Three Down, One To Go

Countless are my efforts to bring down the Secondlife institutions who prey on the time of desperate wannabe artists. The desperate wannabe artists who think their only opportunity to forever stardom is the acceptance of a position as a prostitute on an art sim. The sims were you have to obey the rules of the pimps of these artsims to be allowed to glue some prims together. The sims where you soon will find out that your glued together prims are of less importance than the exposure of the sim-owners on every opening or event. The openings where it is expected that the wannabe artists licks the asses of these sim-owners so they can raise high in their eternal glory. You know very well the ones who have to be licked over and over again. They are the Josina Burgesses of CARP, the Newbab Zsigmonds and Merlina Rokocokos of Pirats, the Jayjay Zifanwes of UWA and the Solo Morningtons of LEA.UWART

With great pleasure I can announce that after I wiped off CARP and Pirats from the face of the virtual earth now I have succeed to give UWA the deathblow. On the night of the 9th October it will be wiped out forever. Their fucking clock tower was the most embarrassing way UWA used to promote their brand using for free the time of idiot wannabe artists. Done with this ArtIKEA so real artist can use their time for what they are rezzed for…making art.



Now there’s only one fortress to destroy, LEA. But probably Linden Lab will release themselves from this annoyance because an ass gets irritated when daily licked by the abrasive tongue of Solo Mornington.


The Graveyard Is Open Again

In the rich history of virtual reality we had all kind of wannabe artists and event organisers passing by in a quick search for recognition without too much effort. After doing one or two tricks on the virtual canvas, mainly glueing some prims together or fart a texture on a virtual wall they disappeared as quick as they came as it became clear then, that when psychopath pic-shitters like Ampel Gooson and others publish every day a diarrhoea of images the interested viewer will run screaming towards the nearest mental institution. But now the dead raise from the grave as one of the event organisers, Roxelo Babenco raise from her tomb to see if she could repeat the old trick one more time, using the most boring concept from virtual world and …..copy it once more. How this works? Ask a builder for a megalomaniac environment that can host all zombie artists to warm up their old stuff. And there we see again the CARP or Pirats concept with rooms no artist would ask for, even with a knife on her throat, as if we would die for exposing our work in an egg with stripes surrounded by 40 other eggs with stripes. When these megalomaniac buildings in secondlife were constructed the chance you would meet another avatar once where reasonable possible but now in open sim, where the dead artists are kept warm in their virtual fridges, you can be sure that you have the whole space for yourself after the opening. On the other hand, to see dead avatars in their noob version from 2006 or 2007 once more can be for historians a once in a lifetime event. Will Josina Burgess have blonde flexi hair today, will Roxelo Babenco succeed to once more create her top hat she is soooooo famous for and will Eupalinos Ugajin be able to flux his toilet without dada Marmaduke Arado on his head? Or will they send the otter in for some serious plumbing? And will SaveMe Oh….no?…..really?…..OMG! Snapshot_231


Roxelo did the TOPHAT


My Ego Is Huge, Not Just Big


Igor Ballyhoo: Why are you talking around that I never left SL? I wasn’t in SL for about a year and a half.

SaveMe Oh: Tell your jokes to your groupies

Igor Ballyhoo: What ever

SaveMe Oh: Yes sure Rebeca

Igor Ballyhoo: Wonder why I bother trying to comunicate with you on civilised level at all

SaveMe Oh: Ok, lets try. You had your stuff up permanent. You had alts

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t have alt

SaveMe Oh: And even when you were away 1 year and a half you are already back more than a year

Igor Ballyhoo: My stuf was trace since I deleted Igor Igor Ballyhoo avatar I didn’t own any of stuff that was left around SL, only owner of my works was LL. But yes, it is about years since I am back, that is true. But I had comunication with just few person here so… is that really back?

SaveMe Oh: So, when you were really away, what is your opinion about the witchhunt that was created against me because they all wept bitter tears about you leaving?

Igor Ballyhoo: Honestly, I left SL behind me and I didn’t look back. Erased account, erased everything connected with it flickr, facebook, all contacts I had, everything

SaveMe Oh: And told Josina and Fiona it was because of me?

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, I did left mostly because of you

SaveMe Oh: Poor thing. And now you miss me so much you came back?

Igor Ballyhoo: Got tired of you, you became boring, unoriginal and like gum on sole of my shoe, it was annoying.

