Purify By Burning

After chopping wood in the forests of the north and hunting some buffalo the rangers of BURN return to duty in an effort to lock everybody out in a more effective way than last year

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Shall we start the meeting with unban all the people who were victim of the dictators disguised as rangers? So they can also come to participate? Or is this for the happy few only?

Namor Xue: yes SaveMe Oh in disguise

SaveMe Oh in disguise: could they be unbanned now?

EmCee Widget: Greetings and Welcome Home! Its wonderful to see everyone here in Center Camp on our little slice of the virtual Playa! Deep Hole has been our home for many years now, and you are all our family! Let’s all say Welcome home now to a few people. Just type into chat a few of the people that are standing near you or far away and say “Welcome Home!”

Ro Carver shouts: welcome home!

FreeWee Ling: Welcome Home

Zorch Voom: YAY! Welcome home everyone

Leondra Larsson: welcome home!

Buttermilk Panacek: welcomd home FreeWee Ling

Corn Oil: Welcome Home duders

Liz Gealach: welcome home molly 😉

Anne Von Linz: ºWelcome home!

EmCee Widget: Welcome Home Corn!

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Mia

Belldandy Watanabe: Welcome home friends

Namor Xue: Welcome Home ❤

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Barbs

Buttermilk Panacek: Welcome Home Ro

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Widget, can you unban a lot of people who became victim of the banning habits of your church?

EmCee Widget: My name is EmCee Widget. Everyone calls me EmCee or MC. I am one of three Burning Man Regional Representatives to Second Life. Dusty and Danger Ranger are the other two. I am also a volunteer with Burning Man and a Black Rock Ranger at that little event they have out in the Nevada desert.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: For those people you cannot say this is home for them as they were banned by the rules of your church

EmCee Widget: If you have been coming to Burns in Second Life you may remember Dusty (formerly Linden) Udal, who helped lead the BURN for many years. You may also recognize Danger Ranger as one of the founders of Burning Man, the Rangers, the first Art Car creator, the first Black Rock Newspaper Editor/printer, Robotic computer assembler and I believe he invented Whiskey, however that may be a rumor….

SaveMe Oh in disguise: So EmCee, can you unban the victims of your policy instead of telling us how good your church is? We are talking about maybe 20 to 40 peoplewho were the victim of your church.

Buttermilk Panacek: SaveMe Oh in disguise, the open forum is in just a little bit. Thanks for your patience.

Ro Carver: SaveMe Oh in disguise, we’ll be happy to sit down with you after the Town Hall

Barbs Kurka: your acting like a 4 year old, its not a threat, nobody else is acting like you

SaveMe Oh in disguise: All the Rangers with the happy triggerfingers are present again. They could also say: ok we unban everybody and we start clean, but no, you will be removed

Huntress Catteneo: just mute the interuptive one if they are bothering you folks

SaveMe Oh in disguise: church of the muted people?

SaveMe Oh in disguise: I want to be a volunteer that will unban all poor avatars that are banned without reason

SaveMe Oh in disguise: Question: Why Burning Man needs banning as a way to enforce certain rules? And why some people have more rights than others and on what base?

Buttermilk Panacek: SaveMe Oh in disguise, would you like to meet with me one on one at our comfortable headquarters office to discuss your concerns?

SaveMe Oh in disguise:: No, I prefer discussions in the open as everyone can give an opinion in that way. As a lot of people are banned by you and cant participate

SaveMe Oh in disguise: When you dont ban so much people you can do with less vonunteers

AgentMike Homewood: Last year there was a mass banning of innocent people who still cannot participate. Most still don’t know why they were banned.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: you dont need police, security and hitsquads so those volunteers can be something else

Ro Carver: This is your sim to use! You can use it many ways. Casually by using these spaces, or more formally scheduling a meeting or lecture or even…scheduling an event!

SaveMe Oh in disguise: our sim??????? to use??????  Everybody who try’s is getting banned

AgentMike Homewood: 40 artists were mass banned in one day for playing on the playa.

AgentMike Homewood: Who makes those rules?

SaveMe Oh in disguise: We see a group of people trying to stay in power dressed up in ranger clothes

Ro Carver: Have questions? Just ask in the BurningMan 2.0 group, and a volunteer staff member online may be able to help you, or email info@burn2.org, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

AgentMike Homewood: You sent a message to some of SLs top artists that they are not welcome here.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: I suggest all rangers will step back and there will be free elections for a new team

Admiral Radioactive: I suggest SaveMe Oh in disguise: to SHUT UP

AgentMike Homewood: Banning artists is a bad way to promote this event.

