SaveMe Oh, Supposed Great Danger, Saved me!

A live report from our special reporter Nabrej Aabye:

Yesterday I went to All4Art event inauguration and I saw SaveMe standing in a coloured box, something as gallery, i recognize her art and I said to myself, this is good, SaveMe exhibit here. But I saw also SaveMe stand as an artist stand to welcome visitors and that was weird, it is not current attitude of SaveMe

Nabrej Aabye: Hello SaveMe, is this the Van Gogh room revisited?

SaveMe Oh: You are blonde. This is Lichtenstein!

Nabrej Aabye: Sorry I didn’t know”

In my mind : “omg, what is mean Lichtenstein ? What is that ? It is a little country in Europe, but I don’t see the link with the installation of SaveMe Oh.

And finally, i am not blonde, I remembered also there is in pop art, an artist with same name, i must google on him”

Allways in my mind : “waow ! these lions and cats, how she did that ? And at same time, she sit. I think she wear or add them.”

So i was admiring all that and poof ! suddenly SaveMe Disappear.

Nabrej Aabye: Where are you ?

SaveMe Oh: They banned me

Nabrej Aabye: Oh Seriously ? Why they did that?

SaveMe Oh: Ask them, I have no idea. I must be a great danger

At Rabbit Oh

It was sooooo boring they had to hand out kick devices to have some kindergarten fun. Where? At the Rabbit Oh Expo!

Venus Adored: SaveMe hi there

SaveMe Oh: Are you allowed to do particles, Venus??? OMG. How much you had to pay them?

Ferdynand Straaf: hello SaveMe, not everything is a conspiracy or a bribe

Juliette Surrealdreaming: slips Venus a bunch of linden

Art Blue: oh SaveMe Oh is late, but as the music says, thats beyond my control

SaveMe Oh: SaveMe is never late, she is always right on time, mostly after the boring part. You already did your fart talk Art? I was hoping I had missed that. Dont tell me you are still going to babble.

Art Blue: I waited hoping you would come

Juliette Surrealdreaming: he kept asking me, when is she coming?

Art Blue: Fasten seatbelts, my art talk starts NOW.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: i keps reassuring him… soon. ok Art please share your Art Talk with us, SaveMe is here

Art Blue: Not when SaveMe Oh is here, she quotes me wrongly later

SaveMe Oh: Did my sister throw some rabbits out already?

Jia: No one will find me among all these bunnies

Melvin Starbrook: you can never have to many bunnies hihi

Josef K: I prefere playboy bunnies

Ionsilver Whitman: where is the rabbit?

Lee1 Olsen: good point Ion,the famous Rabbit!

Art Blue: I was asked in IM. You all know how to derender a person creating things, right?

Please derender Saveme Oh so you see the installation as it is meant and not her particles and textures.

SaveMe Oh: I am so glad everybody has derender me, what a relieve

Josef K: This is kind of a historic event … SaveMe Oh visuals at a Bryn Oh exhibition … never thought I would see that

Art Blue: see what?

SaveMe Oh: Without my funding Bryn wouldnt exist anymore

Ferdynand Straaf: lol Josef, and that is why I did not derender Saveme’s art, this is historic

Bryn Oh: i did like the rabbits

Josef K: People don’t know what they are missing out

SaveMe Oh: Josef, now they all know your secret. Peeping K, you better don’t take pics

Josef K: I am busy making snapshot for my facebook site

SaveMe Oh: they might kill you

Ferdynand Straaf: this will be in the history books , pplm will read 200 years after this about this

Josef K: This is front page news tomorrow, I’m gonna sell my pics to New York Times and Washington Post

Art Blue: Whatever SaveMe Oh says, today she failed, by missing my speech. It is known an event without a speech does not count as an appearance of SaveMe Oh. Only by the greatness of Bryn Oh she could stay and so she has to suffer that she cant report that she was be ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Suffer, me? when?

