaveMe Oh: does it still spit?

[14:41] nessuno Myoo: ciao Aneli 🙂

[14:41] SaveMe Oh: ciao Aneli

[14:41] Kicca Igaly: grazie daco e grazie di essere passato 🙂

[14:41] Kicca Igaly Mayor thanks and thanks for the past 🙂

[14:41] Aneli Abeyante: hello kicca nessuno

[14:41] Aneli Abeyante: splendide

[14:41] pallina60 Loon (12m)

[14:41] Aneli Abeyante: i am always fan

[14:41] SaveMe Oh: oh hi kicca, didnt see you

[14:41] Marmaduke Arado: it’s spitting less and less, damn the troika

[14:41] SaveMe Oh: and the camel?

[14:41] Kicca Igaly: Aneliii :)) bello vederti :))

[14:41] Kicca Igaly Aneliii :)) Good to see you :))

[14:42] SaveMe Oh: Nessuno, hi

[14:42] SaveMe Oh: didnt expect to see you here

[14:42] SaveMe Oh: hi WuWai

[14:42] WuWai Chun: hello saveme

[14:42] Kikas Babenco: Hello Kicca! Still saw very little but I like what I see! 🙂

[14:42] SaveMe Oh: hi wuwai how are you

[14:42] nessuno Myoo: hi save you are here? ohhhh realy fantastic

[14:42] Simotron Aquila (9m)

[14:43] SaveMe Oh: Hi nessuno

[14:43] abdab Kira (17m)

[14:43] SaveMe Oh: already thought you didnt noticed me

[14:43] Kicca Igaly: kikas, che piacere vederti 🙂

[14:43] Kicca Igaly kikas, good to see you 🙂

[14:43] SaveMe Oh: Hi simontron

[14:43] SaveMe Oh: Hi kikas

[14:43] Simotron Aquila: hi Save! :))

[14:43] nessuno Myoo: ciao simo benarrivata

[14:43] Simotron Aquila: hi Kicca!

[14:43] SaveMe Oh: hey Simontron, hi, how is you magnetron?

[14:43] Simotron Aquila: hello all! :))

[14:44] DouglasImma McMahon (5m)

[14:44] Kicca Igaly: Simooo bello vedere te 🙂

[14:44] Kicca Igaly Simooo nice to see you 🙂

[14:44] nessuno Myoo: svolazza pure in piena libertà :°))

[14:44] SaveMe Oh: Hi Douglas

[14:44] Kikas Babenco shouts: marma I’m upstairs

[14:44] Simotron Aquila: ciao carissima 😉

[14:44] SaveMe Oh: Hi marma, kikas is upstairs

[14:44] Duna Gant (7m)

[14:44] Kicca Igaly: ciao Duglas :))

[14:44] Kicca Igaly Duglas hello :))

[14:44] Simotron Aquila shouts: hi Kikas! hi Marma! 😀

[14:44] SaveMe Oh: so she is not downstairs

[14:44] Doug : ciao Kikka:)

[14:44] SaveMe Oh: Hi Doug

[14:44] Marmaduke Arado: ty, i was wondering about that

[14:45] SaveMe Oh: Me too

[14:45] SaveMe Oh: Is she still upstairs?

[14:45] Kikas Babenco shouts: Hi everyone!

[14:45] Marmaduke Arado: i’m being rather slow at finding out

[14:45] Wizardoz Chrome (9m)

[14:45] nessuno Myoo: Hi Kikas

[14:45] SaveMe Oh: And when she is upstairs will she go downstairs or further up?

[14:45] Simotron Aquila: ciao ness :))

[14:46] SaveMe Oh: Hi Simontron

[14:46] Aneli Abeyante (18m)

[14:46] nessuno Myoo: oi simo ciauuu :O)

[14:46] Simotron Aquila: hi Save! :))

[14:46] SaveMe Oh: Hi Simontron

[14:46] Marmaduke Arado: she’s still a mystery to me in that regard

[14:46] SaveMe Oh: Oh hi Marma

[14:46] SaveMe Oh: didnt see you

[14:46] Simotron Aquila: lol

[14:46] SaveMe Oh: Oh hi Simontron

[14:46] abdab Kira (19m)

[14:46] SaveMe Oh: you here?

[14:46] nessuno Myoo: quando hai rezzato abbastanza ti consiglio di metterti in volo se non vuoi arrischiare per le scale ^^

[14:46] Marmaduke Arado: i’ll ask for a tp, it’s the 21st century after all

[14:47] SaveMe Oh: you can also zoom

[14:47] Kikas Babenco (18m)

[14:47] SaveMe Oh: hi kikas

[14:47] ѕtarlaѕh: hi Tyrehl 🙂

[14:47] SaveMe Oh: welcome back

[14:47] SaveMe Oh: hi tyrehl

[14:47] Haveit Neox (5m)

[14:47] Mathylda Valeska (19m)

[14:48] SaveMe Oh: hi haveit

[14:48] Haveit Neox: Hi

[14:48] SaveMe Oh: hi

[14:48] Aneli Abeyante (8m)

[14:48] SaveMe Oh: hi haveit

[14:48] Kikas Babenco: really liking it!

[14:48] SaveMe Oh: hi kikas

[14:48] Aneli Abeyante: bravo encora su per be

[14:48] Haveit Neox: Nessuno and Kicca, congratulations on the exhibit! It’s wonderful. Bravi!

[14:48] Aneli Abeyante: hello solkide

[14:49] Solkide Auer: hello aneli

[14:49] Solkide Auer: ciao simo

[14:49] Haveit Neox: Hi SaveMe

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: hi solkide

[14:49] Kicca Igaly: grazie molte Haveit 🙂

[14:49] Kicca Igaly thank you very much 🙂 Haveit

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: hi aneli

[14:49] Solkide Auer: hi save

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: hi solkide

[14:49] Aneli Abeyante: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

[14:49] nessuno Myoo: hi Haveit 🙂

[14:49] Simotron Aquila: ciao Solkide 🙂

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: ciao solkide

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: hi simontron

[14:49] Simotron Aquila: (I’m rezzing slooow)

[14:49] Haveit Neox: Ciao Nessuno!

[14:49] Marmaduke Arado (15m)

[14:49] Solkide Auer: ㋡

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: hi Marmaduke

[14:49] Quan Lavender: Hello Simo

[14:49] SaveMe Oh: 5 minutes is a little less, dont you think?

[14:50] nessuno Myoo: essi un po di lagghino

[14:50] Kicca Igaly: thank you very much 🙂 Haveit

[14:50] Simotron Aquila: hey Quan! :))

[14:50] SaveMe Oh: hi Kicca

[14:50] SaveMe Oh: hey Quan

[14:50] SaveMe Oh: you here?

