What To Read During Holidays?

I think I will start with this from Juicy Bomb.

Save God

Watching John Fall

When I joined the LEA committee as an adviser, John had the same position. At that time, he hadn’t shown up to the first meeting I attended, thus it was discussed about removing privileges from him since he was away. I didn’t realize it then, but one of the senior committee members, JMB Balogh, started grooming me to vote against John keeping his privileges.

In a private Discord chat, she told me that John had threatened her and fellow panel member, Secret Rage, “many times”. She didn’t go into what the threats were or how they were said. Still, I was aghast at this and wondered how they kept him on the committee at all. John then posted a letter in the LEA Google Groups site, stating someone had shown him the chat about removing his rights and that he was never contacted about anything. He seemed betrayed and very upset.

JMB became angry and grilled me in a private chat to see if I was the one who spoke to John. No one spoke up about who did it, so it was never revealed who was the culprit.

John resigned shortly afterwards. I had the inkling that someone pushed him to resign; he’s an emotional guy, and someone knew doing this to him would make him quit. But I kept those thoughts to myself and went on with training at LEA.

Hostility Over A Suggestion

LEA had a round of voting to allocate land to artists for its 13th batch of AiR grants. There were 30-something applicants; although my vote weighed less due to me being an adviser instead of a full member of the panel, I was still allowed to participate and become a liaison for the winners (which means, I would assist land grant artists if they had questions or needed help).

I also had an idea about promoting LEA to rl art media sites. I felt LEA needed better recognition; just courting blogging sites and machinima websites wasn’t going to do it, especially with artists like Marina Ambrovic and Jeff Koons co-opting the digital exhibit idea already pioneered in Second Life. After suggesting this, the panel liked the idea and said it was my project.

During the 13th round of voting, I saw several artists who seemed familiar to the voting process doing something strange–they were leaving direct notes in their apps for the panelists to read. Mostly this was listed where artists were to link their portfolio. Some 3D artists, instead, were inviting LEA members to view a “sneak peek” of their upcoming work. In fact, they wrote panelists’ names; some, who weren’t even with LEA any longer.

I thought it was weird and brought it up in the LEA Discord chat to discuss there first. My point was that a friendly reminder for people not to write notes like that in their apps would help to keep better distance between judges and applicants, in case the Lab ever looked over the apps in an audit.

Two people understood what I was saying (Patti and LaPiscean), but had different reactions. Patti felt I misunderstood the notes, while LaPiscean agreed and wanted me to bring it up at a meeting. I waited for the next panel meeting to take place, which was about every two weeks. When I did, I received a surprise.

At the next meeting, I was accused by JMB and Secret of causing trouble when I brought up the notes issue. I was shocked–was I not supposed to speak up about these things as an adviser? While LaPiscean still understood my stance, he explained they couldn’t address this publicly. It was best to let it go and move on.

JMB and Secret were set against me for the rest of the meeting, bringing up whatever they could to try and get me in trouble. It didn’t work and I was defended by Patti. By the time the meeting ended, I was angry. I told Patti about it, who said she had spoken to JMB about her tone. LaPiscean said I had to “earn my wings” with them.

I approached JMB and Secret separately and told them to never talk to me like that again, then turned in the resulting logs to Patti. In response, Secret posted a mass email to the entire group saying I had threatened her. When I asked Patti or LaPiscean to correct her over this lie, neither one of them did anything.

Pressure and Escalation

I had taken on a project to translate the LEA Sandbox rules into Spanish; I spoke a conversational amount but ended up needing help with translating certain terms anyway. When a fellow Second Life user came to my rescue, I thanked her by granting her a portrait to show my appreciation.

There was a meeting called at 2am (for 12 hours later) by one of the panelists. Although we had a deadline for me to finish the translation in two weeks’ time, the panel wanted me to turn the translation in that day. I told them a meeting called in less than 24 hours wouldn’t net me giving them work; it was unfair to expect that of me.

The next meeting, I turned the TOS translation in. But they wanted more. JMB suddenly recalled me having taken on the project of all the translations. Patti suddenly could not remember and seemed confused. I said no, because I only knew Spanish. They kept pressuring me to take the work, and I kept refusing. Then I told them, they can’t demand this of me and then be rude to me at the same time and call me a troublemaker. This is when they got upset and implied I shouldn’t be on the panel anymore. I told them I just wanted some basic respect, not to be lied about, and not pressured to go above and beyond for them while being treated badly.

JMB told me I had to “earn respect” with them.

I told them I had asked a mole to find a Linden to help me with this issue. They got upset and said it was against the rules to speak to people outside of LEA about LEA business. I pointed out that this is Linden business, and it is not against the rules to seek help for a situation in LEA gone awry.

What Secret Rage said then disheartened me: “They aren’t interested-we have 2 in our email thread with nary a peep.”

In other words, they knew they could do this to people and they would get away with it. This is why they have so far.

They held another meeting afterwards, locked me out, and passed me a note asking me to resign. I refused. Suddenly, everything from John’s push-out made sense; JMB had lied about the threats in order to turn my opinion against him. I had gotten played like a fiddle and was now the target of their next bout of harassment.

Afterwards, LaPiscean had this to say to me in a private chat: “Patti and I were outvoted. [JMB] will be on her way to give you the bad news, if she hasn’t already. But I am making moves so that this cannot happen to others.”

Recognizing Abuse Online

Isolation, deception, implied threats, and trying to limit your outreach to authority for help. This is abuse. And when you’re dealt this as a means of proving your worth to receive some kind of promotion or acceptance, that’s hazing. Straight up. Looking back, it’s crystal clear to me.

I know John and I aren’t the first people to deal with this. Many artists who deal with LEA believe the panel exercises bias when doling out grants. I went in believing maybe people just didn’t see the other side of what happens in planning and awarding grants, but I was horribly dismayed to find their assumptions were true–and so much more.