Art Blue: not being ejected is a meaningless appearance of SaveMe Oh. you can quote me

Betty Tureaud: SaveMe Oh love only SaveMe Oh, what a sad story

SaveMe Oh: People, dont talk so much about me, thats feeding the troll

The Real Life Dogma

“It is MY house, and I decide who is welcome in MY house and who is not. This is a private sim. Or would you like me to come to your RL house and start to disturb things there as you do in my virtual home?”

Sim owners use this dogma all the time to justify their decision to ban me, on the spot or preventive. But SaveMe Oh is not a real life person, she doesn’t have a real life house where you can pass by to take revenge for what she did to you virtually. SaveMe Oh is a made up character, she is like Barbie, Snow White or Jesus Christ. Invented by people. She doesn’t exist. SaveMe Oh is made up so you can believe in her, like in a story, movie or play.

When you believe in Jesus Christ you can go to church to pay tribute to the idol you have made up, when you believe in SaveMe Oh you can enjoy her virtual performances, her soap opera on her blog or her never ending fights with sim owners. But when you are a non believer you can walk in your mini-skirt through the Vatican, use Barbie as your butt plug or use your derender tools to not see SaveMe Oh or her attachments.

The real life copy and paste argument is as fake as the story provided by the storyteller and is only used by sim owners who want to disguise their powerplay as common sense, who want to have a cheap excuse for patronising arguments based on while male superiority or who want to park their morals for a moment around the corner because it’s temporary convenient.

To Right The Wrong

It only took them some months to copy the same mistakes as the old LEA. The open hive of HEA is already shut down for SaveMe Oh if Ultralight wants to play there. Forgotten is the support for the artworld SaveMe gave and back are the old restrictions.

Roxy Gellar must be the happiest person on the grid tonight. Some days ago she asked me the following:

Roxy Gellar: So the Question is, Ultra is performing at Hannington this weekend, are you banned?

SaveMe Oh: The Hannington people are not your kind of dictatorial style. Be like them and open the world to every one. You still have time to become a good person.

Roxy was right. I was wrong!

SaveMe Oh: Do you know why I am banned?

Hannington Xeltentat: Oh hello SaveMe. Yes, there is a concert on by Ultraviolet, and she won’t play if you are here. I’ll lift it as soon as it is over. Nothing personal.

SaveMe Oh: Do you approve that she is able to exclude me? Secondlife give her derender tools when she dont want to see me.

Hannington Xeltentat: I’m a bit busy now for in depth discussion, but basically, old chap, it is my house, and like your RL house or my RL house, you are welcome here any time, and I mean that, except when I am doing something else.

SaveMe Oh: And when I do a performance in your house and on a certain day I dont want Tansee there, will you ban her?

Hannington Xeltentat: I consider each individual case on its merits.

SaveMe Oh: And will you kill someone when a friend asks you to?

Hannington Xeltentat: Different question, irrelevent here

SaveMe Oh: Did you consider to ask Ultralight to play in her own house if she wanted an exclusive party?

Hannington Xeltentat: No, because it’s my house, and I have her play in my house.. This is a private sim, and you are welcome any time, as I said. Except that I am doing something else tonight.

SaveMe Oh: Is Ultralight an old friend of you?

Hannington Xeltentat: I have no friends in SL, old or new. I judge each case on its merits

SaveMe Oh: And what merits you found in this “case”?

Hannington Xeltentat: I am letting Ultraviolet play her concert. It’s very good.

SaveMe Oh: And how many people were on her requested banlist? Only me?

Hannington Xeltentat: Not her banlist, mine. You can’t be trusted.not to disrupt things. You only have yourself to blame

SaveMe Oh: And when Trump would ask you to ban a Mexican. Hitler ask you to ban a jew or the KKK ask you to ban an african?

Hannington Xeltentat: Not an applicable simile, at all, and an insult by you to all the oppressed minorities. Unworthy of you

SaveMe Oh: You think oppressed minorities have to stay polite against their opressors?

SaveMe Oh: Do they have to humble accept the verdict?

Hannington Xeltentat: You know the answer to that one, but in this case you are not an oppressed minority. You are the one, on occasion, oppressing. And no, I do not humbly accept your verdict. This is SL, and reference to to Hitler et al is overindulgent and offensive. You should be better than that.

