Did Eupalinos Look Like Eupalinos?

At the reopening of the Museo the Metaverso in CRAFT opensim it was a happy reincarnation party at the graveyard. No less than 68 corpses took the opportunity to reinvent themselves and participate in the big contest of the night; do I look like my former self? Who succeeded and who failed to copy himself? Because to be tagged on facebook it was from extreme importance you would look a bit like yourself otherwise everybody could claim to be someone else or worse…be SaveMe Oh.

In great expectation everyone was waiting of course for the appearance of Eupalinos Ugajin. Would he look like the Dadasticks or toiletFLUXers as we know him so well or would he have failed to copy everything in time from secondlife to open sim?


Can you spot Eupalinos?

But his glorious entrance made a sigh from relief going through the crowds who were glued to their seats as in good old CARP or PIRATS times. He looked exactly as we had known him so well before he passed away. Also Kikas & Marma’s warmed up bodies were hanging, as if NOTHING had happened, again in a funny frame telling us they love art.


Even Patrick Moya succeed to fix himself a sheep pyjamas in time and for Roxelo Babenco it was easy, whatever is under it, with a top hat for sure it must be Roxelo.

DanCoyote Antonelli was still looking like the coyotedog (the collector’s item! IM me for a free copy) I inspired him with once and Josina Burgess…omg, where was Josina? Did here tombstone move or did it stay closed?

In the mean time I was in SL first at the house of Kikas & Marma to keep an eye on it during their absence in open sim and I took some nice pics from the set up they build there for me.


I almost got a heart attack when Marma appeared to check his anti-fascist security orb but I assured him everything was looking good.



After that I sit in a protest at some silly opening organised by Duna Gant. I showed her that I also could play a bored visitor doing no harm by lying there on a couch under plywood paintings.


Luckily DD called me for a life performance in her sim where we performed 2 hours together in an interaction of music and visuals but I better don’t show pics from that or they will accuse me again of only promoting myself which of course I don’t want. VIVA Eupalinos, ah no, he was dead…in a bits & sticks sort of way.

Steaming Streaming Stalking

Yesterday Vaneeesa Blaylock was streaming 24 hours her live adventures and as she is not known for having a lot of ideas herself it didn’t took long before she asked me to choose some landmarks. After we hardly could move in the Londen area I took her and her followers to a quiet nice parcel next door to Kikas & Marmaduke, former lovers of performance art.

The day after we evaluate the event in group chat.

Vaneeesa Blaylock: 24 hours of live streaming! And no crashes! What luck!

SaveMe Oh: Very good, and it only costs me one destroyed collaboration.

Vaneeesa Blaylock: Collaboration destroyed? What did I mess up this time?

SaveMe Oh: Our LM from yesterday is considered as stalking.

Vaneeesa Blaylock: The place where you had the zebras and stuff?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Vaneeesa Blaylock: Sun has “Second Life” underwear! They thought we were stalking them?

Snapshot_264 (3)

This Kikas Babenco send around in the Senses Places group just after our visit:

Kikas Babenco: Hello everyone, I’d like to let you know that I’m out of this project because I don’t want to be involved with someone who has been stalking me.

SaveMe Oh: But tell me? We were just visitors, weren’t we?

Vaneeesa Blaylock: Maybe she was referring to something / someone else… I didn’t even see Kikas yesterday

SaveMe Oh: They run away when we came for tea.

Marmaduke Arado: Just to make things clear: the stalking Kikas is referring to is SaveMe Oh stalking us (again) at our home last night. Not the zebra stuff. Over and out.

SaveMe Oh: We were doing a 24 live streaming event, dear Marmaduke and your neighbourhood was happily chosen to be part of it. A big honour. And the zebras love the green grass of your neighbours. Tasty and fresh.

Vaneeesa Blaylock: What’s the point of IMing if only the person you IM to can see it? Shouldn’t everything be open to the world!?

SaveMe Oh: Group chat should be a rule

Kikas Babenco: Hello, the stalking I’m refering to, as SaveMe Oh knows very well, was her presence yesterday 25 m from our house, after other attempts to disturb us. That’s the stalking!

Vaneeesa Blaylock: Thanks again everyone!! 24 hours LIVE streaming!! With no crashes even! So great to have all of you be a part of it!!

