Something You Did Was Racist

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the slightest idea why I am banned here?

Liz Solo didn’t answer, she only start banning and ejecting me from Odyssey, the sim I worked on and supported for so long.

I decided to ask Penumbra Carter, who was there too

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the slightest idea why I am banned here?

Penumbra Carter: I do not, when I started to build here , you were not banned, then, I said to them, why not have Save do a performance, and that is when they said , she is banned now…. I have no idea why

SaveMe Oh: They? Who?

Penumbra Carter: you should talk to the people here and ask them, I have no idea why

SaveMe Oh: I do. Its Liz Solo, but I really have no clue why

Penumbra Carter: I did not ask , I thought it fruitless, but I did say I did not like it

SaveMe Oh: I guess I have to think really really hard what I did wrong

Penumbra Carter: I have absolulty no idea, you should talk to them, I was very surprised when they told me that, it happened after I started building here

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea either but she is banning and ejecting me, she must be pissed

Penumbra Carter: I am new to these people , so I have no idea what they think and do here, if that makes sense. Somehow, you should be able to speak to them. I can ask her to speak to you? she is right here. But I really do not know her.. I am all for communication

SaveMe Oh: I send her a IM too, but she doesn’t answer, only you and Fau answer.

Penumbra Carter: Fau was surprised too, I believe

SaveMe Oh: Yes, think so too

Penumbra Carter: well I am off, I do hope this can be resolved , take care SaveMe

I decided to ask Fau Ferdinand, who was there too

SaveMe Oh: Do you have the slightest idea why I am banned here?

Fau Ferdinand: Not me. Glad you are here.

SaveMe Oh: Liz is doing it but I really have no clue

Fau Ferdinand: But you are here

SaveMe Oh: Yes, behind banlines, as usual

Fau Ferdinand: You rejoined? There was a quiet party, very nice, but…

SaveMe Oh: There is always a but….

Fau Ferdinand: I know Penumbra and Dekka wanted you here…that’s the but

SaveMe Oh: Fun thing is I have no clue what bothers Liz but it seems I deserve long time punishment

Fau Ferdinand: She thought something you did was racist

SaveMe Oh: And now I have to guess what?

Fau Ferdinand: I don’t argue with her, I love her

SaveMe Oh: Thats already better than what she does with me, she doesn’t answer

Fau Ferdinand: Ok, not much I can do about it

SaveMe Oh: You can love her

Fau Ferdinand: Yes, all I can do. And I love Penumbra as well

SaveMe Oh: We all seem to love each other except Liz doesn’t love me any more. She is very busy banning and ejecting me.

Fau Ferdinand: Now?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, since the moment I arrived here. I am flying around in the corner of the sim

Fau Ferdinand: 😦

SaveMe Oh: and Penumbra has no clue either. Liz has unfriend me, here and on the socials. I really have no clue why but I must be very guilty. The guys in Guantanamo Bay must understand the feeling. Guilty without knowing why

Fau Ferdinand: Tried, nothing I can do. She says mute

SaveMe Oh: At least she talks to you

Fau Ferdinand: yes, a little

Let’s Build The Moonwall, Let’s Build The Moonwall

All around the world people are busy to build walls to protect what they think is theirs and exclude the ones who might want to participate or share.

A few artists in Secondlife had the pleasure to make movies which were selected for the real world event Supernova in Denver.

And just like the idea to copy Burning Man in Secondlife which is now a virtual jamboree run by white Christian boy scouts, one participant, NicoleX Moonwall decided to create a virtual equivalent. She asked her fellow participant to join but when SaveMe Oh offered to join this was the answer:

SaveMe Oh: I participated last year in Super Nova and 3 years ago too

NicoleX Moonwall: Cool , but your not invited

SaveMe Oh: Glad Supernova is not run by idiots

Beth Holmes: I was asked too and I was not interested because it was just not my thing although I did say I would do it if they included SaveMe Oh, only after they told me they would not include SaveMe Oh, as if that were a reason to do it.

That is exactly what I was told by Moonwall, Save contacted “Moonwall” and asked to be part of it and was told no and she also was banned from the land. So then I said that I would , without a doubt, not participate in this.