SaveMe Oh: I am much better than that, thats why you should be the one who should do better. You should refuse to ban people at any time.

Hannington Xeltentat: I should do what I wish to do, no more, no less. And I do. No-one dictates anything to me. That, in essence, is true anarchy.

SaveMe Oh: Tansee and Ultralight dictated to you. You obey. It has nothing to do with your own will.

Hannington Xeltentat: I obey only myself, SaveMe. I make decisions based on each case, considered carefully.. And they are my decisions, for my reasons. I do not answer to anyone, and there is no need for me to. Buy your own island, then you can do that too.

SaveMe Oh: I will never buy an island to sit there as a judge who is welcome and who has to stay out. I prefer to trust people.

Hannington Xeltentat: I trust the people I trust, and I don’t trust the people I don’t trust. I have my island as my space, and I give a little bit of it to people who want to do something productive and creative. no more, no less.. And as I said, you are welcome any time, unless I am doing something else.

SaveMe Oh: It’s difficult to try to make something wrong look like right, isn’t it?

From Green To Yellow

Tansee whispers: Hi SaveMe Oh, do you know Marcel?

Marcel Mosswood: Hello SaveMe 🙂 nice to meet you

Tansee whispers: stop nibbling my neck

Hannington Xeltentat: Hello there SaveMe

Tansee whispers: I know you love me 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Love is what I am born for

Tansee whispers: hopefully we will be arranging a show for SaveMe Oh soon

SaveMe Oh: You don’t have to arrange….I am the show!

Hannington Xeltentat whispers: Why are you whispering?

Tansee whispers: Not sure

SaveMe Oh: She is nervous, then she starts to whisper. She is afraid she will appear on my blog and starts to choose her words carefully.

Hannington Xeltentat whispers: I see ㋡

Tansee whispers: I was counting on it SaveMe. It is your fault.

Hannington Xeltentat: Nice outfit SaveMe. Very cute ㋡

Tansee: Let me fix my neck for the pictures please

Marcel Mosswood: I’m your fan SaveMe Oh! One of my dream is have an interview with you, do you mind if I interview you for the SL Newser?

SaveMe Oh: I would love it. I cant get enough attention

Marcel Mosswood: Great! I’ll contact you later

Tansee: SaveMe I am feeling a bit warm and cozy here 🙂 I hope you buy me dinner later 🙂

SaveMe Oh: You look like you are already stuffed enough

Tansee: lets go up and Play 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Without audience? No!

Hannington Xeltentat: I will be your audience SaveMe. Only one eye tho ㋡

SaveMe Oh: Don’t tell her I hide in you

Hannington Xeltentat: Should I smile for a pic or just look serious?

SaveMe Oh: I wont take a pic as nobody knows you

Hannington Xeltentat: Good point. Enigmacy is my main virtue

SaveMe Oh: As soon as you are as famous as me we can do a photoshoot

Hannington Xeltentat: Deal! When i am famous I shall have to buy another eye

SaveMe Oh: We can take one from Tansee, she doesnt need both

Hannington Xeltentat: Wrong color

SaveMe Oh: Bowie is dead, so grab your chances

Hannington Xeltentat: Somewhat past their use-by date I feel

SaveMe Oh: Tansees eye?

Hannington Xeltentat: Bowie’s

Hannington Xeltentat: Anyway, I wore my eye patch specially for you

SaveMe Oh: For the land of the blind?

Hannington Xeltentat: Actually, it’s an affectation. I see perfectly well. It goes with my alternate persona as leader of the Thrash Metal band, The Midwives of Chaos. Great bunch of guys

SaveMe Oh: 2 eyes is handy sometimes

Hannington Xeltentat: It’s why I keep one good one covered up, I don’t like to wear it out. We are getting a lot of you tonight. On several levels. I am honored

SaveMe Oh: There is not a less of me.

Hannington Xeltentat: No movie?

SaveMe Oh: Ok, movies!

Hannington Xeltentat: Great! I love movies

SaveMe Oh: They are short, so your eye wont get irritated

Hannington Xeltentat: ‘S OK. Very considerate of you. This is really very convivial, SaveMe. Almost domestic, sitting here watching telly.