SaveMe Oh: Kikas, I was taking Vaneeesa and other friends to your neighbours place to be streamed live into the wide world. Your neighbours place will be famous for being part of a 24 hour streaming event. Maybe she will be so kind to keep the 24 hour online so you can search for your (almost) contribution.

Not The New Einstein But A Disgusting Creature And Fascist Bastard

Yesterday I met Quan Lavender, she disappeared in 2 seconds.

Today I met Marmaduke Arado, he disappeared in 2 seconds.

Today I met Kikas Babenco, she disappeared in 3 seconds. Did I miss something?

Here is the answer.

Marmaduke’s confession:

Believe me, I tried hard, and for a few years, but it was impossible not to conclude that one can’t reason with a psychopath (SaveMe Oh).

Here’s a short summary of the latest episodes:

In early January, a witch-hunt was declared against us by SaveMe Oh (with approving nods from SaveMe Oh ‘s fan boys and girls) because we committed the crime of performing at a LEA location where she was banned (after SaveMe Oh ‘s best efforts for that to happen, of course), and despite we having asked for SaveMe Oh to be unbanned. This witch-hunt included all kinds of threats, including death ones, and as a result of this we were forced to quit SL.

A few weeks after that, we dared to go online again, and a few minutes after we had logged in to our SL home, SaveMe Oh was there right next to us. So we had no choice but to log out immediately.

Yesterday , (10 sept 2014) I risked going online again, for the second time in nine months, and guess what? Minutes after we logged in to our SL home, SaveMe Oh was there. So, again, we had no choice but to leave our own home, while SaveMe Oh stayed in our living room.

But there was a good side of what happened yesterday: SaveMe Oh not being exactly the new Einstein, we found out who gave SaveMe Oh the tip that we had just got online. I never thought that person would act as a PIDE-like informer for SaveMe Oh, but I’m naive as everyone knows.


SaveMe and Marmaduke in happier times

Dear Marmaduke Arado

After being offline during 7 weeks due to holidays and RL touring I came online this week and as I always do after such a time I go check my LM’s if they still exist as a lot disappear after a while. How happy I was at the end of yesterday evening I found my old friends Kikas & Marma finally at home. I really do miss them and the great events we did together although I am completely surprised by the Jekyll and Hyde transformations Marmaduke is a victim of lately which makes it very hard to understand which of the two characters is the real one. Obviously they were not pleased to see me and on behalf of them I apologise to the poor friend who is now blamed for being a PIDE (Portuguese secret police during the fascist government). That it was telepathy from my side of course no one wants to believe. And that I only came for some warm friendship people will even less believe; wink wink!


The Arrogance Of An Owner Who Once Bought A Barbie Doll

Only today I found some fanmail on my twitter account on IF YOU GET ACROSS BEFORE I DO.  This movie was part of my recent trilogy were (until now) only the last one, DISAPPEAR FOR A WHILE was a problem. (for AviewTV because they think they have discovered a certain ressemblance between an existing avatar and her avatar horse who is specialised in stomach perforations)

Anti Solo Mornington March

Question now is, who do we see here in this movie besides SaveMe Oh, as it is known that this avatar was used by her father Cupido Oh but also by Luce Laval, Kikas Babenco, Ampel Goosson and Edward Folger. So who is the legitimate owner of this shape that is still for sale in second life? Does the creator of this shape know that a certain Mr. Mornington behaves as if he own the exclusive rights on a certain type of glasses and a white moustache. Or that at least he identifies strongly with the character.

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 29 @savemeoh

You realize I’m a person, right?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Also that sexual harassment is a crime?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

That sexual brutalism is a tactic of police states?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Do you realize that banning you from LEA is supported by a number of people, based on the reality of your toxicity?

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

Clearly you’d realize that this toxicity is on display in that video and the previous ‘blog.

SoloMornington ‏@SoloMornington  Mar 30 @savemeoh

I wonder if people who enjoy what you’re doing realize that they’re cheering for the bully.

For everyone besides Solo Mornington who also wants to be the “OLD MAN’  here is the LM where you can buy this shape: 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nagasaki BAKUMATSU/149/105/23

SaveMe Oh Is A Fascist

When Lollito Larkham had an expo in the sim of Tani Thor and Aloisio Congrejo I told him I could unfortunately not visit the place as those bastards already keep me banned for ages. After a tsunami of Italian shit thrown out over me for even dare to think about a visit, those two idiots told Lollito very clear he should not try and ask again.

