Payback Time

After Roxy Gellar has been exposed as a nasty person she doesn’t hide in a corner to lick her wounds and come back as a better person but she decides it’s time for some defamation. First she aims at Robert69 Little in an attempt to hurt his feelings as good as she can, after it’s Echo Starship who is at once not a good musician anymore. At once Roxy is the expert on good taste and thinks she can decide who makes music and who doesn’t. Who is an artist and who isn’t. Imagine this woman is organising your event.


Roxy Gellar : A few days ago I offered Echo Starship of Skopje, Macedonia a deal.

Learn a song, play it live on his account and I would give him the password to my SL avatar to do with as he pleases. In other words, prove you can play an actual (what everyone recognizes as a) song and I would let him delete my account. He failed.

This week’s challenge is the same. Learn and play live Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, play it live on, facebook live, or YouTube Live and the bet still stands.

SaveMe Oh: Since when making music is about being able to produce a song, what a narrow-minded definition of performing, Roxy Gellar. I hope you won’t challenge me to wear a 3 store building live. The reward to be you, after winning the bet, is like having to drink a glass of your pee instead of a bottle of champagne.

Roxy Gellar: There is a different between random noises and music.

SaveMe Oh: What counts in art is what touches you, what a performer can achieve. It is totally irrelevant how its done or with what skills. I know guitar players who can produces 10 notes per second which would put you asleep on the spot. Especially in a virtual world were you can’t see the performer live I don’t mind for a second if somebody pushes the play button of a pre-recorded tape as long the music is touching me. When I want to see a RL artist I can buy a ticket and go to a concert. In virtual worlds its a non-issue

Roxy Gellar: Touches you with piss I suppose. You seem to have a fixation on that.

SaveMe Oh: I have a fixation with art. Piss can be a part of that.

How Long Would You Like Me To Help You Lick Him?

Brea Brianna_001

SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Brea Brianna: Sure, what you got in mind ?

SaveMe Oh: What are you into?

Brea Brianna: I like a lot of different things.

SaveMe Oh: I have a kind of horse fetisj, does that mix with your offerings?

Brea Brianna: Maybe you can explain ?

SaveMe Oh: I once saw an act in SL with a huge horse having sex with an avatar, but I dont know how to arrange that. Do you see any possibilties?

Brea Brianna: You wish to watch me have sex with a horse?

SaveMe Oh: Is that possible?

Brea Brianna: Or are you playing a horse

SaveMe Oh: I would like to watch and bring a friend who roleplays a wonderful horse.

Brea Brianna: What are you willing to pay me to do this

SaveMe Oh: What are your prizes? For let’s say 2 hours?

Brea Brianna: 9k for 2hours with 2 people. Im 3500 per hour and 1k for additional parters

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I will talk with my friend and be back in this, ty for the moment



SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Mahogany Soulstar: Oh my.. what type of hot adventure?

SaveMe Oh: Eastern has already passed, but my sister Bryn and I have a little rabbit fetisj and we are searching for a trio. Are you into something like that, kind of roleplaying?

Mahogany Soulstar: Not mechanical rabbits are they?  🙂 I’ve barely managed to escape the one in Bryn’s Immersive sims

SaveMe Oh: No, we would like to dress up kind of playboy bunnies kinda style while you are hunting us down.

Mahogany Soulstar: Oh my,, that could be fun

SaveMe Oh: And lock us up.

Mahogany Soulstar: Tries to think if she has any hunter type gear..

SaveMe Oh: And punish us in a kinky way, you know what I mean….

Mahogany Soulstar: mmmm.. I do. I’m definitely interested, but I dont have much time right now. 😦 maybe 30 minutes.

SaveMe Oh: Would you mind if I ask Robert69 Little to film it?

Mahogany Soulstar: I wouldn’t mind.  I’ve never been filmed before, though.

SaveMe Oh: I have to arrange things, what you ask an hour?

Mahogany Soulstar: Its 5000L an hour. I may not have time today, but if you arrange it for tomorrow, I would love to play.

SaveMe Oh: Let me get back on this to you.



SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Paris Lichlore: Always enjoy a hot adventure. Whats the hot adventure youd like to take?

