How Long Would You Like Me To Help You Lick Him?

Brea Brianna_001

SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Brea Brianna: Sure, what you got in mind ?

SaveMe Oh: What are you into?

Brea Brianna: I like a lot of different things.

SaveMe Oh: I have a kind of horse fetisj, does that mix with your offerings?

Brea Brianna: Maybe you can explain ?

SaveMe Oh: I once saw an act in SL with a huge horse having sex with an avatar, but I dont know how to arrange that. Do you see any possibilties?

Brea Brianna: You wish to watch me have sex with a horse?

SaveMe Oh: Is that possible?

Brea Brianna: Or are you playing a horse

SaveMe Oh: I would like to watch and bring a friend who roleplays a wonderful horse.

Brea Brianna: What are you willing to pay me to do this

SaveMe Oh: What are your prizes? For let’s say 2 hours?

Brea Brianna: 9k for 2hours with 2 people. Im 3500 per hour and 1k for additional parters

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I will talk with my friend and be back in this, ty for the moment



SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Mahogany Soulstar: Oh my.. what type of hot adventure?

SaveMe Oh: Eastern has already passed, but my sister Bryn and I have a little rabbit fetisj and we are searching for a trio. Are you into something like that, kind of roleplaying?

Mahogany Soulstar: Not mechanical rabbits are they?  🙂 I’ve barely managed to escape the one in Bryn’s Immersive sims

SaveMe Oh: No, we would like to dress up kind of playboy bunnies kinda style while you are hunting us down.

Mahogany Soulstar: Oh my,, that could be fun

SaveMe Oh: And lock us up.

Mahogany Soulstar: Tries to think if she has any hunter type gear..

SaveMe Oh: And punish us in a kinky way, you know what I mean….

Mahogany Soulstar: mmmm.. I do. I’m definitely interested, but I dont have much time right now. 😦 maybe 30 minutes.

SaveMe Oh: Would you mind if I ask Robert69 Little to film it?

Mahogany Soulstar: I wouldn’t mind.  I’ve never been filmed before, though.

SaveMe Oh: I have to arrange things, what you ask an hour?

Mahogany Soulstar: Its 5000L an hour. I may not have time today, but if you arrange it for tomorrow, I would love to play.

SaveMe Oh: Let me get back on this to you.



SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Paris Lichlore: Always enjoy a hot adventure. Whats the hot adventure youd like to take?

SaveMe Oh: I have an old friend who loves to have his ass licked, but he now wants it with more people than only me. He says he is bigger than just for one woman, could you join me to lick him?

Paris Lichlore: And how long would you like me to help you lick him?

SaveMe Oh: He always loves to be licked very long, and as he is already of a certain age it will not be finished in 10 minutes. What you charge an hour?

Paris Lichlore: For voice or for text?

SaveMe Oh: He always want it in text because his wife shouldnt hear.

Paris Lichlore: Understand that … text for 30min is 4000L 1hour text is 8000L

SaveMe Oh: And he wants to be sure you are fresh meat. You didn’t had before an encounter with my friend Solo Mornington? Just to be sure?

Paris Lichlore: I dont know anyone by the name of Solo Mornington

SaveMe Oh: Great, he always want new blood. Will be back to you for an appointment


alegria.vandornan (2)

SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Hello, you’ve reached my IM. I require a donation into my tip jar for this conversation to continue in IM.

Alegria Vandornan: Smiles, “What sort of service are you looking for?”

SaveMe Oh: Hi, my friend Roxy have some serious mental issues and now it was my idea to make her relax a little with giving her a good time in a trio, as she has some lesbian fantasies.

Alegria Vandornan: I see, so you’re wanting me to be hired for both you and your friend at the same time?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she has that secret fantasy to be with me in a gothic tower.

Alegria Vandornan: Are you wanting text or voice, and how long of a session?

SaveMe Oh: And maybe you could play the evil witch who catches us and make us pay for being on land we are not allowed. We would like in voice for let’s say one or two hours. Is that an option?

Alegria Vandornan: It depends, when are you looking to book? I am not available for voice on the weekend, plus for you to hire me for the situation you’re talking about, you will both be charged my fee plus a fee of 2k to make it a threesome.

SaveMe Oh: What is your fee?

Alegria Vandornan: Voice is 14k per hour, which would be for each of you, plus the threesome fee.

SaveMe Oh: And would it be possible when my friend Robert69 Little make a movie from this hot encounter?

