The Tears Of A Clown

Josef K. send the LEA committee members a message about the behaviour of their King Lea during my IBook release event in his sim.

Josef K:

Because of Solo Mornington somewhat strange behavior at the book release party in my gallery yesterday I have sent this letter to all members of the LEA Committee:

When spanish writer Amaya Mendizabal asked me if I would write the prologue for an interactive iBook/eBook about Second Life artist SaveMe Oh that she was working on I was very proud. I felt it was an appreciation and approval of the work I have been doing for the art scene in Second Life as the owner of the Josef K Galleria dell’Arte.

To celebrate the publishing of the book by ‘Chabela Books’ in Spain, I hosted a release party in my gallery on June 9th with a planned performance by SaveMe Oh. I was looking forward to the release party as it was my first attempt to host an event.

Among the many participants at the party I noticed the member of the LEA Committee, Solo Mornington. But Solo Mornington, whom I have never met nor spoken with before, didn’t come to celebrate or to have a fun evening. At least not fun in the way I use the word.

As soon as SaveMe Oh started her performance, Solo Mornington rezzed a thick white fog over my land that made it impossible to see what SaveMe Oh was doing. And for 90 minutes he was very abusive doing his best to destroy the party that I had been looking forward to host.

Solo's intervention

I have always had the greatest respect for what LEA has been doing for the art world in Second Life and I have frequently been visiting the LEA sims to enjoy the many art projects LEA has been hostings. Hence, the behavior that Solo Mornington turned up with at my event was quite surprising.

I therefor have two question for the members of the LEA Committee:

1) Is destroying art events in Second Life, the way Solo Mornington did in my gallery, characteristic for the way LEA works?

2) And if not – what consequences will Solo Mornington’s behavior as a member of the LEA Committee have for Solo Mornington’s future involvement with LEA?

I am looking forward to your response.

Josef K

But Solo’s answer is already on his Secondlife page where he weeps bitter tears about how he could be so dumb.


Solo Mornington: Intervention at the troll’s book thingie.

My apologies to Josef K, but yah.

Yah so yesterday I did a thing. It might not have been the wisest thing or the most prudent thing, but I’m here to take the blame or the praise or the jeers or the accolades or the complete utter indifference. But the most important thing is that I put the LEA at risk and I shouldn’t have, but I did so there you go.

SaveMe Oh is a horrible person who gets off on abusing other people. And to have that dynamic celebrated in a book about performance art is beyond broken. I really want to support art and books about art in SL, and in fact I’ve devoted a huge pile of time and effort and money towards that end, scraped my way through untold stories of ego, narcissism, and politics, just so artists can do things for free.

So I showed up at the book release and said my peace and did my darndest to shit in the punchbowl. In a way, this is an homage to SaveMe Oh’s work, because that’s all it is. But also, I slimed a lot of other people and ruined the day for some people who had worked really hard on making a thing happen.

Unfortunately, that’s what the world looks like in the realm of SaveMe Oh. Enter her orbit at your own peril.

So if I was a dick to you yesterday and you feel it was unjust, then I apologize. If I was a dick to you yesterday and you feel it was just, then let’s be friends because you are the buddha.

Vick Forcella: That’s clearly disturbing the peace.

Solo Mornington: Very definitely.

Vick Forcella: I don’t know what happened and what you did. LEA does not depend on one single person afaik, so it has never been at risk. I am quite sure the things you do are with thought and not at random. Show me the one that doesn’t make mistakes.

Oh, for future reference … Last three paragraphs

If a person or object threatens to disturb an event or an exhibition, event staff should follow the steps below:

Notify by shout or IM that the Resident is disrupting the event.

If the Resident does not comply, move closer to the Resident and repeat the message above. If moving to the Resident is not possible, repeat the warning in IM or by shout.

If the Resident still does not reply, you are allowed to freeze the avatar in place.

If you are unable to freeze the avatar and the avatar has ignored multiple requests, you may eject the avatar.

Whenever you freeze or eject a Resident, you should follow up as soon as practical with:

A note to the avatar explaining why the action was taken.

A note in the avatar’s profile “My Notes” with the details of the incident in case you are abuse reported by the Resident in question.

In the case of a clear griefing episode, file an Abuse Report (AR) for the avatar immediately, clearly noting that the griefing incident is taking place on LEA land, and eject the avatar. Please note that ARs should and can be submitted by anyone in a LEA Region.

Uccello Poultry: No worries, Solo. By now folks should know that you are a true mensch.

Marianne Mccann: Solo: I’d be lying if I did not say that we have had our issues before (a past Rumble comes to mind), but I also believe it goes a very long way when one realizes what they did and apologizes for it. We all have our days.