I’m leaving this entry here to warn others against dealing with any of the panel members here. If you do, document everything. Find a Linden to turn it into… if you can, because my efforts to even find a Linden to listen to this tale have been unsuccessful. If you’re out there, a Linden reading this? I’ve got logs to back up what I’m saying.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts is a mess. I have no idea what it’s going to take to clean it up. A rotating group of curators who vote in projects when it’s time? A smaller panel whose only job is not voting, but janitorial duties who works with the temporary panel of curators? A Linden on the panel to keep an eye on everybody? To wipe this program and start over, and not let SL users control app files and archives this time?

Whatever LL does, next time they need to make sure the committee doesn’t get so comfortable with itself that it resorts to hazing and power plays to control others. We would all be a lot better without that. ☆

Bonus: Questions

  • “Why haven’t LEA members done anything about this?” Per LaPiscean, they know what’s going on but it seems to be an issue of voting majority. It’s going to take enough to stop this from happening. Some of the quieter members are also averse to confrontation.
  • But I don’t see evidence of wrongdoing.” Thankfully, the quotes I listed show they are aware of their actions; they just don’t want to fix it.
  • “Would you return to LEA if they installed a new committee?” Nope. I don’t even feel people should mess with the panel anymore at all unless a Linden is keeping an eye on them. As a group, they just aren’t trustworthy at this point.
  • “Why do you care about this at all?” In a way, people are paying for this program. LL provides 20-something free sims for LEA to play with. That money’s coming from somewhere, and it isn’t the employees’ pockets.

Happy 2017 Guide To LEA Fascism

SaveMe Oh: Happy 2017, can you unban me in all LEA?


LaPiscean Liberty: Me no. I just work here. Thats a committee thing.

SaveMe Oh: You are one of the 5 main members. You are the committee.

LaPiscean Liberty: I getting ready to retire myself.

SaveMe Oh: So who is the boss of the committee now?

LaPiscean Liberty: Never was a boss, only the committee

SaveMe Oh: So who is going to unban me?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not sure you will be or can be.

SaveMe Oh: Somebody has the strings to pull, who?

LaPiscean Liberty: There is only a form to fill out is all I know.

SaveMe Oh: And after the form is filled in, who is doing the banning or unbanning?

LaPiscean Liberty: The committee votes.

SaveMe Oh: And after the voting who is doing the actual ban or unban?

LaPiscean Liberty: Any one of the committee members.

SaveMe Oh: So you can unban me if you want?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not if I want, only if the committee say so.

SaveMe Oh: And who voted you into the committee btw?

LaPiscean Liberty: Viale Linden. No longer in LL. The existing committee voted me full member.

SaveMe Oh: And who votes new members in now? When you retire, who decides who is the next member?

LaPiscean Liberty: The rest of the committee. The committee decides all.

SaveMe Oh: Did you put your slave Secret Rage there so you could retire and still have the power?

LaPiscean Liberty: I was one vote yes

SaveMe Oh: Who came up with the idea Secret Rage should be in the committee?

LaPiscean Liberty: She was working in LEA as advisor and it became apparent that she would be good as a full board member. Then voted in. Like everybody else.

SaveMe Oh: Do you think in the near future SaveMe Oh will be vote in as a committee member?

LaPiscean Liberty: Perhaps, many things if not all things are possible in a Virtual World.

SaveMe Oh: Then please unban me in secret when you retire and I will save LEA!

LaPiscean Liberty: Sorry SaveMe, I wish, but no can do.

SaveMe Oh: All things are possible in a Virtual World.

LaPiscean Liberty: Right, and it is possible that you will remain banned throughout your tour

SaveMe Oh: Knowing the fascists ruling LEA that is what I expect, unfortunately.

LaPiscean Liberty: Not to worry SaveMe, people still love you, they just don’t want you infringing on their right to expression either

SaveMe Oh: And for that they kill for years my right on expression, right?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it were a global thing I would agree, but it’s only the LEA fortunately.

The Disgusting Not Appropriate Trump Reference She Is Very Disappointed About

Some might think the LEA committee is a transparent organization but we all know already for long that narrow-mindedness is their main leitmotiv. See how committee members Secret Rage and PatriciaAnne Daviau try to manipulate a LEA simowner, in this case my dear brother Lemonodo Oh

First some motherly advice from LEA Committee member Secret Rage to Lemonodo Oh how to handle his sister SaveMe Oh when he wanted her to be unbanned so she could attent his opening of his LEA24 sim last October

Secret Rage: I don’t think I need to tell you that you saying things should remain moderate is not going to make SaveMe Oh remain moderate…likely you realize it will guarantee she won’t 😉 She is allowed by invitation only by the artist there on LEA (as she has been very abusive to other Artists in the past, unfortunately-which is sad). Anyway, I have removed her from the ban for your sim so she is able to attend… also I’ve had the maturity rating changed for you so we don’t have any issues this time.

Lemonodo Oh: Hi, Secret Rage, this is good news on both counts — we might revisit rating after the opening — SaveMe is likely to do better by invitation than by being banned.

Secret Rage: Would you like me to send that notice out in the LEA info group?

After the opening:

Lemonodo Oh: SaveMe was happy enough with the opening… now she wants the region but suppose I found her case well argued–it seems best the LEA air grant committee consider this David and Goliath “solution” that I endorse. I spoke with PatriciaAnne Daviau about it and we’ll go ahead and do it— I will do my utmost to preserve boundaries at neighbouring regions especially and content— I hope we can stay out of the content monitoring business truly I do, but I might have to because there are reasons I might (and also in some ways, reasons we might not)

Secret Rage: Well…do remember it is YOUR sim- nothing should happen there that you don’t want to happen.