Alegria Vandornan: No, not unless an additional fee was negotiated. My fees do not include me being filmed or recorded.

SaveMe Oh: What you want for that, money is no problem

Alegria Vandornan: Are you sure? You’re already looking at 32k for a threesome hour on voice.

SaveMe Oh: 320000, right? shall we say 500000? Or do I have a zero too much, Im hopeless with numbers.

Alegria Vandornan: You have a zero too much.

SaveMe Oh: Lol haha, 50000 then?

Alegria Vandornan: That would work, but as I said, I’m not available for voice on the weekends. I can only offer text.

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I contact you soon.

No Time To Grow Up

Monday is my 8th rezday which will be celebrated with my daily routine, perform somewhere in SL which is so time consuming that it is impossible for me to grow up.

SaveMe Oh 8th rezday

Yesterday I was preparing for the event of Monday but I didn’t get a second rest. First Josef K. called me as he wants me all the time to upgrade his gallery were he knows that what he really should do was tear the awful building down. He forced me in labour, but luckily my sister Bryn called me for duty. In an unbelievable ugly sim with barns and grass somebody was performing dead music, so I had no other option than upgrade the place with sheep (for my sister Bryn) and horses (to make Quan Lavender feel at home). In these surrounding my brother JoaoPedro Oh joined us so we could finally shoot some family pics.



Just in time before they banned me there. I thought I could have a quiet rest of the evening when DD (Deceptions Digital) called me for duty. Being the first who completely understood the message she cleaned out her sim, stood there in the middle with her keyboard in complete NOTHING and gave me space and music.


Her fans shouted out in despair “OMG we can stand around her” and “This is the first time I am not seeing her on a stage”. As if a virtual musician needs a stage, as if a virtual musician needs to stand higher for an audience to see her (you all have a zoom function, you idiots). As if a virtual musician needs an avatar pretending to play music to make the illusion complete. Instead of that DD with her music and I with my visual improvisations created a unique environment and experience that made it something special only for the happy few who were there.




And at the end of the night I realised that I again missed the opportunity to seriously grow up a little, sorry for that, my dear enemies.


Last 6 pics by Josef K.

Banned Me? Oh!

Banned Me? Oh!
Offer your big sim to Morlita Quan and SaveMe Oh when you want a real event. What you have to do: Throw away all the garbage you have on your sim, make an empty platform and invite known dictators as Maria Duna Gant, Dido Haas, Bryn Oh, Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Moya Patrick, Secret Rage, Stem van Helsinki and Eupalinos Ugajin on the VIP guestlist and then hand over the stream to Morlita and the platform to SaveMe and off you go.


Despotism Is Secretly Granting Probation Based On Self Acclaimed Rules

Are you familiar with the names of these virtual dictators? They may look like nice people but they are already years responsible for gardening the Linden LEA sims for art on their own conditions. When they like your virtual nose you might get a piece of land, when you won’t lick their ass, they may ban you without notice for years.

I the jury

Honour McMillan

Jayjay Zifanwe

LaPiscean Liberty

Oberon Onmura

PatriciaAnne Daviau

Quan Lavender

Solo Mornington

First they banned me practically everywhere on Linden LEA land and try to persuade me to fill in their ridiculous appeal forms to get my freedom to go where I want back. Owners of a LEA sim had to lick their asses if they insist of having me there. The arrogant Solo Mornington couldn’t resist showing with great pleasure how he was able to hold me down and under is thumb as he wanted, as if he was the almighty god of LEA.

And now, in secret, without any message, I can go again to the LEA sims. Did they feel ashamed about their despotic behaviour after the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Was it just a mistake when they restart the sim? Or did they finally realise that sims who are not visited by SaveMe Oh can be considered as dead and lost.

Killing god

But why I still can’t go to LEA 1 to 8? And the sandbox LEA 5? Still some restrictions, or did the LEA slave Secret Rage demand this condition. We will not know as despotism is never known for is transparent policies.

slave Secret Rage demand this condition. We will not know as despotism is never known for is transparent policies.

The LEA Christmas Gangbang

Fuck LEA

As we all know LEA has already for a long time nothing to do with art anymore. Members from the committee who should promote art have better things to do like protecting Jesus (Jayjay Zifanwe), having a horsedick hobby (Quan Lavender) or being a blonde haired blue eyed catholic woman (Secret Rage).

