Australian ART-Ikea Falls Apart


The sim with the cheapest vision on art of all time, the UWA finally stops with its devastating advertising campaign. For years the University of Western Australia had the problem that no student who was sane would want to go there, so they decided to promote the dump in the cheapest way possible, by exploiting wannabe artists in virtual worlds. Over and over again they forced those poor souls to produce shit which had to include the UWA phallus symbol, the clock tower and some black swans that Jayjay Zifanwe bought for 0 Linden on marketplace.

The megalomaniac events were always the same, space for at least 1000 avatars in the good old tradition of Leni Riefenstahl, with lot of paying participants to afford the prize money that had to be paid to Tutsy Navarathna, who was the arranged winner for years.

For the last time an army of idiots glued their stuff together in the hope to win something, not knowing Tutsy already is celebrating with Jayjay over a box of champagne.

Never investing in quality but always going for the biggest exposure for the backwater university it will be a glorious moment for virtual worlds to be finally liberated from these promoters of kitsch. Now let’s only hope Jayjay will also leave the LEA dictatorship because why continue at the only place which is even more corrupt?

Rezzed Stupid

Once in a while you get such stupid questions that you wonder if those people were rezzed under a stone.

Save God

Aemeth Lysette: Hi SaveMe! You don’t know me, but I’ve seen some of your work and it’s really awesome! I am working with the Art Farm Coop sim at LEA 28 to build a Hollywood-style town dedicated to machinima and photography. (I called it “SLollywood”.)

Anyway, I was talking with another officer, RMarie Beedit, and we agreed it would be awesome if you hosted a seminar here. Would you be interested? I know RMarie said LEA might have banned you from their sims, but I’m giving you a LM to ours so you can try to see if you’ll be able to get in anyway. If not, we tried, and we still think you’re cool. Please let me know if it works!

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship keeps me banned from their sims. The only way to lift that ban is when you request to the dictatorship my presence there is needed. Several artists did so and slowly we can get rid of these dictators who rule LEA on behalve of their licking abilities of Linden Asses. When you demand my unbanning on your particulair LEA sim I will be happy to see how we can work together to present virtual art.


Aemeth Lysette: Ehhh I kinda figured that was a thing. I’ll see what we can do, otherwise we definitely tried.

SaveMe Oh: Tell your LEA boss to unban me and that you want me there and then we can see what is possible

Aemeth Lysette: What LEA boss? You mean the person running the sim? Yeah, we’ll give it a shot.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, those unelected dictators who decide if you get a LEA sim or not. Who is the boss of your region? Solo Mornington? Jayjay Zifanwe?

Aemeth Lysette: Vanessa.. forgot her last name but she’s with Medici U

SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa is not LEA

SaveMe Oh: I mean your LEA boss

Aemeth Lysette: Yeah, funny thing, I never said I had a LEA boss.

SaveMe Oh: You have. If you think its funny or not

Aemeth Lysette: I just built this section lol. And invited a bunch of people. I’m kinda new to this LEA thing. I had an art career before I came here. I will have one after I leave. This LEA stuff seems kind of trite

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship makes sure you only can invite asslickers

Aemeth Lysette: We’re housing what some people would consider “griefers” right now (but actually they’re just gaming machinima/battle sim people). So, no, not true. I run a different ship.

SaveMe Oh: Let me know when you have arranged my free entree in your sim. will do nothing before I am unbanned. I dont want to waste my time.

Aemeth Lysette: You aren’t on the banlist at all.

SaveMe Oh: Thats the trick of the dictatorship, they ban me from a region, so you cant see it on the sim ban list

Aemeth Lysette: Hey so like what about alts.

SaveMe Oh: I have 100 of alts, but I am to good to waste my time on LEA. Get me unbanned and then we talk.


