Save Generosa

The new SaveMe Oh movie.

Hail, nobly born, hail, honored and inviolate,

you Maiden are the piercing gaze of chastity,

you the material of holiness—

the one who pleasèd the virtual world.

For heaven’s flood poured into you

as heaven’s Word was clothed in flesh in you.

You are the lily, gleaming white, upon which Linden Lab

has fixed his gaze before all else created.

O beautiful, O sweet!

How deep is that delight that Linden Lab received in you,

when ‘round you they enwrapped their warm embrace,

so that their avatars were suckled at your breast.

Your womb rejoiced

as from you sounded forth the whole celestial symphony.

For as a virgin you have borne the virtual joy—

in Secondlife your chastity shone bright.

Your flesh rejoiced

just as a blade of grass on which the dew has fall’n,

viridity within it to infuse—just so it happened unto you,

O mother of all joy!

So now in joy gleams all the fans like dawn,

resounds in symphony

because of you, the Virgin sweet

and worthy of all praise, SaveMe,

Linden Labs mother. Amen.