So why not build a Christmas landscape in LEA with a dream carriage with two white horses in front of it (Quan, eat your heart out). In the carriage a hot menu where we can choose to do it doggy style or have a jingle ball ride. Or better stick to licking? We are after all in LEA (Licking every a$$)

So after Betty Thureaud and Mandel Solano banned me once again in the other LEA sim I end up in LEA 12 where these horny hot surprises were waiting for me. I jumped leaking in the carriage….

SaveMe Oh: I am waiting…

Dora Maar: For what?

SaveMe Oh: For the prince, what else?

Dora Maar: It’s not for sale

SaveMe Oh: I only want his love baby

Dora Maar: I dunno, I thought maybe you were waiting for a pixel man to help you

SaveMe Oh: You have one available?

Dora Maar: I’m sure you have many

SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t want to use the horses. That’s more something for Quan Lavender from the LEA committee

I also went to UWA to ask Jayjay Zifanwe his opinion.


SaveMe Oh: You know LEA is ruled by a dictatorship, maybe UWA would not want to be connected to that?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Are you asking me to resign?

SaveMe Oh: Considering the thing that happened with religion in UWA. First censorship here, then dictatorship in LEA. You should be careful were you sending your students.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ah students in general show respect to religions here. We have a lot of diversity.

SaveMe Oh: That’s great

Jayjay Zifanwe: Showing religion is not a problem

SaveMe Oh: I love diversity and freedom

Jayjay Zifanwe: Quite a few works displayed religious icons

SaveMe Oh: Diversity and freedom go perfect together, you teach that there?

Jayjay Zifanwe: We live that, not teach that, but foremost to go along with that is respect

SaveMe Oh: You don’t need censorship or dictatorship to achieve that as you can explain why the diversity

Jayjay Zifanwe: Which causes those here to automatically not attempt to disparage other religions

SaveMe Oh: But what if that so called respect is a limitation of art? Should you want to organise an art event about open mindness when you cannot give that to the participants? Then it’s better to be honest and tell everybody you are a religious organisation. Then everybody knows.

And now let’s go to fuck! Meet me in LEA12

Hear, Hear!!!

Sometimes I feel I am the only voice in the wilderness but with christmas getting close my poor heart was warmed with the following comments in a discussion I had inside the OPEN THIS END group on Facebook. It all started when they began to promote the Transcending Borders Challenge from UWA (University of Western Australia) where they, instead of transcending borders, choose to censor a movie of Nicole X which had religious content.


Challenge UWA censor Jayjay Zifanwe to transcend his borders

I wrote: Its shocking to see that even here UWA is promoted. These people are killing art. Keep on sleeping, all you organisers who want to lift on the popularity and the work of artists

Coffee Art:  I think SaveMe Oh is right in one point It’s fine to help artists, yes, but the way it’s done is also very important. We are going to speak frankly. What is improvable? It’s fundamental that Linden, LEA, and UWA change, urgently, some very important things. -For example, the way LEA grants sims, and also the way they select artists for exhibits, their selection of commissioners, the composition of judges, and the most important thing: the people that form the deciding committee, that is, the members of LEA.
– At this time, and for years, the reality is that all this responsibility, that is in part the future of the virtual world, is in the hands of people that know absolutely nothing about art. Or anything about the real and the virtual.
– At this time, and for years, those who have made decisions in the virtual world, the members of LEA, for example, (except two very stand-out exceptions), the rest of the LEA members are amateurs or
fans of the art world, who like art, but they like the protagonism that they have in the virtual world even more. A protagonism that they do not reach, not even close, in the real world. The egos of these ignorant fans of art is what is trending in the virtual world.
-They are just fans, with the least amount of cultural preparation, and no artistic preparation, that are deciding the future of impressive vanguard artists, very serious and committed creators. These
incompetent LEA fans decide, because Linden lets them, as do we with our passivity, what is or isn’t artistic quality, the artists that deserve to be on exhibit or not. They are leading LEA and influencing everyone else. These amateurs decide who will or will not
exhibit in the Linden sims, in LEA. They decide who will do the exhibits and who the best artists are. And since they do not have a cultural or artistic base, the selection criteria is based on their personal preference, which is that of a practically uneducated mediocre fan. They decide, though lacking knowledge and artistic criteria, based on affinity and friendship, generating an unsightly and poisoned dictatorship around them.
– These amateurs are killing the essence of virtual art. These fans that totally lack knowledge about virtual art and art in general are those that lead LEA and those that decide on the lists and the future of the artists. As their criteria is subjective, according to who they like as a person, their power brings them to making a dictatorial third-world policy of favoritism, an oligopoly, with incompetent decisions, and so, they are surrounded by an entourage of lame-asses that try to be the selected.
– This situation is what constitutes Nepotism. If you don’t walk on water for these 4 fans that lead the LEA, and we all know who they are, and that they don’t know the first thing about art, you don’t have the possibility of exhibiting because they are not going to choose you or promote you.
– This is just a shame, something that needs to be changed urgently, out of respect for artists, for those that are actually art professionals, out of respect for virtual art and because it is an invasion of competence and an attack on those that are true professionals and that know art.
-Professional infiltration is a total lack of respect for artists, for commissioners, and for spectators, but, in addition, it is grave law fraud when a person who is not a professional is made to pass as a professional and carry out functions and take on responsibilities and decisions as if he or she was; in fact, in the real world, it is so serious that it constitutes an important crime. In addition, just for effectiveness, it is evident that the results of a bad amateur selection are necessarily poor and affect everyone. For the well-being of art and artists, it is necessary and urgent that we change all of this. This is what we urge LEA, Linden, and UWA, for example, to change; urgent.