SaveMe Oh: But your ego is too big to just start with anohter avi?

Igor Ballyhoo: My ego is huge, not just big

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you realise in the end you exist because of me and not without me

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok, that was just plane dumb statement, I expect bit more of you

SaveMe Oh: I tried to give it a cyber orthodox flavour

Igor Ballyhoo: That was suposed to be insult or something? Not your evening? You must be tired

SaveMe Oh: Is that an insult?

Igor Ballyhoo: No, constatation. If you look better at my words, I even pay you a compliment

SaveMe Oh: By contacting me you already did

Igor Ballyhoo: Said i believe you can do better and made assumption that you are not in top form probably coz ur tired

SaveMe Oh: Even a dumb statement of mine is 1000 times better than licking a LEA ass

Igor Ballyhoo: You are desperately trying to get unbanned there, what is that if not licking their ass?

SaveMe Oh: Actually I am not, as with my army of alts I can go everywhere, but what is exposed there is so sad that I dont bother that much

SaveMe Oh: Its more the system that bothers me

Igor Ballyhoo: THAT we have in common. And I believe that is only common point I share with you

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I deeply hate the suckers that rule there and see with sadness it gets worse and worse as now its ruled by the true leftovers.

Igor Ballyhoo: I would put it bit different. I hate suckers that rule. Any form of government is wrong

SaveMe Oh: Self acclaimed rulers are the worsed segment of these kind of governments

Igor Ballyhoo: When I first time met you, you were still licking everyone in CARP ass

SaveMe Oh: For your memory, they licked my ass and not the other way around

Igor Ballyhoo: What ever, you were intimate

SaveMe Oh: More intimate then you were with Josina? She loved you so much she want to take legal action against me. Were you happy with that?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t know what you are talking about


Hi, Nordan Art and CARP group members,

You may have heard that Igor Ballyhoo deleted his account on July 23, 2011 (you can still find his profile, I think it takes about six months for it to be removed). The reason for this was he could no longer endure the persistent bullying and ongoing harassment by SaveMe Oh. She has been attacking him for the past year or so, part of this has been ongoing on her blog, part of it has been at gallery openings and part of it has been via private IM.

Many of the Art groups, and also Nordan Art and CARP, discussed earlier tonight what could be done about this. We want Igor back and SaveMe to be removed. While there is still some RL business that needs to be affirmed before any action can be taken, letters from art houses and art groups could greatly contribute and also personal letters from creators and art lovers like you. Also we will look into steps that can be taken in RL concerning the blog where she writes her lies and harasses innocent people.

While we realize this is not an easy undertaking, we want to move forward with our plan. SaveMe Oh has terrorized SL long enough and nothing has ever been done about it. We ask you for your support in the form of a Letter of Complaint addressed to Rhett Linden, Director of Experience, Linden Lab. Drop it in his profile. The more people show that the terrorism Saveme Oh is acting out on SL is not longer possible; the more chance there is she will be removed from SL forever.

Thank you.

Flora Nordenskiold

Josina Burgess


Igor Ballyhoo: This is first time I hear about this, as I said, I left and didn’t look back

SaveMe Oh: Luckely for my sake these witchhunters left too. Now dont tell me they also want to come back?

Igor Ballyhoo: I wouldn’t know that

SaveMe Oh: Of course not. You know nothing! Shall we take a pic together for my next blogpost before you start you endless “deep” philosopy’s?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why would I do that?

SaveMe Oh: For me?

Igor Ballyhoo: No

SaveMe Oh: Awful man. After all I did for you

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes, shame on me

SaveMe Oh: Can I buy your shape somewhere like I could with Solo Mornington?

Igor Ballyhoo: no

SaveMe Oh: That macho of yours is handmade?

Igor Ballyhoo: Yes

SaveMe Oh: Send it to me then!


Homework From My Therapist

My new therapist Stem van Helsing send me these questions to establish what kind of artist I am. I hope that he can point out in what group I belong as sometimes I feel as if I am alone on the world.


1. Imagine you are a musician. What you most enjoy about it?

I imagine I play the flute and I realised I hate the sound so much that I first was thinking to stick it in Quan Lavender as she seems to like items with the size of a flute but after I realised that my new therapist might say that would be part of a next hate speech of me so I think I would get a metal saw and divide the flute in little metal rings to make a design floor out of it.