SaveMe Oh in disguise: this new team will try to organise a BURN were everybody is welcome, military clothes will be forbidden and we will not accept funding from the national rifle association as in a virtual world we dont have to kill!!!

Namor Xue: @Radioactive :I could not think same of you..but I’m ready to offer my life to make you say your opinion

Namor Xue: this is the first rule

SaveMe Oh in disguise: And why there is a strange church behind BURN????

Barbs Kurka: you are acting like a rude jackass and then you ask why people ban you? lol

AgentMike Homewood: 40 artists were banned in one day last year. Many lon time contributers to Burn.

AgentMike Homewood: Shouldn’t they be unbanned?

EmCee Widget: Some people loved the guidelines and some hated them

AgentMike Homewood: There were too many rules last year. And they were arbitraryily applied.

AgentMike Homewood: It is fair to ask these questions at an event that celebrates diversity and inclusion

Ⓒⓞղղιɛ: the rules drive people away

Huntress Catteneo: some people indicate from their own websites, that they will come just to disrupt, so not wise to open the doors for them to harass others

AgentMike Homewood: One artist who had filmed every Burn event in SL was banned last year 5 minutes after TPing in

Ro Carver: Bryn Oh sponsored using a very specific prim type and color, making people be creative

SaveMe Oh in disguise: The concept of Rangers versus Artist is so increddible stupid

That’s Why It’s Called A Uniform

We already were killed, banned and burned by the notorious art police of PIRATS who were wearing black uniforms with a sort of Nazi bandage around their arm to expose their moral superiority, this month we were mass banned by another force who takes great pleasure in the hunting down of free minded artists to protect their BURN Rangers headquarters.

Night and day they spent their precious time against people who try to think for themselves and who want to destroy their free, by the Linden provided, playgrounds. And guess what, they also wear great uniforms. And not only that, but in the early morning, just after sunrise they raise the Stars and Stripes, swear their loyalty to the upper Linden and prepare for duty. “Without our dedication, sacrifices, and passion for banning intruders like SaveMe Oh and her minions and acolytes who are responsible for over-crowding and abuse, the real art lover would not have been able to continue enjoying the marvellous art at BURN2, if it was not for our selfless efforts to burn and kill this unwanted individuals” says BURN Ranger Neeks Karu

.Ranger Slatan Dryke

The BURN Rangers uniform has a distinctive look and integrity. According to Ronon Carver “The uniform today is basically the same as that envisioned in 1920. Even though it now has shoes and trousers instead of boots and breeches, there are still far more similarities than differences. The cut of the dress coat has been altered somewhat to accommodate the women in the service, but the color remains the forest green laid down in the early years, and the buttons and collar ornaments have survived long enough to become a tradition,” says Carver.

When old hands like EmCee Widget say: “the more things change, the more they remain the same” it’s nowhere truer than in the Burn Rangers Service.

Ranger Barbs Kurka

“Our goal as spelled out in our regulations is to maintain a neutral image encouraging approachability with the broadest spectrum of the visiting public.’ In other words, there really isn’t any room for individuality; that’s why it’s called a uniform.”

Ranger Ladyslipper Constantine

Ranger Neeks Karu

Ranger Gemma Cleanslade

Ranger Radioactive

First Mass Banning Church Of Second Life

First Mass Banning Church of Second Life

Sunday Evening Service

by Ronon Carver of Burning Man Burn2

Rev. Ronon Carver


Living your MBism means…

If a grieving avatar needs some punishment, you brew the pot of hell and stir them down until they listen.

Living your MBism means…

If SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts steal toys from others, you take the time to slowly torture them to make them understand why they must learn to respect others.

Living your MBism means…

If your local soup kitchen needs warm bodies to serve food to the homeless on Tuesdays at noon, you catch SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts, remove them from their offensive and sexual harassing aprons, and cook them into a healthy soup.

Living your MBism means…

If one of SaveMe Oh’s followers (or someone else who is licking her heals) is weeping from a broken heart, you reach out for your sword, and slice the heart in two parts including the person.

Living your MBism means…

If SaveMe Oh’s elderly minions and acolytes are living in a nursing home, you bring a bomb and blow them away as they are already living in borrowed time.