Aino Baar: Coffee Art, (which is the alt of Aino Baar) Dear colleague, you always send high passion in your words but I totally agree you in the background. All of you know that I agree with the idea to change the composition of LEA, also the juries of the challenges, etc. The members who decide they have to be, “must be”, excellent art professionals. If we think, as we believe, that Virtual Worlds and the creators are great, serious and they are changing the world of art, we all need to present great professionals in front of all that. We don’t need the opposite, people-fans, aficionados, playing to be important in virtual worlds with no idea of art. This is not a joke, nor a play. This is something real important: the new art of the century and these excellent artists are the protagonists of the change. They deserve highest quality, hard work and seriousness.

Arte Art: LEA (Linden Endowment of Arts) was created by Linden Labs to promote and develop the virtual art and to serve for the best to artists. At the begining, and as an abstract idea, LEA is an initiative of Linden which is brilliant, philanthropic, generous, respectful, and a fantastic future art project. It would change the art of this century. And will do it soon when changes LEA’s actual members committee.

And you, LEA’s committee members, what have you done with that magnificent goal and responsibility that Linden gave to you, that Linden did with their best intentions, and put the responsibility to develop it on your hands?
It has been alleged that some of you have prostituted this amazing and noble spirit putting people as member, to decide, that have no cultural base, nor artistic. Their specialization in RL is, for example, to be professional cabinet divination. You know the people, you know the names we are talking about. Btw, are committing fraud.

Some of you have sunk, so unethically, using LEA for your own interests.
Some of you have become LEA a platform for your personal power, with direct or indirect benefits.

Some of you have used the blackmail, threats, pressure, extortion, to achieve your purposes and personal benefits.

Some of you you knew it, but you preferred to look to the other way; it was easier and more comfortable to not get into troubles.

Some of you knew that they were committing injustices, you have letters denouncing all that, knowing that this cronyism and abuse of power was the day by day, and you, LEA, did nothing. It was easier to think all that wasn’t true.

LEA, you have betrayed the spirit of high-mindedness and generosity of Linden Labs and the confidence of all artists and art lovers. Linden created a wonder thing in the beginning, but you LEA have become it into banana trash project, bad taste and no quality.

Now, LEA is a land without law, or the unique used is something similar to mafia’s law. If you friend or if you give something interesting… you’d have opportunities at this land. A total disgrace.

You LEA have squandered so many great opportunities … You are like Atila’s horse, where it spend, no longer growing creative grass. What a shame!

For everyone’s sake, for the sake of SL, for the sake of Linden, they absolutely don’t deserve all this. For the sake of artists and for the sake of art, they also don’t deserve all this garbage, we ask Gift Christmas:

I Am A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Catholic Woman

Because one of my recent movies contains an image on a wall and on the floor where we see the avatar Quan Lavender having a hole drilled in her stomach, this movie is over and over removed from the machinima channel AviewTV where I have all my other movies. And now they completely denied my access. When LaPiscean Liberty was in charge of this channel this kind of censorship would not take place but now he made Secret Rage boss there. A woman who has her arm deep in the A of LEA. And who is her boss there? Guess… Quan Lavender succeeds after taking over LEA to get in charge of AviewTV too. So we see those gallery- and simowners and wannabe blog celebrities slowly taking over the ruling everywhere so they can decide what for you, simple audience, is good to see or not. The days of censorship are completely back and it will not take long before Quan Lavender will get a nice gift from Finland, maybe not a horse but a huge Finnish reindeer to experience his drilling skills.