2. If you could choose, which of the following would you prefer to be? A sculptor, a dancer, a poet or a singer?

A dancer of course as that is the only way to make huge attachments move in a virtual space in interaction with other performers from all over the world. A sculptor in SL is a prim gluer of dead things, a poet needs lip-sync and a singing avatar has still to be invented although I have a singing leek in my inventory.

3. Of the different phases of creating something, your favourite is?

Stem van Helsing: Your relationship with the materials you use?

SaveMe Oh: Since when pixels are a material?

Stem van Helsing: Finally showing your work to the world?

SaveMe Oh: Finally? When I was born and shit for the first time I already showed my work to the world!

Stem van Helsing: Discovering what the work you have created can tell you about yourself?

SaveMe Oh: As my fucking new therapist I hope I can expect you answer that bullshit questions yourself!

Stem van Helsing: Making your ideas come to life?

SaveMe Oh: If you keep standing in my way my idea may become your death. Oops, sorry, that is maybe a tiny little death threat. I need more therapy.

4. To be creative, the most important thing is to?

Stem van Helsing: Feel a basic need to be creative?

SaveMe Oh: I feel a basic need to strangle idiots who use the word creative! Josina is creative, Merlina is creative, Betty is creative, I am an artist!

Stem van Helsing: Dare to look inside your own soul?

SaveMe Oh: Phone the devil and ask if you can investigate my soul for scientific purposes.

Stem van Helsing: Love your art?

SaveMe Oh: The ones who think love has to do something with art I would advise a sky dancing therapy with Medora Chevalier, after that you will hate love so much that your mind will be clean.

Stem van Helsing: Want to give pleasure to others?

SaveMe Oh: You don’t give pleasure to others, you force art upon them as long as it takes to make them say: “Thank you SaveMe, it was a pleasure”.

5. Which of the following do you think creativity has most to do with?

Stem van Helsing: Bringing ideas together?

SaveMe Oh: Creative people come with a tsunami of ideas, big shit for the real artist is that they are all so incredible boring, pretentious or so Dada Fluxus that even the teapot has forgotten why the Campbell Tomato soup was flushed away in the Duchamp Urinoir before the hippo could paint her lips with it.

Stem van Helsing: Relationships?

SaveMe Oh: I once had a relationship with Georg Janick, Jayjay Zifanwe, Josina Burgess, Igor Ballyhoo, Flora Nordenskiold, Quan Lavender and Marmaduke Arado but they all turned out to be heavy roadblocks for art.

Stem van Helsing: Intimacy?

SaveMe Oh: Virtual fucking in a virtual world is as dumb as having walls, kitchens, roofs or bedrooms. You ever ordered a virtual pizza, and did it taste good?

Stem van Helsing: Natural instincts?

SaveMe Oh: My natural instinct tells me to be on the right place on the right moment.

6. One of your works has just been presented to the public, but it hasn’t been well-received.

Stem van Helsing: You don’t mind. It doesn’t belong to you anymore?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t mind???? Are you crazy? Of course I mind. I will not rest a second until all the suckers who say they don’t like it invite me to present them the work.

Stem van Helsing: You obviously didn’t communicate what you meant very well.

SaveMe Oh: I will visit them with my baseball bat and do some extra effort in the communication spectrum.

Stem van Helsing: They just don’t understand it.

SaveMe Oh: Of course they don’t understand it. That is the definition of an audience. An audience is stupid. They need time to understand it.

Stem van Helsing: You think it’s a shame they aren’t able to enjoy it the way you did?

SaveMe Oh: It’s a fucking shame that those pretentious snobs as simowners, curators and wannabe artists don’t enjoy it because the liberation of art in virtual worlds could already be years behind us.

7. You think you would enjoy:

Stem van Helsing: Destroying your work by burning it?

SaveMe Oh: I only ritual burn myself every year so the witch hunters don’t have all the trouble.

Stem van Helsing: Talking about your art to others at a conference?

SaveMe Oh: On a conference, on my blog, during boring openings of others, always I will talk about my art until everybody gets the idea.

Stem van Helsing: Spending months rehearsing?

SaveMe Oh: When art is your natural way of being you don’t have to rehearse because everything you do is automatically art.

Stem van Helsing: Writing your autobiography.