Jessyka Richard: Hello SaveMe, I know Aemeth Lysette talked to you.  I am hosting an internet venue dance floor on LEA28. This saturday evening.  i have some rezzers and particles set up.  if you could bring some cool attatchments it would be awesome. I looked at the banlist that i can see and it doesn’t look like you’re banned (though i can’t promise you won’t get banned lol)

SaveMe Oh: I am banned from the region dear

Jessyka Richard: I sent you a request, let me know if it fails

SaveMe Oh: Sigh, when you people learn to read?

Later that evening:

SaveMe Oh: Give Vaneeesa a kiss

Aemeth Lysette: I know this is an rp thing for you, and might be an entire performance. But if you ever want to have a serious discussion, I’m here.

SaveMe Oh: Nothing to do with RP. So there you already start wrong

Aemeth Lysette: Anyway, thanks for the talk earlier, have fun, see you later.

SaveMe Oh: Bye Vaneeesa

Aemeth Lysette: Bitch I’m not Vanessa. Have a seat. Oh I’m sorry, has no one ever cursed you out before? See, you’ve been playing with these other artists but I don’t think you met anyone like me. You won’t be stepping to me like that, ever. You can’t even be serious about yourself and that’s a shame, that’s wasted brains you’ve got. It’s like you’re only halfway serious about your own craft.

Aemeth Lysette: Until you can come to me like a serious person, you’re being dismissed as somebody who’s probably mentally retarded.

SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa, is your head moving around 360 degrees now?

Why Jayjay Zifanwe Is A Big Liar

The proof of a dictatorship in 5 posts.

Save God

When I came back from holidays I found myself to my surprise unbanned on most LEA sims. As I already expected it was a coincidental mistake in the bureaucracy of the dictatorship but the big liar Jayjay Zifanwe made us believe it was really up to the independent simowners to ban me or not.

2 days I tested this hypothesis and now everything is back to normal. SaveMe Oh banned on all LEA sims while I was making plans with Vaneeesa Blaylock on LEA23 for the 71 virgins project and with my brother Lemonodo Oh on LEA24 for some performances.

Of course I teased the simowners a little to test their artistic backbones but the conclusion must be that LEA is a true dictatorship and Jayjay Zifanwe the biggest coward of all, telling you with a smile on his face you are welcome with the execution knife hidden behind his back.

Here are the links of my odyssey from last week:

LEA Endowment

A group for recipients of an LEA Land Grant. Recipients and liaisons and estate managers are in this group.

If you have a question, ask away or check for someone in the Liaison or EM role and IM them.



Hi all! Hope you are enjoying your land grant! I just wanted to make sure that you all know that you can ban anyone you want from your land grant sim. We will help you with any ban if needed, but unless necessary we try to leave it up to the artists whom they want on their land. Please ask your liaison or any of the committee members for help if you need it. Or if you are having a show or function, and need extra eyes on people you can ask Honour McMillan and she can help with that.

PatriciaAnne Daviau 2015/01/25 06:16:05

More Banning Info

Just a follow up to Patricia’s previous notice… I’m taking it upon myself to ban a certain special troll we have here at LEA, at the estate level. If you wish to unban this person (or anyone else) you’re free to do so since you’re all estate managers.

Solo Mornington 2015/01/25 10:46:06

to reiterate
Sun, Jan 25 2015 12:32:22 PM PST

You, as EMs on your sim, may ban and also UNban anyone you wish.

PatriciaAnne Daviau

How To Rule Without Problems

SaveMe Oh: Why I am unbanned in all LEA sims except LEA 1 to 9?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Hmm I have no idea

SaveMe Oh: Who could have an idea?

LEA plattegrond

Jayjay Zifanwe: I know now, LEA 1-9 are the core sims and are not transferred to the nemaes of the new artists. When we have the rounds for the new land grants for sim 10-29, the land is passed on the the artists who applied so all the bans etc from the previous round would be removed and start fresh. So the artists can choose who they want to ban and who they want to let in. Of course this is a minor part of what the artists do. I suppose they ban when they feel someone is being a nuisance

SaveMe Oh: My bans were not from previous rounds but by despotism, but that’s another thing. As I understand now the board of CEO’s have no weekly board meetings and its more or less the solo ruling by one, but anyway good for me.

