LEA’s Microwave

If you also have some leftover’s that are almost growing funghi, send it over to LEA as they are pleased to warm up your dead, long forgotten stuff. At least my darling Rose is admitting her two fish are dead now.


So if you want to do the same documentary again about Igor Ballyhoo scissors, the nipples of Rose Borchovski’s Susas, the cactus of Maya Paris or be present at the return of the dearly missed Cherry Manga or Aristide Depression, grab your camera and produce the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction. And it will not take long before Eupalinos Ugajin, Jo Ellsmere, Alpha Auer, Mikati Slade and Bryn Oh will also discover some old shit in their fridge that exceeded its expiration date but they love to warm up for you again.


Hurry up before it is too late……..


There Is No Opening Here!


Somebody licks LEA’s ass, gets a sim, dumps a bridge there and asks 4 wannabe artists (my dear friends Simontron Aquila, Maya Paris, Mikati Slate, Alpha Auer and my sister Bibbe Oh) to open up their inventories for some old shit to give it an air of uniqueness. Time to give the sim back to the people for some decent party time.

SaveMe Oh: Well experts, when I have to open this dump?

Simotron Aquila: I dont know. No info for now

SaveMe Oh: Pity Misprint Thursday dont put a stream here otherwise I could open the place tonight.

Mikati Slade: I think here have some radio songs

SaveMe Oh: Let me check… ah yes. I can open the sim

Mikati Slade: Maybe she loves such style of songs

Simotron Aquila: :))

SaveMe Oh: What time shall we do it? In an hour?

Mikati Slade: I am chatting with Misprint.

Simotron Aquila: Hey! I’m busy in RL this evening! I cant login tonight!

SaveMe Oh: So when you want the opening SImo?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati we dont have to ask as she doesnt do anything else than SL

Simotron Aquila: Well… maybe next week?

SaveMe Oh: Noooo. This weekend

Mikati Slade: There is no opening here!

SaveMe Oh: Says who?

Mikati Slade: Misprint Thursday said it!

SaveMe Oh: When I say there is an opening there is an opening

Mikati Slade: I mean party.

SaveMe Oh: Who cares what Misprint says or is she the boss?

Mikati Slade: She is the SIM holder

SaveMe Oh: And? Does that give special rights?

Simotron Aquila: Oh, well… is her project…

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: Is that in the LEA handbook?

Simotron Aquila: But I’d like to have your party! 😉

SaveMe Oh: What project? Ask a few people to shit some prims here? And then those people search in their inventory for some old stuff?

Simotron Aquila: Hey!!! it’s almost 9 pm!!!! I have an appointment! I must go.

SaveMe Oh: Haha Simo. Run!!!!! Escape just in time.

Brooklyn Bike

Brooklyn Bike – testride

So dear friends, tell me when you want the opening here and consider it done.

In the mean time we listen to a cute Misprint song.

The Deep Hole Of A Burning Boy Scout

Slatan Dryke: Hello and happy Sunday

SaveMe Oh: The park rangers have finished church. Here is one of the idiots. Meet Slatan

Slatan Dryke: I am glad you having fun

SaveMe Oh: No you or not. You hate it when people have fun. Look how the idiot is dressed: playing boy scout again.


Slatan Dryke: Now would you be so kind to stop this not authorized show?

SaveMe Oh: This is not a show

Mikati Slade: I hate ppl when they are enjoying?

Slatan Dryke: What is it?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I are having an artist meeting

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: So please don’t interrupt.

Mikati Slade: This is the best show in this Burn event.

SaveMe Oh: Go save a deer or rabbit.

Slatan Dryke: Ok that’s great, there are other places where to have your meeting.

Mikati Slade: Many ponies are the audiences

Slatan Dryke: So again please stop it, poor ponies.

SaveMe Oh: How was church this morning?


Slatan Dryke: For the last time, shut down this please.

SaveMe Oh: Is that an ultimatum? On what grounds?

Slatan Dryke: It’s not an ultimatum, dear. It’s a gentle request

SaveMe Oh: Slatan go back to your church or boy scouts cabin and leave Mikati and me in peace

Slatan Dryke: Who are you to tell me what I have to do?

SaveMe Oh: Or make a campfire here, also good. As ranger for sure you know how to make a campfire. Go catch us a fish.

Slatan Dryke: I do and you?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I may become hungry after our art meeting


Mikati Slade: The ponies are getting afraid.

SaveMe Oh: They might think Slatan is going to slaughter them

Slatan Dryke: I love the animals. I just hate the idiots.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you call Mikati an idiot!

Slatan Dryke: Not at all, in general talking. I guess you do too

Mikati Slade: I am worried if ppl think I am an idiot when I built full blight huge thing first time

but after I felt safe because SaveMe is there I got to know

Slatan Dryke: Good for you Mikati. You have all my respect and I love your buildings. The cake stage is a masterpiece.

SaveMe Oh: You have yourself a boy scout admirer, Mikati!

Mikati Slade: What you mean? I am not a Christian.

SaveMe Oh: Haha, the boy scout loves you.