SaveMe Oh: All kind of art historians are busy with that; we only have to wait who is the quickest. So there is absolutely no need I do it myself.

8. Which quotes about art you like best?

‘The great advantage about quoting myself is that I never have to listen to the shit of others.’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘The party is where I am’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘To be able to think outside the box it doesn’t hurt to lock yourself up inside a box once in a while’ (SaveMe Oh)

‘Plagiarism is necessary, progress implies it. Copy it, but correct it. Ideas can improve. Erase the false idea within the work, and insert the correction.’ (SaveMe Oh)

I hope this is enough for my therapist to get the full picture!

My Little Sweet Aquarelle

After I lived years out of the pocket of some sugardaddy’s who were hopelessly in love with me this week a new groupie spent every minute to be close to me. In one week he already gave me two sims. Very small ones but you are not allowed to look a given horse in the mouth.  (or look at other parts of the horse, dear Quan)

Today he gave me a little ugly home called MY LITTLE SWEET AQUARELLE, a Linden Premium members homestead in a sort of holiday camp.

And when he wants aquarelles, he can get it. Even Josina Burgess might come back to secondlife to witness her ultimate dream.


Check it before his love turns into a Marma.


Karl: Could hardly open the door.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, art can be a bitch.

Snapshot_146 Tupelo/137/93/75






That She May Save You In 2014 Again

Save 2014

When I am your friend you are Saved, but few people realise that when I am your enemy you are also Saved.

Undisputed evidence shows that when I am not your friend or enemy anymore there is a dark and painful road to nowhere lying ahead of you.

When Josina Burgess was my fulltime enemy after I refused to be her virtual daughter she was busy day and night to get me banned, killed and removed wherever she could and organised large mobs of fellow combatants to fight the shared evil. Now she has gone back to RL to force people into a marriage or promotes the elderly aquarellists.

Also my beloved enemy Merlina Rokocoko, who even forced her husband Newbab Zsigmond to sent a lawyer to me because I punched her on the nose in one of my machinima’s has sank back in the deep swamp of forced labour, the everyday compulsive upload from a pic from her son Tristan.

Even my dear friends Kikas & Marmaduke seem to be blown away once in a while by my Typhoon Haiyan-like behaviour and seeking shelter in the endless peace of an open sim. Desperate they reconstruct the “good old days” of AM Radio and scream from signs: RESPECT ART and DON’T TOUCH to find out shocked there are no living creatures around to even touch anything. The hopeful rezzed crime scenes never saw a good victim. The superhero that is finally free needs his nostalgia to keep the illusion alive he is still a freedom fighter and we come to the shocking conclusion that freedom without rules gives us nothing to fight for and without fighting we are dead.

When I appear in Open Sim to meet my friends Thirza Ember, Cherry Manga or Veleda Lorakeet and take the place over in 1 second they are crying from happiness after being there alone for months.

Open sim AIRE Mille Flux celebrates his one year existing empty and if you want to release them out of their suffering you have to start from scratch by one more time inventing the wheel and copy your stuff for the 1000th time. To get you in they even offer you land of a size that reaches far behind your virtual horizon and a use of millions of prims bringing us back to the virtual stone age where people still thought online worlds are only there to glue prims together. It’s like being on an uninhabited island where you get the freedom to build unlimited sandcastles.

Slowly those blind people are back in a scene from last century, sitting on a couch all night watching television. Seeing what they choose to see but loudly complaining there is nothing interesting on the screen.

Interaction, challenge each other, surprise attacks or upgrading each other seems further away than ever and the only person who completely understood this, Ed Folger, has stopped his valuable contributions.

That’s why I will do even better my very best to Save you all again in 2014 as you all deserve me. But first I go turkey hunting with heavy firecrackers.

Is SaveMe Oh Entitled To Privacy?

The lawyer of SaveMe Oh, Bock McMillan filed a lawsuit in the Danish courts on Friday against Betty Tureaud for publishing RL photos of SaveMe OH; this is the first time legal action has ever been implemented against the international parasites who try to become famous in the slipstream of the most popular personality of Secondlife.


Recently we have seen a bombardment of images where people spot SaveMe Oh in her RL.  Paparazzi that are utilizing their telephoto lenses from a distance of a half-mile while try to capture her on vacation or at the private home of a family member in southern Japan.