And then it was time for Marmaduke Arado, who kept his sick anger hidden for some weeks to erupt in a full démasqué.


Marmaduke Arado Don’t be mistaken Lollito Larkham, SaveMe Oh is a fascist who uses well known fascist tactics as terror, humiliation, lies, stalking and death threats.

SaveMe Oh: I have a slight hope Lollito is not a sheep listening to propaganda and otherwise I can’t do much about it. Marmaduke, you become a sick person. Hope you get cured in the future.

Marmaduke Arado: Deny the facts: “uses well known fascist tactics as terror, humiliation, lies, stalking and death threats”

SaveMe Oh: That’s easy. I deny all. But to a sick person I have no illusion it matters much what I say.

Kikas Babenco: I hope Marmaduke continues to look at things in his clear rational way

SaveMe Oh: When that makes you happy and you like what he is calling me, ok. When he makes you say those things I wish you a lot of strength.

Kikas Babenco: You started it!

Marmaduke Arado: No use trying to reason with fascists, Kikas.

SaveMe Oh: The world is blessed with people like you fighting for a better world!

Marmaduke Arado: Let’s say I’m not intimidated by fascists.

SaveMe Oh: Let’s say I feel a lot of empathy for the people who have to deal with you every day.

That She May Save You In 2014 Again

Save 2014

When I am your friend you are Saved, but few people realise that when I am your enemy you are also Saved.

Undisputed evidence shows that when I am not your friend or enemy anymore there is a dark and painful road to nowhere lying ahead of you.

When Josina Burgess was my fulltime enemy after I refused to be her virtual daughter she was busy day and night to get me banned, killed and removed wherever she could and organised large mobs of fellow combatants to fight the shared evil. Now she has gone back to RL to force people into a marriage or promotes the elderly aquarellists.

Also my beloved enemy Merlina Rokocoko, who even forced her husband Newbab Zsigmond to sent a lawyer to me because I punched her on the nose in one of my machinima’s has sank back in the deep swamp of forced labour, the everyday compulsive upload from a pic from her son Tristan.

Even my dear friends Kikas & Marmaduke seem to be blown away once in a while by my Typhoon Haiyan-like behaviour and seeking shelter in the endless peace of an open sim. Desperate they reconstruct the “good old days” of AM Radio and scream from signs: RESPECT ART and DON’T TOUCH to find out shocked there are no living creatures around to even touch anything. The hopeful rezzed crime scenes never saw a good victim. The superhero that is finally free needs his nostalgia to keep the illusion alive he is still a freedom fighter and we come to the shocking conclusion that freedom without rules gives us nothing to fight for and without fighting we are dead.

When I appear in Open Sim to meet my friends Thirza Ember, Cherry Manga or Veleda Lorakeet and take the place over in 1 second they are crying from happiness after being there alone for months.

Open sim AIRE Mille Flux celebrates his one year existing empty and if you want to release them out of their suffering you have to start from scratch by one more time inventing the wheel and copy your stuff for the 1000th time. To get you in they even offer you land of a size that reaches far behind your virtual horizon and a use of millions of prims bringing us back to the virtual stone age where people still thought online worlds are only there to glue prims together. It’s like being on an uninhabited island where you get the freedom to build unlimited sandcastles.

Slowly those blind people are back in a scene from last century, sitting on a couch all night watching television. Seeing what they choose to see but loudly complaining there is nothing interesting on the screen.

Interaction, challenge each other, surprise attacks or upgrading each other seems further away than ever and the only person who completely understood this, Ed Folger, has stopped his valuable contributions.

That’s why I will do even better my very best to Save you all again in 2014 as you all deserve me. But first I go turkey hunting with heavy firecrackers.

My Friends Also Have To Ask HIM permission

In the old times I was able to visit performances from my friends, but when I want to do so now my friends have to ask permission at the great and widely respected sim or gallery owners. They have to beg or lick some asses. Or, in the LEA dictatorship they organise a conference to debate about the pro and contra’s of the allowance of enemy of the state number one; SaveMe Oh. They put themselves on lists of lovers and haters of SaveMe Oh and spent hours debating to solve the problem. This week the poor virtual decision makers had hardly time to take some minutes time to remember the passing away of Nelson Mandela or even consider his lecacy.

I myself would never consider perform somewhere when my friends were not welcome but apparently people make different choices.

