Also eager to study the work of SaveMe Oh? Become a master!!!

From the book: Machinima: The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking

by Phylis Johnson, Donald Pettit

If one seeks an artistic vision that has the power to “stun” the viewer one need search no further than the machinima of SaveMe Oh. In many ways, her work truly exemplifies avant-garde machinima’s unconventional nature. “All my movies are in a way an extension of my performing and composing behavior; of the way my avatar has developed…. The only valuable art in Second Life,” asserts Oh, “is performance art, and this is reflected in my movies.” She describes Second Life as “the canvas” on which she creates. Her machinima “becomes the artwork.”

Like her Dada and surrealist antecedents, Oh invites the viewer to become part of the composition, often forcing the audience to participate by reacting to her art installations which she captures as live theater in her machinima.

Whether filming her audience chasing after flying dollars to remind them of the evils of consumerism, grinding them into hamburger to protest factory farming, or staging her own funerals in anticipation of rejection by critics of her work, Oh creates striking machinima that both challenges one’s thinking and redefines the limits of the genre. Moreover, her art is rarely separate from her politics and provides thought-provoking underlying messages.

SaveMe Oh’s persona, projected by her avatar, has become the vehicle for her art and provides continuity to her work. Among the most controversial of her works are those that explore hypocrisy and the traditional notion of sin and redemption. While machinima as a vehicle for social criticism is staunchly defended by some, others find the approach abrasive. SaveMe Oh’s work elicits both responses in equal measure, reflecting her audience’s reaction to her artistic vision.

From the paper: Machinima, Arte e Documento: Machinimas como forma de documentação de projetos artísticos e processo de criação partilhada em ambientes virtuais colaborativos

By Catarina Carneiro De Sousa

The artist SaveMe Oh’s approach is similar in strategy, being, however, centered on her artistic persona, whose avatar, more than an authorship, personifies the work itself. SaveMe presents herself as a provocative agent in the art world, frequently invading artistic events with her performances, which can cover a whole Sim. Her machinimas, more than documents, are artistic pieces of their own merit.

In reality, this type of performance becomes very difficult to document, even in machinima, due to its participatory and improvised dimension. For this reason, the machinima of independent filmmaker Edward Folger, known in the metaverse as Ed Vespucciano, is particularly noteworthy, who documented a joint performance by the duo Kikas and Marmaduke with SaveMe OH, in Africa Live, in Second Life, with the film “I can’t believe this!” LIVE, 2011. This machinima, despite having a clearly documentary design, demonstrates how the boundary between the document and the artwork is blurred. Another of his works, Le Sacre du Printemps, from 2013, demonstrates this even more clearly. From the documentation of performances by Save Me Oh and the duo Kikas and Marmaduke and using Stravinsky’s music as a structuring element of the narrative, Ed Vespucciano builds a new story.

From the paper: PERMANÊNCIAS EM MACHINIMA: práticas atualizadas

By Fernanda Albuquerque de Almeida

The virtual world of Second Life, for example, is widely used by users who want to have their first experience as audiovisual producers.

In it, there are groups that organize themselves in initiatives whose objective is to develop and propagate artistic proposals. One of the most active figures in this context is SaveMe Oh, who works in the field of performing arts in real life, performs in the virtual world and reworks them for capture in machinima. She states: Second Life offers enormous possibilities that are not used to their full potential. Everyone is perky glued together to the floor to create environments, but no one sees that the avatar itself is a perfect base for all types of attachments that can result in ecstatic looks. I am able to create all kinds of environments in my surroundings in just a few minutes. And this is much more interesting than rebuilding New York or a fantasy landscape in Second Life. I’m not interested in the recreation of real life, but in opportunities that a virtual world provides.