SaveMe Oh: This is exactly what happened, nothing more, nothing less!

Beth Holmes: This kind of stuff really infuriates me, and why I do not join group thought. It was set up from the beginning to divide people, over what? I told Moon awhile ago when Moon was thinking about doing this that I was not interested in being part of an exhibit about my being in Supernova in SL. I do not know Moon well but maybe I am getting a feel about it that I do not like. You cannot set up something that is about the “all” and exclude part of the “all”. It is messed up thinking.

Tizzy Canucci: Second Life is like living in a world of repelling magnets. If someone is in, someone else bounces out. I was unaware of discussions that had gone on before I (exceptionally) said yes to be in this. I was aware that Nicole and Save were not best buddies. But I steer my own course here. I’ve been harangued by Save about work I have done, and her alone. It doesn’t change what I think of her art, but I absolutely refuse to self-censor what I do because someone piles on the social pressure. For it is just as much censorship as banning, and even more insidious.

SaveMe Oh: Censor???? I am only giving some facts on which everybody is free to decide. Some flourish in freedom others prefer the protection of a dictator!

The Return Of The Living Dead

The passing away of Alizarin Goldflake led to a return to SL of antiquities for her memorial in UWA. The visitors were so old that a Philip Linden doll would look like a fancy meshbody next to them. They hardly could move but luckily were still able to write, probably on a typewriter they had connected with the Commodore or Atari console.


Fortunately I could save the memorial a bit in honour of Alizarin Goldflake.

Penumbra Carter: I meet her in RL in Boston , with her husband , it was a SL thingy we did that Jay from BIW and Misprint put together

Dividni Shostakovich: I don’t think Soror Nishi be in-world in ages

Jayjay Zifanwe: i havent seen her in a while

Wizzy Gynoid: Thoth met Alizarin in real life in Boston.

Apmel Ibbetson: When SaveMe is here Sorror has to come!

SaveMe Oh: Sorry I am late, some Guantanamo bay employee of Jayjay thought it was a good idea to ban me yesterday.

Penumbra Carter: Her husband did alot of her filming for her


SaveMe Oh: Hi darlings

Apmel Ibbetson: I’m not your darling..anymore

SaveMe Oh: Once a darling always a darling

Penumbra Carter: Alizarin RL art was quite lovely too

Eliza Wierwight: I had a look at her RL website a few days ago, agreed

Corcosman Voom: Her SL art was based on her RL art

Banrion Constatine: Extremely talented.

Penumbra Carter: Atmospheric

Eliza Wierwight: Though I’d be surprised if anyone was exclusively creative here

Jayjay Zifanwe: Quite a few are

Corcosman Voom: Yes

Eliza Wierwight: Really, interesting

SaveMe Oh: Ampel is exclusive non creative in both worlds, but that besides

Banrion Constatine: Less threat of rejection in a virtual world making art. 🙂

Apmel Ibbetson: hahahah..true Save

Eliza Wierwight: I can’t make a sandwich without designing it lol

Corcosman Voom: SL allows people to imagine themselves differently and play like we used to as young children

Penumbra Carter: well I dont know about that LOL

Dividni Shostakovich: Eliza, why does that not surprise me lol

Apmel Ibbetson: I’m just there for the sex

SaveMe Oh: But he is a great nibbler

Dekka Raymaker: Hey SaveMe good to see you here

SaveMe Oh: I am here due to Jayjay after he fired one off his security clowns

Dekka Raymaker: Yeah FreeWee took all those bribes from and i hardly won at UWA 🙂

Eliza Wierwight: ~laughs~ Free wouldn’t!

SaveMe Oh: My bribe worked, I paid Tutsy to not become number one again

Apmel Ibbetson: I am the only one living that never won anything in UWA

Banrion Constatine: We never won anything, Apmel, you’re safe.

Apmel Ibbetson: Besides SaveMe of course

Jayjay Zifanwe: Apmel. dont you remember that high5 i gave you?