SaveMe Oh: But we are being watched

Tansee: Come join me. Bring Hannington up here with you. Stop flirting!

SaveMe Oh: He wants my lovebaby

Tansee: What about me!!!! what about my feelings???????

SaveMe Oh: You have Mandel Solano

Tansee: What about us??????????

SaveMe Oh: I first want to see the divorce papers

Thoth.jantzen: Are you trying to scare someone? 😉

SaveMe Oh: No, he wants to see movies with one eye.

Thoth.jantzen: fun selection 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Hope he will not be offended by all the eyes.

Thoth.jantzen: I imagine that that’s not exactly a big worry of yours. 😉

SaveMe Oh: Now you sound just as jealous as Tansee.

Thoth.jantzen: Me? Jealous? So Tansee is jealous? of what? hehe

SaveMe Oh: She uses a lot of green.

Thoth.jantzen: Hmm, I noticed a lot of yellow. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: She goes from green to yellow.

The Crucifixion Of Bryn Oh

Tansee: I would like to do something together,,, but if you are not into it,,, that is fine

SaveMe Oh: No, is fine for me.

Tansee: To collaborate together?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Tansee: I would love to do something spectacular,,,

SaveMe Oh: I do love good drama

Tansee: SL is a good drama 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Terrific soap series, nobody needs Netflix

Tansee: I keep learning more and more about life

SaveMe Oh: Me too, although is not always very beautiful what we got to see.

Tansee: When is the next time you are free ?

SaveMe Oh: I am always free

Tansee: free to perform with me :P, not sexual oc:)

SaveMe Oh: Tell me when and I will tell you if I am there

Tansee: Ok let me think about a scandalous theme,,,will think on it for a few days and let you know,,,

SaveMe Oh: The crucifixion of Bryn Oh?

Tansee: Play nice !

SaveMe Oh: Scandalous theme you said!

The Rebirth?

Bohemio Love: Hello SaveMe. I want to send you my really thanks for to be so nice the last night. Not only for your show, for your respect and friendly ways. No doubt, you love to hippies also. LoL..
I have more projects…..i can offer you a new public, anyone knows you. You will have not haters or things like this….you can express your art under yours artistic requirements, but under my event requirements. Think about it… can be the SaveMe Oh rebirth. We will laugh to Fénix 😉 Hugs&Peace

SaveMe Oh: I can perform wherever I want, I don’t mind haters at all as I love drama and everyone already knows me, I dont need a rebirth as I am not dead. I only work on my own requirements. When they fit with yours you are a lucky guy, just let me know when there happen something and I will decide if you are worth my visit or not.

A One Time Offer To Ultralight

Hannington Xeltentat: SaveMe! welcome ㋡

SaveMe Oh: Thank you. Hi Ultra, how are you

Ultralight Alter: Ok thanks, and you

SaveMe Oh: You know me, I am the sunshine in the house

Ultralight Alter: Sunshine can make colours fade

SaveMe Oh: The white light is lovely too

Ultralight Alter: It is

SaveMe Oh: Ultra, I came up with a great idea, I know you always want to prevent me from being close to you…

Ultralight Alter: What would that be

SaveMe Oh: So I set up a performance room on top of here

Tansee whispers: ahem, ahem

SaveMe Oh: so you can choose to perform downstairs without me bothering you. You can also choose to perform upstairs were I might bother you. Free choice.

Tansee: I think it can be a good compromise for us all

SaveMe Oh: For you, for me, for the audience. I am not the enemy but if you want to see me like that its up to you. And the advice of derender can always be given to everybody. Its just like a tv, you switch to the channel you like

Tansee: I think it is a good way to work together,,, as that is the theme here at the hive. And you know my mantra,,,,”play nice”

SaveMe Oh: And derender hippie talk is also an option!

Tansee: Save me SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Always

Tansee: Why dont you go up and test

SaveMe Oh: we tested yesterday honey, it works

Tansee: So Hann knows what we are talking about and Ultra, ok, then you all have to trust me on this.

