When I Killed LEA And Rezzed SLEA

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Hi there, I just have a couple of quick questions: firstly, this is a private group but Linden Endowment for the Arts Info is a LL group. That second group of which I am also a member has more members – but no current notices at all right now. Is it ever active, is it worth staying in, or has it more or less died?

SaveMe Oh: I killed it, you can leave that group

Gemma: thinks that is the old, yes. Well SaveMe not sure now lololol

Sayumi Tsunenaga giggles… So funny SaveMe! But yeah, this sure seems to be the active group, and you can’t even chat in the other

SaveMe Oh: After I killed LEA I gave Tansee the idea for SLEA, we will see how it works out. So far, so good.

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Very cool of you SaveMe, hee hee… how long has this group been going?

SaveMe Oh: Since I open SLEA, some weeks ago.

Improper Use Of SaveMe Oh

Due to recent speculation and social media activity, LL (the makers of Secondlife) has been asked whether internal administration of SaveMe Oh may be appropriate as a treatment for coronavirus.

As a global leader in the making of virtual worlds, we must be clear that under no circumstance should SaveMe Oh be administered into the virtual body (through wear, add or any other route). As with all our products, SaveMe Oh should only be used as intended and in line with TOS. Please read the disclaimer and privacy information.

We have a responsibility in providing consumers with access to accurate, up-to-date information as advised by leading public health experts. For this and other myth-busting facts, please visit savemeoh.wordpress.com.

Heavy Hitters

Yesterday I forced Ebbe Altberg to release the following statement or I would hit him hard!!!

Gladly we have decided as Linden Lab we couldn’t continue to steal the money from our users to sponsor the megalomane project Sansar and we will flush it. SaveMe Oh forced us to focus entirely on Second Life. She threatens also to kill Tilia.

Several “heavy hitters”, led by SaveMe Oh will have their baseball bats ready to remember Linden Lab that their only reason of existence is to help develop Second Life. (The real work is already done by it’s users and residents)

Beware The Mole People

Through the Russian Embassy and investigation site Bellingcat I received this IM conversation between Dido Haas en Kake Broek during the performance by Ultralight Alter at LEA 20. A warning, it’s very disturbing material.


Dido Haas: KAKEEEEE, hows you? Kisssss, soo good to see you

Second Life: Daddio Dow ejected and banned you from this land. You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Dido Haas: huh, lol U2? hahaha

Kake Broek: Very funny

Dido Haas: How are you Kake?

Kake Broek: Killed by the Linden

Dido Haas: Damn, really? coz of your pics on Flickr? mmm that is silly

Kake Broek: “Misrepresentation as Linden”.

Dido Haas: mmm that sucks

Kake Broek: My Second Life identity, thousands of pieces of purchased stuff, collectors’ items and souvenirs, so much invested daily time and money, all quickly removed by one Linden click.

Dido Haas: really? arghh damn

Kake Broek: Yes, anyhow, now this page concerning 11 years of my life has been turned. I keep the support from my friends, and that’s the most important thing!

Dido Haas: yes, kisss

Kake Broek: Beware the Mole People!

Dido Haas: aww, tell me, tell me. Hey what happened with Daddio?

Kake Broek: He is a Linden Lab employee, didn’t you know?

Dido Haas: Nope, I didn’t

Kake Broek: He is security for all LEA sims

Dido Haas: He is my enemy coz he is with Yoon and she is my enemy too. He is crazy guy. I erased them both so they are only grey on my screen

Kake Broek: Thats very smart, they have direct connection to LL in San Francisco. They report directly to them on what happens on LEA sims

Dido Haas: I am not on a Lea sim

Kake Broek: Daddio removed me from LEA 20, just now

Dido Haas: He did? Mmm, crazy guy he is

Kake Broek: He hands out the free sims

Linden Lab Puts A Halt To Obscene Imposters #METOO

In the week that Harvey Weinstein turned himself in, his virtual alter ego Kake Broek was kicked out of Secondlife by Linden Lab.

After years of silence in which the consumers of the online platform were exposed to Kake Broek’s obscene, filthy, pornografic trolling Linden Lab finally took action to protect the obedient avatars who just want to consume Linden Labs wonderful products.