[14:50] Quan Lavender: Eupa gave me today the lonk to the machinima

[14:50] nessuno Myoo: ahahah vedo gente cadere ogni dove ^^

[14:50] SaveMe Oh: hi Quan

[14:50] nessuno Myoo: fortuna che gli avatar nn usano cerotti 😀

[14:50] Quan Lavender: Oh Save, YOU here?

[14:50] SaveMe Oh: oh hi Quan

[14:50] ChrisTower Dae (19m)

[14:51] SaveMe Oh: hi Christower

[14:51] Simotron Aquila: ^^

[14:51] SaveMe Oh: hi simontron

[14:51] SaveMe Oh: how are you

[14:51] SaveMe Oh: and how are you two little kids?

[14:51] abdab Kira (19m)

[14:51] Simotron Aquila: hi Save 😀 I’m ok, thx and you?

[14:51] Christower Dae: nessuno? ma hai messo SaveMeOh alla reception? ahahahaheheh

[14:52] SaveMe Oh: Hi christower, how is the crisis?

[14:52] Marmaduke Arado: i’ll dare to go up the stairs now…

[14:52] nessuno Myoo: visto con la crisi che c’è chi mi ritrovo ad accogliere ?????

[14:52] shellina Winkler (15m)

[14:52] nessuno Myoo: :DDDD

[14:52] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[14:52] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[14:52] Christower Dae: what crisis?

[14:52] shellina Winkler: hello all

[14:52] Kicca Igaly: ce l’hai fatta chris? 🙂

[14:52] Kicca Igaly chris you did it? 🙂

[14:52] Christower Dae: shellina ciaooo:)

[14:52] Aneli Abeyante: hello shellina

[14:52] nessuno Myoo: quella che ti viene quando save arriva ^^

[14:52] SaveMe Oh: Oh Hi christower, how was church?

[14:53] Christower Dae: ahahaha vero ness….:)

[14:53] nessuno Myoo: ^^

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: hi Shellina

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: I said

[14:53] nessuno Myoo: ciauu shelliii :ç)

[14:53] Christower Dae: im a comics…….:)

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: HI SHELLINA

[14:53] Kicca Igaly: ciao Shelliiii :))

[14:53] Christower Dae: ops ….comic

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: HI SHELLINA

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: HI DAE

[14:53] Christower Dae: si si kicca…ce l’ho fatta….:)

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: Deo deo Dea

[14:53] Christower Dae: HI HO

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: hi tyrelhl

[14:53] SaveMe Oh: HI SHELLINA

[14:53] Kicca Igaly: eroico, uno dei pochi a non cadere

[14:53] Kicca Igaly heroic, one of the few not to fall

[14:54] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[14:54] SaveMe Oh: hi WUWai

[14:54] Christower Dae: no…però diciamo che alla fine…mi son buttato…ma non per la disperazione eheheh

[14:54] Maryva Mayo (7m)

[14:54] nessuno Myoo: ahahhaaaaa

[14:54] Kicca Igaly: menomale^^

[14:54] Kicca Igaly Thank goodness ^ ^

[14:54] SaveMe Oh: Hi MAryva

[14:54] Aneli Abeyante: hello maryva

[14:54] SaveMe Oh: Hi Igor

[14:54] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[14:54] shellina Winkler: ciao ness ㋡

[14:54] Kicca Igaly: Mary, ciao :))

[14:54] nessuno Myoo: ciauu :°)

[14:54] SaveMe Oh: hi Shellina

[14:55] Maryva Mayo: Hello all ☺

[14:55] SaveMe Oh: hi Maryva

[14:55] nessuno Myoo: se sei fortunata shelli puoi tentare le scale altrimenti è meglio che ti metti in volo :°)

[14:55] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shelli

[14:55] Maryva Mayo: hi Save

[14:55] Kicca Igaly: ciao Shelli :))

[14:55] SaveMe Oh: Hi Maryva

[14:55] SaveMe Oh: ciao shelli

[14:55] nessuno Myoo: unico consiglio avvicinati con l’avi a tutte le sculture ma ormai lo sai ehehee….

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[14:56] shellina Winkler: eheh si si

[14:56] Christower Dae: io poi con calma…torno a fare foto….

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Winkler

[14:56] Nicola Ixtar (9m)

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Christower

[14:56] Maryva Mayo: ciao Kicca & Ness xx

[14:56] abdab Kira (19m)

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nicola

[14:56] Penumbra Carter (7m)

[14:56] nessuno Myoo: ciauuu mari la buona sera :°))

[14:56] shellina Winkler: hi Save

[14:56] Christower Dae: Hi Ho

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penumbra

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Christower

[14:56] Kicca Igaly: ciao penumbra, benvenuta :))

[14:56] Kicca Igaly penumbra Hello, welcome :))

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[14:56] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penumbra

[14:57] Christower Dae: l’avrò salutata duecento volte ahaha

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[14:57] Penumbra Carter: hello saveMe, kikka nessumoo and all!

[14:57] nessuno Myoo: che botta di lag fiuuuuu

[14:57] Simotron Aquila (18m)

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penumbra

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: hi simontron

[14:57] nessuno Myoo: Hi Penumbra welcome :°)

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: welcomePenumbra

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: a warm welcome

[14:57] Penumbra Carter: rezzing IN

[14:57] Simotron Aquila: hi Penumbra 😀 hi Save 😀

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: Hi shellina

[14:57] SaveMe Oh: welcome

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan, how are you

[14:58] Quan Lavender: hello Maryva

[14:58] Christower Dae: Nessuno ma il cd di Save quando esce? ehehehe

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: Hi Christower

[14:58] Christower Dae: Hi Ho

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: did I already say hello?

[14:58] Nicola Ixtar: Buona sera signori

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penumbra

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: And Hi Patricia

[14:58] Kicca Igaly: ciao nicola 🙂

[14:58] Kicca Igaly hello nicola 🙂

[14:58] Christower Dae: hello Ho

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: nice you found time to come

[14:58] Dekka Raymaker (18m)

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: HI Dekka

[14:58] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[14:59] nessuno Myoo: hi Dekka welcome 🙂

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: Hi Dekka

[14:59] Dekka Raymaker: Hey Save Me

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: Raymaker too

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: Hi

[14:59] Kicca Igaly: hi Dekka

[14:59] Dekka Raymaker: hello Nessuno

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: how is the knitting?

