Three Down, One To Go

Countless are my efforts to bring down the Secondlife institutions who prey on the time of desperate wannabe artists. The desperate wannabe artists who think their only opportunity to forever stardom is the acceptance of a position as a prostitute on an art sim. The sims were you have to obey the rules of the pimps of these artsims to be allowed to glue some prims together. The sims where you soon will find out that your glued together prims are of less importance than the exposure of the sim-owners on every opening or event. The openings where it is expected that the wannabe artists licks the asses of these sim-owners so they can raise high in their eternal glory. You know very well the ones who have to be licked over and over again. They are the Josina Burgesses of CARP, the Newbab Zsigmonds and Merlina Rokocokos of Pirats, the Jayjay Zifanwes of UWA and the Solo Morningtons of LEA.UWART

With great pleasure I can announce that after I wiped off CARP and Pirats from the face of the virtual earth now I have succeed to give UWA the deathblow. On the night of the 9th October it will be wiped out forever. Their fucking clock tower was the most embarrassing way UWA used to promote their brand using for free the time of idiot wannabe artists. Done with this ArtIKEA so real artist can use their time for what they are rezzed for…making art.



Now there’s only one fortress to destroy, LEA. But probably Linden Lab will release themselves from this annoyance because an ass gets irritated when daily licked by the abrasive tongue of Solo Mornington.


That She May Save You In 2014 Again

Save 2014

When I am your friend you are Saved, but few people realise that when I am your enemy you are also Saved.

Undisputed evidence shows that when I am not your friend or enemy anymore there is a dark and painful road to nowhere lying ahead of you.

When Josina Burgess was my fulltime enemy after I refused to be her virtual daughter she was busy day and night to get me banned, killed and removed wherever she could and organised large mobs of fellow combatants to fight the shared evil. Now she has gone back to RL to force people into a marriage or promotes the elderly aquarellists.

Also my beloved enemy Merlina Rokocoko, who even forced her husband Newbab Zsigmond to sent a lawyer to me because I punched her on the nose in one of my machinima’s has sank back in the deep swamp of forced labour, the everyday compulsive upload from a pic from her son Tristan.

Even my dear friends Kikas & Marmaduke seem to be blown away once in a while by my Typhoon Haiyan-like behaviour and seeking shelter in the endless peace of an open sim. Desperate they reconstruct the “good old days” of AM Radio and scream from signs: RESPECT ART and DON’T TOUCH to find out shocked there are no living creatures around to even touch anything. The hopeful rezzed crime scenes never saw a good victim. The superhero that is finally free needs his nostalgia to keep the illusion alive he is still a freedom fighter and we come to the shocking conclusion that freedom without rules gives us nothing to fight for and without fighting we are dead.

When I appear in Open Sim to meet my friends Thirza Ember, Cherry Manga or Veleda Lorakeet and take the place over in 1 second they are crying from happiness after being there alone for months.

Open sim AIRE Mille Flux celebrates his one year existing empty and if you want to release them out of their suffering you have to start from scratch by one more time inventing the wheel and copy your stuff for the 1000th time. To get you in they even offer you land of a size that reaches far behind your virtual horizon and a use of millions of prims bringing us back to the virtual stone age where people still thought online worlds are only there to glue prims together. It’s like being on an uninhabited island where you get the freedom to build unlimited sandcastles.

Slowly those blind people are back in a scene from last century, sitting on a couch all night watching television. Seeing what they choose to see but loudly complaining there is nothing interesting on the screen.

Interaction, challenge each other, surprise attacks or upgrading each other seems further away than ever and the only person who completely understood this, Ed Folger, has stopped his valuable contributions.

That’s why I will do even better my very best to Save you all again in 2014 as you all deserve me. But first I go turkey hunting with heavy firecrackers.

Pirats Art Kahos Makes Quan Lavender Puke

Behind banlines on the Pirats Art Kahos sim I met Quan Lavender with a strange green expression on her face. She looked ill.

Quan Lavender: Hi, why aren’t you banned here?