It was unbelievable that a company, who’s main goal is to make their CEO’s rich as quick as possible was so slow in taking action against consumers who thought they could think and decide for themself, as if Linden Lab didn’t live up to their own TOS.

It’s obvious Linden Lab misses a CEO like Mark Suckerbug of Facebook, who travels around the world crying crocodile tears while in the mean time the money floats in the pocket and the total control is completed.

If it was not for the election of Donald Trump Linden Lab might be still neglecting its priorities; control society and exploit consumers for the benefit of the 1%. Big companies won’t make America great again when they are not strict.


When I was young and blonde I once tried the same as the despicable Kake Broek, pretending to be a Linden. I posted pictures of myself as SaveMe Linden but I never tried to pull fresh born noobs into sexual explicit situations at Orientation Island.

With a nice little note Linden Lab pointed out to me that I might have forgotten the TOS and of course I stopped my acting as SaveMe Linden immediately.

Dear SaveMe Oh,

Linden Lab individually investigates the circumstances of every Abuse Report we receive. Following a careful review of our server records and logs, we have determined that your recent actions violated the Second Life Community Standards or Terms of Service. The violation in question occurred on February 25, 2008 in the region of public townscape.

Violation: Terms of Service: Misrepresentation

Falsely identifying oneself as being a Linden Lab employee,a representative of Linden Lab, or otherwise claiming a position of authority within Second Life is a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service. Group names or titles containing the word ”Linden” are an example of Misrepresentation.

The rules of conduct are interpreted with the broadest meaning possible.

Discipline: No additional action is being taken at this time.

We will not disclose the identity of Residents who file Abuse Reports.

Sincerely, Linden Lab

Fostered by this warm and guarding hand I managed to become Secondlife’s main artist loved by the millions, but I can only continue my work when Linden Lab takes its responsibility and eliminates the rotten apples who defame this wonderful virtual platform.

For the happy consumers I hope Linden Lab will again extend the possibilities of abuse rapports and tickets so we can endless accuse and crucify each other, the only way a company can be profitable without having to do the dirty work.

May he rest in peace!

The Forbidden Sansar Picks

Linden Lab is shaking its NDA agreement at over-excited closed beta users prematurely publicizing screenshots and such.

Well SaveMe Oh didn’t save Secondlife all those years to be afraid of the suckers. When it was not me, your lousy business would be down the drain already for a long time!




With my friend Venus Adored who also was invited for Sansar





The New Fucker On The Block

A good junta always succeed to put new motherfuckers on the chairs of the cowards who left in silence when they realise they contributed to a fascist regime. Solo Mornington, LaPiscean Liberty and others all left in silence to be replaced by bigger assholes with even less scruples. The ones who don’t ask questions but just pull the trigger. New stars like Secret Rage and JMB Balogh, secretly instructed by PatriciaAnne Daviau, who showed in an earlier post about LEA she is a big Donald Trump supporter.

Of course these string puppets can hold their position by frequent ass licking of the prim gluers who want to have a permanent free LEA sim like Betty Tureaud, Art Blue, Mandel Solano, Venus Adored and Medora Chevalier. They can’t have their frequent hippie parties without the help of these LEA committee dummies.

And why should an avatar be banned? Everybody can mute or derender this avatar if they don’t want to see her or her performances? The answer is that she generates such an attention that the dictatorship is losing it’s influences on the processes as they planned it. On their terms and their conditions, as they don’t want to lose the privileges granted to them by the almighty Linden.

The fact that my brother Lemondo Oh offered me his LEA sim last November for a month freaked the hell out of the LEA NSA and they apparently decided this should never happen again. I found out when my friends Jo Williams and Mario Hellstein wanted to allow me on their LEA sims as they always do (those 2 also lick LEA asses to get their yearly free LEA sim).

Jo Williams: Aloha, test something for me plz ?:)

(and she send me a TP to see if I could enter her LEA sim)(Of course the border was highly secured as PatriciaAnne Daviau listen well to her role model Donald Trump how to build high walls)

SaveMe Oh: Banned from the region still, do your best.

Jo Williams: You tried the TP?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. You have to contact the dictators again.