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: hi starlash

[14:59] Dekka Raymaker: Hey Kicca, thanks for the invite guys

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: hi wizardos

[14:59] Dekka Raymaker: knitting is going well

[14:59] Kicca Igaly: grazie a te per essere qui

[14:59] Kicca Igaly thank you for being here

[14:59] SaveMe Oh: hi christowe

[14:59] Christower Dae: secondo me lavorava sulla Concordia come recepnionist ed è rimasta scioccata!! ehehe:):):)

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: hi Flora Nordenskiold

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: Hi Igor Ballyhoo

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[15:00] Kicca Igaly: peccato non sia affondata assieme

[15:00] Kicca Igaly Sin is not sunk together

[15:00] Christower Dae: ahahahah

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: Hi Christower

[15:00] Christower Dae: Hi Ho

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: Hi Dekka

[15:00] Jessi Firethorn (5m)

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: Hi jess

[15:00] Penumbra Carter: still rezzing in:)

[15:00] Dekka Raymaker: Lo Saveme

[15:00] Quan LavenderQuan Lavender looks for a gag to plug into Save’s mouth

[15:00] SaveMe Oh: welcome

[15:01] Jessi Firethorn: hi

[15:01] Penumbra Carter: ¡¡VIVA!!

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: Hi Dekka

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penumbra

[15:01] Quan Lavender: hello Penumbra and Dekka

[15:01] Penumbra Carter: saveMe is just being nice:)

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: how is the thingy?

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: hi Quan

[15:01] Marmaduke Arado (19m)

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: how is your blog?

[15:01] nutron Ornitz (19m)

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[15:01] Penumbra Carter: going up:)

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: and Hi Nutron

[15:01] Lion Igaly (10m)

[15:01] SaveMe Oh: welcome

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: please take a look around

[15:02] Aneli Abeyante: bye and good night all

[15:02] Nu: hi

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: Bye Aneli

[15:02] Christower Dae: bien

[15:02] Betty Tureaud (3m)

[15:02] Christower Dae: vi lascio

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: COme back please

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: Hi Penumbra

[15:02] nessuno Myoo: oiiiii Lionnnnnnnnnn ciauuuuuz

[15:02] nessuno Myoo: :°))))))

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: Hi Lion

[15:02] Christower Dae: tornerò a fare foto

[15:02] Kikas Babenco (14m)

[15:02] Christower Dae: se me lo permettete

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[15:02] Christower Dae: ehehe

[15:02] Betty Tureaud: hi shellina

[15:02] nessuno Myoo: cacchio sei tu in pixel :°))))

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty Omo

[15:02] pallina60 Loon shouts: Simotron e Claudia

[15:02] SaveMe Oh: how were the colors?

[15:02] Lion Igaly: ciao egregio 🙂

[15:03] Lion Igaly: ciao a tutti

[15:03] Kicca Igaly: Lionnnn, questa sì che è grande!

[15:03] Kicca Igaly Lionnnn, this really is great!

[15:03] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:03] Betty Tureaud: hi SaveME Boo

[15:03] Dekka Raymaker (16m)

[15:03] Simotron Aquila shouts: ciaooo

[15:03] Lion Igaly: avvenimentooo!

[15:03] SaveMe Oh: Hi Simontron

[15:03] Kikas Babenco: I got stuck inside a tunnel!

[15:03] nessuno Myoo: :ç))) se è servita a vederti diciamo che l’expo è già andata alla stragrande amico 😉

[15:03] SaveMe Oh: Hi kikas, you tunnelfreak

[15:03] Lion Igaly: ma graziee

[15:03] Nu: id this an opening

[15:03] SaveMe Oh: was there light at the end?

[15:03] Lion Igaly: verrò ppiù spesso 🙂

[15:03] nessuno Myoo: :)))

[15:03] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nutron, welcomeat the opening

[15:04] Starlash Sweetwater (18m)

[15:04] Kikas Babenco: I love tunnels and hidding places

[15:04] SaveMe Oh: you can also take the elevator

[15:04] Marmaduke Arado (17m)

[15:04] Lion Igaly: bellissima installazione

[15:04] SaveMe Oh: Hi Lion

[15:04] Lion Igaly: complimenti

[15:04] SaveMe Oh: ty Lion

[15:04] Lion Igaly: hi save

[15:04] Kicca Igaly: grazie 🙂

[15:04] Kicca Igaly thanks 🙂

[15:04] Duna Gant (18m)

[15:04] SaveMe Oh: ty for thecompliments

[15:04] nessuno Myoo: assie 🙂 se ti senti fortunato puoi tentare le scale altrimenti è meglio che ti metti in volo

[15:04] shellina Winkler (4m)

[15:04] Kikas Babenco: I prefer to fly

[15:05] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:05] SaveMe Oh: Hi Fly

[15:05] Christower Dae: bene ragazzi vi saluto……inutile dire qualcosa sulla vostra fantasia e creatività…..

[15:05] Christower Dae: ciao ness…ciao kicca….e grazie

[15:05] SaveMe Oh: thanks for the compliments Christower

[15:05] Kicca Igaly: grazie Chris, grazie di essere passato :))

[15:05] Kicca Igaly Thanks Chris, thanks for the past :))

[15:05] nessuno Myoo: grazie Chris un abbraccio 🙂

[15:05] Christower Dae: ciao lion…ciao shell

[15:05] SaveMe Oh: grazie Chris

[15:05] Lion Igaly: ho già fatto tutto il giro, davvero affascinante

[15:05] SaveMe Oh: and an embrase for you too

[15:05] Kikas Babenco: Kicca and nessuno congratulations!

[15:05] Christower Dae: ciao Saveme Oh , too erheheh

[15:05] nessuno Myoo: se hai bisogno di una receptionist

[15:06] Christower Dae: adesso mi segno il nome….:)

[15:06] SaveMe Oh: Hi nessuno

[15:06] nessuno Myoo: senza complimenti dico sul serio

[15:06] Lion Igaly: si ne cerco una da incatenare ad una mostra

[15:06] SaveMe Oh: Hi Lion

[15:06] nessuno Myoo: ecco vedi come è diligente …fin troppo

[15:06] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:06] Christower Dae: ma si occupa anche del catering?? ehehe

[15:06] Kikas Babenco: save me did you went up?

[15:06] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[15:07] nessuno Myoo: tutto quello che può rompere lo rompe …è una dote naturale oltre che virtuale diciamo 😉

[15:07] Kicca Igaly: no, è a mezzo servizio

[15:07] Kicca Igaly no, it is through service

[15:07] Christower Dae: vabbè diciamo che stasera si mantiene…:)

[15:07] Kikas Babenco: hi talker!

[15:07] nessuno Myoo: eheheh si

[15:07] Kikas Babenco: 🙂

[15:07] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[15:07] Lion Igaly: bene ma quanto ci avete messo per tutto questo?

[15:07] Christower Dae: ok allora me la porto via eheheh

[15:07] nessuno Myoo: oh per la strutturona un 3\4 giorni credo

[15:08] Lion Igaly: facci pure egregio

[15:08] Christower Dae: Hi SaveMe Oh……:)

[15:08] SaveMe Oh: oH HI

[15:08] SaveMe Oh: Christower

[15:08] SaveMe Oh: you here?

[15:08] SaveMe Oh: didnt see you

[15:08] SaveMe Oh: you always rez like this?