Frequently SaveMe Oh is the prey of a ruthless paparazzi hoard. She has camera flashes in her eyes as she tries to walk or drive and during the day she feels threatened if she is being closely followed by a photographer desperate to catch an exclusive shot that could end up being worth thousands.

428160_559245140770212_190164904_n (1)

There’s a debate within the virtual world since SaveMe was born on whether SaveMe Oh is entitled to her private life as she disturbs the private life of others and has that worldwide reputation of pissing people off so doesn’t she relinquish all rights in exchange for her fame?


“Although many aspects of the private life of SaveMe Oh will inevitably enter the public domain, in my judgement it does not follow that even with self publicists every aspect and detail of her private life is legitimate quarry for the journalist. She is entitled to some space of privacy,” Mr Bock McMillan said today.


He based his ruling on the principle of privacy enshrined in article 8 of the European Human Rights Act, which was incorporated into Danish law in October 2001.

mask geisha

“In my judgement the media to conform with article 8 should respect information about aspects or details of the private life of SaveMe Oh which she legitimately choose to keep private, certainly “sensitive personal data” unless there is an overriding public interest duty to publish consistent with article 10.”

SaveMe photo by Jimmy Edgar

“You have to remember SaveMe Oh was abandoned by her adoptive mother Josina Burgess 3 years ago, partly because of the actions of the paparazzi. I hope the lawsuit against Betty Tureaud will have a positive result for SaveMe Oh. It is the only way to stop Betty and others to publish the private pictures of SaveMe Oh. If snappers are going to end up out of pocket, rather than make huge sums, they will think twice about pulling off this sort of thing in future. SaveMe Oh had every right to believe she could sunbathe nude where she was, without being the victim of prying eyes.”

Pillow book

Preaching For Do It Yourself Salad Bars

As the aging hippies of CARP already keep me banned for years I could not go in person to their new remake of the Holy Bible, THE CHANGE. But my lawyer Bock McMillan was so kind to make a secret videotape of the show so I could see the doom loaded apocalyptic finger pointing angry at me.

Where most religions take centuries to develop CARP only had this new path of enlightment in concept for 4 years and where Jesus had to rehearse 33 years before salvation, the CARPIES rehearsed 2 years very active and almost saved the planet.

Now what we get? Pollution, doom and filthy gutters in which the angels Medora and TheDove Rhode will let us know there is no future.

On endless Pink Floyd imitations of Junivers Stockholm we have to learn how bad humanity is and that we should stop consuming, polluting and disturbing mother earth.

Junivers and Josina ask us:

How could it go so wrong?

When will we wake up, when will we change it?

Why do we choose to be so selfish?

We went to church every week, what can we do?

The earth is doomed, now it’s too late to change society

We might as well give up

Democracy for all, nobody has to fall (while they keep me banned for more than 2 years)


TheDove Rhode: Think Before you speak for all men or women!!


TheDove Rhode: Peace IS A Choice

Bock McMillan shouts: Don´t pee on the grain!

TheDove Rhode: Tact and Truth make for Calm!

junivers Stockholm shouts: STOP THE BANKS

junivers Stockholm shouts: CHANGE LEADERS

TheDove Rhode: Take power from Hate..Off respect!!!

TheDove Rhode: Universe is not a myth

But Cheesus says: It’s not too late

Never saw such a pathetic bullshit in all my secondlife, all done in a large sphere where they serve us with a slideshow. This is not a rock opera but a meeting of the scientology church preaching for do it yourself salad bars.

When I was Greenpeace I would sink all my ships now.

And the famous CARP chairs, you ask me??? Still the same. Glued to the ground so you can’t run away while they pour their texture diarrhoea above you.

The Holy Trinity

I picked out just an answer from Solo on a comment of Rose in this blog:

Solo Mornington: The LEA sims are generously given by Linden Lab. They offered the sims, we own them. The three LEA estates are each owned by a different committee member, through a contract with Linden Lab: Me, JayJay Zifanwe, and LaPiscean Liberty. JayJay and I each ‘own’ 10, and LaP ‘owns’ 9. All committee members are also estate managers on all estates.

The 10 that I ‘own’ are half of the land grant sims that we hand out for 6-month grants. JJ ‘owns’ the other half. LaP has the ‘core’ sims.