A great hat can change your day 2

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you set up a special SaveMe Oh channel to release me from the other idiots you surround yourself with?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not outside building you your own site but I can do that if you’re in the market

SaveMe Oh: Market??? Don’t swear!

LaPiscean Liberty: I know what you mean and the answer is no Save

SaveMe Oh: So I really have to talk with that thing called Secret Rage?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it has to do with AviewTV yes.

SaveMe Oh: I once had so high hopes on you.

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, I never knew that.

SaveMe Oh: You could have known when you saw me uploading all my movies. Now it seems I have wasted my time and can’t even access my own stuff

LaPiscean Liberty: All over one video.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and a complete harmless one, that’s even more frightening. Suicides, murder, nudity, no problem. But this one OMG

LaPiscean Liberty: The damn thing starts with Quan Lavender giving her boyfriend a blowjob, not cool.

SaveMe Oh: No, her boyfriend is perforating her stomach with a huge horsedick, completely unreal, so…satire. And only on a picture in a frame on a wall, not even moving

LaPiscean Liberty: You sound jealous

SaveMe Oh: I am not jealous as I never had the pleasure to understand what is exiting about virtual sex

LaPiscean Liberty: It’s an issue you will have to make up with Secret Rage, no matter how minute your hopes are on me now. Maybe that’s your problem lol. Its 90% in the head anyway

SaveMe Oh: Yes I fear so, but I will keep trying, one day she will piss more people of with her rigid censorship and you will have to take over again. A policewoman can’t run an art channel.

AviewTV 1

SaveMe Oh: Will you keep on censor one of the greatest machinima artists of our time?

Secret Rage: It is not censorship but common sense that keeps your film off of AviewTV. It is a site that we as a community are proud of- and like to share with the general public. You have been suspended from your account at AviewTV due to your total disregard for what you have been told regarding the posting of your video that does not meet the criteria for being represented on the channel. You were told on more than one occasion that Aview is not the place for either explicit sexual acts or attacks on other individuals. It is not fair and exceedingly selfish in regard to the other filmmakers who DO post appropriate content – nor is it fair to the other viewers of the channel to expose them to films that show this kind of material. Though you have said you would stop posting it- you have not. Therefore this is the remedy. We will not remove the films that you have there currently- but you will no longer be allowed to post new material.

LaPiscean is now heading up our latest network site and has put me solely in charge of AviewTV. The decisions made there are mine to make and this one will not be rescinded…there will be no arguing.

Guess she means end of discussion! But no.

SaveMe Oh: Is my latest movie in your weekly film wrap? In the place where you also have me banned? (The AviewTV LEA sim)

Secret Rage: The one that was acceptable is, yes.

SaveMe Oh: And when you show it, will you tell the people that because of you, artists don’t have the freedom of create what they want? That you think you can be a judge on what an audience has to see or not? Like a good secret police? You know art is the first thing that is been killed in a totalitarian system?

Secret Rage: I said I will not argue with you-I meant it.

SaveMe Oh: You know not arguing is an ISIS method?

Secret Rage: smiles- I am a blonde haired blue eyed Catholic woman- I am pretty sure ISIS doesn’t figure into it. And now I have better things to do-have a good day

SaveMe Oh: You know Catholicism is a fundamentalist religion?

Secret Rage: I know this conversation is over. Goodbye.

Ziki 4

Another blogger, Ziki Questi, has less problems with art

The End Of Conversation Routine

You get in an “art” gallery for the 1000th time. You see the same virtual walls, with on it yet another uploaded picture that has no other function today than be the “art” that has to be celebrated. When it’s a posh gallery the pics will have nails on the side of the fake frames, the poorer gallery will do it all on one prim. The nervous wannabe artist is already looking at the watch, will people come??? Not knowing that the crowds will not come for the art but just for the higher glory of the gallery owner who is the real artist with an incredible capacity to put the virtual walls just in the way so every wannabe artist can do nothing else than hang a prim with a texture on a wall.

The next generation gallery owners steps in, like Stem van Helsinki, licking to be invited to the guild of approved rulers of the grid.