[15:08] nessuno Myoo: le sculture quelle un poco di più

[15:08] nessuno Myoo: 🙂

[15:09] Lion Igaly: un poco? 🙂

[15:09] Nucksoo Resident (18m)

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: hi Lion

[15:09] nessuno Myoo: 🙂

[15:09] nexuno Thespian (9m)

[15:09] Christower Dae: no i dont rez

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: hi Ncuksoo

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: hi Nexuno

[15:09] Nucksoo: hi there

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: how are the kids?

[15:09] Christower Dae: im noob

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: did they pass?

[15:09] nexuno Thespian: ciao save me :=)

[15:09] Lion Igaly: ciao nexuno

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: Hi THespian

[15:09] SaveMe Oh: Hi Lion

[15:10] Kicca Igaly: ciao Nex :))

[15:10] Kicca Igaly Nex hello :))

[15:10] nessuno Myoo: ciao Nex 🙂

[15:10] nexuno Thespian: ciao 🙂 hi all

[15:10] SaveMe Oh: Nex hello

[15:10] Christower Dae: nex ciao

[15:10] nexuno Thespian: ciau nesssss7

[15:10] SaveMe Oh: hi Nexuno

[15:10] nexuno Thespian: ciau criiiii ciau kikkk ahhahaha

[15:10] Christower Dae: ma una tortorata in faccia……no eh? ahahahah (questa non la capisce) ahahah

[15:10] SaveMe Oh: hi Nexuno

[15:10] Kicca Igaly: lool

[15:10] SaveMe Oh: hi kikas

[15:11] nexuno Thespian: ahhahaa still rezzing i say hi but u r ghosts ahhahaha

[15:11] Lion Igaly: il bello di Second Life ispira violenza ma non la permette LOL

[15:11] SaveMe Oh: hi tyrehl, how are the flowers doing this spring?

[15:11] nessuno Myoo: ahahahahah lion sei un grande :O)

[15:11] Christower Dae: Save? Do you like tortorata? 🙂

[15:11] Kicca Igaly: ahahahah lion

[15:11] SaveMe Oh: Marmaduke, welcome

[15:11] SaveMe Oh: Hi Christower

[15:11] nessuno Myoo: chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss 😀

[15:11] Christower Dae: Hi Ho 🙂

[15:11] SaveMe Oh: i love tortilla

[15:12] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[15:12] SaveMe Oh: and BYK

[15:12] Christower Dae: bueno..:) i love, too

[15:12] SaveMe Oh: how is the garden?

[15:12] Christower Dae: bye SaveMe Oh……see you later…:)

[15:12] shellina Winkler: hi quan

[15:12] Christower Dae: ragazzi ciaooo vadoooo:)

[15:12] SaveMe Oh: bye Christower, be careful

[15:12] shellina Winkler: ciao nex

[15:12] Quan Lavender: hi Shellina

[15:12] nexuno Thespian: ciau sheeee ciau quannn 🙂

[15:12] SaveMe Oh: dont fly into tunnels

[15:13] shellina Winkler: ciao wiz

[15:13] Quan Lavender: Hi Nexuno :))

[15:13] SaveMe Oh: Hi marmaduke

[15:13] Quan Lavender: how are you Shellina

[15:13] SaveMe Oh: are you waving?

[15:13] SaveMe Oh: HI shelllina

[15:13] shellina Winkler: i’m fine thanks

[15:13] Lion Igaly: ciao chris

[15:14] SaveMe Oh: Are you Shellina? Everything fine?

[15:14] Quan Lavender: great ^^

[15:14] SaveMe Oh: and your grandmother?

[15:14] Quan Lavender: nexuno, the dress was beautiful

[15:14] SaveMe Oh: could she sell the house?

[15:14] Quan Lavender: I could not rez that day, too laggy

[15:14] Lion Igaly: bene ancora un bravissimi e vi auguro tanto successo ancora

[15:14] nexuno Thespian: hehehehe happy u like 🙂

[15:14] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nexuno

[15:14] nessuno Myoo: assie LIon 🙂

[15:14] nexuno Thespian: ciao saveme:)

[15:14] SaveMe Oh: happy you are happy

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: you look happy

[15:15] Kicca Igaly: grazie Lion e grazie di essere entrato, un evento nell’evento^^

[15:15] Kicca Igaly thanks and thanks Lion to be entered, an event in the event ^ ^

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: very happy

[15:15] nexuno Thespian: i give u one hehehehehe just for u saveme 🙂

[15:15] nessuno Myoo: grazie di essere entrato ci ha fatto un piacere enorme davvero

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: the most happy, actually

[15:15] HOLALA Alter (12m)

[15:15] Lion Igaly: ora vado CIAO A TUTTI

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: hi holalalaohlala

[15:15] nessuno Myoo: ci sente un abbraccioneeeeee

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: Bye Lion

[15:15] shellina Winkler: hi holala

[15:15] HOLALA Alter: Hello shellina

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: hug from me too

[15:15] Quan Lavender: but the we go shopping nice shoes for you SaveMe

[15:15] SaveMe Oh: Hello Shellina

[15:16] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

[15:16] SaveMe Oh: you dont like them?

[15:16] Quan Lavender: I got many compliments with the dress

[15:16] SaveMe Oh: ROse made them, better be carefull with what you say

[15:16] Ataro Asbrink (9m)

[15:16] SaveMe Oh: hi Kikas

[15:16] SaveMe Oh: HI ATARO

[15:16] Quan Lavender: hehe, Ray rose she should stay with art

[15:16] SaveMe Oh: how is the swimming ppol doing?

[15:16] Quan Lavender: *say Rose

[15:17] Ataro Asbrink: hi kikas, hi saveme

[15:17] SaveMe Oh: Hi Ataro

[15:17] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[15:17] SaveMe Oh: Hi PatriciaAnne

[15:17] Ataro Asbrink: hi all

[15:17] SaveMe Oh: hi Ataro

[15:17] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[15:18] Marmaduke Arado: helloooo!

[15:18] Ataro Asbrink: hi SaveMe

[15:18] SaveMe Oh: hey hello too

[15:18] SaveMe Oh: Hi Ataro, how is the new car?

[15:18] Xaan Allen (9m)

[15:18] SaveMe Oh: HI XAAN

[15:18] Kicca Igaly: ciao patricia, benvenuta

[15:18] Kicca Igaly Hello Patricia, welcome

[15:18] Ataro Asbrink: did you send me one?

[15:18] PatriciaAnne Daviau: ツ

[15:18] Xaan Allen: hiiii

[15:18] SaveMe Oh: how is the purple fox?

[15:18] nessuno Myoo: oi ciauuu xaan :°))

[15:18] nexuno Thespian: ciau patri 🙂

[15:18] SaveMe Oh: HI ataro, you here?

[15:18] Xaan Allen: sleeping ^^ zzzZZZzzz z

[15:18] Ataro Asbrink: oh yes

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: I thought you didnt…..