Lemonodo Oh: I thought it over and decided to go with it — if I had to do it over again, I would respond the same — so I am putting my heart and soul this is the best way all that it entails

Secret Rage: The final say is yours in regard to the sim…I wish you well

Lemonodo Oh: Thanks — I think it will inform us

After SaveMe Oh occupied the ground level of LEA24 in the month November


PatriciaAnne Daviau: Wow. “LEA is nothing, you are something” …. You really think we are nothing after giving you grants several times?

Lemonodo Oh: Apparently this is a quote… in terms of art movements we might agree this is true.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Ok

Lemonodo Oh: 🙂

PatriciaAnne Daviau: 😦

After the Pussy Grab Mountains occurred at LEA24


PatriciaAnne Daviau: Do you really think what you have on your LEA sim is appropriate? Have you seen the disgusting Trump reference on YOUR sim?

Lemonodo Oh: Would it be ok if I asked the artist to clear this up? I can’t do it for you

PatriciaAnne Daviau: You do whatever you want… you made your bed and now YOU have to lie in it

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I know you think LEA is nothing and SaveMe is everything but I am VERY disappointed in you

Lemonodo Oh: Um, that is not true. You can’t know what I think because that is not how I think. If you’re disappointed, that is separate. Disappointed.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I read it in SaveMe’s blog or did she lie when she copy\pasted your chat?

Lemonodo Oh: That is something the (I cannot spell this word) liason brought up and that is a misinterpretation if not a misreading that you just sent me. Let us reread the passage together since two of you were quick to take offense where none was directed or intended

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Lemonodo Oh: I don’t see any comparison. LEA is nothing, you are something.

Lemonodo Oh: (this is aside from the offending work now)

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Straight from her blog

Lemonodo Oh: That is about an art movement. But I have not located the passage. LEA is an art administrative entity similar to a museum, SaveMe Oh is an artist. There is a difference.

This is what I remember mentioning to the liason.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: But we are nothing and she is something.

Lemonodo Oh: Though not happy, the liason was “ok” with the distinction and how indeed there is no comparison. As for art moevementys LEA has no proper agency at all. That I can see. What are your thoughts on this? (Again this is aside from the offending work, and I might be the wrong person to take up this discussion)

Anyway I found the passage… are you sure you want to take offense?

SaveMe vs Goliath

Although my brother Lemonodo was waisting his time in a gay club instead of taking care of his LEA sim he didn’t escape me when I called him for duty.

He only forgot to dress up when I TP-ed him or…..?

Better not ask.


SaveMe Oh: Why you don’t change the name of your LEA24 sim into “SaveMe and LEA”? Would be much better than David en Goliath.

The real fight is between small me and the big dictatorship of LEA. We don’t need metaphors

Lemonodo Oh: I don’t see any comparison. LEA is nothing, you are something.

SaveMe Oh: I know myself, but for the drama it is the fight between me and them.

Lemonodo Oh: But i see what u r getting at now, it is much the same as u say.

SaveMe Oh: They decide what is good for us and who are the chosen ones. So let me make a statement and let me occupy this place. You don’t have a clue anyway what to do with the sim. Growing virtual grass!

Lemonodo Oh: I’m not enough of an art admin to figure this out on my own and feel a little like don quixote tilting at windmills over this but publish this conversation and let’s see where it goes.

SaveMe Oh: You could give me building rights and then we see what happens. : I am not going to stir things up without any power, then I am the Don Quichotte

Lemonodo Oh: I got into trouble last time, not a lot, and i did ask the committee before doing anything, but definitely some, so i’ll raise it as before — my intent is simple and clear enough and achieved to the extent i can — there is one sculpture missing and goliath is still under development, but time is short. So i’ll see — they didn’t seem to mind thinking it over before

SaveMe Oh: What can happen to you? A few pissed off avi’s?

Lemonodo Oh: I had one

SaveMe Oh: And did you suffer much?

Lemonodo Oh: The committee got its discussion. As far as i can see on the whole they were happy. I suffered at the hands of the one unhappy person.Seems to be a very difficult person to please and maybe a person incognizant of artistic movements as they exist overall, which is what your work seems to observe more than most, that is how i came to feel about it.

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I need help to make this visable

Lemonodo Oh: uh yeah, well-made case you present so i will take it to the committee as before.

SaveMe Oh: This time would be nice if you would do it in secret, without telling them. Risking to be kicked out

Lemonodo Oh: 🙂 i feel bad about that to be honest but i think your argument, your case is fine

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I would take advantage off you but for the good cause

Lemonodo Oh: i have not a stitch on–this is great

SaveMe Oh: LEA is ruled by a few selfaclaimed judges who have free sims all their virtual life

Lemonodo Oh: True

SaveMe Oh: What gives them that right? What they did? Are they elected? Why others have to pay 300 dollar for a sim?

Lemonodo Oh: I wouldn’t begin to pay 300

SaveMe Oh: I think its great Linden offers this but it should not be run by a bunch of dictators. I dont want it for myself, I dont need sims.

Lemonodo Oh: How should new artists in residence be chosen?

SaveMe Oh: I think they should elect the committee

Lemonodo Oh: Oligarchic choice might not be the best way

SaveMe Oh: For a certain period. The committee itself could change that.

Lemonodo Oh: Much as second pride festival elects a board every year? That makes sense

SaveMe Oh: Yes, now this committee is deciding everything already for years. Some people always get for certain a sim if needed and I guess they dont have to apply but……nobody is also showing what people ask when they apply so we never will know.

And another question is, why they can decide to ban me or others? On what grounds? Are they judges?

Lemonodo Oh: I think thyey might be a jury, yes.

SaveMe Oh: And why they are in a jury and I am not?

Lemonodo Oh: That the air grant program is juried that is a fair question.

SaveMe Oh: And why they decide about you and not the other way around? Do they have qualifications?

Lemonodo Oh: Often juries are chosen by owners of a venue, such as a festival. Usually qualifications are “found”

SaveMe Oh: Here it is someone who has a Linden connection and after he or she installed some friends. With mighty power.