Jo Williams: Hmm, they removed the option to allow you 1/1/17 apparently . . I told them you were cool on lea20 last year. . still no . . i said ” Oh ”

SaveMe Oh: Kill the fascists!

Jo Williams: Not before supper.

SaveMe Oh: But in time for the last supper.

Jo Williams: Did you fuck with someone here, last year?  (in their opinion)

SaveMe Oh: They ban me from all regions as default, after simowners have to request my presence again every new round

Jo Williams: Until now ..  they have removed that option.

SaveMe Oh: When you request it directly to them?

Jo Williams: Now, yes. To the one in charge of my sim.

SaveMe Oh: Who is your boss this time?

Jo Williams: Hmm, a new one, I will check with PatriciaAnne Daviau when she comes online.

SaveMe Oh: Which new one, you coward?

Jo Williams: Haha, ooh provocative . .:))

SaveMe Oh: Are you so afraid of them? That they might take back your pathetic sim?

Jo Williams: Hehehe – i am not afraid in rl of people either haha, and take it back, they can- Mario will still have his ahah.

SaveMe Oh: Then why you are afraid to tell who is your boss this time?

Jo Williams: Wait. I am making a notecard.

SaveMe Oh: Did they request an omerta?

Jo Williams: ometra – wtf is that?

SaveMe Oh: Oath of silence

Jo Williams: Wait. I am making a notecard. O;o gawd, you’re impatient.

SaveMe Oh: Every victim is impatient.

Then the evidence arrived in a notecard:

Jo Williams: Hello, sorry to interrupt, but can you arrange for SaveMe Oh to be allowed on LEA20 please 🙂 thank you

JMB Balogh: No sorry, she is permanently banned from LEA sims.

Jo Williams: Who has the authority?:) Last year the ban was lifted . . the blog said ”on request” ?:)

JMB Balogh: No the ban has not been lifted.

Jo Williams: Last year she was permitted onto LEA 20

JMB Balogh: I’m sorry Jo but as of January 1st 2017 she is permabanned on all LEA sims. No exceptions.

Jo Williams: Oh!

Time for a visit to some of the LEA sims to wish the LEA lickers a prim glueing 2017 with lots of happy ass licking.



With Venus Adored


With Art Blue

Art Blue: Hello. What I read here is posted without knowing the facts. Every LEA  grant holder can unban SaveMe Oh. Also a fact is which I have proof on many occasions that SaveMe Oh as soon as she is unbanned comes to this sim on Grand Openings and takes over the planned performances to make them to her own. SaveMe Oh calls it to contribute, but you can see this just a SPAMing with her particles and then she blogs it how long it took until she gots ejected

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Yes the committee has made the decision to perma ban SaveMe Oh from all LEA regions effective 1/1/2017.

Art Blue: I need glasses obviously SaveMe Oh did another step forward to get this now

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Just as JM stated

Cupido Oh: No, Art, you did a step forward in your support of a dictatorship

PatriciaAnne Daviau: and for the record I do not support Trump nor will I ever support him


I Am On The Phone With Linden Lab Now

Save LEA_003

Stem van Helsinki: I am on the phone with Linden Lab now

SaveMe Oh: Are they already back from church? It’s Sunday.

Stem van Helsinki: Your harashing is not art! And you cannot blackmail people

SaveMe Oh: Your banning is not freedom

Stem van Helsinki: I have been waiting for your apologies

SaveMe Oh: I have been waiting for you to stop being a dictator

Stem van Helsinki:: People do not wanna see your face cause you make anger. Its you inner anger. And its sad. Sad is inside you and it eats you all the time

SaveMe Oh: You ban me on arrival, that is sad. You have a cruel person inside you.

Stem van Helsinki: I said I can help you but you have been cruell all the time

SaveMe Oh: Your artistic face is just a facade for your inner dictator who wants the power. You want to rule like all that pathetic simowners and galleryowners before you.

Stem van Helsinki: All the time you talk about yourself. Its your inner anger. What do you think!

SaveMe Oh: I think you have to let me do my job and dont obstruct art

Stem van Helsinki: what job you have here? If you are a real artist you understand others art work, like big artists.