Living your MBism means…

If a co-worker needs your principled defense, you inform your gunclub and shoot to stand up for what is right.

Living your MBism means…

If your nephew lives alone, slowly dying of AIDS, you catch some of his blood and try to contaminate SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts with it. That will teach them.

Living your MBism means…

If a relief agency needs funds for the victims of some natural calamity, you steal the Linden of SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts, write your check, and write it for a little more than they can afford.

Living your MBism means…

If your community needs a recycling center, you volunteer to recycle SaveMe Oh and her minions, acolytes and alts ASAP.

Living your MBism means…

If some stranger (perhaps someone of minority status like Solo Mornington) is being harassed or demeaned in a joke or in person, you teach him the tricks of Mass Bann out of your sense of justice and refuse to be an accomplice in the abuse of poor LEA committee members.

Visit Of The Pharisees

When Returned in his innocence stand in BURN2 wearing the SaveMe Louvre Statues all the Pharisees and rangers pass by. Poor Returned.

Ronon Carver: Hi, Returned. Could you please reduce the size of your banners?

Ronon Carver: I think they’re pretty cool

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver waves

Ronon Carver: hi, SaveMe 🙂

Ronon Carver: how long will you be here?

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver grins

Ronon Carver: in English, please

Ronon Carver: I know you speak it well

Ronon Carver: we’re having a conversation here to determine if we shoudl ban you from the sim

Ronon Carver: but honestly, I like your display

Ronon Carver: and you havn’t been disruptive

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver: what language is that?

Ronon Carver: I’m not sure

Returned: Því miður ég tala ekki ensku

Ronon Carver: ok, let me look it up

Ronon Carver: Icelandic! Nice!

Ronon Carver: are you here just to display your photos?

Returned: ?

Ronon Carver: your photos. We had hoped Kandinsky would reduce the size of her test signs so they could remain

Ronon Carver: we like them

Ronon Carver: they’re kind of artsy

Returned: Kandinsky?

Ronon Carver: yes

Ronon Carver: lol

Returned: Kandinsky, Þetta ótrúlega falleg stelpa frá Svíþjóð?

Ronon Carver: I can’t get a good translation from the language you’re speaking

Ronon Carver: I know you speak English

Ronon Carver: we’ve talked many times before

Returned: Því miður, ég skil að það er engin hneta!

Why Burn Doesn’t Burn Rules?

Kandinsky Beaumont set me up as co-builder for Burn2 but the Burners prefer to keep me banned forever in their fake freedom community.

EmCee Widget: I came over because it seems you may be upset

EmCee Widget: I like the apron front shot by the way..I think I have seen something like that

Kandinsky Beaumont: Well I really thought it was a bad decision to ban SaveMe this yeR AS NOTHING HAS HAPPENED

Kandinsky Beaumont: SORRY big letters : ))

Kandinsky Beaumont: I am bit tired it is late in Sweden

EmCee Widget: Saveme Oh is banned because of multiple years of griefing behavior

EmCee Widget: many years

Kandinsky Beaumont: Well there are different opinions on her way of doing things in here. And also this year is a new year

EmCee Widget: Within Burning Man we value collaboration

EmCee Widget: and also community

EmCee Widget: we are radically inclusive as one of our principles too, but community takes a higher priority

EmCee Widget: I appreciate your point that this is a new year though

Kandinsky Beaumont: I can collaborate very well with SaveMe and I find her very friendly.

EmCee Widget: I will reach out to Saveme Oh and ask if she would like to have a conversation with us

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes a good idea I think.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Last year or maybe the year before

Kandinsky Beaumont: I met you here and for some reason you gave me a necklace. Came to think of that now : ))

Kandinsky Beaumont: Anyway

EmCee Widget: I did

EmCee Widget: Could you help me with one thing Kandinsky?

Kandinsky Beaumont: If I shall accept all the masses of ugly things that ppl put out here… why can´t they accept SaveM? She never stays long, hehe

Kandinsky Beaumont: with what

EmCee Widget: Please check your build height

Kandinsky Beaumont: ok is there limits for heigtht?

EmCee Widget: Please check the notecard I sent you

EmCee Widget: there is a 25 meter limit

EmCee Widget: and also an important

Kandinsky Beaumont: ok I shall follow that

Kandinsky Beaumont: I tried to find measurements on the homepage but didn´t

EmCee Widget: We also ask that you consider building to Playa aesthetis

Kandinsky Beaumont: ??