Ultralight Alter: I am sure SaveMe is part of Extinction Rebellion

Tansee: I think it is a great comprimise

SaveMe Oh: I am

Ultralight Alter: of course

SaveMe Oh: I suggested all methods to them, btw, this swan is not a real one, before you start to send a complaint

Tansee: Are we all ok with this collaboration of sorts ?

SaveMe Oh: To make this work I have a one time offer, when Ultra don’t want me here the first time I wont come. Its up to her, so Ultra, you decide

Ultralight Alter: You do what you want SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: But you may also join me upstairs

Tansee: I would like Ultra down here, that was the plan

SaveMe Oh: yes, but everybody is free insn’t it?

Tansee: If she wants to, everyone is free

SaveMe Oh: I even might leave with Hann

Hannington Xeltentat: ㋡

Tansee: Flirt!

SaveMe Oh: Jealous?

Hannington Xeltentat: I hardly said a word ㋡

Tansee: lol

SaveMe Oh: you don’t have to say a word honey

Tansee: I like it when you say Honey here in the hive

SaveMe Oh: Honeybee, how is that?

A Master On SaveMe Oh

Design of Dynamic and Interactive Costumes for Performance Art

Thesis to obtain the Master of Design degree

Universidade de Lisboa

Master: I am also exploring virtual worlds and real worlds and what’s different between both worlds in performance.

SaveMe Oh: That is maybe the most important thing, because that is exactly what I’m exploring too. What is the difference between virtual life and the real life, where it connects and where it separates, and in a virtual life, people are asked to make a fantasy character, and when they do, people start to be angry when they are not really their real self. So, it’s a very nice thing to investigate, what it’s real and what is unreal.

Master: Because it’s all actually about concept… In the real world we are always performing with eachother.

SaveMe Oh: Yes. That is true and in an extreme form, I use that in Second Life, because the whole character of Save Me Oh became a concept. And of course, people started to question that concept, because they want to speak with the real person behind Save Me Oh and I also have fights and quarrels… I lost friends who were not agreeing that they didn’t know who I was. I am also losing friends there who are also friends in real life, but don’t want to speak with me in Second Life anymore.

Master: Really?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. Those are very interesting developments.

Master: So… in two parallel dimensions you became two people at the same time!

SaveMe Oh: Yes, because sometimes it gets so intense, the virtuality, that people want reality in there. But then it starts to trouble the minds of everybody because it’s difficult, of course, to distinguish what is real from what is unreal, what is a real opinion from what is a role play, when of course I am not Save Me Oh. But I play like her, and when people start to know me, they want to know more what’s behind it.

Master: That reminds me of Hussein Chalayan in a work in which he has a fashion performance with clothes made with a certain kind of glass, and the models break each other’s outfits, and then behind them, there is a video animation projection reproducing the same movement they are making. So he is kind of making this parallel comparison between what is happening in real life and what’s our idea, concept, on things in life.

SaveMe Oh: Yes. I have an exhibition coming soon in Sweden and it’s a step farther than that, because it’s about Third Life, and it’s about my avatar escaping from my real-life person and making herself a kind of robot for her spirit. It’s like she is abandoning me. As a controller, she gets free and she is going to control somebody in third life, and there are pictures and movies about that in that exhibition.

Master: So, it’s an out of the body projection of what we are…

SaveMe Oh: In a way… I don’t know if you are aware of the Droste effect? It was a commercial from a chocolate powder in Holland, from the 50’s or 60’s and the package had the same image in a mirror, so you get the same image and somebody is looking in the mirror, and then you get the second,and the third, and the fourth reflection… so you get the copies of the second dimension until the infinite. So that is what I explore there. I also had this exhibition in Cerveira, in Portugal, with a similar concept, they did an exhibition about Save Me Oh with two movies on screens and then they had also digital pictures I had sent them. They also made this “physical” exhibition in São Paulo (FILE), where they show these animation movies, because that is what this is, of course, just like when you make movies out of the virtual world.