SaveMe Oh: I have an old friend who loves to have his ass licked, but he now wants it with more people than only me. He says he is bigger than just for one woman, could you join me to lick him?

Paris Lichlore: And how long would you like me to help you lick him?

SaveMe Oh: He always loves to be licked very long, and as he is already of a certain age it will not be finished in 10 minutes. What you charge an hour?

Paris Lichlore: For voice or for text?

SaveMe Oh: He always want it in text because his wife shouldnt hear.

Paris Lichlore: Understand that … text for 30min is 4000L 1hour text is 8000L

SaveMe Oh: And he wants to be sure you are fresh meat. You didn’t had before an encounter with my friend Solo Mornington? Just to be sure?

Paris Lichlore: I dont know anyone by the name of Solo Mornington

SaveMe Oh: Great, he always want new blood. Will be back to you for an appointment


alegria.vandornan (2)

SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Hello, you’ve reached my IM. I require a donation into my tip jar for this conversation to continue in IM.

Alegria Vandornan: Smiles, “What sort of service are you looking for?”

SaveMe Oh: Hi, my friend Roxy have some serious mental issues and now it was my idea to make her relax a little with giving her a good time in a trio, as she has some lesbian fantasies.

Alegria Vandornan: I see, so you’re wanting me to be hired for both you and your friend at the same time?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she has that secret fantasy to be with me in a gothic tower.

Alegria Vandornan: Are you wanting text or voice, and how long of a session?

SaveMe Oh: And maybe you could play the evil witch who catches us and make us pay for being on land we are not allowed. We would like in voice for let’s say one or two hours. Is that an option?

Alegria Vandornan: It depends, when are you looking to book? I am not available for voice on the weekend, plus for you to hire me for the situation you’re talking about, you will both be charged my fee plus a fee of 2k to make it a threesome.

SaveMe Oh: What is your fee?

Alegria Vandornan: Voice is 14k per hour, which would be for each of you, plus the threesome fee.

SaveMe Oh: And would it be possible when my friend Robert69 Little make a movie from this hot encounter?

Alegria Vandornan: No, not unless an additional fee was negotiated. My fees do not include me being filmed or recorded.

SaveMe Oh: What you want for that, money is no problem

Alegria Vandornan: Are you sure? You’re already looking at 32k for a threesome hour on voice.

SaveMe Oh: 320000, right? shall we say 500000? Or do I have a zero too much, Im hopeless with numbers.

Alegria Vandornan: You have a zero too much.

SaveMe Oh: Lol haha, 50000 then?

Alegria Vandornan: That would work, but as I said, I’m not available for voice on the weekends. I can only offer text.

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I contact you soon.

It’s Always Rough In The Porn Business

Robert has a fight with Samual. Do I know them? No, but the drama is great.


Samual Wetherby: What can I help you with today?

SaveMe Oh: What makes you think I need help?

Samual Wetherby: Just asking. Walked up to me. Something wrong?

SaveMe Oh: What makes you think something is wrong?

Samual Wetherby: Assume you are here due to Robert69 Little?

SaveMe Oh: What makes you assume that?

Samual Wetherby: People have told me he has mentioned your name lately.

SaveMe Oh: Really? OMG, what an honour.

Samual Wetherby: If you have any questions. happy to tell you anything.

SaveMe Oh: In what way he has mentioned my name?

Samual Wetherby: You would have to look on his Facebook yourself. I don’t follow him.

Samual Wetherby: Just one of those he likes to attack.

SaveMe Oh: He attacks you? Why?

Samual Wetherby: Thought him and I started off friend. He wanted us to feature his videos. But explained unless he stopped attacking singers and venues I couldn’t be associated with him. He actually said he was working on it and I said would be more than happy to feature him in that case. Few weeks later he attacked someone else. I never said a word but guess he knew he broke our agreement. And it’s been months of him slandering me on FB. Just recently have I made others known of all this. I just want it to stop. I’m a nice guy was nice to him, but now it’s all out of hand.

SaveMe Oh: It’s always rough in the porn business I assume.


Samual Wetherby:  Just advertising and website information. This is for which is separate from Legal reasons and keep one mainstream and not force feed adult content on people who don’t want to see it

SaveMe Oh: I head those stories about pimps and whores fighting with each other. I have no experience with that as I am an artist.