Thus, the artist seeks to develop proposals based on the possibilities of creation and interaction in real time with this platform, addressing issues pertinent to the experiences in this world. Her machinima In Search of Art (Netherlands, 2012, Second Life), for example, presents his avatar searching for art for five minutes in scenarios that constitute, at the same time, a backdrop and extensions of her own body. She explains that such attachments are like clothes that can be worn by any avatar. The idea is to be able to encourage the creative involvement of users in return for passive visitation in environments.

From the paper: Machinima: O cinema do metaverso

By Profa. MS Isaura da Cunha Seppi

The scenarios can be produced or chosen locations on islands and other existing environments or it can be fully attached to the avatar as in the work case “Wear to move?” by artist Saveme Oh.

The Betty Bore

When the most boring SL wannabe artist Betty Tureaud (Think random stuff painted in OMO colors) has a gathering with Ultralight muzak it’s time for a bedtime story.

It was ages ago I heared Ultralight for the last time. Wasn’t she that German Schlager expert? Softly I started to sing that Ultralight song I thought to remember; “Ich bin wie du, wir sind wie Sand und Meer” when my eye fell on the banlist of the sim. Of course it contained my name as ALWAYS BANNED but on the ALWAYS allowed list was the name of Alizarin Goldflake, wasn’t she dead?????!!!!!

Easter was so near, was Alizarin planning a come back? Hopeful I looked up in the sky, but no, no returning Alizarin, just particle pollution. What a LAG, I hardly could move, everything was dark, was Ultralight playing white or black noise tonight?

It was Venus, the one with the water-head, farting particles while Ultralight did a Tangerine Dream karaoke. I looked at Venus her alien water-head. They say the bigger the head the harder they fart. Luckily Ultralight had close to zero emission. I would say Ultralight could be climate neutral if it wasn’t for that alien farter….

Was Ampel here? The old one? I wonder if Venus could also do Mandel farts in 3D? Wow, if she could he would be so delighted. But a lot of people would go if she would fart Mandel 3D. When people say they have to go they mean to say they hate it.

I could already hear Mandel start shouting CLAP CLAP CLAP. Was he not aware shouting might trigger epileptic attacks, he better would whisper, psssstttt, not so loud.

The glorious appearance of Kikas Babenco made all LAG disappear as if in a miracle. “How is Marmaduke, Kikas? Is he still working in the security orb business?

A strange breakbeat woke up the elderly avi’s. Ultralight is a breakbeat expert but those particles disturb the radiowaves and brainwaves, they told me on secondpedia.

DOOB was moving in the scene. What was he doing here? He was hating the Ultralight Muzak. But hey, Betty Tureaud paid me to show up here, why wouldn’t she have paid DOOB too to make an appearance? Or was he just the doorman who had to send everyone who couldn’t enter a Jean Michel Jarre Spotify link?

In the mean time Venus’s farts had dried up “Hey Venus, next time you have to eat more pea soup!”

When Marmaduke Arado would have been here he would have started a show. Such a pity all those awful people parked here had scared him away with their hi’s and coucou’s.

While I was dreaming about Marmaduke I get scared. Ultralight was not doing her extended version tonight, I hoped? People were already falling asleep.

“Venus fart louder, people are falling asleep” only Dildo Haas was as always still standing straight.

And then Ush came in who I had told to stay at home to watch our sim. But she couldn’t resist a possible Ampel tango animation. I was starting the 5 minute countdown to prevent even more wasted time. Mandel started shouting as the Pavlov doggie he is.

I jumped into Ush her new Shinto Honda, told Kikas to blow Marma (a kiss) and we drove home. Ush tried to cheer me up “If Betty is an artist, I am SaveMe Oh”.

With tears in our eyes from laughing we arrived in our sim were we both grabbed a fish. Ultralight Muzak makes hungry.

We Don’t Need A SaveMe Oh

Cherry Manga: We don’t need a SaveMe Oh, we have our Day Care Services for Older People on OpenGrid with wearable tech diapers.

Isolde Caron: yes we dooo

Kikas Babenco: hahaha!