Lemonodo Oh: Something like that, usually some connection to the arts is found.

SaveMe Oh: JayJay, no connection to art found!  Solo , no connection to art found!  Secret Rage, no connection to art found!  Patricia, no connection to art found!

Lemonodo Oh: And here i am relying on one liason and a committee majority to do the right thing

SaveMe Oh: Yes, family or the committee? An exiting life or a dull one.

Lemonodo Oh: Rather simple the way you put it, as it should be

SaveMe Oh: Yes, thats why I am never so much afraid about the consequences. It’s simple,   good against bad. And am I wrong that you prefer to spent your time on other spots, regarding your appearance?


Lemonodo Oh: I came in-world at home is all and felt it best not to cover up. I put in the request to the committee and let them have a look at it. You’ve made a super case

SaveMe Oh: Pity you rely on the committee instead on me

Lemonodo Oh: What more could you possibly do without running a foul of the understanding they might encourage me to have? And it is a pity i can’t do more right here right now, i do feel bad about that

SaveMe Oh: You could add me to the builders group and look the other way.

Lemonodo Oh: I did before and did get into trouble with one committee member or favourite. I felt bad about the trouble. It was nothing i could undo

SaveMe Oh: Pity you let your own feelings weight more heavy than a good cause.

Lemonodo Oh: I thought it was such a great idea, apparently they did not think so

SaveMe Oh: You think freedom is won by discussions with the committee? Dictatorships never end by talking with them. They can be killed though by brave people who dare to risk their virtual neck.


Lemonodo Oh: I better put some pants on, I did reach one of the authorities.

A good point you make — let’s see how unhappy they can get right this instant

SaveMe Oh: So which one gave you trouble the last time, the one who is gone now? Or Secret Rage?

Lemonodo Oh: We’re gonna do it. Let me give you a two-week clock.

SaveMe Oh: Give me November. First finish your project. We do a big party here next week : and after that I take over for a month. In december you choose somebody else.

Lemonodo Oh: Ok, let’s do that.

SaveMe Oh: deal

Lemonodo Oh: Be darn careful of the neighbors… careful with content since the owners of the game are apparently the ones who come up with the resources… i think that covers what drives the committee

SaveMe Oh: I build without fear and accept the consequences.

No One Wants To Read This

Well, lets see if no one wants to read about the abuse from LEA member Solo Mornington during the book release party of SaveMe Oh.

Solo's intervention

Solo Mornington covering the sim of Josef K with a huge attachment

Josef K: Hey Secret Rage … How goes with the 2 letters i sent to the LEA Committee 5 months ago. Can I expect an answer to my questions soon?

Secret Rage: Obviously we don’t control anyone’s private life…nr do we wish to

Josef K: But when a member of LEA violates the LEA Bylaws and the rest of the members neglect to do their duty then it’s not a private matter

Secret Rage: Josef i am not going to debate you- he was not representing us-just himself and it was not at LEA

Secret Rage: You could have booted him…muted him…but all you did was complain

Josef K: Well, does that mean that this has no meaning: 7.2 If a Committee Member does not act in accordance of the bylaws, or who commit acts deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission, that Committee Member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from the committee will be discussed and voted upon

Secret Rage: Obviously we did not consider it a violation as the artist herself did not care-read your own notes

Josef K (apw9900): Well, it was on my land at my party

Secret Rage: You had control of your land. You could have remedied it. You chose not to and now the subject is now dropped. No one wants to read this.

Josef K: Didn’t Solo sign a document when he joined LEA about acting in a way that didn’t violate the code of ethics in the LEA Bylaws

Secret Rage: I said DROPPED, enough, he responded in kind to many years of being griefed by your artist- i will not throw stones at him for it nor will anyone else.

Josef K: So you value personal friendship over the LEA Bylaws … isn’t that corrupted nepotism? I have nothing to do with Solo Mornington and SaveMe Oh’s fight .. but he chose to attack and destroy my party .. and the committee just accept that kind of behavior from a fellow committee member?

Secret Rage: Ignores the griefing i am now getting from Josef -closes the window and asks that anyone with legitimate questions IM me

Josef K: You are putting your head in the sand instead of doing what you are expected to do according to the LEA Bylaws

Misprint Thursday: You both should be in IM not group.

Secret Rage: agrees

Secret Rage: ty Misprint

Myra Wildmist: ty, misprint : )

Shiloh Emmons: Pardon me…is the argument relevant to an entire group or is it a personal argument best debated in private…

Spiral Silverstar: Not relevant to anyone with a brain

Secret Rage: Private, actually….as are most arguments 🙂

Ziki Questi: Secret, where are the beginning dates of terms of committee members posted? I see there is a 2 year term, with a maximum of two terms to be served contiguously.

Solo Mornington: Ziki: I’m pretty sure we don’t have that posted anywhere. we really should.

Josef K: It looks like the LEA Bylaws is just something they show to please the reader. Instead the Committee is working after a hidden agenda

Solo Mornington: What agenda do you think that might be?

Josef K: Friends rubbing shoulders with friends neglecting to do what the Bylaws demands of you according to section 7.2 in the Bylaws: 7.2 If a Committee Member does not act in accordance of the bylaws, or who commit acts deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission, that Committee Member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from the committee will be discussed and voted upon.

Solo Mornington: That’s not an agenda.

Josef K: Wasn’t Solo’s attack an act deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission … or does the Committee accept that a member acts like Solo did?

Secret Rage: If he was acting in a capacity as an LEA agent…maybe- but he was not, however. We alllll have a personal life.

Solo Mornington: Yes, I griefed one of Josef K’s events. It was a book release about SaveMe Oh. I wasn’t ejected or banned, and I left when asked. So clearly it’s the end of the world.

Secret Rage: Which you have said all along. He has complained about it for 6 months.

Josef K (apw9900): By joining the Committe Solo signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Bylaws of the LEA .. he never acts as a private person but is always representing LEA

Solo Mornington: What statement did I sign, exactly?