The LEA regions aren’t managed by me, though I often end up doing the work. They’re managed by collective decision on policy and project, and then a subcommittee will typically manage sims as needed. So for instance, PatriciaAnne Daviau and I manage LEA5, because we’re the sandbox subcommittee, and that’s the sandbox sim. The sandbox project originated with the committee before I was even involved at the LEA.

This system comes about so that there’s a diversity of ownership, to help prevent exactly the sort of problem you’re talking about, Rose.

But clearly I’m a self-appointed czar who is there to just make sure your day is horrible. It couldn’t possibly be any other way, at all.

I know that my sweet Australian network caretaker and ArtIkea box builder Jayjay Zifanwe would never ban me like the dictator Solo Mornington does, and I know that my sweet friend LaPiscean Liberty, who has a serious problem with woman concerning the battlefield he left behind with Ginette Pinazzo and Glasz DeCuir, never will ban me if I provide him once in a while with a movie with music of Leonard Cohen, which makes him as wax in my hands. So it comes down again to the one and only hangman and executioner of the team, Solo Mornington, who bans, eject and judge at will! That the other members are such great cowards for not to speak out can mean two things, or they are afraid for the influence Solo Mornington has with the Linden as there can be no doubt he licks their asses best (especially the one of Viale Linden) or they prefer to shut up as they love the free sims they get provided by the Linden.

Now I got a clear insight in the commanding structure. Assuming the other two are in there for the sake of art it’s now 2 against 1 to unban me quick so LEA can again be delighted with the wild artparty’s we throw there as for now the only thing that attract or attracted visitors is the work of Cica Ghost and was the work of Mikati Slade. And the megalomaniac building is already again on the rise with cubes from Solkide Auer for 1000 visitors and hippie sky dancers Medora Chevalier and Junivers Stockholm involved so better be quick before the next disaster, the returning of Josina Burgess, eeeeekkkkkkk.

Side Effects Of Banning SaveMe Oh To Watch For

Banning is strong medicine. As with any strong medicine, potentially harmful side effects may occur. SaveMe Oh is more susceptible than others to side effects.

Some side effects to watch for:

Lying, sneaking, deceit, blaming others. SaveMe Oh might eventually learn to avoid getting caught.

Lack of responsibility. Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess sometimes try to teach SaveMe Oh to be responsible for her behavior by serving the ban. Being responsible for your behavior means making things right, not serving a ban.

Don’t trust sim and gallery owners. When SaveMe Oh is not sure she did the right thing, she will normally come to sim and gallery owners for advice, unless she fear she will be banned.

See authority figures as adversaries. Banning tends to make adversaries of authority figures. SaveMe does not readily learn healthy values from adversaries.

Lack of empathy, remorse, or guilt. Banning does not teach SaveMe Oh empathy, which is necessary for remorse and guilt. Moreover, it tends to relieve guilt.

Resentment and anger. SaveMe Oh often feel hurt and misunderstood when she has been banned and become resentful and angry.

Retaliation and aggression. SaveMe Oh learns by watching us. When we ban, she sometimes learn to hurt others when she feels hurt in some way.

Rebellion. Traditional banning involves power and control. SaveMe Oh tends to rebel against power and attempts to control her.

Emotional problems. When SaveMe Oh gets angry and misbehaves, she sometimes believes that she is being banned for being angry rather than for misbehaving. When SaveMe Oh believes that being angry is wrong, she feels that she deserves to be banned. Then her misbehavior does not feel wrong.

Poor self-image. SaveMe Oh tend to see herself through the eyes of others.  Knowing that Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess think she deserves to be banned can be very damaging.

Loss of confidence and motivation. SaveMe Oh who is banned sometimes feels she can’t do anything right and don’t try.

Impulsive behavior.

When sim and gallery owners teach SaveMe Oh to behave to avoid banning, SaveMe Oh sometimes believes that the only reason to behave is to avoid banning. SaveMe loses sight of other reasons to behave well, such as the approval of her future wife Rose Borchovski, having minions and acolytes who like and trust her, being safe and healthy, or getting an education. In situations where SaveMe Oh cannot get caught or banned, she has only her impulses to guide her.

These are the very behaviors presented by SaveMe Oh. Why would we resort to a strategy that may make her behavior worse? It is not necessary to ban her for every time she misbehaves, and it is rarely necessary to ban her at all. It is often necessary to teach SaveMe Oh. Better use strategies to teach SaveMe Oh about feelings, values, and responsibility.