[15:19] Xaan Allen: lolll

[15:19] Quan Lavender: Hi Xaan

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: HI Xaan

[15:19] Kicca Igaly: Xan :))) bello vederti

[15:19] Kicca Igaly Xan :))) nice to see you

[15:19] Ataro Asbrink: pls talk smaller

[15:19] nutron Ornitz (19m)

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: HI Quan, so nice you came

[15:19] Xaan Allen: ciaooo a tutti ^^ hi all !!

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: really unexpected

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: Hi Xaan

[15:19] Marmaduke Arado: so how are you liking the installation SaveMe?

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kikas

[15:19] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[15:19] nessuno Myoo: mannaggia li pescietti

[15:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nessuno

[15:20] Nucksoo Resident (18m)

[15:20] Marmaduke Arado: it’s very good i think

[15:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Xaan

[15:20] Nu: hi pat

[15:20] Maryva Mayo (13m)

[15:20] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:20] Nucksoo Resident (17m)

[15:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi Maryva

[15:21] shellina Winkler: ciao Xaan ㋡

[15:21] SaveMe Oh: hI sHELLINA

[15:21] SaveMe Oh: Hi Ataro

[15:21] SaveMe Oh: ciao Xaan

[15:21] SaveMe Oh: hi allen

[15:21] Ataro Asbrink: hi saveme!!!

[15:22] SaveMe Oh: hey hi Ataro

[15:22] Ataro Asbrink: you here?

[15:22] Xaan Allen: ^^ Saveme loll

[15:22] SaveMe Oh: Hi Xaan

[15:22] SaveMe Oh: Ataro, I didnt saw you

[15:22] SaveMe Oh: first time here?

[15:22] SaveMe Oh: how nice you came

[15:22] Ataro Asbrink: i just saw you

[15:22] SaveMe Oh: Hey Hi ataro

[15:22] Xaan Allen (9m)

[15:22] Ataro Asbrink: nice smell

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: Hi ataro, you smell nice

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: I think Its patriciaanne

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: who smells so nice

[15:23] Ataro Asbrink: oh thanks so much

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: HEy Ataro, hi

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: didnt saw you

[15:23] Ataro Asbrink: wasnt cheap….

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: hi kikas

[15:23] SaveMe Oh: and Marma

[15:24] SaveMe Oh: when did you two arrive?

[15:24] Kicca Igaly: grazie grazie Maryyyy :)))

[15:24] Kicca Igaly Maryyyy thank you thank you :)))

[15:24] nessuno Myoo: eheheh si tranq

[15:24] Marmaduke Arado: hello! it’s great to use the camera and still be greeted

[15:24] nessuno Myoo: grazie mari

[15:24] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:24] Marmaduke Arado: the best of both worlds!

[15:24] SaveMe Oh: can sombody tell Shellina hi fromme?

[15:24] nessuno Myoo: 🙂

[15:24] nessuno Myoo: brava

[15:24] SaveMe Oh: she might have me muted by accident

[15:24] Kikas Babenco: we have been here all the time you fool!

[15:24] Ataro Asbrink (18m)

[15:24] SaveMe Oh: HI Kikas

[15:25] Kikas Babenco: do you need glasses?

[15:25] SaveMe Oh: diodnt recognise you

[15:25] SaveMe Oh: you changed your hair?

[15:25] Kicca Igaly: d’accordo, grazie Mary :))

[15:25] Kicca Igaly agree, thanks Mary :))

[15:25] nessuno Myoo: siii tranq è stato bellissimo anche vedere gli avatar dar grugnate ^^ a un certo punto abbiamo pensato di dover cambiare il prim della base perchè danneggiato 😀

[15:25] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[15:25] nexuno Thespian (18m)

[15:25] SaveMe Oh: how do I shout?

[15:25] Kicca Igaly: lool ness

[15:25] nessuno Myoo: ^^

[15:25] SaveMe Oh: maybe Shellina dont hear me

[15:25] Melvin Starbrook (19m)

[15:25] Kikas Babenco: going up again!

[15:26] SaveMe Oh: hi shellina

[15:26] nessuno Myoo: se vuoi far impazzire un avatar mettigli delle scale fasulle e il gioco è fatto 😉

[15:26] nessuno Myoo: una sola delle due arriva 🙂

[15:26] Kicca Igaly: una è “finta” l’altra funziona

[15:26] Kicca Igaly is a “fake” the other works

[15:26] SaveMe Oh: hi shellina

[15:26] shellina Winkler: ciao mary

[15:26] SaveMe Oh: mary???

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: SaveMe

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: !

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: Hi Maryva

[15:27] Kicca Igaly: no, tattica buona

[15:27] Kicca Igaly no, good tactic

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan, only see you know

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: very good tactic Shellina

[15:27] nessuno Myoo: ahahahaha

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: very very smart

[15:27] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:27] Kicca Igaly: ma grazie!

[15:27] Kicca Igaly but thanks!

[15:28] PatriciaAnne Daviau (19m)

[15:28] Kicca Igaly: oki

[15:28] nessuno Myoo: oki :O)

[15:28] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:28] Rose Borchovski (14m)

[15:28] Kicca Igaly: sì 😀

[15:28] Kicca Igaly yes: D

[15:28] nessuno Myoo: ^^

[15:28] SaveMe Oh: Hi Rose Borchovski

[15:28] ROSE: dag schatje)

[15:28] SaveMe Oh: hi lieverd

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: hi snoepje

[15:29] nessuno Myoo: hi Rose welcome

[15:29] ROSE: mag je hier zomaar zijn

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: hi poepie

[15:29] ROSE: hello Nessuno)

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nessuno

[15:29] Kicca Igaly: ciao Rose, che piacere 🙂

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: Hi Kicca

[15:29] Kicca Igaly Hello Rose, what a pleasure 🙂

[15:29] Quan Lavender: Hi Rose

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan, I didnt saw you

[15:29] ROSE: Hello kicca, Quan))

[15:29] nessuno Myoo: hi save you are here ohhhhh fantastic

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: Hello Kicca

[15:29] ROSE: and others)

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nessuno

[15:29] SaveMe Oh: great wings

[15:29] nessuno Myoo: ty

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: Hi Igor

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:30] Lalonna Resident (19m)

[15:30] Quan Lavender: stop scaring us

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: Hi Holahiholalal

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: Hi Flora

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: how are you

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: hey Huckleberry

[15:30] ROSE: it made me stop for a moment)

[15:30] SaveMe Oh: Welcome

[15:31] SaveMe Oh: Hi PatriciaAnne

[15:31] SaveMe Oh: feel free to have a look around

[15:31] Kicca Igaly: ciao Lalonna

[15:31] Kicca Igaly Hello Lalonna

[15:31] SaveMe Oh: Hi Lalonna

[15:31] Lalonna Luvshu: hi…

[15:31] PatriciaAnne Daviau: lol hello SaveMe

[15:31] Lalonna LuvshuLalonna Luvshu smiles and waves

[15:31] SaveMe Oh: Hey hi Patricia ANne

[15:32] Lalonna Luvshu: Looks interesting…

[15:32] SaveMe Oh: Hi streetwhore Lalonna

[15:32] nessuno Myoo: ty Lalonna 🙂

[15:32] Lalonna LuvshuLalonna Luvshu ganders skyward in awe…

[15:32] Lalonna Luvshu: Must turn that off, mustn’t I?