Secret Rage: I guess you think it’s a paid position too? It isn’t.

Josef K: 4.1 Committee Member: Defined as full voting rights members that have been assigned to the LEA committee by Linden Labs or unanimously voted in by the existing Committee Members, and signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Bylaws of the LEA.

Solo Mornington: Look, I’m totally OK with Josef being unhappy with me. I was not a nice person that day. But you know… No harm no foul.

Josef K: Didn’t you sign that statement Solo?

Secret Rage: Give it a rest for cripes’ sakes. If sl  enforced its own laws there would have been no show as SaveMe would have been perma banned by now.

Josef K: I will let it rest when the committee does what the bylaws demands they should do. Well, did you sign that it or didn’t you?

Solo Mornington: Interestingly, I was a committee member when we ratified those bylaws.

Secret Rage: What do you want us to do? Write him a letter saying he was naughty? Spank him? Take away his birthday? One infraction in all the time he has donated to the LEA is not cause for any sort of consequences, sorry

Solo Mornington: so no. 🙂

Spiral Silverstar: :::wonders if SaveMe Oh has read and agreed to the SL TOS?::::

Josef K: I want the Committee to eject Solo according to the Bylaws

Secret Rage: Well that isn’t going to happen.

Josef K: That is what you are supposed to do if the bylaws has any meaning

Secret Rage: It says we vote? We vote 100% in favor of Solo. Are we done now?

Josef K: But not even that did you do.

Solo Mornington: Well no, this is progress, Secret. Josef has just been saying I violated the rules. now he’s saying what he wants.

Solo Mornington: So let’s do that. Putting it on the agenda.

Secret Rage:Ok sounds good

Josef K: And if you don’t eject Solo then griefing and abusing is an ethical act that is in accordance with the LEA mission .. and then we have a new topic to debate

Solo Mornington: There. email sent.

Spiral Silverstar: You must not have much to occupy your time, Josef

Secret Rage: YOU might Josef- i am done…exactly, Spiral 😉

Josef K : Spiral … dealing with LEA occupy a lot of my time since the are not interested in dealing with critics

Solo Mornington: Josef I’ll ping you when I hear back. or someone else might, because I’m not sure you’d believe me. That’s something we have in common: Dealing with LEA occupies a lot of my time, too.

Josef K: It would be better if you showed me the resume of the meeting with all the arguments not to eject you from the committee with references to the lea bylaws

Spiral Silverstar: You better hire an attorney, Solo

Josef K: And you never answered my question .. did you or did you not sign that statement that is mentioned in the bylaws when you got selected for the committee

Solo Mornington: Interestingly, I was a committee member when we ratified those bylaws. So no. 🙂

Josef K: Okay

Solo Mornington: But yes, it’s important that we all be morally upright and stuff.

I the jury

Josef K: Well, time for me to do other stuff now … if anyone is wondering what’s it all about I have written this open letter to LEA since they refuse to answer the ones I send them:

The Tears Of A Clown

Josef K. send the LEA committee members a message about the behaviour of their King Lea during my IBook release event in his sim.

Josef K:

Because of Solo Mornington somewhat strange behavior at the book release party in my gallery yesterday I have sent this letter to all members of the LEA Committee:

When spanish writer Amaya Mendizabal asked me if I would write the prologue for an interactive iBook/eBook about Second Life artist SaveMe Oh that she was working on I was very proud. I felt it was an appreciation and approval of the work I have been doing for the art scene in Second Life as the owner of the Josef K Galleria dell’Arte.

To celebrate the publishing of the book by ‘Chabela Books’ in Spain, I hosted a release party in my gallery on June 9th with a planned performance by SaveMe Oh. I was looking forward to the release party as it was my first attempt to host an event.

Among the many participants at the party I noticed the member of the LEA Committee, Solo Mornington. But Solo Mornington, whom I have never met nor spoken with before, didn’t come to celebrate or to have a fun evening. At least not fun in the way I use the word.

As soon as SaveMe Oh started her performance, Solo Mornington rezzed a thick white fog over my land that made it impossible to see what SaveMe Oh was doing. And for 90 minutes he was very abusive doing his best to destroy the party that I had been looking forward to host.

Solo's intervention

I have always had the greatest respect for what LEA has been doing for the art world in Second Life and I have frequently been visiting the LEA sims to enjoy the many art projects LEA has been hostings. Hence, the behavior that Solo Mornington turned up with at my event was quite surprising.

I therefor have two question for the members of the LEA Committee:

1) Is destroying art events in Second Life, the way Solo Mornington did in my gallery, characteristic for the way LEA works?

2) And if not – what consequences will Solo Mornington’s behavior as a member of the LEA Committee have for Solo Mornington’s future involvement with LEA?

I am looking forward to your response.

Josef K

But Solo’s answer is already on his Secondlife page where he weeps bitter tears about how he could be so dumb.


Solo Mornington: Intervention at the troll’s book thingie.

My apologies to Josef K, but yah.

Yah so yesterday I did a thing. It might not have been the wisest thing or the most prudent thing, but I’m here to take the blame or the praise or the jeers or the accolades or the complete utter indifference. But the most important thing is that I put the LEA at risk and I shouldn’t have, but I did so there you go.

SaveMe Oh is a horrible person who gets off on abusing other people. And to have that dynamic celebrated in a book about performance art is beyond broken. I really want to support art and books about art in SL, and in fact I’ve devoted a huge pile of time and effort and money towards that end, scraped my way through untold stories of ego, narcissism, and politics, just so artists can do things for free.

So I showed up at the book release and said my peace and did my darndest to shit in the punchbowl. In a way, this is an homage to SaveMe Oh’s work, because that’s all it is. But also, I slimed a lot of other people and ruined the day for some people who had worked really hard on making a thing happen.