Dekka Raymaker: I did win once or twice, I got the good try award

SaveMe Oh: I never participated, I dont like sport

Corcosman Voom: Heh

Apmel Ibbetson: haha does that count Jayjay

Sowa Mai: I won the respect of my peers, then gambled it away

Jayjay Zifanwe: SaveMe did participate

SaveMe Oh: No, I send a DO IT YOURSELF item. Did you screw it together Jayjay?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Its on your blog

SaveMe Oh: Never believe my blog, its all edited

Penumbra Carter: 🙂 well we know that

Apmel Ibbetson: SaveMe doesn’t have a is never trust it

Jayjay Zifanwe: lol SaveMe you have a bad memory. you were the artwork. remember you stood in your spot for hours. That was fun

Eliza Wierwight: I recall that

Penumbra Carter: with a bat

SaveMe Oh: But that is not participation, that’s a state of existence

Jayjay Zifanwe: yup

Apmel Ibbetson: Yes that bat..that is why i don’t remember anything from that meeting

Jayjay Zifanwe: still.. you took part

Penumbra Carter: Unofficial participation

Jayjay Zifanwe: And you won an award then it was official

Penumbra Carter: raison d’etere

Jayjay Zifanwe: she had a nameplate and everything

Penumbra Carter: LOL

SaveMe Oh: No Jayjay, you took part of my artwork, be clear about it

Jayjay Zifanwe: and after she took around the bat

Apmel Ibbetson: SaveMe always hits her old darlings with a bat

Jayjay Zifanwe: We made sure she could only stay in her exhibition spot and not move around 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Name plate??

Jayjay Zifanwe: Yes… the artist name plate… like you see for Alizarin in front of some of the artworks

SaveMe Oh: How does a nameplate looks?

Dekka Raymaker: I have mine on sale in Ebay, SaveMe you can look at that one

Penumbra Carter: So you did participate with the rest of us after all!

Jayjay Zifanwe: Yes.. thats her nameplate there

Penumbra Carter: LOL

Sowa Mai: I dont think i have seen so many people on my friends list in the same place in a long time


Apmel Ibbetson: Igor just dropped in

SaveMe Oh: Igorrrrrr honey

Igor Ballyhoo: hello friends

SaveMe Oh: Omg that body

Jayjay Zifanwe: Long time no see bro

Eliza Wierwight: Miracle you made it lol

Apmel Ibbetson: Wait before you have sex..this is a memorial kind of

SaveMe Oh: When you don’t have sex you will never become immortal

Penumbra Carter: that is a complicated sentence

Apmel Ibbetson: must be really immortal then..

Pixels Sideways: this is the Ali sculpt that Wotthe Dickens made from a scan of Ali’s avatar for the Environmental Fluidity show.

Sowa Mai: it’s scary

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was Michael Jackson

Sowa Mai: dug him up

SaveMe Oh: So we can 3D print Ali for in our car?

Dekka Raymaker: Aren’t we all pre mesh, retro SL artists

Dekka Raymaker: Why do we have 50 bloody chairs here?

SaveMe Oh: For the ones who have gone

Eliza Wierwight: ambiance

SaveMe Oh: Or you prefer coffins?

Dekka Raymaker: Well we could lie down

Igor Ballyhoo: IF I ever die and you people make a memorial, you invite SaveMe Oh to it, I swear I will come back from my grave and fuck up every last motherfucker who is responsible for her presence

Penumbra Carter: sweet:)

SaveMe Oh: You will never die Igor, we will make sure. BTW, Igor, can you stop smoking at a memorial?

Penumbra Carter: Do you need some soap for that mouth?

Eliza Wierwight: even me?

Dekka Raymaker: Well that’s a challenge then

Apmel Ibbetson: NOW we are getting worked up here

Jayjay Zifanwe: “Rage against the dying of the light”

Eliza Wierwight: ~sniffleslaughs~

Dekka Raymaker: Can we have £D mesh SaveMe Oh’s

Jayjay Zifanwe: Thats the flip title

Penumbra Carter: Is that why Jesus came back?

Banrion Constatine: SaveMe was there at the crucifixion.

Apmel Ibbetson: SaveMe is for free.. otherwise she would be a whore

Pixels Sideways: I was thinking maybe I came back too soon.