[15:32] Lalonna Luvshu: LOL

[15:32] SaveMe Oh: Hi streetwhore

[15:32] Kicca Igaly: 🙂

[15:32] SaveMe Oh: hi Kicca

[15:32] SaveMe Oh: Hi Luvsme

[15:33] Lalonna Luvshu: For some reason it doen’t appear on my viewer!

[15:33] SaveMe Oh: Hi viewer

[15:33] Lalonna Luvshu: Place looks fabulous!

[15:33] Annie Klavinham (1m)

[15:33] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:33] SaveMe Oh: HI Annie

[15:33] SaveMe Oh: welcome

[15:34] Quan Lavender: Concrats Nessuno and Kigaly

[15:34] Annie Klavinham: Hello :)) Thank you

[15:34] SaveMe Oh: you look gorgeous

[15:34] SaveMe Oh: on international womansday

[15:34] Quan Lavender: have a nice evenening all, bye

[15:34] SaveMe Oh: no Quan

[15:34] nessuno Myoo: ty Quan for all my firend ;°)

[15:34] SaveMe Oh: are you going

[15:34] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:34] Annie Klavinham: Hi and bye Quan! 🙂

[15:34] SaveMe Oh: meet Annie

[15:35] Kicca Igaly: grazie molte Quan, grazie di essere stata con noi :))

[15:35] Kicca Igaly Quan thank you very much, thank you for being with us :))

[15:35] SaveMe Oh: too late Kicca

[15:35] SaveMe Oh: she is already gone

[15:35] PatriciaAnne Daviau: great build! Well done

[15:35] SaveMe Oh: Annie can you borrow Kicca your glasses?

[15:35] Annie Klavinham: lol

[15:36] Annie Klavinham: With pleasure if they are trans

[15:36] SaveMe Oh: Hi holala

[15:36] Annie Klavinham: actually excuse what I look like – I wasn;t expecting company lol

[15:37] Annie Klavinham: This looks fabulous

[15:37] SaveMe Oh: be careful with the rusty parts here

[15:37] Annie Klavinham: Are we allowed up?

[15:37] SaveMe Oh: no, but dont listen

[15:38] Annie KlavinhamAnnie Klavinham smiles

[15:39] Annie Klavinham: Are you being minxy, SaveMe? :)))

[15:39] SaveMe Oh: Hi annie

[15:39] Annie Klavinham: Hello :))

[15:39] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:39] SaveMe Oh: Hi Melvin

[15:40] Annie Klavinham: So, we stay on the ground?

[15:40] nessuno Myoo: hi Annie 🙂

[15:40] Melvin Starbrook: hihi tala

[15:40] SaveMe Oh: hat you want Annie

[15:40] Annie Klavinham: Hi nessuno 🙂

[15:40] Annie Klavinham: Oh, just to explore as best I can 🙂

[15:40] SaveMe Oh: when you want to take a dive its also ok

[15:40] Annie KlavinhamAnnie Klavinham smiles

[15:40] Melvin Starbrook: lol tumbling through yje floor

[15:40] nessuno Myoo: 🙂

[15:41] SaveMe Oh: And if you would like Nessuno to go with you, he is available

[15:41] Melvin Starbrook (18m)

[15:41] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:41] Annie Klavinham: Is his shoulder puppy too?

[15:41] Kicca Igaly: ciao melvin

[15:41] SaveMe Oh: Hi Melvin

[15:42] Kicca Igaly: un amico Annie

[15:42] Kicca Igaly a friend of Annie

[15:42] Melvin Starbrook: tala 🙂

[15:42] Rose Borchovski (19m)

[15:42] Annie KlavinhamAnnie Klavinham smiles

[15:42] Melvin StarbrookMelvin Starbrook giggles

[15:42] SaveMe Oh: Hi Shellina

[15:43] SaveMe Oh: hi shellina

[15:43] SaveMe Oh: I try to wake her up

[15:44] SaveMe Oh: she awoke

[15:44] Annie Klavinham: ooop have to go – congrats on a great build :))

[15:44] nessuno Myoo: great Melvin ;°)))

[15:44] SaveMe Oh: bye Annie

[15:44] SaveMe Oh: was great to have you here

[15:44] Melvin Starbrook: YAY!

[15:44] SaveMe Oh: Hi Melvin

[15:44] nessuno Myoo: YAY!

[15:46] nessuno Myoo: hi kicca

[15:46] SaveMe Oh: hi kicca

[15:46] nessuno Myoo: vedi?

[15:46] SaveMe Oh: veni

[15:46] SaveMe Oh: vici?

[15:46] Kicca Igaly: hai ragione

[15:46] Kicca Igaly you’re right

[15:46] nessuno Myoo: vedi*

[15:46] Bellavista Eisman (19m)

[15:46] HOLALA Alter: Kicca and Nessuno: congratulations aKicca and Nessuno: congratulations again

[15:46] nexuno Thespian (14m)

[15:46] HOLALA Alter: Bye all

[15:47] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nexuno

[15:47] Kicca Igaly: grazie Holala e grazie di essere stato con noi 🙂

[15:47] Kicca Igaly Holala thanks and thanks for being with us 🙂

[15:47] jajajajajaja: Kicca Nessuno CONGRATULATIONS

[15:47] nessuno Myoo: ty Holala for coming and for appreciate it :°)

[15:47] nessuno Myoo: TY Bella :ç)) ty my friend

[15:47] jajajajajaja: it was impressive all the work !!!

[15:47] Kicca Igaly: grazie bellavista, felice che ti sia piaciuto 🙂

[15:47] Kicca Igaly bellavista thanks, glad you liked it 🙂

[15:47] Victoria Lenoirre (12m)

[15:47] SaveMe Oh: hi jajajajaja bye jajajajajaja

[15:48] SaveMe Oh: hi Victoria

[15:48] jajajajajaja: I loved so much

[15:48] jajajajajaja: 🙂

[15:48] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: hi saveme

[15:48] nessuno Myoo: you are very welcome 🙂

[15:48] SaveMe Oh: Hi Victoria

[15:48] Kicca Igaly: :))

[15:48] Jazz62 Masala (19m)

[15:48] SaveMe Oh: very welcome

[15:48] SaveMe Oh: incredible welcome

[15:48] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: hi kicca. :))

[15:48] nessuno Myoo: ahahahahah jazzzz

[15:48] HOLALA Alter: Buenas noches Bella besos

[15:48] jajajajajaja: jajajaja with parachuten

[15:48] nessuno Myoo: ottimo sistema per scendere a terra 😉

[15:48] Jazz62 Masala: hehehe

[15:48] jajajajajaja: Jazz!!! no me lo dijiste

[15:48] jajajajajaja: 😉

[15:48] Rose Borchovski (13m)

[15:48] HOLALA Alter: Ciao Maryva

[15:48] Kicca Igaly: ciao victoria! 🙂

[15:48] Kicca Igaly (ciao victory! 🙂

[15:48] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: buenas noches, bello.