EmCee Widget: as this event is intended to be an echo of the burning man event

Kandinsky Beaumont: do not understand that

EmCee Widget: Playa aesthetics are guidelines

EmCee Widget: I will give you the notecard

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes yes the guidelines

Kandinsky Beaumont: I will not change the picture if that is what you are talking about

EmCee Widget: Ok Kandinsky I have to run . I will speak with you a bit more about

EmCee Widget: what you are doing

EmCee Widget: I hope that you consider what you are doing

Kandinsky Beaumont: I do and I am sad that I have to lower the thing . The apron she is wearing if you wonder is a pic taken from an old very well known sculpture, Raphael – only american bigottery can get upset of that

Kandinsky Beaumont: How boring… 25 meters… why is that???

EmCee Widget: Please read the Builders guidelines. You are responsible for understanding them, and the intent of this event. Thanks!

EmCee Widget: But to explain…this is an echo of Burning Man

EmCee Widget: so we build to a height that allows site lines

Kandinsky Beaumont: I have read them . Sorry I missed the height thing. Sorry it exists… but if it has technical reasons I am ok with that.

EmCee Widget: and we try and build to make the playa look like Burning Man would look

Kandinsky Beaumont: mmm ok.

EmCee Widget: it is for the overall aesthetic

Kandinsky Beaumont: Would it not be great if Second Life could go a step further from Burning man? Develop a bit

Kandinsky Beaumont: aestethism is in the eye of the onlooker as is the beloved face

EmCee Widget: in general…it is now. in the case of this event specifically, we have an intention

Kandinsky Beaumont: We all have different opinions about it

EmCee Widget: We do. but at the core of it we want it to be fun and collaborative

EmCee Widget: this is essentially a party

EmCee Widget: its a place to play

EmCee Widget: and experience

EmCee Widget: and to be creative

Kandinsky Beaumont: of course

Kandinsky Beaumont: to be creative

Barbs Kurka: hi

EmCee Widget: HI Barbs

Barbs Kurka: i need my ears on?

EmCee Widget: no I am typing to Kadinsky about her build

EmCee Widget: and our intent here with this event

EmCee Widget: I am running out of time and have ot log to clean up from last night

EmCee Widget: but I think a Ranger will swing on by and talk to Kadinsky a bit more

EmCee Widget: I like the message on the image Kadinsky

Kandinsky Beaumont: no no I have to log out it is one hour past midnight in Sweden

EmCee Widget: and I do like Rafael

EmCee Widget: nods my daughter is IMnig me in Scotland too

Kandinsky Beaumont: good, you have taste after all : ))

EmCee Widget: Surprised?

EmCee Widget: grins

Kandinsky Beaumont: very : ))

EmCee Widget: Kadinsky will you be around tomorrow to speak about your build?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Listen I shall just fix the height here then I must leave

Kandinsky Beaumont: Talk to you later, I am not good at multitasking… : ))

EmCee Widget: OK we will speak more about this …We should discuss more with you after you have some sleep

3 days later Kandi was ejected from the sim she won and her work was returned

Ronon Carver: Hi, Kandinksky. I stopped by to check on your plot, and although you may have reduced the size of the large box, the rotating text still puts it over the height limit. In addition, the focus of your build is still your protest against BURN2. I am returning your things, and the plot will be reassigned to someone who wants to use it in the spirit of the event. I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you, and I do hope you will stop by for a visit once the event opens this Saturday.

Ronon Carver: have been ejected from ‘BURN2 Access’ by Ronon Carver.

Ronon Carver: The parcel contained a large cube, nearly 25m tall, with additional rotating text above it, making the total build nearly 37m tall. These two items were the focus of the build and were not modified as requested.

Kandinsky Beaumont: It was EmCee that asked me to make them 25 m togetherI shrinked it to what I found was the size he asked for. maybe it was too high because the transparent part was eating  meters at the top.  That happened first. Then in your note you asked me to make it 2×2 m without the rotating top, I still have the note. That is almost a joke. But I did it. Still you sent it all back, and threw me out –

Kandinsky Beaumont: The 2×2 meter stood beside the big thing.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Without the rotating thing on top. Why can you Burn ppl not stand up for your decisions? Why not make a big sign telling everybody why you banned SaveMe OH TWO years ago and it still is the same??

Kandinsky Beaumont: And in the note from the board you claim that ppl are disturbed by my build because it is dramatic in size and focus… are there no other dramatic things at BURN? Then it will be very boring.

Kandinsky Beaumont: I want my plot back. I made the 2×2 meter cube and I have picture proof of that.

Ronon Carver: The giant cube and rotating text remained on the parcel, making them the focus of the build. Our request was that these be changed, and it was not done.

Burn Baby Burn

Kandinsky Beaumont won a plot on the Burn2 sim, but when she wanted to add me to her building team there was a little problem…

Is this a case for my lawyer Bock McMillan?

Ladyslipper Constantine: Kandi, this might take awhile.  Saveme oh was banned from Burn2 sims last yar and while I was told I was estate owner here, I’ve not been added to that function yet so I can’t see if she’s still on the list.  Do you badly need her to help with your build?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes

Kandinsky Beaumont: can Gemma decide this?

Kandinsky Beaumont: this is not last year anymore : ))

Kandinsky Beaumont: Is she banned forever?

Ladyslipper Constantine: that is what I’m checking and no Gemma can’t decide this, which is why she asked me.

Kandinsky Beaumont: who can decide?

Ladyslipper Constantine: I just sent an email to one who knows and she will get back to me asap.

Ladyslipper Constantine: unless her boss is in her office and she has to pretend to work. 🙂

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hmmm. Can you give me a name?

Ladyslipper Constantine: both the two who have estate powers right now, are offline at work

Kandinsky Beaumont: Maybe I have an answer at the latest the next 8 hours? That is tomorrow for me.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m sorry, but you probably know SaveMe doesn’t have the best reputation, so I have to be sure before I can add her.

Ladyslipper Constantine: oh yes, definitely. In fact I should know for sure with in the next 3 hrs

Kandinsky Beaumont: She has a very good reputation in a wide circle of artists. Probably the best visual artists in SL. That´s why I want her on. ok I will be asleep by then but I open up tomorrow and hope I have a positive answer. It is another year , as I said.

Ladyslipper Constantine: Yes it is another year.  and I know SaveMe is an excellet visual artist, it’s her behavior at some events that gets her into trouble and Burn2 is very lenient and rarely bans folks

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hey is it possible that the ppl that can decide are not with their names on the site?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I find no names

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m definitely willing to add SaveMe, but I do have to check first

Ladyslipper Constantine: no, I know both the ones who can decide in RL too, and both are at work as they are both on SLT in RL too

Kandinsky Beaumont: It is very disturbing to be in a group like this and having anonymous avas deciding about how you shall work… it maybe the american way but it is very uncomfortable.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I’m sorry Kandi, but once I get permission, I will send her an invite so tell her to watch for it just in case

Kandinsky Beaumont: and I’ll drop you an IM on the decision

Kandinsky Beaumont: Ok.

Kandinsky Beaumont: I hope it will work.

Ladyslipper Constantine: I do too

Gemma Cleanslate: hope this gets straightenend out

Gemma Cleanslate: sorry about this

Gemma Cleanslate: i know you are good friends

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes I am too.

Gemma Cleanslate: fingers crossed

Kandinsky Beaumont: Yes but that is not really the point.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Thanks anyway.

Gemma Cleanslate: i dont think they carry bans over from year to year but i dont know

Gemma Cleanslate: those in charge know

Gemma Cleanslate: we really should know tho

Gemma Cleanslate: i am going to recommend that for sure

Gemma Cleanslate: if only SaveMe could moderate :_)

Gemma Cleanslate: so much talent

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes. But I get very disappointed that the ppl in charge seems to be anonymous. I know we are not in a democratic organization. But in a creative situation you must have the possibilities to discuss with those who decide… in other situations too of course

Gemma Cleanslate: right, they are not anonymous just not on line yet!!!

Gemma Cleanslate: and e-mail is on the way from lady

Gemma Cleanslate: emcee widget is top dog

Gemma Cleanslate: ronon carver is head of rangers

Kandinsky Beaumont: Ok but Ladyslipper did not give me their names, I asked several times. And as far as I can see there are no names on the homepage

Gemma Cleanslate: ah

Kandinsky Beaumont: OK thank youvery much.

Gemma Cleanslate: yw

Kandinsky Beaumont: That is better then.

Gemma Cleanslate: mc he goes by

Kandinsky Beaumont: we will see then.