The bloggers like Quan Lavender, who need to post every day a pic of themselves with some foolish text on the net, are also making a big appearance and then they are all start looking at you. Will SaveMe Oh get naughty again? Does SaveMe Oh have planned something horrible? Will SaveMe Oh not just wear a dress but also might attach some art? The Linden Lab who made attaching possible should be sentenced to jail for this, flying was already an outrage but attaching is really criminal behaviour.


Hearts are pounding, the suspense is getting stronger. Will she do it again or not? OMG, there she goes again, attaching beheaded noobs. What does it mean, what is she trying to say? Better not think another second and ban the witch or she might provoke again something with her art and that is what sim owners hate the most, provoking art. Back to a nice performance of a frozen avatar pretending to sing live.

And the sim owner says:

Aneli Abeyante: You provoke by showing people murdered, I do not mess with this subjects. End of conversation.

Next time I try

Kill A Smile

Barney Horsedick shouts: Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the ART in HATS show in support of Kill a Smile Charity Auction.

Today’s presentation is a combination of despotism woven into the world of fake charity by giving head! Haha, I mean hats of course.

We will show off some of the greatest bullshit, just to make you pay and give you the feeling you do something great while you are on your fat ass behind your PC doing completely nothing for the benefit of the world. You are only here to say hail to the dictatorship of SL who needs to see your written applause as much as possible so they can be sure you are still a faithfull follower. The great design of today will be forced upon you, is widely available, and will be sold and reproduced again and again and again until we have killed every smile.

Barney Horsedick shouts: This hat is part of The Dick Collection, an offering from SaveMe Oh who is joining us to model the collection. Named Life of the Party it is made with erected sculpted and blown prim pieces, this hat is for those who want to light up their surroundings, be it at a party or event just taking photos – the hat turns on and off with just a touch. It is not equipped with a resizer, but should fit most!


Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: The same hat goes where I’m sure no hat has gone before! This hat is a massage hat for the head! Now, who amongst us couldn’t use a relaxing massage? We all love that feeling, don’t we? Well now you can have it for your avatar too thanks to SaveMe and her Primitive Massage Hat!

Ride Me

Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: “Ah, no no no; I’m a rocket man; Rocket man; Burnin’ out his fuse; Up here alone…” Want to have your own rocket man? Have your own rocket? SaveMe Oh has just the solution with her Hot Rocket Hat…The Hot Rock Hat will lift you and keep you swaying and floating wherever you go! Be sure to grab your own Hot Rocket Hat!


Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Bringing another spectacular addition to Art in Hats is SaveMe Oh who has added a show stopping piece that features almost elephant size detailed parts to add that something different to your stomach to keep them all talking!

Thirza Ember

Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Oh, Again stunned by SaveMe Oh and her imagination, this time she brings home your nightmare experiments from your childhood days…and then sets them loose over your head! The piece that won’t stop changing and moving, you may find you can’t stop watching it as you add it to your next clever outfit. Don’t forget to pick this one up before you tp away


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: This piece, which resizes on touch, is offered for Kill A Smile and worn today by the lovely Cherry Manga. Be sure to make your bid on The Secret Bank account of the LEA dictatorship in the Kill A Smile charity auction before you leave today!


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: The next hat up is an unusual, but stunning creation called again the Quantity Bowler Hat. You can purchase this one and take it home today as it is for sale! It has a big horsedick overhead and the head is with a purple top hat. It makes me think of the movie Warhorse – things would have been much different for them if they’d had this kind of hat to wear!


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Though seen possibly as a sloppy artist, SaveMe Oh’s hat displays the creative thinking of the reflection of a true artist. The hat displays the messy result as a reflection of her rl artist mind that is also actively working in SL. Bring this splash of horse to your wardrobe from the Art in Hats event!

A great hat can change your day 2

Quan Lavender: A great hat can change your day! APPLAUSE!

The SaveMe Oh Art In Hats Contest 2014



A photo contest with the free Quantity Bowler hat, specially designed by SaveMe Oh for this occasion.

Receive the free hat as a group gift or ask SaveMe for your personal copy. Go to the ART IN HATS sim and take your best picture wearing the hat.

After send you photo copy/mod/transfer to SaveMe Oh.

You can win ONE NIGHT WITH SAVEME OH for the best pic.

A special prize of HOT SEX WITH SAVEME OH for the best pic who contains you, the hat and Quan Lavender, member of the LEA dictatorship, High priest of Boutou and self acclaimed judge in matters of good and evil.

Your photos have to be in the procession of SaveMe Oh before 11 July 2014. An award show will take place at 12 July.

Good luck!