SaveMe Oh: I am banned

Quan Lavender: ???

SaveMe Oh: the banline is just behind you

Quan Lavender: crazy

SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: I am allowed to watch, but not to enter

Quan Lavender: You can be glad, so much great art to see 😉

SaveMe Oh: You really think so? It’s one off the worst things I have seen recently

Quan Lavender: Yes, I miss a concept. Chaos does not work for me as a concept.

SaveMe Oh: I give you the PIRATS concept again. “Everything is done to make the owners Newbab and Merlina look more important” Thats their concept!

Quan Lavender: Ah noo, I don’t see that.

SaveMe Oh: And its not chaos, its controlled completely by those two

Quan Lavender: I think everyone is free to build what he wants

SaveMe Oh: I agree

Quan Lavender: You make some people more important then they are

SaveMe Oh: They do that themsleves already for a long time. And their ideas never work as they always put themselves in the middle

Quan Lavender: Sometimes ideas on art work, sometimes not. At least they do something, complaining is easy.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you are not allowed to complain

SaveMe Oh: I am

SaveMe Oh: As I do something

Quan Lavender: I am free to say whatever I want and I do as you know

SaveMe Oh: Yes you are. But what you do? Not much.

Quan Lavender: But really, it is no fun for me to invest much energy in works that I don’t find interesting

SaveMe Oh: That I can undertstand so my advice is not to invest any energy in this.

Quan Lavender: thanks 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Unless you dare to point out an increddible bullshit. But you don’t dare those things, I know.

Quan Lavender: Oh no, there is much more worse to see

SaveMe Oh: I know, but that was not the discussion

Quan Lavender: But what to discuss here? The artists here are people whose work I like. It is just not interesting here. But on the other hand it does not harm or annoy anyone.

Quan Lavender: So what to write about? To me it is just not interesting.

Quan Lavender: And now, if you will excuse me, I jump back home, as I feel a major puke coming. Bye!

Love Is A Battlefield

The ones who love me most run away the fastest!

After Josina Burgess made me an orfan CARP was dead in a year. When Wirxli Flimflam came too close his suicide was not a surprise. When Igor Ballyhoo betrayed me with Flora Nordenskiold no trace of him was found anymore and she is in a institution somewhere picking up writing as a therapy again after a severe nervous breakdown. When DanCoyote Antonelli was trying to prove he was sooooo smart I kicked him out of the LEA board and Solo Mornington is just alive as we have to keep in practice how to deal with these kind of idiots. And now we are standing at the graves of poor Pirats who not so long ago wanted to send a lawyer to me because I made fun of them in an innocent machinima.

Now these guys kill themselves, but not before they want to get the credits for all the good work they have done. They banned and they were the greatest ones in putting frames around screensaver art. They were also the megalomaniac builders who always found their own buildings more important than the artists who had to exhibit in it and they never could resist to make themselves as hosts more important than their protégés. When you try to help them out to make their openings real performance events they could do nothing else then to find as quick as possible the ban, eject and kill button, and went crying to the bosses of LINDEN or LEA…but….I already miss them. (grabbing a Kleenex).

We announce the cessation of PiRats exhibitions on Second Life.

We thank all the artists for their work has enabled the group to be a fabulous network of artists, permitting the art to spread across borders and cultures.

We also thank all the visitors, who through their loyalty, have permitted artists, during these four years, to share their work, their messages, their sensitivities.

PiRats does not disappear. We will have the opportunity to meet during off projects, where art will always at first place.

Good luck to all.

Want A Free LEA Sim?

Ask Aristide Depression how she already treats Solo Mornington’s hanging depression for 10 months for a free sim.

Ask Oberon Omura how he already scripts up floating balls in the ass of Solo Mornington for having a free sim for 10 months.

Ask Tyrehl Byk how he lets explode his particle love balls in the deeper intestines of Solo Mornington for having a free sim for 10 months.

Ask Merlina Rokocoko how she already soixante neufs Solo Mornington for 10 months for having a free sim and never have to pay for their own Pirats sims anymore.