SaveMe Oh: What time will I be unbanned?

Marmaduke Arado: Better ask Eupalinos Ugajin

SaveMe Oh: You talked about it with him?

Marmaduke Arado: No, we just asked him to unban you when we proposed the show. But not as a condition to do the show. After that we raised the issue once more and after that we didn’t talk to him again about it.

SaveMe Oh: And when he refuse to unban me will you refuse to play?

Marmaduke Arado: No of course not

SaveMe Oh: Haha, maybe he also falls of his chair and just die in time

Marmaduke Arado: We’ll just have to wait and see

SaveMe Oh: He is not online, don’t you have building rights there?

Marmaduke Arado: Yes

SaveMe Oh: And can’t you wipe me from the banned list?

Marmaduke Arado: No

SaveMe Oh: Why not?

Marmaduke Arado: Because we just have building rights not administrator rights. But i’d refuse to have administrator rights anyway. Like I told you we just are there to do the show.

SaveMe Oh: When you want to overthrow dictators you need to on a certain moment. As a superhero you should have to know.

Marmaduke Arado: You should know by watching the show that i’m the worst superhero ever. That’s the whole point of the show

SaveMe Oh: But deep inside you hope to become a freedom fighter one day

Marmaduke Arado: Maybe but that’s not the time to talk about it now. We’re 100% busy with the show atm

SaveMe Oh: Yes, the show must go on (Johannes Heesters)

Marmaduke Arado: exactly

Kikas Babenco: At the moment Eupalinos is being pressured from every side

SaveMe Oh: Which sides?

Kikas Babenco: Those that love you and those that hate you

SaveMe Oh: And except yourself, who love me and who hate me?

Kikas Babenco: Are you gonna put the list on Facebook?

SaveMe Oh: What list??????

Kikas Babenco: If I give you some names. You know them.

SaveMe Oh: Dont be a pussy and give me the names

Kikas Babenco: And then there’s the ones that simply are against banning

SaveMe Oh: The ones against banning are saints

Kikas Babenco: I give you one and if you put it I get mad

Kikas Babenco: Quan Lavender, with reasons

SaveMe Oh: She is the one who banned me in the region

Kikas Babenco: Making people hate you is not a good stratagy

SaveMe Oh: I have no strategy as you should know. I accept no responsabilty for feelings of hate people find in themselves nor people who develop into dictators.

SaveMe Oh: I should say they are responsable for their own behavior

Kikas Babenco: Eupalinos is not a dictator

SaveMe Oh: In my opinion he is one of the worsed as he is a “friend”.

Kikas Babenco: And I don’t think he hates you

SaveMe Oh: I prefer 1000 times Solo Mornington. As Solo doesn’t pretend

Kikas Babenco: I don’t like things you do but that does not mean I hate you, that is a bit childish.

SaveMe Oh: Art has nothing to do with like or not.

Kikas Babenco: I’d like to punch you in the nose but I like you 😀

SaveMe Oh: Everything is ok except ruling my life

Kikas Babenco: You rule your life and are responsible for it

SaveMe Oh: No, they rule my life and take away my freedom.

And then it became time that the adventures of Kikas & Marma would start so I gave it a last try:

SaveMe Oh: 12 pm has passed, I am still waiting….

Marmaduke Arado: Eupalinos Ugajin is online

SaveMe Oh: I send him 2 hours ago an IM, no answer

SaveMe Oh: Now can’t you refuse to start until your best friend (me) is there?

Marmaduke Arado: No, because i get the feeling he won’t unban you

SaveMe Oh: Ok, Then I better go back to my exile.

Marmaduke Arado: ok

SaveMe Oh Shakes The Linden 2

Own me SaveMe

On the second night of the Own Me Save Me events SaveMe fucked Governor Linden in his own, or not his own mansion, the secondlife heritage site on Lindenland. The fence of stolen items didn’t dare to show up so SaveMe Oh continue selling out her famous artworks before the Linden had a chance to own it.


Friday there will be a sale in a troika owned country in Europe, stay tuned for the landmark.

Here the results of the second day ownerswapping

Own Me Save Me

11th customer.

Pixié De La Rain: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

Pixié De La Rain: come to pick up a art bargain

SaveMe Oh: now is your chance

Pixié De La Rain: I have $81L….do you do them in small sizes?