Jayjay Zifanwe: lol…. we had a board meeting just 2 hours ago. The board does have meetings every 2 weeks

SaveMe Oh: Then he must keep his security issues private for his own sadist pleasure.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Security on all sims outside of Lea 1-9 is by the artist not by anyone on the committee.

SaveMe Oh: If you believe that yourself you must be a dreamer

Jayjay Zifanwe: Lea 1-9 is controlled by the board

SaveMe Oh: And the other ones were too

Jayjay Zifanwe: But other sims….. the artist has flexibility to allow/disallow

SaveMe Oh: Most artists hadn’t a clue about me being banned at all. It was like a secret bug they had no awareness of

Jayjay Zifanwe: Unless the bans were not cleared from previous rounds… but anyway, on those sims the artist actually owns the land and has EM rights. So they would be able to let you in o disallow you. You are an EM on lands and you have owned lands. You know if they have those statuses what they can do.

SaveMe Oh: I can go now everywhere, (except 1-9). That before it was not possible was just the despotism of Solo Mornington

Jayjay Zifanwe: You also know that for a lot of people when talking to you they would rather plead ignorance and blame someone else.

SaveMe Oh: Had nothing to do with independent artists. Only when an artist requests my presence and after another artist got the sim it could be I still could go there. Sloppiness

Jayjay Zifanwe: I know 1-9 you would be disallowed, but I also know 10-29 are under control fully by artists

SaveMe Oh: Now, before not. 2 years not. So forget what they made you believe and be happy for the present.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Lol. Any artist that wanted to on their lands before could get you on. Was there anyone who said they couldn’t allow you in?

SaveMe Oh: A lot, especially as they had no clue how to do it or didn’t bother because the trouble

Jayjay Zifanwe: In that case more people are capable of fooling you than I thought possible

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship is build on the hopes your slaves collaborate and have a good laugh in keeping people under their thumb

Jayjay Zifanwe: More people want you not present than you would like to believe

SaveMe Oh: That I can understand. When you produce poor art, you don’t want me around

Jayjay Zifanwe: lol

SaveMe Oh: You also rather have me not around

Jayjay Zifanwe: Oh nooo… you are always welcome.

Despotism Is Secretly Granting Probation Based On Self Acclaimed Rules

Are you familiar with the names of these virtual dictators? They may look like nice people but they are already years responsible for gardening the Linden LEA sims for art on their own conditions. When they like your virtual nose you might get a piece of land, when you won’t lick their ass, they may ban you without notice for years.

I the jury

Honour McMillan

Jayjay Zifanwe

LaPiscean Liberty

Oberon Onmura

PatriciaAnne Daviau

Quan Lavender

Solo Mornington

First they banned me practically everywhere on Linden LEA land and try to persuade me to fill in their ridiculous appeal forms to get my freedom to go where I want back. Owners of a LEA sim had to lick their asses if they insist of having me there. The arrogant Solo Mornington couldn’t resist showing with great pleasure how he was able to hold me down and under is thumb as he wanted, as if he was the almighty god of LEA.

And now, in secret, without any message, I can go again to the LEA sims. Did they feel ashamed about their despotic behaviour after the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Was it just a mistake when they restart the sim? Or did they finally realise that sims who are not visited by SaveMe Oh can be considered as dead and lost.

Killing god

But why I still can’t go to LEA 1 to 8? And the sandbox LEA 5? Still some restrictions, or did the LEA slave Secret Rage demand this condition. We will not know as despotism is never known for is transparent policies.

slave Secret Rage demand this condition. We will not know as despotism is never known for is transparent policies.

The LEA Christmas Gangbang

Fuck LEA

As we all know LEA has already for a long time nothing to do with art anymore. Members from the committee who should promote art have better things to do like protecting Jesus (Jayjay Zifanwe), having a horsedick hobby (Quan Lavender) or being a blonde haired blue eyed catholic woman (Secret Rage).