Apmel Ibbetson: The seats are free.. but you can’t sit in them

SaveMe Oh: now thats deep, Ampel!

Igor Ballyhoo: I see her work here that was on Snowcrash, if anyone still remembers snowcrash

Eliza Wierwight: Which one Igor?

Penumbra Carter: I remember that Igor

SaveMe Oh: Was that before or after our relation, Igor?

Eliza Wierwight: Igor built it

SaveMe Oh: Since when he builds?


Penumbra Carter: The last piece she built here was the aquarium?

Corcosman Voom: The maze was her first attempt at making something immersive

Dekka Raymaker: I remember the aquarium, just before I left for a short break

Penumbra Carter: She had it up in her house too, I looked at some of her blogs recently, she did a lot

Corcosman Voom: She made a machinima of Aquarelle with Chantal Harvey doing the filming, that was a fun project

Pixels Sideways: Akizarin had one of her dome installations in Caerleon’s dream show. and a few other shows we did – Ali was always generous about sharing her work.

Apmel Ibbetson: I must have made a machinima from her work that nobody has seen more than once.. me

SaveMe Oh: I wont tell about my machinima as they will accuse me of promotion activities

Dekka Raymaker: She definitely had her own style here in SL

Soror Nishi: hi all

Penumbra Carter: love the fishes

Wizzy Gynoid: nice Fish Saveme, So far, I’m not too laggy

Soror Nishi: Your fish are slowing me down

SaveMe Oh: Great in this quick world

Wizzy Gynoid: Soror you can turn your complexity slider way down

Corcosman Voom: Or just Mute

Banrion Constatine: I’m out too. This is really a nice tribute to Ali. It’s nice to see everyone together like the old days. Toodles.

Soror Nishi: bye dividni, sorry I was badly lagged out.

Wizzy Gynoid: I wish I had one of those Alizarin statues.

Corcosman Voom: It really is kind of scary : )

Apmel Ibbetson: standing close to SaveMe is always scary

Igor Ballyhoo: I have to go now friends

SaveMe Oh: Ok darling

Igor Ballyhoo: Wish to see some gatherings on brighter ocasions

SaveMe Oh: a kiss?

Jayjay Zifanwe: sorry i been too lagged to move

Corcosman Voom: Soror is stuck in lag also, Jayjay

SaveMe Oh: That how dinosaurs died out, to slow to move

Wizzy Gynoid: I’m not lagging too bad. Usually I crash.

Apmel Ibbetson: I can even dance

SaveMe Oh: I can load 10 avis

Jayjay Zifanwe: SaveMe waiting to dance with you Apmel

SaveMe Oh: I dont understand those people. Didnt they all get rich with their art like me?

Soror Nishi: not too bad now I’ve turned it all down to basic

Apmel Ibbetson: I don’t want to shame her..she is an awfuldancer

Corcosman Voom: Soror, when did you first meet Alizarin? Do you remember? You two became very close friends.

Soror Nishi: It must have been 9 years ago

SaveMe Oh: Grandmothers memoirs and now they can only lag…..sigh

Soror Nishi: I’m terrible with dates

SaveMe Oh: Can somebody also tell what they did last week?

Apmel Ibbetson: my working memory is gone

Wizzy Gynoid: I have missed SaveMe so much

SaveMe Oh: what a convenience

Jayjay Zifanwe: Last week we were regaled with grand tales of SaveMe and Bryn

Soror Nishi: I went to work SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Did you heared the lies of Bryn about Sabrinaas memorial?

Wizzy Gynoid: I remember Sabrina’s memorial.

Soror Nishi: Me to

Apmel Ibbetson: me too

SaveMe Oh: Pity the Aliz doll cant dance with us

Peli Dieterle: yes she was a doll )

SaveMe Oh: If someone think its a good idea I bring Alizarin alive again please send me her password and login.

Bye Alizarin!

Jurrasic LEA Park

Former LEA committee members and family dream about the good old times.