Unfortunately, that’s what the world looks like in the realm of SaveMe Oh. Enter her orbit at your own peril.

So if I was a dick to you yesterday and you feel it was unjust, then I apologize. If I was a dick to you yesterday and you feel it was just, then let’s be friends because you are the buddha.

Vick Forcella: That’s clearly disturbing the peace.

Solo Mornington: Very definitely.

Vick Forcella: I don’t know what happened and what you did. LEA does not depend on one single person afaik, so it has never been at risk. I am quite sure the things you do are with thought and not at random. Show me the one that doesn’t make mistakes.

Oh, for future reference … Last three paragraphs


If a person or object threatens to disturb an event or an exhibition, event staff should follow the steps below:

Notify by shout or IM that the Resident is disrupting the event.

If the Resident does not comply, move closer to the Resident and repeat the message above. If moving to the Resident is not possible, repeat the warning in IM or by shout.

If the Resident still does not reply, you are allowed to freeze the avatar in place.

If you are unable to freeze the avatar and the avatar has ignored multiple requests, you may eject the avatar.

Whenever you freeze or eject a Resident, you should follow up as soon as practical with:

A note to the avatar explaining why the action was taken.

A note in the avatar’s profile “My Notes” with the details of the incident in case you are abuse reported by the Resident in question.

In the case of a clear griefing episode, file an Abuse Report (AR) for the avatar immediately, clearly noting that the griefing incident is taking place on LEA land, and eject the avatar. Please note that ARs should and can be submitted by anyone in a LEA Region.

Uccello Poultry: No worries, Solo. By now folks should know that you are a true mensch.

Marianne Mccann: Solo: I’d be lying if I did not say that we have had our issues before (a past Rumble comes to mind), but I also believe it goes a very long way when one realizes what they did and apologizes for it. We all have our days.

And of course, I also am no fan of SaveMe ( I tend to have a “do not engage/ban on sight” policy with her). I may have even thought “someone should go do a bunch of particles and attachments at that thing” thought. So really, I am in no place to blame you: you’ve ‘dealt’ with her antics far more than I.

I’m also have made my own mistakes in my time, such as staying a wee bit too long at a certain event in the Mosh region that one time. I hurt folks then without even realizing I had. I grew, I learned from my errors.

You’ve done a great deal to support the arts, LEA, and Second Life as a whole. Yes, you made a big mistake yesterday, but if one puts this on one side of a scale, and the other things on the other… well, it doesn’t erase the bad, but it does outweigh it.

Keep being you.

Livio Korobase: I don’t understand why a LEA committee member have to be a robot. You did what you felt to do and i hope this was right for you. I am not a judge, and i am not interested on verbal fights and climbing on the mirrors, as all this talks appear. I followed a bit the question on FB, and this make me very sad. No one appear thinking really at people, all are taken just on try to seem smart and cool, telling the most stupid things. A vanity fair.

To see what damage Solo Mornington did see the videos from the event. The damage was ZERO. Because SL gives us tools to mute and derender so you don’t have to see what you don’t want to see. That makes the banning of SaveMe Oh just an ordinary power game from a wannabe dictator afraid that people would prefer to see the work of SaveMe Oh instead of his own shit.  So Solo Mornington is always welcome at a SaveMe Oh event but at LEA they have to call the troops, install border patrols, use IP bans and endless procedures to discuss her banning. FUCK THEM! FUCK the cowards of the committee: Jayjay Zifanwe, Secret Rage, LaPiscean Liberty, Honour McMillan, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Oberon Onmura and King Lea himself; Solo Mornington.

Banned Me? Oh!

Banned Me? Oh!
Offer your big sim to Morlita Quan and SaveMe Oh when you want a real event. What you have to do: Throw away all the garbage you have on your sim, make an empty platform and invite known dictators as Maria Duna Gant, Dido Haas, Bryn Oh, Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Moya Patrick, Secret Rage, Stem van Helsinki and Eupalinos Ugajin on the VIP guestlist and then hand over the stream to Morlita and the platform to SaveMe and off you go.


Aview On Freedom And Compassionate Muting

I received an invitation for this:

Coping with Difficult People: “Mute-er, don’t Mutter”

We all encounter “difficult people” in our lives- in RL and in SL. This engaging series of workshops has been a huge hit so far. We are learning specific techniques that can help us to cope well. When we know how to deal with difficult people in a way that honors them AND honors ourselves, we are using skills that strengthen our community.

But when I want to go there I found out I was banned from the region.

I the jury

SaveMe Oh: You also have a workshop how to deal with dictators in our virtual life?

Sister Abeyante: hehehe…well, the entire series will help. Today we focus on “compassionate muting” LOL- unique to SL.

SaveMe Oh: And do you have space on Guantanamo Bay to lock them up?

Sister Abeyante: Hehehe Nope.

SaveMe Oh: And if you are banned from this region how you should join this workshop? Or is that pre-compassionate banning?

LaPiscean Liberty: Even though they may not know the answer to your question Save, I’m sure you do. I’m getting tired of every time someone’s post something; you have to make it about you, and your issues. Please stop this.

SaveMe Oh: As long you and you associate rulers keep on denying the freedom of every human being I won’t stop, Ask Sony Pictures how it feels to be censored all the time. And wasn’t the subject: Coping with Difficult People??? Assholes! Pretending to be good and doing exactly the opposite. It’s disgusting.

Afroze4all: Are u ok save?

SaveMe Oh: And here is the next censorship action: [08:42]  Secret Rage: You have been ejected from ‘Aview TV’ by Secret Rage.

SaveMe Oh: You see how it works here? Freedom of speech???

Afroze4all: U being mean on their ass

Secret Rage: We do not tolerate bullies period

LaPiscean Liberty: Save start your own group of protest

Afroze4all: Therez freedom of speech and at same time freedom of dignity and respect. Like responsibility towards others.

SaveMe Oh: This had never anything to do with bullying, that what you would like to call it, that’s the easiest.