Master: I was just thinking about costumes, because performance and costumes can be related, What’s the costume’s role… because also Save Me Oh is not naked, every character needs to be dressed…

SaveMe Oh: Not always, she also has a movie where she is naked and it’s about “nothing”, it’s a song about “nothing”. She is dancing naked, in a big space of Nothing.

Master: So, is it about emptiness?

SaveMe Oh: It’s about whatever you want to see in it.

Master: But you relate “nothing” to being “naked” ….

SaveMe Oh: It could be, since it’s just a philosophy and you could go further and further… we could question why you have a body or an image of a human. When we are talking of Malevich, he will show you a black square.

Master: So, the projection of the self seems to be important for us to create some linkage with what we want to express?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and it’s always like that, and of course that’s why it’s always difficult to talk about the intentions of an art work, it’s about what it’s made of and what people want to see in it. To make their own story is maybe the main reason of an art work. It doesn’t matter that much what the artist wants to tell, but what the viewers are going to think of it.

Master: Talking about all these people entering the performance space, how would you consider the audience, how important is the engagement between the performer and the audience?

SaveMe Oh: It’s very important because the reason of theatre is that you try to give the audience a hand full of nothing when they know all it’s completely fake… because when you go inside the theatre, you know that you are going to watch something completely fake. You know that the garden that you see on stage is not a real garden, you know that the bed your are going to see on stage is not a real bed, and when I tell you in a play that we are going back to Portugal in 1533 and I succeed to make you believe that you are in Portugal in 1533, that is the connection you have to make with the audience. So, you have to be able to touch the imagination of the audience. And when the play is finished and they go outside they will talk about it as if they had a real experience. That is the funny part about theatre but also about literature or cinema, they enable you to dream away and get inside the story. That is the magic of all those arts.

Master: Now I am remembering that you did a theatre play where you combined the virtual and real worlds together. This can also help the audience to feel that way, or not?

SaveMe Oh: It didn’t really work out like that because take yourself as an example: very enthusiastic about Second Life, but in reality, only a few people really know what it means. And that also happened in the theatre play. I used the live projections of Second Life inside the theatre play, but the audience had no idea of what was happening, because they don’t know Second Life or virtual worlds that much, so they thought they were looking at a projection, pieces of movies, they didn’t realize that it was all live.

Master: But do you think that if you had informed them, in the beginning, information on Second Life, they would have acted differently?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, they would, but then you have to ask is that the goal of a theatre maker, to educate people first, before they can understand what is happening?

Master: Perhaps in the long run you will…

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but even if I could explain it to some people, it wouldn’t lead to a massive interest in Second Life, people would have a look and after they would disappear. And there is this kind of a hardcore group in the world that really gets into it and knows how to use it, it’s like an elite, a very small circle using it.

Master: So, let’s talk about Saveria Borchovski. How did you come up with that?

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t come up with her at all. First I started with SaveMe Oh, Saveria is just a Facebook account number three or four, because the other ones are closed or banned by Facebook. Borchovski is the name of the last name of her wife, that’s why this time she chose that last name. But when she is kicked off by Facebook, she will need another name again. Because part of the story of Save Me Oh is that whatever internet platform kicks her out, she will always come back.

Master: So this is also funny performance for you to do.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I have a blog with Save Me Oh for several years now with a lot of readers, it’s like a soap opera. Because, in Second Life, she is also a kind of art critic make fights with everybody and that’s why she is banned and rejected all the time and she has lots of enemies.

Master: She’s a true artist, let’s say.

SaveMe Oh: When you google SaveMe Oh you will see how many hits you get, thousands of stories. There are other researchers working on her like you, or other art critics and another thing that SaveMe Oh does is making fun of that too. In a blog of mine, there are fake reviews I made and also real ones about her.

Master: Going to the Wear to Move video with Save Me Oh, the one with various participants from Secondlife. Was there a sense of sharing the same experience among the participants?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, well, I make the avatars to line up. And it is completely ridiculous because why should you line up in a virtual world? When one is in Japan, the other one in America, and the other one in Russia… and people are in line, waiting to get a costume. I made a virtual dressing room, which is also completely stupid, because you don’t dress or undress, you just attach or detach things, so it’s funny to play with it that. And that’s why Save Me Oh is notorious, because I will take those art galleries with paintings on walls and I will make big interruptions so that you don’t see the paintings on the walls anymore, I make myself walking in the museum wearing the museum itself. But when you want to see that, you have to go inside Second Life to explore.