CARP Spoof_001

Dancoyote Antonelli: I sold hundreds of these kinds of images

Penumbra Carter: Really, I did not know that

Dancoyote Antonelli: Yeah I used to put up a show in the evening go to bed and they were all sold in the morning

Penumbra Carter: I like them DC, very intersteller too. They do remind me of your sculpture

Dancoyote Antonelli: Indeed there’s some of the same thinking involved. Sadly there’s so little room in SL for my megalithics. Its why I dont work here so often. every time I work really big, my stuff gets returned.

Penumbra Carter: Well we have to share space here.

SaveMe Oh: There should be more space for megalomaniacs!

Dancoyote Antonelli: I heartily agree,that would be good, 🙂 There’s nothing like the experience of three axis immersion.

SaveMe Oh: And why you would use a golden wand if its like candystick?

Dancoyote Antonelli: Actually this does many things, some of the friendly and some of them not so nice. It comes from a time when SL had a lot of mean people in it. So one had to take ahem, precautions!

SaveMe Oh: Luckily we are well protected now by the committee.

Dancoyote Antonelli: I was on the original committee.

SaveMe Oh: You are my hero then.

Dancoyote Antonelli: And we did our best to set policy.

SaveMe Oh: We need good protection.

Dancoyote Antonelli: We stopped the LEA from using all the art sims as an arm of the marketing dept. More of a museum system than a gallery. Are you an exhibiting artist SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: No, I can hardly glue something together!

A Relearning Experience

Once he wrote:

“In second life Saveme’s art is half-arsed, yes she can go to a good artists exhibit held on large well know gallery sites in second life and slag them off, but if she tried it on with a crap artist on a small private parcel she would last 10 seconds before the parcel owner kicked and banned her, so her art would be a fail and she can’t claim it’s a success because she would be kicked and banned because they didn’t get it.

Or maybe that’s a good point, Saveme Oh’s is the best compliment available, because she can only choose to attack artists who work is better than hers?

stupid edit:

It should say ‘Saveme Oh’s art is the best compliment available’”

According to Dekka Raymaker.

But after this short dispute we became good friends, and I took care to save him permanently by sending my dear friend Penumbra Carter over to England to make him a better person. She had to marry him for that and everything looked fine….until he teamed up with notorious immaculate conceptor Eupalinos Ugajin in a LEA sim. Back to zero!

Save LEA_003

SaveMe Oh: Great you invite me to places I am banned. Makes the prisons you build feel very alive.

Dekka Raymaker: Sorry SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: You should be. I guess everybody needs to team up with idiots sometimes. Eupalinos Ugajin + friends, what a joke

Dekka Raymaker: Well it’s all about capitalism SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: More about capital punishment I would say. And the ones who collaborate with it.

Dekka Raymaker: A relearning experience.

SaveMe Oh Shakes The Linden 2

Own me SaveMe

On the second night of the Own Me Save Me events SaveMe fucked Governor Linden in his own, or not his own mansion, the secondlife heritage site on Lindenland. The fence of stolen items didn’t dare to show up so SaveMe Oh continue selling out her famous artworks before the Linden had a chance to own it.


Friday there will be a sale in a troika owned country in Europe, stay tuned for the landmark.

Here the results of the second day ownerswapping

Own Me Save Me

11th customer.

Pixié De La Rain: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

Pixié De La Rain: come to pick up a art bargain

SaveMe Oh: now is your chance

Pixié De La Rain: I have $81L….do you do them in small sizes?

SaveMe Oh: you can mod them

Pixié De La Rain: or, half a picture

SaveMe Oh: cut them in half, make toiletpaper out of them, whatever

Pixié De La Rain: Could I have the old guy with the pitchfork? for 81L ?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse dear, then you still have enough to pay your electricity?

Pixié De La Rain: 81L is everything I have! But I’ll survive

SaveMe Oh: You want a discount? Pay what you like, I dont want to bankrupt you as you are already not that warm dressed.

Pixié De La Rain: 80L and its a deal. Then I won’t be bankrupt

SaveMe Oh: Ok, pay me and your masterpiece will be delivered. You can wrap your body in it

Pixié De La Rain: Yes, better than electricity

Pixié De La Rain: A steal at any price

SaveMe Oh: And dont let the Linden find it as they try to own everything

Pixié De La Rain: I’ll hide it where the sun doesnt shine, and they’ll never find it

SaveMe Oh: Unless they have sticky fingers, and they have

Pixié De La Rain: haha yes

Pixie Rain bought American gothic. Painted by Grant Wood, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

American gothic

Own Me Save Me

12th customer.

jaynine Scarborough: iono :-))

SaveMe Oh: omg, now we get this…..