SaveMe Oh: You banned me on arrival. Before I even could say hello to the artist

Stem van Helsinki: First you have to be humble in heart. As you can see some guests don’t like you. You have to apology for all the insults. If you like to be famous. Thats one thing. Humble in heart

SaveMe Oh: I dont have to like it or not, I am already famous

Stem van Helsinki: As you can imagine openings are ruined. And as I have say we Finns are like vikings, peacful people. But remember England. This is end of conversation. You insult me a lot! Thanks about it!

SaveMe Oh: The Fins I met before you were much warmer and open people, you are a disgrace for your people.

Stem van Helsinki: I say this only one time to you! We Finns are very peace-loving, but tonight was too much! Do not ever make me any text, and the appearance in my sim  or plot

If you would like that is fun and enjoyable so I recommend treatment for you.

SaveMe Oh: Do Fins kill people upon arrival???

Stem van Helsinki: In Tuonela you have busy on the rocky bed, I was going to take care of! Take care you! I lost you. You win. Happy!

SaveMe Oh: No, I don’t want to be banned.

Own Me Save Me

Buy a SaveMe before Linden Lab sells her!

Own me SaveMe

To prevent Linden Lab from selling out all the masterpieces of SaveMe Oh she will sell out her work herself before it is too late. If you ever wanted to own a SaveMe here is your chance to do so. How does it work?

SaveMe will appear on secret selling spots (as some of the works may not be totally legal) where you can pic the work of your choice and negotiate with her a reasonable price. It is also possible to TP her quick to your secret spot for some quick deals.

If you and SaveMe reach an agreement you are the happy owner of a SaveMe before the Linden clear out her inventory for free.

Don’t wait forever because SaveMe Oh is not responsible if you miss the deal of the century.

Keep an eye on FB or inworld notices to be on the right moment on the right spot.

After you have purchased a collector’s item SaveMe Oh suggest to change the title of the work so that the Linden will get one day completely crazy discovering everytime the same work with a different title. It means they have to open every pic one by one.

Fuck a Linden, own a SaveMe.

Rooms by the sea not for sale

Linden Lab Is The Fence Of Stolen Goods

A lot of people are outraged about the latest change in TOS where Linden Lab tells us they own everything we do in secondlife, but now what we do in secondlife is mainly searching a hiding place for goods we stole from the internet. Everybody hunts there for textures, musicfiles of photographs to upload to SL and dump it in a prim and call it art or a building.

Only some desperate wannabe artists take the time to aquarelle themselves something on linen and upload it. Now when your only way to become a known artist is to upload your aquarelle to a virtual world you are already a lost case and it gives me great pleasure that Linden Lab is now the new owner of your bullshit.


SaveMe Oh stealing from Edward Hopper

For all the other stuff the Linden think they own from now on, I call upon the lawyers to sue them for criminal activities as they are dealing in stolen goods.


SaveMe Oh stealing from IKEA

Another definition for Linden Lab is FENCE.

A fence is an individual who knowingly buys stolen property for later resale, sometimes in a legitimate market. The fence thus acts as a middleman between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen. As a verb, the word describes the behavior of the thief in the transaction: The burglar fenced the stolen avatar. This sense of the term came from thieves’ slang, first attested c. 1700, from the notion of such transactions taking place under defence of secrecy.

The fence is able to make a profit with stolen merchandise because he is able to pay thieves a very low price for stolen goods. The fence then disguises the stolen nature of the goods, if possible, so that he or she can sell them closer to the white market price. In the 2000s, newer “fencing operations hide from sight in legitimate businesses and show discipline and precision in their dealings”. Fencing is illegal in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but the “legal requirements for demonstrating that fencing has occurred are complex”.

Breaking News 3

SaveMe Oh stealing from CNN

Now do the Linden own SaveMe Oh? No, as every inch of my gorgeous ass is created by me and every Linden CEO who tried to touch it (Philip, M. Linden) are now fired and wiped out. Why? Because SaveMe Oh is owned by my mind and doesn’t depend on Secondlife, Facebook or Twitter and my mind is so much faster than them. It’s faster than quicksilver and already in the next galaxy when they are still inventing facebookbuttons.

An artist who is catch by commerce, society or regulations is no artist.


SaveMe Oh stealing from Berlin 1920