And of course, I also am no fan of SaveMe ( I tend to have a “do not engage/ban on sight” policy with her). I may have even thought “someone should go do a bunch of particles and attachments at that thing” thought. So really, I am in no place to blame you: you’ve ‘dealt’ with her antics far more than I.

I’m also have made my own mistakes in my time, such as staying a wee bit too long at a certain event in the Mosh region that one time. I hurt folks then without even realizing I had. I grew, I learned from my errors.

You’ve done a great deal to support the arts, LEA, and Second Life as a whole. Yes, you made a big mistake yesterday, but if one puts this on one side of a scale, and the other things on the other… well, it doesn’t erase the bad, but it does outweigh it.

Keep being you.

Livio Korobase: I don’t understand why a LEA committee member have to be a robot. You did what you felt to do and i hope this was right for you. I am not a judge, and i am not interested on verbal fights and climbing on the mirrors, as all this talks appear. I followed a bit the question on FB, and this make me very sad. No one appear thinking really at people, all are taken just on try to seem smart and cool, telling the most stupid things. A vanity fair.

To see what damage Solo Mornington did see the videos from the event. The damage was ZERO. Because SL gives us tools to mute and derender so you don’t have to see what you don’t want to see. That makes the banning of SaveMe Oh just an ordinary power game from a wannabe dictator afraid that people would prefer to see the work of SaveMe Oh instead of his own shit.  So Solo Mornington is always welcome at a SaveMe Oh event but at LEA they have to call the troops, install border patrols, use IP bans and endless procedures to discuss her banning. FUCK THEM! FUCK the cowards of the committee: Jayjay Zifanwe, Secret Rage, LaPiscean Liberty, Honour McMillan, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Oberon Onmura and King Lea himself; Solo Mornington.

Despotism Is Secretly Granting Probation Based On Self Acclaimed Rules

Are you familiar with the names of these virtual dictators? They may look like nice people but they are already years responsible for gardening the Linden LEA sims for art on their own conditions. When they like your virtual nose you might get a piece of land, when you won’t lick their ass, they may ban you without notice for years.

I the jury

Honour McMillan

Jayjay Zifanwe

LaPiscean Liberty

Oberon Onmura

PatriciaAnne Daviau

Quan Lavender

Solo Mornington

First they banned me practically everywhere on Linden LEA land and try to persuade me to fill in their ridiculous appeal forms to get my freedom to go where I want back. Owners of a LEA sim had to lick their asses if they insist of having me there. The arrogant Solo Mornington couldn’t resist showing with great pleasure how he was able to hold me down and under is thumb as he wanted, as if he was the almighty god of LEA.

And now, in secret, without any message, I can go again to the LEA sims. Did they feel ashamed about their despotic behaviour after the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Was it just a mistake when they restart the sim? Or did they finally realise that sims who are not visited by SaveMe Oh can be considered as dead and lost.

Killing god

But why I still can’t go to LEA 1 to 8? And the sandbox LEA 5? Still some restrictions, or did the LEA slave Secret Rage demand this condition. We will not know as despotism is never known for is transparent policies.

slave Secret Rage demand this condition. We will not know as despotism is never known for is transparent policies.

Bryn Oh Having A Tea With Herself In Her LEA Office


Bryn Oh:  I like the work of SaveMe Oh but one of my reservations is that she has her own sim, the Yoshikaze II and a show at another sim I happened to wander into as well. Possibly more. She is riding a wave of popularity and sims become available to her. I have always liked the idea of giving someone a full sim who otherwise would have no access to one. Someone who has made a great build on a smaller scale and just needs that space to create a large cohesive work. SaveMe Oh make one off sculptures. So a full sim given to her would produce a wide selection of one offs in all likelyhood. Scottius Polke or MrPim Hax for example create harmonious builds that are connected. Oberon Onmura or Selavy Oh use full sims in a unified manner as well. All rely on terraforming to a degree. Claudia222 and Markus Inkpen would be fun to see with a full sim. I would love to see Four Yip with a full sim again. There are a bunch of artists who are not particularly good at marketing themself and as such miss out on opportunities. I could list off a bunch but I am unclear as to how we are meant to use the sims. If we have proposals to use the sims that’s one thing, but if we start giving sims to people we like then I imagine that will come back to haunt us in the forums. I think, between us, we could all pick people to use the sims and have great shows for years to come, but then there would eventually be a huge backlash of favoritism accusations.

What we could do is each put out a handful of suggestions for exhibitors and make an effort to approach them to put in a proposal. As well as have the public invite.

What you think?

Ok, agreed!