Slatan Dryke: So SaveMe what would you like to do, going on with this unauthorized useless show?

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl seem to love me yes

SaveMe Oh: Haha

Slatan Dryke: Are you saying I am a gay, Mikati?

SaveMe Oh: I think she was

SaveMe Oh: But we love gay people, that’s why we put extra pink in our work.

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl love pink?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, a lot.

Mikati Slade: Oh I see

Slatan Dryke: I hate pink

SaveMe Oh: Because you haven’t had your coming out yet

Slatan Dryke: Yellow is better

SaveMe Oh: And still dress up as a boy scout. That is a gay in denial.

Slatan Dryke: Maybe. Not your business in any case. My orientation is not your business.

SaveMe Oh: No, just as I am not of any of your business

Slatan Dryke: Because it could be rude.

SaveMe Oh: Mikati, what were we talking about before this fool arrived?

Slatan Dryke: Fool? Me? Oh dear. Maybe you can convince SaveMe Oh to stop this unauthorized show?


Slatan Dryke ejected you from this land.

No Piece Of Cake For Me


SaveMe Oh: Why am I banned from SL12B??? Can you ask your boss?

Mikati Slade: You banned from SL12B? Omg. I thought so!!

SaveMe Oh: From the entire region

Mikati Slade: Oh wow

SaveMe Oh: Tell you boss to unban me now

Mikati Slade: It means you are so famous. I think it’s one of your big medals. I won’t take it from you!

SaveMe Oh: I don’t want to know what you think, I want you to tell your boss to unban me so we can have cake together

Mikati Slade: Boss don’t move by anyone

SaveMe Oh: You do your best

Mikati Slade: You can talk with him directly. It’s the best way

SaveMe Oh: Or tell him you remove everything because you love to have me there

Mikati Slade: Hahaha. Are you serious?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. Isn’t it stupid I can’t visit you? You think that’s normal?

Mikati Slade: If you are serious, please talk with Doctor Gasoligne. Just talk with boss is my policy. I am not the boss of SLB

SaveMe Oh: When you were banned at my sim I would never accept it

Mikati Slade: So talking with me wont worth for you

SaveMe Oh: Hey, you work for a dictator so you are part of it too.

Mikati Slade: Talking with boss is most democratic way!

SaveMe Oh: No, it’s the way of a slave

Mikati Slade: But I think you have many alts. No problem for you I think

SaveMe Oh: My alts don’t like you

Mikati Slade: Oh really?

SaveMe Oh: It’s just me

Mikati Slade: Anyway Doctor Gasoligne (not sure the spelling) he will hear you I think

SaveMe Oh: Doctor Gasoline. I like that.

Mikati Slade: You are my favourite artist

SaveMe Oh: You could be mine too if I was able to see your work

Mikati Slade: When I saw your performance, I surprised that you already did what I was dreaming. So I am thinking we have some similarity

SaveMe Oh: We are one, that’s why you have to think first

Mikati Slade: But you already visited SLB with another your alt, right?

SaveMe Oh: Why would I? To do what?

Mikati Slade: To see the cake.

SaveMe Oh: Watch things? Why should I do that? I can see the pictures too

Mikati Slade: No SaveMe! Its huge, pictures don’t talk well

SaveMe Oh: That’s why you should always make sure I am not banned

Mikati Slade: You are trying to be banned yourself as your mission lol

SaveMe Oh: No I am not. What’s the fun of being banned? I don’t know

Mikati Slade: You are joking

SaveMe Oh: No I am not. I hate it to be banned. You think people like it to be locked up?

Mikati Slade: No but if no one banned you, then your story will not completed

SaveMe Oh: that’s not my choice

SaveMe Oh: I prefer never to be banned

Mikati Slade: it’s really a big joke

SaveMe Oh: I could be performing now in your cake but they don’t allow me. That’s not funny

Mikati Slade: You can do that with alt then

SaveMe Oh: I can’t. My alts are not performers. You also let your cake been build by alts?

Mikati Slade: You are thinking I am a kid

SaveMe Oh: You talk like one now

Mikati Slade: I don’t trust your joking

SaveMe Oh: I am not joking. I sincerely dislike banning. I hate dictators. I hate simowners who think they can tell what we have to do. That’s no joke. I love drama, that’s true too

Mikati Slade: Doctor Gasoligne won’t move by me

SaveMe Oh: Have you tried?

Mikati Slade: But he is a nice guy, you can negotiate him

SaveMe Oh: A lot of dictators are nice guys. That’s how power works. Be nice for some and you rule the world.

Mikati Slade: If you are serious, then you won’t care me. Because I am not the boss

SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t care about your boss I talk to you.

SaveMe Oh: But I send him just this: Hey unban me from SL12B, Mikati wants me there.

SaveMe Oh: When you also tell him that it would be some help. When you prefer to play the fool also ok, I will never know. Only know that I would leave immediately when you wouldn’t be welcome somewhere. Or better…. create a large drama out of it for the world to know!