Master: And leave my beloved RL Lisbon?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. The fights of Save Me Oh are always about that, because what I try to achieve in the second world is to get rid of the real life, because, again, Save Me Oh is fighting against all those people who go into Second Life and rebuild reality (like Lisbon, Amsterdam), and what I try to explain is that you don’t have to rebuild reality but make virtuality as a real new experience, so I challenge people not to wear clothes when they can wear buildings, they can wear paintings, that’s why I made that Wear to Move performance, it’s all kinds of dresses, but they are not really dresses but structures and I share also the animations along with them, so that they can all use for one dress the same animation so it becomes a dance. And then, what I do, what you have to experience when you go into Second Life, is that I create a surrounding around it, I make a big box where everybody can be dancing inside. I am also doing a new one where people are wearing the surroundings too.

Master: So, what I find really interesting in that is the relationship between costumes and their surroundings because you are creating a new reality, a new space.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and what is nice about it is that I am not only wearing the “dresses”, but I am also wearing the theatre around it.

Master: So, you are inhabiting, let’s say. By wearing you are inhabiting.

SaveMe Oh: Yes. When I make a black or white zebra dress that they are wearing, I also make a theatre with zebra structures moving, with the sky being zebra, the walls being zebra. And they can wear all of that. People in Second Life are not aware that they can wear anything, they can wear complete simulations. But people are not still capable of making that click in their minds, that they can do that, to see that.

Master: That they are interpreting a new reality, so everything is possible. There are no boundaries around it.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and what is a fun thing about it is when I go to people who build the real life Lisbon, for example, and I walk in Rossio and wear one of my dresses that can cover up all Lisbon, but it is an awful thing to do of course, because those people want everyone to see the statue of D. Pedro and I cover it all, and I understand the reason why they kick me out, they don’t want their image to be disturbed.

Master: Disturbed or transformed into something else…

SaveMe Oh: I am able to transform every environment that I want at my will.

Master: Yes, but everything you see you transform it, because you are doing an interpretation out of it.

SaveMe Oh:Yes, and that can be in a sense of art. But what I also do is, well, imagine the dance party, there are DJ’s and everyone can go to a space to dance, make their dolls to dance (a little bit ridiculous), so I also do DJ and wear all sorts of crazy effects, all kind of colors, transforming images, textures, turning the music parties inside Second Life into almost LSD like performances. And people are also performing, singers performing from their living rooms in live concerts in Second Life and they sometimes call Save Me Oh to create environments.

Master: Do you prefer more conventional or more conceptual shapes and materials? Or it depends?

SaveMe Oh: Of course it depends. It depends on the concept you have, because the costumes are not the only thing of a concept, first comes the concept and the concept will lead you to a realistic or absurd costume, or to make everybody walk around in wood, in stone or plastic…

Master: If you had a completely conceptual outfit, would you need to have something concrete in there to remind you of something realistic or you don’t need that (so that people could understand what you are talking about)?

SaveMe Oh: I think that everything that we do has a relation to something else, because everything has a history. And I think that the human mind works like that, it always makes connections to images seen before. So, the illusion of coming up with something completely new will never happen, everybody will relate to what they’ve seen before. Of course they can make a wrong connection…

Master: So, it means that people would create symbolism in the moment they would see different things coming up…

SaveMe Oh: I think it works a little bit like that, but the magic of a performance or a theatre play or a movie can also take away your option, because when the story of something gets stronger and you get inside the story, then you start to forget all the connections you had with this or that element…

Master: In reality we are not that rational, we get inside the play….

SaveMe Oh: That is also why you get completely different opinions when people look at the things that you are making. One may be more sensible for the music part, another will be talking about the costumes, and the other will be talking about how intense the acting was, it’s different for everybody. The ones who are making things should follow their own impulses and not follow what others or the public wants them to do, or how they will react – because that is somehow unpredictable.