Iono Allen: Hi Jay ! 🙂

jaynine Scarborough: hello save

SaveMe Oh: for sure now they want something for the German bedroom

jaynine Scarborough: 🙂

Iono Allen: of course! What else?

Iono Allen: So, I’d like the yellow one which is just in front of you, I guess Leger? and the one where Mary is crying because you are lying…

Iono Allen: How much for them?

SaveMe Oh: whatever you like

Iono Allen paid you L$1000.

Inventory item offered

Iono Allen: great! thx

SaveMe Oh: hide it for the Linden and be careful with your fingers when you try to hang the painting, Iono

Iono Allen bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger and La pieta. Painted by Franz von Stuck, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Iono Allen on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

La pieta

Own Me Save Me

13th customer.

ruby Balzibo: I would slike to buy a painting, SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Do it before the Linden catch you

ruby Balzibo: ummm the yellow one.I only have 101L

SaveMe Oh: pay what you want

ruby Balzibo: ohhh that is all I have, is it ok?

SaveMe Oh: sure

ruby Balzibo: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥

SaveMe Oh: pay me and I send you the painting

Items successfully shared.

SaveMe Oh: did you get it Ruby?

ruby Balzibo: oh yes

ruby Balzibo:   (.¸.❤  I ℒϕve iT, ℒϕve iT, Mmmmm~♡ღ.❥*¨)

Ruby Balzibo bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Ruby Balzibo on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Composition with SaveMe and two figures

Own Me Save Me

14th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Josef

SaveMe Oh: you already frame your painting?

Josef K: yeah .. it’s hanging 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you have to send me a LM in secret. Please dont tell the Linden

Josef K: I bid you 500 Lindens for the one I am looking at … the one where you lay on a bed with the mourning woman

Josef K paid you L$500.

Josef K :Thank you … Now I have to rearrange a lot in my gallery to make space for it … I am running short of walls

SaveMe Oh: throw away the Bryn Oh’s

Josef K: And they don’t hang on a wall … It’s all sculptures

Josef K: I like this painting … I think I will place it on a roof top on my land

Josef K: Then all the visitors in AM Radio’s The Far Away can see it 🙂

Josef K bought La pieta. Painted by Franz von Stuck, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Josef K on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

15th customer.

Annaleza: Hi Save Me,Will you be insulted if I offer 500l for the painting I am facing?

SaveMe Oh: with my face in his face?

Annaleza: yes

SaveMe Oh: no it would be a pleasure to sell it to you before the Linden rob it

Annaleza: does it have a title?

SaveMe Oh: Faraway looks

Annaleza: ahhhh,nice

Annaleza bought Faraway looks. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Annaleza on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Faraway looks

Own Me Save Me

16th customer.

Kikas Babenco: this is my shopping day

SaveMe Oh: I dont have babystuff

Kikas Babenco: how much for Frida?

SaveMe Oh: Kikas, whatever you like to spent

Iono Allen: ahhh Fridal Oh!

SaveMe Oh: Omg Kikas, hope you have money left for a baba de camelo

Kikas Babenco: I used Marma’s credit card

SaveMe Oh: very smart

SaveMe Oh: for what else you have a husband?

SaveMe Oh: All husbands I had was only to pay bills

Kikas Babenco bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Kikas Babenco on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Diego and SaveMe

Own Me Save Me

17th customer.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Can I buy you Save? Or do I have to buy something hanging on the wall

SaveMe Oh: you can also buy me to hang on your wall or hang me in plain air

Kandinsky Beaumont: On the other hand if I buy you can you promise not to nag on me when I glue prims late at night?