Samual Wetherby: Me either. Just a business person.


SaveMe Oh: Is Robert a pimp too? I don’t know him that well.

Samual Wetherby: I did not even know Robert personally until Dec 12th when he asked me to feature his videos.  Been down hill since then.

SaveMe Oh: Porn videos?

Samual Wetherby: Pardon?

SaveMe Oh: His video’s?

Samual Wetherby: Robert shoots videos of singers

SaveMe Oh: ah ok.

SaveMe Oh: I thought he was in the escort business too.

Samual Wetherby: But unfortunately I’m not the first person he has had problems with for the last 8 years. My just started in Dec. Fun Fun

SaveMe Oh: I heard him talks about a Josie Raperton, so I thought it were adult movies.

Samual Wetherby: She’s a singer. Think a lot of people were put off by him posting personal info, and all the drama. Just want it to go away. Hell I told him even recently if he would just calm down, I would be happy to feature his work. But he always seems to want to pick a fight with someone and we can’t feature someone while he attacks same people we also write about. We don’t do any negative articles. always upbeat or we would just rather not write about it.

SaveMe Oh: He makes movie about singing pixels, avatars pretending to perform? Are you serious?

Samual Wetherby: Well he shoots videos, then asks for a donation. Calls he preserving SL Live Music. It’s his thing and more power to him. Hell I charge people for advertising and sell pixel products. Got to love SL.

SaveMe Oh: So who gets more rich? He or you?

Samual Wetherby: No clue. Who really makes any real money in Second Life besides Linden Labs? Saw they are making 3 million a month on tier. lol

SaveMe Oh: I make a lot of money as the most famous artist of SL, but have no clue what to do with it. People just throw it at me.

Samual Wetherby: Ha. Envy you and those who think outside the box

SaveMe Oh: I might donate it to the Solo Mornington foundation. So you run a porn business and are the boss of Avi Choice Awards? That’s a surprise. I didn’t know.

Samual Wetherby: No no, where do you get that?

SaveMe Oh: All the pics around here.


Samual Wetherby: This are ads people place for an SL website.

SaveMe Oh: And with the porn business yo pay the Avi Choice awards?

Samual Wetherby: Adult venues and escorts advertise on a upscale main stream adult orient SL content. Just news stuff. Our other site, reports on mainstream SL Entertainment

SaveMe Oh: And you support with the earned money the Avi Choice Awards?

Samual Wetherby: I produced the 2015 LIVE MUSIC AWARDS

SaveMe Oh: I almost revieved one. Didn’t know it was sponsored by porn money.

Samual Wetherby: There’s no connection between me and AVI Choice. Not sure I understand what you are saying.

SaveMe Oh: Then why the awards standing here between the porn?

Samual Wetherby: Not sure where the AVI Choice connection either.

SaveMe Oh: Here.

Samual Wetherby: Yes. trophies I received.

Samual Wetherby: Favorite Magazine and Fav Entertainment Magazine or Website

SaveMe Oh: They also have a trophy for porn magazines? Jeezzz.

Samual Wetherby: They have for adult sims. But is last year for it. Think she has one more coming up in Fall then it’s done. Are you familiar with the LIVE MUSIC AWARDS we hosted last year?

SaveMe Oh: I hope not, every artist participating in award shows should be kicked out.


Samual Wetherby: Ah. Can be a touchy subject for some. Wasn’t a talent show. Was more of presentation. 33 judges spent 41 days filling out a predefined score card for all the artists who wanted to participate and venues.

SaveMe Oh: I never have taken any artist serious who participate in award shows. They are the same whores as the ones in your escort business.

Samual Wetherby: They were judged on appearance, sound quality, interaction, online info, enjoyment level and a lot more. Ah. Understand your opinion

SaveMe Oh: Artists should never accept the opinion of a judge.

Samual Wetherby: It’s a big diverse SL

SaveMe Oh: Art judges are the filth of the earth

Samual Wetherby: We just wanted to offer something different than a people’s choice award.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck the people too. An artist just has to make art, thats all. No matter what a judge or people think.