Ask Misprint Thursday how she makes Solo Mornington believe she will relief him for already 10 months for having a free sim where she doesn’t spent a second.

Ask yourself in the mirror to fuck yourself. “Oh, dear Solo, don’t you want to fuck me Solo?? Please????” “Here you have a free sim darling!”

Ask Werner Kurosawa how to pretend not to love Solo Mornington so he gets a free space in LEA forever.

Ask Bryn Oh how to play the poor artist and donate a sheep every week in Solo Mornington’s bedroom for unlimited free sims.

With these tips and tricks you can also become a famous LEA star!

The Who Call Who Adolf Game

I did not call Aruba Decuir Hitler.

I did not call Merlina Rokocoko Hitler.

I did not call Newbab Zsigmond Hitler.

I did not call Solo Mornington Hitler.

That all these people try to play Godwin’s law on me because they can’t win the discussion as they are run out of arguments isn’t my mistake.

When you rule a sim as a dictator, when you have art police walking around in black suits with a bandage around their arms with a Pirats sign in red and white or when you play the Hitler card yourself, don’t blame me for it. A better way to deal with these things would be to say: “Hey, SaveMe, maybe you are right about some things!”

Am I now going to complain about the people who compared me with Hitler like Elodie Footman? No, it’s her freedom of expression.

Do I like it? No, as what I hate the most in the world are fascists.


Read more about it in the movie The banning of SaveMe Oh from Larkworthy Antfarm, in the comment section on YouTube

Side Effects Of Banning SaveMe Oh To Watch For

Banning is strong medicine. As with any strong medicine, potentially harmful side effects may occur. SaveMe Oh is more susceptible than others to side effects.

Some side effects to watch for:

Lying, sneaking, deceit, blaming others. SaveMe Oh might eventually learn to avoid getting caught.

Lack of responsibility. Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess sometimes try to teach SaveMe Oh to be responsible for her behavior by serving the ban. Being responsible for your behavior means making things right, not serving a ban.

Don’t trust sim and gallery owners. When SaveMe Oh is not sure she did the right thing, she will normally come to sim and gallery owners for advice, unless she fear she will be banned.

See authority figures as adversaries. Banning tends to make adversaries of authority figures. SaveMe does not readily learn healthy values from adversaries.

Lack of empathy, remorse, or guilt. Banning does not teach SaveMe Oh empathy, which is necessary for remorse and guilt. Moreover, it tends to relieve guilt.

Resentment and anger. SaveMe Oh often feel hurt and misunderstood when she has been banned and become resentful and angry.

Retaliation and aggression. SaveMe Oh learns by watching us. When we ban, she sometimes learn to hurt others when she feels hurt in some way.

Rebellion. Traditional banning involves power and control. SaveMe Oh tends to rebel against power and attempts to control her.

Emotional problems. When SaveMe Oh gets angry and misbehaves, she sometimes believes that she is being banned for being angry rather than for misbehaving. When SaveMe Oh believes that being angry is wrong, she feels that she deserves to be banned. Then her misbehavior does not feel wrong.

Poor self-image. SaveMe Oh tend to see herself through the eyes of others.  Knowing that Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess think she deserves to be banned can be very damaging.

Loss of confidence and motivation. SaveMe Oh who is banned sometimes feels she can’t do anything right and don’t try.

Impulsive behavior.

When sim and gallery owners teach SaveMe Oh to behave to avoid banning, SaveMe Oh sometimes believes that the only reason to behave is to avoid banning. SaveMe loses sight of other reasons to behave well, such as the approval of her future wife Rose Borchovski, having minions and acolytes who like and trust her, being safe and healthy, or getting an education. In situations where SaveMe Oh cannot get caught or banned, she has only her impulses to guide her.

These are the very behaviors presented by SaveMe Oh. Why would we resort to a strategy that may make her behavior worse? It is not necessary to ban her for every time she misbehaves, and it is rarely necessary to ban her at all. It is often necessary to teach SaveMe Oh. Better use strategies to teach SaveMe Oh about feelings, values, and responsibility.