SaveMe Oh: I will be a wallflower, Kandi

Kandinsky Beaumont: Kikas and Marma stole the whole lot, are they aiming for the black market or are they only desperate collectors?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I have to have the one with you on the pig Save

Kandinsky Beaumont: If it is very expensive I can just borrow from Marma

SaveMe Oh: pay what you want Kandi

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: how much hours I have to hang on your wall now, Kandi?

Kandinsky Beaumont: oh you can come down now and then and make some fun shows

SaveMe Oh: what a relief

Kandinsky Beaumont: Marma I am rich I will buy my next one now

Marmaduke Arado: go ahead Kandi!

SaveMe Oh: Kandi, you are not into phonesex to earn extra money now, are you?

Kandinsky Beaumont: It must be the one Save Leger

SaveMe Oh: that one is extremely populair

SaveMe Oh: a growing number of exclusive owners have choosen that one

Kandinsky Beaumont paid you L$2000.

Kandinsky Beaumont bought Alleen voor kinderen. Painted by Joop Moesman and Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Kandinsky Beaumont on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Only for kids

 Own Me Save Me

18th customer.

SaveMe Oh: omg, the hat lady

Quan Lavender: hi

Quan Lavender: you must not say god to me

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me which one you want Quan

Quan Lavender: ok, let me see

SaveMe Oh: you are allowed to use every pic once on your blog

Kandinsky Beaumont: hahaha

Quan Lavender: although I usually get the works as gifts :P. Bloggers bag `haha

SaveMe Oh: oops, that made the cheapies for you unavailable

Quan Lavender: too bad, I am sure your works are all cheap 😉

Quan Lavender: the Klimt should be a nice decoration for the new apartment in Berlin

SaveMe Oh: OK Quan, pay what you like

Quan Lavender: great, thanks

Quan Lavender: a donation for the poor artist

Quan Lavender paid SaveMe Oh 300 Linden

SaveMe Oh: I can eat tomorrow

Quan Lavender: btw, what about the copyrights of Klimt?

SaveMe Oh: Ask Klimt or Linden

Quan Lavender: Klimt is a bit more dead than LL

SaveMe Oh: The more dead, the more greedy

Quan Lavender: I never was here

Quan Lavender: is a Linden here?

SaveMe Oh: Our lips are sealed

Quan Lavender: hey, you are a smart business women.Save, take her as manager

SaveMe Oh: if I should know what to do with all those Linden I would be

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I should build me a President Mansion too and finally get a virtual kitchen

Kandinsky Beaumont: There are so many charity projects in here Save, why don´t you feed a smile? (Not with the money you got from me)

SaveMe Oh: charity I hate, only when its used to castrate the world population

Quan Lavender: that is a good idea^^

Lady with fan

Own Me Save Me

19th customer.

Marmaduke Arado: now i’ll use Kikas credit card

SaveMe Oh: OMG marma

SaveMe Oh: does Kikas know?

Marmaduke Arado: credit cards are great!

Kikas Babenco: what? what!

SaveMe Oh: now,,,you know Marma????

Marmaduke Arado: that’s why then we argue and destroy paintings

Kikas Babenco: what have you bought this time?

SaveMe Oh: which…..

Marmaduke Arado: you’ll be furious – another magritte

Kikas Babenco: noooooooo!

Marmaduke Arado: you won’t be able to destroy them all

SaveMe Oh: the assasin? the faraway eyes?

Kikas Babenco: try me!

Marmaduke Arado: better change the conversation…

SaveMe Oh: IM, Marma?

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

Marmaduke Arado: encrypted IM

Marmaduke Arado bought Faraway looks and The Menaced Assassin. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Marmaduke Arado on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

The menaced assassin

Own Me Save Me

20th customer.

SaveMe Oh: If you want a painting AJ, let me know

AJ Wroth: thx im looking now  °͜°

SaveMe Oh: tomorrow it might be robbed by the Linden

AJ Wroth: dirty smelly misfits of society 😦

AJ Wroth: oki i found one the one in front of me

SaveMe Oh: the one with my face in his face?

SaveMe Oh: pay whatever you want and I send it to you

AJ Wroth paid you L$200.

AJ Wroth: thx. Tell Rose I says hi 🙂

SaveMe Oh: ok I will

AJ Wroth: have fun and keep up the fight 🙂

SaveMe Oh: If they dont cut my wings….