SaveMe Oh: you can mod them

Pixié De La Rain: or, half a picture

SaveMe Oh: cut them in half, make toiletpaper out of them, whatever

Pixié De La Rain: Could I have the old guy with the pitchfork? for 81L ?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse dear, then you still have enough to pay your electricity?

Pixié De La Rain: 81L is everything I have! But I’ll survive

SaveMe Oh: You want a discount? Pay what you like, I dont want to bankrupt you as you are already not that warm dressed.

Pixié De La Rain: 80L and its a deal. Then I won’t be bankrupt

SaveMe Oh: Ok, pay me and your masterpiece will be delivered. You can wrap your body in it

Pixié De La Rain: Yes, better than electricity

Pixié De La Rain: A steal at any price

SaveMe Oh: And dont let the Linden find it as they try to own everything

Pixié De La Rain: I’ll hide it where the sun doesnt shine, and they’ll never find it

SaveMe Oh: Unless they have sticky fingers, and they have

Pixié De La Rain: haha yes

Pixie Rain bought American gothic. Painted by Grant Wood, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

American gothic

Own Me Save Me

12th customer.

jaynine Scarborough: iono :-))

SaveMe Oh: omg, now we get this…..

Iono Allen: Hi Jay ! 🙂

jaynine Scarborough: hello save

SaveMe Oh: for sure now they want something for the German bedroom

jaynine Scarborough: 🙂

Iono Allen: of course! What else?

Iono Allen: So, I’d like the yellow one which is just in front of you, I guess Leger? and the one where Mary is crying because you are lying…

Iono Allen: How much for them?

SaveMe Oh: whatever you like

Iono Allen paid you L$1000.

Inventory item offered

Iono Allen: great! thx

SaveMe Oh: hide it for the Linden and be careful with your fingers when you try to hang the painting, Iono

Iono Allen bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger and La pieta. Painted by Franz von Stuck, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Iono Allen on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

La pieta

Own Me Save Me

13th customer.

ruby Balzibo: I would slike to buy a painting, SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Do it before the Linden catch you

ruby Balzibo: ummm the yellow one.I only have 101L

SaveMe Oh: pay what you want

ruby Balzibo: ohhh that is all I have, is it ok?

SaveMe Oh: sure

ruby Balzibo: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥

SaveMe Oh: pay me and I send you the painting

Items successfully shared.

SaveMe Oh: did you get it Ruby?

ruby Balzibo: oh yes

ruby Balzibo:   (.¸.❤  I ℒϕve iT, ℒϕve iT, Mmmmm~♡ღ.❥*¨)

Ruby Balzibo bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Ruby Balzibo on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Composition with SaveMe and two figures

Own Me Save Me

14th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Josef

SaveMe Oh: you already frame your painting?

Josef K: yeah .. it’s hanging 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you have to send me a LM in secret. Please dont tell the Linden

Josef K: I bid you 500 Lindens for the one I am looking at … the one where you lay on a bed with the mourning woman

Josef K paid you L$500.

Josef K :Thank you … Now I have to rearrange a lot in my gallery to make space for it … I am running short of walls

SaveMe Oh: throw away the Bryn Oh’s

Josef K: And they don’t hang on a wall … It’s all sculptures

Josef K: I like this painting … I think I will place it on a roof top on my land

Josef K: Then all the visitors in AM Radio’s The Far Away can see it 🙂

Josef K bought La pieta. Painted by Franz von Stuck, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Josef K on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

15th customer.

Annaleza: Hi Save Me,Will you be insulted if I offer 500l for the painting I am facing?

SaveMe Oh: with my face in his face?

Annaleza: yes

SaveMe Oh: no it would be a pleasure to sell it to you before the Linden rob it

Annaleza: does it have a title?

SaveMe Oh: Faraway looks

Annaleza: ahhhh,nice

Annaleza bought Faraway looks. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Annaleza on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Faraway looks

Own Me Save Me

16th customer.

Kikas Babenco: this is my shopping day

SaveMe Oh: I dont have babystuff

Kikas Babenco: how much for Frida?

SaveMe Oh: Kikas, whatever you like to spent

Iono Allen: ahhh Fridal Oh!

SaveMe Oh: Omg Kikas, hope you have money left for a baba de camelo

Kikas Babenco: I used Marma’s credit card

SaveMe Oh: very smart

SaveMe Oh: for what else you have a husband?