Secret Rage: That is all you EVER do. We will not tolerate it

Afroze4all: Save may be trying to get attention. Sadly I do like ur sims. U r good artist

SaveMe Oh: Ask about dignity and respect to Secret Rage who censors movies and rule the show as she only likes it.

Secret Rage: Nope-just yours and you know why

Afroze4all: If she censor then it’s wrong for sure

LaPiscean Liberty: Do you setup your art and performances outside the front door of Galleries that won’t let you in, in real life?

SaveMe Oh: I am a good artist fighting for my rights

LaPiscean Liberty: Yes you are a good artist

SaveMe Oh: And my rights are killed by people like LaPiscean and Secret Rage

Afroze4all: It’s not important that everyone should agree with that we think as right

LaPiscean Liberty: I think it more a case of self destruction SaveMe!

Afroze4all: They may have their own views. Ignore and move on

SaveMe Oh: Who want to OWN and RULE

Secret Rage: No you kill them yourself-with rights go responsibilities

SaveMe Oh: I always move on, that’s why they hate it so much. When they had guts they would let me do my things. But they prefer to be just as Kim Jung Un. 100 movies in AviewTV that I can’t access myself. The ultimate censorship.

Secret Rage: You had your warning on numerous occasions.

LaPiscean Liberty: you may order any or all content down Save, that’s your right

SaveMe Oh: Fuck your warnings. I don’t allow dictators to warn me. I don’t respect dictators

Secret Rage: Finally…someone who doesn’t cave in to your bullying 😉 Well this is your last warning in this group too

LaPiscean Liberty: Personally, I don’t care what you allow

SaveMe Oh: I consider them the filth of the earth

Secret Rage: We can now keep you from rejoining

LaPiscean Liberty: Just like you

SaveMe Oh: You never want people to join, you want to boss them around

Secret Rage: So act like an adult

SaveMe Oh: I think I am the only one acting as an adult, fighting for freedom. You should do the same. But you prefer to keep your own little incestual world turning.

LaPiscean Liberty: As far as possible without surrender, yes.

Afroze4all: Anyway if someone here with machinima experience like to colab for one small movie on small girl IM me.

SaveMe Oh: Surrender is asked from nobody, just freedom and the right to decide yourself. And not two censors deciding for the rest of the world

Secret Rage: Start your own group-you will have all the freedom you want.

SaveMe Oh: I have several groups dumbo.

LaPiscean Liberty: Use them please

SaveMe Oh: Thats not the subject

Secret Rage: You do not have the RIGHT to be on Aview- you don’t own it or us. It is a community group

SaveMe Oh: No thats clear I have not any right. Thats exactly the subject. You have all the rights and all the rest of us have to shut up.

Secret Rage: No… it’s a non-issue.

SaveMe Oh: You decide for us thats a non issue.

SaveMe Oh: We all encounter “difficult people” in our lives- in RL and in SL.

This engaging series of workshops has been a huge hit so far. We are learning specific techniques that can help us to cope well. When we know how to deal with difficult people in a way that honors them AND honors ourselves, we are using skills that strengthen our community.

SaveMe Oh: You are all such a fake!

The LEA Christmas Gangbang

Fuck LEA

As we all know LEA has already for a long time nothing to do with art anymore. Members from the committee who should promote art have better things to do like protecting Jesus (Jayjay Zifanwe), having a horsedick hobby (Quan Lavender) or being a blonde haired blue eyed catholic woman (Secret Rage).

So why not build a Christmas landscape in LEA with a dream carriage with two white horses in front of it (Quan, eat your heart out). In the carriage a hot menu where we can choose to do it doggy style or have a jingle ball ride. Or better stick to licking? We are after all in LEA (Licking every a$$)

So after Betty Thureaud and Mandel Solano banned me once again in the other LEA sim I end up in LEA 12 where these horny hot surprises were waiting for me. I jumped leaking in the carriage….

SaveMe Oh: I am waiting…

Dora Maar: For what?

SaveMe Oh: For the prince, what else?

Dora Maar: It’s not for sale

SaveMe Oh: I only want his love baby

Dora Maar: I dunno, I thought maybe you were waiting for a pixel man to help you

SaveMe Oh: You have one available?

Dora Maar: I’m sure you have many

SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t want to use the horses. That’s more something for Quan Lavender from the LEA committee

I also went to UWA to ask Jayjay Zifanwe his opinion.


SaveMe Oh: You know LEA is ruled by a dictatorship, maybe UWA would not want to be connected to that?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Are you asking me to resign?

SaveMe Oh: Considering the thing that happened with religion in UWA. First censorship here, then dictatorship in LEA. You should be careful were you sending your students.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ah students in general show respect to religions here. We have a lot of diversity.

SaveMe Oh: That’s great

Jayjay Zifanwe: Showing religion is not a problem

SaveMe Oh: I love diversity and freedom

Jayjay Zifanwe: Quite a few works displayed religious icons

SaveMe Oh: Diversity and freedom go perfect together, you teach that there?

Jayjay Zifanwe: We live that, not teach that, but foremost to go along with that is respect

SaveMe Oh: You don’t need censorship or dictatorship to achieve that as you can explain why the diversity

Jayjay Zifanwe: Which causes those here to automatically not attempt to disparage other religions

SaveMe Oh: But what if that so called respect is a limitation of art? Should you want to organise an art event about open mindness when you cannot give that to the participants? Then it’s better to be honest and tell everybody you are a religious organisation. Then everybody knows.

And now let’s go to fuck! Meet me in LEA12


Hear, Hear!!!

Sometimes I feel I am the only voice in the wilderness but with christmas getting close my poor heart was warmed with the following comments in a discussion I had inside the OPEN THIS END group on Facebook. It all started when they began to promote the Transcending Borders Challenge from UWA (University of Western Australia) where they, instead of transcending borders, choose to censor a movie of Nicole X which had religious content.