So why not build a Christmas landscape in LEA with a dream carriage with two white horses in front of it (Quan, eat your heart out). In the carriage a hot menu where we can choose to do it doggy style or have a jingle ball ride. Or better stick to licking? We are after all in LEA (Licking every a$$)

So after Betty Thureaud and Mandel Solano banned me once again in the other LEA sim I end up in LEA 12 where these horny hot surprises were waiting for me. I jumped leaking in the carriage….

SaveMe Oh: I am waiting…

Dora Maar: For what?

SaveMe Oh: For the prince, what else?

Dora Maar: It’s not for sale

SaveMe Oh: I only want his love baby

Dora Maar: I dunno, I thought maybe you were waiting for a pixel man to help you

SaveMe Oh: You have one available?

Dora Maar: I’m sure you have many

SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t want to use the horses. That’s more something for Quan Lavender from the LEA committee

I also went to UWA to ask Jayjay Zifanwe his opinion.


SaveMe Oh: You know LEA is ruled by a dictatorship, maybe UWA would not want to be connected to that?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Are you asking me to resign?

SaveMe Oh: Considering the thing that happened with religion in UWA. First censorship here, then dictatorship in LEA. You should be careful were you sending your students.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ah students in general show respect to religions here. We have a lot of diversity.

SaveMe Oh: That’s great

Jayjay Zifanwe: Showing religion is not a problem

SaveMe Oh: I love diversity and freedom

Jayjay Zifanwe: Quite a few works displayed religious icons

SaveMe Oh: Diversity and freedom go perfect together, you teach that there?

Jayjay Zifanwe: We live that, not teach that, but foremost to go along with that is respect

SaveMe Oh: You don’t need censorship or dictatorship to achieve that as you can explain why the diversity

Jayjay Zifanwe: Which causes those here to automatically not attempt to disparage other religions

SaveMe Oh: But what if that so called respect is a limitation of art? Should you want to organise an art event about open mindness when you cannot give that to the participants? Then it’s better to be honest and tell everybody you are a religious organisation. Then everybody knows.

And now let’s go to fuck! Meet me in LEA12

Hear, Hear!!!

Sometimes I feel I am the only voice in the wilderness but with christmas getting close my poor heart was warmed with the following comments in a discussion I had inside the OPEN THIS END group on Facebook. It all started when they began to promote the Transcending Borders Challenge from UWA (University of Western Australia) where they, instead of transcending borders, choose to censor a movie of Nicole X which had religious content.


Challenge UWA censor Jayjay Zifanwe to transcend his borders

I wrote: Its shocking to see that even here UWA is promoted. These people are killing art. Keep on sleeping, all you organisers who want to lift on the popularity and the work of artists