[15:48] SaveMe Oh: Hi rose borchovski

[15:48] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: ciao!

[15:48] Jazz62 Masala: eu disse que ia de para quedas

[15:48] Jazz62 Masala: I said I was going to the falls

[15:49] SaveMe Oh: Hi Jazz

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: paraquedas

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: parachute

[15:49] nessuno Myoo: ciao Victoria 🙂

[15:49] jajajajajaja: mañan me tiro en paracaidas desde lo alto de la metropolis

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: heheh

[15:49] SaveMe Oh: ciao Jazz

[15:49] Maryva Mayo: Hi Holala

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: ola save

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: hello save

[15:49] jajajajajaja: que gran idea me has dado

[15:49] SaveMe Oh: tudo bem?

[15:49] jajajajajaja: 🙂

[15:49] Kicca Igaly: lool Bella

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: sim obrigado

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: yes thank you

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: e tu?

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: and you?

[15:49] SaveMe Oh: muito bem

[15:49] SaveMe Oh: obrigada

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: bom

[15:49] Jazz62 Masala: “good”,[[“adjective”,”good”,”fine”,”fair”,”okay”,”decent”,”OK”,”fit”,”praiseworthy”,”moral”,”meritorious”,”okey”,”rattling”,”okeydokey”]]

[15:50] SaveMe Oh: gostei o baba de camelo?

[15:50] Jazz62 Masala: muitos parabén nessuno e kicca

[15:50] Jazz62 Masala: Paraben and many nessuno kicca

[15:50] Jazz62 Masala: parabens

[15:50] SaveMe Oh: obrigada

[15:50] nessuno Myoo: :O) ty

[15:50] ROSE: congratulations with your exhibit nessuno and Kicca)

[15:50] jajajajajaja: the poster presentation is beautiful, and it promised a great work !!

[15:50] SaveMe Oh: Hi Maryva

[15:50] Kicca Igaly: grazie jazz, è stato un piacere averti qui 🙂

[15:50] Kicca Igaly with jazz, it was a pleasure having you here 🙂

[15:50] Jazz62 Masala: acho muito bom e gostei

[15:50] Jazz62 Masala: I think very good and liked

[15:51] SaveMe Oh: felizment

[15:51] Time fuze: Bomb defused! Pheww!

[15:51] nessuno Myoo: :))

[15:51] SaveMe Oh: Hi Rose, you her?

[15:51] ROSE: )

[15:51] SaveMe Oh: Hi Victoria

[15:51] SaveMe Oh: Hi Nexuno

[15:51] nessuno Myoo: wb down rose 🙂

[15:51] ROSE: bye bye)

[15:51] Mexi Lane (13m)

[15:51] nexuno Thespian: ciao rose 🙂

[15:51] SaveMe Oh: Bye rose

[15:52] nessuno Myoo: bye bye :ç)

[15:52] Kicca Igaly: grazie molte Rose, è stato un piacere :))

[15:52] Kicca Igaly Many thanks to Rose, it was a pleasure :))

[15:52] SaveMe Oh: thanks so much for coming

[15:52] Marmaduke Arado (19m)

[15:52] jajajajajaja: well friends, I have to go out, it was a pleasure

[15:52] SaveMe Oh: she still has to do the dishes

[15:52] jajajajajaja: 🙂

[15:52] SaveMe Oh: Hi Marmaduke

[15:52] SaveMe Oh: welcome

[15:53] Marmaduke Arado: oh, the dishes…

[15:53] nessuno Myoo: ty Bella and ty for come :ç)

[15:53] Kicca Igaly: grazie ancora Bella, un piacere anche nostro :))

[15:53] Kicca Igaly thanks again Beautiful, a pleasure for us all :))

[15:53] Marmaduke Arado: you reminded me!

[15:53] Simotron Aquila (19m)

[15:53] Jazz62 Masala: tambem tenho de ir

[15:53] Jazz62 Masala: also have to go

[15:53] Marmaduke Arado: hello SaveMe!

[15:53] Kikas Babenco (18m)

[15:53] Jazz62 Masala: uma boa noite para todos

[15:53] Jazz62 Masala: a good night for all

[15:53] nessuno Myoo: ciao Mexi benvenuta :°)

[15:53] Mexi Lane: ciao Ness, kicca & C 🙂

[15:53] SaveMe Oh: Hi kikas

[15:53] Marmaduke Arado: boa noite Jazz

[15:53] SaveMe Oh: nice wings

[15:53] Kicca Igaly: buonanotte Jazz e ancora grazie 🙂

[15:53] Kicca Igaly Jazz goodnight and thank you 🙂

[15:53] SaveMe Oh: bigger than nessuno’s

[15:53] nessuno Myoo: ‘notte Jazz :°)

[15:54] Kicca Igaly: Mexi 🙂 ciao

[15:54] Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator fr->en): Mexican 🙂 ciao

[15:54] Kikas Babenco: this place deserves good wings! 🙂

[15:54] Marmaduke Arado: the dishes… i have to go…

[15:54] SaveMe Oh: bye Marma

[15:54] nessuno Myoo: is true Kikas 😉

[15:54] Kicca Igaly: sì kikas 😀

[15:54] Kicca Igaly (Q-Translator de->en): sì Kikas: D

[15:54] SaveMe Oh: please come again

[15:54] Kikas Babenco: bye everyone!

[15:54] Marmaduke Arado: bye time now _ bye SaveMe! & everyone

[15:54] SaveMe Oh: bye

[15:54] Marmaduke Arado: I will

[15:54] Kikas Babenco: bye bye save!

[15:54] SaveMe Oh: Hi Mexi

[15:54] Kicca Igaly: ciao Marmaduke, grazie di essere stato con noi 🙂

[15:54] Kicca Igaly Marmaduke hello, thanks for being with us 🙂

[15:54] nessuno Myoo: bye and ty for come 🙂

[15:55] Marmaduke Arado: i liked it very much nessuno and Kicca

[15:55] nessuno Myoo: bye Armaduhe 🙂

[15:55] RAG Randt (18m)

[15:55] Kikas Babenco: we’ll come again!