Mikati Slade: Everything you say is cool. That’s what I am learning from you. Your English and joking is really great. Of course your art have things to learn also

SaveMe Oh: Now don’t tell me you want to marry me too

Mikati Slade: I think you already married with Rose

SaveMe Oh: For you I would divorce her

Mikati Slade: Omg she will hate me

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she is extremely jealous

Mikati Slade: I know you love her

Rafts Drift Apart

You know the feeling of having people on your friends list who you suspect of only being there to avoid a conflict? The people who use the credo “If you can’t beat them, join them?” As notorious drama queen and walking piece of art I have such a relation with Eupalinos Ugajin. He is for ages on my friends list but I can’t remember of having ever a normal conversation with him. Eupalinos Ugajin is the wannabe Salvador Dali in Secondlife who’s work normally is the result of a repeated recipe of throwing 10 items in a blender that have nothing to with each other, for example strawberry, koala, Monsanto beans, submarine, highschool skirts, dead Indians, expressomachine, nuclear waste, motherships and elephant poo. With this elephant poo he glues everything together and want us to watch it so we can say “oh, how surreal” or “ah, I’m getting gaga from the dada in my upcoming fluxus”.

When I am performing somewhere he always does his best to come with even something more monstrous as the friend of my former friend was wearing in my last post (see under this post).

As I said before I was some days ago in a good mood and offered him in a very gentle way a petit little lovely raft that I had in my inventory, but at once he had no more escape for continuing playing mister good guy as he had to ask his boss, Cica Ghost (or Bryn Oh as some say) for permission. He, for ages on my friends list, had to tell me that 2/3 of the other participating artists might run away when I participated. I took my conclusion and drop the petit little love raft back in my inventory and start participating without asking permission.

Angel of wrath


Angel of wrath

This draw 2 nights in a row so much attention that hardly anybody was having a look at the dead things that were floating in the water of LEA 20. All kind of friends came out to see my live action work and when Eupalinos Ugajin would ever had a face it would be green and yellow of envy so it was just waiting for the hidden officer of law and order to come out. After I entertain the Italian connection the first night with Luce Laval, Pallina Loon and Samira Tammas, second night I spent hours with my connected minds Mikati Slade and Cat Shilova before it was time for this sad little reason mastermind Eupalinos Ugajin could come up with to ban me.

Eupalinos Ugajin: SaveMe,  we need to work on the boat so please move a bit.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t see a boat. Which boat?

Eupalinos Ugajin: So you won’t move I guess?

Eupalinos Ugajin: yes/no?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know what boat, which way to move and who are we?


You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Eupalinos Ugajin ejected you from this land.


Eupalinos Ugajin: new medal 🙂

Eupalinos Ugajin: not too heavy I hope

Kill the clown

Kill the clown

Later that night:

SaveMe Oh: Have you already fixed the boat? Then unban me.

Eupalinos Ugajin: no ^^

SaveMe Oh: no, not fixed the boat, or no, I will not unban you?


Today I found out that I was still banned, that Eupalinos Ugajin had disappeared from my friends list, just as Quan Lavender (don’t ask me why). And funny enough, when you open the info about the land you find one ALLOWED resident. Guess…..yes, Quan Lavender.

This trouble amongst friends is not easy is an understatement and I almost got deaf from the silence of my other friends. Or are they also on my list trembling if they are next?

But I think I can live with the left 1/3. And what should I do with virtual flowers when LEA wants to thank me for being the wistle blower on LEA 25 and 28? (did you notice they closed those sims?)

Inside Without Licking

Without licking Solo Mornington’s ass or cleaning the sheep shit from between Bryn Oh’s toes I succeed to enter in the heart of LEA even while those two dictators keep me already for more than a year banned from LEA 1-6.


It was brilliant the way I turn Vaneeesa Blaylock failed and boring LEA 11 disaster into an art masterpiece. She thought all she had to do is make a few posters and that would do the trick to use the fame of SaveMe Oh to attract the masses but 2 hours before she opened her SMO10b event I occupied the sim, cleaned out my inventory on holy LEA grounds without ever appearing for their corrupt land-grant jury’s and start really attracting the masses. Saturday 25 may 2013 was a historic SaveMe Oh event with ongoing activities for hours and hours. Ush Underwood running behind Mikati Slade on the “road to you” trying to pursuit her with Zen tactics to explore the inside of her Honda Jazz from which she is sure that the inside is bigger than the outside, Ampel Goosson playing a 69 trick on the dusty crops of Vaneeesa Blaylock with unshaved Ed Vespucciano waiting for his turn. Cat Shilova playing the Cat Duet from Rossini on my Dead Cat Singing installation so loud that Iono Allen wanted to hide forever in his German Bed. Betty Omo Tureaud pinned on the only place she belongs, the “Broken Wings” butterfly box.


And the festivities have not ended yet, tonight the GREAT LICKING EVERY ASS museum will open its doors that it doesn’t have, who needs fucking doors in a virtual world????


With all fine artworks of SaveMe Oh, but when you feel the need to glue your prims over it, go ahead as the fact that every shit is permitted in LEA goes also for LEA 11. Eat your heart out. Just as I eat out the heart of the LEA Dictatorship.