Master: Let me ask you about smart costumes. What wou’d you think if you had , let’s say, and interactive costume that would respond to the audience and the environment…imagine that you have this special fabrics that would react to temperature, peoples’ emotions, and then they’d change, for example, their shapes or their colors. Would you find this interesting?

SaveMe Oh:I find it very interesting if it is part of the concept is ok, but the costume will never be first or perceived alone, of course it could be like an experiment as we did before with lights sensors or with sounds.

Master: But if people are not aware of the technological aspect and there is just fruition of the show, it would meet what you just said, because the intention would not be to show the abilities of the costume, but to make the show more enjoyable, respecting the concept.

SaveMe Oh: But then I’d really prefer to have it inside a real artwork, like a performance in a museum or something like that, because in a theatre we are not a school, we are not teaching the audience new techniques, it has to be the other way around. We have to be able to use new techniques and as soon as we are able to use them well, then we will use them to surprise an audience and not to teach an audience about new developments. If you do it in a museum, you focus on an extreme possibility of a new invention and place the new intention as central. But, in a theatre play, everything has to adapt to the concept. Whatever works there, we will use it. And in Second Life, of course, you could experiment a little bit further with that, because it’s a good playground to try those things out. I already made dresses in Second Life which are able to project complete movies (stream

movies inside Second Life, put then on textures and everything is moving), everywhere around is projected movies, even on the faces and the skins, walls or floors.

Master: Like a complete outfit.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, avatars are walking screens. I made one movie that is called Screen Me, a variation of Save Me, and what she is wearing is like a big cinema with projection screens with crazy of big squares, triangles, flexible walls that move with the wind…

Master: Let’s go back to the real world and imagine that you are wearing those tubes, those clothes out of “normality”, let’s say… we could talk about discomfort. If you have that kind of costume which is a tube in which you cannot move your arms, have you explored that? Do you think about discomfort in costumes, have you explored that facet already?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, because the Wear to Move performance is based in what I said before, when you search in the internet for the Oskar Schlemmer Triadisches ballet, you see people dancing in very uncomfortable dresses. They are really walking in tubes and cubes and doing very mechanical movements in a very abstract way.

Master: Do you think we can talk of discomfort as a tool?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, because while in sports or in ballet you are searching for the ultimate perfection or the possibilities of the human body, you can also go in the other direction, that is, how much I limit the movement of the body and still trigger a reaction from an audience. And if that is still related to human appearance or it relates to something else.

Master: That is, discomfort can trigger feelings in the spectator and be a catharsis from the performer? Can there be an always presence sense of renewal in the performer in a performance?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I think in a sense, it is. It’s always a renewal, it’s always trying to get to the next boundary, to explore further, to investigate and to surprise the audiences with that. That’s also in the mind of an artist.

Master: It’s like living a new page of life, no?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, because that’s the fun part of the arts, of course. It’s a kind of extension of your personality and the virtual life is even more crazy because you can almost stay sitting in your house behind your laptop and not moving at all and you are still able to explore a complete crazy world.

She Was Really The One That Had The Beehive Idea

Tansee: I did NOT do it!

Hannington Xeltentat: Wot??

SaveMe Oh: I did it, duh

Tansee: Do you know each other?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, very well

Tansee: From Past or is it a new meeting?

SaveMe Oh: Once we were lovers

Hannington Xeltentat: Never met until a few minutes ago. We’ev been having a lovely chat

Tansee: 🙂 I only listen to Hann

Hannington Xeltentat: Your piece reflects well on the enterprise, I feel

SaveMe Oh: You may call him Hann already?

Hannington Xeltentat: Everyone calls me Hann

Tansee: Absolutley!

Hannington Xeltentat: Xeltentat is too difficult to type

Tansee: Hahaha yes,,,and I am a lazy typer. SM works for me

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you need me and I only need one word and call me SaveMe, not SM

Hannington Xeltentat: SO. SM can have other connotations, So I’m told

Tansee: She was really the one that had the beehive idea

Hannington Xeltentat: Aha! Nice idea

SaveMe Oh: And I am happy you liked my idea