SaveMe Oh: All husbands I had was only to pay bills

Kikas Babenco bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Kikas Babenco on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Diego and SaveMe

Own Me Save Me

17th customer.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Can I buy you Save? Or do I have to buy something hanging on the wall

SaveMe Oh: you can also buy me to hang on your wall or hang me in plain air

Kandinsky Beaumont: On the other hand if I buy you can you promise not to nag on me when I glue prims late at night?

SaveMe Oh: I will be a wallflower, Kandi

Kandinsky Beaumont: Kikas and Marma stole the whole lot, are they aiming for the black market or are they only desperate collectors?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I have to have the one with you on the pig Save

Kandinsky Beaumont: If it is very expensive I can just borrow from Marma

SaveMe Oh: pay what you want Kandi

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: how much hours I have to hang on your wall now, Kandi?

Kandinsky Beaumont: oh you can come down now and then and make some fun shows

SaveMe Oh: what a relief

Kandinsky Beaumont: Marma I am rich I will buy my next one now

Marmaduke Arado: go ahead Kandi!

SaveMe Oh: Kandi, you are not into phonesex to earn extra money now, are you?

Kandinsky Beaumont: It must be the one Save Leger

SaveMe Oh: that one is extremely populair

SaveMe Oh: a growing number of exclusive owners have choosen that one

Kandinsky Beaumont paid you L$2000.

Kandinsky Beaumont bought Alleen voor kinderen. Painted by Joop Moesman and Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Kandinsky Beaumont on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Only for kids

 Own Me Save Me

18th customer.

SaveMe Oh: omg, the hat lady

Quan Lavender: hi

Quan Lavender: you must not say god to me

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me which one you want Quan

Quan Lavender: ok, let me see

SaveMe Oh: you are allowed to use every pic once on your blog

Kandinsky Beaumont: hahaha

Quan Lavender: although I usually get the works as gifts :P. Bloggers bag `haha

SaveMe Oh: oops, that made the cheapies for you unavailable

Quan Lavender: too bad, I am sure your works are all cheap 😉

Quan Lavender: the Klimt should be a nice decoration for the new apartment in Berlin

SaveMe Oh: OK Quan, pay what you like

Quan Lavender: great, thanks

Quan Lavender: a donation for the poor artist

Quan Lavender paid SaveMe Oh 300 Linden

SaveMe Oh: I can eat tomorrow

Quan Lavender: btw, what about the copyrights of Klimt?

SaveMe Oh: Ask Klimt or Linden

Quan Lavender: Klimt is a bit more dead than LL

SaveMe Oh: The more dead, the more greedy

Quan Lavender: I never was here

Quan Lavender: is a Linden here?

SaveMe Oh: Our lips are sealed

Quan Lavender: hey, you are a smart business women.Save, take her as manager

SaveMe Oh: if I should know what to do with all those Linden I would be

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I should build me a President Mansion too and finally get a virtual kitchen

Kandinsky Beaumont: There are so many charity projects in here Save, why don´t you feed a smile? (Not with the money you got from me)

SaveMe Oh: charity I hate, only when its used to castrate the world population

Quan Lavender: that is a good idea^^

Lady with fan

Own Me Save Me

19th customer.

Marmaduke Arado: now i’ll use Kikas credit card

SaveMe Oh: OMG marma

SaveMe Oh: does Kikas know?

Marmaduke Arado: credit cards are great!

Kikas Babenco: what? what!

SaveMe Oh: now,,,you know Marma????

Marmaduke Arado: that’s why then we argue and destroy paintings

Kikas Babenco: what have you bought this time?

SaveMe Oh: which…..

Marmaduke Arado: you’ll be furious – another magritte

Kikas Babenco: noooooooo!

Marmaduke Arado: you won’t be able to destroy them all

SaveMe Oh: the assasin? the faraway eyes?

Kikas Babenco: try me!

Marmaduke Arado: better change the conversation…

SaveMe Oh: IM, Marma?

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

Marmaduke Arado: encrypted IM

Marmaduke Arado bought Faraway looks and The Menaced Assassin. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Marmaduke Arado on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

The menaced assassin

Own Me Save Me

20th customer.

SaveMe Oh: If you want a painting AJ, let me know

AJ Wroth: thx im looking now  °͜°

SaveMe Oh: tomorrow it might be robbed by the Linden

AJ Wroth: dirty smelly misfits of society 😦

AJ Wroth: oki i found one the one in front of me

SaveMe Oh: the one with my face in his face?