AJ Wroth: hehe

AJ Wroth bought Faraway looks. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by AJ Wroth on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

21th customer.

Zola Zsun: omg am i too late?

SaveMe Oh: no just before closing hour

Zola Zsun: yay

Zola Zsun: i must have my piece of SaveMe history

SaveMe Oh: watch the floor Zola

Zola Zsun: ok.. now yall have to help me decide which piece of SaveMe’s work I should have for my virtual parlor 🙂

Marmaduke Arado: get several

SaveMe Oh: before the Linden will

Zola Zsun: Save, I want the frida and uh.. whatshisname one

Zola Zsun: i love it best

SaveMe Oh: Me and Diego?

Zola Zsun: i do not know why i always forget his name

Zola Zsun: i think i am getting old

Kikas Babenco: that one is selling well…

Zola Zsun: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you are younger than Diego, he is dead

Zola Zsun: especially for me here in Texas .. or rather Northern Mexico 🙂

Zola Zsun: i am not yet dead.. lol.. this adventure continues

Zola Zsun: as human

Zola Zsun: sort of

Zola Zsun: i think

Zola Zsun: how much for the fab artwork, save?

SaveMe Oh: what you want Zola

SaveMe Oh: as I am already filthy rich

Zola Zsun: how bout 666

SaveMe Oh: magic number

Zola Zsun: it used to be my family code number

Zola Zsun: OK, Madame president, i must go outside to smoke a cigarette now :)) all this art purchasing has stressed me out

Zola Zsun: not

Zola Zsun: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: dont burn a hole in my painting

Zola Zsun: oh no, i will cherish it 🙂

SaveMe Oh: maybe I should do a Beuys so people can burn holes in them.

Zola Zsun: adios everyone.. and Save.. please keep causing trouble in sl.. it is my main entertainment here

Zola Zsun bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Zola Zsun on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

10th customer. (see last post)

Whirli Placebo: greetings 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Whirli you have to pic your painting still

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be accused of delivering nothing for a large sum of Linden (Whirli payed 777 Linden unseen)

Whirli Placebo: hahahahah oh god, smiling

SaveMe Oh: be careful with the floor. Its Linden owned

Whirli Placebo: hahahhaa

Whirli Placebo: how about this american gothic portrait?

SaveMe Oh: ok

Whirli Placebo: you are wonderful 🙂 ty so much. I will display this portrait with great pride 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It will be my pleasure

Whirli Placebo: off i go after i hang it in my pagoda

Whirli Placebo: this is the only thing i have ever created in this place …and now it is filled with you

SaveMe Oh: Better filled with me than with Linden

Whirli Placebo: yes indeed…ok…ty so much, i need to get out of here before my real skin begins to turn technicolour.  you are the best of the brilliant…never forget this

Whirli Placebo bought American gothic. Painted by Grant Wood, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Whirli Placebo on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

22th customer.

SaveMe Oh: hi dear, how are you

Penumbra Carter: I am good:) and yourself?

SaveMe Oh: me too, filthy rich and ok

Penumbra Carter: hahahah

Penumbra Carter: I must say I like the scope of the idea you have taken on

Penumbra Carter: well I wiil search about and buy something

SaveMe Oh: ok have a look

Penumbra Carter: I would like the Frieda Kahlo piece please

SaveMe Oh: I knew it

Penumbra Carter: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Diego and SaveMe

Penumbra Carter: exactly that Frog Diego

Penumbra Carter paid you L$1000.

SaveMe Oh: ty, but dont tell the Linden or you could get in serious trouble

Penumbra Carter: Thank you SaveMe.

Penumbra Carter: I promise:)

SaveMe Oh: or you think the NCR??? OMG!!!

Penumbra Carter: I am discreet. okies darling, thank you and I am off

Penumbra Carter: hahha, I am already introuble with them for wanting to move to the uk.

Penumbra Carter bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Penumbra Carter on 02-10-2013 in Two Fish during a privat session.

Total amount of sold stolen art the Linden thought they owned on the second day of ownerswapping:

8066 Linden.