Coffee Art:  I think SaveMe Oh is right in one point It’s fine to help artists, yes, but the way it’s done is also very important. We are going to speak frankly. What is improvable? It’s fundamental that Linden, LEA, and UWA change, urgently, some very important things. -For example, the way LEA grants sims, and also the way they select artists for exhibits, their selection of commissioners, the composition of judges, and the most important thing: the people that form the deciding committee, that is, the members of LEA.
– At this time, and for years, the reality is that all this responsibility, that is in part the future of the virtual world, is in the hands of people that know absolutely nothing about art. Or anything about the real and the virtual.
– At this time, and for years, those who have made decisions in the virtual world, the members of LEA, for example, (except two very stand-out exceptions), the rest of the LEA members are amateurs or
fans of the art world, who like art, but they like the protagonism that they have in the virtual world even more. A protagonism that they do not reach, not even close, in the real world. The egos of these ignorant fans of art is what is trending in the virtual world.
-They are just fans, with the least amount of cultural preparation, and no artistic preparation, that are deciding the future of impressive vanguard artists, very serious and committed creators. These
incompetent LEA fans decide, because Linden lets them, as do we with our passivity, what is or isn’t artistic quality, the artists that deserve to be on exhibit or not. They are leading LEA and influencing everyone else. These amateurs decide who will or will not
exhibit in the Linden sims, in LEA. They decide who will do the exhibits and who the best artists are. And since they do not have a cultural or artistic base, the selection criteria is based on their personal preference, which is that of a practically uneducated mediocre fan. They decide, though lacking knowledge and artistic criteria, based on affinity and friendship, generating an unsightly and poisoned dictatorship around them.
– These amateurs are killing the essence of virtual art. These fans that totally lack knowledge about virtual art and art in general are those that lead LEA and those that decide on the lists and the future of the artists. As their criteria is subjective, according to who they like as a person, their power brings them to making a dictatorial third-world policy of favoritism, an oligopoly, with incompetent decisions, and so, they are surrounded by an entourage of lame-asses that try to be the selected.
– This situation is what constitutes Nepotism. If you don’t walk on water for these 4 fans that lead the LEA, and we all know who they are, and that they don’t know the first thing about art, you don’t have the possibility of exhibiting because they are not going to choose you or promote you.
– This is just a shame, something that needs to be changed urgently, out of respect for artists, for those that are actually art professionals, out of respect for virtual art and because it is an invasion of competence and an attack on those that are true professionals and that know art.
-Professional infiltration is a total lack of respect for artists, for commissioners, and for spectators, but, in addition, it is grave law fraud when a person who is not a professional is made to pass as a professional and carry out functions and take on responsibilities and decisions as if he or she was; in fact, in the real world, it is so serious that it constitutes an important crime. In addition, just for effectiveness, it is evident that the results of a bad amateur selection are necessarily poor and affect everyone. For the well-being of art and artists, it is necessary and urgent that we change all of this. This is what we urge LEA, Linden, and UWA, for example, to change; urgent.

Aino Baar: Coffee Art, (which is the alt of Aino Baar) Dear colleague, you always send high passion in your words but I totally agree you in the background. All of you know that I agree with the idea to change the composition of LEA, also the juries of the challenges, etc. The members who decide they have to be, “must be”, excellent art professionals. If we think, as we believe, that Virtual Worlds and the creators are great, serious and they are changing the world of art, we all need to present great professionals in front of all that. We don’t need the opposite, people-fans, aficionados, playing to be important in virtual worlds with no idea of art. This is not a joke, nor a play. This is something real important: the new art of the century and these excellent artists are the protagonists of the change. They deserve highest quality, hard work and seriousness.

Arte Art: LEA (Linden Endowment of Arts) was created by Linden Labs to promote and develop the virtual art and to serve for the best to artists. At the begining, and as an abstract idea, LEA is an initiative of Linden which is brilliant, philanthropic, generous, respectful, and a fantastic future art project. It would change the art of this century. And will do it soon when changes LEA’s actual members committee.

And you, LEA’s committee members, what have you done with that magnificent goal and responsibility that Linden gave to you, that Linden did with their best intentions, and put the responsibility to develop it on your hands?
It has been alleged that some of you have prostituted this amazing and noble spirit putting people as member, to decide, that have no cultural base, nor artistic. Their specialization in RL is, for example, to be professional cabinet divination. You know the people, you know the names we are talking about. Btw, are committing fraud.

Some of you have sunk, so unethically, using LEA for your own interests.
Some of you have become LEA a platform for your personal power, with direct or indirect benefits.

Some of you have used the blackmail, threats, pressure, extortion, to achieve your purposes and personal benefits.

Some of you you knew it, but you preferred to look to the other way; it was easier and more comfortable to not get into troubles.

Some of you knew that they were committing injustices, you have letters denouncing all that, knowing that this cronyism and abuse of power was the day by day, and you, LEA, did nothing. It was easier to think all that wasn’t true.

LEA, you have betrayed the spirit of high-mindedness and generosity of Linden Labs and the confidence of all artists and art lovers. Linden created a wonder thing in the beginning, but you LEA have become it into banana trash project, bad taste and no quality.