Challenge UWA censor Jayjay Zifanwe to transcend his borders

I wrote: Its shocking to see that even here UWA is promoted. These people are killing art. Keep on sleeping, all you organisers who want to lift on the popularity and the work of artists

Coffee Art:  I think SaveMe Oh is right in one point It’s fine to help artists, yes, but the way it’s done is also very important. We are going to speak frankly. What is improvable? It’s fundamental that Linden, LEA, and UWA change, urgently, some very important things. -For example, the way LEA grants sims, and also the way they select artists for exhibits, their selection of commissioners, the composition of judges, and the most important thing: the people that form the deciding committee, that is, the members of LEA.
– At this time, and for years, the reality is that all this responsibility, that is in part the future of the virtual world, is in the hands of people that know absolutely nothing about art. Or anything about the real and the virtual.
– At this time, and for years, those who have made decisions in the virtual world, the members of LEA, for example, (except two very stand-out exceptions), the rest of the LEA members are amateurs or
fans of the art world, who like art, but they like the protagonism that they have in the virtual world even more. A protagonism that they do not reach, not even close, in the real world. The egos of these ignorant fans of art is what is trending in the virtual world.
-They are just fans, with the least amount of cultural preparation, and no artistic preparation, that are deciding the future of impressive vanguard artists, very serious and committed creators. These
incompetent LEA fans decide, because Linden lets them, as do we with our passivity, what is or isn’t artistic quality, the artists that deserve to be on exhibit or not. They are leading LEA and influencing everyone else. These amateurs decide who will or will not
exhibit in the Linden sims, in LEA. They decide who will do the exhibits and who the best artists are. And since they do not have a cultural or artistic base, the selection criteria is based on their personal preference, which is that of a practically uneducated mediocre fan. They decide, though lacking knowledge and artistic criteria, based on affinity and friendship, generating an unsightly and poisoned dictatorship around them.
– These amateurs are killing the essence of virtual art. These fans that totally lack knowledge about virtual art and art in general are those that lead LEA and those that decide on the lists and the future of the artists. As their criteria is subjective, according to who they like as a person, their power brings them to making a dictatorial third-world policy of favoritism, an oligopoly, with incompetent decisions, and so, they are surrounded by an entourage of lame-asses that try to be the selected.
– This situation is what constitutes Nepotism. If you don’t walk on water for these 4 fans that lead the LEA, and we all know who they are, and that they don’t know the first thing about art, you don’t have the possibility of exhibiting because they are not going to choose you or promote you.
– This is just a shame, something that needs to be changed urgently, out of respect for artists, for those that are actually art professionals, out of respect for virtual art and because it is an invasion of competence and an attack on those that are true professionals and that know art.
-Professional infiltration is a total lack of respect for artists, for commissioners, and for spectators, but, in addition, it is grave law fraud when a person who is not a professional is made to pass as a professional and carry out functions and take on responsibilities and decisions as if he or she was; in fact, in the real world, it is so serious that it constitutes an important crime. In addition, just for effectiveness, it is evident that the results of a bad amateur selection are necessarily poor and affect everyone. For the well-being of art and artists, it is necessary and urgent that we change all of this. This is what we urge LEA, Linden, and UWA, for example, to change; urgent.

Aino Baar: Coffee Art, (which is the alt of Aino Baar) Dear colleague, you always send high passion in your words but I totally agree you in the background. All of you know that I agree with the idea to change the composition of LEA, also the juries of the challenges, etc. The members who decide they have to be, “must be”, excellent art professionals. If we think, as we believe, that Virtual Worlds and the creators are great, serious and they are changing the world of art, we all need to present great professionals in front of all that. We don’t need the opposite, people-fans, aficionados, playing to be important in virtual worlds with no idea of art. This is not a joke, nor a play. This is something real important: the new art of the century and these excellent artists are the protagonists of the change. They deserve highest quality, hard work and seriousness.

Arte Art: LEA (Linden Endowment of Arts) was created by Linden Labs to promote and develop the virtual art and to serve for the best to artists. At the begining, and as an abstract idea, LEA is an initiative of Linden which is brilliant, philanthropic, generous, respectful, and a fantastic future art project. It would change the art of this century. And will do it soon when changes LEA’s actual members committee.

And you, LEA’s committee members, what have you done with that magnificent goal and responsibility that Linden gave to you, that Linden did with their best intentions, and put the responsibility to develop it on your hands?
It has been alleged that some of you have prostituted this amazing and noble spirit putting people as member, to decide, that have no cultural base, nor artistic. Their specialization in RL is, for example, to be professional cabinet divination. You know the people, you know the names we are talking about. Btw, are committing fraud.

Some of you have sunk, so unethically, using LEA for your own interests.
Some of you have become LEA a platform for your personal power, with direct or indirect benefits.

Some of you have used the blackmail, threats, pressure, extortion, to achieve your purposes and personal benefits.

Some of you you knew it, but you preferred to look to the other way; it was easier and more comfortable to not get into troubles.

Some of you knew that they were committing injustices, you have letters denouncing all that, knowing that this cronyism and abuse of power was the day by day, and you, LEA, did nothing. It was easier to think all that wasn’t true.

LEA, you have betrayed the spirit of high-mindedness and generosity of Linden Labs and the confidence of all artists and art lovers. Linden created a wonder thing in the beginning, but you LEA have become it into banana trash project, bad taste and no quality.

Now, LEA is a land without law, or the unique used is something similar to mafia’s law. If you friend or if you give something interesting… you’d have opportunities at this land. A total disgrace.

You LEA have squandered so many great opportunities … You are like Atila’s horse, where it spend, no longer growing creative grass. What a shame!

For everyone’s sake, for the sake of SL, for the sake of Linden, they absolutely don’t deserve all this. For the sake of artists and for the sake of art, they also don’t deserve all this garbage, we ask Gift Christmas: