My One Night Stand With Igor

Igor Ballyhoo: I like your animated scissors.

SaveMe Oh: Of course, I could perform this inside your forest of scissors, but you let all your bosses ban me.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t, you can go to LEA 7? Rose Borchovski is boss there.

SaveMe Oh: Sigh, you are all so stupid, so easy for the dictatorships. They give you a parcel and you are all happy.

Igor Ballyhoo: I just don’t care enough.

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I have to care.

Igor Ballyhoo: Good for you.

SaveMe Oh: Because idiots like you don’t. You are happy with just a tube of glue. Good for you.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t come here for you to call me names. Do it again and I will mute you again.

SaveMe Oh: You can leave again.

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok

Igor and Me 2_002

SaveMe Oh: Its more easy to obey the dictatorships I assume.

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t obey anything.

SaveMe Oh: No ass-licker will admit it.

Igor Ballyhoo: So you wanted to be muted? Ok, have it your way.

SaveMe Oh: I am banned anywhere where you are a slave, so doesnt matter much. But if I see you online I will TP you to real events.

LEA’s Microwave

If you also have some leftover’s that are almost growing funghi, send it over to LEA as they are pleased to warm up your dead, long forgotten stuff. At least my darling Rose is admitting her two fish are dead now.


So if you want to do the same documentary again about Igor Ballyhoo scissors, the nipples of Rose Borchovski’s Susas, the cactus of Maya Paris or be present at the return of the dearly missed Cherry Manga or Aristide Depression, grab your camera and produce the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction. And it will not take long before Eupalinos Ugajin, Jo Ellsmere, Alpha Auer, Mikati Slade and Bryn Oh will also discover some old shit in their fridge that exceeded its expiration date but they love to warm up for you again.


Hurry up before it is too late……..


Don’t Worry Be Happy

Kikas & Marmaduke Tribute

Marmaduke Arado:  We could not attend the event even if we wanted to, because we were banned from Two Fish by Rose Borchovski about two years ago, after I protested against the witch hunting going on at SaveMe Oh’s group Licking Every Ass.

SaveMe Oh: How unconvenient, maybe you can ask her to be unbanned. Another trick I sometimes use is coming with an alt, I suggest using Marmaduke Oh. In the Licking Every Ass group you are of course welcome as always, but that group you left yourself, if I am well informed? Of course I am also willing to repeat the tribute on grounds chosen by you. Universidade de Aveiro sim maybe? BTW, you are not on the banlist at all, I suggest you try first.

Marmaduke Arado: Ah, now I’m not on the banlist anymore? How convenient. Have you checked with Rose?

SaveMe Oh:  No, but maybe you never have been on her banlist.

Marmaduke Arado: So you want me to go through the humiliation of going to Two Fish to see if I’m on the banlist or not? I suggest you check the information I presented about this on your blog at the time. And also check the Licking EA group chat.

Death threat

SaveMe Oh: Kikas is already there in the sim (I see her on my minimap)  to do the work you dont want to do.

Marmaduke Arado: The message me and Kikas got was this: “You have been ejected from Two Fish by Rose Borchovski”

SaveMe Oh: Ejected and banned are two different things.

Marmaduke Arado:  “maybe you can ask her to be unbanned.” Sometimes I believe you REALLY don’t get it.

SaveMe Oh: Why I have to ask? I didnt ban or eject you.

Marmaduke Arado: No it was not you, it was your (at the time at least) dear wife Rose, in your presence. Btw, as it shlould be clear from my first comment, we wouldn’t want to go anyway. We wouldn’t want to create a “bad mood” in what otherwise promises to be a hilarious event. And of course we are very flattered by the tribute, who wouldn’t? Btw, when you pass around our wearable scenes in the event, expect criticism that you are just buying the audience with freebies so that they stay until the end.

SaveMe Oh: You have transfer free scenes? OMG, where?

Marmaduke Arado: You’re right, I forgot they are no transfer. Oh well, the good side is that you won’t be criticized for distributing freebies so that the audience stays until the end of the performance. By the `way, remind me of what you were saying about dictators banning people from their sims?

Rudely materialized

Where? In Two Fish, Cariacou. When? Friday 11 december at 2 PM SLT!

Bullshitting About Collaborative Virtual Environments

You can bullshit a lot on paper when you over and over describe the works of zero significance of the usual suspects as Bryn Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Rose Borchovski and Alpha Auer. But it would be fairer to say just in the open: I want to promote my own work, which is, although rather hippie, not bad at all.

Delicate Death 4

And what can promote your work better than name a few times the name of the only existing artist in the virtual world; SaveMe Oh.

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka as Capcat Ragu did another attempt to promote her work by several “SaveMe Oh” namedropping in her latest scientific paper but did it need to be in such a lousy way? The times Capcat Ragu really visited a performance of SaveMe Oh one can count on the fingers of one hand. And so we get some bullshitting about what she assumes could be right.

So I better pretend I am Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and produce some decent work.

In Collaborative Virtual Environments, pseudo artistic activities are carried out by avatars that fall into the “I Want To Be A Performance Artist” subgroup. They steal from conventional art forms such as theatre, opera, dance, circus and musical performance and label it as new types of enactions, tailored to an audience with a severe death wish.

Death threat

The duo of Portuguese wannabe artists Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado takes advantage of their rich Wikipedia knowledge ability combined with their dexterity to attach marketplace artefacts to their avatars, in order to satisfy an audience who loved to play with dolls at a younger age.

Coward SaveMe Oh
How different this is in the approach used by the only artist in Secondlife; SaveMe Oh, who displays full installations in the world, which in reality are not part of the environment, but are ‘worn’ by her avatar. SaveMe Oh use this strategy in her performances to create a strong visual impact, usually with satirical intent towards the world of art and the social codes of the metaverse. These events are usually improvised and participatory, as SaveMe Oh often offer her artefacts to the public and invite them to join in the performance.

Lennart Nilsson13

Not a lot of people answer to this invitation as the aura of SaveMe Oh is so strong and heavily focused on her artistic persona – whose avatar, more than an author, embodies the work itself, that it scares of potential participators who are better labelled as blind admirers. SaveMe referred to herself (an avatar) as an artwork and not as an author, in the talk promoted by Transdisciplinares Artes Lisboa (2014), in the activities related to the event and exhibition entitled Virtual Interactive Participatory Arts. SaveMe presents herself as an agent provocateur in the art world, often invading artistic events with her performances, which can cover a whole SIM.

It should be noted that, while it can be argued that this somewhat ironical questioning of authorship and identity may have roots in previous ‘real world’ works, the spatial, environmental and behavioural properties of SaveMe Oh’s performances are unique to the affordances of a CVE and could hardly take place in our world..”


Dead On A Plate

Casanova Rehula: Hello SaveMe, may I ask you something?

SaveMe Oh: Yes?

Casanova Rehula: Is this project in Two Fish related to immersiva anyhow? Of  Bryn Oh?

SaveMe Oh: Rose and Bryn work together is some projects, so yes.

Casanova Rehula: Good to know, ty. But you are not an alt of Bryn, are you? I am just curious, ’cause it’s enjoyment – all of your works

SaveMe Oh: She would wish. I hate her Harry Potter stuff

Casanova Rehula: lol

SaveMe Oh: Her alt is Cica Ghost, who is even more awful.

Casanova Rehula: lol

Casanova Rehula: Thank you, now I know the official standpoint. I hate Harry Potter myself too, the movie.

SaveMe Oh: Better don’t tell Bryn as she hasn’t any sense of humor.

Casanova Rehula: But no idea what Bryn made out of it

Casanova Rehula: lol

Casanova Rehula: Neither have I

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t say lol all the time

Casanova Rehula: But I use those who have so that I can laugh, just kidding 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Well with Rose and Bryn better don’t laugh, as they are busy to save the world with sheep.

Casanova Rehula: But you’re partner of Rose. How can you speak that of her?

SaveMe Oh: Love doesn’t mean I have to love her sheep

Casanova Rehula: lol

SaveMe Oh: I am allergic to animals anyway, unless they are dead on a plate.

3rd rezday 1

Casanova Rehula: Fish is an animal though

Casanova Rehula: My most difficult situation was when I fell for a lesbian woman, could not get properly fit a long while after that. I guess you are one of them

SaveMe Oh: Call medical assistance.

Casanova Rehula: A psychotherapist possibly, I thought about it but when you fall for someone your heart doesn’t care for her sexual orientation, so I guess I am healthy

SaveMe Oh: Rose and Bryn’s sexual orientation goes mainly to sheep, pigs and rabbits

Casanova Rehula: But just stepped on the minefield

SaveMe Oh: Take a few rabbits with you there

Casanova Rehula: I eat rabbits

SaveMe Oh: Then do that before you step on a mine

Casanova Rehula: Okay, I will

SaveMe Oh: You can catch them in the copy Bryn made of AM Radio sim THE FAR AWAY. Her copy is called the Lobby Cam.

Now, Gods, Stand Up For Bastards!

Artists always react with a certain surprise when I tell them that the LEA dictatorship, lead by Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe, LaPiscean Liberty and Quan Lavender and licked clean every day by Eupalinos Ugajin, keep me and more or less every alt connected to me banned there. The reaction is always the same; “I don’t see you on the banlist” not knowing that the trick of the dictatorship is to do this in secret with the tool of region ban, visible for no one. Even my own dear wife Rose Borchovski seems not aware what the bastards are doing there and meanwhile telling people about the fate of artists during the Stalin years. And friends like Soror Nishi, even when I asked directly, didn’t do much to get me unbanned in LEA 8 for the Russian Avantgarde expo.

And now that Conchita wins the Eurovision song contest with the song Rise Like A Phoenix that stands for diversity and tolerance, who rises up like a phoenix??? The one and only man who make my Conchita wax drip, Igor Ballyhoo.

conchita wax

I wanted to run directly into his arms at his new exhibit in LEA 6 but sharp banlines kept us separated like if we were still on both sides of the iron curtain.

So I send him with a pounding heart an IM while the Duke of Arado called me on facebook already again a fascist smelling blood…


SaveMe Oh: Igor dear, can you make sure Jayjay unbans me in LEA6 so I can visit your exhibition?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t think you are banned here, I don’t think anyone is. List of banned residents is empty

SaveMe Oh: They banned me on all LEA, and only if an artist requests my presence they change that. Pixels and Mimesis and Mac did so in LEA 10, 25 and 21

Igor Ballyhoo: I will request remove of all bans

SaveMe Oh: Thank you

Igor Ballyhoo: Nothing to thank me for, I requested your ban just in cases when it was amusing me, it is nothing personal

SaveMe Oh: I never assumed it was personal; the idiots around you try to make it personal

Igor Ballyhoo: You had your fun from it; I had mine, so…

SaveMe Oh: that’s the reason for being in SL I hope, to have some fun

Igor Ballyhoo: one of reasons, more of side effect

Igor Ballyhoo: biggest reason for me is because I can build even big and complicated things without money and without thinking where to keep them after I make them

SaveMe Oh: We should have married after all

Igor Ballyhoo: I never understood that joke I must admit

SaveMe Oh: It’s not a joke, it’s a storyline

SaveMe Oh: Nothing personal

Igor Ballyhoo: ok, I never understood that storyline

Igor Ballyhoo: then again, I never understood Shakespeare too, find it complete shit

SaveMe Oh: Now there we have a reason we should never marry

Igor Ballyhoo: like the “titanic” of his time or twilight saga or what ever

SaveMe Oh: Now imagine King Lear making that artist statement of yours on a stage: Pure genius!

King Lear: “In whole university of sensations, thoughts, opinions and other kinds of influences created by human since beginning I am more impressed by the energy they spend to convince others that their way is only right one then by ideas that they try to spread. ORTHOS (“right”, “true”, “straight”) + DOXA (“opinion” or “belief”) is always reminding me of question which clock is most accurate in universe? Closest to answer of that would be “the one that doesn’t work since it shows exact time twice a day” and I doubt even that. Our knowledge about existence is so modest that in the spirit of non working clock most accurate answer to question how did everything start would be “HOW THE FUCK WOULD WE KNOW”. And I am quite comfortable with not knowing, it gives me space to accept any possible scenario, “GOD made us”, “GOD doesn’t exist”, “all started with the big bang”, “who said we are actually existing”, “we do exist and in more dimensions then one”… For me, it is all possible and everything is improbable, since – how the fuck would I know? “

Igor Ballyhoo: I can imagine but Shakespeare was too boring to do it

SaveMe Oh: That’s why we have me now to do it

Igor Ballyhoo: btw I absolutely must thank you

SaveMe Oh: I think so too

Igor Ballyhoo: recently I seen some pic of some build with Igor Ballyhoo on it


Igor Ballyhoo: forgot who showed me pic

SaveMe Oh: Even when you don’t want I make you famous

SaveMe Oh: That’s called love

Igor Ballyhoo: and I must say that you are absolutely biggest fan of Igor Ballyhoo that ever existed, I was sure no one would mention B after few years of silence, yet you and group around you kept name alive

SaveMe Oh: That’s why my name is SaveMe

Igor Ballyhoo: might be most fucked up fan club after Charles Mansons and GG allins but still is very dedicated

SaveMe Oh: Better than nothing

The Complete Pretentious Failure

When Kazimir Malevich painted in 1915 his black square he was ready, he made his final point of complete nothing. How pretentious it is for SL artists, who are normally known for glueing prims together and create sheep and dragonflies that move with virtual cogwheels in Harry Potter landscapes and Game of Thrones adventures, to think they have the capacity and skills to add something to Malevich black square. How snob it is to think they can lighten up Malevich and friends a little to make it more digestible for the masses `Oh, when we paint the black square white we have even a movie screen…what a great surprise.’

In LEA 8 they created in the good old awful tradition of Pirats those endless walkways to NOTHING. And if it was only towards NOTHING Malevich was maybe honoured a little bit, but no, the paths lead you to platforms with “art” that must taste a little Russian Avantgarde but are without any relevance, significance or danger.

Jo Ellsmere took the dolls she already set up for years in her boxes, (see THE MASK)  to the Salvation Army and bought them some new vintage clothes with some avant-garde looking patterns on the chest, job done.


An alt had to be used to see Jo Ellsmere’s Teletubbies

Soror Nishi never was so uninspired as here, but hey, what you expect from a lady who is specialised in trees and now at once has to be abstract. So she farted some coloured stick and stones and job done.

Complete ridiculous are the contributions of Dadadaddy Eupalinos Ugajin, who they must have forbidden to add a cow or a speaking typewriter, so he dug up his boring French fries bag and his toilet paper producer, hoping nobody would pay to much attention. Oh, and he has again those marvellous leaves that nobody has an idea what they symbolise, but to understand the deeper grounds of his mind you better first read this, it’s only 195 pages:

So you understand all. Viewing art is a hell of a job.

My poor sister Bryn was so desperate to cooperate in this project she agreed to REZ SOME PRIMS. Omg, poor thing.

So no wonder every visitor hurry to the museum shop to buy some dolls on strings from Nessuno Myoo or Alpha Auer to hang on the wall to prove they visited the exhibition. And it must been said, Alpha is the only one who found a way to add something to the Russian Avantgarde with her smart choice of El Lizzitsky for her avatars, as they already had the 3D component in them.

Whole LEA 8 is an example of sad re-creation in the vain assumption of people who think they can add something that is great already. When you really want to add something first thing you should do is show NO RESPECT and use and fuck up whatever you like, in that case maybe something new might come out but watching the people here I can only say that the people of Saudi Arabia came a lot closer to Malevich with their Black Box in Mecca.

So is there nothing more to do to save this event? Yes there is, my dear wife Rose Borchovski and my dear friends Soror Nishi, Alpha Auer, Jo Ellsmere, Nessuno Myoo and my sister Bryn Oh can all demand the need of my presence in LEA 8 so the dictators of LEA can, just as in the time of the dictators Lenin and Stalin, lift my ban and I promise I will do what I can to fuck things up a little so this big joke will not go like this to the history books. And talking about history books, when you want to teach and preach, buy a school or a church.

The Pre-Marriage Incognito Pre-Honeymoon Which Ended With A Riot In Our Pussy

SaveMe’s holidays part 2

As my almost wife Rose Borchovski and I want to be prepared for everything we decided to have some honeymoon rehearsals as you don’t want the event of the century end up in disaster, especially when you know my dear Rose already fucked up some earlier marriages real bad.

To go undisturbed we went into disguise to the Cu de Judas in Portugal, Aldeia das Dez. Translated: the village of the 10, as there are only living 10 people (if you could even call that living?).  So we assumed to be safe. We found a little abandoned chapel and couldn’t resist to some blasphemous behaviour. We dressed up in our wedding gowns and screamed out all kinds of obscene variations of catholic wedding ceremony songs before we showed our solidarity with Pussy Riot by releasing the riot in our pussy’s by some finger practicing behind the tabernacle.


It all turned out into a freaking nightmare as we were totally unexpected discovered later on in the only street of Aldeia das Dez by the mother of Kikas Babenco. Mama Babenco who turned out to be one of the 10. And she was completely aware of our existence as she is one of the most true followers of my blog as it is the only place where once in a while her daughter is mentioned.

Incognito pre-honeymoon

And when Mama Babenco knows, Kikas knows it too and you can be sure it is a matter of time her inspiration addicted husband Marmaduke Arado will grab the idea asap to turn it into one of their adventures as if it had happend in their daily life. I can already imagine his excitement of playing a girl (Although he needs severe shaving) who offended the complete corrupt Casa Pia catholic ruling elite of Portugal who also have more than strong ties with the Opus Dei movement in Italy who want to replace the new pope Francisco by either Silvio Berlusconi or Vladimir Putin.

As Rose and I certainly didn’t want to be the trigger for this dark future to take place we begged Kikas & Marma to keep our secret, but it cost us 5 years of free baba de camelo shipping to the harbour of Porto, Portugal, to sweeten them up.

We certainly learned our lesson; when you want to keep something a secret, don’t go to a village with only 10 people.

Jayjay Zifanwe Aka The Blank Entry

Almost no living soul is visiting anymore the complete idiot Art Ikea from UWA.  A sim only rezzed to promote another desolate and deserted University were no one wants to be found dead, the University of Western Australia, you know, the one with the erected dick as landmark.

Just like the sad people of Pirats they invented once a concept, around the year zero, and continue with it as if they invented Columbus egg. In UWA this means an Art Ikea with in every corner a sad space for some forgotten SL artist who is rewarded with an all exclusive own name tag, hooray!


Now my darling and almost wife Rose Borchovski is the mother of a lot of Susa’s and as she becomes extremely sentimental after a bottle of cheap Chianti wine she always want to rez the little pervert bastards again for every opportunity she gets and when FreeWee Ling begged her to rez the little bastards in a corner of the Art Ikea she couldn’t resist.

As I follow my almost wife blind in whatever she does I finished also a bottle of Chianti to visit her work in the Art Ikea and found myself behind banlines and it was only then that I discovered one of the biggest scams in SL. The slaves of the UWA toilet lady Jayjay Zifanwe, FreeWee Ling or Quadrapop Lane found a way to ban me without their upper-idiot knowing it. What they did is asking several B artists in a secret form if they would wish to have SaveMe Oh banned from their little shitty piece of space for their attempts of art. And for the ones who wish they created a private SaveMe Oh banspace around the attempt of art. How they did it? By enter my name on every little spot on a banlist and after remove the trace of my name by changing it for EMPTY SPACE.

Jayjay Zifanwe: I don’t see your name on the banned list.

SaveMe Oh: I am here in a square locked up

Jayjay Zifanwe: Your name is not on the region or land ban list. I’m not sure what to do

Jayjay Zifanwe: Your name seemed to be white listed. There was an ’empty’ entry on the banned list which I removed.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Weird

SaveMe Oh: So that’s how your friends trick you. You are even too stupid to control them.

SaveMe Oh: And now here he same, banlines!

SaveMe Oh: Are you awake?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Where?

SaveMe Oh: In front of me, banlines

Jayjay Zifanwe: Again… I can’t see your name.. but a blank entry

SaveMe Oh: That’s how your friends fool you. Maybe you should consider retire? as you are getting to old to keep up with new developments

SaveMe Oh: Read this; Banned residents: SaveMe OHare, SaveMe Ohmai, Savememan. Allowed resident : FreeWee Ling

SaveMe Oh: Curious

Jayjay Zifanwe: Yes but no SaveMe Oh, only a blank entry

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know if the bitch banned me in every corner

SaveMe Oh: Ok, also here

SaveMe Oh: Maybe she asked the artists if they want me banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ok I’ll have to talk to her then

SaveMe Oh: Talk with her???? Send the bitch away I would say

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have to check with people who help me, anyway, that’s easier than me going to every work and doing extra work. Maybe she knows how to undo everything at once

SaveMe Oh: I always helped you and this is how I am rewarded

SaveMe Oh: Very curious, Glyph Graves wants me banned  and  Thoth Jantzen too.

SaveMe Oh: She must have had a meeting with them to have me banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: I’m not sure.  I’ll check

SaveMe Oh: I’m sure now

SaveMe Oh: As those names are not random. I am not banned at the work of newbies or fools but at the works of the B artists in secondlife everybody knows as major assholes. For sure afraid I would pee on their sad attempts of art.

SaveMe Oh: Nino Vichan

SaveMe Oh: also banned there

SaveMe Oh: Yepar…banned

SaveMe Oh: Eifachfilm Vacirca…banned

SaveMe Oh: Cherry Manga…wow…not banned

SaveMe Oh: Nexuno Thespian…banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have no idea SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I have

SaveMe Oh: That bitch FreeWee asked every artist personal If they would like to have me banned

SaveMe Oh: and then add that blank entry in the banlist with my name under it so you could not detect it

Jayjay Zifanwe: If she was doing that surely some would have come spoken to you… no?

SaveMe Oh: no, never

SaveMe Oh: it was a secret action

SaveMe Oh: Barry Richez…banned

SaveMe Oh: Anley Piers, also a friend…not banned

SaveMe Oh: and for sure she didn’t ask Rose if she would like to have me banned

SaveMe Oh: Really disgusting

[15:53] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:54] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:57] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:58] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:02] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:02] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:03] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Enjoy your friendships. Bye


The Animal Obsession

You can’t open your facebook page or you get an overload of cat pics acting funny or dogs giving their best imitations of Saddam Hussein or Silvio Berlusconi. And the worst thing about this is that those pics are not posted by animal freaks of the My Little Pony collectors but by the so called artists of Secondlife. And now these people who apparently grow up with the Muppet Show and the life and dead of Bambi find it necessary to share their secret passion in works in which we have to believe that the holy animal is the perfect metaphor for the secret life of people. The talking, future telling sheep of Bryn Oh are followed up quickly by flying rats (or pigeons as some people call them) and Moby Dicks without wings to get eaten by the human faced crows of Cherry Manga while the irritating butterflies of my sweet darling Rose who dance around my face as if I have honey on my nose are more annoying than the secret police.

Fluffy Rats are trying to become the new machinima stars and then appear the stinking fish. Already have to live in a place called Two Fish now my love found it necessary to tell a story about a whale that look like a goldfish and is the sexual lust object for obscene penguins and loud screaming pigs.

Sweetest darling and almost wife of my heart, if you want to tie me up in your nets so I could never escape again, if you want to feed me with tiny bits of bacon and crispy penguins to express to me that you would kill for me, is it not more easy to just say; SaveMe, I love you?