Cherry Manga: Would SaveMe Oh provide stimulating activities, entertainment and companionship to people who are may otherwise be house-bound or socially isolated?

Ampel Goosson: Why you mention SaveMe Oh all the time?

Isolde Caron: Would SaveMe Oh teach members new skills and provide new experiences?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Obviously SaveMe Oh is needed. When she is not present in person people have to talk about her.

Kikas Babenco: Would SaveMe Oh aim to improve the overall independence and wellbeing of members?

Cherry Manga: Would SaveMe Oh provide a therapeutic environment in which to recuperate and recover?


SaveMe Oh, nossa senhora de copulação

Dear Friends,

When you choose to lock yourself up in your OpenGrid Day Care Service for Older People to work on easy crafts for seniors that allow you with limited dexterity, low vision and other physical or mental limitations to enjoy the creativity and feeling of accomplishment that crafting provides, don’t let me hold you back.

I might know better than anyone else that the importance of arts and crafts activities for senior citizens extends far beyond the creation of a glued together prim object.

For seniors living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or who are members of senior citizen centers, glueing prims brings people together. It helps them to have a sense of belonging and develop friendships.

Many seniors that live alone find making rotating pulsating prims an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Prim glueing helps to keep the mind sharp and stimulated.

Working with computers and keyboards involve using the hands, it helps to exercise the senior’s fingers and hands and knowing your genuine state of minds I am sure it reduces your depressions

On the other hand if you still feel the urge to cross the bridge to art I am afraid you do need SaveMe Oh, for the simple reason someone has to add content, reason and genius to you primglued works. I might not have to tell you that without my added drama all your crafted works end up on an endless pile of shit that only will be useful to terraform into new empty sims for the ones in need or to bury the dead ones.

So continue mentioning me so I know you all are doing well. The moment you stop mentioning me you will be dead or in need of me. In that case I will come to save you. Until then I will allow you to copy me as much as you want as I am busy in the real world.

Mar Marma Marmaduke

Marmaduke Arado:

WARNING to all artists and art event organizers in SL.

SaveMe Oh’s (Hoeme Vas on FB) continuing campaign to sabotage the work of anyone who does not pay a dog-like tribute to SaveMe Oh’s psychopathic behavior has escalated, with SaveMe Oh now using alts besides “SaveMe” ones to infiltrate events where SaveMe Oh’s presence is highly unwelcome. The latest such SaveMe Oh spy to be detected was a SaveMe Oh alt named Mar Lutrova, who managed to get into our recent performance in Universidade de Aveiro (after an attack by undesirable “SaveMe” alts, who were ejected) and brutishly start vomiting insults upon arrival.

Unfortunately, being alert to Mar Lutrova does not solve the problem because SaveMe Oh can create as many alts as SaveMe Oh wants for SaveMe Oh’s fascistic purposes.

Meanwhile, SaveMe Oh fan boys and girls can freely enlighten me on how exactly SaveMe Oh’s repellent behavior is connected to art (there is no Salazaresque “previous censorship” in FB comments, unlike in SaveMe Oh’s blog).

I found out, SaveMe Oh has no less than about 40 alts just with the surname Lutrova. All their first names include “Mar” at the beginning (Marcel, Margarita, etc.). All were created in a period of weeks 8 years ago and their profiles are completely blank.

I tend to see them as SaveMe Oh’s virtual suicide bombers, ready to try to destroy those who are designated unworthy by the Caliph of SL.


To help to cure Marmaduke Arado from his continuous paranoia I present tonight the extraordinary Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute. 50% of the tips will be donated to Kikas Babenco to pay the bills for the cure.

The Extraordinary Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute will take place at Two Fish, Cariacou, 11 December 2015 at 14.00 PST.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute

Marmaduke Arado:  We could not attend the event even if we wanted to, because we were banned from Two Fish by Rose Borchovski about two years ago, after I protested against the witch hunting going on at SaveMe Oh’s group Licking Every Ass.