SaveMe Oh: pay whatever you want and I send it to you

AJ Wroth paid you L$200.

AJ Wroth: thx. Tell Rose I says hi 🙂

SaveMe Oh: ok I will

AJ Wroth: have fun and keep up the fight 🙂

SaveMe Oh: If they dont cut my wings….

AJ Wroth: hehe

AJ Wroth bought Faraway looks. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by AJ Wroth on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

21th customer.

Zola Zsun: omg am i too late?

SaveMe Oh: no just before closing hour

Zola Zsun: yay

Zola Zsun: i must have my piece of SaveMe history

SaveMe Oh: watch the floor Zola

Zola Zsun: ok.. now yall have to help me decide which piece of SaveMe’s work I should have for my virtual parlor 🙂

Marmaduke Arado: get several

SaveMe Oh: before the Linden will

Zola Zsun: Save, I want the frida and uh.. whatshisname one

Zola Zsun: i love it best

SaveMe Oh: Me and Diego?

Zola Zsun: i do not know why i always forget his name

Zola Zsun: i think i am getting old

Kikas Babenco: that one is selling well…

Zola Zsun: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you are younger than Diego, he is dead

Zola Zsun: especially for me here in Texas .. or rather Northern Mexico 🙂

Zola Zsun: i am not yet dead.. lol.. this adventure continues

Zola Zsun: as human

Zola Zsun: sort of

Zola Zsun: i think

Zola Zsun: how much for the fab artwork, save?

SaveMe Oh: what you want Zola

SaveMe Oh: as I am already filthy rich

Zola Zsun: how bout 666

SaveMe Oh: magic number

Zola Zsun: it used to be my family code number

Zola Zsun: OK, Madame president, i must go outside to smoke a cigarette now :)) all this art purchasing has stressed me out

Zola Zsun: not

Zola Zsun: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: dont burn a hole in my painting

Zola Zsun: oh no, i will cherish it 🙂

SaveMe Oh: maybe I should do a Beuys so people can burn holes in them.

Zola Zsun: adios everyone.. and Save.. please keep causing trouble in sl.. it is my main entertainment here

Zola Zsun bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Zola Zsun on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

10th customer. (see last post)

Whirli Placebo: greetings 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Whirli you have to pic your painting still

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be accused of delivering nothing for a large sum of Linden (Whirli payed 777 Linden unseen)

Whirli Placebo: hahahahah oh god, smiling

SaveMe Oh: be careful with the floor. Its Linden owned

Whirli Placebo: hahahhaa

Whirli Placebo: how about this american gothic portrait?

SaveMe Oh: ok

Whirli Placebo: you are wonderful 🙂 ty so much. I will display this portrait with great pride 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It will be my pleasure

Whirli Placebo: off i go after i hang it in my pagoda

Whirli Placebo: this is the only thing i have ever created in this place …and now it is filled with you

SaveMe Oh: Better filled with me than with Linden

Whirli Placebo: yes indeed…ok…ty so much, i need to get out of here before my real skin begins to turn technicolour.  you are the best of the brilliant…never forget this

Whirli Placebo bought American gothic. Painted by Grant Wood, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Whirli Placebo on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

22th customer.

SaveMe Oh: hi dear, how are you

Penumbra Carter: I am good:) and yourself?

SaveMe Oh: me too, filthy rich and ok

Penumbra Carter: hahahah

Penumbra Carter: I must say I like the scope of the idea you have taken on

Penumbra Carter: well I wiil search about and buy something

SaveMe Oh: ok have a look

Penumbra Carter: I would like the Frieda Kahlo piece please

SaveMe Oh: I knew it

Penumbra Carter: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Diego and SaveMe

Penumbra Carter: exactly that Frog Diego

Penumbra Carter paid you L$1000.

SaveMe Oh: ty, but dont tell the Linden or you could get in serious trouble

Penumbra Carter: Thank you SaveMe.

Penumbra Carter: I promise:)

SaveMe Oh: or you think the NCR??? OMG!!!

Penumbra Carter: I am discreet. okies darling, thank you and I am off

Penumbra Carter: hahha, I am already introuble with them for wanting to move to the uk.

Penumbra Carter bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Penumbra Carter on 02-10-2013 in Two Fish during a privat session.