How Licking Every Ass Give A Smelly Tongue But A Fat Belly

Also always wondered how Jayjay Zifanwe found funds of millions of Linden to support his Art IKEA in UWA or how Quan Lavender get all those free sims to do her charity work for her own blogs (give me a freebie and I write about you)? Here is how it works. It’s called the Licking Every Ass (LEA) doctrine.

For the record they set up a grant system for the LEA sims. Poor silly artists do their best to write an ambitious plan in the hope to get for some time a LEA sim, but in reality Solo Mornington, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Quan Lavender and Jayjay Zifanwe sell the sims to the highest bidder so they have funds to play the art mecenasses. And that’s why we see now a marine base full of submarines in LEA 28, The Portuguese tourist board in LEA 19 or exclusive yachts and bungalows with sexrugs in LEA 25

891573_679607138716020_711234993_oKikas as a volunteer art guide in LEA

SaveMe Oh: Get lost, doggie of Solo Mornington

PatriciaAnne Daviau: LOL

SaveMe Oh: Do you also get part of the bribe money to let these kind of things be build on an artsim?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: What kind of things?

SaveMe Oh: Things bought on marketplace, submarines, ships, homes, Jacuzzi, sexrugs, beach homes, transport parking lots.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I am checking on all of it now

SaveMe Oh: Check what? If they have paid you enough for it?

SaveMe Oh: Are you going to delete the sim?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: The owner of that sim is JayJay Zifanwe and I have pinged him about it

SaveMe Oh: Omg the corruption is really deep spread



Bringing art to a Marine Base before being kicked out in LEA 28

How funny that a day after my visit LEA 25 and LEA 28 are closed.

Other tricks that can be used are the following:

If you don’t want to be discovered as a LEA member but do want a sim, take an alt with another name: Bryn Oh changed in the past in Cica Ghost, Oberon Onmura has now his alt Takni to continue. And Igor Ballyhoo is also a welcome guest as long he appears as Rebeca Bashly.


That Solo Mornington and his politburo accepted bribing was already clear when we saw a complete sim in LEA filled by the Portuguese board of tourism selling trips to this country by replica’s in a grotesque ugliness that must scare off every sane tourist. But also LEA 28 is sold to a commercial builder. Here we see tons of military equipment like submarines and space shuttles and the complete collection of trains which would not look bad in the “spoorwegmuseum” in Utrecht.


Here is the artist profile of the LEA 28 Grant holder:

Now I already occupied that sim for my Bryn Oh Memorial but as all other visitors prefer to walk around with their eyes closed nobody noticed that you could build there.

So on 14 October I decide it had to be again me who had to do the dirty work by announcing the free building night in LEA 28.


And a lot of people took the challenge until the new politburo member of LEA, Quan Lavender came in and banned us all, Quan Lavender, the blogger who is so proud to tell everybody that it just takes a free gift to make her blog about you.

After the passing away of my sister Bryn from LEA, who didn’t want to meet me to collect the 5256 Linden but nevertheless couldn’t wait to put her greedy indiegogo claws on the hard cash, the current LEA collaborators who work happy together with the Linden who steal everything you own are JayJay Zifanwe, Werner Kurosawa, Oberon Onmura, Chic Aeon, Honour McMillan, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Lapiscean Liberty, Quan Lavender and Solo Mornington.  A nice mix of wannabe artists, self acclaimed academics, “be famous after you pay me with gifts” bloggers/media planners and the “volunteer if I get myself a sim for free” people.

And all those great people couldn’t allow us to build a night for free in a deserted LEA sim. Their killer fingers could do nothing else that search again as quickly as possible to that heavenly BAN button.

Where Solo Mornington comes barking about the LEA no sales policy it seems alright to use LEA grounds as an extra shelter for your war equipment that you want to sell on a later date, a little spontaneous building action is not tolerated.

The Linden fence and theft department sure knows which obersturmbahnfuhrers they have to commit to them to do their dirty work.

It’s just a matter of time before the first LEA sim will be turned into a virtual Guantanamo Bay where they can dump without any legal charges or evidence terrorists like you and me!

Josef K.: I got banned from the LEA sim. What is going on over there?

SaveMe Oh: I was banned. I think by Quan

Josef K.: I don’t know who banned me .. I was just thrown out

SaveMe Oh: me too

SaveMe Oh: Are you also banned?

ush Underwood: yes

SaveMe Oh: By your German friend Quan?

ush Underwood: what will happen to my creations?

SaveMe Oh: I hope it will survive

Ush Underwood: I am just not allowed.. hm  must read chat..

SaveMe Oh: we don’t want a new career broken at its birth

Ush Underwood: I didn’t even know that Quan has a function here. She has?