SaveMe Oh: How unconvenient, maybe you can ask her to be unbanned. Another trick I sometimes use is coming with an alt, I suggest using Marmaduke Oh. In the Licking Every Ass group you are of course welcome as always, but that group you left yourself, if I am well informed? Of course I am also willing to repeat the tribute on grounds chosen by you. Universidade de Aveiro sim maybe? BTW, you are not on the banlist at all, I suggest you try first.

Marmaduke Arado: Ah, now I’m not on the banlist anymore? How convenient. Have you checked with Rose?

SaveMe Oh:  No, but maybe you never have been on her banlist.

Marmaduke Arado: So you want me to go through the humiliation of going to Two Fish to see if I’m on the banlist or not? I suggest you check the information I presented about this on your blog at the time. And also check the Licking EA group chat.

Death threat

SaveMe Oh: Kikas is already there in the sim (I see her on my minimap)  to do the work you dont want to do.

Marmaduke Arado: The message me and Kikas got was this: “You have been ejected from Two Fish by Rose Borchovski”

SaveMe Oh: Ejected and banned are two different things.

Marmaduke Arado:  “maybe you can ask her to be unbanned.” Sometimes I believe you REALLY don’t get it.

SaveMe Oh: Why I have to ask? I didnt ban or eject you.

Marmaduke Arado: No it was not you, it was your (at the time at least) dear wife Rose, in your presence. Btw, as it shlould be clear from my first comment, we wouldn’t want to go anyway. We wouldn’t want to create a “bad mood” in what otherwise promises to be a hilarious event. And of course we are very flattered by the tribute, who wouldn’t? Btw, when you pass around our wearable scenes in the event, expect criticism that you are just buying the audience with freebies so that they stay until the end.

SaveMe Oh: You have transfer free scenes? OMG, where?

Marmaduke Arado: You’re right, I forgot they are no transfer. Oh well, the good side is that you won’t be criticized for distributing freebies so that the audience stays until the end of the performance. By the `way, remind me of what you were saying about dictators banning people from their sims?

Rudely materialized

Where? In Two Fish, Cariacou. When? Friday 11 december at 2 PM SLT!

The Extraordinary Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute

Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute

An Evil Genius, LEA lickers, all tried to keep SaveMe Oh away from the performances of her best friends Kikas & Marmaduke. This is unacceptable and to honour her friends SaveMe Oh will pay her own tribute to Kikas & Marmaduke. DJ Eifachfilm Vacira will take care of the music. 50% of the tip jar revenues will be for Kikas & Marmaduke and maybe they will even appear as mystery guests. Come all and show your admiration for this unique couple because your life might seem normal, except when we stumbled in the unexpected, then we wonder about so-called normality, but if you want answers you need to see with your own eyes why life is not so normal as it seems.

Don’t worry if you have nothing to wear.

Where? In Two Fish, Cariacou. When? Friday 11 december at 2 PM SLT!

2:00 AM SLtime

20:00 Brazil

22:00 Portugal

23h00 Spain

23h00 Germany

19:00 Argentina

Reunited With My Best Friends

When I heard my best friends Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado were doing a performance and that my much beloved DJ Eifachfilm Vacira would take care of the music I couldn’t sleep for weeks from pure excitement.


And so I try to go to the sim of Universidade de Aveiro early, only to find out that the Evil Genius had banned me. So I ran back home to change quickly for myself and then got in. But the moment of pure happiness lasted only some minutes as the Evil Genius renewed his ban list.

Knipsel 5

Desperate to miss any quality time with my sweet friends Kikas & Marma, who always enjoyed my contributions so much, I ran back home to change again for another me, but the true PIDE background of some of the Portuguese sim owners took no risks anymore and arranged a new ban list for the sim containing every SaveMe ever born. King Herod would have been jealous.