Now, LEA is a land without law, or the unique used is something similar to mafia’s law. If you friend or if you give something interesting… you’d have opportunities at this land. A total disgrace.

You LEA have squandered so many great opportunities … You are like Atila’s horse, where it spend, no longer growing creative grass. What a shame!

For everyone’s sake, for the sake of SL, for the sake of Linden, they absolutely don’t deserve all this. For the sake of artists and for the sake of art, they also don’t deserve all this garbage, we ask Gift Christmas:

Dear Glasz DeCuir, Transcend Your Borders!

I know I always tell you that the only good movies you have ever made are the ones with me and I mean that.

You might be angry about that but still I want to ask you for a favour. Last week I agreed you send the movie Disappear (Simulator Crossing) to the The Transcending Borders 3D Art & Machinima Challenge from UWA. But now I would ask you to redraw the movie from the contest.

The reason for this is that Jayjay Zifanwe agreed to censor a movie from Nicole X because it contains religious images.

As we all should know religion is a human invention to ease the fear of death and it evolved in the most deadly weapon of mankind and used for centuries as a legitimization to murder other human beings.

When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrage off all time the subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance so please, dear Glasz, redraw the movie.

Your college you admire so much, your beloved Tutsy could not come up with more than this on my request: Tutsy Navarathna: Je n’ai pas de conseil à recevoir de toi SaveMe. Je ferai ce que j’ai envie de faire. Ton intervention me donne même envie de ne rien faire du tout. Elle est aussi stupide et au même niveau que la censure dont on parle. Je te croyais plus intelligent que ça!

I hope you have more guts.

In case you won’t redraw the movie and you win all the prize money, which is to expect as you have SaveMe Oh as main actress, I want you to donate the money to Amnesty International.

Glasz DeCuir: Hello Jayjay
Asked by SaveMe Oh, -indeed i thought on that possibility, days ago reading Nicolex’ note card sent inword- to take out my machinima “Disappear” based on her live performance and in disagree about any kind of censorship on creative production I ask you to let out of contest our short movie.
Personally i think is sad the only reaction of this theme had been from a jury member, Apmel, not from artists. That talks a lot about SL arts vanity and low trust on arts power between Sl artist and machinimators who seems to look other side always a trouble can infect them.
Sadly I must do the same with the other machinima I sent “Guest Outsider”.
If your entity members review their criteria, and accept Nicolex’ machinima artwork, should be good news for ARTs.

I also asked Iono Allen to redraw his movies, here his answer:

Iono Allen I won’t Save.
I’m trying here to explain (too) briefly why, I am not searching to convince, but I would like that ppl understand my opinion.

I hate censorship, as I showed these days in posting what happend in Paris last week on a great commercial (and I underline the word commercial) event.
But here, for UWA, the context is quite different: it is NOT a commercial event, and all the thing that tries to make Jayjay is to promote SL (and UWA of course), and I know he spent a lot of energy on that.
Therefore, I give him the right to be right or to be wrong, the right to not do the things that I would have done: who am I to tell him what is good or what is bad?
Don’t forget that Jayjay, every year, has to convinced some of the manager teachers and responsibles in UWA, to give funds for the SL UWA sim, and for the organisation of this contest.
So this film by Nicole found him sit between two chairs (as we say here, but I’m sure you get the image).
He had to choose one chair (if he had a choice), and Jayjay KNEW what would happen, and all this fuss: so it’s a courageous decision (in my opinion).

Now, Gods, Stand Up For Bastards!

Artists always react with a certain surprise when I tell them that the LEA dictatorship, lead by Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe, LaPiscean Liberty and Quan Lavender and licked clean every day by Eupalinos Ugajin, keep me and more or less every alt connected to me banned there. The reaction is always the same; “I don’t see you on the banlist” not knowing that the trick of the dictatorship is to do this in secret with the tool of region ban, visible for no one. Even my own dear wife Rose Borchovski seems not aware what the bastards are doing there and meanwhile telling people about the fate of artists during the Stalin years. And friends like Soror Nishi, even when I asked directly, didn’t do much to get me unbanned in LEA 8 for the Russian Avantgarde expo.