[15:55] SaveMe Oh: Me too that you came marmaduke

[15:55] SaveMe Oh: and of course Kikas

[15:55] SaveMe Oh: very very nice

[15:55] Marmaduke Arado: so good to see you here SaveMe!

[15:55] Kicca Igaly: Marmaduke hello, thanks for being with us 🙂

[15:55] SaveMe Oh: thank you so much

[15:56] SaveMe Oh: also really good to see you two here

[15:56] SaveMe Oh: really very very nice

[15:56] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: nessuno and kicca, could you stand closer together? i want to take pictures for UWA blog. 🙂

[15:56] SaveMe Oh: as it is not close

[15:56] Kicca Igaly: oh, certo…

[15:56] Kicca Igaly Oh, sure …

[15:56] Marmaduke Arado: i’m sure we’ll meet again soon

[15:56] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: grazie

[15:56] Marmaduke Arado: we’ll greet profusely again

[15:56] nessuno Myoo: with great pleasure 🙂

[15:56] Marmaduke Arado: 😀

[15:56] Kicca Igaly: ciao marmaduke

[15:57] nessuno Myoo: save dear is not late for you?

[15:57] nessuno Myoo: save is not late for you dear?

[15:57] SaveMe Oh: very

[15:57] Marmaduke Arado: buona notte!

[15:57] Xaan Allen (3m)

[15:57] SaveMe Oh: but its so nice

[15:57] nessuno Myoo: i can understand this

[15:57] nessuno Myoo: I Can Understand this

[15:57] SaveMe Oh: buona notte bambino mio

[15:57] Kicca Igaly: riesci Victoria?

[15:57] Kicca Igaly Can Victoria?

[15:57] SaveMe Oh: Hi Xaan

[15:58] Simotron Aquila: complimenti Kicca e Ness!!! 😀 grande lavoro!!!

[15:58] nessuno Myoo: oi simo grazie

[15:58] nessuno Myoo: or by simo

[15:58] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: grazie. molto bene. 🙂

[15:58] SaveMe Oh: yw

[15:58] Simotron Aquila: :))

[15:58] SaveMe Oh: Hi Simontron

[15:58] Xaan Allen: ^^

[15:58] Kicca Igaly: grazie Simo! grazie davvero :))

[15:58] Kicca Igaly Simo, thanks! thank you very much :))

[15:58] Simotron Aquila: hi Save! see you tomorrow 😉

[15:59] Simotron Aquila: grazie a voi! 🙂

[15:59] nessuno Myoo: beata te che la vedi anche domani …noi ne sentiamo già la mancanza ci credi?

[15:59] Xaan Allen: bellissimo lavoro Ness Kicca ^^

[15:59] SaveMe Oh: sy simontron

[15:59] SaveMe Oh: thanks for coming

[15:59] Simotron Aquila: 😀

[15:59] SaveMe Oh: really nice

[15:59] nessuno Myoo: :))

[15:59] Simotron Aquila: thx :))

[15:59] SaveMe Oh: as we know normally you don’t….

[15:59] Kicca Igaly: grazie Xaan, un complimento tuo è wow

[15:59] Kicca Igaly Xaan thanks, yours is a compliment wow

[16:00] Simotron Aquila: now I must go… nini all, and see you very soon! 😉

[16:00] nessuno Myoo: oi grazie xaan grazie davvero :ç)

[16:00] SaveMe Oh: hi Simontron, welcome

[16:00] nessuno Myoo: saluta anche merlo 😉

[16:00] Xaan Allen: ahah ok

[16:00] Simotron Aquila: lol

[16:00] Simotron Aquila: :))

[16:00] SaveMe Oh: hi Simontron

[16:00] SaveMe Oh: come in

[16:00] Simotron Aquila: byeeeee

[16:00] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: now i will look around. i will have questions later for blog. 🙂

[16:00] Simotron Aquila: ^^

[16:00] SaveMe Oh: ok victoria

[16:00] nessuno Myoo: yess sure ok 🙂

[16:00] SaveMe Oh: call em anytime

[16:01] Kicca Igaly: d’accordo ok

[16:01] Kicca Igaly ok agree

[16:01] Lady Victoria Lenoirre: grazie

[16:01] nessuno Myoo: you too

[16:01] Kicca Igaly: grazie a te 🙂

[16:01] Kicca Igaly thank you 🙂

[16:01] nicolexlove Resident (19m)

[16:02] SaveMe Oh: Hi Igor

[16:02] .Nico lex.: salve…

[16:02] .Nico lex.: posso visitare?

[16:02] SaveMe Oh: of course

[16:02] nessuno Myoo: ciao nicole ceerto che si 🙂

[16:02] .Nico lex.: : )

[16:02] Kicca Igaly: ciao nicole, benvenuta 🙂

[16:02] Kicca Igaly hello nicole, welcome 🙂

[16:02] nessuno Myoo: hi Rag welcome 🙂

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: Hi Rag

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: Hi XAAN

[16:03] RAG: hey

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: how are you

[16:03] Maryva Mayo: time to go for me, .. thanks Save ㋡ .. you was a perfect master of ceremonies !!! CONGRATS to Ness & Kicca .. and bye all ☺

[16:03] Kicca Igaly: ciao Rag

[16:03] Kicca Igaly Hello Rag

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: everything fine?

[16:03] RAG: nessumo, congrats…love the new work

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: Bye Maryva

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: thanks for coming

[16:03] RAG: ciao kicca

[16:03] Kicca Igaly: ciao mary, ancora grazie :))

[16:03] Kicca Igaly Hello Mary, thanks again :))

[16:03] SaveMe Oh: great to have you here

[16:03] nessuno Myoo: compl,imenti per il video di mexi

[16:04] Kicca Igaly: scusate, rl….

[16:04] Kicca Igaly sorry, rl ….

[16:04] SaveMe Oh: omg

[16:04] SaveMe Oh: rl

[16:04] SaveMe Oh: Hi Xaan

[16:04] SaveMe Oh: how are you

[16:04] SaveMe Oh: Hi rag

[16:05] SaveMe Oh: everything ok with you grandfather?

[16:05] nessuno Myoo: all the night here, for 2 hours, great performance save

[16:05] SaveMe Oh: hi Nessuno, you here?

[16:05] SaveMe Oh: didnt saw you at all

[16:05] nessuno Myoo: for 2 hours me too ^^

[16:05] LeMelonRouge Onyett (14m)

[16:05] SaveMe Oh: have a look around if you like

[16:06] SaveMe Oh: and Take Kicca

[16:06] nessuno Myoo: ahah ty for your proposal my friend

[16:06] SaveMe Oh: maybe she wants to have a look too

[16:06] nessuno Myoo: hey LeMelon wb

[16:07] nessuno Myoo: kicca is busy a littl ein rl

[16:07] SaveMe Oh: hi Lemelon

[16:07] SaveMe Oh: I am going to assist Kicca a bit in rl