Knipsel 7

The only solution to be at least close to my dearest friends was to go undercover as somebody else that was me. But being me but not me is difficult, I don’t know to push what buttons and by mistake I add some SaveMe signs that were received as sabotage what was of course not a second my objective. I deeply apologise for the caused trouble, the foreseen upgrade of the rather old art came from a good heart.


Marmaduke Arado: It is over now. Sabotage at the end.

Zola Zsun: I am innocent!

Solar Hydro Cleanslate: Heh, the Save Me/Save You was not part of it?

Marmaduke Arado: I am going. Good night

To apologise I went back after the performance but I still couldn’t get in.

SaveMe Oh: Wan, I cant get in. Am I still banned? Or did the event already end?

Wan Laryukov: Love I am not the owner of this sim and I think its finished.

SaveMe Oh: Now for that you need to be a Genius, I asume?

Wan Laryukov: ahahahahahah

SaveMe Oh: What a pity, would have loved to see my old friends. Well, maybe next time.

Wan Laryukov: Yes Kikas and Marmaduke

SaveMe Oh: We were almost married once. Me and Kikas and Marma. I can still taste their baba de camelo.

Wan Laryukov: ahahhahaah a trio must be good. I love baba de camelo. Sweet dreams hun

SaveMe Oh: With baba it cant get any sweeter!


Bullshitting About Collaborative Virtual Environments

You can bullshit a lot on paper when you over and over describe the works of zero significance of the usual suspects as Bryn Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Rose Borchovski and Alpha Auer. But it would be fairer to say just in the open: I want to promote my own work, which is, although rather hippie, not bad at all.

Delicate Death 4

And what can promote your work better than name a few times the name of the only existing artist in the virtual world; SaveMe Oh.

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka as Capcat Ragu did another attempt to promote her work by several “SaveMe Oh” namedropping in her latest scientific paper but did it need to be in such a lousy way? The times Capcat Ragu really visited a performance of SaveMe Oh one can count on the fingers of one hand. And so we get some bullshitting about what she assumes could be right.

So I better pretend I am Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and produce some decent work.

In Collaborative Virtual Environments, pseudo artistic activities are carried out by avatars that fall into the “I Want To Be A Performance Artist” subgroup. They steal from conventional art forms such as theatre, opera, dance, circus and musical performance and label it as new types of enactions, tailored to an audience with a severe death wish.

Death threat

The duo of Portuguese wannabe artists Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado takes advantage of their rich Wikipedia knowledge ability combined with their dexterity to attach marketplace artefacts to their avatars, in order to satisfy an audience who loved to play with dolls at a younger age.

Coward SaveMe Oh
How different this is in the approach used by the only artist in Secondlife; SaveMe Oh, who displays full installations in the world, which in reality are not part of the environment, but are ‘worn’ by her avatar. SaveMe Oh use this strategy in her performances to create a strong visual impact, usually with satirical intent towards the world of art and the social codes of the metaverse. These events are usually improvised and participatory, as SaveMe Oh often offer her artefacts to the public and invite them to join in the performance.

Lennart Nilsson13

Not a lot of people answer to this invitation as the aura of SaveMe Oh is so strong and heavily focused on her artistic persona – whose avatar, more than an author, embodies the work itself, that it scares of potential participators who are better labelled as blind admirers. SaveMe referred to herself (an avatar) as an artwork and not as an author, in the talk promoted by Transdisciplinares Artes Lisboa (2014), in the activities related to the event and exhibition entitled Virtual Interactive Participatory Arts. SaveMe presents herself as an agent provocateur in the art world, often invading artistic events with her performances, which can cover a whole SIM.

It should be noted that, while it can be argued that this somewhat ironical questioning of authorship and identity may have roots in previous ‘real world’ works, the spatial, environmental and behavioural properties of SaveMe Oh’s performances are unique to the affordances of a CVE and could hardly take place in our world..”