SaveMe Oh: They always find new Obersturmbahnfurhers

Ush Underwood: [14:14] Quan Lavender: nobody can come here now

Ush Underwood: but I don’t know yet why I should build big things.. sigh .. Nobody explains the world to me

Ush Underwood: LEA 28 is closed I think

Em Arabello: Hello, we was abandoned from the sim! We started to build. Can you return our things?

Em Arabello: Em Arabellos coloursculplture and FanFan Babiis constructions?

BaronessCRaven: As far as I know, that isn’t a sandbox sim and you can’t rez things there…Check your lost and found. If it isn’t there log out and back in and check again. You didn’t actually lose it.

BaronessCRaven: And no, I’m not affiliated with the sim beyond liking to spend time there.

Em Arabello: Ok. We just don’t want our things to be on the sim when we are abandoned.

Banning Bots

The latest fashion in SL artworld is bot dropping. You programate your avatar in a looping sequence, dump the junk in a sim and let the poor avatar move like a bunny on batteries. While the poor avatar is forced in labour, the RL counterparts of these avi’s can go to a garden to greet the sun in their yoga practices. But their state of Zen explode in a second when they find out that during their absence real artists took the opportunity to upgrade the screensaver art by real interaction with the poor bots. Creating a new ever changing environment which makes the bot setup vivid, funny and playful.

Jo Ellsmere's boring bots upgraded by some SaveMe's from flesh and blood!

An audience builds up in a second when people notice that there is something real happening but then the RL counterparts of the bots crawl back in their dummies in a hasty search for the ban button. And that the ban button is the first thing installed when you think of a sim which is a collaboration of notorious ban lovers like FreeWee Ling, Artistic Depression and Oberon Onmura will wonder nobody. That these ego trippers are now joined by Odyssey freedom fighters Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko is the latest sad development. In their goal to become famous before they die they must have felt the urge to grab some power in an attempt to get there without disturbance. You don’t need enemies anymore with such friends.


Liz Solo’s Heavy Period

Do we need rules, simowners, committee’s, rangers, application forms, yes or no box checkers, land granders, awardshows and artcontests with or without prizemoney?

In Odyssey they have a different approach and it flourishes well, not without problems, maybe not for eternity, but IT’S THERE! And this time it’s Liz Solo doing the job and she does it well as she is a master in seeing the difference between the corebussines and the bullshit.

Here is a statement from facebook in answer to a question put up by Oberon Onmura about who should be the BOSS.

Liz Solo:

Odyssey is what it is and is continuously created and re-created by the people who are working on the sim. Period. People are free to do what they want on Odyssey. Period. No one has ever been denied what they need. Period. If they haven’t gotten what they need it is simply because they have not asked. If people want to create problems, define labels to impose on other people, create publicity for themselves by bringing up (what I consider to be) non issues and then take off in a huff they are free to do it, just as they are free to come back. I am not in control of what people do and if they choose to complain on facebook rather than talk to me and work out what they need – well, there is not much I can do about that. Just FYI – there is no prim issue or lack of space or strain on resources on Odyssey and there never has been to my knowledge. There is enough room for everyone. My job is to facilitate the work and manage the operation of the sim and that is what I do. And I do it very well. I am not in control of people’s emotions or how they behave and I have a right to respond when I am offended or when people are hurting other people – as has happened numerous times lately on this facebook page (I am looking at you Pyewacket). Aaannnd, just so you know me a little better – pressure, insults, passive-aggressive interplay, backstabbing, shitty emails sent to my inbox – that stuff doesn’t actually work on me because I have a very thick skin and because I know what I am doing. I also know I am fallible and that I am capable of making mistakes. When I make mistakes I own up to them. I am certain I am not making a mistake now (or if I am I have yet to hear any compelling argument to support that idea). Unlike Sugar and other people who have come and gone before me, I won’t abandon Odyssey when personalities clash or when the situation gets tense and I also will not back down from the principles on which Odyssey was founded – one of the biggest being that Odyssey is a space for freedom for artists to work. Period. People can either have access to whatever resources they need on Odyssey and get to work or they can writhe around in these “issues” til they are satisfied. It is up to them, not me. I will be busy with the business of managing the sim and facilitating the artists who work there in good faith. Period. If anyone wants to help me with the sim I am waiting with open arms. – just so long as you are clear on this simple stuff: Odyssey remains open to all members regardless of their financial situation and labels and categories will not be imposed on artists any time soon – there are tons of art sims out there where you can be categorized and fill out forms and sit on committees and have big personality battles and competitions. Odyssey is not one of those places and will be turned into such a place over my dead body. Period.