Samual Wetherby: I know. Hell I am a RL photographer. for 30 years. Everyone judges everything I do. But like most artists. Never truely happy with anything I shoot as know can always do better next time.

SaveMe Oh: But we will see what they think of this work of art.


An earlier encounter with Robert…here:

Robert recently made two nice movies about my performances in Cat’s Circus, now he wants to remove them in an attempt to persue me to remove the above link. Sorry Robert, but there are almost 100 links with movies about my performances so yours will not be missed that much.

So maybe I better replace your movies with our recent convesation.

Robert69 Little: I’m sorry.. I thought we had somehow mended our past… but that including me today of our past convo is shining a light on things I regret doing.. if you wish to leave that on your story of today speaking with Sammy… I’ll have to take what videos of you I truly enjoyed making off line.

I’m not going to be a victim of my own past time and time again.. I’m sorry for speaking to you like that.. let it go. take that link off todays story please

SaveMe Oh: Please don’t be sorry as I loved the drama.

Robert69 Little: That’s ok…I don’t appreciate my past thrown. Taking video down when I get off work today. Bye

SaveMe Oh: I don’t write blogs about SL for the exclusive appriciation of you, I write about what happens. After everybody can decide what they do with it

Robert69 Little: Okay…I am disappointed that you included my past…..and I’m suppose to be happy?….I think not. I tried to make people happy too….that’s why I make videos….i thought you were happy too…I assume I was wrong.

SaveMe Oh: You assume wrong, I am happy with the video. I hope you make much more

Robert69 Little: Sorry I will not have videos on YouTube of anyone who wants to hurt me. You are hurting me by including that link on your story today.

SaveMe Oh: You are just like a traffic light. Don’t be a crybaby

Robert69 Little: Yes honey…I stop when the light is red.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and it changes with you every 30 seconds

Robert69 Little: Your not the one who is being made to look bad….i am. I thought you were going after Sammy boy…not me.

SaveMe Oh: You look bad, he looks bad, and we all wait for the kindergarten teacher to take you two out of the sandbox

Robert69 Little: Bye honey….leave me alone now…Okay?

SaveMe Oh: I love drama, Shakespeare doesn’t have to do any work, it writes itself

Robert69 Little: Totally fucked my day.

SaveMe Oh: Soon we do a party at Sammies spot. Without invitation. The day you stop letting SL fuck up your day you are well.

Robert69 Little: Bye.I’m done speaking to you now…go hurt someone else

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I will

Robert69 Little: I tried to be good to you.

SaveMe Oh: I continue to be good to you.

Robert69 Little: No…you hurt me today.

SaveMe Oh: You will survive.

Robert69 Little: I have enough problem in my life without being hurt through the internet.

SaveMe Oh: Then stop fueling it yourself

Robert69 Little: Yes…I’ll be fine. I stand up for what I believe in….just as you do with your art work.

SaveMe Oh: You see, thats the spirit. Stop taking everything personal. You think I sleep bad about this? Never

Robert69 Little: Oh…it is….very personal…very.

SaveMe Oh: Thats the nice thing about SL, you can believe whatever you want. Some roleplay horses, other roleplay big magazine publishers, others think they are almost getting the  Oscar Academy Awards.I love to write about that

Robert69 Little: You had no reason to hurt me…but you decided to do that anyway….doesn’t make sence to me…but that was your call.

SaveMe Oh: Is my artistic freedom.

Robert69 Little: Yes honey…your artistic freedom has a way of hurting people….today’s article is a perfect example of that.

SaveMe Oh: You use a mirror sometimes?

Robert69 Little: You can remove me from Facebook now

SaveMe Oh: I wont

Robert69 Little: I was happy with our relationship while it lasted.

SaveMe Oh: Now whos the dramaqueen here?

Robert69 Little: I’m walking away from the conflict.

SaveMe Oh: Are you able to do that? Good.

Robert69 Little: Yes I am…and will avoid you in my future…sorry you felt the need to hurt me with your artistic freedom today…I assume you will publish this chat as well…it has artistic value. Bye SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: When you remove videos I might have to replace it with something, otherwise I wont add much to the story, we also must not overrate the artistic quality, its not good enough for a soap serie (yet).