Be Part Of The Art

As Kikas Babenco & Marmaduke Arado want us to be part of the art I tried to join them in their event but it turned out they don’t want me to be part of the art. To honour these great artists anyway I send a friend on my behalve to be PART OF THEIR ART.


Glasz DeCuir: “I am forced here by Saveme Oh to see this ridicule show”

Josie Anderton: LOL

Starry Bosch: Just been on the fan

Glasz DeCuir: And i will repeat this: “I am forced here by Saveme Oh to see this ridicule show”

Apmel Meerson: I guess she couldn’t come in person.

Josie Anderton: hehe

Delain Canucci: Oh god

Cicadetta Stillwater Facepalms

Delain Canucci: Sighs. Guess another one on the block list.

Glasz DeCuir: Sorry to particle TOM, whom I dont know by the rest…. fuck off, included my sweet neighbour

Patience Roxley: Save Me timoooooooooooooooo


Cicadetta Stillwater ejected and banned Glasz DeCuir from this land.

Glasz DeCuir: Was a relaxing theraphy :)) And they rejected me twice, now at home. Samantha Chester banned me.


She Lagged Us Out

While Kikas & Marmaduke, Mandel Solano and Art Blue and other lovers of tight security measures were peaking in since long I succeed to perform together with DD for almost one hour in a BURN sim. A Miracle???? No, at the end some jealous particle farters decided that the ban button should be used anyway, even when almost 40 people saw the light.


After the show was finished they allowed me back in.

Ori:  DD crashed?

SaveMe Oh: DD left as a protest about your banning procedure

Ori:  That would be weird

Bethany Fire: Wonders what banning procedure? No one was banning anyone 😦 😦

SaveMe Oh: Why weird?

Ori:  I didn’t ban anyone

SaveMe Oh: [16:08] [2015/06/05 15:59] TomFlo123 Resident ejected and banned you from this land.

Lenni Foxtrot: I gave perms to the particle people. I think you just scare them SaveMe.

Ori:  Why Lenni? Wow, why would Tom do that?

Lenni Foxtrot: To do this, they owned the sim for an hour

Ori:  He was a guest himself

SaveMe Oh: Ask them. I have no idea

Lenni Foxtrot: I will, sorry SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Doesn’t matter. I am used to this

Lenni Foxtrot: The perms thing is so complicated in SL, this sim ownership thing is new to me.

SaveMe Oh: See it positive, we succeed to interact for almost an hour. Not bad at all.

Lenni Foxtrot: I loved tonight 🙂 felt so damn good here.

SaveMe Oh: It was wonderful

Lenni Foxtrot: I want more of this

Samanta Foxy: Even if is not so nice be banned in that way

SaveMe Oh: Virtual egos can grow big.

Lenni Foxtrot: Banning does feel bad, I got banned one, for trying to sell Burn on a builders place. I cried for a week.

SaveMe Oh: I get banned daily. So don’t worry, it’s healthy

Lenni Foxtrot: But you say what you think SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Always and when a ban is the consequence so be it

Ori:  Why did you ban SaveMe Oh?

Particle Tom (tomflo123): why?

Ori:  I didn’t see any different question in that sentence

Particle Tom (tomflo123): her show was some other time, not during ours

Ori:  which means?

Particle Tom (tomflo123): she is documented griefer, banned multiple places, she lagged us out

Ori:  you were a guest here

Particle Tom (tomflo123): we couldn’t do it, we asked her repeatedly

Ori:  then you should have told lenni

Particle Tom (tomflo123): Over and over and over we did. We put the burden of the show on you guys. Police your own sim, not me.

Ori:  She has been banned from so many places

Particle Tom (tomflo123): for the same

Ori:  She’s welcome here

Samanta Foxy : My first ban was some days ago in another DD concert, were kicked me and SaveMe together XD

SaveMe Oh: Hey, the party is where I am, so it’s not me who has the problem

Lenni Foxtrot: we had 40 something people here. It was really different

Ori:  Wow, that Tom is one sick drama queen.