And now that Conchita wins the Eurovision song contest with the song Rise Like A Phoenix that stands for diversity and tolerance, who rises up like a phoenix??? The one and only man who make my Conchita wax drip, Igor Ballyhoo.

conchita wax

I wanted to run directly into his arms at his new exhibit in LEA 6 but sharp banlines kept us separated like if we were still on both sides of the iron curtain.

So I send him with a pounding heart an IM while the Duke of Arado called me on facebook already again a fascist smelling blood…


SaveMe Oh: Igor dear, can you make sure Jayjay unbans me in LEA6 so I can visit your exhibition?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t think you are banned here, I don’t think anyone is. List of banned residents is empty

SaveMe Oh: They banned me on all LEA, and only if an artist requests my presence they change that. Pixels and Mimesis and Mac did so in LEA 10, 25 and 21

Igor Ballyhoo: I will request remove of all bans

SaveMe Oh: Thank you

Igor Ballyhoo: Nothing to thank me for, I requested your ban just in cases when it was amusing me, it is nothing personal

SaveMe Oh: I never assumed it was personal; the idiots around you try to make it personal

Igor Ballyhoo: You had your fun from it; I had mine, so…

SaveMe Oh: that’s the reason for being in SL I hope, to have some fun

Igor Ballyhoo: one of reasons, more of side effect

Igor Ballyhoo: biggest reason for me is because I can build even big and complicated things without money and without thinking where to keep them after I make them

SaveMe Oh: We should have married after all

Igor Ballyhoo: I never understood that joke I must admit

SaveMe Oh: It’s not a joke, it’s a storyline

SaveMe Oh: Nothing personal

Igor Ballyhoo: ok, I never understood that storyline

Igor Ballyhoo: then again, I never understood Shakespeare too, find it complete shit

SaveMe Oh: Now there we have a reason we should never marry

Igor Ballyhoo: like the “titanic” of his time or twilight saga or what ever

SaveMe Oh: Now imagine King Lear making that artist statement of yours on a stage: Pure genius!

King Lear: “In whole university of sensations, thoughts, opinions and other kinds of influences created by human since beginning I am more impressed by the energy they spend to convince others that their way is only right one then by ideas that they try to spread. ORTHOS (“right”, “true”, “straight”) + DOXA (“opinion” or “belief”) is always reminding me of question which clock is most accurate in universe? Closest to answer of that would be “the one that doesn’t work since it shows exact time twice a day” and I doubt even that. Our knowledge about existence is so modest that in the spirit of non working clock most accurate answer to question how did everything start would be “HOW THE FUCK WOULD WE KNOW”. And I am quite comfortable with not knowing, it gives me space to accept any possible scenario, “GOD made us”, “GOD doesn’t exist”, “all started with the big bang”, “who said we are actually existing”, “we do exist and in more dimensions then one”… For me, it is all possible and everything is improbable, since – how the fuck would I know? “

Igor Ballyhoo: I can imagine but Shakespeare was too boring to do it

SaveMe Oh: That’s why we have me now to do it

Igor Ballyhoo: btw I absolutely must thank you

SaveMe Oh: I think so too

Igor Ballyhoo: recently I seen some pic of some build with Igor Ballyhoo on it


Igor Ballyhoo: forgot who showed me pic

SaveMe Oh: Even when you don’t want I make you famous

SaveMe Oh: That’s called love

Igor Ballyhoo: and I must say that you are absolutely biggest fan of Igor Ballyhoo that ever existed, I was sure no one would mention B after few years of silence, yet you and group around you kept name alive

SaveMe Oh: That’s why my name is SaveMe

Igor Ballyhoo: might be most fucked up fan club after Charles Mansons and GG allins but still is very dedicated

SaveMe Oh: Better than nothing