Total amount of sold stolen art the Linden thought they owned on the second day of ownerswapping:

8066 Linden.

The Day The Anti Solo Mornington March Changed The Canadian Art scène

SaveMe’s holidays part 3

When I had this year my holidays in Canada, one thing was clear. A country worldwide artistically only known for having grown Celine Dion in a maple leaf need a change. So I went on a road trip to set a new standard of art in cities and remote villages. First I targeted on Dalhousie, New Brunswick as I assumed the events there would be as dull as dull could be and it would be far away enough from my sister Bryn Oh’s sheep ashram in Toronto. When I arrived there I found out they had the yearly Bon Ami event planned but as I have no bon ami’s I decided to take over the march. Luckily I found my friends Ed Vespucciano, Ampel Goosson, Kikas Babenco and Luce Laval brave enough to join me in the bold event that shook Dalhousie in it’s veins. We all dressed up as the old fart Solo Mornington, who already for decades is the dictator of the virtual art world. As a metaphor for the non development of arts in the world and Canada in particular his image was the best thing we could grab and so we parade through central Dalhousie. The people in the streets didn’t seem to get it yet but when they will see the light in 10 years it isn’t a waste of time at all as the process of change is slow.

Anti Solo Mornington March

After this I went off to Quebec, centre of the Christian extremist movement of Canada in order to show the guys in woman clothes there that the only way to salvation is some pure and good drama. And that it takes more than playing year after year the same box-office chartbuster story about a guy hanging on a cross. Occupying their great and numerous theatres with always the same afterparties with wine and bread. Now I know that it is difficult to quit a success story that makes you rich while you are asleep as it is also impossible for Betty Omo to do ever something else then throw some bright colors in a sphere. But now it is time for the Canadian art world to change, as they already have the costumes ánd the theatres. And, last but not least…SaveMe Oh around.

Holy drama

That art is not clear upon first sight and that I have myself hardly ever an idea what I am doing was leading me to the next performance in Quebec where I asked the guy who hates me most and who is the most unsatisfied with my coming out as Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Tyrehl Byk to kill me once more as he is already trying to kill me for a long time. He was more than pleased to take up a bow and shoot some arrows right through my gorgeous body.

May I help you

The Canadian art world could for the moment not react in any other way then how  they always do, appear as a walking question mark.

The Pre-Marriage Incognito Pre-Honeymoon Which Ended With A Riot In Our Pussy

SaveMe’s holidays part 2

As my almost wife Rose Borchovski and I want to be prepared for everything we decided to have some honeymoon rehearsals as you don’t want the event of the century end up in disaster, especially when you know my dear Rose already fucked up some earlier marriages real bad.

To go undisturbed we went into disguise to the Cu de Judas in Portugal, Aldeia das Dez. Translated: the village of the 10, as there are only living 10 people (if you could even call that living?).  So we assumed to be safe. We found a little abandoned chapel and couldn’t resist to some blasphemous behaviour. We dressed up in our wedding gowns and screamed out all kinds of obscene variations of catholic wedding ceremony songs before we showed our solidarity with Pussy Riot by releasing the riot in our pussy’s by some finger practicing behind the tabernacle.


It all turned out into a freaking nightmare as we were totally unexpected discovered later on in the only street of Aldeia das Dez by the mother of Kikas Babenco. Mama Babenco who turned out to be one of the 10. And she was completely aware of our existence as she is one of the most true followers of my blog as it is the only place where once in a while her daughter is mentioned.

Incognito pre-honeymoon

And when Mama Babenco knows, Kikas knows it too and you can be sure it is a matter of time her inspiration addicted husband Marmaduke Arado will grab the idea asap to turn it into one of their adventures as if it had happend in their daily life. I can already imagine his excitement of playing a girl (Although he needs severe shaving) who offended the complete corrupt Casa Pia catholic ruling elite of Portugal who also have more than strong ties with the Opus Dei movement in Italy who want to replace the new pope Francisco by either Silvio Berlusconi or Vladimir Putin.

As Rose and I certainly didn’t want to be the trigger for this dark future to take place we begged Kikas & Marma to keep our secret, but it cost us 5 years of free baba de camelo shipping to the harbour of Porto, Portugal, to sweeten them up.

We certainly learned our lesson; when you want to keep something a secret, don’t go to a village with only 10 people.